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This story contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adolescent boys. The story is about my life growing up. The specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect the innocent. Although a work of fiction it is loosely based on my life and the lives of those I love; therefore all names, dates, and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Benton Boy's Club

Author: Mr. Arousal

Chapter 3: Father's Day Weekend

My cousin Perry and I had been messing around with each other for a few days; but moreover, I had been with him that day when he had his first wet orgasm. Although his climax hadn't produced much in the way of seminal fluid there was enough ejaculate for me to know that it was a viable orgasm. I was happy for Perry in that he had finally achieved that long awaited consummation of manhood. But for some reason, my heart was just not into too much in the way of sexual stuff with Perry. Oh hell, it was a good way for me to get off and better than jacking off; however, what I wanted more than anything was to mess around with Adam. He was older and much better looking, and I was desirous of his body.

To compare Adam to Perry would be like comparing night to day. Adam, in many ways, resembled his namesake, Uncle Delbert's older brother; so much so it was really eerie. He had that same physical characteristics and infectious smile that could be seen in the photographs of his uncle when he was Adam's age. Perry on the other hand didn't look like anyone in the family. The best way to describe Perry would be to say that he could easily be mistaken for Dewey on the television show "Malcolm in the Middle." Don't get me wrong, I loved both my cousins with all my heart; I just lusted more for Adam.

Adam had a medium built naturally well-defined body; he fell into that just right category. His hair was a beautiful chestnut brown, a hair color that ran in the family, and you could feel the intensity in his beautiful brown eyes. His tanned teenage skin was smooth and unblemished. Whereas, Perry was lanky with no real body definition, his eyes were a pale blue, and his hair was washed-out dull blond, pretty much describes Dewey. Perry was easy to get along with and maybe blessed with better all-round personality, on the other hand he could be a little bitch at times. Adam could be stoic at times, but there was just something indescribably alluring about him.

I found myself fantasizing about Adam while Perry and I were in the throes of our sexual activities. I would daydream about lying in bed with Adam caressing and fondling his majestic looking man meat, stroking it to climax. I couldn't resist fantasies about sixty-nining with him, taking that sumptuous slong into my mouth and teasing its gorgeous head with my tongue. I wanted to see how much and far I could make him shoot his load. I was also having fantasies about Adam's best friend that I had met earlier, Rich Pritchett. I was in the infancy of puberty and fast becoming a sexual animal at twelve and a half years old with an uncontrollable sexual appetite; moreover, I was enjoying every minute of it, and that was scary.

The weekend of June sixteenth and seventeenth would be a big weekend for all and would be upon us shortly. Friday and Saturday night was the Father's Day fish fry, a general fundraiser for the church. Saturday morning was the fathers and sons pancake breakfast at the church, a fundraiser for the scout troop. Sunday was Father's Day, so the pancake Breakfast was always held the Saturday before. Then there were the little league games that weekend, too.

Perry and I had a pick up game scheduled for Friday afternoon, and then there was the big double-header scheduled for Saturday afternoon. I would be playing my first league game with Perry's team, and Adam's Pony League team played the second game on Saturday afternoon. Of course, there was church on Sunday morning, and a family reunion set to start at two on Sunday afternoon. The reunion was one of three family reunions scheduled for that summer. So, there would be little time for extracurricular-sexual activities that weekend; in fact, there had not been too much free time for anything that past week since I had arrived. We were working towards getting settled in and sizing each other up.

Friday Morning:

We gathered Friday morning for a lighter than usual breakfast, and after breakfast we all piled into two different vehicles and headed in different directions for the day. Adam, Perry, Uncle Del, and Grandpa all headed for Benton; meanwhile, Mom, Aunt Lilly, and me headed south to Carbondale for a special shopping spree. Carbondale had more retail stores and specialty shops than the smaller towns in our local area. I needed to go with them to get some clothes so I could begin to fit in with the others in the area. I needed a couple of pairs of Levis, and a much-needed pair of new sneakers. After a day of shopping with Mom and Aunt Lilly I was ready to get back together with my cousin's. The women dropped me off at Uncle Del's to hook up with my cousins for our little league game later on that day. Grandpa was tired, so he decided to ride back to the farm with the women.

Once I located Adam and Perry at the local A&W we all headed back to Uncle Del's to make plans for later. Adam and Perry had been out bumming around town while I had been shopping with the grown ups. Of course, after our time apart we all grilled each about what the others had been up to. Pretty soon Uncle Del told us that we would not be going home for dinner that we would be eating in town, and wanted to know if I had all my stuff for little league. I assured him I had everything I needed in my bag and that I was ready to go eat and then play ball.

We all looked much like brothers now that I was wearing my new pair of Levis and white T-shirt, and the new pair of Keds; we were finally all dressed alike. My first little league game would start with a trip for all of us to the local eatery; you have to feed young up and coming baseball players. Everyone consumed ample helpings of burgers, fries, and milk shakes to wash it all down. After our dinner out we arrived at the church where the teams were already setting up the baseball diamond to play the scheduled pick up game that evening, and the subsequent games on Saturday. Perry and I grabbed our mitts and headed towards the ball field. Adam's game was tomorrow, but some of his friend's were there. Rich caught my eye as he winked and smiled at me, giving me the thumbs up sign. I smiled back at him.

Rich and Adam were right there after the game telling us what a good game we had played that afternoon; we won 3-2. We had won our game by one point; however, neither Perry nor me scored, but I did catch a fly for the inning's last out. The coach told us all we would do better tomorrow, to get some rest and be ready to play on Saturday afternoon. After the game we loaded up and headed back to the farm; it was dark when we got there. There was no desert or horseplay after arriving home; instead, it was straight to bed for everyone. We all quickly fell asleep, knowing a big weekend awaited us all.

Saturday morning:

Saturday morning we slept in a little later than usual, but finally about 7AM all of us boys stumbled up to the main house to meet Uncle Del and Grandpa for a ride to Benton for the pancake breakfast. The breakfast ran from eight till eleven in the morning, oh how I wished my dad could be there. We were lucky; we weren't the only ones that had slept in that day. Aunt Lilly and Mom were busily preparing foodstuffs for that afternoon and Sunday afternoon's reunion. Uncle Del and Grandpa sipped their coffee, reading sections of the paper, acting like they had been waiting a long time for us to show up. Once we were all assembled in the kitchen Uncle Del slurped the last of his coffee, grunted, and ordered us boys to load up. We headed towards church in my uncle's pickup.

There were lots of Adam and Perry's friends at the pancake breakfast in Benton that morning along with their parent's. I thought to myself too bad my dad wasn't there, so I could introduce him to all of them. I was introduced around as their brother-cousin. That introduction made me feel good to know that I had been totally accepted as one of the family by my two cousins.

The three of us cousins had been very close since birth; I was closer to Adam and Perry than any other cousins. We were close in birth order; there was six months separating Perry and me, and there was sixteen months separating Adam and Perry. Adam was a little over a year older than me. I had always enjoyed my time visiting my cousins and that summer was the best of my visits thus far, and I had met a couple of new friends, too.

One of my new friends, Adam's best friend Rich, was there too, and he kept giving me the eye. He came over and sat with us for breakfast; his dad was out of town, too. Rich lived about seven miles from us in Logan, a wide spot in the road to Benton. His Dad drove a tractor-trailer rig and was gone quite a bit of the time. His Mom worked as a waitress in Benton, so he was alone a good bit of the time. The four of us were fast becoming a foursome around town from T-ville to Benton.

I wondered if Perry had told Adam something and in turn Adam had told Rich. Oh well, I would cross that bridge when I came to it. After we ate our fill of pancakes we bid everyone good-bye. Uncle Del had drafted us boys onto the committee to help set things up for the family reunion; therefore, we had to pick up some of the supplies Saturday for the reunion that was to be held at the lake on Sunday afternoon. Uncle Del was under time constraints as we headed out making stops at different places to pickup things that were needed for Sunday's activities.

The four of us had overstuffed ourselves at the pancake breakfast; therefore, there was a lot of belching, farting, and laughing in the bed of the pickup on the ride that morning. I have never understood why belching, farting, and some of the other horseplay of our youth was so funny; I guess it was just a part of growing up. After about three hours of starting and stopping at different places we ended up at the feed and grain store where everything was unloaded and stored until the next day. Uncle Del treated us all to burgers and fries at a local A&W before heading back to towards Thompsonville. Once back at the farm we scurried around getting dressed in our little league uniforms for the afternoon and once again we loaded up in the pickup for the trip back to Benton. We picked up Rich on the way.

The little league games went well: both Adam and Perry's team's won. I hit another home run, as did Adam. After the games we spread out with our friends and teammates to enjoy the Fish Fry and other activities. Rich found me and wanted to know how I was doing. We visited for a while and I got the distinct feeling that he was interested in me; maybe he might have been hitting on me. He told me if I ever got tried of messing around with my cousins I was welcome to come over to his house for a sleepover sometime. That statement contained two operative phrases that might indicate some type of sexual overture: messing around, and his house for a sleepover. I told him that sounded cool and I'd give it some serious thought. I had been fantasizing about him every since I first met him.

We continued to horse around, but just before dark Uncle Del gathered us all together and requested that all of us boys help strike the tents and help close out the other venues at the fish fry. The church owned some of the items, so those things were cleaned and put back into storage in the church basement for another event. The other things that had been rented would be picked up on Monday, yet certain other items had to be loaded on trucks and taken back to where they came from before Monday morning. There was so much help closing the Fish Fry and associated venues out that it went quickly. Uncle Del had us load a tent, cooler, and some other items that were needed for the reunion on Sunday into the back of his truck.

Finally, around 9 PM, we said our good-byes and loaded into uncle Del's truck for the ride back to T-ville. The twelve-mile ride back to the farm was uneventful. We dropped Rich off at his house and headed to the farm. We quickly hit the hay, and soon we were fast asleep. Of course, I would dream about messing around with Rich that night.

Sunday Morning, Father's Day:

Sunday morning came all too quickly for us boys. We headed to the house for breakfast. Aunt Lilly had prepared extra vittles that Sunday morning. She told us that we should eat hearty, as there would not be another meal again until around two in the afternoon at reunion. Although my secret wish was for my dad to be present at the reunion that Father's Day I knew Mom and I would proudly represent him. I pondered what he might be doing on that Father's Day morning in 1960. Mom and I had sent Dad his Father's Day card airmail a few days earlier and hoped that he would get it in time for his day.

Dad was what the Army called a Mustang; that is a commissioned officer that has been promoted up from the enlisted ranks. Presently, he was a twenty-nine years old First Lieutenant on the list to be promoted to Captain. In fact, he had proudly announced to all of us that Sunday afternoon before he left for Panama that he might be wearing Captain's bars the next time we saw him again. Dad knew he was a little older than most of the candidates that were sent to schools like the one at Fort Sherman. However, dad knew he was up to the physical and mental challenges as he had previously demonstrated by finishing the Army's Ranger training program, graduating in the top of his class. He had also recently completed the advance airborne training course at Fort Benning.

I had always been very proud of my dad for what he had endured and accomplished thus far in life, but I knew this trial would test his mettle. He and mom had struggled and sacrificed throughout their marriage, now things were starting to turn around and look up for our family. Mom and Dad had been through rough times since they met, fell in love, and eventually married after high school. I was the accidental by-product of that high school romance.

Mom and dad were high school sweethearts who had been dating all through high school. Late in Dad's senior year, I suppose it was the night of the senior prom, I was conceived. So, dad did the honorable thing and asked Grandpa Smith for mom's hand in marriage, of course she accepted. John Paul Thomas and Mildred Marie Smith were married in a large church wedding attended by family from five surrounding counties in southern Illinois and other parts of the country.

"Hey you guys let's get dressed for church," Grandpa barked.

I quickly finished breakfast and we all headed back to the bunkhouse to get dressed into our Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes for church. We rolled our casual clothes up and put them into a bag to take with us. We would ride to church in two different vehicles that morning. Uncle Del, Aunt Lilly, and Mom rode to church in our station wagon while grandpa took us boys with him in his vehicle. We loved to ride with grandpa in that old woody of his. He had bought the 1949 Ford woody wagon new, and he and grandma had taken it across country twice in the early fifties before she got sick and passed away in 1955. He had kept it in pristine condition all the years since, kind of a shrine to grandma. Seemed as though Saturdays and Sundays were the only days that grandpa drove his car.

After church services were over we bid temporary good-byes to the rest of the family members and Uncle Del gathered us boys together, heading straight over to the feed and grain store. Once there we changed our clothes and hung our Sunday-go-to-meetings up in uncle Dell's office. We loaded the things that had been stored earlier, and headed off to pickup ice. Once all that was completed we headed to the picnic area at the lake that had been reserved for the afternoon family reunion. When we arrived we noticed that there were a few other people milling around the site reserved for the reunion.

Uncle Del pulled to a stop and was immediately met by the other family members who had been drafted onto the setup committee. As I looked around there appeared to be plenty of picnic tables, a couple of brick cooking pits, water hydrants, and trash containers. A short distance away was the lake with its playground equipment; steel swings, teeter-totter, a slide, and merry-go-round. One could clearly see the lake from where we were located and it was inviting. All of us set about quickly setting up the serving tables, putting table clothes on them and placing the disposable china on the tables. The two drink coolers were strategically placed and filled with ice.

Everyone worked together harmoniously getting everything in place and set up within an hour. Now it was time to get acquainted with the other relatives and have some fun. As I milled around the small crowd I noticed one boy, about fourteen years old, standing with an older gentleman by one of the fire pits. He looked somewhat familiar, so I asked Adam who he was. Adam told he was another first cousin who lived in Bloomington. We headed towards him and we all introduced ourselves. I learned that he was my cousin, Russell, an only, and late child of Russell and Ida Kerr.

Russell's Dad was a university professor and his mother was some type of businesswoman in Bloomington. Russell informed me right out that he preferred to be called Rusty. Soon I was introduced to Rusty's Mom and she took me with open arms holding close to her and told me how much I looked like my Dad. She wanted to know where my parent's were and when they would arrive. After a brief explanation as to why my Dad would not be attending the reunion Russell's Mom held and hugged me tighter telling how sorry she was to hear that Dad was away, but was looking forward to seeing my Mom again.

She finally let go of me and brought out her photo albums to show photos of my family and me as baby, oh how embarrassing. We talked about family and Rusty's Mom bragged on him and how well he had done in school and wanted to know how I was doing in school; meanwhile, Mr. Kerr stood there not saying much. I noticed that Rusty and I shared some subtle ancestral features, much in the same way as Adam and I. Rusty, Adam, and I were all blessed with that beautiful chestnut brown hair. Rusty unlike Adam, Perry and I had long hair compared to our crew cuts. Rusty's hair was coiffed in the Elvis style DA hairdo of the fifties, and the clothes he wore were different, too. He was what I would describe as an Ivy League hep cat. But this newfound cousin sure seemed like a cool kid, even with his blue suede shoes.

We asked Rusty's Dad if he could hang around with us for a while? His dad said okay and told his son to be careful. We asked Rusty if he had a pair of sneakers. He did, so we headed towards their car and he changed his shoes and grabbed his swim trunks. We all grabbed some cold sodas, our swim trunks, and headed out towards the lake to horse around and visit. There were still a couple of hours or more before the reunion was set to officially begin. After some swimming and water horseplay we all got out and lay down on the beach to visit and catch up. I soon discovered that Rusty was fourteen and would start high school in the fall as a freshman. He had skipped a grade. He related to us that this was the first family reunion his family had attended in a few years. I didn't remember meeting him before, but I was glad to meet him on that Sunday in 1960.

Rusty was about the same size and build as Adam; clearly a well-built teen as outlined beneath the T-shirt and swim trunks he was wearing, maybe a tad bit chunkier than the rest of us. That was probably from living in the city. We engaged in some boyish bantering back and forth catching up and learning more about each other. Rusty filled us in on how boring things had been for him thus far that summer. He informed us that he was used to playing little league when he was younger, but had become too old, and there was not an older league for him to join at the time. We learned that he had been on the eight-grade football and wrestling team. Adam and I were both impressed.

Rusty went onto related to us that he would have to stay by himself for four to six weeks during the summer because his parents were going on some trip. I told him that I thought that would be great to be on my own, but then thought about it and realized how lonely it might be for Rusty. Rusty excused himself to use the restroom. I decided to join him and we headed for the restroom outbuilding. Once inside the building we stood in front of the piss trough, pulled our trunks down, the waistband resting beneath our ball sacs, letting our equipment hang out, to take a leak. I gazed over at Rusty's penis and noticed that he was different than my cousins and me.

"Hey Rusty what's with your cock man?" I quizzed him in a cautious manner.

"Oh, you mean the foreskin?" He replied a little embarrassed.

"Yeah, Adam, Perry, and me we don't have no foreskins," I said with some uncertainty.

Rusty tugged on his penis, shook it off, and pulled his swim trunks back up to his waist. I did the same and we filed out of the restroom. Rusty filled me in on his version of the circumcised and uncircumcised male, and why he had not been cut at birth. I had taken inventory of his penis; it was about an inch longer than mine and a little bigger around. He also had much more pubic hair than me.

"Yeah, my dad didn't want me circumcised at birth, something about the rules of the Lutheran Church we belong to, and the fact that he isn't cut. Yeah, dad and me've had some heated discussions about me not being circumcised yet. Sometimes I take shit from the other kids about it, you know in the showers and all at school, callin me anteater and shit like that. You get to find out all about takin shower and shit next year in your gym class," Rusty said with a smirk.

"Yeah, I guess so," I replied somewhat unsure.

"So man, you cum yet?" Rusty asked haltingly.

"Oh yeah, been cummin for a while now man," I said boastfully.

" Cool man," Rusty replied with a smile.

"What about you man?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, couple years now man," Rusty said with a little swagger and gloating tone to his voice.

"Cool," I replied with my smile back at him.

Adam and Perry yelled to us that it was time to head back to the picnic area. We all moseyed back to the area where everyone was gathered talking and taking pictures. Mom called me over to the group she was with and we all headed in her direction. Mom introduced me first to some older cousins that I didn't know. There was much small talk as we all stood around trying to figure how to make a get away gracefully. Finally, we were saved by the bell as an announcement was made to form lines and dish up them vittles. The four of us boys all got in line and made our way through the line filling our paper plates with helpings of different foodstuffs.

There were hamburgers, hot dogs, ham, turkey as well as two tables of cakes, cookies and pies. There was so much great food to eat and not enough room for it all. After we had all gorged ourselves we belched, and, of course, we had to excuse ourselves because we were in front of adults. We all headed for the desert table, took ample samplings, and headed back to the picnic table. I finished and moved over to where Mom and Aunt Lilly were located. I explained to them about Rusty's situation; that his parent's were leaving him alone all summer while they went on vacation. Aunt Lilly motioned for Rusty's Mom to join her. Whoops, maybe I had screwed up I thought, so I decided that was my signal to leave and rejoin my cousins.

I rejoined my three cousins who were visiting with more cousins talking. I noticed Aunt Lilly and Rusty's Mom appeared to be having a heated discussion, and then they headed back to the picnic area where Rusty's dad was talking to more male relatives. Adam split away from us and walked over to speak to his dad. They both then walked over to where Rusty's parent's, Russell and Ida Kerr, were in conversation with the others. In a few minutes Rusty's dad called him over to them. The adults and Rusty spoke back and forth, then asked Rusty's mom asked him something. Rusty jumped for joy, hugging his Mom and Dad, and then Uncle Del. Adam and Rusty headed back towards Perry and I where they announced that Rusty would be spending a few weeks on the farm with us that summer.

The rest of the afternoon the four of us were inseparable. We found Mom and Aunt Lilly, and I thanked Aunt Lilly for whatever she did to make Rusty so very happy that he would be spending some time that summer on the farm. The rest of the afternoon people gathered in groups and visited, posed for group photos, and exchanged written information. The young people played a game of softball, while some of the older men played horseshoes. Every once in a while we would sneak back to the food and desert tables to help ourselves to more food, remembering what our parent had told us about the starving children around the world. We didn't want any of that food to go to waste and then have to be thrown out.

Before the reunion was over there was like a business meeting where announcements were made such as births and deaths and other family business matters. Late in the afternoon people began saying good-byes and drifting away. Another family reunion had come to an end. Uncle Del called us boys together to help load up the stuff that needed to be returned back to Benton. Rusty's Dad approached and asked if anyone wanted to ride back to Bloomington with Rusty. Adam and Perry wanted to but had commitments; however, it was suggested that I should go up for a few days, but make sure to be back in time for little league practice on Thursday. We all found my Mom and asked her about going home with Rusty and his family for a few days.

The adults all conferred and decided that we should all go back to the farm for some desert and coffee before Rusty's parents went home. The details for me to go up and Rusty to come back for the summer could be finalized. Also, I could pack some things to take with me for the few days I would be up north. A decision was made that on Wednesday Aunt Lilly and Mom would drive to Bloomington to pick me up and bringing Rusty and me back. That way his parent's would not have to drive down with him before they left on their summer trip. All of us boys hugged each other and our parent's for allowing me to go away and visit for a few days. I thought to myself how grown up I was at twelve years old to be allowed to spend time away on my own, but all knew that there would be adult supervision.

Once everything was cleaned up around the reunion area the four of us boys piled into the truck with Uncle Del and headed back to Benton; meanwhile, everyone else headed towards Thompsonville. We unloaded all the stuff at the feed and grain store and headed to the farm. We arrived just before dark and there were leftovers, desert, coffee, and milk for everyone. About nine Mr. Kerr suggested it was time to get on the road. We piled into the Kerr's big sedan for the trip north. Everyone said good-byes, and then we were off on the four plus hours journey to Bloomington. As we rumbled through the night towards the twin cities Rusty and I talked softly about what was in his hometown and things we might do while I was there. Finally, we zonked out on each other in the back seat.

A family reunion and another Father's Day had come and gone. Another cousin had been found, and a new and exciting week awaited all of us.

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