Jack Edwards



When I was sixteen, my parents bought a cabin on South McMillan Lake. My dad encouraged me to spend the summer there, which surprised me, because even though my dad made big bucks, I had worked every summer since I was twelve to earn my own money, and Dad always bragged about how hard a worker I was.

“Your mom wants to spend the summer at the lake,” he explained, “and I can only come up on weekends, at least until August. I want you to look after her. I’ll get you a boat that you can take out on the lake to swim or fish. I’ll make sure you have the money you need this coming year. You’re only sixteen, David; take the summer off.”

I frowned. “Are there girls?” I asked.

I’d just broken up with Tricia, my girlfriend for almost a year, when she finally got fed up with my flirting with other girls. Despite my flirting, Tricia was the only girl I’d ever had sex with… which, of course, was sort of why I was flirting with other girls.

Tricia and I had been screwing for about five months before the breakup, and it had been almost a month since then. I was suffering severe withdrawal, and my flirting had taken on a desperate tone. Getting laid, and getting laid a lot, were my plans for the summer. I figured my chances were best at home. So that’s why I asked if there were girls.

Dad laughed. “I’m sure you’ll find out fast enough, stud,” he said, laughing. “And if there aren’t, you can come back on weekends.”

My dad was a jock growing up, and was still hugely into sports. My success in high school sports, my looks (six feet at sixteen, a mop of brown hair that tended to fall over my eyes… pale green eyes), and my popularity with girls were also things Dad was proud of. After me, my mom couldn’t have more kids, and Dad always said it was okay because they got everything they wanted in me. I wanted to never disappoint my dad.

The first weekend after the end of school, Dad drove his fully-loaded Suburban, and I drove Mom in her Mercedes, up to the cabin. Behind his Suburban, Dad pulled a new, eighteen-foot john boat with a small, Mercury outboard motor.

I’d never seen the lake because I was always busy the weekends Mom and Dad went up to look it over. I didn’t expect much. But the day we went up was cloudless and the sun was brilliant. When we crested the last hill, and looked down on the sparkling blue lake, surrounded by green, tree-covered hills, I actually thought I might be able to get by without girls… at least for a little while.

The road curved into trees and I caught only glimpses of the lake, especially since I was driving and had to keep my eyes on the unfamiliar road. We came to a large cove, around which half a dozen cabins nestled in the trees, each with its own dock. Mom directed me to the second cabin.

After unloading the vehicles, I stripped to my swimsuit to take the john boat to the local boat ramp. We put it in the water, and then Dad returned the Suburban to the cabin; I returned the boat.

As I tied up the boat on our dock, I noticed a boy and girl venture out onto the dock of the farthest cabin around the cove. From a distance, they looked to be slender, both blond, and perhaps slightly younger than me. The boy waved. I returned the wave.

It seemed like only moments later that the two showed up at our cabin door. The girl, Bethany, was almost fifteen, and she was hot. First, she was pretty, with deep blue eyes, shoulder-length, pale-blond hair, and an innocent smile. But it was her body that was really hot. She came dressed in short shorts and a string bikini top – that entire summer, I only saw her in a regular shirt or blouse only a handful of times. Her breasts were firm mounds, and her hips were rounded. Her slender thighs had a gap between them at the top, the way thin girls sometimes do; the kind of gap you wanted to cover with your hand.

What was remarkable, though, was that her brother, Luke, who had just turned thirteen, was prettier than she was. He was the prettiest boy I had ever seen.

His shoulder-length hair was almost white, fine, and surprisingly thick for a blond. He parted it in the middle and combed it straight back. His eyebrows were almost white as well, but his eyelashes were long, thick, and black. His eyes were deeply blue. The planes of his cheeks looked soft, with a very light down of white peach fuzz at the backsides of his jawbone. Luke wore only shorts and my eyes were drawn to his tiny pink nipples and flat belly. He had wide little shoulders, an amazingly slender waist, and long, thin legs. Though he was three years younger than me, he stood only three inches shorter.

I’d always thought of myself as straight, but it was impossible not to stare at Luke for a moment. Soon, though, my gaze returned to Bethany’s exciting body. It took determination to keep my tongue in my mouth. I caught my dad watching me, and he looked amused.

They hung around that afternoon. I borrowed my mom’s car to drive around the lake with Bethany sitting in front with me and Luke leaning between the two front seats, right at my shoulder. Every time I looked over, his big blue eyes were right there.

All afternoon, whenever I looked his way, his eyes were on me like a puppy waiting for a boy to play fetch with.

That evening, my dad took my mom and me to eat at a restaurant that overlooked the north end of the lake.

“So,” my dad said with a grin. “There’s at least one girl here, huh, David?”

I nodded, wondering if my dad knew what I was already doing with Bethany in my imagination.

“She’s very cute,” my mom observed. “And she likes you. Her little brother, though, adores you. I haven’t seen such an obvious case of hero worship in ages.”

Dad nodded. “I wondered if the boy might have some queer tendencies. You could be good for him, David. Take him fishing or hiking. Play catch. Introduce him to sports. Teach him to do ‘guy’ things.”

I shifted uneasily. Luke’s obvious admiration for me had been unsettling. Once or twice, I even caught him looking at me a little like the way I was looking at his sister; his eyes on my body. It was unsettling because he really was a pretty boy, and I’d never done anything with guys. I hadn’t even thought about doing anything with another boy since I had a crush on my best friend in junior high.

Dad smiled sympathetically. “I know he’s younger and not the type of boy you’d normally choose for a friend, David,” he said, and then grinned. “But if you befriend him, you will get to see more of his sister.”

It didn’t particularly take any befriending. Luke was back the next morning… for the entire day. I didn’t mind though. I actually liked Luke and was flattered by his attention. And I did see more of Bethany.

She had two friends from down the road. One girl, April, was Bethany’s age. The other, Suzanne, was a petite girl; thirteen like Luke. They both dressed like Bethany in bikinis and shorts, though neither was quite as cute. But, like we used to say, I wouldn’t kick either out of my bed.

I couldn’t figure Bethany out. She didn’t exactly act like a virgin, but she didn’t tease much. She was almost tomboyish at times. I wondered if she dressed as sparsely as she did as much for comfort as to be sexy. For some reason, I liked her even more if she did; and found her more exciting.

When we ate with them, or I drove the girls to what passed for a town close by, the sides of our bare legs touched, and she didn’t pull her leg away. Once, when I looked into her eyes, her eyes dilated widely, the way girl’s eyes do when they get “moon-eyed” over a boy. But other times, it was as if I wasn’t even there and she was all involved with her friends.

At the same time, when he could, Luke sat beside me and rested his leg against mine the way I liked to rest the side of my leg against Bethany’s. And I let him, because I liked the feel of his leg. When our eyes met, more than once, his dilated widely, just like his sister’s had that one time. Sometimes, I thought, perhaps my eyes did as well when I looked at him. And something else… Luke got hard-ons; at least around me. He evidently had a big cock and he had such compact hips; his hard-ons showed.

Bethany and her friends wore string bikinis. They wore them when we swam, and especially when they were wet, I could see their cracks through them, particularly Bethany’s pronounced mound, as if large genitals ran in her and Luke’s family.

The girls clung to me in the water, and Suzanne brushed my erection several times. I was glad I chose not to wear my speedos, or I would have ripped the front out of them.

Luke wore his speedos, though. The kid was hung; it was obvious. And he had a great little butt that flexed provocatively as he walked. He clung to me in the water, too, and I felt his erection brush my butt as his long, slender legs brushed the backs of mine.

For two full days, we were constantly together, most of the time in our swimsuits, bare flesh often brushing bare flesh, Luke’s and the girls’ butts so visible through the thin fabric speedos and bikinis, Luke and me sprouting boners and hiding them.

I was getting so horny, I felt delirious. Those first couple of nights, I lay in bed, undressing Bethany in my imagination and making love to her as I jacked off. I wanted to lay her so bad. I wanted to caress her firm breasts and to feel her legs around my hips as I buried my shaft in the velvet of her vagina; not in a dream, but in reality. But then I did dream, in my sleep the second night, and it was Luke I dreamed of. He came naked into my arms and I held his warm body to mine, and I spunked in my bed as my lips met his in my sleep.

The third morning, I showed up at their cabin before Luke had a chance to come to mine. I woke with horniness like a low-grade fever. Luke and I went fishing that morning, and Bethany wanted to come as well. I love fishing, and even with her in the boat, I felt like my head cleared for awhile.

But when the sun was well up, Bethany asked me to put sun lotion on her back. I was sitting in the middle of the boat at that point, and she was in front. She turned her back to me, and I spread lotion onto my hand.

“Pass it to me, David,” Luke said from behind, “and I’ll put some on you.”

I took my time with Bethy. It was about the fourth time since I’d met them that I put lotion on her, and, each time, she let me spread it a little farther. I spread it up the sides and back of her neck, over her shoulders and upper arms and onto the backs of her shoulders.

At the same time, Luke’s hands moved admiringly over my own shoulders, neck, and back. He had long fingers, and their touch, inside my neck and on my flanks, caused my gut to tighten.

“Let me untie your top, Bethy,” I said in a thick voice, “so I can do your back better.” Then I held my breath. It was a string bikini after all; hardly in the way.

Silently, Bethany untied it and then held the front to her breasts.

My fingers shook as I laid them onto her back. I spread lotion down her back and then onto her sides, sweeping up to the sides of her breasts, then farther onto the sides of her breasts.

Luke’s fingers spread lotion under the back of my waistband and then followed the inside of my waistband around to the front. I paused for only a moment as they pressed low on my belly.

“Thanks, David,” Bethy said, leaning forward from my fingers. She tied her top back in place.

Luke’s hands returned up my sides, caressing, more than spreading lotion.

“Want me to do your legs, Bethy?” I asked, hopefully.

“No,” she called back with a strained cheerfulness. “I’m fine.”

“I’ll do your legs, David,” Luke offered.

For a moment, the picture of Luke’s long fingers working up my legs froze me.

“Please?” he asked softly.

“Sure,” I answered, trying to sound casual, friendly. Instead, it came out as a croak.

I turned on the middle thwart and extended my legs on each side of his hips where he was sitting on the aft thwart. My dick was hard and showed as I planted my hands on my, middle thwart and eased my bottom toward Luke for him to work on my legs. I really wasn’t trying to tease him. I tried to act normally.

Luke stared down at the lump in my shorts and swallowed hard. From the front of the boat, Bethany cast her line. She was actually a good fisherman… or girl. As her line played out, Luke squirted lotion onto his finger and then wrapped his hands around my right leg, just above my knee.

He glanced past me to the front of the boat. I wondered if Bethy was watching. His eyes dropped to my right leg and his hands caressed my thigh.

“How did you get such strong legs?” he asked quietly.

I lifted my eyes from the obvious bulge in his shorts to meet his eyes. The sun glistened in the fine white hair on his temples.

“Sports,” I guessed. “I’m on all the teams.”

“I bet so,” Luke said softly. “You look like a jock.”

His hands worked higher up my thigh, under and over it. Bethany made her next cast. Luke’s fingers went into the leg of my shorts, all the way up until they brushed my balls through my briefs. I watched his hand disappear inside the leg of my shorts, and I forgot to breathe.

He worked there, in the crease inside my leg and up onto my hip before switching to my other leg. He did the same there, his fingers lingering even after he was clearly done.

“Shall I do yours?” I asked in a thick voice.

Luke nodded emphatically.

I took the lotion from him and worked some between my palms, then I started on his long, left thigh. His skin there was hairless and soft. I found myself caressing his leg much like I would a girl’s; much like he had done mine.

I worked up his leg slowly. He leaned back onto his hands, easing his bottom forward on the seat for me. I could see his erection clearly outlined in his shorts, pointing out the side. I slid my fingers up into the leg hole of his shorts and up to the top of his thigh. He wore no underwear.

I ran my fingertips along the crease of his leg and the edge of his scrotum. I slipped my fingers down under his balls. I could feel the seam of his perineum. I pressed it, and Luke tensed. He went rigid, except for the front of his shorts, where I could actually see his erection pulse. A wet spot spread on his shorts from the end of his dick.

My mouth went dry, and I quickly moved my hands to his other thigh. Luke’s head lolled back and he relaxed as I worked up his other leg. I grew even harder because this pant leg would take me closer to that wet spot.

But then Luke lifted his head and his eyes dropped to his shorts. When he saw the wet spot, he gasped and covered it by crossing his forearms over it and leaning up. He blushed red enough for me to notice in the bright daylight. I couldn’t believe he didn’t know the wet spot would show. I smiled, patted the side of his leg and winked. I’d certainly ‘been there, done that’.

“Turn around, dude,” I said, “and I’ll do your back.”

Luke smiled gratefully and turned his back to me. He had a long, slender back; the hard, firm back of a youth. His spine bones showed low, where he bent over. I knelt up in the bottom of the boat to do a better job, and, as I worked on him, Luke hummed. I could barely hear it; a hum as soft as the pure of a cat. He’d done it the first few times I put lotion on him, too. I wasn’t sure he was even conscious of doing it, but it was obvious, he enjoyed my touch.

They had one of those big, round trampolines in their backyard, and that night, we lay out on it to watch the stars. It was a warm night, and we were still in our swimsuits.

Their parents were inside, watching TV, and the yard was dark. We had turned off all the outside lights to, “see the stars better”, and they glittered above us in a dazzling array. I lay between Bethy and Luke, wanting to do some serious necking with Bethy, but unsure of her response because of Luke’s presence.

Bethy knew the stars and pointed out constellations. I rolled up onto my side, facing her, and laid my hand on her bare belly. Her head rolled toward me and her eyes, glistening in the starlight and lights off the lake, met mine. I lowered my mouth to hers.

I felt her tummy heave under my hand as our mouths opened and I probed into hers with my tongue. I rubbed over her belly and higher as our mouths worked. The trampoline shifted, and I realized that Luke had shifted up onto his side when I felt his hand lay gently on the side of my waist and his lips press the back of my neck.

This was crazy! What was he thinking?

Not wanting to spoil the mood with Bethany, I tried to ignore Luke, but breath from his nostrils ran down my spine and I shuddered.

I probed more deeply into Bethany’s mouth with my tongue and covered her breast with my palm. Her chest rose under my hand. At the same moment, Luke’s hand slid from the side of my waist and down onto my belly.

I caressed Bethy’s breast through her bikini top, and she pushed my hand away.

“I better go inside,” she said. “It’s getting a little cold out here.”

‘Dick teaser’, I thought, but I wasn’t as resentful as I might have been. Luke’s body was spooning me from behind, and, as his sister walked into the house, his hand slipped from my belly into the front of my swimsuit. It closed around my dick.

“Dude!” I murmured, rolling back toward him. I rolled onto my back and my eyes met his, briefly. He was little more than a shadow in the darkness. Strands of his fine hair blew across the stars on a breeze I barely felt. His hand squeezed my cock, Luke bent and kissed the middle of my chest. Then he kissed my left nipple before sucking on it.

With a moan, I laid one hand on his back and ran my fingers into his soft hair. He sucked my left nipple while fondling my cock until I was shifting uneasily, and then he sucked my right nipple. The trampoline shifted as Luke scooted down alongside me, keeping his mouth on my nipple. His hand loosened the drawstring on my swimsuit and then, with the side of his face resting on my belly, he pushed down the waistband of my swimsuit. Without even thinking about it, I lifted my hips and felt air on my balls as he pushed my swimsuit down onto my thighs.

Luke’s warm, wet mouth closed over my cock and I froze. I felt his tongue on my dick and my crown. I gasped. My fingers clutched the back of his head and his side just under his armpit.

I felt his soft hair on my belly. His head bobbed under my hand. I felt the friction of his tongue on my shaft. His hands caressed the insides of my thighs; his fingers lifted my balls. He’d done this before.

If Luke hadn’t been half so good, I still wouldn’t have lasted long. He didn’t even pause, though, when I shot into his mouth. He sucked me dry and then lay there with the side of his face resting on my belly as he played with my still-thick cock.

I lay there, looking up at the stars, not really thinking; not thinking at all, but simply feeling the night and the pleasure of Luke’s long fingers as they stroked over my dick, my balls and the inside of my thighs, and as I felt a strange comfort stroking his hair and back while his head rested on my belly.

But then Luke shifted, kneeling up beside my legs. He pulled my swim suit down my legs and completely off, then he knelt between my legs and lowered his face to my crotch. I felt his tongue and lips between my scrotum and the inside of my thigh. I pulled my knees up, planting my feet wide on the trampoline and opening my legs to him. His tongue licked swaths up my perineum. I moaned. He licked up onto my balls, licking over my entire scrotum. I grew rock hard again. He licked up the underside of my shaft, and then his mouth closed over my crown.

He nursed on my dick; slowly this time, while my fingers again stroked his hair, and I gazed at the stars and the lights of planes that flew high over our heads. When I came the second time, it was as in a dream of a warm night and high stars and Luke’s mouth sucking quietly.

He was naked when he came up on my side. At some point, he had shed his swimsuit. His erection pressed the top of my thigh as he kissed my chest and then nuzzled into the side of my neck. I held him as he sucked on the side of my neck and ground his erection inside my hipbone until he came and I felt his cum squirt up my belly.

He relaxed onto me and kissed in front of my ear. I stroked his long, slender back and ran my hand over his rounded, little bottom. I wondered what had just happened and how it had happened so easily.

I marveled at how natural his naked body felt on mine. His body was denser than Tricia’s had been. His skin was just as soft, but his back was firmer… so were his buns. His hair, as the fine strands blew gently across my face, smelled better than Tricia’s; he smelled better.

I was glad it happened. I liked Luke from the beginning, and in that moment, in the dark, I decided to simply accept it. I kissed his hair and stroked his back.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked softly.

I shook my head. “Did I act mad?”

Luke chuckled dreamily and nuzzled into the side of my face.

“You’ve had sex with guys before,” I observed.

“Not like this,” he murmured softly.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” I said, gazing up at the sky, thinking.

“Did you like it?”


He hugged onto me and then relaxed like he might fall asleep on me, both of us naked. I lifted my head. Lights were out inside the house. His family had gone to bed.

I laid my head back down. I still wanted sex with Bethy, but I didn’t feel feverish about it. I felt surprisingly content. It occurred to me that a large degree of my sexual tension had been for Luke.

I did still want sex with Bethy, right? If I had sex with Bethy, would Luke be jealous? How would he take it? Would Bethy even let me, or was she simply a ‘dick teaser’?

I dozed off.

A breeze picked up. I was warm because of Luke’s warm body on mine, but it was late. I patted his bottom.

“I better go home,” I told him.

He groaned.

“I have to sometime,” I said. “We don’t want someone catching us like this.”

Luke stirred reluctantly and lifted himself off me. But then, kneeling on all-fours over me, he bent over my face and kissed my lips gently.

“Nite, nite, Davey,” he whispered, and then he sat back onto his haunches. He tossed me my suit and gathered up his own. We pulled them on before hopping off the trampoline.

“Well,” I told him awkwardly. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He came into my arms and I held him, cheek-to-cheek in the light breeze, grateful to have him back in my arms. He felt so good there. But finally, I patted his bottom.

“Tomorrow, dude,” I told him, turning to head out to the road around the cove.

His hand caught mine and held it briefly. He gave it a squeeze. It felt so different, holding a boy’s hand. I squeezed back, and then headed for home. I felt happy.

I woke happy. And I woke with a hard-on. I lay there, going over everything we did the night before. I’d never been able to talk Tricia into giving me a blow job. I wondered now if a girl would know to do the things Luke did. What if he wanted me to suck his dick? My brow furrowed as I gazed at the ceiling. I wasn’t sure I could suck another boy’s dick.

I pissed and then went for breakfast. My mom told me her plans for the day, and I was pretty much free to do what I wanted. I headed straight for Luke’s.

“We’re writing a play,” Bethy told me happily. She and her two girl friends sat around their kitchen table. “Would you like to help, David?”

“I told them we’d probably go hiking,” Luke quickly told me with a hopeful smile.

I grinned. “Hiking sounds good to me.”

“You’re still going to be in the play,” Bethany warned us, “but if you don’t help write it, you can’t complain about the characters you two have to play.”

“Fine by me,” Luke said, already turning for the door.

We wore only shorts, hiking boots, and fanny packs. Luke took the lead, and, as we climbed into the hills around the lake, my eyes lingered on Luke’s backside, more than the surrounding terrain. He broke a sweat and his slender back glistened in the sunlight. The muscles in his back worked back and forth with each step. His long, slender leg muscles worked under the flesh of his thigh. I found myself both admiring the perfection of his body and being turned on by it.

We talked about a lot of things but avoided any discussion of the night before. Luke was smart and knew a surprising amount about sports. He liked basketball, and he should, I thought, considering his height for his age.

My cock grew hard from time to time, with expectation mainly. And then we came into a grassy clearing in the trees atop a small hill.

“Want a break?” Luke asked, turning to me. He smiled widely, and his deep-blue eyes twinkled.

My answer was to do something I’d thought about doing since he kissed my lips the night before. I pulled him hard into my arms; one arm over his shoulder, one around his back. I covered his mouth with mine and kissed him desperately. I kissed my first boy; a very pretty boy.

Luke wrapped his arms around me and opened his mouth to mine. Our bellies were sweaty and slid a fraction of an inch as we pressed them together. I probed into his mouth with my tongue, hungrily.

We grew hard and our hardnesses pressed. I slid my hand from his back down to his bottom and into the back of his shorts. His butt was wet with sweat, smooth, but firm… so different from Tricia’s.

His hands went between us to my waist. He unfastened my fanny pack and it fell to the ground; the same with my shorts; I had worn no underwear, like him. I unfastened his and got my first good look at his erection as we poked each other in the belly with our hard-ons. Mine was longer, but not much, considering I was three years older. Luke was hung. I imagined some hell of a Viking king somewhere in Luke’s background, and I wondered how tall Luke was going to be.

The feeling of his cock in my hand surprised me. Did mine feel like that to him, big, boney, but soft skinned and warm? And yet, Luke was definitely no older than thirteen. He barely had a pubic patch; his legs and forearms had only fine, baby hair.

We caught our breath, resting our sweaty cheeks against one another’s. I looked around for a good patch of ground to lie down on.

“I brought lotion,” Luke softly said. “You can fuck me.”

My mouth went dry. “Your butt?”

Luke nodded. “Yeah. You want to?”

I ran a hand over his bare bottom. It was so small, firm, compact, and perfectly rounded. His skin was absolutely smooth and soft, more so than Tricia’s.

“Yeah,” I said, hoarsely.

Luke squatted down and retrieved suntan cream from his fanny pack. “I’ve only done this a few times with my friend back home, and you’re a lot bigger than him,” he said, standing up with the cream. “So go slowly, okay?”


Luke opened the cream and took some onto his fingers. Grinning and watching for my reaction, he spread the cream onto my dick and worked it up and down my shaft. We stepped from our shorts, and Luke moved under a smooth-bark tree. He rubbed suntan cream into his bottom before bending over from the waist to set it on the ground.

I thought of the old saying about not bending over in the shower as I stared at his bottom. My cock twitched. His legs were slightly parted and I could see his balls dangling down between them. His crack was open enough for me to see his pink pucker.

“Oh, geez,” I murmured.

Luke laughed, rising to his feet. He stepped closer to the tree and leaned forward to grasp the trunk with his hands. He widened his stance and backed his butt toward me.

“Oh, shit, Luke!” I murmured. Grabbing him by the hips I rubbed my dick up and down his crack.

“Remember to go slow,” Luke reminded me.

I took the base of my cock in my hand, bent my knees to angle up, and pressed my cockhead to his pucker. He held firm, and I pressed in, slipping, slippery inside him. It was way different from Tricia, who I had never screwed standing up. Luke’s butt was looser inside and not the velvety sheath of Tricia’s vagina. But he was warm inside and the ring of his sphincter was deliciously tight as it passed down my shaft. I eased all the way in until the back of his balls dangled against the front of mine. I pressed my hips forward to feel them better. The sensations were so different from with Tricia… the outsides of his long legs between my thighs, the sight of his butt flatten in my lap, his firm back under my caressing hands… Luke’s young male body delighted me in ways Tricia’s body never did.

I bent over him, wrapping my arms under him to slide my palms up and down his belly and chest. “Damn,” I whispered. “You’re better than a girl.”

“You can go ahead,” Luke encouraged. “It’s starting to feel good.”

I ground in with my hips, flattening his butt firmly with my lap, pressing my length completely inside him. “Really? It feels good?” I asked thickly.


I kissed the back of his neck, low. “I don’t know if I can suck a guy’s dick,” I confessed to him, “but if this really feels good for you, maybe I’ll let you fuck my butt, too.”

“I’ll make it feel good for you,” Luke promised. “Like you’re doing for me.”

“I’m making it feel good?”

“Yeah,” he said, and clutching the tree in both hands, he banged back against my thrusts.

“Oh, that feels good,” I murmured. I straightened up again. I grabbed his hips and watched his bottom as I banged him and he banged back. Each impact sent a little tremor through the globes of his bottom.

Luke stood up more upright and leaned back toward me. He twisted at the waist and looked back over his shoulder. I wrapped an arm under his belly and pulled him back to me to kiss him.

“Is it okay to come inside you?” I asked, thrusting.


“Good, ‘cause I’m gonna pretty soon.”

“Go for it,” Luke said, leaning forward again to grasp the tree and bang back at me.

Holding his hips, I leaned back, banging and grinding and watching until I drove hard up into his butt and and his sphincter gripped the base of my shaft as I pumped out huge load inside him.

We stayed together. He leaned back again and I wrapped my arms around him. His head rolled back on my shoulder and we kissed. His butt held me snuggly.

“Stay hard,” he whispered. “You’ll like it better when I do you if you stay hard.”

I ground in him, savoring the sensations, staying hard. Then I pulled out and squatted, wet erection wagging between my legs as I picked up the sun cream. Facing Luke, I greased up his cock, smiling. We kissed and I stroked him. He stroked me.

I turned to face the tree and leaned forward, grabbing onto the trunk. “Go for it,” I told him.

Laying a hand on my back, Luke rubbed cream into my butt crack. Then he positioned himself behind me and I waited, expectantly. I felt his wet cockhead in my crack and then at my sphincter. Holding my hip with one hand, he guided himself up my butt.

“Holy shit!” I gasped, going up on my toes. “You feel huge.”

“Just relax,” he said soothingly, rubbing my side. “You can get used to it, and it won’t hurt if you relax.”

Closing my eyes, I forced myself to relax and slowly eased down off my toes. Luke slid slowly inside me until I felt his lap against my butt. “You all in?” I asked.

He pulled on my hip bones, pulling my butt hard into his lap. “Now I am,” he said.

As much as the sensations up my butt, the pleasure of being fucked by a thirteen-year-old boy was… surprising. And then he began to move forward and back inside me. My breath caught.

“You feel good, Davey,” he murmured.

I believed him because I remembered how good he felt to me. As he moved, I got other good feelings. It took a while, though. It hurt at first, but I wanted to do it. I tried bumping back against him the way he did me, and, at that angle, he started bumping my prostate. I moaned and kept the angle.

I grasped my erection and stroked and started feeling as though I might come again, but Luke came first, whimpering beside my ear, and I felt my insides grow even more slippery.

We kissed again. Kissing Luke was far more exciting than kissing Tricia had ever been. In all the heat of Luke and me kissing, there was also an equality and a growing friendship.

Holding our shorts and fanny packs in one hand, we took each other’s free hand and Luke led us, naked, down the back of the hill to a small, isolated cove that he knew of, where we washed off our dicks and butts.

A thin strip of gravel ran along the water’s edge, but just in from that was a patch of soft grass. We laid on it to sun; me on my back and Luke lying on my side like he had the night before. It’s the way we would lay many times that summer.

We did our first sixty-nine on that grass that afternoon, and I found that I liked sucking his cock.

It’s funny, but I never did have sex with Bethany that summer. I was sort of in love with Luke, and we stayed constantly together.

Our parents acted a little worried when we began sleeping over with each other more and more and locked the doors to our bedrooms, but they never stopped us, and I’ll always be grateful for that.


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