Jack Edwards

I left this account more in the correspondent's own words because the story comes from Australia, and I'm not good at writing Aussie. He proofed it for me, too, so any of your Australians out there who find fault, it wasn't me. :)



By the sixth grade, I was fairly big and well matured for my eleven years. I had a rapidly growing sexual interest, and… I was attracted to other boys.

I had never actually been intimate with another boy, but I was hopeful. I was tall and slim, with a good head of blondish hair. I knew I looked descent. My difficulty was that despite my looks and size, I was by nature, very insecure, quiet, and reserved. I had no idea how to act on my secretly developing yearnings.

Kevin came to the school from elsewhere that year. He was not much younger than me, but physically, he was quite a bit smaller.

I noticed him right away, because, unlike me, he was outgoing and full of self-confidence. He was impish and always up to something. He would sometimes do things I thought to be quite outrageous, and he invariably managed to get away with them. He wasn’t a particularly good looking boy, and yet, his eyes were very blue and he had a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of his nose. I thought he was cute.

There was an old, boys’ toilet block in a far back corner of the school playground, somewhat away from the prying eyes of teachers. It was there, during a lunch recess, that I first realized that Kevin had taken notice of me.

I was standing alone at one end of the old style, full length and height of the wall, urinal, using it for the normal purpose, when a group of four or five other boys came in. They all stood side-by-side farther along the urinal and indulged in some dirty talk together, which led instantly to a “best fart” competition.

Just then, Kevin walked in. With a grin, he stood beside me and unzipped. Noting that the other boys were so occupied out-farting each other that they had not even unzipped, Kevin issued a challenge.

“I bet,” he said, “that I can piss higher up this wall than any of you, smelly farts.”

I had almost finished pissing and was too embarrassed to compete anyway. But I had to stay and quietly watch. The bawdiness of it all turned me on and I stiffened up somewhat. Amongst all the skylarking, none of the others even noticed me. But I saw that despite his full involvement in the competition, Kevin seemed quite aware of my presence. He glanced down at my stiffness as I tucked away, and he flashed me a grin.

Flustered, I backed away from the urinal. Kevin easily pissed higher up the wall than any of the others. Amid the resulting howls, I left. It seemed like I should since I was the first there and didn’t want the other boys to think I was hanging around to watch their pissing contest.

The following morning, Kevin approached me on the Playground.

“I hear you’re in the scouts,” he said. “What’s it like? Do you think I’d like it?”

“Sure,” I said, and I proceeded to tell him all about scouting. Kevin listened and asked questions, but we quickly moved on to talk about other things; a lot of other things, like two boys do when they’re becoming friends.

As we headed in from the playground, he laid his hand up on my back.

“Next pissing contest, you try it,” he said. “As tall as you are, I bet you can hit the ceiling.”

The school had no assembly hall and Morning Assembly each day for general announcements involved standing in ranks by class in the playground. As Kevin and I became mates, he got into the habit of standing directly in front of me in the next forward rank during assemblies. Some days later, whilst standing “at ease” with hands clasped properly behind our backs, I was alarmed to realize that I was being playfully, but well and truly, groped by Kevin’s hands behind his back.

My alarm arose, not simply over the fact that this was happening out in the open and that, despite the closeness of our rows, any number of people might possibly notice what was occurring (even perhaps, teachers), especially since Kevin seemed to think it was great fun and kept chuckling to himself, but also because it was having a pretty obvious tenting effect on the front of my shorts.

He did it again the next day, and the next. Amazingly, he kept right on doing it virtually every day for some time… and I kept letting him! And yet, with only one exception, nobody ever indicated any awareness that it was happening.

We never talked about what he was doing to me at Assembly. It was simply another one of his outrageous stunts.

Because Kevin was new, our teacher seated him beside an older boy of about fourteen. Ross, was also newly moved to our class from the special learning disability class. Their desk was toward the back of the room and against the side wall. Ross sat next to the wall and Kevin sat on the aisle. As it happened, I sat across the aisle from Kevin.

Poor Ross wasn’t very fast, but he was, nevertheless, the one person who had seen, and apparently became quite excited by, Kevin’s assembly groping of me. Ross started trying, during class, to actually get his hands into Kevin’s shorts.

I noticed almost from the start. Because Kevin was my mate now, I stayed pretty much aware of him and what he was up to. I noticed Ross’ silent fumbling, reaching under the desk, and the shifting at the desk that the two did.

Trying to do so inconspicuously, I bent over my desk, attempting to see under theirs. Ross, seated against the wall, had his erect dick was out, and Kevin was jacking him. My eyes met Kevin’s and he grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

After a few moments, there was a final fumbling and shifting, and then they quieted down. I imagined that Ross had climaxed and put his dick away, and that gave me a powerful erection of my own.

It became a regular activity under the desk between the two of them. Again, I was amazed, given the number of times that I saw this happen, that the two of them were never caught.

Eventually, it was decided that Ross was not ‘coping’ in our class as had been hoped, and that he needed to complete the year back in the special learning class.

I was fairly pleased about that. I had been concerned that Ross, who had such little real understanding, could become a serious problem for Kevin. Much later, Kevin told me that he had concerns like those himself. Kevin did it, he said, for two reasons: to keep Ross happy, and to watch the effect on me. Aside from class, he never did anything else with Ross.

The effect on me was always substantial. Kevin noticed it, of course. And I noticed him noticing. Through a dozen subtle signals, I knew that he knew how interested I was. And I knew he was interested, too, though I had the impression that for Kevin, the interest was more about breaking taboos. For my part, I was so keen to try sex with a boy, that at times I thought of little else.

Yet we never talked outright about it, and I didn’t have the faintest idea what to do, or what would happen. I ached for it, but could never be the initiator.

I rode my bike to school and back home again every day. Kevin, an only child, was dropped off at school each day by his parents, who both worked. He walked home.

One day after school, he glanced down at my bike as we stood talking before each heading home, and he nodded at it.

“You any good at doubling on your bike?” he asked. “I’m usually home alone for hours after school before my mum and dad get home from work. If you double me home, we could spend some time together at my place.”

“Sure,” I told him. Though I’d never done much “doubling” before, Kevin wasn’t that big a bloke, and I was confident I could handle it. “I’ll simply have to let my mum know where I’ll be, and find my spare cycling helmet.”

I brought the extra helmet to school the next day.

After all the signals that had passed between us, I almost shook with anticipation all that day. I hoped something would happen at Kevin’s house.

After school, we strapped on our helmets. We loaded our school bags into the baggage rack on the rear of the bike. Then I climbed on, straddling the top bar. Kevin got onto the seat behind me, holding on to the back of the seat, under his bum.

I pushed off, and it was instantly hilarious.

I had to stand up whilst peddling, keep us both balanced, keep the bike going forward in a reasonably straight line and in the correct direction, and try to obey the road rules. The bike almost laid down on me with the first push.

Kevin grabbed on to the backs of my shoulders; his hands like vice grips.

“Oh, yeah, quite competent at doubling you are,” he quipped.

“Stuff it,” I told him, “and try to stay balanced.”

“Oh, me stay balanced. You’re the one who’s ‘sposed to manage the bike. Maybe I should ride on your back.”

“Quiet, or I’ll sit on you.”

We went back and forth, sometimes roaring in laughter at the same time as I fumbled for control of the bicycle. Gradually, however, I got the bike under control, and by half way to his place, the task had become no real problem for me.

Kevin, by then feeling more comfortable and safe enough to do so, took his hands from my shoulders and steadied himself by placing them on my hips instead. And then his grip ventured farther around my thighs to the point where one hand massaged my private package. As I peddled, Kevin pulled my bum back against his own package, and he managed to rub his stiffness up and down my arse crack as I moved.

By the time we reached his house, Kevin and I had noticeable tenting in the fronts of our shorts, and my body trembled slightly as I got off the bicycle. I couldn’t wait to get inside.

But we didn’t go into the house itself. Instead, Kevin had me wheel the bike down the drive along the side of the house, and into a large combination garage and shed in the back yard. I rested the bike against a workbench and turned to see that Kevin had closed the door and was pulling down a retractable ladder from the ceiling.

“This leads to my own private loft,” he told me. “My dad set it up for me as a rec-room when we moved here. Go on up.”

I started up the steps, and Kevin followed.

“Quite a view from down here,” Kevin quipped from below as we headed up. “Bit of an exhibitionist aren’t you? I can see straight up the legs of your shorts. Oh… is that a ruler in your underwear?”

At the top of the steps, I found myself in a perfect rec-room for a boy our age. Though small, it had good light from a couple of small windows, one of which had a good view of the driveway, yard and the back of the house – there would be ample time to ‘adjust’ if anyone approached.

There was a wall unit, with a TV and some video and game equipment, a table, and a bar fridge containing Cokes and other soft drinks. A floor rug covered the open area, and a toy box stood under the window onto the back of the house.

As Kevin stepped off the ladder, he retracted it again, and allowed the trapdoor to close. Then he came straight up behind me, and without a word, he put his arms around me and caressed my chest and belly through my shirt. I felt his stiff dick against my bum.

I squirmed around to face him and put my arms around him, too. Our hard packages pressed against each other, and I kissed him. I wanted to, so I kissed him, as simply as that. He kissed back.

Considering our total lack of any experience, the kiss which followed was very wet, and involved a lot of tongue, and it lasted a long, long time. Meanwhile, our hands explored and we rubbed very stiff groins heavily against each other. I was so excited that I literally shook all over, but I was in heaven. I grabbed his bum, wanting to hump harder as we kissed, and I suddenly came inside my shorts… and I kept right on kissing.

We pulled off school ties and shirts; our own and each other’s. We hugged bare chest to bare chest. We managed to kneel together, and then we were down on the rug. I straddled Kevin and held his arms down whilst I explored his chest and abdomen with my tongue. I had anticipated this for so long, and had so rehearsed it in my imagination that I knew what I wanted to do, and I didn’t hold back. I paid particular attention to his tiny nipples and the inny button on his tummy. He wriggled and squirmed.

I let go of his arms to undo and unzip his shorts. When I did, his fingers went into my hair, massaging my scalp.

I pulled his shorts down slowly, followed by his undies, and I got my first real look at him. Caught by the elastic waistband of his undies, Kevin’s circumcised dick slapped up against his belly. There was no hair at all, and his pink dick was actually small, perhaps three inches, hard. His balls were also small, but clearly developing, and in all, I thought his package was quite beautiful. In particular, I couldn’t believe how steel-hard he was, and yet, his dick was smooth and warm to the touch.

I handled it, feeling it, stroking him. My excitement was such that I took his dick, right into my mouth. I took all of him in. I even took his balls into my mouth as well.

I sucked on him and tried to do things I thought would feel good on his dick. He clutched at my hair and his head rolled from side to side. Kevin mumbled unintelligibly and he started to hump in and out of my mouth.

He came, but there wasn’t a lot of jism. And yet, I really did love every drop I got, and the feelings that I got from his climax were incredible.

His belly still heaving, Kevin clutch at my hair and shook his head slowly. “I never… felt… anything… like that!” he muttered, breathlessly.

I was hard and I wanted to keep going. I fondled his dick and played with it, trying to keep it stiff.

“Lay down this way,” Kevin said, motioning for me to shift into a sixty-nine position. When I did, he unfastened my shorts and pushed them and my jismed underwear down my legs. I lifted my hips and helped.

My dick was quite a bit bigger and thicker than his; perhaps four to four and a half inches long back then… pretty good for going on twelve. Like him, I was circumcised, but my balls had dropped and were egg shaped. My first sprinkling of pubic hair had started to grow.

He played with my equipment while I wanked him back to full mast. His hand, working on me, made my own dick incredibly hard.

Kevin managed to get on top of me, and although I still had access to his beautiful dick, he distracted me, because he worked my legs up in the air and then leaned between them to sniff at my arse crack. It seemed to interest him. He even poked at my pucker with his finger while licking my perineum and then my balls, taking them into his mouth, one at a time and rolling them around.

He let my legs drop, and he rolled onto his side, fondling my balls with one hand while stroking my dick with his other. I lay on my back, not really noticing the ceiling above me, but rather feeling the air between my bare legs, and Kevin’s hand on my balls, his other hand wanking my dick, his arm cocked over my thigh, and the warm skin of his chest against the side of my hip. With my hand, I idly fondled his dick, and then grabbed onto it as my orgasm hit.

My first shot had such force that I actually felt it hit my chin.

Kevin’s hand slowed and he let go of my dick. He came up into my arms and surprised me by using his tongue to clean up my chin. We embraced and kissed again, deeply. I could feel the rest of my jism squish between us.

When I cycled home that afternoon, I really needed a shower. But I was in a state of incredible euphoria.

I became quite proficient at doubling Kevin home from school on my bicycle. We did it every day.

Oh, and in a subsequent pissing contest, I did hit the top of the wall.


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