Jack Edwards



Geoffrey Stoddard was a cuddler. I found that out when his family moved into the house next door. The first time I met him was when my mom let him into the house. I was playing Tekken with my best friend, David, and Geoffy came up alongside to watch. He was a quiet but cute kid, with pale blond hair and really blue eyes. He’d never played Tekken, so I offered to let him. Without asking, he simply sat down in my lap.

He was a small ten-year-old and I was a regular-sized fourteen-year-old; he sorta fit in my lap. Geoffy leaned back against me like I was his favorite human chair. His wiggling as he played gave me a hard-on. It wasn’t that I was turned on to boys yet, but I was fourteen and it was easy to get a hard-on with someone wiggling in your lap. Geoffy didn’t notice, though, and I tried not to pay too much attention to it, hoping it would go away. It was, after all, unsettling to get a hard-on from a ten-year-old boy.

He hung around most of the afternoon and was in my lap or beside me for most of it. And he was back the next day. Geoffy adopted me as his older brother. It was fine with me; I only had two older sisters who were already in college. He had two younger sisters. For two quiet guys, we hit if off right away; like we had some kind of connection.

Geoffrey’s family moved in at the beginning of summer when the other guys his age were already into swimming and vacations. Other than David, I didn’t hang much with other guys, and David worked for his dad a lot. So I wasn’t doing much that summer anyway. Geoffy began hanging around all the time, and it was actually nice to have the company.

From the beginning, he liked my Playstation, and while he learned how to play, he liked sitting in my lap for my help, or to watch me play. I didn’t mind Geoffy sitting there, even though he had a boney bottom and frequently gave me boners. I liked the kid.

It was summer, and I didn’t wear shirts. Geoffy quit wearing them, and, when he sat in my lap, and the bare skin of his back rested against my bare belly and chest, it made it that much more difficult to keep from getting hard-ons. I’m not sure when Geoffy first noticed them, but I remember realizing that he had begun to purposefully wiggle his butt in my lap… a lot. When I tickled him, he wiggled more.

I was the only one home most of the day, and, in the afternoons, sometimes I simply lay on my side on the couch and watched TV. The first afternoon Geoffy found me lying like that, he jumped onto the couch, backing up to me to watch with me.

I adjusted, making room for him. I slid my lower arm under the side of his head for him to rest it on, and I wrapped my other arm over his middle. It was chummy. His hair smelled like a boy’s when he’s played hard. I liked the feeling of him lying there with me. And yet, all we were wearing was shorts. Once again, the feel of his bare back against my front got me hard. I did my best to keep my hips back, but Geoffy pressed his butt back against my dick and it was difficult to keep my hips still.

He rubbed his butt a little back into me, and I couldn’t help rubbing my dick on his bottom. A moment later, I got off the couch.

“I gotta go to the john,” I told him, trying to cover my middle. I shot back to the bathroom and jacked off furiously.

When I came back to the couch, I got in behind him again, and this time, kept from getting hard… for a while.

The same thing happened for the next two or three days. Between him sitting in my lap in the mornings and backing his butt up to me on the couch in the afternoons, I was jacking off two or three times a day. The funny thing was that neither of us said anything about what was happening. He just gave me hard-ons, and, from time to time, I left to take care of them.

Then we started a Monopoly game and stayed away from the Playstation for an entire morning. But that afternoon, Geoffy wanted to watch my video of The Last Crusade. He waited while I put it on and lay down on the couch, and then he jumped onto the couch after me, backing up to me. I extended my arm for him to rest his head on. When I didn’t put my other arm over his side, he reached back and pulled my arm over his belly.

As usual, we were wearing only shorts and Geoffy’s bare back rested against my chest and belly. Once more, he backed his bottom into my lap. I was already hard. By then, I was so conditioned to it, that I was hard as soon as I thought about the couch.

Geoffy had the remote control and started the movie. He set it down and covered my hand, which he had pulled over his belly, with his hand. When he very slowly pressed his butt back into my lap, I pulled my legs up, pressing the bare fronts of my legs to the bare backs of his.

The movie played, but I barely paid attention. Geoffy would move his butt, as if adjusting position, and then I’d move, rubbing my hard-on against his bottom, as if I was changing position. The couch was old, soft, and overstuffed; we sort of sunk into it together.

Geoffy moved my hand down his belly to the waistband of his shorts, which was new. I left my hand there and rubbed his tummy.

A few moments later, he did something else new. He moved my hand lower, between his legs. Geoffy had a stiffy, and he covered it with my hand.

We said absolutely nothing, but acted like we were watching the movie. However, by then, all pretenses were gone. I rubbed his stiffy through his shorts and ground my dick more boldly against his bottom. With my fingers, I felt the outline of his erection – a nice one for a ten-year-old. I never realized feeling another boy’s hard dick, even a ten-year-old’s, could be such a turn-on. I could feel his balls, too.

For the next couple of hours, while we only half-watched the movie, we stayed hard off and on, and, when the movie was over, I hit the john again to jack off. When I came back, I suggested Monopoly again.

The next morning, he didn’t even ask to play Tekken or Monopoly. He wanted to watch The Temple of Doom. And Geoffy had a stiffy. I could see it clearly inside his shorts. It dawned on me that he must not be wearing any underwear.

“I’ll be right back,” I told him. “I have to take a leak.”

In the john, I took off my own underwear, and came back to the living room with a much more obvious boner than Geoffy’s.

I lay down onto the couch on my side and Geoffy came right on in with me, backing his body up to mine, his bottom into my lap. I dropped my arm over his waist, laying my hand flat on his belly. Geoffy started the movie, set down the remote, and moved my hand down between his legs.

Without underwear, it was easier to feel his boner and his balls. He still had a small ballsack and marble-shaped balls. Geoffy backed his bottom firmly into my lap, and I ground against it. Without underwear, it was better for me, too. Less restricting and I could feel his bottom better.

For a while, I simply rubbed his stiffy through his shorts while grinding my hard-on against his bottom. But then I explored a little, pulling up the loose legs of his shorts a little at a time so I could feel the smooth skin of his legs. I pulled his top leg back up over mine, opening him up, and the leg of his shorts slid all the way up, exposing his entire thigh.

His shorts had really loose legs, and, as I brushed the inside of his thigh with my fingertips, I could feel the warm seam inside his leg. I moved aside the fabric with my fingers and felt the skin of his scrotum. It was soft.

His head was on my arm, and my nose was literally in the back of his hair. I don’t think either of us was breathing much at that moment. I explored his scrotum with my fingers, feeling his balls and the root of his erection through the soft, pliant skin.

I slid my fingers up his shorts farther and felt the underside of his erection. The skin of his dick was as soft as his scrotum. I felt over it, bottom to top. The shaft was hard, like mine, but much thinner. I wanted a better feel, and, pulling my hand from inside his shorts leg, I slid it inside his waistband and covered his erection with my palm. I heard his breath catch.

I pressed my palm against the underside of his shaft and tickled his balls with my fingertips. His head arched back against my collarbone and I nuzzled his hair, smelling it.

Then Geoffy surprised me. He reached back between his bottom and my front, found the waistband of my shorts, and slid his hand inside. He found my erection and closed his hand around it. His was a smaller hand than mine, and that excited me.

He squeezed my dick, feeling up and down like I had his. He slid the skin up and down my shaft. And then he rolled toward me, onto his back, the back of his head resting on my arm.

We didn’t look at each other. I rested my forehead against the side of his head as we fondled one another… feeling, being felt. I could smell his breath, and I was sure he could smell mine.

I wanted to see him; I wanted to see his stiffy. I started to push the front of his shorts down. Geoffy lifted his hips, and, with his free hand, he helped me push them down onto his thighs. His stiffy sprung up, pointing up over his belly at an angle. He wasn’t circumcised and his foreskin covered his hood.

I closed my fingers around his shaft, two fingers under it and my thumb on top, and I slid the skin slowly down. His glans appeared; ruddy pink, damp. I slid his skin back up and it slid back over his crown. Fascinated, I began to jack him.

Geoffy held onto my dick with one hand and clutched my jacking forearm with his other. I jacked faster and his body tensed.

“Have you ever jacked off?” I asked.

He nodded, moving the side of his head against my forehead. “You do it better,” he said.

With the arm I had under the back of his head, I pulled him snuggly to me; his shoulder against my chest. I pressed the front of my shorts against his hip, trapping his hand against my erection.

His breathing grew shallow as I moved my fingers around his shaft, applying pressure to the underside, then slightly to the right, then to the left. I paused to rub the underside with my palm, sliding my fingers down onto his balls. Then I started stroking him again, and this time, I kept going.

I’d never come at his age, but David told me once that he had, and tried to describe a dry orgasm to me. I wanted to see one.

Geoffy’s hips began to move and he let go of my dick to hang on to my bicep with both hands. His legs parted even more. He planted one heel on the couch and hooked his other behind my leg, lifting his hips.

Suddenly, he went rigid, squeezing my arm hard. His body trembled. He went more rigid, and I slowed. He relaxed.

“Did you like it?” I whispered.

He nodded, leaning his head against mine, catching his breath.

With him still clinging to my arm, I let go of his dick to push my own shorts down onto my thighs. Then I hugged Geoffy’s side to me and rubbed my cock against his hip while I held him. He clung to my arm until I came, all over his side and my belly.

Letting go of my arm, he ran his fingers through my cum and lifted his fingertips to his nose. He sniffed.

“It’s my cum,” I told him.

He rubbed it in his fingers. “Feel’s funny.” He touched the end of his tongue and made a face, shuddering.

“Smart ass,” I said, and I tickled him.

He laughed and we wrestled, kicking off our shorts and underwear, and soon, we were wrestling naked on the couch, my cum between our naked bodies. As our bare legs tangled and our crotches rubbed against each other and against hips, we grew hard again.

We wound up with a leg between each other’s legs, humping against hips. I felt his buns up and he grabbed mine. Our hips rocked back and forth.

Geoffy’s eyes met mine. “Want me to do jack you off?” he asked

“Sure,” I told him, rolling us so I was on my back.

Geoffy tried to back down my body but got crowded by the end of the couch, so he reversed body positions, lying head-to-toe with me; him on his side with his tummy against my ribs and me on my back.

As he closed his hand around my dick and examined it more closely, his stiffy pressed at my shoulder and upper arm.

“It’s big,” he observed. “And warm.”

“Your dick’s gonna get big when you’re my age,” I told him.

I twisted at my hips to get a better, close-up look of Geoffy’s equipment. He was completely bald there; not a single pubic hair. The skin of his dick and balls was whiter than mine. When I skinned back his stiffy and stretched the skin back from his crown, the skin had a faint shine to it. I held my index finger along the length of his shaft. His shaft was quite a bit longer.

“Yep,” I told him. “I think you’ll have a good boner when you’re my age.”

“Not this big,” he said as he started up and down with his hand around my shaft.

I spread open his legs a little and explored between them with my fingers and eyes. His ballsack had tightened up and was wrinkly. I tickled it with my fingers. The skin was very soft. I ran one fingertip over it. Very, very soft.

His stiffy twitched.

I took the base of it between my thumb and forefinger and wiggled it around. I skinned it back again, and his crown was a deep pink. I had the sudden urge to suck the thing.

Now I’d honestly, never before, even remotely, had the urge to suck another guy’s dick. But as I lay there, looking at Geoffy’s naked stiffy, I had the thought that the first time a cock was sucked, it probably had less to do with some guy wanting to stick his dick in someone’s mouth and more to do with someone wanting to suck a dick. I sucked Geoffy’s.

His hand froze on my dick as I took the entire length of his dick into my mouth. I could feel the soft skin of his ballsack against my upper lip. His dick had a faint taste of urine, probably from under his foreskin, but mostly, it had no taste at all. Geoffy kept it pretty clean.

I had no idea how to give a blow job, but I liked sucking him, and so I just did that. However, Geoffy began to move his dick around in my mouth, and then in and out of my mouth.

At the same time, his hand on my dick resumed its motion up and down. He wasn’t paying much attention to it though. I knew he really liked what I was doing; his ten-year-old body was responding to it, and that got me worked up again.

It excited me enough that I replaced his hand on my dick, and I jacked myself while I sucked him. Geoffy’s hand wound up on my balls and he absent-mindedly fondled them while I sucked and jacked and he pumped his hips.

I came and kept sucking till Geoffy went through the shudders again.

We quietly cleaned up and pulled our shorts back on. I lay on my side to finish watching the movie and Geoffy backed up to me. The room began to feel cooler, and Geoffy pulled one of my mom’s throw blankets up over us. I held him to me and nuzzled his hair, and dozed off as we watched the end of the movie.


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