Jack Edwards



I’ve never told anybody about this, not online. I’m not sure people will believe me for one thing, and I don’t want people from “The Group” tracking me down for another. (I’ll call them The Group, but they go by another name.)

Most people consider The Group a cult, though we didn’t think of it that way, growing up in it. We were a surprisingly religious group on the face of it, and a lot of people donated to us because they thought we were missionaries. But there was one important difference to The Group. We were taught that free and open sex was a natural expression of love. In The Group, sex was everywhere; love wasn’t.

Even young girls were expected to share their “love” with any of the men in The Group who wanted it. It didn’t always work well, of course. There were couples who tried to stay together. And there was a pecking order at each of The Group’s compounds, and within the entire organization itself. The leaders at each compound were more privileged, even with sexual favors – especially with sexual favors – than those lower down in the ranks.

That’s how Angie had it in for my dad. He was the leader at our compound in Puebla, Mexico and he made Angie something of his consort. She was sixteen at the time, and she resented him. That’s why she decided to make me gay.

I don’t think that was her idea exactly, to begin with. She just thought it would be amusing for my dad to find me sucking dicks with another boy. In The Group, there was pretty much only one sexual sin… homosexuality. They later backed off that. They later reformed a lot of things. But this was earlier on.

Angie was a bit of a governess for me. I remember her giving me and my buddy, Mikey, baths when we were still three or four. She’d wash us, dry us off, and then suck on our dicks until we had dry orgasms or she grew tired. My dad expected her to do that. He’d heard somewhere that giving little boys frequent, long-lasting hard-ons made their cocks grow bigger, and, too, I was the leader’s son. I was stud apparent.

You have to understand the place of sex in The Group; it was everywhere. I remember watching my dad screw Angie or my mom or other girls, almost before I could walk. At least one night a week, the adults had a “praise” session which would turn into an orgy. The youth had their own sessions, which started out with praise songs and dancing. The teenagers would grow increasingly ecstatic until clothes flew off and the session broke down into group sex. Because my dad was a leader, he expected Angie to make a stud out of me from the beginning. When I hit puberty, it was expected that I’d have my choice of girls anytime I wanted.

When I was about five, Dad ran afoul of the big leader… I’ll call him Big Ben. Anyway, Big Ben got mad at my dad and put him in charge of a smaller compound near Cuernavaca, still in Mexico. Dad took my mom, Angie, and several others with him, including me, Mikey and Mikey’s mom.

I was glad Mikey was coming, too. He was like a brother to me. We were the same age, and we were each other’s shadow. Who knows, in the environment of the group, perhaps we were brothers.

Angie didn’t want to go to Cuernavaca; she wanted away from dad, but he took her along, too. That’s when she got her idea for getting Dad back, just a little. She was still bathing Mikey and me from time to time, and one night when it was just the three of us, she got Mikey and me hard and then told us that we never had to wait for girls to suck our dicks for us. We could suck each other’s any time we wanted. She then proceeded to lay us into a sixty-nine and taught us how to suck each other’s dick.

I liked it even better than when Angie did it. I had that feeling for Mikey that little boys have for each other when they walk around with their arms over each other’s shoulders, feeling like buddies, in an all’s-right-with-the-world type of camaraderie. Mikey was my best friend. Lying there, sucking his stiffy while he sucked mine not only felt good, it was a great thing for five-year-old best friends to do.

Angie probably intended for us to get caught by my dad right off and I’m sure she anticipated the resulting explosion with relish. Maybe it was an innate sense, but Mikey and I knew better than to suck dicks out in the open. We found private places and times, and sucked to our hearts’ content.

One of the things no one outside The Group knew for a long time, and something outsiders found most difficult to believe, was that boys and girls in some of the compounds were started sleeping with each other anywhere from when they were six years old on. In our small group, there were only a couple of other girls close to our age, and they were a year or so younger, so Mikey and I had been sucking each other’s dicks for almost two years – with a few close calls – before the first time they had me sleep with Anna.

I was almost seven and she was six. First, they laid the two of us on the floor, naked, in a small meeting room which was basically a living room. All the adults were there, seated on couches and chairs around the room. Some were already naked.

Noel, one of the women, knelt down beside Anna, and Angie knelt down beside me. Noel spread Anna’s legs and rubbed on her bare little pussy. Angie fondled my dick to get it hard. Then she spread KY on it.

With me on my back, they had Anna straddle my hips, and Noel guided my dick up into Anna’s little vagina. They sat her down into my lap, my dick going up inside her, and then caressed her body as she got used to the intrusion. They had her wiggle around on me until she told them it felt good. Then they had her lay on her back and open her legs to me, and they laid me on top of Anna and guided my dick inside her again. They told me how to hump my hips.

They put us to bed together that night; Anna and me. The next night, they put us in bed together again and taught her how to fondle my dick to make it hard. They taught me how to rub on Anna’s pussy to make it warm and puffy. Then they taught us how to position ourselves and they had Anna guide my dick into her vagina.

That same night, they took Mikey and little Juanita into the smaller meeting room. Juanita had just turned six. They taught Mikey and Juanita the same things they taught Anna and me.

So the four of us started sleeping together in two beds in one room. One night, I’d sleep with Anna, and the next, I’d sleep with Juanita, while on the other bed, Mikey slept with the girl I didn’t sleep with. I liked Anna better, but they made us alternate.

“Do you and Mikey still suck each other’s dicks?” Angie had asked from time to time. She asked again about a week after we started sleeping with the girls.

Mikey was with me and we looked at each other. I shrugged. There was no reason to not tell Angie. “Yeah, we did this morning. We still like doing it,” I told her.

The truth was, we still liked doing it a lot. And now that Mikey and I were seven, we were loosing the chunkiness of little kids and becoming skinny boys. We liked each other, and we liked each other’s bodies fully as much as we liked those of the girls.

“You know,” Angie told us, “you can screw each other, just like you screw Anna and Juanita.”

“How?” Mikey asked, skeptically.

Angie bit her lip, as if considering. “Come with me to my room,” she said decisively. “We’ll tell everyone you want to make love to a ‘big girl’.” She grinned at me. “Your dad will be proud.”

Several minutes later, Mikey and I were naked on our bellies on Angie’s bed; a double size bed with soft sheets and the faint smell of perfume. She had a lubed finger up each of our butts, probing for our baby prostates as she explained boy anatomy.

“It feels okay, doesn’t it?” she asked, soothingly.

Mikey and I were watching each other’s faces, and we nodded at the same time.

“What boys can do,” she said softly, “is take turns putting their dicks up each other’s butts to make each other feel good. You wanna try it?”

Again we nodded.

“Mikey,” she said, “why don’t you try it first. Sit up and I’ll put some KY on your dick.”

Mikey sat up, and I waited expectantly. A moment later, Mikey straddled the backs of my thighs and leaned forward onto his hands as Angie guided his finger-sized stiffy up my butthole.

His dick didn’t hit the spot the way Angie’s finger had managed to do, but as his weight settled on me, his dick felt good inside me, and Mikey’s body felt good lying on mine. He felt different from the girls, partly because he and I felt differently about each other, and partly because he was a boy and his body felt different.

Mikey wrapped his arms under my chest and pumped his hips like he did with the girls. I reached back with my hands along our sides, feeling his sides and his pumping bottom. It felt good.

Angie rubbed the back of my head, then the back of Mikey’s. “You boys like this?” she asked. We both answered, “Uh-hm.”

After a while, we traded and I held onto Mikey’s shoulders while I lay on top of him and worked my dick in and out of his bottom. He did feel different from the girls. The tight ring of his sphincter felt different, and maybe the inside didn’t feel the same on my dick, but I liked the feel of his body under me, and I liked the fit of his bottom under my lap.

Angie watched and stroked my back and the backs of my legs. She tickled my balls. She pulled up her skirt – she wasn’t wearing panties – and she fingered herself as she stroked inside my thighs, and then Mikey’s. I could smell her sex. She smelled strong.

“There’s another way you can try,” she suggested.

I paused. Mikey, under me, and we both looked at her.

“Get up, Nick,” she told me. “Let Mikey roll onto his back.”

When I knelt up and Mikey rolled onto his back, Angie stuffed a pillow under his bottom. Then she had him pull up his knees and had me kneel at his bottom. Once more, she guided my dick into Mikey’s bottom, and then she pushed me to lie down on him face-to-face.

We held onto each other, cheek-to-cheek, while I pumped my hips.

“Have you two ever kissed each other?” Angie asked.

We shook our heads and our ears bumped.

“You love each other don’t you?” she asked.

We nodded.

“You should kiss,” she said. “Nick, kiss Mikey.”

My hips paused. I lifted my head and looked down at Mikey. He stared up at me with a sort of neutral, slightly expectant look. I lowered my lips to his and we kissed.

“That’s so sweet!” Angie purred, rubbing my back. “You two are precious.” Her hand drifted down to my bottom and she gave it a little shove to get it going again.

I lifted my head.

“Don’t stop kissing,” she said. “You like it, don’t you?”

I glanced down at Mikey. We both nodded.

“Try kissing with tongue,” Angie suggested. “You know… like when the grown ups stick their tongues into each other’s mouths.”

With my hips pumping slowly, I lowered my mouth back down to Mikey’s. At seven, kissing with tongue isn’t the same as when you’re older, but it was still surprisingly exciting, especially because it was with Mikey.

We kissed and my dick started feeling really good, so I pumped harder until I had a dry climax. Then Angie had me lie on my back and lift my legs for Mikey. He put his dick into me and lay down on me, and we went at it again, just like when I was on top.

Angie masturbated herself to an orgasm watching us, and she made noise, I guess so anyone listening would think we were screwing her.

All the rest of that day, Mikey and I looked at each other sorta funny. We felt funny, but not in a bad way; more like a seven-year-old might feel if he thought he’d just married his best friend.

That night, we watched each other as we fucked the girls, and I wished I was sleeping with Mikey.

For the next few months, we slept with the girls at night, but during the day, Mikey and I often managed to sneak away to have sex together. But then Dad was put back in charge of the bigger center at Puebla and all of us moved back there.

The kids’ sleeping room there had a number of cots and several pairs of boys and girls up to roughly twelve years old, or puberty. They immediately mixed in those of us coming from Cuernavaca. I slept with a ten-year-old girl the first night, and then a girl who was almost eleven the next.

They let the girls pick who they wanted to sleep with, and one night, nobody picked Mikey, so he slept on a bed by himself. I felt sorry for him, and worried about him because I thought I heard him crying. After the girl I was with fell asleep, I snuck from my bed and climbed in bed with Mikey.

I honestly look back on that night as one of the purest I’ve ever known. Mikey and I kissed and held each other. We fondled each other and then did a sixty-nine. We held each other again and fell asleep, cheek-to-cheek. I was as content and happy as ever in my life.

In the morning, they found Mikey and me naked in each other’s arms. All hell broke loose.

Within a couple of days, Mikey and his mom were moved back to the Cuernavaca center, and eventually, I lost track of him. When I was fourteen, I tried very hard to find him, but The Group didn’t want me to, and I never did, even with Angie’s help.

I left The Group when I was seventeen. I’d like to find Mikey someday. I’ve never felt the same way with anyone else.

And if you don’t believe my story, then just Google – Cult Sex Children.


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