Best Friends Get Closer

Young Friends, masturbation.

Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoy this story. I've written a few for Nifty, including Camp Youngwood, and The Chronicles of Ryan. I enjoy stories of boys discovering fun with themselves and each other around the onset of puberty--which is a common theme in my writing. If you enjoy the story, please feel free to write me at It's nice to hear from fans.

Usual disclaimers apply--this is fiction, don't have unsafe sex, etc. Enjoy.



"Yeah Mom?"

"Robbie's at the door for you."

"I'll be right down!"

I got up out of my chair and walked out of my room, going downstairs to see what had brought my best friend knocking. Robbie Peterson lived houses down from me, and we had practically grown up together. We were born only one month apart, and had met on the playground of the park in our neighborhood when we were only 3 (or so my Mom tells me--I just know that I've known him forever). That was 10 years ago.

Now, after countless birthday parties, sleep overs, fights, little league games, and scout gatherings, we were as close as brothers. Maybe even closer. We sometimes spend hours together, but not saying anything, our communication expressed with well-known looks, smiles, and gestures--almost like we can read each other's minds. It's pretty cool to have a friend like that.

As I descended the stairs, I saw Robbie's lanky frame outlined in the doorway. He's gotten a lot taller lately, while I'm still waiting to get taller like they say I will. The familiar Yankees cap was perched atop his unruly brown mop, and he was grinning mischievously at me. The twinkle glinting in his green eyes told me that whatever he wanted, I was going to be in for something good.

"Hey Robbie. What's up?"

"Dude, we gotta talk. Can you come over to my place?"

"Let me check with Mom. MO-OM!" I yelled toward the kitchen, where I could hear mom getting something ready for dinner. "Can I go over to Robbie's for a bit?"

"Did you finish your homework?" was her somewhat predictable reply. Luckily, I had just finished my book report when Robbie had arrived.

"Yeah. I finished it."

"Alright. Be home by dinner!"

"Okay. Be back in an hour." I slipped on my sandals and threw my Red Sox hat over my close-cut blond hair. Stepping into the bright afternoon sun, I closed the door behind me. I gave Robbie a grin.

"What's up dude?"

"Dude, you remember what we were talking about at your place Saturday night?"

Of course I did.


I thought back to our last sleepover. We had stayed up late, as usual, and had just gotten ready for bed. We always slept in our underwear--boxers were the popular style at the time. Lately, I had noticed that Robbie's dick seemed to swing against the front of the fabric more when he walked. I don't know why I had noticed that, I guess I was just curious. My own dick had gotten bigger lately, but I was still waiting for more than just a strand or two of hair to appear above it.

Anyway, we had just gotten ready for bed, the room illuminated only by the light filtering in from the streetlamp. Talking quietly with each other, we continued to discuss the things boys do--our teachers, the girls in our class, whether the Yankees were better than the Red Sox. We had long ago decided to disagree on that last one.

After a minute or two of silence, as I began to feel myself start to drift off, Robbie said my name.

"Hey Steve?"


"Can I ask you something? It's kinda private."

I came back from the verge of sleep. We were best friends. We shared almost everything with each other. What could he ask me that he felt he had to ask permission first?

"Of course, dude. What's up?"

Robbie paused before continuing. "Do you ever, you know, play with it?"

Even though the room was dark, I was sure Robbie could see me blush. About a month earlier, not long after my 13th birthday, I had indeed started to 'play with it.' I had been rubbing it in the bathroom after school one day when it was hard, when I'd gotten the most amazing feeling. I had heard my older brother talking about jerking off, and we'd had some sex ed in school, but had never understood why someone would rub their dick--until that day. Somehow the discussions of "orgasm" and "ejaculation" in school didn't capture just how amazing it felt to actually do it. But why did Robbie want to know?

"Do you?" I responded, not willing to yet reveal my boy play to my friend.

"I asked you first."

The silence stretched for 30 seconds, a minute. Why was he asking? He was my best friend, and we trusted each other--it couldn't be a trap. Finally, I decided to come clean.

"Yeah, I do. Why?"

Silence. I quietly spoke his name.


"Sorry...I spaced out for a second. I'm was just...I dunno, I guess I just.....well, I wondered if you did it too."

"So, you do it?"


My mind was racing. It felt good to talk about this with someone--it was good to know that I wasn't weird for playing with myself. I also quickly had a mental image of Robbie, sitting on the toilet in his bathroom, stroking his dick. How does he do it? Which hand does he use? Can he make sperm yet? How often does he do it? These questions flashed through my mind in a rush. But did I dare ask any of them? Would he think I was strange, or worse, gay, for wondering? Thankfully, he had fewer reservations.

"How often do you do it?" Robbie asked in a voice so quiet I almost couldn't hear it.

Again, my insecurities kept me from answering right away. How much as too much? I did it everyday, at least once. Would that make me a perv? I settled on a partial truth.

"I dunno, like every once day or so." I felt like that gave me enough wiggle room in case he thought it was too much. "What about you?"

"At least once a day."

With his confession out in the open, I relaxed a bit more. I shifted positions in my sleeping bag, moving from laying on my side to laying flat on my back. As I moved, I wasn't surprised to notice that I had a boner, which tingled a little bit as the sensitive tip of my 4.5 inches rubbed against the inside of my boxers. As I settled into that position, I slid my right hand into my boxers and gave my cock a gentle squeeze.

"Can you make sperm yet?"

His question surprised me. I had only started to get a little thin, clear liquid squirting out of my dick in the last week or so. I had been surprised the first time it had happened, and how it changed the sensation when I climaxed. I loved the new sensation, but hated dealing with the liquid--especially when I jacked off in bed.

"Yeah, I just started. Can you?"

"Not yet. I just get the feeling."

My hand continued to lightly fondle my stiff dick under my sleeping bag. Talking about this was making me as hard as I'd ever been. I wondered if Robbie was stiff, too.

"Do you have boner?" The words escaped my lips before I even realized it.


"Me too."

Silence stretched out for a full minute.

"You want to do it now?"

More than anything else he'd asked, this question from Robbie caught me the most off-guard. I knew I wanted to: I was hard as a rock, and was curious about how Robbie did it. But again I hesitated. Was this some sort of trap? Its one thing to talk about jacking off with a friend, but something else to actually do it.


"Cool. I'm just gonna do it in my sleeping bag."

Shit, I wasn't going to get to see him. I was to afraid to suggest we turn on a light or show each other.

"Um, yeah, me too."

But what about my sperm? I knew I was going to squirt, but didn't want to mess up my underwear. I decided to take of a sock and use that. I shifted around in my bag, and pulled off my left sock.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting a sock for when I squirt."


I could hear a note of jealousy in his voice. While he was a good 3 inches taller than me, he seemed envious that I could shoot cum, and he couldn't.

I used my left hand to pull my woody out of my underwear. Gasping lightly, I began to stroke. I could hear the light sound of my hand hitting the top of my sleeping bag at the top of each stroke, but I didn't care. I was too horny to worry about the sounds I was making.

I heard Robbie start--his hand was also hitting the bag. He let out a sigh.

"Dude, this feels so good."

I couldn't agree with him more. Stroking quickly, I knew it wouldn't take me long to reach my peak. I could hear Robbie stroking quickly, too.

"I'm not gonna last long." I said.

"Me too."

We lapsed into silence, the only sound our panting and hands stroking in our sleeping bags. Suddenly, Robbie gave a gasp, and held his breath.

"Ah! Ah!.....Ahhhh"

Hearing my friend go over the edge send my orgasm rushing through my body. I remembered, at the last minute, my sock, which I put over the head of my dick as my cum started to squirt out.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Ahhhh". My penis throbbed three, four times as my watery cum pumped into the sock. The rough material of the sock felt kinda cool on my dickhead, I noticed. I continued to stroke through my orgasm, my hand slowing as the sensations eased.

I relaxed back into my bag as I came down from my orgasm. I felt more tired than I ever had. I pulled the sock out of my sleeping bag, and put it on the floor. I tucked my dick away, and quickly dropped off to sleep


Yeah, I remembered our last sleepover alright. We hadn't spoken about it since then--we got up the next morning and carried on as if we hadn't shared such intimacy the night before. In the light of day, it was just easier to ignore it. So why was he bringing it up now?

"Yeah, I remember. Why?"

Robbie looked excited. "Well, remember how I said I couldn't make sperm yet?"


"Well.....let's just say that's not true anymore!"

"Dude, that's awesome. It feels a lot better, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I was surprised. I was doing it in bed when it happened, and totally got sperm on my sheets. I tried to clean it up, but I hope my mom doesn't notice when she changes my bed."

"Yeah, that'd suck. "

As we were talking, we had walked to Robbie's house. We went in, and I kicked off my sandals by the door. We went up to his bedroom, where we often spent time when hanging out at his place. His room was always neat and organized, unlike mine, which often looked like a tornado had recently passed through. His walls were painted a dark green, and had the usual collection of posters: sports heroes, fast cars.

"So, whaddya wanna do?" I asked. I figured Robbie and I were going to play video games or something.

"Um, well....remember when we jacked off Saturday night?"

I blushed again, this time in full daylight. I could feel my face burning as I replied.


"Well, I've been thinking...." Robbie trailed off for a moment.

"Thinking what?"

He cleared his throat. He looked nervous. He wouldn't look at me. "Thinkingitmightbecooltodoittogehter." The words poured out of him so fast, I could barely understand what he said.

Naturally, I replied: "Huh?"

Robbie took a deep breath, and looked squarely at me. "I was thinking it might be cool to do it together."

No mistaking what he said this time. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he looked away from me, then glanced back. I'm sure I looked stunned. I hadn't expected this at all. Nonetheless, as soon as he said it, I felt my dick start to go hard. I'd jacked off probably a dozen times since that night, and had thought about Robbie every time. While I was nervous, I was also excited--this could be my chance.

"Um, okay."

Robbie looked at me as I gave my response. Now the awkward part: how do we get started?

"So, um, how do you wanna do it?" I asked.

"I dunno. Do you wanna take our shorts off at the same time?"

Sounded good to me. I was pretty nervous, as I hadn't been naked in front of anyone in a few years. But to do what we were planning, I knew I would have to. I glanced at Robbie's crotch, and could see the bulge of his hard-on pressing against the front of his shorts.


We looked at each other, each of us waiting for the other to make the first move. Robbie reached down, and peeled off his shirt. As soon as he did, I took mine off. We quickly removed our shorts, too, and were soon standing in front of each other in only our underwear--boxers with smiley faces for me, plain blue boxers for him. His boner was pushing out the front of his boxers, which made me even more horny. I could feel my dick throb as the moment of truth arrived. We both hesitated again, nervous about showing our stuff.

"On three?"



On his count, we each tugged our boxers down, exposing our stiff cocks to each other for the first time. His was bigger than mine by a good inch, or so it seemed. While mine stuck straight out, his pointed toward the ceiling. The purple head of his dick was like the top of a mushroom, a lot bigger than the shaft. I could see a little liquid in the slit on the end. I was surprised that he didn't have many pubes yet--like me, he was mostly hairless. His balls were pulled up close to his body, unlike mine, which hung down a good two inches.

I could see him checking out my dick. I was hard as a rock, and I almost felt like I could cum without touching myself. My dick throbbed under his gaze.

"Nice boner." I wasn't expecting his compliment.

"Thanks. Yours looks bigger than mine."

"Yeah, I think it is, but who cares?"

"So, um, do you wanna lie down and do it?"

"Sure, my bed is big enough for us."

With that, we lay down on his queen sized bed, side by side. I was anxious to start, and my dick was still throbbing, so I reached down to grasp my boner, and began to lightly stroke it. I didn't want to cum too fast, because I wanted to let this once in a lifetime (or so I thought) experience to last a while.

I watched as Robbie reached down with his left hand and gave his hairless balls a light squeeze as he gripped his cock with the fingers of his right.

"MMmmm". Robbie gave a low sound as the pleasurable feelings radiated out from his dick. I was intrigued to see that he used a different style of grip than I did; while I grasped my cock in my hand, he used his thumb and three fingers on the top and bottom to stimulate his shaft. As I stroked, my hand swirled up over my sensitive dickhead, and I began to speed up my stroking. I was as turned on as I'd ever been.

I glanced up at Robbie's face, and could see that he was staring at my groin. He glanced at my face, and we made eye contact. He gave me light smile.

"Feel good?"

"Oh, yeah." I could barely respond, as my breath was coming faster and faster. I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. "I'm already close."

"Yeah, me too."

"This is cool."


I found my eyes again drawn to his crotch, where his hand was a blur as he stroked his penis. I could feel my hips lifting off the bed, and my balls pull tight, as my climax approached. He was squeezing his balls, which I had never tried, so I reached down and gently cupped mine with my left hand. The added sensation was amazing, and sent me over the edge.

"Robbie, I'm gonna shoot!" I gasped as I felt my penis swell to it's hardest, and my cock twitched in my hand.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" My sperm, more than I could ever recall making before, fired from the tip of my dick up my chest. Three good blasts sprayed up near my nipples, and more oozed over my stroking fingers as my orgasm subsided.

Ryan hadn't stopped stroking, and as I came down from my peak, he climbed his.

"Dude, me too." He sucked in a breath and held it as he began to cum. I watched excitedly as his cum squirted with force from the opening at the tip of his dick, shooting straight up in the air and falling on his heaving belly. He kept stroking, his face was bright red as squirt after squirt fired into the air. His hips were suspended 6 inches off the bed, and I could see his butt cheeks tensed as his orgasm began to wane. Finally, he relaxed back onto his bed, and let out his breath in a long sigh.

He looked over at me. I was still toying with my dick, which hadn't really gone soft yet. I could feel my sperm cooling on my chest. Now that I had come, I began to feel embarrassed. I wanted to get cleaned up and dressed.

"Um, do you have any tissues?"

"Yeah, right here." He passed me a couple of kleenex, and grabbed a few for himself. I avoided eye contact as I wiped up the evidence of our act. Without speaking, we began to get dressed.

Once I was fully clothed, I began to make my way to the front door.

"Um, I gotta go home. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I'll see you at school."

As I walked home, my mind was racing. I had really enjoyed what we had done, and wanted to do it again. But would he?


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