Boarding School Penance

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Boarding School Penance

By Larkin

Feminists often say that sex is all about the abuse of power. Usually I would disagree but in this case it is probably accurate and sadly, where boy's schools are concerned, authentic.

Every night there would be an hour of Bible reading. It was conducted by Minister Peabody who was not only ancient but, as I would eventually learn, was completely insane. Some boys went to hear the holy word of the scriptures but most, like Crawford were required to go as on going regiment of after hour's penance.

Crawford looked at me and said, "You're coming with me to Bible readin."

This was not a suggestion, it was a command.

Minister Peabody held his reading in what used to be a small private chapel. There were only five rows of pews with an isle along one side.

With me in tow, Crawford chose the middle row because it was already occupied with one of his friends who were also there for disciplinary purposes. If Crawford was not well liked he was at least respected for his bravado and willingness to fight. Our row filled up with his sycophants. Sitting next to Crawford might actually be considered an honor.

Minister Peabody sat in a massive and decoratively carved chair. He made no announcements, he didn't look up, he just started to read aloud from a large gilded Bible that was propped up in front of him on an ornate oak pedestal. He read in a monotonous drone that was unintelligible and went on and on in until it became incredibly hypnotic.

In the midst of all this Crawford slid down slightly in the pew and opened his pants. Boys on both sides watched his every move. Boys in back leaned forward or moved up into the row directly behind us so that they could watch. Some of the boys pretended not to watch and others held their hands over their mouth trying not to laugh. Crawford exposed his cock and shook it to display and stiffen it. When he pulled down his foreskin the scent of it was unmistakable. The boys directly in front of us would crane their necks to look back at his bold taunting display. He lifted his big balls out and stroked in full view of most of the boys. One by one he'd catch each boy's glance, shake his cock and challenge them with his eyes.

Minister Peabody read on apparently unaware that Crawford was robbing him of the boy's attention by masturbating out in the open during his solemn Bible reading.

Because I was sitting next to him, I did not have to alter my posture to witness Crawford's rude behavior. I sat still and quiet in the hopes that if he was caught doing what he was doing, I would not be implicated and have to share in any of his punishments.

It was then that I felt his hand on the back of my neck. He was forcefully pulling forward and down towards his boner. When I resisted he only pushed harder. I didn't want to be made a spectacle in front of all of the other boys. Several boys were looking right at me to see what I was going to do. Crawford let go of his cock and trapping his forefinger behind his thumb, he flicked me hard on my forehead to shock and embarrass me. This reflected both his ownership of me and the contempt he had for my personal dignity. Then he grabbed me by my hair and pulled hard until I lowered myself closer to his stiff cock.

I knew that if I cried out and disrupted Minister's reading, Crawford would have no trouble lying and accusing me.

He whispered in my ear, "Suck it."

It was bad enough having to do it in our room when it was just him and deGrassi, my other roommate, but in front of other boys? There was also the risk of getting caught doing it. If that happened, I was sure to be blamed for the whole thing.

He had a peaceful and confident smile on his face when he forced me down closer to his cock. When it was close enough, he rubbed back and forth on my lips. The droning of Minister's reading was suddenly broken when one of the boys cut a loud fart. Minister Peabody looked up only to see all the boys sitting up straight, including a red faced me. He went back to reading.

Crawford could have made me suck his cock in our room before Bible reading but that was not his real purpose. His real purpose was to degrade and humiliate someone in the presence of onlookers. He wanted them to know just what he was capable of. The fact that it was under the nose of Minister Peabody not only raised the tension but demonstrated that he would stop at nothing. It was a valuable lesson for anyone that might try to take advantage of him.

I had given up my resistance. There was no longer any point to it. I felt his hands on the back of my head and his hips being pushed up to my mouth.
I heard the evening bell ring out in the hall and everyone suddenly jumped to their feet. I got up to see the doddering old Minister Peabody pointing at Crawford and me. He raised his bamboo switch and pointed first at Crawford and then at me.

"You!" he said,

I stood there paralyzed with fear. I thought, "Now we are both going to get it."

Crawford, always clever, had already melted into the mass of boys leaving the chapel.

The Minister was so senile that he did not notice that he retained two boys and now only I stood in front of him. He bade me to come forward.

Without rising to his feet, Minister Peabody began tracing a circle in the air with the end of his bamboo whipping switch. I took it to mean, turn around, pull down my pants and expose my behind to him.

He wasn't satisfied. "Your underwear as well!"

I had been in this horrible place long enough to know that he was using corporal punishment as an excuse to look at my behind.
I had long since given up crying as a way to gather sympathy but I started to cry anyway. I heard it swish through the air and then felt a blinding sting. Then another loud snap and more pain.
Minister Peabody already had one foot in the grave. He could hardly walk, he had no memory left, he had lost most of his faculties and yet, he was still incredibly willing and skillful at issuing punishments.

Another loud snap and another. I started to wail out loud and he continued.
I thought, "How many more times is he going to hit me. Why am I being punished?"

When it finally stopped I turned and looked at the Minister.
You might expect to see him with a "This hurts me more than you" expression on his face, but instead, he looked quietly serine and strangely gratified.
I walked out of the chapel and back to my room where Crawford and deGrassi waited for me.