Body Heat in the Back Seat, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between teenage boys, preteen boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Boys, it's almost time to go,” my dad said through my bedroom door, and I let go of a frustrated sigh.

We'll be out in a minute, dad,” I called out, looking over my shoulder at the door. At the moment, I was on all fours on top of my bed. I had my pants bunched around my ankles and my sneakers were hanging off the side of my mattress. My bare butt was sticking up in the air, pointing at my boyfriend Matt, who was standing behind me with his hands on my waist and his pants down around his knees. We both had boners, and I was looking forward to having Matt insert his boner into my horny rear end.

We need to leave in five minutes if we're going to make the start of the movie,” he said through the door, and I looked over my shoulder with need at my lover.

We won't need that much time, dad,” I assured him. “I promise that we'll be dressed and ready to go on time.”

Okay then,” he said, then I heard him shuffle down the hallway while Matt parted my cheeks with his hands and used his tongue to get my hole wet. I was moaning with pleasure while he ate my sizzling boy hole, then he replaced his tongue with his 4 inch erection and I let go of an even stronger moan.

It feels so good,” I sighed with relief as he settled into a steady rhythm, his pleasing boy cock pulsating with heat along the walls of my eager poop chute. Between my legs, my hard wiener was pointing away from my hairless crotch at a 45 degree angle, all three inches tingling with pleasure.

It feels good to me too,” he cooed, his voice husky as he fed me strokes of his hard, 13 year old shaft.

Are you getting close?” I asked him, and he nodded as he drew in a sharp breath, then his grip tightened on my hips. Satisfied that my boyfriend was about to achieve his orgasm, I tightened the muscles in my butt with a naughty smile and watched as he fed me the last of his thrusts, then he buried his boner up my butt and his hot seed spilled forth. I could feel it pumping out of the end of his dick, then it ran down the walls of my pooper and spurted from my hole while he rested inside of me.

I love you Jimmy,” he told me, and I felt my heart flutter.

I love you too, Matt,” I assured him, then he pulled out of me and the friction between his dick and my cummy hole made a wet fart sound that made us both giggle. He crawled onto the bed and I sucked the cum from his boner, then he crawled off and tongued my hole clean for me. Finally, we pulled our pants up and emerged from my room, hand in hand with two minutes to spare.

Are you two love birds ready?” dad asked, and I rolled my eyes with a grin while Matt nodded politely.

I was laying flat on my back with Matt resting between my thighs, using his hands to support the backs of my knees while we kissed deeply. He was buried all the way inside of me and thrusting slowly while my dad backed out of the driveway. I knew he could see us in the rear view mirror but the powerful sensations that were coursing through my 12 year old body were overwhelming, and I couldn't bring myself to let Matt stop.

Matt and I climbed into the back row of dad's old minivan while he ran back inside to fetch his wallet from the counter. In the 60 seconds or so that it took dad to get back to the car, we lost our pants and got busy. When dad got in the van and put the keys in the ignition, my feet were already rocking back and forth in the air and I was moaning into Matt's mouth. Matt had already slipped his tongue into my mouth and we were sharing a deep French kiss while he used his boner to bring soft, satisfied moans out of me that I was helpless to control.

We'd been at it for a good ten minutes when dad called out from the front seat, “Boy's, it's time to put your pants back on. We're almost to the movie theater.”

I broke my kiss with Matt just long enough to answer, “Okay, dad. We'll get dressed in a minute.”

Out of nowhere, the minivan started to sputter and hesitate, then I heard my dad exclaim, “Shit! I just got this thing out of the shop! Sorry boys, I'll have to get out and see what's going on.”

Letting loose with another soft moan, I called out, “Take your time, dad.”

With that, we heard dad pop the hood, then we heard him open and close the driver's side door and Matt complimented me, “Your ass is so tight.”

I don't think there's a rush anymore,” I moaned, then we fell back into a deep kiss as our love making carried me into a state of heightened bliss. Matt was feeding me thrusts that were growing more and more forceful while my toes curled in the air above us.

When dad got back in, he looked in the rear view and said, “Well boy's, it looks like we're going to have to wait for the tow truck.”

We're not in any hurry dad,” I moaned from the back seat and my rear end burned with sizzling pleasure. “We can wait as long as we have too.”

Sorry, it looks like your date is ruined,” he lamented from the front seat.

No it's not,” I called out through a loud moan.

I hope the tow truck gets here soon,” dad said, then he rubbed his hands together. “It's starting to get chilly out.”

I'll make sure Jimmy stays warm,” Matt panted, then we locked lips again and the minivan started to rock from side to side while the windows fogged up.

Twenty minutes later dad's cell phone rang, catching our attention. Matt buried his boner all the way up my butt and we shared a sweet smile while dad talked to the tow truck driver.

We're on the side of the road, just past the billboard,” he said. “Look for the light blue minivan with the flashers on and the foggy windows. I'll see you when you get here.”

With that, he ended the call and wiped the fog away from the rear view mirror so he could address us.

Sorry boys, it looks like he's going to be another 20 minutes,” he lamented. “I know how much you two wanted to go to the movies.”

It's okay dad,” I sighed, feeling Matt's hot dick start to run back and forth in my hole again. “Twenty more minutes is fine with me.”

The End

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