Best Friends Get Closer, part 3

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"Steven, I'm home!" My mom called out as she came in the front door.

"I'm in the living room!" I called back.

I was trying to focus on my history homework, but my mind had been a flurry of activity since I'd gotten back from Robbie's. Thoughts kept swirling around my hot Robbie's dick had good it had felt to have his hand on mine...would Mom say okay to the sleepover....if she did, what would Robbie and I do....was I turning into a fag? Oddly enough, reading about the middle ages wasn't holding my attention. It seemed like my dick had never completely softened since I'd cum at Robbie's, and only the motivation of having my homework done kept me from jacking off again.

I glanced up as my mom walked into the room. "Hey kiddo, how's the homework coming?"

"Pretty good. I just have this chapter to finish reading, and I'm done for the night."

"That's my boy. I'm going to get dinner started. Spaghetti tonight."

"Awesome. Hey mom?"


"Can I sleep over at Robbie's tomorrow night?" My heart pounded as I asked this question--one that I had asked dozens of times before. I had never been this apprehensive before. I awaited her response with bated breath.

"If it's okay with his parents, I'm fine with it."

"Cool, I'll call him and let him know."

"Okay, but don't stay on the phone too long."


I went into the study, and picked up the phone. Robbie answered on the fourth ring.


"Hey Steven."

"My mom said it's okay if it's okay with your folks."

"Cool. I asked my dad, and he's fine with it. My parents have some work thing of my dad's they're going to tomorrow night, so we'll have the place to ourselves for a while."

"Sweet. I gotta go. I'll see you at the bus stop.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Hey, Steven?"


His voice got low. "Don't jack off before tomorrow night--we're gonna have some fun."

I also lowered my voice. "I'll try, but I've been hard since I got home."

"Dude, me too, but try and save it."

"I'll try."


"Later dude."


The rest of the night was a blur. Dinner....some tv...and bed. As soon as I took off my pants, my dick sprung back to full hardness. It took all my willpower to not touch it and make it cum. I tossed and turned for longer than usual, before finally falling asleep.

The same boner was there to greet me the next morning. And in the shower. And when I got dressed. I didn't know how I was going to get through the day at school like this, but at least I had company. When Robbie arrived at the bus stop, I glanced at his crotch. There was a firm-looking lump just to the left of the fly. He gave me a smirk.

"I didn't say it would be easy." He had clearly noticed my bulge, too.

"It's gonna be a long day at school." He didn't disagree.

Somehow, we managed to make it through. It wasn't easy. I had to go to the bathroom after lunch, and just the act of taking my dick out of my fly and putting my hand on my dick almost made me shoot. If another boy hadn't walked in, I might have given in and stroked myself to relief. I sure hoped Robbie had something good planned for tonight.

The school day ended (a day with my books or other objects constantly in my hands, placed strategically in front of me more than usual), and I met Robbie at the bus. I could see his situation hadn't much changed, either.

"What time can you come over?"

"After dinner. I have to get my homework done first."

"But it's the weekend!"

"I know, but it's how my mom wants me to do it."

"Dude, come over as soon as you can. My parents are leaving around 5:00."

"Trust me, I'll be over ASAP. I gotta get rid of this..." I moved my binder to show him my bulging shorts.

He gave me a grin. "Me too."

We got on the bus. It was a quieter ride home than usual for us. I don't know about him, but the vibrations of the bus were causing the head of my cock to rub against the front of my shorts. I felt like I was on the verge of popping off in my shorts the whole way home. I was relived when the bus got to our stop.

"See you in a little while." I bid Robbie a temporary farewell.

"Yeah. See you soon."

I hurried into my house. "Mom, I'm home!"

"Hey Hon, how was your day?" Mom asked as she emerged from the kitchen. It smelled like she was baking cookies.

""Um, pretty good. Kinda hard at times." I smirked inwardly at my play on words.

"Well, I'm sure your glad it's the weekend. Get goin' on your homework so you can have it done before dinner. I'm sure you want to get over to Robbie's as soon as you can."

"Okay, I'll get going on it. I only have some math problems and reading for english."

"Let me know when you're done."

"I will." I proceeded to go upstairs to my room and got to work. As I focused on my homework, by dick went soft, for seemingly the first time that day. I finished my reading, and noticed that it was only 4:45. I decided to pack my overnight bag--just a change of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a few other things. Finished, I went downstairs and checked in with Mom.

"Hey Mom. Homework's done. What's for dinner?"

"Fish and chips tonight. And I made some chocolate chip cookies for us."

"Mmm, sounds good. Eating around 6:00?"

"Usual time," she responded with a grin. "Unless you want to eat a little early..I know you want to get over to Robbies."

"Yeah, that'd be great!"

"Well, I can have it ready for you in about 15 shoo, stop bothering' me." She gave me a grin which I returned. I went to the study and called Robbie. He sounded psyched when I told him I'd be over around 6:00.

"Awesome! My folks have already left. I ordered pizza, which should be here soon. We can snack on the leftovers later."

"See you in a few." I hung up the phone and went upstairs to my room. I double-checked that I had everything I needed in my bag, and brought it downstairs. I was, needless to say, anxious to get going.

"Steven, food!" My mom yelled out from the kitchen. I hurried into the kitchen, and grabbed a seat at the table. There was a plate of hot fish and french fries.

"Thanks mom, you're the best." I said as I picked up my fork and dug in.

"I know." she replied. I liked the fact that my mom could be kind of a smartass sometimes.

I scarfed down the food, my mom admonishing me to remember to breathe, and chew. In seemingly record time, I was done with dinner. I put my plate in the dishwasher, and checked out with my mom.

"Mom, I'm headed to Robbies. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay honey. Have fun. Be home by noon, we're going to visit your cousins tomorrow."

"Will do. Love ya!"

"Love you too."

I grabbed my bag and practically sprinted over to Robbie's. My penis, which had been soft for the last couple of hours, was stiffening again in anticipation of what might be to come. As I approached his house, I saw the pizza deliveryman walking away. I nodded to him as I passed, and he gave me a smirk. I saw Robbie holding the door open, his head poking out.

"Hey dude, come on in."

As he stepped back and I entered, I saw why the pizza guy had smirked at me: Robbie was dressed only in his boxers, and his boner was obviously tenting the front of them.

"Did you get the pizza that way?" I asked. I felt I already knew the answer.



Robbie just laughed. "Whatever, I thought it would be funny to see how he reacted."

"And how did he react?"

"He didn't say anything, but I saw him checking out my crotch a couple of times."

"So, you gonna eat? Or are we gonna take care of these first?" I gestured toward my crotch, where my own tent was once again noticeable.

"I'm starving, so I'm gonna eat a bit first. Why don't you put your stuff up in my room? And when you come back down, be only in your underwear."

"Eat fast." I went upstairs to his room, and put my bag next to his desk. I decided to heed his recommendation, and pulled my shirt over my head and took off my shorts. My ever-present hard-on pressed out against my boxers, and felt better released from the confines of my shorts. I gave it a quick squeeze, and went back downstairs.

I found Robbie in the kitchen, having already devoured half the pepperoni pizza he'd gotten.

"You done yet?"

He gave me a grin.

"Why, what do you wanna do?" he asked with mock innocence.

I decided to be bold, and reached out and grasped his rigid dick through his boxers. He gasped in surprise and pleasure.

"Gee, I dunno. Do you have any ideas?"

He looked up at me, and reciprocated my grope. The feeling of his hand on my penis almost made me cum.


"Oh, I think we can come up with something." I agreed.

He stood up, and I reached into the fly of his boxers and pulled out his cock. I could see a pearl of moisture in the slit, and I spread the slippery liquid around with my fingers. He trembled in my hand.

"Dude, hold on. I don't wanna cum yet. I....I really want to try something, if you're down."

His question kind of surprised me. What else did he want to try? I almost couldn't believe the things we'd already done.

"Um, what did you want to try?"

"Well...I was thinking...if you want....we could maybe....try blow jobs?"

I had a vague notion of what a blow job was. That is to say, I knew it had something to do with putting your dick in someone's mouth. I had always thought the concept was a little strange: why would anyone put their mouth on something you peed out of? But of course, my horniness was trumping any doubts I might have. He was still lightly stroking my dick, and I needed release any way I could get it.

"Um, okay? But you have to go first."


He sat back down on the chair he'd been sitting in. The kitchen was in the back of the house, so we weren't worried about being seen.

He looked up at me, and slid my boxers down. I stepped out of them as he looked closely at my dick. I could feel the air move across the sensitive head as he breathed on it, which stimulated me to an ever greater level. With a sigh, he leaned forward, and suddenly I felt the wet heat of his mouth encapsulate my cock.

I gasped audibly, as the new sensations swept through my body. I could feel his tongue swipe the underside of my cockhead, and I rose up onto my toes as my whole body tensed. Almost without warning, I was cumming. I managed to grunt, only moments before the first spurt.

"Ugh! Coming!" That was the only warning Robbie had, and barely a second later I felt my semen pulsing up the shaft of my cock. Robbie pulled his head off just as the first spurt of hot jizz fired out of my dick, and hit him in the face. He replaced his mouth with his hand, and was stroking quickly as another shot of cum squirted out, hitting him on the chest. I was gasping with each spasm of my dick, and I looked down at my friend as the fourth, then fifth pulse rocked my body.

Suddenly, Robbie made a grunting noise. I looked down, and was surprised to see a big wet spot forming on the front of his boxers. Robbie was cumming in his underwear! He looked as stunned as I felt, and he was breathing like he'd run a marathon. Meanwhile, his face and chest were covered in the juices from my long-delayed orgasm, the first shot of which was now dripping down his left cheek.


There wasn't anything else I could say just then.


He was also at a loss for words, apparently.

Still naked, I walked over to the kitchen counter, and grabbed some paper towels. I handed them to Robbie so he could clean up.


"No dude, thank you. That was a-ma-zing!"

"I'm glad your staying over tonight."

"Me too. I still have to repay the blow job."

Robbie just grinned.