Belmont Birthday

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After the massive breakout and success of Eleven, I was emailed about a half a dozen pictures asking me to write a story about him. Three photos from ages 10-13 and a few more of current times (23). I asked if he wanted to author the story and I would edit it. He said no he is not a very good writer. So with some personal backgrounds (his and mine) with some of my own writing styles mixed in here is another one from RJ. Comments at welcome. I will forward any emails on request to the other party. If interested in my other stories most can be found under RJ on the Authors list. Unzip & Enjoy. RJ

My name is Tyler and I have a really strange birthday. That is my aunt and I were born two minutes apart. Well thirty years and two minutes. I was born at 11:59 pm June 5th. Aunt Barb was born at 12:01am June 6th. Aunt Barb is a horse nut, has one of her own, and her house is nothing but horse memorabilia, pictures of Secretariat, Seattle Slew, War Admiral you name a famous race horse Aunt Barb could give details, race statistics who sired the damn thing, how many years the thing lasted on the track, who was the best jockey ever to ride the horse. When I say details I mean details. And I get to hear them over and over every year. One of the things that happens the first Saturday of June and with an Aunt as a horse nut is the Belmont Stakes. Yep part of the Triple Crown. Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and then the Belmont Stakes. Well being born June 5th almost the 6th the Belmont falls on my and or my Aunts birthday as my family has declared our birthdays to be the same day. So with that said every year that the Belmont falls on our birthday(s) it becomes a ritual that we have to go to the races.

Uncle John and Aunt Barb live in Illinois and we live in New Jersey. My dad is an Air Force veteran and so is my Uncle John. My other Uncle Jamie is an Army veteran and so are both my grandfathers. Needless to say the conversations around the holidays turn to war stories or horse stories. My mom absolutely loves her brothers, my uncles. I have Aunts and Uncles on my dad's side but I don't see them very often. I have to admit my Uncle John is pretty cool but Aunt Barb is a pain in the ass. Just because we share a birthday I am supposed to be a horse fanatic just like her.

On my 14th birthday dad had some big to do for one of the veterans organizations that he belongs to in the morning so we caught a later train into NYC. Once we got to Grand Central Station and found our way to the Long Island Rail Road to get a train to the Belmont we were told that the Belmont is a special service run and all the trains have already departed and are sitting at the race track for the return trip. This was the first time we took the train to the Belmont, dad always drove in the past but he didn't want to deal with the traffic. It sounded like a good idea at the time even if I didn't want to go to the Belmont again. After all it is my birthday too. I would rather be riding my bike or playing on my X-box.

Well dad gets tickets on the LLRR to get us close as possible to the Belmont. We were told that it would be less than a mile to the track from the train station. We were also told that we could catch a bus or a cab. When we got off at Queens Village we had to walk over two miles to get to the track. Dad kept pulling mom close and kept his hand on my shoulder. Even the cops looked at us strange walking through an area that was not use to white folk walking through Queens Village and Elmont NY. Thankfully there were about 40 that got off the train. I have been raised never to be prejudice or care of someone's skin color but those two miles were the longest in my life. Crossing over the highway off-ramp to get to the Belmont was special to say the least. Mom almost got clipped by a bus and dad shoved me so hard to get across I took a header as soon as I hit the curb into the grass and gravel so now not only am I at a place I don't want to be but dirty as well with grass and dirt on my good pants.

It only gets worse as we get inside the track and can't find the section that Uncle John and Aunt Barb are sitting in. Mom and dad roamed around dragging me along to find the seats. Dad was ready to strangle one of the ushers just because he was being a dick. I have seen my dad pissed more than once but this time the veins in his neck where bulging out. The coat finally agreed to take us to the seats. We got to the seats just in time for the sixth race to meet with Uncle John and Aunt Barb. I look down on the board, look at the odds and called out 6-5-9 for the trifecta. Mom was impressed that I had or showed any knowledge of horse racing. There was also no time to make a bet and only being 14 for a couple of hours I couldn't put a bet down if I tried, although being taller than most in my class. I pulled two dollars out of my pocket and handed it to my uncle. "6-5-9 for the trifecta".

"Sorry Tyler, the ponies are coming to the post. I would have to run to get to a window. If your horses win I'll pay you 5-1 how does that sound?"

Well the bells rang and the horses went around the track. Guess which order. Yep 6-5-9 (My birthday not my aunts). Sucker paid out $1400+, my uncle said "Sorry Tyler" as he handed me a twenty. Mom, Dad, Uncle John and Aunt Barb got into their own game and basically ignoring me other than asking me if I had any other race picks so they could win with a promise to add to my college fund. Great it's my birthday too and now I am the fucking good luck charm.

I said "Dad can I go down to the track the seats up here suck. You can't even see the horses from up here. I always have more fun closer to the track like we do when we go to the Meadowlands. Up close and personal you can see the horses and the jockeys. Up here all you can do is watch it on TV. Gee I could have done that from home".

"Tyler you can't go alone and you have money to play with for your birthday. You can't make a bet by yourself".

"Dad I have my cell, I already lost 1400 and I can text you if I get a feeling on a horse. I don't want to be a lucky charm and I don't want to be here. Please let me go down. I don't want another lesson on a horse or jockey I couldn't care about. I will be in the far corner on the left closest to the fence. Anyone tries to mess with me I can scream, call 911 or jump the fence and run like hell. Besides I'm 14 now and can handle myself".

"You were doing fine until the last statement. You will stay in that corner. You will text every 15 minutes and you will be back up here before the 11th race starts because we are getting on those trains or your Uncle will be driving us home and your Aunt will be sitting next to you all the way home and your lanky butt will be sitting on the hump between Mom and Barb. Knowing John I doubt the rental is a Cadillac or a Lincoln Town car, do I make myself clear?"

I did something I haven't done in years. I kissed my father's cheek "Thanks dad". I was up and taking the stairs two at a time.

"Tyler where are you going?" Shit `Mom police'. Dad said "He is going on recon so we can actually win some money on these ponies. I have his phone on my phone GPS and we have the binoculars he will be watched the whole time".

"Roger what are you doing?"

Dad waved over his head "Letting our son grow up some". All I could do was smile and bounded the stairs even faster. I ran down the three flights to General Admission and a cop stopped me asking for my ticket. Shit dad has it, no it's in my back pocket.

"What are you doing here son your seat is up in the grand viewing area?"

"Too many goofy hats in the way, you can't see shit from up there. Dad has me on GPS tracking do you want me to call him that I have permission to be down here. After all I did just turn 14, yesterday and today are my birthday".


"Sorry midnight does that, start to come out one minute and finally make it out another. Goofy but my aunt did the same thing so we share the same birthdays. She is four seats down from mine if you want to verify the story. She loves to tell stories, especially about horses, knows everything you ever wanted to know".

"Alright kid. There will be a pair of eyes on you at all times".

"Yours won't be the only ones and my parents will thank you. We had a tough time getting here and I would like to watch what is left of the races. May I go now?"

He waved me forward, I made the corner of the general admin fence where I said I would be, I looked up to the fancy seats above me where my mom, well I should say my dad, would be watching. Great a dick cop and my dad watching everything I did.

"Excuse me but you pushed me out of the way. That wasn't nice I was watching the horses and the jockeys. What gives you the right?"

I apologized "Sorry man but I have to be in this corner or my parents will have me carried out in handcuffs". The kid was probably right it was a dick move to get into the corner.

He said "You are at least a foot taller than me can't you stand behind me so we both can see the races".

"Sorry your right, I'm Tyler". I moved so he could get in front of me.

"Alessandro. Everyone calls me Sandro".

He leaned over the fence. Someone pressed behind me so I ended up pressing into Sandro's back. I don't know why bet it felt pretty good being close to him. The horses and jockeys were being walked past us. Sandro broke my trance he pointed to a rider "That is Miguel on Thunder Clap they are the favorites for this race".

I said "Who or what are you talking about?"

"Miguel on Thunder Clap number seven horse if I was old enough to bet I would put a hundred on him. 3-1 is still good odds on him".

I said "How do you know?"

"Oh, I know most of the jockeys. I am here all the time. My mom is a cashier and my dad is the stable operations manager. It's kind of boring actually but it kills some time. On regular days I usually hang out in my dad's crib in the stables. I can watch the races and play my games at the same time".

I asked "Are you sure about the horse? And what is a crib?"

Sandro looked up at me "Yes about the horse but you're not old enough to bet either. The crib is a converted stable stall. Dad uses it to crash because of his crazy hours. I use it as a game room or crash sometimes after school. It's kind of a safe room. Only dad and I have a key, well I'm sure mom does too but she never comes to the stables".

I pulled my cell out and texted `Chk In, 20 on 7 t W nxt rce'. "What are you doing?"

I said "Checking in with my dad as part of the deal for me to be down here. I have to text him every fifteen minutes. They are up in the grand view seats. I also just put $20 on your horse and rider to win. I hope you're right any other insights I should be betting on? Maybe this day won't suck so much after all".

More people pushed behind us the guy behind me was big fat and stinking of cheap beer on his breath. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. I was pushed further into Sandro into the corner of the fence.

"Dude you are squishing me into the fence back off and I would box 7-3-4 you will hit at least two. Why does it suck?"

I texted `Box 7 3 4' and answered "One it's my birthday and my Aunts as well. I didn't want to be here and now a fat slob is making us into pancakes maybe I should go back to my seat".

"You're tall but can you move?"

"I guess why?"

"Give me some room then duck down with me. We are getting out of here and we can go over to the stalls or the crib. These assholes will push closer to the fence but we can get out under them. Hopefully they won't step on us. Come on".

I pushed back "Hey a little room fat man I don't think they are going to let you ride the horse so back off". It was enough space for Sandro to duck down and quick enough that I didn't get punched by the slob. I followed him back to the doors past the same cop, Sandro grabbed my hand and pulled me to a door with a guard in front of it. He pulled an ID badge out and the guy moved out of the way and we were standing on the access track, the stables only a few feet away with horses being exercised and jockeys walking around. "What the fuck how did you do that?"

He pulled the ID out of his pocket and waved it at me "Dad got it for me. It makes it easier, gives me access to just about anywhere except for the cashier vaults and drawers. Not bad for an almost thirteen year old, by the way Happy Birthday mine is in two weeks. Come on this way to the crib unless you want to watch the races from here".

"Dad will kill me if he doesn't see me in the corner but I have to admit that was a really fucking cool stunt".

"You swear too much. Text your dad that you met a friend with access to the track and you are now going to see the horses in the stable. You still can text him every fifteen minutes you just have a better view of the races".

"Do you always tell the truth? And if you have access to all of this why go to the corner of the general access area. It doesn't make sense".

He said "Well as you can see there are always people crowding the fence. This time I was lucky and it was a cute boy instead of a dirty old man rubbing against me".

My mouth had to be hanging open "Did you just hit on me?"


"Are you gay?"

"Yes are you?"

I had to stammer "I really don't know".

Sandro looked at his watch "Do you want to watch gay porn? One of the handlers sticks his dick in one of the jockey's ass every day before a race. It is supposed to be good luck".

I followed him to the stables. He unlocked a door and slid it open "This is our crib". It wasn't very big but had a desk with a computer on it two beds lined up on the back wall and a toilet and a sink in the corner. It had two recliner chairs with an end table between them and an X-box controller under the table. "Here over here. Marcus and Carlos will be in the next stall".

Sandro stood on the first bed and waved to me to join him on the bed. There was a slit about an inch wide and a foot long. We both had to be close to each other to see through the slit. On the other side in the stall a black guy had his dick in the ass of a jockey.

I whispered "Won't they hear us?"

Sandro said "It doesn't matter Carlos is openly gay and Marcus will fuck just about anything".

I said "I always thought black guys have big cocks. His doesn't look that big and Carlos's is pretty small as well".

Sandro said "Well if yours is bigger than theirs why don't you whip it out and prove it".

Well I wasn't ready for that. Then he undid the button on his shorts unzipped his fly and pushed his shorts and underwear down to his ankles and lifted his shirt up so I could see his dick and balls. "Do you like what you see Tyler?"

"Yes" I stammered. "What if your dad comes in?"

"He won't he's too busy today. Besides it doesn't matter if he does. I told my parents that I'm gay. Mom wasn't thrilled about it at first but they both support me. I knew it since sixth grade I use to well still do have a crush on a boy that is on the bus to school he is in a couple of my classes as well".

I had to admit to myself that I did like what I see. Five foot two inches tall with dark hair and dark eyes about ninety pounds. His dick about four inches long with a foreskin and with a few dark wisps of hair over his dick. Actually I could feel my face redden because Sandro has more hair in his pants than I do. Me being fourteen, just under six feet tall with sandy blond hair and one hundred twenty pounds. At least I have more in the dick department than he does. My circumcised cock is five and a half inches and thicker than a quarter. I had to also admit that I really did enjoy looking at boys' dicks especially boys younger than me. I guess it has to do that I don't have pubic hair yet.

Well here goes nothing. I undid my belt, trousers, and my white fruit of the looms and pushed them down to my ankles. I raised my polo shirt to be inspected. Sandro smiled at me "That looks nice Tyler can you cum yet?"

"Yeah since I was twelve how about you?"

"No not yet but I like the tingly feeling I get when I play with myself". Sandro dropped to the bed "Come down here unless you still want to watch them fuck some more. They will be done in a minute Carlos has to race".

I lowered myself to the bed about to face him. "No turn the other way". I reversed my direction so my head was at the foot of the bed. Sandro reached for my dick then I felt the warmth and moistness of his mouth taking my cock. He shifted so his cock was closer to my mouth. I pulled his foreskin back so his crown was visible. My lips closed on his shaft and I started to suck him my nose touching the few black hairs on top of his dick. He sucked me harder and squeezed my balls like he was trying to milk me. I returned the favor playing with his small nuggets. We both started to moan as we sucked each other off. We lasted ten to fifteen minutes when the slider door opened I was horrified being caught with my pants at my ankles and a boy's cock in my mouth.

"Hi boys I just need a file". Sandro's dick fell out of my mouth but my dick never left his mouth and he just sucked me more. His dad went to the desk opened a drawer looked at us and said "He's a cutie Sandro good for you".

He opened and closed the slider behind him and was gone. I went back to the dick in front of me and sucked him off again. I could feel my load in my balls so I pulled off of him "I'm gonna cum" and returned to his dick. Our moans got louder and the slurping action got more intense as his body started to shake only seconds before mine did. He sucked more and took my load down his throat. He finally rolled to his back forcing his cock from my mouth. "That was AWESOME Tyler".

"Do you do this often Sandro?"

"Sometimes I use a chat room or video chat to get older guys to come to the track and let them know where to find me. Usually the same corner that we were in. Some of them want to fuck me but I don't let them. They can suck me and I will suck them if they look and smell clean. Some of the guys that come to the track are just nasty. I remember one guy that his dick was covered in sores and dripping. He never made it into the crib. The bathroom was enough to make me run away. If they want a fuck then I will hook the guy up with Carlos he is same size as me so the guy just pretends he is fucking a boy instead of a twenty-three year old jockey either way I make a few bucks and so does Carlos if it is worth it".

"That fat slob behind us pushing us into the fence I wouldn't let touch me with a ten foot pole. He was nasty and stunk. Would you do it with him or hook him up with Carlos?"

"Neither. I am more of the nerdy gamer type. The guys I hook up with are usually small in size and have to have gaming skills and most usually bring me a game if they make it to the crib. Want to see some of my game collection?"

I looked at the clock on the wall. "Shit what race is it I haven't checked in. Dad is going to have the National Guard searching for me because I have been kidnapped. I am dead".

Sandro gave me the thumb in the ear pinky to the mouth sign "Ring Ring Hi dad I'm still alive. Tell him to come down to the stable access door and we can go get him and bring him over here. The ninth race is in warm ups and introductions. Can't you hear the loud speakers in here? Or is it that I am just so use to it".

"Dad I'm okay. I met a new friend that has access to the stables..." "Yeah I know I'm in trouble for not checking in we just kind of hit it off. I am sorry..." "His name is Sandro, well Alesandro but Sandro for short. His dad is the stable operations manager and his mom works as a cashier at the track. He has an ID card to just about anywhere including the stables..." "He offered for you to come down to see but if you tell Aunt Barb we will never get her out of the stables..." "Dad I am actually enjoying my birthday instead of Aunt Barb's birthday. Please come down see I am safe and let me enjoy my birthday the way I want to. There is a stable authorized access only door twenty feet to the left of the general access area we will meet you there..." "Thanks dad".

"Guess you should pull your pants back up huh?"

I laughed "Are you planning to go out like that?" pointing to his shorts around his ankles and his now semi-hard dick that was starting to inflate again. Looking at it made mine start to grow again as well which he noticed as well.

"Well I don't know if your dad is like mine but if we go with boners you might get in trouble. Unless you are ready to come out of the closet and tell your father you're gay and found a new boyfriend".

I pulled up my pants and fixed myself tucking away my boner as best I could. Thankfully my trousers were the lose type rather than the flat fronts that you can't hide anything. There was a picture on the wall that I didn't really notice before. I said "Who is with you in this picture?"

"My cousin Anna. She is fourteen".

I said "I am not gay just experimenting right now. She's cute. And by the way my dad has caught me with boners before and even caught me jacking off. Mom knows about it too but she makes me strip my sheets and wash them to get the spunk and stink out of them. Come on knowing my dad he is already at the door".

Thirty minutes later, with a quick tour of the stables and an inspection of the crib, meeting Sandro's father for a few minutes my dad was satisfied that I was indeed not kidnapped and was safer than in the corner of the general admission area.

With the added information from Sandro's father Hector that the last train left at 8:30 from the track back to the city we didn't have to race to get to the trains. Hector gave my father his cell number and four comp passes to the Secretariat club for drinks and appetizers and assured him that the teens were safe and in good hands.

Hector's last comment to my father was " Roger, if Tyler does not get back to you before you need to head to the train head for the last car of the train and I personally guarantee that he will be on the train and in that car. Tyler is a good boy and my Sandro is having a great time with his new friend. I hope they stay in contact and are friends for many years to come".

My father left with "Tyler you don't have to check in every 15 minutes. However you are up about 400 bucks so if you want to keep betting on the ponies just let me know. Be on the 8:30 train or come up if you get hungry or need anything. Hector, Sandro nice to meet you and I am glad Tyler is having fun on his birthday".

Hector said "Sandro call me if you need anything. I will bring some food from the jockey lounge for you boys. Have fun".

Hector closed the slider door and the huge deadbolt closed locking us in.

Sandro said "Wait I'll be right back. Close the door behind me but I'm not taking my key so stay by the door".

He left and was back in three minutes and locked the deadbolt again. "Where did you go?"

He smiled at me and pulled a tube of KY out of his pocket. "Do you know what this is for?"

He shocked me again "I think so but I am a virgin. I thought you were as well".

"I still am but I am willing to change that today if you are. I have learned a lot from Marcus and Carlos. We don't actually have to put it in our butts. With the KY and you slide up the butt crack without actually going in it is supposed to be just as good and just as fun. If you want to go all the way I am willing to do it with my new boyfriend even if he is not gay and wants to meet my cousin to see if she will do it. She might you know. If you do it with me and then with her you will find the answer you're looking for. Boy or girl".

I smiled at him and kicked my shoes towards a corner. My polo came over my head and I started on the belt and trousers, underwear and socks. I said "I think I am going to try both and I will most likely go both ways". Sandro's shoes, shorts and shirt ended up close to mine on the floor. Our dicks filling with blood once again.

He said "We can flip to see who goes first or I can show you a naked picture of Anna on the computer. I took it when she just came out of the shower. Maybe you would rather just jerk off to here".

I got on the bed and put my ass in the air using a pillow under me. "I'm still going to want to see her naked".

"Wait, if I hit the magic spot as Marcus and Carlos call it, it might make you cum again spoiling the moment not to mention my pillow. You do me first and maybe we get there at the same time and my pillow won't have spunk on it".

I said "Then where do you want it to end up?"

He got on his knees and elbows looking back to me. "Carlos's favorite saying is `BREED ME' so don't pull out and don't bother to warn me. Use the KY and give me my cell. I am going to call dad because I want him to watch when you cum inside me. If he sticks around long enough for me to fuck you than that will be even better".

Not being an expert or even a novice at this I got behind him and used probably more lube than necessary covering his crack and using my finger to coat the pink ring of his hole. I coated my dick and even my balls not knowing any better. I started to hump his ass crack only and I could feel my balls going to explode very soon so I said "Call your dad because I'm not going to last". I slowed down my thrusts so I didn't disappoint the Hispanic boy on his knees in front of me.

The deadbolt unlocked and Hector walked in and locked it behind him. "I was wondering when this day would happen".

Sandro said "Dad Tyler is going to cum and he isn't inside me yet can you help him?"

Another shocking moment on my birthday. Hector came to the bed and said "Easy Tyler. Sandro reach back and pull your cheeks apart for Tyler". Sandro spread his cheeks even more. Hector grabbed my cock and pointed the head to the pink ring. "Tyler push in easy, Sandro push out. You have plenty of lube going on can you hold yourself Tyler for a minute or two?"

"Ugh, not for long I'm gonna cum". Hector swiped up some of the lube from Sandro's crack and pushed his finger into his son's hole. Holy shit what was going on? He twisted the finger a few times and removed it. Then his hand was on my cock again "Okay let's try again. Tyler push in, Sandro push out.

"Oh my god it is going in. It's warm and tight but it is opening around me".

"Are you all the way in yet, don't stop until you are all the way in".

Hector said "Go easy Tyler. Pull out but not all the way. Leave the crown in him and then slide forward again, when all the way in pull out again until only the crown is in him".

Sandro moaned "It feels strange but feels so good. Ty if you're gonna cum thrust me hard I want your seed as far in me as you can".

Hector took his lubed finger that came out of Sandro and brought it to my hole and started to push in. His other hand cupped and squeezed my balls. "Go on Tyler fuck my son the way he wants it".

I grabbed his hips and pushed "Argh I screamed"

"YES" was the response from the bed.

Pulled back and pushed again with another gritted teeth `AARRR'.

Hector must have known I pulled back and trusted a final time and as my balls made contact Hector shoved his finger deep into my ass and twisted hitting something I had no idea what is was but my body convulsed and he squeezed my balls at the same time and I shot my load into Sandro's ass but I must have hit the same thing in his ass as he screamed "YES, YES, FUCK ME, YES, FUCK ME I'm cumming too. Daddy I did it I'M BEING FUCKED and LOVE IT".

My head spinning I collapsed on top of Sandro. He seemed as spent as I was.

Hector said something in Spanish that I didn't understand. Sandro responded "Si papa" then I heard the zipper of Hector's pants. Sandro said "Daddy is going to breed you like you bred me. I can't cum yet so I can't breed you properly but daddy can. I am now your boy I have your cum down my throat and now in my butt".

Hector said to me "Take a look Tyler I am not very large and I will not pound you like Sandro asked you for but you need this since it is your birthday and your first day to becoming a man".

My voice quivered saying "I agreed to Sandro not a man". I looked at the cock that was to invade me, it was no bigger than Sandro's only four inches and only slightly thicker.

Sandro spoke in Spanish again. I said "Please speak in English so I understand".

Sandro said "I told papa that he can seed your butt or your throat your choice. I will take the other end or we will trade off. Suck me off again or suck papa first. I will fuck you then papa can breed you proper. There is still something in it for you. Whomever you take in the mouth will do the same for you 69 and up your butt at the same time. Hopefully we shall all climax together for a wonderful bliss and a happy birthday".

I turned to Hector and undid his pants button dropping them to the floor along with the boxers so I could see and feel his balls. His dick wasn't much bigger than Sandro's but the balls certainly were. I said "I'll take the seeding in my mouth a trip back to the city with an ass full of cum won't go over very well".

Hector greased my hole thoroughly then lay on the bed his four inch cock rigid hard pointing at the ceiling. I got on top of him and adjusted so our cocks could find the other's mouth. He started to suck my cock and I managed not to gag on his. Sandro climbed on the bed behind me and aimed his cock at my ass. His father opened my ass crack while still sucking me for his boy. Sandro's dick didn't really hurt as it penetrated me. Getting fucked while you dick is in someone's mouth has a strange effect of pushing further into the throat and I only have five and half inches I could feel my cock driving deeper into Hectors throat. Sandro was moaning above me and the cock in my mouth just became nothing but my cock in his throat was even better than Sandro's blowjob from before.

Sandro arched his back having another dry climax this time in my ass. I gave whatever boy seed I had left straight down Hectors throat. I knew Hector was close but I didn't want to swallow it so at the last second I pulled off and jacked him off blowing cum all over both of us. Hector got pissed but I said my father and uncle are both Special Forces in the military. Thanks for the ride but it's time to bail. Hector looked like he was going to beat me but I got to my phone.

"Dad on my way meet me at the stable access door in five minutes, if I am not there grab a cop and crash the crib".

Hector hissed at me "You little fuck".

"Not this time. Sandro I have decided I like boys and maybe girls. I am not going to be video chatting with older men to score cock and make a buck".

I had my clothes on, not very neatly, but on none the less, and unlocked the slider and ran from the stables to the access door banging on it. A cop opened the door. Dad showed up about a minute later.

"Tyler are you alright what happened".

"Dad can we go home now. I will tell you when I am ready. Please don't get mom or anyone else involved."

Dad put his hand on my shoulder leading me to the escalators. I could feel the craw in my throat but the voice still came out, probably a squeaky pubescent voice from a boy without any hair on his body yet but the voice said "Dad, I don't know if I am or not but if I told you that I might be gay or bi-sexual would you support me and still love me?"

"Tyler we are going to have a long talk about things but the answer is yes. We will love you for whoever or whatever you are or become. We will support your decisions as long as they are right for you and you don't end up in jail with a cellmate named Bubba".

"Thanks dad".

"Come on let's get you cleaned up and straightened out before your mother see's you".

Sandro and I stayed in contact at least for a while using Instant Messenger or Skype. He invited me to a Skype session on his thirteenth birthday; I witnessed his father, Carlos the jockey and Markus all taking turns on his ass and throat. He also sent me a message the first time he shot his boy cum at fourteen.

For me I got a summer job at a small grocery close to home so I could ride my bike to work. The job wasn't that hard stocking shelves and the like. The fringe benefits of the job became the seven inch cock of the owner up my ass all the time, his fifteen year old niece that does and his eleven year old nephew that does as well.

Later RJ.