Jack Edwards



My brother, Tommy, was two years older than me. By the age of ten, I had developed a crush on his best friend, Danny. At first, it wasn’t sexual at all, at least in the sense that I wasn’t horny for him; not at ten. I was mostly in awe of him.

Danny was golden. Even in winter, his skin had a bronze cast. His hair was dark blond, and the summer he had turned twelve, it had turned pure gold on the tips. The little hairs on his forearms and calves glistened pale gold in the sunlight.

He was a tall and athletic twelve-year-old. I saw him naked or in his underwear fairly frequently; skinny dipping with the guys, bathing with me and my brother on sleepovers when we were younger, changing for swim team. Lately, his muscles had begun to firm up, and veins formed on his forearms.

He had a long dick, and with the arrival of his first his pubic hair, it had thickened. His balls had grown bigger, too, egg shaped. I liked to be around him in the sun. Even his sweat smelled good.

But it was his face that most enthralled me. And then one day, he fell asleep on our couch, and I noticed something different about his profile… something less boy and more youth.

My brother had gone outside, and I got up for a closer look. I knelt on the floor beside Danny and bent over him. Profound admiration stirred my ten-year-old heart.

Danny had unusually high cheekbones and large, blue eyes. He had ridiculously long eyelashes and wide eyebrows with tiny golden hairs along the tops. His nose was a little long, perhaps, but somehow, it added to his perfection in my mind. His mouth curled up at the corners, and his lips were deep pink.

Looking down at him – me all of ten years old – I had the urge to kiss those lips, the way Prince Charming kissed Sleeping Beauty. And I did. I pressed my lips to his and kissed him.

As I lifted my head, his eyes opened, and he looked up at me. His brow furrowed slightly.

“Jared,” he asked, “did you just kiss me?”

I shrugged.

He cocked his head and shook it slowly.

“Sometimes, you’re strange, Jare.”

I started to lean in again, but, with a laugh, he tackled me to the floor and tickled me till I promised to not try kissing him again.

“Don’t tell anybody about this, Jare,” he said when he let me up. “Boys don’t kiss boys.”

He said that, but I caught him looking at me strangely a couple of times later that day.

I looked at him, too. I’d been doing that for some time. The next morning, at swimming, he caught me looking at the muscles in his arms and legs. And then later, he turned and caught me looking at his butt. I know I was a bit young to be looking at another boy’s butt, and yet, that tendency is inherent with boys, and Danny’s had a tight, well-formed bottom. At ten, I was mostly hoping my butt would look that good when I was twelve.

I sat on his butt. I sat on his butt that afternoon when he lay on our living room floor, watching TV. And then I lay down on his back to watch over his shoulder.

I asked him to sleep over. My brother, Tommy didn’t ask him – I asked him. I checked with my mom and she said I could ask him.

Danny said yes, and that night, I sat on his butt again and watched TV. And again, I lay down onto his back again. As I lay there, my dick got stiff. It didn’t do that often, but it did then.

“You sleep in my bed tonight,” I told Danny. “I invited you to sleep over, so you sleep in my bed this time.”

Tommy frowned. “He’s my friend, Jare.”

“He’s my friend, too,” I said, “and I invited him.”

“It’s okay,” Danny said, not looking either of us in the eye. “I don’t mind sleeping with Jare.” He said it, casually, but I thought I noticed a deeper color to his cheeks.

“You aren’t going to try to kiss me again, are you?” he asked, when Tommy left the room for a few minutes.

I grinned, thinking he’d tackle and tickle me again. Instead, he swallowed hard and his brow furrowed.

I slipped on my sleep shorts, and Danny stripped to his boxers for bed. He climbed into my bed with me and we faced each other on our sides as Tommy turned off the light and went to his own bed.

Almost immediately, Danny tickled me, and we got into a laughing, tickling match. Tommy jumped onto the bed, wrestling with us, trying to hold me down for tickling.

“Keep it down in here,” my mom said, leaning in the door. “Tommy, get back in your own bed. You boys settle down.”

Tommy went back to his bed, and Mom closed the door. It was dark again, except for a little light coming in through the window. Danny rolled to his back and I moved up close to him on my side.

While he and Tommy talked about mowing yards for money, I rested my hand on Danny’s belly, and he didn’t stop me. Under the covers, while they talked, I ran my fingers lightly over the smooth skin of his belly.

“I’ll help,” I said. “I can mow, too.”

“We’ll see,” Tommy said.

I frowned. He always talked about what he was going to do and didn’t do it. I really would help Danny earn money mowing.

They grew quiet, and in his bed, Tommy rolled to face the wall and go to sleep. A moment later, I lifted my head and shifted up over Danny. He watched as I lowered my mouth to his lips and kissed him.

I grabbed his shoulder with my hand and held it while I moved my lips around on his, like I’d seen adults do. After a moment, Danny started kissing back.

He rolled up onto his side, facing me, so that we were both on our sides. My hand was still on his shoulder. He rested his hand on the side of my waist, and we continued kissing.

His lips were firm. His breath smelled of toothpaste and something else, something distinctly Danny.

I laid my palm on the side of his face, feeling the softness of his cheek. He laid his palm on the side of my face. And then, I’m not sure how it happened, but Danny’s tongue was inside my mouth, rubbing on my tongue, sweeping along the top of my mouth. I murmured.

Instantly, he pulled back and froze, listening. Very quickly, he leaned over, putting his lips at my ear, and he whispered so quietly, I almost couldn’t hear him.

“Wait till Tommy is asleep.”

He rolled to his back and I moved up on his side, snuggling up under his neck. I laid my hand on his chest and wrapped my leg over the tops of his thighs. He slid his arm down my back, patting my bottom. He left his hand there.

My crotch pressed his hip, and it felt good there. So did his hand on my bottom. I started to get a stiffy. Under the covers, I moved my hand down his chest, feeling his muscles and smooth skin. I felt down onto his tummy. It was taut.

He squeezed my butt, and I rubbed my stiffy against his hip. Hi pulled my leg up over his middle and I felt his boner inside my thigh. He moved my leg around so it would rub it, and I cooperated, rubbing my own against his hip at the same time.

I lifted my head. Tommy appeared to be sleeping. I looked up at Danny. He was looking at me and pulled my butt up to bring our mouths closer. We kissed, and while kissing, I moved my body up onto his so we could rub our stiffies together.

He grabbed my butt, and I held the sides of his face in both hands, probing with my tongue. We rubbed and kissed. I loved being with him like that.

He pushed down the waistband of my sleep shorts. I lifted my hips and he pushed them down farther, and then his own. We kicked them off, under the covers, and I lay back down on him, belly-to-belly, naked.

Danny rolled us onto our sides and reached between us. His hand closed around my stiffy.

“You know how to jack off?” he asked in a barely audible whisper.

I shook my head silently.

With his thumb and fingers, he slid the skin up and down my stiffy.

“This way,” he whispered.

I grabbed his. It felt huge, and hot, and hard under soft skin. I slid his skin up and down, like he was doing to me, but with my whole hand. Danny grabbed behind my head with his freehand and pulled our mouths together.

For ten and twelve-year-olds, we were pretty good kissers. At least we were enthusiastic. And it’s not like a kid needs lessons in kissing with tongue. It all happens pretty automatically, even at that age.

It’s a wonder that Tommy slept through the smacking sounds. They probably weren’t that loud, but in that quiet room, they seemed loud, as we jacked each other off.

I’d never had an orgasm. I’d never done anything. All I knew at that moment was that what Danny was doing felt terrific. I began pumping my hips. He pumped his, too.

“Jare,” he asked, very, very quietly beside my ear, “want me to show you something?”

I nodded.

Danny rolled me to my back, and throwing back the covers, he lay across my belly. Then he started pumping my cock faster.

I grabbed his side and back, biting my lip.

He kept going, and it kept feeling better and better. Then suddenly, my entire body was shaking and I had the most incredible sensations of my young life.

My legs thrashed and I’m sure I squeezed the hell out of his side.

Danny’s hand stopped and he came up beside me, cuddling me to him. “Like that?” he whispered at my ear.

I buried my forehead in his chest and nodded emphatically.

“Do it to me,” he whispered.

I threw my body across his belly, grabbing his cock. I could see it well now, out from under the covers. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, and I admired its thick, upward curve as I pumped it with my hand.

Danny started pumping his hips and his boner moved in and out of my hand. I grabbed on with both hands, one mainly around the other. Pretty soon, Danny was doing all the work.

Suddenly, he reached over my side and held his hand over the end of his cock. I heard the sound of squirting and wondered if he was pissing in spurts against his hand. Then I caught a whiff of something I’d smelled before in the bathroom after Tommy had been in there a while, and I saw something thick drip from Danny’s hand.

“Get me some Kleenex,” he whispered.

I jumped off the bed and got the Kleenex box from beside Tommy’s bed where he kept it, and brought it back. Danny used the Kleenexes to clean up his pubes, belly, and dick. Then he handed them to me to throw away.

They were damp. I smelled them; definitely the smell.

When I climbed back into bed, Danny already had his boxers back on and handed me my sleep shorts. I put them on and crawled into bed beside him.

He rolled away from me to go to sleep, but when I cuddled up to his back, he rolled onto his back and let me lay my head on his shoulder with my arm across his chest.

When Danny and I started mowing yards together for money, Tommy complained that I was trying to steal his best friend, but Dad pointed out that Tommy could help with the mowing if he wanted. He never wanted to.

Danny and I learned pretty quickly about cock sucking, and that summer, we did sixty-nines behind storage sheds, fences, hedges, and wherever else we could get away with it. It wasn’t until later that fall that we got cornholing down.

We continued to mow lawns for money for the next couple of years, and we've stayed friends, even after all these years.


Once again, in answer to your questions, though there may be an embellisment or two... these are, by and large, dramatized true stories. I may post one or two that are primarily fiction, but I haven't so far. :) Do let me know if you'd like more of the series. And let me know if you're enjoying it. Reader emails are the only pay we Nifty writers receive. My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com.