Jack Edwards



My best friend, Reese, has two younger brothers, and it’s important to remember that all three of them have different fathers. Reese’s mom works a lot and makes good money. Reese once told me, after spending time with me and my dad, that his mom said that she wanted the kids, but didn’t want a husband. Occasionally she’ll bring a boy friend home, but Reese says that it never lasts long. Especially when they see she has three boys.

“Maybe that’s why she wanted us,” Reese told us, “to keep the men away.

The first time we played Vampires, Reese and I had just turned twelve.

Reese is maybe a month older than me and, back when we started playing Vampires, he was about an inch shorter. Even then, he had wide shoulders. Reese’s hair is dark blond and shaggy. He has brown eyes and his complexion is a little darker than mine, as if he had a light tan… all over. Now that he’s taking weights in school, he has a hot body, but even back when we started playing Vampires, his lips were dark red and full, and looked really soft. His nipples were… well, still are… oval and look really soft, and I still dream about them.

His middle brother, Kody, had just turned eleven at the time we started. He was small for his age, and though he has Reese’s build, Kody has really dark, wavy hair, which he usually wears short. He has very blue eyes. His lips are dark red, like his nipples, which are small, but really cool looking. He had some freckles like mine, only a bit darker. He has really light skin, and I thought he looked like a statue by some famous Italian dude, but his skin is also really soft, and Kody always smells awesome!

Joshua was almost ten when we began, but he was almost the same size as Kody. Joshua is nice looking, too, with reddish brown hair and light brown eyes. He was pretty cool, even then. He had a good body, but stouter than his brothers; not fat, though. Whereas Reese and Kody have wide shoulders and their chests are well defined, at the time, Joshua’s were rounder and softer, and his nipples were round, pink, and kind of puffy. He had some light brown freckles and his hair back then was short and spiky.

My name is Trey. I have light brown hair, light blue eyes, and, back then, more freckles across my nose. I’m slim, and not really tall, but I’m wiry and it’s hard to beat me if you wrestled me. Oh, and my teeth are straight and I usually smile a lot because I’m usually happy. Vampires was my idea.

We’d been playing monster games in our basements, mainly on Friday night sleepovers, for several months. Both of our houses are of the same style. Each has a large finished basement-apartment with a small kitchen/bar, den, bedroom, and bath. The basements are isolated from the rest of the house by a firedoor at the top of the stairs and a sliding door at the bottom. For our games, we kept the basements almost dark, with only one or two small lamps on. At Reese’s house, they had a fish tank in their basement den, and we even turned off the light over that for our games.

As long as we kept the noise down, our parents didn’t bother us. Reese’s mom wouldn’t come downstairs because we sleepover in our underwear. We normally slept over at my house, only when my dad was traveling. My mom liked us to sleepover then, so she wouldn’t be alone in the house, but she never came downstairs either, because we slept over in our underwear.

We had played werewolves, aliens, scream killers, and others, and we always made it like it was in the movies; “acting” our parts as monsters, with, for example, snarls, sniffs, and growls if we were werewolves. We acted our parts as victims, too, with blood-curdling screams (as loud as we dared make them when parents were upstairs). We’d cry out, for example, when the werewolf’s mouth closed on our necks. (We learned by the way, to not suck or mouth too hard… it left marks.)

Then one night, I suggested Vampires.

Games have rules, and I thought of some for Vampires.

“One guy is the vampire,” I told them. “When he catches you, he feeds on you, and you have to struggle and squirm and make it real-like.”

We were standing in their basement, in our t-shirts and boxers, which is how we slept when we slept over, and how we played our monster games. (Well, except that first night we played vampires. Kody didn’t have a t-shirt on.)

“Trey’s the vampire,” Kody suggested.

I bared my teeth and hissed, and lunged for Joshua. He squealed, falling back.

Kody, Reese, and I laughed, and Joshua gave me a “fuck you!” shove and then giggled with anticipation.

They made me close my eyes and face the wall while they turned out lights and hid.

I gave my eyes a moment to adjust, and then went looking for them. I found Kody first, hiding between the bed and the wall. He squealed when I pounced on him. I pinned him to his back, lying on top of him.

Kody pretended to struggle under me as I sniffed around his neck and throat. My cheek brushed his soft cheek.

“Warm blood,” I said in a growly, vampire voice. “I shall feast on you.”

Kody tensed under me.

I’m not sure why, but Kody always smelled different from his brothers. He smelled like a boy, but clean and almost sweet. My nose and lips brushed his soft skin. That, along with the feel of his body under mine, as I moved around, belly-to-belly, on him, began to stiffen my dick.

I didn’t get off Kody, though, because as I moved, I felt a hard lump in the front of his boxers, and I realized he had a boner as well. That was something new; the two of us having boners like that. But then, we hadn’t lain on top of each other and sucked necks before, either.

We weren’t modest. All of us had seen each other naked plenty of times, swimming and stuff. None of us had pubes yet, but Reese’s, Kody’s, and my dicks had grown bigger the last year or two… not big big – like, we aren’t elephants. It’s just that guys’ dicks and balls get bigger with puberty, right? And ours had done just that. We hadn’t seen each other’s boners, of course, but Kody and his brothers were like brothers to me, and me and Kody having boners at the same time seemed almost… natural.

As if biting him for blood, I mouthed down onto his flat chest, rubbing my boner down his leg and my tummy over his boner. My t-shirt rode up and I felt a sliver of his warm skin against my belly. It felt good, so I sat up, straddling his legs, and pulled off my shirt. Then I lay back down on him, and we were only in boxers. The soft skin of his warm belly against mine made my boner even harder.

I sucked on his neck, and made small movements over him that rubbed my boner inside his hipbone through our boxers, and his boner rubbed up inside my hipbone. Kody held my sides, squirming under me as if suffering from his blood being sucked out. Kody was a good actor.

The skin of his belly and chest, as we moved against each other, felt awfully good against my skin. Our bare legs slid against each another. His hands moved around on my back and I sucked on the skin of his neck, and our movements felt very different from what we’d done before in other monster games.

I “fed” on Kody a short time, our boners pressed between us, but as good as it felt, it was time for me to get up to look for other prey. My dick was rock hard but fortunately pointed up my belly so I didn’t tent the front of my boxers too much as I looked for the others. I was still glad it was so dark.

I found Joshua next, hiding in the bathtub. I “hypnotized” him with my eyes and led him out to the floor, pulling off his shirt and laying him onto his back. I dove onto him like I had onto Kody, lying on him, sucking his neck, moving around on him like I had on Kody. Being the youngest, Joshua usually went along with things, and I didn’t think he’d freak at my boner rubbing on him.

Like Kody, Joshua held my sides, moaning and squirming as if I was drawing blood from his neck. And like Kody and me, he sprung a boner, too. I could feel the skinny ridge of his more boy-sized stiffy against my belly as I moved around on him. I liked the feel and smell of Kody more, but Joshua felt good, too, and the way his stouter body felt under me felt good as well.

But then it was time to move on, and I went looking for Reese. I found him behind the couch, near the stairway up to the house. I pounced on him there, behind the couch, pulling his shirt off and hovering over him on all fours so he wouldn’t feel my boner. I sucked on his neck. I sucked on his wrists, and then in the hollow under his ears, nuzzling his hair back from his neck. I sniffed and sucked from there, down onto his shoulders and the hollows above his collar bones.

I lay down on him to suck his ribs, but with my torso between his legs so that my boner would press the floor and not his belly. It didn’t matter, though. Reese already had a boner, too. I could feel it against my stomach. So I moved up on him, lying on him, my boner with his, to suck on his neck, feeding. And he squirmed under me, just like his brothers did. Our boners rubbed between us.

We gathered in the den, in only our boxers. Kody looped his arm over the backs of my shoulders and I liked the feel of his bare side against mine.

“Let’s make it that the vampire has to feed on you three times before you die,” Reese suggested.

“And the third time,” Kody added, “the vampire feeds a long time, and you don’t die, but the vampire bites your heart and you become his zombie vampire slave.”

“Yeah, vampires feed a long time,” I agreed.

“Yeah!” Joshua echoed.

“Okay,” Reese agreed. Reese took me by the shoulders and faced me to the wall. “Dude, you’ve got to feed on us two more times, each. Then we’ll all be your slaves, and the game ends.”

This time, I found Kody in the bedroom closet. I laid him on his back on the floor and lay down on him to feed again. Kody already had a boner, and I quickly got one. Our boners rubbed through our boxers even more than the last time, as I mouthed under his jaw and onto his throat and he thrashed under me. We sort of picked up, right where we left off.

He pointed out the next places to bite him, and when I started to get up, he held onto me.

“No!” he whispered. “Vampires feed longer. Don’t quit yet.”

He held up his wrist for me to bite, and we continued on.

I hated to stop, but I was afraid the other guys would get bored if I didn’t start looking again. I did a loop through the basement, and found Kody again – he hadn’t hidden again very well. That was okay, because I had looked, and the other guys probably knew it.

This was the third time with Kody, and so we went even longer. I drew the last of his blood from his neck, he clung to me and writhed under me, arching up, and our boners rubbed hard. Then I slid down his belly to bite his heart and make him a zombie. On the way, I sucked his nipple “by accident” and felt his boner pulse under my belly.

As my vampire zombie, Kody found Reese. I saw him feeding while I was looking for Joshua. Kody was lying on Reese, both of them bare except for their boxers. Reese held Kody and arched back under him as if suffering. Kody’s hips ground slightly as he sucked. I could tell he was rubbing his stiffy on Reese, and it gave me a really hard boner. I decided I wanted Kody to play the vampire and catch me sometime.


After the game, none of us said anything about the boners, but we agreed that it was a “great” game. The next sleepover, we played other monsters, but as we were bedding down that night, Kody said, “Next time, we play Vampires!”

Everybody said, “Yeah!”

I kept thinking about how Kody looked when he was my vampire slave, and how his hips ground when he was sucking on Reese. I wanted him to do that on me.

The next sleepover was at my house.

“Kody should be the vampire,” I said before anyone else could be nominated.

“I like the way Trey does it,” Joshua said.

“Me, too,” Reese said.

“I did it last time. I think whoever was vampire last time gets to pick the next one,” I said.

Reese and Joshua frowned, but agreed to it.

Mom had stacked blankets and pillows on the bed in our basement bedroom, and I hid in them, but I left a foot showing. I didn’t want Kody to take too long finding me. My dick was already growing hard

I didn’t hear him coming, though, and I jumped when Kody grabbed my ankle. His hand slid up my leg, and then he threw back the blankets and pillows. Suddenly, he was right above me, hissing, with his teeth bared. I cried out and cringed; Kody was a really good actor. He was also hard; harder than me. I felt it when his body dropped onto mine. I felt it as his mouth locked onto my neck and he ground his boner inside my leg.

I was twelve, and I’m sure my hormones had already started… well, whatever hormones start doing at twelve, because it was like Kody really was a vampire and my mind got blown away by his hard boner and the way he rubbed on me and sucked on my neck and the way his hot breath washed down my skin.

His body moved on mine, his belly rubbing my upturned boner. The scent of his hair filled my nostrils. His hand came up my belly, under my shirt, and then he knelt up and pulled my shirt off me before dropping back onto me and sucking my neck. The weight of his body on mine, the forceful way he moved on me and sucked my neck… it was like passion. It was as if he really were a hungry vampire.

I held his sides, and when I moved under him, as if in pain at having my blood sucked, my dick rubbed up against his belly, and I arched my head back at the pleasure it gave me.

“I wanted you first,” Kody whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna make you my vampire zombie slave.” He sucked on my neck and higher, under my ear. He sucked on my chest and inside my wrists, sliding down my body. When his mouth closed over my nipple, it was like an electrical shock, and I felt my cock throb the way Kody’s had when I sucked his nipple.

And then he was gone, looking for his next victim. I lay on my back, catching my breath. My hand drifted to my erection. It almost ached.

Slowly, I got off the bed, looking for the next place to hide. I saw that Kody already had his next victim, Joshua, in the back corner of the kitchen. Kody had Joshua’s shirt off, and he was lying on his younger brother, sucking at his neck. As he sucked, his hips moved slowly. He was rubbing his erection inside Joshua’s leg, just like he had mine. Joshua moved under Kody, just like I had. He clearly enjoyed it, too.

I hid behind the couch, and I tried to quiet my breath, because I knew Kody, the Vampire, would be on the prowl again soon. It was difficult to calm down. I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I mean, I wanted to hide and play the game the way it was supposed to be played, but I also I wanted Kody to feed on me again.

It seemed like a long time before I heard movement in the den. I peeked under the couch and could see feet moving around the room. They stopped in front of the couch… then knees… then the side of Kody’s face and one eye, looking at me. He hissed, and I jumped. He came around behind the couch, dropping onto me as I rolled to my back.

It was cramped back there, and for a moment, we were nose to nose. Kody lowered his cheek to mine, sniffing, breathing down my neck. Our dicks were trapped between us, and my hips moved as he pressed his mouth to the side of my neck.

He held my shoulder and used his other hand to bend my head away, exposing my neck even more. He sucked on it, and I writhed under him, our boners grinding. I held onto his back. I could feel his muscles move under his warm skin.

And then, all too soon, it was time for him to move on again.

I climbed from behind the couch, looking around. The room was empty. I peeked into the kitchen. Joshua was on his back again, Kody back on top of him. This time, though, Joshua had hold of his older brother’s bottom with both hands and was moving his own pelvis under him. Kody had hold of Joshua’s head between his forearms and was sucking on the side of his younger brother’s neck.

I went through the bathroom and the rest of the basement, not seeing Reese anywhere. The vampire would be coming again. I hid in one of the closets. Kody must have heard the closet door, though, and a moment later, he threw the door back with his teeth bared, hissing. I pushed back through the hanging clothes, but Kody grabbed my arm and pulled me from the closet.

He pushed me to the floor, dropping to all-fours beside me. Lowering his nose to my face, he sniffed my eyes, my nose, my lips, and cheeks. He drew his nose down my chest, inhaling deeply. And then… bending over my middle, he laid a finger high up, inside my left boxer leg, inside my thigh, almost to my crotch; right where, in a couple of vampire movies, they said there was a large [femoral] artery.

“Still a pulse,” Kody whispered in his vampire voice. “But not for long.” He pulled my leg open; my knee out to the side. Then he pushed up the leg of my boxers before bending over and sniffing inside my leg. He closed his mouth there, high up inside of my thigh, and sucked.

I squealed and jumped.

Kody sucked hard. His cheek brushed my balls through my boxers as his mouth moved around.

My breath grew shallow. I opened my legs wider to him. Kody sucked on the inside of my other leg, and then he came up between my legs to lay on me, boner to boner, and he sucked on my neck.

“This is the third time I feed on you,” he whispered. “Now I bite your heart and make you my slave.”

He backed down my body and planted his mouth over my sternum. I could feel his teeth.

We went looking for Reese, but found Joshua. We both dropped onto him, since I was a zombie vampire now. We pinned his arms above his head and sucked on both sides of his neck while pressing our boners to his hips and rubbing our legs over his upturned stiffy.

Kody bit Joshua’s heart, making him a vampire zombie as well, and we went looking for Reese. That’s when I thought I saw light from under the sliding door to the stairs up to the house. Quietly, we gathered at the sliding door, and then threw it open.

Reese was using a Maglite to read a Batman comic. We pulled him from the stairway, and took off his shirt. The three of us took him to the floor like a pack of hungry vampires, and Reese landed on his side. Kody pressed him from the front and I pressed him from the back. My boner had started to go down, but rubbing it against Reese’s bottom the way I was, my dick grew quickly hard again as Kody and I sucked on Reese’s neck, side and back.

Joshua tried laying on Reese’s side, sucking on his arm, but he wound up with his stiffy rubbing the side of my butt.

“Three vampires feeding on you at one time,” Kody said. “You’re going to die all at once.”

Reese struggled and in his struggling, his butt rubbed back against my stiffy, almost as if he was doing it on purpose. I clung to him, sucking, and rubbing my stiffy on his bottom,

I had my first dry orgasm, ever. I clung to his side and shoulders, rubbing my boner frantically against his butt, and trying not to really bite his neck.

Then it passed. The incredible sensations were over. I wasn’t sure what happened. I rolled onto my back, catching my breath. Kody rolled Reese onto his back.

“Now,” Kody said, “I bite your heart.” He planted his mouth on his brother’s chest and Reese gasped and went rigid, clutching Kody’s head, simulating his last death throws. I thought his “death throws” looked a lot like what I went through only a few moments earlier, when the new feelings hit.


The next time we played Vampires was at their house, and we were joined by two of Kody’s eleven-year-old friends, Aiden and Damon.

“I told them all about Vampires,” Kody told me, when I showed up for the sleepover. “They want to play. You’ll be the vampire, Trey; Reese might not do it right.”

Somehow, I knew that ‘doing it right’ probably meant having a boner.

Kody’s always had great looking friends. Aiden is an energetic, smaller guy with pale-blond hair, blue eyes, and fine features. His nipples are pink pinpoints. Damon was almost my height at the time he started Vampires with us; he’s since grown taller than me. He’s slender with dark brown hair, pale skin, and gray eyes, and he’s always smiling like he’s up to something. His nipples are red, round, and tight looking.

We stripped to our boxers and t-shirts while going over the rules with Aiden and Damon. I pulled off my t-shirt since I was the vampire. Then the other guys hid while I counted with my face to the wall.

I wanted to find Kody or Reese first. Instead, I found Damon, between a chest and the dark corner of the bedroom. I did the hissing and teeth baring thing, and he really did cry out as I pounced on him.

I pulled off his shirt and could see the darkness of Damon’s nipples, even in the dim light. Since I had a boner, and I wasn’t sure whether he did, I laid him on his back and then laid between his legs, my mouth on his belly. Mouthing around on his stomach, I felt his dick grow hard under my chest, so I moved up onto him, planting my mouth on his neck. The hard lump of his eleven-year-old boner pressed low on my belly, right alongside my own, twelve-year-old one.

Kody had evidently coached Damon well. Damon wrapped his arms around the back of my waist and arched up under me, as if in pain. I circled my hips slowly as I sucked on him and felt the hardness of his boner grind beside mine. Other than me, Damon was perhaps the wiriest. I liked the feel of his lean body as the two of us moved together. We both had taut bellies and they felt good, rubbing together. I could feel his muscles in his arms, shoulders, legs, and chest. I stayed on Damon a while.

Aiden, when I caught him, was different, partly because he was the smallest guy of us and partly because he responded differently. He grew hard just as quickly, but he threw his arms around my neck and rubbed his cheek against the side of my head as I sucked on his neck, as if my sucking there felt really good to him. He brought his knees up along my sides and planted his feet on the floor outside my legs, lifting his pelvis under me to grind up. He moaned in fake agony at having his blood sucked out, but he seemed to be really liking what I was doing.

Reese that night was different, too; more aggressive as the victim. He held my butt as I fed on him. He squeezed my buns and ground up against me more than he had before.

We all bedded down in their basement den that night. We left the aquarium light on, and I watched the fish as the others fell asleep.

I noticed a movement where Damon and Kody were sleeping together, and glanced over. In the light of the fish tank, I saw Damon move on top of Kody, as if they were going to play more Vampire. They were quiet, though.

Kody was looking up at the ceiling and I couldn’t see Damon’s face because his head was on the other side of Kody’s. I assumed he was sucking on Kody’s neck. They started moving like they were rubbing their stiffies together.

I watched quietly as Kody felt up and down Damon’s bare back. It looked like Kody’s eyes were closed.

Kody opened his legs wide and Damon’s hips moved forward and back between them, his butt clenching inside his boxers. He started moving harder and faster. Kody rubbed on Damon’s back and moved around under him.

I reached into the front of my boxers and held my boner as I watched them. Everyone else seemed to be sleeping.

The two of them continued longer than one of our “feedings”. And then Kody arched back, his hands making fists, and he went rigid under Damon. A moment later, Damon pumped his hips real hard several times, making quiet straining noises. Then he lay quietly on Kody for a long time.

I wondered if they had gotten the feelings I’d had the time before when we played Vampire and I rubbed my boner against Reese’s butt. I really wanted to be with Kody.


The next time we played, it was at my house. Kody was the vampire. Aiden was his first zombie vampire slave, and it was Aiden who caught me the first time. With Aiden as vampire, the sensations were again very different because of his smaller body. It was almost like having a little kid on me, sucking my neck and rubbing legs and stiffies. I liked it.

Kody was the one who caught me the second time. He laid me on my back and pulled open my leg like he had once before. This time, as he mouthed inside my thigh, his hand pressed right beside the fly of my boxers. And then I felt his fingers inside my boxers. I felt them close around my stiff dick, and I moaned softly. He squeezed my dick, feeling up and down it, and I opened my legs wider.

He got up onto all-fours over me, his knees on the floor between my knees as he prepared to move up to suck my neck. Before he lay down on me, though, he pulled his boner and balls out of the fly of his boxers. I could see them, barely in the dim light. Then he pulled up and opened the fly to my boxers and I felt the soft skin of his balls and dick settle onto mine as he lay down on me; his dick and balls inside my boxers with mine.

He planted his mouth high on my neck, just under my ear. I grabbed onto his butt and ground up against him, moaning like I would if he were sucking my blood, but really moaning because of how it felt as he began to rub his boner with mine.

He licked under my ear. The breath from his nostrils tickled inside my ear. I moaned again, clutching at his boxer-covered bottom. And then the feelings hit like the time I was rubbing my boner on Reese’s butt. I lifted my pelvis under Kody, squeezing his butt hard, gasping, whimpering.

Kody kept going, and in a moment, he clutched my shoulders hard, and I felt his boner throbbing against my belly. Then he relaxed onto me.

“That was as good as two feedings at once,” he whispered, and then moved down to bite my heart and make me his zombie vampire slave.

We decided to go a second round, but with two vampires starting out, so that the game would go faster. I was one vampire and Reese was the other.

I caught Aiden first, and fed on him like we had before. But then I caught Joshua, and I fed on him like Kody had done to me, sucking inside his leg first. I figured Joshua would go along with anything, so like Kody had done to me, I slipped my fingers inside Joshua’s fly. His stiffy was longer than mine had been at ten, but it was still skinny. Since I hadn’t touched Kody’s boner with my hand, Joshua’s was the first I actually felt with my fingers.

I examined the soft skin of his stiffy with my fingers, and the hard shaft, and the long, spongy underside. I wanted to try the other thing Kody did, too. When I moved up on Joshua to suck his neck, I pulled my dick and balls out the fly of my boxers.

It felt weird, having them out in the open air like that. I pulled up and out the fly of Joshua’s boxers and lowered my boner and balls inside, onto his.

“Awesome,” Joshua whispered in my ear as I sucked high on the side of his neck and moved my hips. He clung to my back and moved his boner up against mine.

Soon, he was clinging to me tightly and rubbing up against me hard, moaning as I sucked his neck, as if in pain at having his blood drawn. And then he whimpered, holding me tightly, pressing his stiffy up against me. I felt it throb. Joshua had a dry orgasm.

That evening, Damon bedded down next to Aiden across the den. Kody camped next to me. After the others grew quiet, Kody rolled up facing me, and grinned. He leaned over my ear and whispered very quietly, “Is the vampire still hungry?”

My heart skipped a beat. I nodded and made a very quiet hiss. But before I could move over on top of Kody, he got up and disappeared

I followed as he vanished into the bedroom.

We had left the light on in the bathroom, and so it wasn’t too dark in the bedroom, just down the hall. And Kody wasn’t really hiding. He was on the bed, lying among all the blankets and pillows my mom had stacked there. He gazed up at me without his characteristic smile, expectantly.

Much like we pulled each other’s shirts off in the Vampire game, I reached down and grasped the sides of his boxer’s waistband. Kody lifted his hips and let me pull his boxers down and off.

In the light from the hall, I could see his egg-shaped, eleven-year-old balls inside his loose scrotum, nestled between the tops of his legs. His boner pointed up from between his legs at a forty-five degree angle, aimed at the wall above the bed.

I pulled off my boxers and knelt onto the bed. My own boner pointed up my belly.

Kody opened his legs so I could kneel up onto the bed between them. When I lay down onto him, he extended his legs out along the outsides of mine. I wrapped my arms under his back, laying down onto him, and I pressed the side of my face to the side of his. Kody placed his hands on my lower back, on either side of my spine, smoothing his palms over my bare skin. When he smoothed his palms down onto my bottom, I began to pump my hips.

We both pumped, silently. And then, because I was used to it from Vampire and because I liked it, I sucked high up the side of his neck. Kody moaned, and I thought it was hot because of the way I was making him feel; because of the way I was feeling.

He clutched at my bottom, and I made my butt muscles hard under his hands. We circled our hips and we thrust. Kody sucked on the nape of my neck. And then I felt him clutching at my butt even harder, and he arched up under me, moaning. I rubbed my dick beside his, harder, and felt my own feelings rise. I pumped faster; very fast, and then shuddered as my dry orgasm hit.

We relaxed and I lay on Kody, the way Damon had done the week before.

“You’re the best Vampire,” Kody whispered, stroking my back with his fingers.

“Better than Damon?” I had to ask.

“Damon’s good, too,” Koby whispered, thoughtfully, “but you’re better.”

“Have you ever done it naked with Damon?” I asked.

“Not yet. Have you?”

“No. But I put my dick inside Joshua’s boxers like you did with me.”

“Yeah, he did it to me first.”

“Who did? Damon?”


“No shit?”

“No shit.”

We fell asleep for a while, naked, our legs entwined. I woke much later when Kody shifted under me. We got up, retrieving our boxers and putting them on. Then sleepily, we shuffled back to our bedding. I saw Reese’s eyes opened and he looked at us.

The next morning, Reese seemed a little grouchy.

“He’s jealous,” Kody said, knowledgably. “You’re supposed to be his best friend.”

I wondered if Reese wanted to do what Kody and I had done. I wondered if Reese, seeing me return with Kody the night before, felt like I did when I watched Kody and Damon.


We were back at their house the next time we played Vampires. Aiden and Damon were there as well. We stripped to our boxers while arguing over who would be the vampire. We decided on two; Reese and Aiden.

“I know!” Kody said excitedly. “Let’s play naked vampires!”

The rest of us glanced at each other.

“It’ll be cool!” Kody continued. “The vampires are naked, and when one catches you the first time, he pulls off your shirt like always. But the third time a vampire catches you, he pulls off your boxers as well, and after he bites your heart, you’re a naked zombie vampire slave!”

“Let’s do it!” Damon agreed.

“You guys gotta get naked,” Joshua told Reese and Aiden.

The two glanced at each other. Aiden, who was already tenting the front of his boxers, shrugged and pulled his on down. His dick wasn’t any bigger than mine, but on a little guy, it looked pretty big.

Reese pulled his off. He didn’t have a boner yet, but his dick was hanging all long and heavy. We turned them to face the wall and all went to hide. I glanced back at their two bare bottoms as I left the room, and felt my dick grow hard.

Reese was the first to catch me. I was hiding in the tub with Joshua. Reese paused for a moment, staring, because Joshua’s hand was inside the fly of my boxers and my hand was inside the fly of his. Then Reese bared his teeth and hissed at me, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me from the tub.

I cried out, victim-like while Reese pulled off my shirt and laid me on the floor. He laid down on me to suck my neck, and quickly had a boner.

While Reese sucked on my neck, I reached between us, pushing his hips up. When he lifted them, I pulled open the fly of my boxers, and, guiding his hips back down, I enveloped Reese’s dick and balls with my boxers’ fly as he settled back down. Though he was no taller than Kody, his dick and balls were bigger, heavier. I felt the softness of his scrotum settle over my own and the thickness of his erection press to the side of my pubic bone.

Reese lifted his head, looking down at me.

“It’s better this way,” I whispered.

He nodded, and wrapping his arms under me, he sucked on the side of my neck while moving his dick around with mine, inside my boxers. I slid my hands down to his bare bottom. His skin was soft and cool to the touch. Reese had a firm bottom. I squeezed on it.

I moved my hips, too, as if struggling under him, but really, rubbing my dick up against him. Reese sucked harder, and hugged harder and started pumping his hips faster and faster.

“Umph!” His grunt was muffled by my neck as his hips pumped jerkily. Then he slowed and stopped.

“You got the feeling, right?” I asked.

He lifted his mouth from my neck. “I got a lot of feelings,” he said breathily, his belly heaving against mine.

“Yeah! It’s like coming, only we don’t have anything to shoot yet. It’s happened to me, too.”

He lifted his head, looking down at me with a lopsided grin. “Really? You think?”


His grin widened and he pumped his hips a few more times. “Damn,” he murmured.

I wiggled my hips under him. I was still hard and hadn’t come.

Then, from the hallway, came a creepy, vampire voice. “You done with him?” Aiden asked. “I need my next victim.”

Reese lifted himself from me. “Laterz,” he murmured with a quick grin.

He got off me, and Aiden quickly got on. I heard a squeal from the tub. Joshua was still hiding there, and Reese grabbed him, leading him from the bathroom as Aiden’s mouth closed on my neck.

As I did with Reese, I forced Aiden’s hips up and opened my fly to take his cock and balls into my boxers with mine.

“Awesome,” he whispered before closing his mouth once more on my neck and grinding. My hands went to his bare little butt, and I kneaded his twin globes while he ground on me.

Reese was the one who caught me the third time. I was in the bedroom closet, and he pulled me from it and to my feet. For a moment, we stood facing each other, so close that his erection pressed the front of my boxers. He stepped even closer, pulling me into a loose embrace as he sniffed the side of my neck. My dick pressed his belly through my boxers.

“Third time for you,” he said in a thick voice which sounded less like a vampire and more like a worked-up twelve-year-old. He slipped his hands inside the back of my boxers and squeezed my bottom. I wrapped my arms around his bare shoulders.

He pushed my boxers off my hips, and, when they fell to the floor, he grabbed my butt and pulled our crotches together firmly, sucking once more on my neck, and then my chest, and then my nipple. I shuddered.

Reese laid me back onto the floor and he moved over me on all fours, his knees between mine and his cock wagging under him. He held himself up on his arms, watching my face as he lowered his middle, laying his boner alongside mine and straightened his legs out between mine. And then, in the near-dark, with no one else in the room, my best friend, Reese, lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me.

For a moment, we lay there with his mouth on mine. Breath from his nostrils washed over my cheek. Then I wrapped my arms over his back, and kissed him back. Our boners pulsed between our bellies.

We wrapped each other up, pressing our lips. We ground our boners together. Reese broke the kiss and pressed his check to mine. And then, quite naturally, he sucked on my neck. We hugged, he sucked the side of my neck, and I rubbed the insides of my legs against the smooth outsides of his legs. We rubbed boners until I shuddered under him, moaning softly.

“Did you do it?” he asked in a whisper.


He paused a moment, then pumped again with his hips. “I’m almost ready to.” He pumped and I held on to him, and soon his body went all hard and rubbing against me and his breath grew ragged.

Reese and I camped out together that night on the floor. It grew quiet. And then Damon got on top of Kody, over where they were lying. I looked over, and they’d both taken off their boxers.

So I pulled off mine and tugged at Reese’s. He pulled his off, and I got on top of him. He grabbed my butt and I grabbed his shoulders, looking down into his eyes, and I kissed him, even though the others could see us. I kissed Reese in front of his brothers and Kody’s friends.

We kissed and hugged and rubbed our boners. When I glanced over Damon was kissing Kody. Aiden appeared to be waking Joshua up.


Nobody said anything the next day about kissing. But Tuesday after school, Kody got me into their ground floor bathroom, alone. “Have you ever tried kissing with tongue?” he asked in a whisper.

I shook my head.

Kody grinned and taking the sides of my face in both hands, he kissed me. When I felt his tongue between my lips, my mouth opened in surprise, and his tongue plunged in.

“Where were you two?” Reese asked when we rejoined the others outside a few minutes later.

“C’mon,” I told him. “I’ll show you.”

I led Reese inside and down to their basement, and into the bedroom. I closed the door.

“You ready for me to show you?” I asked.

“Show me what?”

“Kody knows how to kiss with tongue, and he showed me.”

Reese’s eyes went large.

I stepped up to him, took his face in both hands, and kissed him. When I pressed my tongue between his lips, his mouth opened, and I plunged in with my tongue. Our bodies kind of melted together.

After a few moments, we took a breath. “Wanna get naked?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Reese said.

We stripped and jumped onto the bed together and kissed and rubbed until we both had dry orgasms.

We did it again on Thursday.


We added a new rule that next Friday night. If a victim had a dry orgasm – we called it a climax because Aiden had heard that’s what it was called – on the first or second feeding, that meant he had died early and the vampire could go ahead and bite his heart and make him a zombie vampire slave.

Before that night, we had all had at least one climax while playing. That night, and from then on, we usually all had at least one, every time we played. That became especially true a couple of weeks later.

Kody was a vampire, and the first time he caught me, he pulled off my boxers along with my shirt. I wasn’t about to protest that he pulled off my boxers too soon, because I was more than ready to be skin on skin.

“Know why I pulled off your boxers on the first feeding?” Kody asked in a hissing, vampire voice, licking under my ear.

“No,” I answered, stroking the back of his hair.

“Because I’m going to give you a quick death,” he whispered. “I’m going to suck the life out of you.” And then he began sliding down my body.

My pulse quickened as I guessed what he might be planning.

He backed down between my legs, and then, lifting my dick, he closed his mouth over it.

I gasped, doing a half-situp and I pulled my legs up on either side of him. I’d never felt anything like his warm, wet mouth on my boner.

As I got past the initial sensations, I laid my head back down and straightened out my legs again. Kody rested his arms over them. He licked; he sucked. He closed his mouth over my boner and sucked, bobbing his head up and down and moving his tongue under my shaft.

It wasn’t long until I climaxed, whimpering, shaking all over. And then I yelped as my crown became real sensitive.

Kody came up my body to lay beside me. “Awesome, huh? Damon and I tried that this week. I knew you’d wanna do it, too.”

“No shit,” I murmured.

Kody bent over my chest and I felt his teeth on my sternum. “Now you’re my zombie vampire slave,” he said, looking down at me with a grin. “Go find Reese and suck the life out of him. You’ll ‘blow’ him away.”

I did blow Reese away, but it was Joshua I found first. He was under the bed, and by the time I had pulled him out, head first, his boxers were half-way down his legs anyway, so I pulled them off.

I wasn’t hard again yet, but neither was he. So I lay on him, kissing him with tongue first. Even ten-year-olds get hard-ons, kissing with tongue. I whispered in his ear that I was going to give him a quick death and suck the life out of him, but I sucked his nipples on the way down, and found out I could make Joshua squeal if I sucked them long and hard enough.

By the time I backed down to his stiffy, my dick was rock hard as well. I’d never really gotten my face this close to one of the other guys’ dicks before. Even in the dim light of the basement, I could see his round little balls; Joshua’s were still marble shaped. His stiffy was long enough to hit the back of my throat, so I had to be careful how I did it, but I sucked on him the way Kody had sucked on me.

I decided that night that a ten-year-old dick smelled different from an eleven-year-old dick and both smelled different from a twelve-year-old dick. Maybe it was simply that each of my buddies smelled differently, but Joshua definitely had the mildest, most ‘boy’ smell, and Reese definitely had the strongest, most ‘youth’ smell. I sucked on Damon and Aiden that night as well. I liked them all.

It surprised me how each dick could be so different and yet so alike. None of the three brothers were circumcised, and I liked having the extra skin to move up and down, and I liked that their crowns were naturally wet. But I also liked Damon’s and Aiden’s circumcised dicks and their cleaner tastes – at least cleaner than Joshua’s the first time I sucked him. Damon had a fat dick and it curved to the right. Joshua’s stiffy pointed up his belly the way my boner did. Aiden had big balls for a little guy, and they were fun to play with.

We had all climaxed a couple of times, but preteens can have multiple dry orgasms pretty easily sometimes, and I still hadn’t sucked Kody’s dick. I wanted to. And I had an idea.

I camped out next to him on the floor that night, and, even while the others were still talking, I scooted up, face to face with Kody.

“Wanna try a vampire transfusion?” I asked.

He grinned. “What’s that?”

“We suck the life out of each other at the same time.”

Kody’s grin widened. I quickly reversed body positions with him and we each shoved our boxers down to our ankles. Kody’s dick was pretty soft, so I sucked it up like a string of spaghetti and tickled his balls with my fingers. He got hard, quickly.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Reese asked from behind me.

I lifted my head. “A vampire transfusion, we’re sucking the life out of each other at the same time.”

That was the next rule we added. When we started with two vampires, they ended the game by giving each other a vampire transfusion.


The next game innovation came three or four months later, just after school let out for the summer. I was one of the vampires, and I found Kody in a closet. I brought him out, but he dropped to his stomach, hugging the floor and giggling because he was keeping me from sucking the life out of him.

I lay on top of him, sucking the back of his neck and whispering in a vampire voice, “You will obey me.” I was naked, but Kody still had on his boxers. I rubbed my boner against his bottom through them.

He kept giggling and wouldn’t roll over, so I pulled down the back of his boxers and rubbed my boner in his crack. “Obey me,” I whispered, “or I’ll drive a wooden stake into you.”

Kody grew quiet a moment. “Wait,” he whispered. He got up and ran from the bedroom.

A moment later, he returned naked, and lay down on the floor beside the bed, again on his stomach. “Okay, stupid vampire. Drive your stake up me! I’m not afraid of you.”

For a moment, I looked stupidly at him. He was inviting me, right?

Realizing he was, I quickly scooted up behind him, and pressed my crown between his butt cheeks. They were greasy. He’d evidently gotten up to put something greasy in his butt crack. I pushed my dick forward. Finding his opening, my crown popped in, and my dick just kept on sliding, all the way until his butt was in my lap.

Conforming my body to the back of his, I wrapped my arms around him and sucked on the back of his spine, high up. I ground forward with my hip and felt my dick stretch into him. He was tight around my base, and warm inside. I pulled my hips back and pushed forward. His tightness stroked my shaft. I started pumping my hips.

Kody rolled onto his stomach with me on top of him. I grabbed under the fronts of his shoulders and sucked at the back of his neck while I pumped. It felt good; it felt very good, driving into Kody and grinding. I moaned.

“Holy shit!” I heard Reese murmur from behind us.

“Kody and I’ve been doing that,” I heard Damon say.

“There’s a small can of Crisco in the basement kitchen,” Kody told them, and I heard Reese and Damon walk away.

The mound of Kody’s butt fit perfectly under my lap. I made long pumps of my hips; pulling back, then driving up into Kody and grinding. In a moment, Reese and Damon were back and I felt fingers spread Crisco into my clinching butt crack.

“Reese wants to do you,” Damon explained.

I looked behind me to see Reese drop to his knees, straddling the backs of my legs. He leaned forward over me, and I felt his crown between my slippery butt cheeks.

“Crap!” I murmured as his dick slid up my butt, feeling a hell of a lot bigger than it had ever looked.

“Relax,” Kody said from under me. “It feels good when you get used to it.”

We lay there motionless; Kody under me and me under Reese. Then Reese began to move his cock inside me, and in moments, it started to feel really good. I moved my dick inside Kody, and quickly found that a dick up the butt can feel pretty damn good. And then I discovered, driving hard into Kody’s bottom, that a dick up the butt can bring on a tremendous climax; one that seems to last forever.

The game kind of fell apart that night because Damon brought Joshua into the room and showed him what we were doing, and soon Damon had his dick up Joshua’s bottom. Aiden came in to see what everyone was doing, and when Damon finished behind Joshua, Aiden took a turn. I didn’t get off of Kody until Reese got off me. Then Kody wanted a turn and picked Damon. Joshua wanted a turn, and picked me.

When we bedded down that night, Kody camped out by me and smiled when I glanced at him. “You did me,” he whispered. “My turn.”


I worried that week that our vampire game had been spoiled by the new turn, and I wasn’t sure how everybody would feel about the things we did if those things weren’t part of the game. It may sound crazy, but I was afraid it would make a difference. Somehow, sex in the guise of a game still seemed like play, and not really sex.

I gave it a lot of thought, and invited the guys to sleepover at my house that Friday night.

As we gathered in the basement den, I set the can of Crisco on the low table in front of the couch. The guys looked at the can and at me with a variety of cockeyed grins.

“New rule,” I told them. “Everybody greases their butt. If a non-vampire finds a vampire feeding on a victim, the non-vampire can drive a ‘wooden stake’ up the vampire’s behind… ”

Joshua and Aiden snickered.

“The non-vampire can drive a wooden stake up the vampire’s behind,” I repeated, “and if the vampire ‘climaxes’ while the wooden stake is up his butt, he becomes a non-vampire, and the victim becomes a vampire. If that happens, the non-victims get a fifteen second head start to hide before the new vampire can come after them.”

I looked from one to another of them. Reese smiled, lopsidedly. Damon nodded. Kody said, “Cool!” and he reached for the small can of Crisco.

“What about vampire transfusions?” Joshua asked.

“No sticking stakes up the butts of vampires when they’re transfusing,” I said.

We all pushed down our boxers, dropping them to the floor in a rough circle, as we stood. Aiden, Kody, and I were already hard. Kody finished greasing his butt and passed the can to Aiden, who stood next to him.

“And if a vampire’s already fed on you, you’re not a non-vampire,” Kody added. “You can only stick a wooden stake in a vampire if you haven’t been fed on.”

“Or if you’ve been made a non-vampire by a non-vampire,” I corrected, as Aiden passed the can to Damon, and more dicks began to rise.

That night, the game went back and forth between vampires, victim’s, and non-vampires. It was a long night with a lot of three-ways. We found out that climaxes were more intense with a dick up the butt.

I was afraid the game was hopelessly changed, though. But Kody had an idea for the following week, and worked it out with Damon. The two of them volunteered to be the vampires.

Their plan was simple. We discovered that pretty quickly.

Kody caught Joshua, taking him down to feed on. When Reese and I heard Joshua’s cry as he was taken, we both rushed for the noise to “non-vampire” the vampire. That’s when Damon jumped out at us giving us each a quick neck “bite” and taking us down.

“Can he feed on both of us at once?” Reese asked.

I shrugged and grinned. “I guess so, if he’s hungry enough.”

In the meantime, Aiden came in after hearing us go down, but by then, Kody was back on his feet and waiting and he caught Aiden, taking him down, so Kody had two to feed on as well.

“Let’s make ‘em do vampire transfusions,” Damon suggested in a conniving vampire voice.

“Wait!” Kody said. “Let’s do one, big vampire transfusion!”

The two of them took us ‘victims’ and stood us all up and had us strip off our boxers. Then they had Reese lay down on the edge of the den floor. They had me lay down and start sucking Reese’s dick. Then they had Aiden lay down and suck mine, and Joshua lay down and suck Aiden’s; making a rough circle with us. Then Kody sucked Aiden and Damon sucked Kody, and the circle closed with Reese sucking Damon.

Aiden cocked up my leg to get at me better and he held me with the heel of his hand planted on my perineum. I had Reese’s hips turned back, almost to the floor, so my head was up as I sucked on him and I could look around a bit at my ten, eleven, and twelve-year-old buddies in their naked circle, sucking, tickling, kidding… until we all grew serious and very quiet.

I liked sucking Reese, maybe most of all. He was my best bud, after all, because I liked him to begin with. And even though Kody had softer skin and Damon had a more wiry body and Joshua’s long skinny stiffy was fun to suck… Reese and I were tight.

And his skin was soft, too. He had nice legs, and I ran my hands over them. His boner was thick and he had a thick foreskin. His balls rolled loosely on my fingers until he was getting ready to come and then his scrotum tightened up, and I thought that was cool. He had like, one or two pubic hairs and I played with them with one finger. I buried my face in his lap and took deep breaths of his smell as I sucked him and tried to do a good job of it.

We called our sucking circle a vampire circle after that.


After that night, things kind of calmed down that summer. On nights we played Vampire, we would play the game once without wooden stakes, and then, if we played a second time, we’d play with wooden stakes.

Then one Friday night in late August, when all the other guys were doing different things, I asked Reese to sleep over, just him and me. We had both started shooting that summer. He had a little pubic bush by then; I had my first few hairs.

That night, we played private vampire games, and did a lot of kissing with tongue, and fell asleep naked together, holding each other with our legs interlaced. In the night, I spooned Reese from behind and he snuggled back against me when I looped my arm over his waist. In the morning, we woke with me on my back and him with his head on my shoulder and his leg over mine.

I rolled him to his back and moved up over Reese. I kissed him with tongue, a long time, even though we both had morning breath. And it wasn’ta game; not that morning, not the way we held each other and kissed and rubbed our boners hard against each other.

Afterward, I lay on Reese, belly-to-belly, until we just couldn’t wait any longer to take a piss.

After pissing into the toilet together, Reese turned me toward him, even before we shook off, and he planted his mouth on mine. We embraced, wet dick heads leaving streaks on our thighs, and we kissed for a long time, until we were hard again.

I sat on the toilet and Reese greased his butt with baby oil from the bathroom cabinet. He straddled my lap, facing me, grabbed my shoulders, and sat down onto my dick. Grasping my shoulders, he covered my mouth with his. I grabbed his butt, and opened my mouth to his tongue.

Reese rode my dick and rubbed my belly with his boner, while I held his butt and bucked up into him. When we took breaths, he hugged my neck and rubbed his cheek on mine. We went slow; we went fast. He moaned because it felt so good to him, and it sure as hell felt awesome to me. We kept going until he spermed on my belly and I juiced inside him. And then he rested on me, hugging my neck and me stroking his back and holding him. He kissed the side of my neck, and I kissed his collar bone. And it was like, perfect.

That fall, our group played vampire less often, but began sleeping over in twos or threes more often.

We still play vampire, though; even now. All of us have pubes, and all of us sperm, so the game is like, more serious. Aiden wants to teach vampire games to his little brother and his two friends. He thinks he can get them to play with us.


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