The following story (b/b, mast, oral) depicts boys in sexually explicit circumstances. If you are under-age or this material is illegal for you to read, be forewarned. The author retains all rights applicable.


Hi, I’m Ima, a Portuguese with more than a quarter of century, and wrote this story when I was 14 or 15 years old; fruit of a horny teen imagination. It was with fear of being caught with it that I destroyed it. However, the skeleton of it remained in my head and arose to life once more. I rewrote the story and changed it to English. With the help of Paul (author of "Geeks" ) and David (author of "The travellers") whose editing was priceless, here is the result. I speak pretty well but my spelling is terrible! Paul and David, thank you very much.

Remember, this was a fantasy of mine when I was a boy not reality. I hope you enjoy the story and have pleasant dreams . For comments, write to me at:

The Best Holiday Ever

"Oh boy, the summer vacation has finally arrived. Now I can go to my hideout. It’s a while since I caught up on my reading," thought Brian, on his way home from school.

Brian lived in a small town, a very beautiful place near a lake. He lived in a new house in a new neighborhood. His family was the only one living there at the moment. Near the house there are woods that he likes to explore. And in the course of his explorations he found the perfect hideout. No one can find him there and it’s like a small cave, a small house where he can hide everything he can’t have at home, like his playboy magazines.

Our young friend is 11 years old, and only last year he discovered the pleasures of the body ... some of them, of course: he’s only 11, after all. But that’s why he has those magazines in his hideout. He thought, "If my mother knew what I have here she would kill me."

On the way home the only thing he could think about was all the things he had in his hideout. It was quite a long time since he'd been able to get there, so he was a little bit horny by the time he got home.

"Hi Mom," he said, entering the kitchen. "I’m going to the woods to explore. What time do I have to be home?"

"Hello there. And how was your last day at school?" asked his mother.

"It was fine. So, what time do I have to be home?"

"Dad is going to be a little bit late today so you only need to make sure that you're home before dark, 8:30 at the latest. Hey there ... hey there, eat something before you go."

"OK Mom, I almost forgot."

"The only reason you don’t forget your head is because it’s attached to you!" his Mom said. She fixed a snack for him and off he went.

Brian left home still eating his sandwich. He was lost in his thoughts, but suddenly he was brought back to earth by a noise. He was already in the woods, and this noise was out of place, not a noise that you usually hear in the woods. When you are in the woods you hear the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves, or birds singing; but now ... no, this is something else. No ... it can’t be! It’s the same kind of noise I make when I’m satisfying myself. "Could it be..." he thought, "That sounds like heavy breathing and moanings. What it is it?"

Brian moved very slowly closer to the noise and what he saw left him paralyzed. A young boy, more or less the same age as himself, was lying there completely naked - a beautiful boy; almost like a Greek god. The boy was touching himself, in a way that was so sexy, so sensual, it was almost impossible to describe. The boy was gorgeous. He had soft skin. All the little muscles in the tummy were defined; he had blond hair and shiny blue eyes. Brian felt something he had never felt before - a passion, something growing inside him, something overwhelming. He felt a need to give pleasure to that beautiful boy. But wait ... what are you thinking, Brian? Eahhh, he’s a boy; I’m not gay! But he’s so gorgeous... No, no, no,no - he shakes his head to try and force those thoughts away.

And then, the beautiful Greek god-like boy noticed that Brian was there watching him.

In that moment they were one. It was something he couldn’t explain, but they formed a bond of some kind when they looked at each other.

"Hey kid, are you spying on us?"

Brian was jerked out of his trance, and he saw that there was another boy there. This one was older than them, maybe 15 years old. But what worried him was that he had a gun in his hand.

"Holy shit. I’m dead meat!" he thought.

"You shouldn’t spy on people, kid," said the older boy.

"I ... I ...I ..." Brian didn’t know what to say.

"See anything you like?" asked the other boy.

"Yes ... I mean, no," said Brian.

"Look, either you like him, or you don’t. He’s beautiful, isn’t he?" And saying this he looks at the other boy, the one that looks like a Greek god, and a look of understanding passed between them. And he realized that his friend's eyes were shining for Brian.

Meanwhile, Brian couldn't stop looking at the young boy. The older boy understands what is happening - his friend is falling for Brian. He decides to give him a little help.

"Hey boy, what’s your name?" And Brian said, "I ... I’m Brian. Please don’t hurt me. I won’t tell anyone; please, please?"

"I don’t know if I will or not. But right now we are going to have a little bit of fun. Don’t worry, we're not going to hurt you. On the contrary, we are going to be very, very kind to you. Could you please do me a favor and lean against that tree? Then my friend Nilito, here, will teach you what the word 'pleasure' actually means."

Nilito smiled - a loving smile, an enchanting smile. Brian was unsure: part of him wanted to lean against the tree, but part of him was afraid to. His heart was going a hundred miles an hour, and it got even faster as Nilito moved closer to him. And when Nilito was only inches away, Brian shut his eyes. Nilito took his hand and his body shook, as if it had received an electric shock, when his hand touched Nilito's soft skin. And now he’s touching his chest, moving lower and lower, feeling all his muscles, his belly button... His heart beats even faster. Something in his trousers is hard as a rock. Brian wants to be touched and Nilito fulfils his need. His hand is released, and instead he feels his shirt getting raised. He helps, lifting his arms, still with his eyes closed...

He feels his shirt pass over his head, revealing his naked skin. His body shakes when he feels the warm hands touching his upper body, his naked chest. One of the hands slides to his back, while the other moves over all his chest, top to bottom, very slowly. He waits eagerly for more body contact with Nilito...

Nilito's hands are sliding down, down, down - until finally the tips of his fingers reach the bottom of Brian's boxers. And then they enter inside, and Brian feels the back of Nilito's hand brush against his rock-hard staff. He still cannot find the courage to open his eyes, but he feels his legs go weak when his erection is finally seized - but seized gently and lovingly. At that he can hold out no longer and opens his eyes, and when he sees the tenderness in those eyes - in the blue ocean of those beautiful eyes - time stands still. For the first time in his life, time stands still. And in the whole world there exist only two human beings, the two of them. His hands take on a life of their own and move to Nilito's body - every inch of it. They slide across his back, his upper body, his chest, his nipples - everything - exploring the other boy's body with his hands. He feels his own genitals being touched by this boy - his love. Then he kisses him for the first time, first on the face and then on the neck. His hands slide lower and lower, until finally they reach Nilito's hardness. The most beautiful thing he had ever seen was now in his hands.

Nilito undoes Brian's belt, slowly, in a very sensual and sexy way. The trousers slide down. He drops to his knees and undoes Brian's shoes, removing them and then removing the trousers completely. Then once again his hands move back to Brian's erection, which is still imprisoned in his boxers. Very slowly he pulls them down, feeling the resistance of that prisoner, until finally the resistance is gone and the prisoner is a prisoner no longer. Gently he captures the prisoner in his hand and then moves his mouth close, starting to kiss all round the thing he had so wanted to release from its captivity. All the strength goes out of Brian's legs and he slides down the tree. But Nilito moves down with him, taking that beautiful thing into his mouth and sucking on it, playing with it with his mouth and tongue. Brian groans in a way that he has never done before. His breathing is heavy - he has never felt like this before...

Nilito releases his toy and slides his body steadily up until they are lying against one another, face to face, and he has finally reached Brian's lips. And there he stops, allowing them to feel each other, their bodies pressed together, skin against skin, feeling each other's warmth. And time stops once more as they kiss - a warm, wet, breathless kiss, such as Brian has never experienced before.

Brian rolls over, and now he is on top. Now it is his turn to deliver the kisses, which he does, moving down and down Nilito's body until, without thinking, he moves his mouth over Nilito's staff, working at it like an ice-cream. He cannot describe what it tastes like, he just knows that he loves it. And when Nilito utters cries of pleasure Brian feels wonderful.

Then Nilito rolls over once more, so that he is on top, but he does it without taking his erection out of Brian's mouth - and then he swivels round so that they can sixty-nine each other. For the first time Nilito speaks: "Please can we come together?" And he slides Brian's staff into his mouth. They feel united like that, as if they were a single entity, in a way that Brian had never dreamed was possible. He was nearly there, and both boys' bodies were quivering together. Neither was sufficiently mature to shoot, so it was a dry orgasm, but Brian had never experienced one like it. He felt as if he was among the stars - he simply couldn't describe it.

They lay quietly hugging each other until they were brought back to reality by a cry of ecstacy, an explosion of life, near them. Then they remembered that they were not alone, that the older boy was there with them. He was also naked, and had just climaxed. All of them stared at each other without speaking. Finally the older boy spoke.

"Hi!" he said. "I'm Casper. I'm here on holiday with my cousin. We're sort of lovers, too. Anyway, someone told me there's a lake somewhere round here. Is there a good place to swim there?"

"Yes, there's a great place for swimming there," Brian told him. "Go straight that way until you find a road. Follow the road, and in about five minutes you'll be there."

"Thanks," said the boy. "Trouble is, now you know who I am, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you." And he picked up the gun once more. Brian freezes - he simply cannot think Everything goes into slow motion. He sees the finger on the trigger, and the gun is moving closer and closer, and then - "Squish, squish, squish!" And he feels something wet on his face. And then Casper and Nilito are rolling about on the ground, howling with laughter.

"Ha, ha, ha!" cries Casper. "You should have seen your face!" They just can't stop laughing, and soon Brian, realizing what has happened, is laughing with them.

And that was how Brian met his love, and the start of the best holiday ever.