Jack Edwards



Samu’s father is Swedish, and Samu favors him, with bright blond hair, stunning green eyes, and a very handsome face. Samu is almost two months younger than me. In Spain, Samu is short for Samuel.

Unlike Samu, I have dark brown, almost-black hair, and brown eyes. We are both tall and very thin. He and I became instant friends when we met in school at the age of six. He lived near me, and we played together constantly, mostly at his house.

The first time Samu invited me into his house to play, I was in for a surprise. Samu only wore underwear around his home. In his house, it was as natural as breathing, but not in my house. He tried to get me to take off my clothes that first time, and I wouldn’t do it. I was very shy.

“Come on, Damian. Don’t be such a coward,” he told me, exasperated.

Every time I came to his house, which was almost every day, he told me to strip to play, and when I wouldn’t do it, he called me names. He said it was okay for us to run around in our underwear in his house. It was more comfortable, and we were both boys, so it wasn’t wrong.

I guess I was willing from the very first, but I didn’t dare to do it. His parents were at home and I didn’t like at all the idea of them seeing me in my briefs.

But Samu wasn’t about to put on clothes, just to play with me, and he kept after me to strip. Finally, at last, I did one day. And from then on, I always stripped to my underwear in his house. He didn’t strip in mine, of course; my parents wouldn’t have liked the idea. Fortunately, his parents didn’t care at all about our clothing.

One afternoon, not long after I began stripping, too, we got into a shoving match that became a wrestling match, and we discovered that wrestling in our underwear was fun. It became our favorite game.

Even though we wrestled in our underwear, it was all quite innocent. His double bed was our ring. The object was to throw down or immobilize the other guy. We were pretty evenly matched and we went at it enthusiastically. Probably, the reason we stayed so lean through those early years was because of our love for wrestling. We developed a lot of endurance and could go at it, literally, hours at a time.

We’d usually start by grabbing each other’s arms, pushing or pulling for an advantage. That usually resulted in our legs entwining and us rolling back and forth until one of us was sitting on top of the other.

Occasionally, one of us would get an elbow to the mouth or the back of the head against an eye. The first time I remember getting hurt was when Samu’s knee bumped under my chin. I remember him hugging me and patting my back, and saying, “I’m sorry, Damian.”

When Samu got hurt, I would hug him and pat his back and tell him, “I’m sorry, Samu.” We did that, even after we grew older.

However, we laughed far, far more often than we cried. Samu was slightly stronger and liked to poke and tickle me. I’d do it back to him, and our wrestling was often punctuated with laughter and giggling. His parents enjoyed hearing us, but they rarely came back to Samu’s room.

Samu and I bonded in ways that I’m not sure happens very often for boys who are best friends. For one thing, the hours we spent wrestling in our underwear made us completely familiar and comfortable with one another’s body. The feel of Samu’s muscles, straining against mine, was something I enjoyed from early on. All that physical contact also led to an emotional closeness, much like very close brothers.

Our legs, arms, and torsos grew longer, leaner, stronger. Pitting my growing strength against his made us feel less and less like boys and more and more like youths. We delighted in the development of our strength and bodies.

But then, about the time we were both eleven, something disturbed our play. We began getting boners when we wrestled.

It happened first to Samu. I had rolled on top of him and managed to sit on his crotch while pinning his wrists beside his head. He struggled, and I suddenly realized that I felt his boner under my perineum.

“You win!” Samu said, growing redder in the face than normal from our exertion. He looked away from me. “Let me up.”

I let Samu up and he sat up quickly, covering his lap with his forearms. “Let’s do something else now, Dami,” he said.

It happened again to him, two or three days later. This time, he had me pinned on my stomach and he was sitting on the backs of my legs, pressing my wrists to the bed beside my head. I was struggling, and I thought I felt a hard lump against my butt.

“My win!” Samu said, rolling off me. He sat up quickly with his forearms in his lap. Flushed, he took a deep breath. “Let’s do something else now,” he said.

Maybe it was because he had started getting boners that I started getting them. My first time was when I had his waist scissored between my thighs. Our fingers were interlaced and we were struggling against each other. His side rubbed under my balls and perineum.

The front of my briefs began to tent. I tried not to think about it, and my briefs tented even more until my erection was growing obvious. I quickly pulled away from him, and like Samu had done, I sat with my forearms in my lap. “Let’s play something else, Samu,” I suggested.

We didn’t quit wrestling, though. Not at all. We simply stopped when one of us got an erection. That is, we stopped the first few times it happened.

But then, one afternoon, our legs got tangled. Samu was on top of me with one hand on the wall and one on the bed, trying to hold me down and my arms were around his torso as I tried to leverage up from my hips. He sprung an erection inside my hipbone, and I sprung one inside his.

Samu started to pull away, but keeping his leg tightly between mine, I rolled us, trying to get on top for the advantage before calling it quits. We rolled back and forth, not letting each other go, our erections pressed between us.

From then on, we got erections, and kept wrestling. It may sound odd, but neither of us looked at what was happening as that sexual. It was wrestling, and we were only eleven. We began rubbing our erections, consciously, against each other’s body as we rolled back and forth, and it became part of the fun. Though we said nothing to each other about our boners, we became even more enthusiastic about wrestling.

When we were twelve, I started oozing precum when we wrestled, and I also felt dampness in the front of Samu’s briefs against my skin. Our briefs stained. And yet, we still didn’t talk about our erections or precum, and we never came when wrestling together. In fact, Samu and I had never even seen each other naked. The only other boy I’d ever seen naked was my little brother.

One afternoon, when Samu and I were almost thirteen, we got twisted on each other while we were wrestling, and my nose ended up against the front of Samu’s damp briefs. I liked the scent of his precum. I was wanking and could shoot sperm by then, and I wondered if Samu was, too, but I was way too shy to ask.

Just before Samu’s thirteenth birthday, we were alone in Samu’s house, in our briefs, climbing onto his bed for an afternoon wrestle when Samu paused.

“Let’s wrestle with a new rule, Dami,” he suggested.

“What rule?” I asked.

“Loser gets a punishment; whatever the winner decides.”

I thought about it, and honestly, nothing sexual crossed my mind at all. I was thinking he would have me do something stupid, or I might have him do something stupid.

“Okay,” I agreed.

We grabbed each other’s arms, and went at it. In moments, we both had erections, leaking precum. And then, Samu got astride my waist pinning my wrists back to the bed. I couldn’t throw him.

“Alright,” I said. “What’s my punishment?”

Samu didn’t say anything right away. His face went red, and he swallowed. He got off me and sat on the bed with his back to the wall, looking as though he knew what punishment he wanted, but was shy to say it.

Finally, he glanced at me. “You pull off your underwear and go nude all day.”

My eyes went wide. Not only did I have an erection, a huge one, but also, I was seriously leaking precum. “That’s not fair,” I complained. “No way I’m going to do that.”

“You agreed,” Samu said. “The rule was, ‘whatever punishment the winner decides’. So take off your underwear.”

He had me. We didn’t break our rules together.

Slowly, I got off the bed and faced away from him. I pushed down and stepped from my briefs. Then I turned to face Samu, eyes down, ashamed. For him to see me naked for the first time, like this, with my first, meager pubic hairs and a big erection with precum drooling from the end, was profoundly embarrassing. I looked up at him.

Samu was rubbing the front of his briefs, but when I looked up, he stopped.

We didn’t say anything for a moment, then I did the only thing I could think of.

“I want revenge,” I told him. “Let’s wrestle again, same rule.”

“Okay,” he agreed.

We got up onto the bed, grabbing each other’s arms. My dick pointed upward toward his chest. We started, and I threw myself into it, determined to win.

I didn’t have to try very hard. Samu fell off the bed pretty easily, and I moved on top of him. Without briefs, my dick wagged. The sensations of my dick and balls against his bare skin were great. I felt hornier than ever in my life. I pinned him, my dick rubbing his stomach.

“Take off your underwear,” I told him.

I got off Samu and watched as he got up from the floor and pulled off his underwear. His equipment was comparable to mine. He had his first pubic hairs, too. His dick pointed up his belly about as far as mine did. His balls looked to be the same, large, egg-shape size. The end of his dick was wet with precum.

Having never seen another boy my age naked, to see Samu with an erection like this made me even hornier.

We got onto the bed, locked arms, and fell to wrestling again. This time, both of us rubbed our erections against the other’s bare skin. We rolled, and Samu got on top of me, his legs between mine, pinning my arms, our crotches pressing.

I thought I could hold out, but the press of his genitals to mine, rubbing, was too much. Suddenly, I shot cum, hitting up against his belly. My cum dripped down from his belly onto mine, and it rolled down his belly to his crotch.

“I’m sorry, Samu,” I said, deeply embarrassed once again.

Samu, looking down at me, laughed. “My turn,” he said, and he pressed himself to me, grinding his erection between my legs, sliding in my cum. Still pinning my wrists, Samu lay down onto me, his hair brushing my cheek. His movements on me, even though I had come, gave me pleasure and excited me. It felt good when Samu shot up my belly, moaning softly beside my ear.

He rolled off, onto his back. “Oh, wow!” he murmured.

I glanced at him. Samu grinned. I grinned back.

“We’re messy,” he said. “Want to take a shower together?”

I laughed. “Yes!”

We washed each other’s bodies, grinning, poking, laughing. Then we dried off, and returned, nude, to his room. Our dicks were rising again.

“Another match?” Samu asked with a smile.

I nodded. “Of course!”

We got back up onto the bed, and in moments, we were rolling, legs entwined, back and forth. We rubbed our erections openly, and forcefully on each other. I got my hips between Samu’s legs, much like he had done earlier to me, and I pinned his body with mine, holding his wrists down on the bed. I rubbed my erection against him and he pressed himself back against me. We strained, and I could feel a difference in the movement of his lithe body under me; a more sexual difference.

I came. He rolled us so that he was on top, rubbing, and he came.

Samu rolled off onto his back beside me, laying his hand on my hipbone. “Dami,” he said with a sigh. “We’re going to need another shower.”

The next day, Samu closed the door to his room, and we pulled off our briefs to wrestle nude. We would always wrestle nude after that.

“Same rule, Dami,” he suggested. “Loser has a punishment.”

“Alright,” I agreed, only this time, it wasn’t something stupid I was thinking about imposing if I won.

We had erections, even before starting. We rolled, rubbing our boners on each other, getting one another’s skin wet with streaks of precum. And then I pinned Samu with his hips scissored between my legs. The inside of my thigh pressed his upturned erection. I had his wrists, otherwise, he might as easily have called the win.

My dick lay pointing onto his belly. A small pool of my precum rested in the seam up the middle of his abs. “Your punishment,” I told him, “is to give me a good wank.”

Samu grinned, and I let go of his wrists. When Samu closed his hand around my boner, I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. No one else’s hand had ever touched my erection. I rolled to my back so he could do it better, and Samu lay on my side, his boner pressed to the outside of my thigh while his hand stroked my erection. I rested my hand on his back, and we both watched his hand and my dick.

When he won, I returned the favor.

And then, one day, he won when he was straddling my chest and the tip of his dick was already, almost at my mouth.

“Lick it,” he said. “That will be your punishment.”

So I took his shaft into my hand, and I licked the precum off his crown. I licked all over his crown and up and down his shaft until he came, shooting on my face while I hollered in protest.

Samu laughed. He got a washrag and carefully cleaned around my eyes and nose and mouth, and all over my face.

“I need to do this for you,” he said with a wink, “because you may do the same thing to me some time.”

“Like my next turn,” I told him.

We never really took things farther than that – rubbing, wanking, licking – though we wrestled nude almost daily and it was always sexual. After we had girlfriends, we wrestled less, and stopped when we were sixteen. Though we are still incredibly close friends, I don’t know that what we did was ever more than experimentation and play for Samu.

I have since, been with other boys, because I am bisexual.


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