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The story contains descriptions of sexual experimentation, encounters, and contact between consenting adolescent males. The story is loosely based upon my life growing up. Although a work of fiction it is loosely based on my life and the lives of those I love; therefore, the specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect the innocent.

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Benton Boy's Club

Author: Mr. Arousal

Chapter 2: First Week

My cousin's had learned much of their early sex education watching the animal's reproductive methods while living in rural southern Illinois, the rest they mastered with help from classmates and others. That summer of 1960 would be my indoctrination as to the ways of sexual experimentation. My cousin's and their friend's would be my professors at Sex University. Who knows, I might end up with a degree in the practicum of sexual experimentation and exploitation before the summer ended. Needless to say, I would be a changed person by the end of that summer of enlightenment.

Tuesday morning:

Everything was back to a sense of normalcy on the farm or as normal as it would get that summer. My Uncle Dell, Aunt Lilly, and Mom had run late returning from St. Louis, so it was late Monday night by the time they returned to the farm. Of course, my cousin's and I were all already fast asleep when they returned. Early Tuesday morning that damn horn blared again startling me awake, summoning all to breakfast. I jumped out of bed to a beautiful sight that morning, Adam, stark naked, coming out of the bathroom toweling his head dry. Damn, what a fine looking body my older cousin had! I couldn't help but stare.

"You want a quick shower `fore we go up for breakfast man, or you just gonna stand there starin at me till you go blind?" Adam asked mockingly.

"Yeah, sure, I need one. I wasn't starin, I mean...," my voice trailed off a little embarrassed at having been busted by my older cousin as I head towards the bathroom.

The shower was still running. I didn't see Perry, so I assumed he was in the shower behind the curtain. Adam hollered to Perry, "Don't turn the shower off little brother, cuzzin's comin in."

I entered the bathroom stood in front of the old white commode to take a piss, a way to rid myself of my morning's monster prong. At twelve years old, with a big ego, I thought it was a powerful looking pecker. Of course, at that age I hadn't seen too many cocks yet, so to me, at my age I thought mine was pretty good size. Boy, was I in for a big surprise before the summer ended.

I flushed the toilet and Perry yelled out from behind the shower curtain, "Hey asshole," pulling the shower curtain back he said, "don't ever flush that thing when someone's takin a shower."

"Sorry Perry," I said to my cousin in an apologetic tone.

"So, git in here and wash my back dickhead." I obliged my cousin's request; he rinsed off, and stepped out.

I said, hidden behind the shower curtain, "Ain't you gonna return the favor ass-wipe."

"You're on your own scuzz-fuzz, see ya at breakfast," Perry replied as he departed the shower area.

What an asshole I thought to myself as I scrubbed yesterday's funk off my body; I pulled my pud a few times before finishing my shower. I dried off and looked around for the boys. They were long gone. I quickly dressed in a clean outfit and headed up the path to the main house.

As I walked in the door and entered the kitchen Adam and Perry were already seated at the table with their plates heaped with waffles, eggs, and sausages.

Mom smiled at me and said, "Hello son, did you miss us yesterday?"

"Naw ma, we all went swimming, had a snack, and hit the hay early."

Grandpa, Uncle Dell, and Aunt Lilly all acknowledged me, and Aunt Lilly looked over at me sorrowfully and said to me apologetically," There's not much left to eat, but I can make more batter and make a waffle for you."

"No thanks, juice and toast is fine with me," I said somewhat disgusted.

"You should at least have some cold cereal youngin," My Aunt said.

"Cool," I said as she handed me the box of cereal and the pitcher of milk.

I looked across the table at my two cousins, who were still stuffing their faces, with a sneer of dissatisfaction.

Adam smirked saying softly, "It's an early bird that gets the waffle around here bub."

Perry chimed parroting his older brother, "Yeah bub," as he finished off his waffle.

The boys knew the schedule as to what was on the menu each day and it didn't vary that much; therefore, my cousin's had a leg up on me when it came to meals. Uncle Del got up and told Adam to hurry up and finish so they could get going. He looked at Perry and told him that his aunt would be taking him to little league practice that afternoon. He also handed Perry a list of chores to be completed before he went to practice, and told him with my help we should be done by noon.

I sensed that Adam was my uncle's favorite, and my aunt fawned over Perry. My Uncle Del owned a feed and grain business in Benton, Illinois, located on Highway 37. He had been taking Adam with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays for over year or so to do menial cleanup chores around the business, so Adam had a source of income. Perry on the other hand did the unskilled labor around the farm such as cutting grass, weeding, and shoveling shit out of the barn to earn his allowance.

Aunt Lilly worked part-time for the Franklin County School District during the summer and full-time when school was in session. Grandpa was the only unemployed member of the family, but he had already paid his dues. Now he spent his days watching the property, but mainly snoozing on the porch with the dogs. His big days were Saturdays and Sundays, and Wednesday afternoons for his card games. Everyone finished breakfast and excused themselves from the table heading off in different directions for the day. Perry and I divided up the list of chores and had them finished them by noon as predicted.

Perry suggested that we go swimming for a couple of hours before practice. I told him sounded cool. We told Grandpa and then we headed to the old swimin hole. Once we got there we stripped-down to our birthday suites and jumped into the cold water. Swimming in cold lakes or rivers is unforgiving, especially when it comes to the size of one's penis. As we came out of the water both of us were shrunk up to nubbins. Any other time I would have been embarrassed at my shrinkage, but with Perry, who was shriveled up too, it didn't seem to matter.

We lay down on the bank next to the water soaking up some rays, and began talking about one thing and then the other. The chat came around to sex and sexual stuff. I started to become aroused; there was no hiding my arousal lying there naked. Anytime there was talk of sex or sexual shit I would get a woody; hell there were times I'd get one when there was no talk of sex, I'd just pop one. I had no cock control at all, and my sex education was nearly nonexistent. But, I was quickly learning.

Yep, other than pleasuring myself in the confines of my bedroom at night I was a virtual virgin. So, at that point and time in my life my knowledge of sex and sexuality was limited, very limited. I had participated in some show me yours and I'll show you mine scenarios with a couple of other kids at school at Fort Benning. A couple of my buds and me in school at Fort Benning had touched each other's penis, but that was about the extent of my sex play thus far in my life. In fact, the scene yesterday at the swimin hole with Adam, Perry, and the two other boys had really shocked me. And then being busted in the bunkhouse later that day by my cousins and their two friends had embarrassed and scared the bejeesus out of me, but we had all sworn an oath of secrecy to each other.

So, for me talking about sex was not as comfortable a subject for me as it was for Perry. I suspected that Adam, Perry, and their friends were far more experienced in the areas of sex and sexual experimentation than me. To discuss sex in the 1950s and now 1960, even with another boy, was just not done; it was still a very taboo subject. Furthermore, to play with another boy or girls privates was just not done at our ages, or at least I hadn't heard about it yet. My parent's and the church we attended had done an outstanding job instilling a good set of core values in me; however, I had an idea that if Adam, Perry and their friends had their way I would be a different boy when I left the farm by summer's end.

I was enjoying the sex discussion with my younger cousin. We continued talking and I found out a good bit more about my cousins and what they were into and some of the things that they had done sexually thus far. Quite frankly I was surprised at what I was learning, because they all went to church on Sunday and were involved in many church activities as well as scouting. I would come to find out that the church, scouting, and schools were places where young people would find others to experiment with sexually. Boy, and here I had heard that the big cities were where all these torrid adventures took place. Who would have ever guessed that I would get my sex education on a farm in the Heartland of America?

We tired of the swimming hole and our discussion of sex, and decided it was time to head back to the bunkhouse. Once we arrived at our bunkhouse I told Perry that I was tired and maybe I'd like to go take a nap. He thought that was a good idea and we flopped on our bunks. I quickly drifted off to sleep. I awoke a while later to find my cousin beating his meat. He was really into it and didn't even notice me watching him from across the room.

He was grunting and groaning as he spanked his little monkey, and I started to get aroused. I felt my weenie beggin for a wank, too. I spit some saliva in my hand and began stroking my schlong and before long I was grunting and groaning, too. I felt an orgasm building inside my body; all of a sudden a small amount of opaque looking spooge spit from the piss slit of my penis. Perry looked over at me and nonchalantly asked, "You cum man?

Again, I was busted, and said squeamishly, "Yeah man."

Perry replied with, "I sure wish I could cum man."

"You will cuzzin, just give it a little longer. I bet you'll bust a load before you turn twelve in July," I said trying to reassure my cousin.

"So, how old were you when you first jizzed?" My cousin asked still lying on his bed with his little pecker in his hand.

"It was like a few months ago, like a few weeks before I my birthday," I said to Perry.

"Hell man, you know more than I do about these sex things," I said trying to bolster Perry's self-confidence.

Perry suggested that we should both take a shower, because we smelled like we needed one. I got into the shower first, and then Perry closed in behind me. We had seen each other naked before and had bathed together when we were younger, so it was no big deal for us to shower together. The shower in the bunkhouse was huge, two or three times the size of a normal shower, with nozzles on opposite walls with a heavy curtain to provide some privacy. We were both soaping up when Perry reached around and began pulling my pud, which immediately sprang to life. I could feel his hard little penis pressing at my ass crack. I had never had anyone jack me off in the shower before, but I sure enjoyed the new feeling.

"Hey, what ya doin," I said smiling at Perry as I turned around in the shower to face him.

Perry was smiling at me and said, "Once we finish showering I'll show you new a trick I learned, but you gotta promise you'll never tell anyone. I mean, you know, we're sworn to secrecy like cross our hearts and all that shit"

Damn, I hadn't been on the farm 48 hours and all ready my cousins and I had compared cocks, measured them, and I had been educated in new techniques to toss off. What was next on the agenda of our sex education classes? Whatever it was we were sworn to secrecy -- "TOP SECRET."

Perry said, "Cause we got time before practice I want to show ya somethin cool. I learned it earlier this year from a guy at school," as he continued stroking my cock.

Of course, I was reciprocating. Damn, it sure felt good having him stroke my schlong. I was getting to be a horny little devil. We turned the shower off, got out, and quickly dried off.

"Lay down on the bed I want to show you how to do something really cool," Perry said excitedly.

"Okay," I said lying down on my bunk on my back.

"You got to promise that you'll never tell anyone what we do here today, Okay?" Perry begged making a crossing motion with his hands across his chest.

"Yeah, yeah, I promise," I said to my cousin as we connected pinky fingers for a pinky swear.

"You know what sixty-nining is?" He asked.

"Yeah, I mean I've heard about it" I said.

I knew about a lot of stuff that I had heard around Fort Benning from some of the older kids in the housing and recreational areas on post. Plus, I had seen some magazines that some of the boys used for jacking off. At twelve years old I hadn't yet experimented that deeply with much more than playing with myself, but things were about to change for me that afternoon.

I was lying on the bed nude, on my back, as Perry sat next to me explaining what we were about to engage in with each other. He told me not to do anything until he told me. He got onto the bed facing my crotch, thereby assuming a semi sixty-nine maneuver position. He was positioned off to one side and his crotch was not directly in my face.

Sixty-nining of course is the simultaneous oral genital sexual pleasuring between two people of opposite or same sex. Sixty-nining can be done using a top and bottom position or lying side by side while orally pleasuring each other at the same time. Young experimenters also use the sixty-nine maneuver so that neither one back out; that is both parties are committed to oral copulation at the same time. Sometimes, guys would get other guys to give them a blowjob and would not reciprocate, and then tease them and tell their friends. Then the next day at school or wherever there was all hell to pay, busted! Perry and me would engage in top to bottom technique of sixty-nining.

Perry told me that I needed to know certain things about sucking dicks before we started. After a brief lesson from him, explaining the ins' and outs' of sucking a cock, he told me that I would be on the bottom and he would assume the top position, the preferred position for him I guess. The one thing Perry was adamant about was not cumming in his mouth. He said that was just plain disgusting for a guy to jizz in a guys mouth. Hell, for me the initial thought of sucking another guy's cock was repugnant at twelve years old, but what the hell I thought, I'm horny.

I was no stranger when it came to pleasuring myself, but had never yet been introduced to or participated in any type of oral or anal genital pleasuring, or any of the other sexual activities that I was to learn about from my cousins that summer. We both sucked each other's cocks voraciously that afternoon. Perry had a dry orgasm; however, I pulled out of Perry's mouth just before I was going to cum, and shot my load by hand. I felt sorry for Perry because he couldn't cum yet, but he would soon. Once finished we rolled over lying on my bunk totally spent telling each other what a great feeling it was and we should do it again. Of course, the two of us were sworn to secrecy, never to tell anyone what had happened. The person I really wanted to do it with was Adam, and my goal was to get Adam into that position if it took me all summer.

There was just something special about Adam and his body that sexually turned me on, more so than Perry. Perry was kind of klutz and somewhat of a dorky kid compared to Adam. Adam had the most gorgeous cock with its pink head and darker red coronal ring; it was so perfectly formed. Adam's perfect darker colored shaft curved slightly upwards towards his abdomen, and what a nice little bush at the base of his manhood. Perry's pecker was just non-descript. While I had been sixty-nining with Perry I was secretly fantasizing about doing it with Adam. Oh well, there was an entire summer to get Adam into the sixty-nine position.

A couple of short blasts on the horn signaled that it was time to head out to little league practice. Perry asked me if I wanted to go; I assured him that I did. He asked me if I had a glove and I told him yes. He told me to bring it that I might be able to play if one of the guys didn't show up for practice. I dug through one of my bag on the floor and found my mitt. We grabbed the rest of our things and headed towards the main house. Mom was waiting for us with the station wagon running, so we threw our things in the back and waved good-bye to grandpa who was as usual in his chair on the porch with the dogs lying on either side.

Once we arrived at the little league field at the church Perry quickly introduced me to everyone while the coaches got all the equipment ready. As it turned out one of the players on Perry's team was sick and didn't show up for practice, so the coach told me to play center field. The first ball to the outfield was heading my way, I ran in and scooped it up, and fired it off to first base for the out. I caught a couple of more grounders and fired them off: one to first base and the other to second base respectively. Then there was a pop fly straight to me in center field; I put my glove up and snagged it out of the air at the fence line for the innings last out.

Once up to bat I hit a line drive right past the pitcher and shortstop into the outfield. I was safe on first base. I was on third base waiting to get hit in when the pitcher struck the batter out for the inning, so I picked up my glove and head back to centerfield. I scooped up a couple more grounders, and then a fly ball popped straight to me. I ran in on it and snagged it for the third out, and then it was back to batting. It was the last inning of practice and the score was tied 1-1. I got up to bat and the count went down to three and two, and then I popped a high one straight out to left field. The ball was over the fence for a homerun. We won the practice game two to one; it was my homerun that had won the practice game for Perry's team.

I was the hero of the day at the practice for the team. The coach came over and asked if I lived in the area and did I want to play. I told him sure, but I would have to check with my mom first. We walked over to where mom was sitting and the coach asked her if I could play for the summer. She agreed to it and I was signed up for the team. I would have to go to a doctor and get a physical before it would be official. Mom told the coach that would be no problem and that she would call for an appointment the next day for the physical. I headed off to reconnect with Perry who was with the rest of his teammates. I announced to the guys that I was going to play baseball with them; Perry and the rest of the boys were ecstatic.

Perry and I broke away after all the congratulatory chatter. As we headed for the station wagon Perry discreetly pointed to a rather good-looking boy, whispering in my ear that the kid had a really cute dick. He pointed to another boy, kind of a chubby kid, and told me that he had a really small dick for his age, and then snickered. I said how do you know so much about their cocks. He told me that he had played around with both of them last year during school recess. He said that the bigger boy with the smaller dick was a lot of fun, but the cuter boy with the bigger dick was kind of shy and scared to do anything except show it to him once. I asked if Adam knew about any of this? He said that Adam didn't need to know everything.

I called shotgun as we headed towards the station wagon; Perry got the rear seat. We drove back to the house and all the talk was about my homerun and being picked up on the team. As we drove in the driveway there was Adam and Ralph over by the tractor, Grandpa was in his chair where we left him, and Uncle Del was walking down the steps to greet us. Perry jumped out of the car before it came to a full stop running up to his dad telling him about my homerun and that I was going to play for the team. His dad hugged him, and then said hello to Mom and me. I got out of the car and headed towards the tractor. Mom immediately asked uncle Del where she could get my physical for little league. He told her that he would call old Doc Trotter in Bentonville tonight to try and get an appointment for tomorrow.

As I got down to the barn where the two boys were Adam asked, "What's buzzin cuzzin, you know what's all the commotion about?"

I filled them in on my homerun and being asked to join Perry's team. They both punched and slapped at me on the arm in that youthful congratulatory way.

Adam confided in me, "You know Perry's somewhat of a klutz when it comes to athletics."

I smiled and replied, "That's not the only area where he's klutzy." Adam smiled nodding in agreement probably not knowing the full meaning of my comment.

"So, how do you like it so far here in humid southern Illinois?" Adam's friend Ralph asked looking at me.

"It's okay, bout the same as Fort Benning," I said to Ralph.

"So, how long you here for?" Was the second question.

"All summer, `til my dad gets back from Panama in August." I replied.

Uncle Del broke up our conversation hollering down that dinner was ready. Ralph told me it was nice meeting me again and that he looked forward to seeing more of me during the summer. We all broke up; Adam and I headed towards the main house, and Ralph headed towards home. We washed up and sat down for dinner. Uncle Del said grace and began passing the food around the table. Once everyone had their plates filled we dove in and devoured dinner. The three of us boys excused ourselves and headed outside to play. The long summer days left plenty of daylight after dinner for play.

We shot some hoops off the barn that was equipped with an old basketball hoop. Basketball was a big sport in the Midwest. A little later Uncle Del called us for desert; desert was rhubarb pie that night. There were a never-ending supply of fresh vegetables and fruits around the farm. When they were in season the family harvested them, sold what couldn't be used right away, and canned or froze the rest. Aunt Lilly was definitely the domesticated one when it came to baking, canning, and cooking. Mom on the other hand was mediocre at best. She had been forced to learn the art of socializing and entertaining from her years as an Army wife. We finished desert and headed off towards the bunkhouse.

As we all meandered down the lane towards the bunkhouse we playfully bumped into each other as if we were drunk; belched, farted, and giggled as usual. Adam looked at me as we entered the bunkhouse and remarked that he would bet I wouldn't be pulling my pud during morning showers again. I just smiled, as I got ready for bed, and turned my radio on for some tunes. Then the lights were turned out.

Wednesday morning:

I had set my little travel alarm clock to go off a half hour earlier the next morning, and tucked it into the sleeping bag with me that night. I was up before anyone else, quietly showered and dressed, and at the main house before my cousins. I smiled at everyone and said hello, then sat down at the table as the horn blared out calling all to breakfast. Grandpa smiled back at me, he knew what was going on. I was playing a one-ups-manship game with my cousin's, and grandpa knew it. Aunt Lilly was cooking bacon and eggs while she made pancakes that morning. The smell of the bacon cooking permeated the house.

She asked me, "You hungry for a big stack this mornin boy?

Enthusiastically I said, "Yes," holding my hands out for a plate of hot cakes.

She smiled and handed me a plate heaped with hot pancakes smothered with butter and syrup, eggs, and bacon on the side. About that time my two cousins hit the back door with zest and a little out of breath, rushing into the kitchen. I looked up from my plate, grinned, but didn't say a word.

My cousins had to wait for a fresh batch of pancakes while the rest of us continued to eat breakfast. I quietly finished and wiped my mouth with my napkin not saying a word. Uncle Del announced that I would be riding into town with him that morning, and going home with Mom and Aunt Lilly later on that afternoon. He told me that he had secured the first morning appointment with Doctor Trotter for my little league physical. After which I would spend the remainder of the morning with him at his business in Benton, and when Mom and Aunt Lilly got back from shopping I would go home with them. We all excused ourselves and headed out, leaving my two cousins to their own devices.

Once the physical was finished we headed for Uncle Del's business. Aunt Lilly and Mom would be out on their shopping trip all morning. My uncle owned and operated the feed and grain store on Highway 37. The store was about twelve miles from the farm and took about fifteen to twenty minutes to drive. The feed store was a fairly large operation and the biggest in Franklin County. In fact, it was big enough that there was a rail spur that came into the yard, so that rail cars full of merchandise, feed, and grain could be off and on loaded. After the medical examination I poked around town close the store on my own, while Uncle Del took care of business. Mom and Aunt Lilly were off on their shopping trip. That afternoon everyone met back at the feed store and all of us headed towards the farm.

Once there I gathered up my stuff and we all went to the church for little league practice with my cousin's. Of course, on the way I got the third degree grilling about what I had done all day. My answers appeared to please them, as I was not severely pummeled in the back of the station wagon by either one or both of them. We finished practice without much fanfare and headed back to the farm. We headed for the bunkhouse once the car was parked. The dinner horn blared and we headed for the main house. Once dinner was done we again went outside to play. Later we ate our desert and again headed off to the bunkhouse for another night's sleep. Things were not as exciting on the farm as they were at Fort Benning, but that was refreshing. I was glad I had my radio, but wished we had time for television.

Thursday morning:

The damn horn blared and we all got up; it was informally decided among us that we would all be civil towards each other as we head up to the house together for breakfast. Thursday morning it was fruit, oatmeal, and warm breakfast rolls. Uncle Del again announced the agenda for the day. Perry and I would shovel shit again today, Adam was going to town with is dad, and grandpa would supervise and snooze. Perry and I headed out to the barn before it started to get hot. We were done by 10 AM and headed up to the house for some Kool-Aid to quench our thirst with Perry's dog at our heels. Perry said that as soon as we finished getting a drink he had something to show me. I couldn't wait for another round of sex education from my cousin.

Once we finished a snack of peanut butter and Ritz crackers and some cold Kool-Aid to wash it down we headed back out to the barn where Perry showed me how he could masturbate the dog to orgasm. Then there was the horse. He told me to watch what happened to the horse when he got into the corral with it. Damn, when he excited that big horse I was impressed; I had never seen a cock that huge before. I learned that day were the term hung like a horse originated. The horse's cock dropped out much like a fire hose coming of a reel. I was completely mesmerized by the size of the horse's cock and was experiencing an uncontrolled erection that Perry easily spotted. I am sure that he made a mental note of it, too.

He asked me what I thought as we left the poor horse standing there with its cock almost dragging the ground. That was quite a show I responded. He said it was afternoon and we ought to go to the bunkhouse to get cleaned up before practice. By now I knew what that meant and I was sure he had more on his mind besides getting cleaned up. As we entered the bunkhouse he suggested that we take a shower. We got into the shower; soaped each other up, and played with each other's cocks. He kept rubbing his hard cock into the crack of my ass, and it was beginning to feel good. We got out and dried off when he suggested a round of sixty-nining.

I was agreeable. Perry reminded me that I was not to cum in his mouth. We took our positions on the bunk bed. We sucked each other until I was ready to cum. I pulled out of his mouth and pumped my penis till I shot a load.

Perry asked enthusiastically, "You wanna try something new?"

I responded with, "Sure, why not."

"Turn over on your stomach," Perry commanded.

I eagerly complied with his order. He began rubbing his finger up and down my ass crack as I felt something cold being dribbled into my crack; Perry was rubbing baby oil into my ass. He then took up a position laying down on top of me with his cock lined up in my ass crack. He began moving back and forth as if he were fucking me. Every once in a while the head of his cock would brush against my sensitive little asshole and cause me to shudder.

He whispered into my ear, "You liked it?"

"I think so," I assured him that I was rapidly getting used to it.

All of a sudden he starting moaning and groaning and his rhythm sped up. His body shuddered, I thought I felt his little cock get bigger, and then he went limp. He got off me shrieking with glee.

"What the hell's wrong?" I asked.

"I jizzed, I jizzed," Perry said excitedly.

What'd ya mean ya jizzed?" I said.

"Look," he said pointing his pathetic little pecker in my face, "look close."

Sure enough it did look as if there was some opaque whitish looking fluid coming from Perry's piss slit at the head of his pecker. He continued pumping his pecker trying to get more to come out.

"Taste it," I said, "taste it to make sure."

"Hell no, that's fuckin gross," Perry said.

We hugged each other and I congratulated Perry on the historic milestone in his life. I told him at least he had someone with whom to share the experience. I related how no one was around for me, that it had happened in the middle of the night as a wet dream for me. I told him I liked what we had just done and wanted to know what it was called. He said that it was called ass crack fucking, and Adam and his friend had turned him onto it a few weeks ago. I asked Perry if I could do it to him. He said it was getting late and we had to get cleaned up for practice. He suggested that we take another shower.

I agreed wholeheartedly wanting to get the residue of baby oil off my backside and out of my ass crack. Perry got up and headed for the shower and I followed him. We both soaped and washed our bodies, especially our ass and genital areas.

Perry asked, "So what'd you think."

I replied, "Cool, but the next time I get to do you."

He nodded approvingly with a, "Yeah."

We got out of the shower just in time to hear uncle Del's truck rumbling down the driveway. We quickly finished and got dressed to meet him. My first experience at anal sex was now just a memory as we bumped along the road towards the church for little league practice. I knew things would get better with time. Some of the things Perry had shown me thus far that first week had kind of grossed me out, but were sexual turn-ons, too.

I have since found that the course of events unfolding that week was how most youthful sexual encounters begin, and generally, it's with a brother, cousins, or the boy next-door. The one thing that is foremost in the minds of all young boys experimenting with sex is the secrecy thereof. No one must know, well almost no one.

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