Best Friends Get Closer, part 2

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And now, on to part 2.....



I slapped at my alarm clock, attempting to silence the hateful machine. As I came to my senses, I gave a weary sigh. It was Thursday, and I had to get up and go to school. Summer was just around the corner, and the days at school seemed to be getting longer and harder.

Speaking of longer and harder, my morning wood gave a throb beneath me. I pressed my hips into the bed, lightly grinding my boner against my mattress. I glanced at the clock, and decided that I had better get a move on, or my Mom would be on my case. Grinding one last time, I thought about the fun I had with Robbie yesterday afternoon. Thinking about seeing him in homeroom this morning gave me pause--how would he react to seeing me? We hadn't really talked about what we had done, I had just left. These worries distracted me from the pleasure I was feeling, and I got out of bed.

Dressed only in the boxers I slept in, I poked my head out of my door. I wanted to be sure the coast was clear before crossing the hall into the bathroom--my boner was pretty obvious. Seeing no one, I scampered across the hall and stepped into the bathroom. I started the shower, and pulled off my boxers. I knew my woody would go down once I took a piss, so as soon as I stepped into the shower, I let loose my golden stream. It was easier to pee in the shower than the toilet when I was hard; I didn't have to worry about aiming.

As I stood under the hot spray, and began to shampoo my hair, my thoughts again turned to Robbie. I had really enjoyed jacking off with him the previous day. Did that make me gay? I hadn't really thought about my sexuality before. My masturbation had been focused on getting as much pleasure as possible out of my pubescent body. As my mind's eye conjured up the image of Robbie stroking his dick, and the look on his face as he shot his watery load, I could feel my penis stiffen again. I found myself wondering what it would be like to stroke his dick for him. Would it feel like mine?

Bangbangbang. "Steven! Hurry up in there or you'll be late for school!" My mom's voice cut into my reverie. Coming back to reality, I hurried to finish my shower and get dressed.

Fifteen minutes later, I was waiting at the bus stop when Robbie walked up. I was, for the first time I could remember, I was nervous to see my best friend.

"Hey Steven!" He sounded like his usual self. That was a relief.

"Hey Robbie."

"You ready for the quiz in algebra?"

"Yeah, I studied last night. I should be fine.

"Yeah, me too."

And so began another normal day for me and Steven. On the bus ride, we sat next to each other. We talked about last night's baseball results (the Sox had won, the Yankees lost--a good night for me!), the upcoming day at school, and how much we were looking forward to the start of summer. Basically, we talked about everything except the one thing on my mind--the one thing which kept my penis hard most of the morning. On one hand, I was relieved, since there were no signs of things being weird between us. On the other, I wanted to find out if we could do it again. But how to bring it up? Did I even want to?

The bus arrived at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, and we got off. As we walked towards homeroom, Robbie asked casually "You want to come over again today?"

Now, this was not an unusual request for him, as we often hung out after school. What was unusual was the way he asked--he glanced around, and seemed to be a little nervous despite his casual tone. I couldn't help but feel there was another question behind the question--I think he was asking me if I wanted to come over and jack off again. Either way, the answer would be the same.

"Yeah, that'd be cool."

Robbie looked relieved, and gave me a big grin. "Sweet. I'll see you in Algebra."

With that we went our separate ways. We had a few classes together, so our paths crossed in algebra, history, and our last class of the day, PE. I was a little worried about PE, as I kept springing wood every time I saw Robbie. I had grown somewhat accustomed to my spontaneous erections over the last year, but I didn't want to get a boner while changing into or out of my gym shorts. Thankfully, things stayed relatively quiet. I chubbed up a bit, but not enough to be noticeable while I was changing.

After gym class ended, Robbie and I walked together to catch the bus home. Seeing we were a good distance from anyone else, Robbie leaned in to ask me a question.

"Um, you wanna do what we did yesterday?"

His question confirmed my earlier feeling, and my dick stiffened again in my shorts. I felt like I had been hard all day.

"Yeah. That was fun."

"Cool. I was hoping you'd want to. I really liked it too."

As we approached the bus, we let our conversation changed backed to more innocuous topics, as we didn't want to risk being overheard.

As we sat next to each other, couldn't help but glance at his crotch. Seeing where I was looking, and seeing no one looking our way, Robbie placed his hands on his shorts, and framed his stiff dick. I returned the gesture. I couldn't wait to get back to his place.

The bus finally reached our stop, and we each adjusted our dicks so our hard-ons would be less noticeable, hopefully. I could see that my parents cars were both gone from the driveway, as I expected. Thursdays were the day that my mom volunteered at the hospital, so I knew we would have some time. I just had better be home when she arrived, usually around 5:00.

We went into Robbie's house, and again found our way up to his bedroom. As he closed the door, I was already taking my shirt off.

"Dude, I've been hard all day. I feel like I'm gonna pop any second." I pulled down my shorts and underwear, once again revealing my erection to my best friend. He hurried to catch up.

"Me too." Robbie was now shirtless, and I watched as he slid down off his shorts. I could barely contain my excitement, and was already fondling my prick. We both laid down on the bed, and began to stroke in earnest.

I was almost overwhelmed with the pleasure that began coursing through my body. I was focused on Robbie's hand, as he gripped his dick and stroked with purpose. Maybe it was the fact that I had been in a state of arousal all day, maybe it was the hormones that had soaked my brain. Whatever it was, I almost surprised myself when I said:

"You wanna try doing each other?"

Robbie's hand abruptly stopped its movement, and he looked at me square in the eye. I also stopped stroking, and the silence was thick as I awaited his response. Had I gone too far?

Suddenly, Robbie took his hand off his dick and reached for mine. I guessed that meant yes. I took my hand and, trembling slightly, reached over and grasped my best friend's stiff dick. It was hard, it was hot, and it was in my hand. I let out a gasp as his hand encircled my penis, and I couldn't believe how good it felt. No one had touched my penis when it was hard besides me.

I was surprised at how soft Robbie's dick felt in my hand, like steel covered in velvet. As I began to stroke him, I adjusted my grip, so I was stroking him the same way I stroked myself. Robbie did the same, and felt myself throb in his hand. My dick felt as hard as diamonds.

We stroked each other for a minute, two. I could feel my nuts pull tight to my body, and I knew I was gonna cum soon. Suddenly, I felt Robbie's penis stiffen even more in my hand (which I wouldn't have thought possible), and his hips lifted off the bed as he thrust into my grip. I felt his dick spasm, and then he was cumming, his watery sperm flowing out over my stroking fist and his cock. One, two, three times his cock pulsed. It was astonishing to feel my friend orgasm in my hand. I was amazed at how his cock fired like a pistol each time another squirt of hot jizz emerged from his boner.

It was too much for me, and I also went over the edge from arousal to orgasm. My own penis erupted, spurting my hot cum three feet into the air before raining down onto my chest. Robbie never stopped stroking, keeping his hand moving as he milked the load out of me. I was gasping like a fish out of water as the sensations took over my body. I could feel each spurt of semen pulse up and out of my cock, and the orgasm seemed to last forever.

Finally, we relaxed back onto the bed. We were still lightly fondling each other's penises, which had begun to soften after our tremendous shared orgasms. Our hands, crotches, and my chest were covered in cooling semen. We laid there for a few minutes, just enjoying the afterglow. I had never felt this close to anyone--not even to Robbie before today.

Robbie spoke the first words since I asked him if he wanted to jack each other.

"That was pretty awesome."


"That was the best cum I've ever had."

"Me too. It felt like it was going to never stop."

We rested in comfortable silence for another minute. There was none of the awkwardness of the previous afternoon. We were just two friends chatting, while holding each other's semi-stiff dicks. Finally, the cooling sperm started to bug me.

"Can you pass me a tissue? I wanna clean up."

Releasing my penis, Robbie reached over next to his bed and pulled out 3 tissues and passed them to me. As I wiped semen off my chest, hand, and cock, and Robbie did the same.

"I should probably head home. I gotta get some homework done before my mom gets home."

"Okay. I should too."

We got up off the bed, and got dressed. I liked seeing his penis, softer now, as he pulled up his underwear. It's funny--I had seen his dick hard, but not really seen it soft.

We walked out of his room and toward the front door.

"Hey Steven?"


"You wanna sleep over tomorrow night?"

"Sure. I'll ask my mom, and let you know at the bus stop."

"Sweet. I think we'll have a lot of fun."

We always do.