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Almost every story on Nifty is a story of first sex, or first time with a new lover, or first experience with a new type of sex. Most of the stories I’ve written for Nifty are about new relationships, or first time sexual experiences. They fascinate me.

Over time, readers have related some of their first experiences to me. I always encourage them to write up those experiences and post them to Nifty. It’s the best way to get started writing; it is how I started. Often, though, they decline my suggestion, and a few have asked me to write their experiences for them.

I intend to use this series to post some of those experiences. Also included, will be one or two of my own, and perhaps a few that are simply stories (though I challenge you to distinguish them – I promise that one or two of the true experiences will seem more like fiction).

I toyed with trying to clip experiences from emails or relating them as “the reader said this and that,” but the stories came out stilted. So I’ve written them all in first person, in my words because it’s easier to write that way. However, they are basically written the way the stories were told to me. . I’d recommend reading only one or two at a time. Since I’ve written them all up myself, they will sound like the same voice.

I’ve changed names, of course, and tweaked some of the details to conceal true identities. Many of the stories are from older guys, and so will fall in a period, primarily in the baby-boomer growing up years. All so far, that I’m planning to do, are from the United States

If you want to send me your own, first time experience, I’d be delighted to read it. I’ve always been interested in how sexuality developed for other guys or girls (girls read Nifty stories, too). But I’ll encourage you, as I’ve always encouraged others, to write your experience up for Nifty, and I make no guarantee that I’d use any you send for this anthology.

I hope you enjoy the following stories.



Adam’s dad used to joke that when everybody was sitting, Adam was the tallest kid in the class, and when we stood, he was the shortest. Adam had short legs and arms. At the same time, he had a long and powerful trunk. Even in elementary school, all his muscles showed, and he had muscles.

I got mad at him once in fifth grade, and I tried to fight him. One of the more stupid things I tried as a kid. He pinned me, easily. He was a gentle guy, and didn’t hurt me, but it frustrated the hell out of me that he did it so easily. Bitterly, I gave up. But within minutes after he let me up, I tried taking him on again. Almost indulgently, he tied me up again and held me tightly until I calmed down. Other kids went on playing and we just lay there on the ground, the side of my face squashed against his ribs.

By sixth grade, I was taller than him, but I never tried that again. Partly because he was a few months older, partly because he was so strong and self-assured, he was always the leader between us.

We were twelve years old in the seventh grade. One Saturday morning that fall, we were lying on our stomachs on the couch at his house, watching kid shows. Adam’s sister, who was about ten, sat on a chair to the left of the TV.

Adam kept lying, heavily, all over my back. I tried to ignore him, even after I realized that he had a hard on, and that he was rubbing it on the side of my butt. I was annoyed, more than anything else. I was trying to watch the TV program. I remember, exasperatedly, glancing at his sister for sympathy. I finally climbed out from under him to finish watching the TV show from the floor.

Until that time, my sexual interests and fantasies – at least what there were of them – were all about girls. I didn’t have my first pubes yet, but my equipment had pretty much arrived and like any twelve-year-old who’d heard about jacking off, I had been learning how to play with mine. I’d even had my first, watery cum.

To be honest about it, I was taken with my own new toys. What little I knew to even dream about girls had mainly to do with how my equipment might fit theirs. Adam started a new line of thought.

That night, I stripped to my underwear for bed, and played with my dick under the covers. When I grew hard, I rolled onto my stomach, rubbing my hard-on on the bed, and it dawned on me why Adam rubbed his hard-on on my butt. It felt good.

I wondered what it would be like to rub my hard-on on his butt. I imagined what it might feel like as I rubbed my dick on the bed. I imagined us in our underwear with him on his stomach like I’d been, and me rubbing on him. I pulled off my underwear and stuffed a pillow under my middle and humped it. I humped long enough to cum, and I flipped the pillow over to sleep on. (I hadn’t learned yet about cum stains or that my mom would notice.)

That week, I thought about rubbing my cock on Adam’s butt. I thought about it at nights, before going to sleep. I thought about doing it with other guys, too. I imagined doing it in our underwear. I decided that the next time Adam rubbed, I’d let him do it and then maybe I’d do it to him. He could hardly complain.

I got to his house earlier than normal the next Saturday morning, thinking for sure we’d lie around watching Saturday morning kid shows again. I even went shirtless, just in shorts, thinking Adam might like that. I lay on my stomach the couch, but Adam took a chair.

After a while, I moved to the floor, on my stomach again. I even wiggled my butt as if trying to get comfortable, but really, so Adam would notice. Adam didn’t move. In fact, he didn’t try anything all morning.

His mom fed us lunch, and I gave up on the idea, thinking I’d try again the next Saturday. But then, after lunch, his mom went to play cards with some of her friends. Adam and I went to Adam’s room to goof off. He had a big collection of super hero comic books, and grabbing one up, he lay down onto his stomach, on his bed, to read it. I remember, he was wearing thin tan shorts.

For a moment, I stood, looking, and then virtually dove onto his back. “I’ll read over your shoulder,” I told him. I felt my cock stiffen as I pressed it against his butt.

It grew hard, pointing the wrong way. I lifted my hips, rearranged, and settled back down on him.

“You ready for me to turn the page?” he asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, go ahead.”

I was a little surprised at the feel of his body under mine; at how strong he felt. My nose was just beside his hair and it smelled good. Biting my lip, and steeling my courage, I gently circled my hips. Adam had a firm bottom.

He didn’t do anything for a moment, even when I circled my hips a second and then a third time, pressing my erection against his butt. But then he reached down along his side, shifted his hips away, and cupped a hand under my crotch.

I was busted; his fingers closed over my erection. For a moment, we froze there.

Slowly, his fingers traced the shape of my erection. When he rubbed the front of my shorts with his upturned palm, and I ground it down into it. My face was right beside the back of his head, and I remember trying not to breathe too hard into his ear.

I closed my hands over his shoulders, rested the side of my forehead against the side of the back of his head, and quietly ground my erection down into his palm.

“Close the door,” he said in a thick voice.

I got up and avoided looking at him. I closed the door, locked it, and came back to the bed, returning to my previous position with the front of my shorts in his hand and the side of my forehead against the back of his head. But as I started to grind again, he stopped me.

“Pull your shorts and underwear down,” he said.

My breath caught. I froze for a moment, considering. And then I scrambled up onto my hands and knees to shove my shorts and underwear down my thighs. Then holding myself up on my hands, I looked down my belly, bug-eyed as I lowered my cock into Adam’s upturned palm. He closed his hand around it, and I froze again at the feeling of a totally different hand on my cock.

“Go ahead,” he whispered.

I pulled my hips slowly back and saw my crown draw inside his hand. I thrust my hips forward, and saw my crown and the end of my cock reappear. I began to pump, not pulling back too far because of the friction of his palm on my crown. The bed rocked gently.

Adam lifted his head and looked back down along his arm to where my cock pumping inside his palm. He rolled up onto his side and reversed his grip so he didn’t have to twist his arm.

We faced each other now, on our sides, looking down between our bodies. I held his shoulders, pumping my hips, watching the end of my cock pull back in Adam’s hand and re-extend like a ground squirrel popping from his hole.

Adam scooted his hips forward and used his hand to hold my thrusting cock against the hard front of his shorts. I gripped his shoulders harder and rested my forehead on his, pumping.

After a couple of moments, Adam let go of my cock and hurriedly unfastened his shorts. I pulled my hips back as he shoved his shorts and underwear down. His dick popped out. It was short; less than half the length of mine, but other than length, it looked a lot like mine; pink, soft skin, flared crown. His looked a little thicker.

Adam grabbed my hips and pulled our middles together. We rubbed against each other, but jostled some. He reached between us and held his smaller cock against mine in his palm. We rocked our hips forward and back.

He kicked out of his shorts and underwear and I did the same so that I was completely naked except for my trainers and he had only a shirt on. I kicked off my shoes.

Adam rolled me to my back and straddled the tops of my legs, leaning forward over me so that our erections rubbed between us. He held himself up on his hands, and we watched our two dicks wiggle around against each other, up and back.

I grabbed his butt with both hands to hold us tight together down there, and that was a new sensation. His two globes were firm, meaty, but his skin was very soft.

Going up on first one hand, then the other, he pulled off his shirt and then lay down on me, bare belly to bare belly. The weight of his dense body on me was a new sensation. I explored his tight back muscles and muscular little butt with my hands. I could feel his muscles moving.

Adam held onto my shoulders, his face pressed to the side of mine. I could smell his breath; despite his strength, it was a boy’s breath. He grunted and shifted, grinding harder.

“Wanna try on top?” he asked.

I nodded and we rolled with me on top, my legs between his. I felt his balls then, with my balls. He grabbed my butt the way I had grabbed his. His strong hands on my bottom, pulling and squeezing, turned me on even more.

I wrapped my arms over his head, pressing the side of my face to his. His cheek was soft. I felt my orgasm building. I reached down and grabbed his bottom like he had mine. “I’m gonna shoot,” I said.

“Me, too,” Adam answered, grabbing my bottom and moving me around between his legs.

I stiffened. My breath caught. I swallowed audibly as my orgasm hit. Adam whimpered, and it felt like he was about to pull my butt apart. Some of his cum shot out the side from between our bellies and landed on his bedspread.

We slowed and stopped. Our ragged breathing slowed.

I got off him with a growing feeling embarrassed over what we’d done.

“Oh, shit,” Adam said, looking for something to clean his bedspread with.

We pulled our underwear and shorts back on. I tied my shoes.

“I guess I ought to head home,” I murmured. I never went home that early on a Saturday afternoon, but it was sort of embarrassing to stick around.

He nodded. “Yeah. I should mow the lawn.”

I left.

I think it was less than three hours later that I phoned him.

“Hey, Adam?” I asked. “You wanna sleep over here tonight?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Oh, yeah.”


I'll add more stories if I have interested readers. Let me know if you'd like more of the series. :) My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com.