Jack Edwards



I met Charlie in the fourth grade when my family moved to his family’s neighborhood. Charlie was ten in the fourth grade because his birthday was in September. I was nine. We hit it off the first day, and discovered we lived only two blocks from each other. That first day, I also met Nate, Charlie’s younger brother. Nate was eight, so I fit right between them, age-wise.

The fit was great personality-wise as well. Charlie was quiet and something of a follower. I, on the other hand, was outgoing and adventurous. I was the leader in all the games we played; I was Rambo when we played Rambo, and I was Indiana Jones, when we played Indiana Jones. Nate, on the other hand, was an instigator. He was the typical mischievous little brother. The three of us became an instant team.

There were a lot of kids in our neighborhood, and we lived next to a big wooded area, so there were always kids running around, but the three of us were constantly together. Charlie and Nate had already been close, but I was suddenly like another brother.

They did have a much younger brother and an older sister and a younger sister. Charlie and Nate had their own room, though, and they shared a double bed. They also still bathed together, and, the first time I slept over, I bathed with the two of them.

It was a regular size bathtub and a little snug for an eight, nine, and ten-year-old. Back then, we didn’t pay much attention to dicks and bodies, but we were typical, skinny boys. Charlie was a bit on the short side, Nate was as tall as him, and I was a little taller. We all had light brown hair. Their eyes were brown, mine were blue.

That first night in the tub, Nate complained to me that a couple of nights before, when they were playing in the tub with some toy boats, Charlie pissed in his mouth. That led to a three-way piss fight with a lot of laughing and splashing. Their mom banged on the door and told us to settle down and wash up.

That’s when they showed me how they washed each other. When they started bathing on their own, their mom told them to wash each other’s back and make sure their brother got clean. So they showed me how they each took a washrag, soaped it up, and did each other’s backs, even to their butt cracks.

Nate started doing my back, and, by the time he got to my butt crack, I had a stiffy.

“We get stiffies, too,” Charlie whispered confidentially. “Especially when we do this…” With the washrag spread over his palm, he pressed my stiffy up against my belly and rubbed.

Nate rubbed in my butt crack with the side of his hand and no washrag, so Charlie dropped his washrag and rubbed my front with his soapy palm.

“Feel’s good, doesn’t it?” Charlie asked.

I nodded, mouth hanging open.

“If we do this long enough,” he said, “we can give each other the feeling.”

“What feeling?” I asked, thinking I already had an awfully good feeling.

“You’ll see,” Nate said. “Here, you do me and I’ll do Charlie.” He took my palm and placed it against his own stiffening dick.

We rearranged in the tub into an awkward circle, hanging on to each other and rubbing each other’s dick. I have no idea how many inches we all were. We didn’t start doing the ruler thing until much later. Charlie’s was shortest, though, and I was longest. Since we all wound up adequately hung, I’ll guess we were all between three and four inches back then.

They showed me how to make a tunnel with my hand for Nate’s peter, and Charlie made one for me. They showed me how to use my thumb and fingers to squeeze Nate’s peter and move the skin up and down it. But I didn’t get the feeling they talked about. None of us did.

That night, we got into their double bed with me in the middle, and their mom turned off the light and closed the door. Their family left a couple of floodlights on outside the house at night, and one was outside the boys’ window. The window had both cotton curtains and blinds. Light from the floodlight came in through the curtain and between the blinds, filling the room with a bit of light. That didn’t keep Charlie from going right to sleep.

“He always falls right to sleep,” Nate told me. “You can even poke him and he won’t wake up.”

I was sharing Nate’s pillow with him, and the two of us lay facing each other, our noses inches apart. Nate smiled, and drew his finger down my nose. When it hit the tip of my nose, I snapped at his finger tip with my lips and Nate pulled it back with a squeal.

He drew his finger down my nose again, and I snapped again, and again, and again until I caught it between my lips.

“Your turn,” Nate said, and I drew my fingertip down his nose until he caught it.

We went back and forth a time or two, and then I gave his ear a wet willy with my fingertip, and he cringed and shuddered, then did me. We pinched noses, pulled lips apart and stretched mouths, all the time giggling. By then, Charlie was sound asleep which amazed me, especially when Nate and I wrestled and tickled.

“Hey, I know,” Nate whispered, his eyes going wide in the dim light of the room. “Let’s sleep naked!”

We, like Charlie, were in pajamas and briefs. It took Nate and me all of two seconds to skin out of them under the covers.

We lay down facing each other, again, sharing his pillow, and the fronts of our legs brushed, so we entwined them, sort of naturally. “Let’s get stiffies again,” I whispered. I had liked that.

“Sure,” Nate agreed, and I felt his fingers on my dick. I reached for his and we watched each other’s face, grinning and giggling, while we made each other’s peter hard again.

“I get stiffies a lot in the morning,” Nate told me, “and I rub them on the bed or on my pillow. You do that?”

I nodded. “On my bed. I never rubbed my stiffy on my pillow, though.”

“Here, try it,” he said, sitting up.

I sat up, too, and Nate pulled his pillow down to our middles so that we rubbed our stiffies on it, side-by-side.

“Feels good, doesn’t it,” his asked, his face turned toward mine.

“Yeah,” I agreed, humping with him. I glanced down to where his little butt was moving under the covers and the thought came to me that it might feel even better if I rubbed my stiffy on his moving butt.

“Let me try something,” I whispered, and moved over on top of him so that my stiffy lay up his butt crack. “Go ahead,” I whispered behind his ear. “Rub some more, and I’ll rub on you.”

“Okay,” he whispered, and his butt began moving again.

So did mine, as I lay on top of him, us all naked and me holding on.

“How does it feel?” he asked.

“It feels good,” I told him.

“Can I try it on you?”


I got off him, and back onto the pillow, and Nate climbed on top of me. I felt him lay the length of his stiffy in my butt crack. We started moving again.

“Oh,” I whispered. “Feels funny.” His stiffy in my butt crack felt good every time my crack squeezed with my humping.

“Feels good,” Nate said.

We rubbed for awhile, the bed rocking gently.

“Mathew,” he whispered. “Let’s try rubbing our stiffies together.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

Nate pushed up and I rolled onto my back underneath him, pushing the pillow aside. Then he lay down on me, belly-to-belly. We shifted, trying to get settled. He grabbed the corners of my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around his back.

We began to hump; tentatively at first. It wasn’t as good as his bottom felt. But we shifted again, and, when I opened my legs, his hips settled between them and that felt a lot better. I grabbed his bottom and pulled, pulling us together, and we circled hips and rubbed stiffies.

“I like it,” he whispered, his eyes looking down into mine.

“Me, too,” I agreed.

We watched each other’s face as we ground, and, when our faces grew all serious, Nate broke into a grin like he had an idea, and he pecked my lips with his.

I didn’t laugh, though. I just stared up at him because it was all feeling pretty good, even his kiss. And so he just lowered his mouth to mine and pressed his lips to mine as we humped. At eight and nine, we had no real idea how to kiss, but we liked it. He pressed his lips to mine and we breathed on each other’s face. He started rubbing stiffies more forcefully and I grabbed his butt harder, pulling him more tightly between my legs. Suddenly I got the feeling he and Charlie had talked about, and I started gasping for breath.

“Me, too,” Nate whispered, putting his cheek to mine and whispering in my ear. “I’ve got the feeling.”

We ground hard for a few seconds, and then slowed.

Nate lifted his head and grinned down at me. “You liked it, didn’t you?”

“Yeah!” I agreed.

“I could tell ‘cause you about ripped my butt apart,” he said, giggling.

I grinned back. It felt good, laying naked on each other like that; good and fun.

Nate took his right hand from my shoulder and drew his fingertip down my nose. I snapped at it with my lips and he giggled, then drew it down again. I snapped again, and he jerked it away.

I took my right hand from his butt, and drew a finger down his nose. He snapped at it, and I jerked it away. We did it to each other at the same time, but trying to concentrate on two things at once, we each wound up with our finger in the other boy’s mouth.

I didn’t let his go and he didn’t let mine go; the two of us grinning at each other with a finger in our mouth. Nate sucked on mine, and I stifled a squeal, and then I sucked on his. We both made stifled, squealing-type noises at the feeling of our finger being sucked like that.

Then Nate’s eyes went big and he spit out my finger. “Hey, I know what,” he whispered excitedly.


“You’ll see,” he said with a grin as he disappeared under the covers, backing down my body. I felt him back down until his thin torso was between my legs. I felt him take my limber peter in his fingers, and then I felt him suck me into his mouth!

I jumped. My breath caught. He sucked away and in seconds, my peter was as stiff as a little steel rod. He came back up my body and his head poked out from under the covers. “How’d that feel?” he asked in a whisper.


“Do it to me!”

“Okay,” I agreed.

Nate rolled onto his back and I scooted down under the covers and down between his legs. His peter was already stiff. I sucked it up, sucking on him, moving my tongue forward and back under his shaft like I was sucking up a tube.

Nate wrapped his legs around my neck and grabbed my hair, squirming. So I sucked some more. Then I came up to peek from under the covers and see what his face looked like. He looked dreamy.

“You liked it?” I asked.

He nodded emphatically. “Do some more!”

“My turn. You do me some more,” I said.

He hesitated a moment, then propped himself up on his elbows. “Let’s both do it! You do me and I’ll do you at that same time.”

The idea struck me as brilliant, but I wasn’t sure how it would work. “Let’s get on top of the covers,” I suggested. “It’s hard to breathe under there.”

“Okay,” Nate agreed, and we scrambled up on top of the bed covers.

For a moment we did a confused little circling of each other until we settled on our sides, head to toe. Charlie rolled over to face us, and we both froze! His eyes never opened, though, and his breathing stayed regular, and so Nate and I nuzzled into each other’s crotch.

We mainly sucked, moving our tongues back and forth. It didn’t feel as good, upside down to when we were between each other’s legs, but it was great to both be doing it at the same time. Nate’s ballsack was a little ball, right in front of my eyes, and I tickled it as I sucked. He did the same to me. We opened our legs to each other and fiddled with our fingers between them.

Nate was the first to pump his hips, and I made a tunnel for his stiffy with my mouth. He did the same for me and we moved our stiffies back and forth inside each other’s warm, wet mouth tunnel.

He was also the first to rub under my balls; my little perineum. It felt good, and I did it to him. I got my feeling first, but his came pretty quick after mine.

By then, we were growing sleepy and moved back up with our heads on his pillow, facing each other, legs entwined once more.

“Awesome,” I whispered, laying my hand on his shoulder.

“Way awesome,” he agreed, laying his hand on the side of my waist.

We fell asleep.

I woke in the morning with my bare butt backed to Nate’s bare butt. It was comfortable.

Charlie was no where around. Neither were my briefs and pajamas. I rooted around under the covers looking for them.

“What are you doing?” Nate asked grumpily.

“I can’t find my jammies,” I told him.

We threw back the covers. His weren’t there either.

“Charlie took ‘em,” Nate decided. “I bet he saw us sleeping naked and took ‘em.”

I leaned over the end of the bed where I had left my shorts and shirt. “My clothes are still here,” I said. “But I don’t have underwear.”

“You can wear a pair of mine,” Nate suggested.


By the time Charlie came in, I was in a snug fitting pair of Nate’s underwear and my own clothes.

“What’d you do with our pajamas?” Nate asked, annoyed.

“I hid ‘em,” Charlie said, just as annoyed as Nate. He sat down on the bed. “You guys slept naked and you didn’t tell me.”

“You were asleep,” I told him.

“You could have waked me up, and not left me out,” Charlie replied.

“Next time, you can sleep naked, too,” I promised.

“Did you play with each other’s peters?” he asked, frowning slightly.

I glanced at Nate. “Yeah, some.”

“Next time, you don’t leave me out,” Charlie warned us. Then he showed us where he hid our jammies, but I kept Nate’s underwear on.

The following week, we got each other stiff in the bath again, and then we got naked in bed. We didn’t tell Charlie about sucking on each other’s dicks or about kissing. We did show him how we rubbed stiffies by laying him on his back and spreading his legs. Then I lay on him, belly-to-belly, and Nate lay on me with his stiffy lying lengthwise up my butt.

We all wiggled and rubbed; me and Charlie cheek-to-cheek holding on to each other, and Nate hanging on to my back. Charlie got his feeling. Then Nate lay on his back and I lay on him, belly-to-belly, and, when we got going, Charlie stayed stiff and climbed on top of me. I told him how to lay his dick up my butt crack, and we all humped again. This time me and Nate were cheek-to-cheek while we held on to each other. We all got our feeling that time.

Charlie fell asleep pretty quick again after that, and Nate and I did more rubbing. When we were sure Charlie was asleep, we did kissing, and then sucked each other’s peter.

We finally told Charlie about sucking peters when I had the idea that we could, all three, suck each other at one time. So we told Charlie, probably months after we started, and the three of us sucked at one time. Nate and I liked it better, though, just us, and we still didn’t tell Charlie about kissing.

The three of us continued to do things, but Nate and I did more together. When Charlie started being best friends with Jimmy Rockwell, it was fine with Nate and me, though we still did some things with Charlie.

When I was ten and Nate was nine, I heard about kissing with tongue. I dragged Nate into the woods with me, and, when we were alone, I told him about it. Then I backed him to a tree and we kissed with tongue and caught on damned fast.

We kissed and dropped our pants and stroked each other while we explored each other’s mouth with our tongue. It got hotter and hotter. We stripped off pants and underwear and dropped to the ground, rolling Nate onto his back with me on top of him. We continued kissing, tongues wrestling. He opened his knees wide and grabbed my butt and we ground like mad, moaning and huffing through flared nostrils.

We kept kissing after we dry orgasmed, until we were soft and I rolled off him; laying beside him, looking up at the sky. We were quiet, almost embarrassed. It was the rawest, hottest thing we’d ever done. It was SEX!

“Wow,” I whispered.

“Yeah,” Nate murmured. He took my hand and held it as we gazed at the sky and our breathing returned to normal.

When I was eleven and Nate was ten, he heard about cornholing from overhearing some older boys at church, of all places. We tried it on each other, but he couldn’t even get his inside me and it hurt him when I got mine inside him.

It was three or four months later that I heard about Vaseline. By then, we were playing some with an eight-year-old blond boy named Jamie. Jamie was a chunky kid; well-built for a short eight-year-old, and he had a nice stiffy. He lived two houses from me and caught me and Nate kissing in the woods. So we taught Jamie about kissing, and how to suck our peters as well, and we sucked his, too, of course.

Anyway, when I heard about Vaseline, we decided to try it on Jamie. We waited until my parents were away and then got Jamie into my bedroom and locked the door. We stripped and stepped into a circle to stroke each other up hard.

“Remember what we told you,” I reminded Jaime. “If it hurts, we’ll stop.”

By nature, Jamie was nearly as cocky as Nate. He just grinned. “I get to do it to you guys, too, right?”

“Only if you let us do it to you,” Nate reminded him.

“Fine by me,” Jamie said, dropping to all-fours in the middle of my bedroom floor.

Nate and I looked down at Jamie’s smooth little buns and his little eight-year-old body, and then looked at each other.

“Rock, scissors, paper?” I asked.

Nate grinned. We went for it and Nate chose paper. I choose scissors.

Taking the jar of Vaseline I borrowed from my parents’ bathroom, I knelt on the floor behind Jamie’s smooth, little bottom, my knees outside his knees. I greased up my boner and greased up Jamie’s bottom. I put my crown at Jamie’s pucker and glanced up at Nate. His eyes were locked on my dick at Jamie’ butthole.

I looked back down, grabbed Jamie by the hips, and pushed. My dick slid in almost as easy as slicing butter. I watched in amazement as my dick disappeared inside Jamie, and the tight ring of his sphincter slid down my shaft, immediately followed by the sensation of warmth.

“You okay, Jamie?” Nate asked.

Jamie nodded.

I pushed all the way, pulling his butt back so flat against my lap that almost none of my dick showed between his flattened little butt cheeks. His little body was hot inside. I could feel the heat around my dick.

“Matt?” Nate asked. “How does it feel?”

I pulled my hips back, exposing half my shaft, and pushed back in. “Awesome,” I mumbled, and then began pumping my hips.

I pumped faster and my loins slapped Jamie’s butt.

“Don’t hurt him,” Nate warned.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Jamie said in a husky voice. “It feels good.”

“Really?” Nate asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Jamie said, nodded his head. “You can go faster.”

I did.

Nate walked around us, stroking, and then knelt at Jamie’s head and fed his boner to Jamie, who took it into his mouth gamely.

Nate and I watched each other, and Jamie. I was coming up on twelve and Nate on eleven. Our bodies had started to develop actual muscles and we could see them in our bellies and arms as our hips moved forward and back.

I had no pubic hair yet, but had my first come a few days before. As I pounded into Jamie’s butt, I felt like I was going to really come. Fucking is different from being sucked or jacked off.

“Shit, this is good!” I murmured, folding over Jamie’s smaller body and driving hard with my hips.

It felt like I spurted oceans inside him, and I stayed inside him afterward, calming down.

“My turn,” Nate said, getting up from his knees.

He came around and I got out of the way to watch as Nate plugged into Jamie’s bottom. He started pumping right away, and I sat back to watch. And it was hot to watch. Nate’s butt dimpled as his hips pumped and I could see his shaft whenever his hips pulled out far enough.

Jamie was hard, too. He was stroking his stiffy with the fingers of one hand. I would have sucked him off, but I knew he wanted his turn cornholing us and it was too hot to not watch.

Jamie wanted my butt first. We had to work it differently for the height, my legs outside his and my knees spread to lower my butt to the right level. When he was done with me, what I really, really wanted was to do Nate.

Before the afternoon was done, we’d all done each other and even made our first “sandwich” with me plugged into Jamie and Nate plugged into me.

Jimmy Rockwell moved away and Charlie started hanging with us more again. He guessed we were up to something different, and we introduced him to cornholing by making a Charlie sandwich. He liked it and played with us a few times, though not nearly as often as Nate and I got together. Neither Nate nor I ever kissed Charlie.

Charlie quit doing anything with us when he was thirteen and got his first girlfriend; not that he was getting anything from her, but he wanted to be “straight”. Nate and I still did things with Jamie and two of Jamie’s friends. Mostly, though, Nate and I did stuff together, and once we were both shooting, our sex became more and more serious.

But then, when I was fourteen, my family moved upstate. Nate and I stayed in touch, though. That was back when people were just starting to get personal computers and AOL was just starting up. Nate and I chatted and emailed a lot, but the computers at each of our houses were where our parents could see what we typed, so, except when none of our parents or siblings were around, we had to be careful.

My family moved in the middle of summer, and I didn’t see Nate in person until he flew up to visit over the Christmas break. I was uncertain what it would be like after all those months, even after we hugged each other when he got off the plane. My mom had driven me to pick him up, so we couldn’t do much more than hug.

Things remained a little tense until that night when we finally closed the door to my bedroom for the night. Then Nate was in my arms, belly to belly. Grinning, he drew his fingertip down my nose and I snapped at it with my lips. We broke into laugher and hugged hard before we kissed as hungrily and passionately as ever. He stayed seven days and I teared up when he left.

Honestly, I don’t know that we would have stayed so close if we continued to live two blocks from each other. Instead, we chatted by computer almost daily over the next couple of years. We worked out ways to chat privately, eventually getting our own computers. We became like confidants to each other, sharing everything right when we were both going through the hardest part of adolescence. We dated girls and talked about it. The first time I had sex with a girl, I called him and we talked for almost two hours (my dad had a fit over the bill), but before I hung up, I told him that I loved him and would always care for him more than any girl.

He called me the first time he had sex with a girl. He still fooled around with Jamie some, and I did too, when I went down to visit them. There was also a boy from my gym class at the new school with whom I did a few things.

It’s been years now, but Nate and I are still best friends. We still get together, and every once in a while when we’re alone, he draws his fingertip down my nose and I snap at it.


Mikey was a sad story; at least to me. I thought this one was much happier, and thought I'd try to post it pretty quickly after Mikey. As always, thanks for the emails. Do let me know from time to time that you're still with me. Remember, emails are my pay for this work. :) My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com.