This is a true story, or at least true to the best of my recollection and, since this was one of the most memorable events in my life; I'd have to say it was pretty damn spot on.  I have changed some names and places to protect the guilty but other than that, I have changed nothing.  If you are offended by young boys enjoying one another, during that time when innocence allowed one to be `naughty' without there being any real long term consequences, then you are probably offended by life events in general and, in any event, are either in denial, or on the wrong website.


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Friday night sleepover I could barely contain myself!


"Oh, come in Ollie dear."

Mrs Randal turned and walked the two or three paces to the foot of the stairs before shouting upwards,

"Steven darling, Ollie's here!"

I heard Steven's bedroom door slam and the thumping of running feet on the landing. Steven did a sort of drift round onto the stairs, using the post at the top as an anchor. I am not sure how in control he was as he descended to the hall, but he landed on top of me with a fair old thump, which resulted in our ending up in a heap back by the front door.

"Could you possibly make any more noise!"

Steven's father was standing at the top of the stairs, hands on hips and glaring down in fake anger. His white shirt was open at the collar and a bright tie was lying unfastened in its crease. His trousers were still open at the fly, held up only by a pair of bright red braces. I had never met Mr Randal and this sight was, to say the least, a little intimidating.

"Nice look dad," shouted Steven, "hope you're not going to go out flashing your undies like that tonight."

Mr Randal's face cracked into a broad grin, and any hint of annoyance fall away.

"Nice catch; you would be Ollie then. When you've helped Ollie up Steven, could you nip up and help me do my collar stud up?"

"Sure thing dad," Steven shouted back and, turning to me, "come on, I have already taken snacks and lemonade up."

We untangled ourselves and picked ourselves up of the hall carpet. Mrs Randal was still standing there, eyes glistening with tears of laughter. Steven's eyes widened in a stare at her, his mouth contorted into a cheeky grim, his shoulders in a dismissive shrug. Spinning on his heels, he bolted up the stairs, two at a time. I set of to follow, turning back to look at Mrs Randal. She was shaking her head, still smiling and waving her hand towards the top of the stairs, becoming me to follow Steven. I couldn't help but notice how nice she look, all dolled up ready to go out. She was what I would now describe as, tastefully and elegantly attired. I went into Steven's room to find it empty. Following the `ouch' from what I assumed was his parents room, I stood at the door and watched as Steven wrestled with his father's collar, struggling to engage the collar stud into the second hole and pinching his neck in the process. When it finally slipped into place, father and son breathed a sigh of relief.

"Not bad for an older bloke!" Steven laughed as he headed towards me and the door.

The reply of,

"Cheeky bugger!" was followed by a pretty accurately hurled cushion, which caught Steven square in the back and propelled him in to me at pace for the second time in just a few minutes. Steven popped his father another of his cheeky faces, before retreating into his room, with me as close behind as I could be.

"Your parents are mad," I giggled, "but your mum scrubs up really well."

"Don't start getting the hots for mum," Steven chucked, "dad would be pissed off and, so would I for that matter!"

"Why, do you fancy her?"


The speed with which he tackled me took me by surprise and, while I was a little bigger than was he, he had me pinned after a very short struggle.

"Take it back or I'll make you suck my dick!"

"How about I take it back AND suck your dick," I replied.

He rolled off and we rolled around on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. Having collected ourselves back together we sat on the bed and mulled over what we should do in the time before his parents went out for the night. Obviously, the games we were to play after they left needed no discussion at all. As he talked, I couldn't help but gaze at him. I was mesmerised by the sound of his voice, chirping away and my face drew closer and closer to his. He stopped talking and I leaned in and planted a kiss square on his moist lips.

"Look," he said with a frown, "just because we do rude, sex stuff doesn't mean we are like, well, puffs does it?"

"I don't know. Maybe it does." I returned Steven's frown, "If it does, I don't care but I don't think I want people knowing it. That we are puffs, you know, or even that we are doing stuff."

"I don't think I want to be a puff."

I thought about this for a moment.

"I don't think I want to be either but I don't know if you like have a choice. I do want to do sex stuff though. With you I mean; even though you are another boy. I want it really bad."

"I want to do stuff really bad to." Steven sighed. "Fuck, we are puffs then!"

We then spend a few minutes thinking up and laughing at some gay jokes.

What do queer kids have for breakfast Sugar Puffs

What do queer kids watch on TV HR Pufnstuf

What is a queer kids favourite dinner Cock au vin

You get the drift. We started setting up to play a game of Risk. Ironically, Risk was the game that we had used to save our skins when we almost got caught by his mum the day before last. We were just about ready to start when Steven's mum shouted up from downstairs, telling us they were off and would be back around midnight.

"Night darlings, please behave and don't wreck the place. Love you!"

So, for the second time in 3 days, the game of Risk had been set up with no intention that it would ever get played!

I looked across at Steven. "Do you want to play Risk?

"No," he grinned, "do you?"

"Hell no!"

"Do we play like the movie thing or just like do sex?"

"How about we pretend we are like doing one of those movie tests, you know for the director?" I suggested. "We can do a sexy strip so we can get our clothes off. Once we are undressed we can forget the movie bit and just do it."

"Fuck! That sounds great. Wait up I have this music."

Steven ran out of the room and I could hear his feet on the stairs. After about a couple of minutes, I heard him returning. For a pretty small kid, he was like a herd of elephants on the stairs. I think I understood now where his dad was coming from earlier. Steven burst through the door, waving a cassette tape in his hand. Going over to his player, he put it in. He pressed play and the strains of `the stripper' immediately came out of the small box. That was too much and again, we broke out in hysterical laughter.

"Oh yes! Perfect," I announced. "You first, I can't wait to see you naked again."

Steven rewound the tape until the counter read zero and started it up. As the music played, he started to dance in what we thought was a sexy and seductive way. Socks came off first and were dangled in front of my face. Then his tee shirt was dragged over his head and twirled before landing in the corner of the room. The track suit bottoms were inched down to his knees before he lost balance and ended up landing with a bump on his bum. The trackies were then off in a flurry of legs and a flash. Jumping up again in only his pale blue y-fronts, he slid them down to the floor, his back to me. Bending to pick them up, giving me a lovely flash of his beauteous pink bum hole, he turned back towards me with them covering his dick. As the music reached a crescendo, the undies arced towards my face and Steven was naked, his cock sticking proudly out and slightly upwards, hard as it could possible get.

I could barely contain myself and reached out to get a feel. Steven backed out of reach,

"Oh no you don't! Your turn to strip now." He pressed the rewind button on his portable cassette player. Once the counter reached zero again, he started the music, tuning and chiming, "OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF!"

Starting to gyrate to the music, removing each item in as sexy and seductive a way as I could muster. When it came to me standing in just my white Fruits of the Loom, I thought I would add a little to Steven's very cool ending to his strip. Following a similar set of moved, I slid my underwear doe to my ankles, back to him and bending as low as I could, I assume exposing as much of my bum hole to him as he had to me. Picking up my discarded pants, I draped them over my hard cock and turned round.

"If you want to see it, you have to remove them yourself ... With your teeth!"

Steven sank to his knees and clamped his teeth onto the fabric. Shaking his head so my undies flailed back and forth, he eventually let them sail off to the side.

"Had them on all day, right?" he queried, "they smell of you."

I started to apologise but he dismissed my anxious plea with a shake of his head.

"No! I love how you smell."

With that he leaned forward and licked at the tip of my dick. Kissing and licking his way along the length, he reached my balls and, grabbing a handful of butt in each hand buried his face in them, slurping and drooling over my entire genital area, like a kid given a melting cone on a hot summer day. Eventually he slowed and took my cock into his mouth. I often try and recall how he used his mouth on my but to be truthful; I can't all I know is I remember being transported to another plane of existence. Slumping down onto the sheepskin rug by his bed, I manoeuvred our position so that I could get at his sex. Hardly missing a slurp while we settled into position, Steven let out a low long moan as my mouth swallowed his cock and balls, taking his entire package into my mouth. If there is a sweeter, tastier cock in the entire universe than that boy's, I would suck it, without a break, until the day I die. I had definitely not planned on delving into his unwashed butt, assuming that having not showered before we got down to it, it would smell (and therefore taste) well like shit. However, aside from a slight `boy cooking up sex odour', there was nothing. So, sliding off his dick, I worked my way under the base of his balls and across his perineum, with lips, tongue and a little nibbling at the soft flesh. Oh boy had I hit on something. Steve's moans deepened and reaching across my pits and shoulders grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard into him. The reach must have tested his limit because his ministrations on my cock virtually stopped. His legs bend hard, up and out as wide as he could stretch giving me as much access as he could muster. My face slipped into his bum crack and I plunger my tongue into him as far as I could stretch it. Steven was lost. His moans and little squeaks got louder and continuous, almost unhinged in their intensity. I slid my tongue out of him and back across his balls back onto his lovely cock. Two boys, entirely out of control, lost in lust. Was I bobbing on his cock? Was he fucking my face? Neither of us will ever know but his orgasm was a cacophony of sound and spittle and movement. Once, twice, three times he came; his orgasms dry but savage in intensity; his cock head, so sensitive now, his shrieks were wild and unhinged. If he wanted to stop, to reduce the crescendo of feelings coursing through his penis, he was unable to do it. His pumping cock and my python like tongue, working together without any sophistication; doing what seemed natural to bring my lover to an ecstasy of feelings he had never experienced before. Finally we slowed and slumped to a halt. His cock still in my mouth, my tongue idly lapped at the now shrunken titbit. His face displayed a faraway look and he had a quizzically upturned slant to his mouth, his head nestling on the pillow of my now soft cock and balls.

I am not sure how long we lay like that but it was Steven's tongue on my flaccid dick that brought me back to earth. After a few licks, he started to turn and work his way up my body to get back to a face to face position. I remember feeling a bit disappointed, thinking that somehow it should have been `my turn'. However, when his gazed me mine, his face was covered in drying clear boy goo. It seemed that, while I had no recollection of having an orgasm, I had given Steven a decent hosing down. I had tasted my own spunk before, but as I licked it off his face, I couldn't help but think it tasted way better off him than it did off my own fingers.


"Famished," I replied.

"Mum will have left something decent in the fridge for sure."

"Oh food! I thought ... never mind"

We both cracked up, laughing hysterically. No bothering to dress, even in undies, we went downstairs to the kitchen. Sure enough, when he opened the fridge, Steven pulled out a plate loaded with sausage rolls, pork pie and coleslaw. Steven got a couple of small plates out of a cupboard and a bottle of coke out of another. We sat on bar stools at the breakfast bar and started to tuck in like we hadn't eaten for days.

"Sex really makes you hungry!"

We laughed, bits of food escaping as we did, which naturally made us laugh all the more. We talked about what had just taken place, comparing it to our first time. We both agreed we were definitely getting better at it and that it was significantly more fun that Risk. We pondered what we should try next. I suggested that moving back from under the breakfast bar would be a good start, as both of us were wooding up again. Steven thought we should take a shower. His thinking was that it had been really good fun the other day and, he thought maybe if he was sure my bum was free from any nasties; he might like to lick my bum as I obviously loved to do his. I said I had heard that if you put your dick in the other person's bum, like fucking a cunt, it was really good for both people. He had heard of it. Anthony his cousin called it bumming and said it was the ultimate in fagging.

"Do you want to bum me? Steven asked.

"Well, yes I do a lot." I replied, "But only if you want to as well."

"Do you think it hurts?"

"I don't know but we can go slow and do it gently at first."

"If we do it, it means we are gay and queer for each other." Steven declared. I was about to answer when he added, "but then cock sucking and bum licking is definitely pretty fucking gay!"

"I am definitely queer for you Steven. I would 100% rather put my dick in your bum than in a girls cunt."

"Have you ever done stuff with a girl?"

"Truth and dare stuff yes. I licked a girl's cunt for a dare. It smelled not so nice. I like your dick and bum smell better. What about you"

"No never." Steven replied. "Seen a couple but never got close enough to touch one and definitely not close enough to smell one!"

His nose wrinkled and we broke into another of our uncontrollable giggling fits.

"Okay, so if I let you shag me in my bum and I shag you in your bum and I get pregnant, you had better marry me."

"No danger of that. I don't make the spermy stuff yet and besides, your cunt is full of shit."

"Better hit the shower then."

More uncontrolled giggling. When the giggling stopped, there was a moment passed between us. Looking into one another's eye, an unspoken vow was made. We were going to take the final step that would surely seal our queer fate. We were going to stick our cocks into one another's bums and we were going to be gay. Totally queer for one another. Once cock and bum were united, there would be no going back.

Racing up the stairs, we headed for the bathroom. Within seconds we were in an embrace in the largest shower I had even been in outside the changing rooms at school or at the swimming pool. The now warm water played over us but we were both reluctant to break contact.

"I need a pee."

"We could always pee in here." I replied.

He started to ease away. Dick in hand I let go my own stream. A bull's eye, right over his genitals.

"Hey you fucker!"

"What's the matter, we're in the shower. Piss on me if you like."

Steven looked at me quizzically and then shrugged. As my stream faded to a dribble, his opened up. He got me right in the belly button. I sank to my knees, wanting to observe more closely his urinating cock but he altered his position too and I got it right in the face, much to his amusement. Steven's pee went in my eyes, which stung and some into my mouth. I tried to spit it out but some managed to get right in and I gulped some down before I could stop it. Not my favourite thirst quencher but it was okay. Later, there would be almost no taboos for us but in those early days, water sports meant a shower, taking a bath together, going to the swimming pool but definitely not drinking piss. I would taste and swallow, with relish, his special juice before I would swallow his pee again.

We followed the ritual washing of the previous Wednesday night but paid special attention to the butt. I turn, we each worked fingers, laced with shower gel, as deep into the others bum hold as we could. A feeling that was so intense, I was close to cumming. I didn't know anything about the male G Spot then and so just assumed (correctly) that the bum was ultrasensitive and, therefore, totally okay for fucking (also correct).

We returned to be bedroom, wrapped in 2 huge bath sheets. I had my own, Steven informing me his mum had been insistent that we bathed before bed. I did remind him she said nothing about bathing before sex but was entirely ignored. Now, up until now, I had not been in virgin territory, except the deep penetration of a boy's butt with my tongue but that didn't require any technique of any significance. We were, however, about to venture into unknown territory. I had longed to stick my dick into a couple of boys in the past but had never before plucked up the courage to broach the subject and, they had never suggested it would be fun to me. I could see Steven looking to me for a lead and so I dropped my towel to the floor and moved in to hug him. As I wrapped my arms around him and started to French kiss him, his towel too fell to the carpet. Our hands roamed freely over one another and I stated walking him backwards towards the bed, which I assumed was the best place to be when it came to bumming your new boyfriend. Interesting, that though was Steven now my boyfriend or was this all just about the sex? To be honest, I didn't really know how I felt, lust being such an overpowering emotion when you are in your early teens. My limited experience of porn at that time had left me knowing only two ways of entering another person - missionary or `doggy style'. On reaching he bed, we more collapsed than eased ourselves onto the rumpled mess we had left behind from our earlier activities.

"I think you should do me first." I whispered in Steven's ear, "Just in case it hurts."

I rolled onto my back, drawing my knees up and out as I had seen in the books, dragging Steven on top of me. You will also gather by now that the term `foreplay' had not worked its way into my vocabulary. Each sex act was an independent activity, separated only by gasps for air or a clumsy shuffling of position. I need not have worried about getting him hard. His incredibly stiff cock was already between my legs. He moved to line his little cock up with my bum hole and attempted to dock. He might as well have been trying to dock the Queen Elizabeth into a canal. He thrust and missed, thrust and missed four of five times before I reached down and grabbed his dick positioning it right on my hole. This time when he pushed, I felt my hole slacken a little but he couldn't get it to break through into my love canal. In addition, all the shuffling and awkwardness had resulted in his losing that rigidity that had been there a few minutes before and when he did start to get in there, it bend causing him some discomfort and further hampering our efforts to get my cherry popped. I pulled his closer and kissed him.

"Stop a minute." I whispered, "Let's try a different position."

I rolled him off and seeing the now flaccid tool between his legs, went down there to summon up the correct instrument again. I knew nothing about lube but in my (barely) innocent desire to get his cock hard again, I would learn with hard way (pun totally intended). Despite losing his erection, Steven was still very horny and it took little effort on the part of my mouth and tongue to bring him back up to full operating condition. Now I got onto my hands and knees, face down in his downy pillow, bum exposed and inviting attention. This also presented Steven with an opportunity to test another activity, which we had discussed over snacks, and he bent and stuck his tongue in. First darting his tongue at my pucker, and then licking it before dipping it in. Not much but good enough for a first effort and again, inadvertently adding to the lubrication. Getting into position, he placed his cock at my aching bum door.

"I can see this way." He announced, "You know to stick it in."

I couldn't really reply as I was chewing pillow! This time, with his dick wet with my spit and my hole moist with his, when he pushed, there was a resistance only for a moment before it popped right in. A shot of pain went through me but then, it was gone and all I could feel was Steven's lovely cock filling my tight hole, his balls resting on my butt cheeks.

"What do I do now?"

"Just go in and out. Fuck my bum. Please, please I beg, fuck my bum!"

Steven started to ease out and back, out and back. His pace was slow and I love the feelings that were rippling from my filled bum. In his turn, Steven was moaning, feeling the warm, tightness of my hole. Unconsciously, I started squeezing and relaxing the muscles of my bum in time to his thrusts. For both of us, the red mist was again descending and we gave ourselves over to the natural responses and messages our little bodies were pouring down on us. All too soon for me, Steven's pace picked up. Faster and faster, harder and harder he banged my shoot, moaning and grunting. Then suddenly, with a piercing shriek, he gave one last huge thrust and then stopped, flopping flat against my back. His dick deflated and popped out of my bum and I dropped back flat onto the bed with him on top of me. I had been really enjoying being fucked but it was a little disappointed it was over.

"That was wicked!" Steven slurred, "Did it hurt."

"Just for a second or two when you went right in." I replied truthfully, "then it was just awesome. You can bum me anytime you like!"

Your bum was so tight on my dick," Steven crooned, getting his voice and composure back, "way better than sucking off or wanking."

"Great, I look forward to seeing if yours is tight as well."

"Tighter I recon, I'll squeeze the living life out of yours I bet."

We started giggling and, as always, it became and uncontrolled snakes wedding of limbs as we wrestled and tickled one another. When we settled, our previous positions were revered, with me lying flat on top of Steven. Without need of invitation, I got off him and lifted him into the doggie position that had worked when he fucked me.

"It worked better when my dick and your bum had spit on. Try it."

Steven's bum was winking up at me, all pink and wrinkled and I needed no second invitation to get down in there. I didn't need to spit on it, as my tongue worked round his hole before plunging in, my mouth was flowing with juices. Seems his bum was a very tender morsel based on that Pavlovian response. When I had savoured that enough, I came back up and positioned myself behind him. My cock was so hard in anticipation it ached, almost painfully. Spitting on my hand I gave it a good wetting and positioned the head at is opening. He was right, you could see so clearly. I would get a great view of my cock in his hole. I started to press into him. Damn the resistance was really firm. I pushed again, harder this time and felt some movement but still, I could not pop his cherry. I was also a bit put off by the muffled `ughhh'

"If it hurts say stop and I will, I promise right away!"

"No. Just do it. You have to press dead hard first, then it's easier."

I lined up again and, tightening my butt, I trust as hard as I could. One second there was resistance, the next, my balls slapped on him bum. He let out a cry of pain and I started to withdraw my cock.

"Don't you fucking dare!" he rasped, "its fine, leave it in, it feels great now."

Doing as I was asked, I eased it right back in to the hilt again, this time revelling in the warm, damp and very tight hole. He was spot on with his description it was wonderful. After a few seconds I started a slow thrusting in and out. The moans told me he was enjoying it now and so I picked up my pace. A combination of admiring the view of my cock fucking this beautiful bum and rolling my chin onto my chest and curling my torso over his back in response to my exertions must have looked a little comical. The feelings coursing through me seemed to encourage a faster pace and, just as my little lover had done a few minutes earlier, I fucked him faster and faster, harder and harder. His moans turned to exultations,

"Yes, oh yes!"

Unearthly noises seemed to be coming from my mouth, no, from my very soul. I could feel my orgasm building, by balls tightening and the muscles in back of my thigh and buttocks clenching, ready to discharge my boy load into him. A shriek, then another came from him and his bum tightened hard against my cock once, twice three times. Dragged into his orgasms, I shot stream after stream into him, my shrieks joining his. I had stopped pumping into him. I tried to start up again, oscillating my hips to try to pick up some fucking rhythm but my dick was softening rapidly and with a wet pop, it plopped out, leaving a trail of clear boy juice down his bum crack. I collapsed next to him on the bed and we kissed deeply. Wrapped in one another's arms and legs, we fell asleep.

We didn't hear his parents come home.

We didn't wake when his mother covered us with his quilt.

When we woke, the sun blazing in through his bedroom window we took a little time to take in the scene. A brief discussion told us neither one of us had woken up and covered us up. A look of sheer terror came over Steven's face "Mum!"

There was a tap at the door. It seemed to take ages to open, like a horror movie door. His mother came into the room. We pulled the covers up to cover as much of us (faces included as we could.

"Breakfast is in 30 minutes dears. You will want to shower and, since your room reeks of ... what you were up to last night, I suggest you open the window before your dad gets up."

"Mum. I ... We ..."

"Don't worry dears. Ever boy your age masturbates. I will tell your dad he doesn't need to worry about that little chat."

With that, she turned and almost dances out oi the room before closing the door. We looked at one another, wide eyed and together mouthed,

"She thinks we were just wanking off!"

We giggle and, as usual, the giggling became a howl of laughter.




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