Jack Edwards



It happened my summer between sixth and seventh grade. I was twelve and excited about moving on to junior high. I was noticing the very first changes adolescence would bring to my body in the form of larger genitals. And, though I didn’t understand my feelings, I had the biggest crush imaginable on my next door neighbor who was going to be a senior in high school. His name was Eric and he was really cute with a smile that would light up any room. He was also the drum major of the high school band and looked amazing in his uniform.

Eric had one other great skill – he could ride and do amazing tricks on a unicycle. In fact, when he was leading the band in parades he always did it on his unicycle. The fact that he'd even speak to me, though I was so much younger, made me feel grown up, and I loved every minute of his attention.

One day in August he came over to our house and told my mom that he was about to begin rehearsal for a play the high school planned for its opening day ceremony. The play needed a younger boy for a small role and he wondered if she would consider letting me take the part if I wanted it. Did I ever! Fortunately Mom agreed and I went to my first rehearsal the next afternoon.

The director of the play was another, really nice guy. He too was going to be a senior, and his name was Tony. It was clear to me that Tony and Eric were very good friends because they were always looking at each other, smiling, and teasing one another. Tony called Eric by his last name, Unger, and Eric called Tony, Fitz, for Fitzgerald.

Tony was very nice to me too and taught me how to move on stage, and he coached me on my few lines. I felt like a real Broadway star!

The week before school was to begin, we had an evening rehearsal that was expected to last until nine. I was thrilled that I’d be out at night with all the older kids.

“I’ll have David back home, safe, just as soon as we’re done,” Eric promised my folks.

They agreed to let him take me.

Rehearsal actually ended by eight and everyone left except for Eric, Tony, and me. When the door closed behind the last person, Tony turned to Eric and winked.

“Come on Unger, lets go out to the woods." There was a grove of beautiful old trees behind the school's athletic field, and I assumed that’s what he meant.

Eric’s face flushed deep red. "We can't.” He nodded in my direction. “What about David?"

Tony turned an appraising look on me, then smiled "David, Eric and I like to do things that are secret and only between grown up guys. If you come with us, you have to promise to keep our secret and never tell anyone else about it. Will you do that?"

I had no idea what might happen, but I felt an excitement like I'd never felt before. “I promise!” I said. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Fitz!” Eric protested in a hissing voice. “He’s my next door neighbor!

Tony smiled. “He’ll like it, Unger. We do.”

Tony took me by the hand and led me out the door. Eric followed, still frowning. There was a full moon, the light of which gave the night an unearthly feeling.

When we reached the woods, Tony stopped, and, hanging on to my hand, he looped his other arm behind Eric’s waist and pulled their bellies together. To my amazement, he planted his mouth on Eric’s and kissed him hard. Eric wrapped his arms around Tony’s shoulders and they tongued inside one another’s mouths.

They kissed for several seconds, and only then did Tony let go of my hand. He gently, but firmly pushed Eric down onto his knees. Next, Tony shoved down the front of his pants and briefs. His hard-on flopped out, right in Eric’s face. It was the erection of an almost-grown youth; thick, straight, and white in the moonlight.

“Suck it, Unger,” Tony urged in a thick voice. “Show David how it’s done.”

Eric glanced at me as if he was sorry that Tony reminded him I was there. But then he took Tony’s dick in his hand and closed his mouth over it.

I was hugely turned on, and rubbed the front of my pants. Tony saw and drew me to him, hugging me to his side. When I looked up at him, he kissed my lips, pressing his to mine. He probed into my mouth with his tongue, turning me on, even more.

He groped the front of my pants, feeling the outline of my erection. One of Eric’s hands joined Tony’s, feeling up the inside of my thigh. They unfastened my pants, and pushed them and my briefs down, dropping them to my ankles.

My world was spinning. Tony’s tongue probed inside my mouth, rubbing on my tongue. Their hands fondled my hard-on and balls. Then Tony pushed downward on my shoulder, gently but firmly.

“Help Unger,” he murmured.

I dropped to my knees and sucked on the side of Tony’s shaft. Eric slipped a hand over my bare bottom and pulled his mouth off Tony’s dick long enough to kiss me deeply, with tongue. Then he fondled me while showing me how to suck on Tony’s cock. We both sucked on it, pausing every few moments to kiss.

The smell from between Tony’s legs and the taste of his precum dazzled my mind and senses. At one point, while Eric sucked on the end of Tony’s cock, I buried my face in Tony’s crotch and Tony stroked the back of my head. I was hooked. I knew I was hooked for life.

“I’m coming,” Tony murmured, and Eric leaned out of the way so I could watch in the light of the full moon as several spurts of cum shot from Tony’s dick, landing in the silent night on dry leaves. Tony’s hand squeezed the top of my head, and he moaned softly.

Eric licked the end of Tony’s dick, then I did, tasting faintly the remnants of cum in his little cock slit.

“Our turn,” Eric said with a tug to my hand.

He and I stood up, and Tony dropped to his knees. He played with our hard-ons, and sucked back and forth between Eric and me.

“I’m almost there,” Eric said, urgently.

Tony pulled off Eric’s dick and tugged me down onto my knees. He shoved my face toward Eric’s cock. I closed my mouth over the end of it just as Eric started to shoot. I swallowed it all, and I liked it. As I licked the last of it from my lips and inside my mouth, Tony pushed me down onto my back.

He dove on my middle, swallowing my dick completely. I was still hairless, and I could feel his lips completely around the base of my cock. He bobbed and twisted. In seconds, he had me squirming on my back, clasping his head. He was relentless, and my first ever, dry orgasm racked my body for what seemed like a century.

When I got to my feet, they brushed off my back and helped me pull up my pants and underwear without bringing twigs and leaves up with them. Tony hugged me.

“Did you like that, David?” he asked with a grin.

I nodded my head emphatically.

Tony kissed me, probing my mouth. Then he passed me to Eric, who did the same.

“So we tell nobody about this, and maybe we can do it again, right?” Tony said.

“Right!” I agreed.

Tony smiled and took me by the hand, turning us back toward the school. Eric came alongside me and laid his arm over my shoulders. I felt incredible, walking between them.

When we pulled into Eric’s driveway, he stopped the car, and then took my hand. He tugged me toward him and leaned across the seat to kiss me.

He called my house the next morning. “My parents are gone,” Eric said. “Can you come over to practice your lines?”

“You bet!” I almost yelled into the receiver.

I was over there in seconds, and Eric met me inside the door with an immediate embrace and kiss. He wore only underwear, and he was worked up the way a seventeen-year-old boy can be worked up. He picked me up, grabbing under my buttocks, and carried me, clinging to his front, back to his room.

Eric dropped me back onto his bed and fell on me, kissing me and feeling me up between the legs. He pulled off my shirt, and then stripped off my shoes, socks, pants, and briefs. I watched as he stripped off his own underwear, and saw his erection for the first time in daylight. It wagged in front of him as he climbed back up onto the bed and fell onto me.

We kissed and hugged, and then he showed me how to sixty-nine. I got to smell between his legs and taste his precum and cum. But we weren’t done.

He gave me a naked back rub and worked on my buns. Then he spread oil into my crack and got on top of me.

Eric was incredibly gentle and took his time. We wound up spooned on our sides before I could take him in, but once he was in, I was hooked on something else new… nestled back against his body, his hand between my legs, and his lips behind my ear; whispering wonderful things about me and my body. He fondled me and reamed me good, bringing me off just before he came inside me.

He stayed inside me, spooning me with his body, caressing me. He kissed the side of my neck and behind my ear.

“We’re going to have fun this year, David,” he promised. “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“Can I fuck you, too?” I asked.

“Sure,” he promised.

“Can I do it now?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Once you start shooting, you aren’t going to be ready again so fast.”

Eric pulled out of me, and rolled onto his stomach.

“Get the oil,” he said, “and spread it into my butt.”

I poured a few drops into his crack, and in the process, felt over the firm globes and smooth skin of his bottom. My dick grew even harder as I spread oil onto his pucker and even pushed the end of my finger inside.

“Put some on your dick, too,” Eric said.

I did, and then I straddled the backs of his thighs before leaning forward, and guiding my dick into his crevice. I pressed my crown to his pucker and pushed in.

The feeling of his sphincter passing over my crown and rising up my shaft was great, but what I really loved was the feeling of his butt under my lap and his naked body under mine. But then, when I started pumping, it got even better, and I got hooked on one more, new thing.

Eric was true to his word. We did have a lot of fun that year before he went to college, and Tony joined us for much of it. They celebrated like it was my birthday when I started shooting cum. I felt, I guess… fulfilled. I started calling them Unger and Fitz, and they called me Sullivan, and it was a great year!


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