Jack Edwards



The story of my first time is also the story of how I fell in love at the age of fourteen.

I was an ugly duckling. I especially thought so as I entered puberty. It was obvious that I was going to have the shorter legs and longer, squarer trunk of a lot of my people. I’m Hispanic and Native American. I’ve got thick black hair, which I wore shoulder length back then, and brown eyes. I was strong as hell, but I wasn’t happy with my face, or my body.

I always envied tall, slender boys with their long legs and elegant movements. That’s why I thought Will was beautiful the day I met him.

My dad left us years before. Mom dated other men, off and on, as I grew up. She started dating Jordan, Will and Brian’s dad, three months before I met either of his sons.

I wasn’t that impressed with Jordan. My mom’s a strong woman and Jordan did whatever she told him. Most of the time, he seemed sort of lazy. Plus, he was a janitor at the airport, though he didn’t call it being a janitor. My mom liked him, and he was very good looking, in a mid-thirtiesh way. He had blond hair and dark blue eyes.

They decided they wanted to move in together. I was fourteen, and not at all happy, particularly because my mom talked like Jordan and his sons were going to move in with my mom and me, and we only had a two bedroom apartment. That meant I’d have to share my room and bathroom, and I’d never had to share with anybody. I disliked Will and Brian before I met them.

Mom and Jordan introduced us boys to each other with a day trip to the beach at the beginning of the summer. Jordan picked us up in his old Bronco. When I opened the back door to get in, it was like culture shock.

From the back seat two tan boys, with pale blond hair and blue-gray eyes, stared at me, expressionless. They were shirtless. Brian, the ten-year-old, was nearest to me. Will, thirteen, sat against the far door. Their eyes were so pale as to be almost silver. My second impression, after their eyes, was of long, smooth legs and arms and slender torsos.

I climbed into the seat beside Brian.

Jordan looked back at us through the rearview mirror. “Boys, meet Robert. Robert, meet Will and Brian.”

I glanced at them. This close, they were awesome. It was as if all my envy and admiration of pretty, slender boys, had formed up into two perfect boys, sitting beside me. I was gay; I’d always been gay, I think. I tried not to stare. I smiled. Brian smiled back. He had a really friendly smile. Brian was also a talker. He spent most of the trip out, telling me about every beach trip they’d ever taken.

The entire way, I stole glances over Brian’s head at Will, and Will stole glances at me. When our eyes met, he simply smiled.

When we got out to unload at the picnic area above the beach, I discovered two things about Will. One was that Will was half an inch taller than me. It was all in the legs. Sitting, I had been much taller. The other thing was, that he was effeminate; not in a mincing overt way, but subtly, in the movements of his hands and body.

They wore board shorts. After we staked out a table, I pulled off my shorts and shirt. I had on swim briefs, and both Will and Brian stared for a moment; another thing I got from my people was an ample endowment.

I was ready to head for the water, but Jordan stopped us. “You boys need sunscreen; even you, Robert. Here,” he said, tossing me a bottle, “you and Will help each other put sunscreen on. I’ll help Brian.”

It was almost cruel. There I was in well-packed Speedos, and I had to apply sunscreen to a beautiful blond boy. I did his back, almost roughly, not letting myself think about Will’s smooth skin and slender muscles.

It proved even more difficult to not grow hard, when he did my back. First, his hands caressed my shoulders and the back of my neck.

“You’re very muscular,” Will said in a quiet voice.

I shrugged. “That’s just me. I don’t work out or anything.”

His hands moved caressingly down my back, spreading lotion, feeling my muscles. I dropped my hands to cover my crotch as he smoothed lotion onto the backs of my thighs.

When we headed for the water, the tube of Will’s erection pointed quite clearly out to the side of his board shorts. I glanced at my mom, to see if she had noticed our conditions, but she was busy applying lotion to Jordan’s back.

Brian ran ahead. As I walked alongside Will, my heart raced. Not only was Will a gorgeous swan to my ugly duckling, but I’d never been so certain of another boy being gay, and he’d gotten a hard-on, touching me.

We waded out into the surf. As we moved out deeper, Brian climbed onto my back, grabbing my shoulders and wrapping his legs around my waist.

“Wow, Will,” he called over the surf, “Robert’s strong. Have you felt his muscles? They’re hard!”

Will’s eyes met mine as he stepped closer. He closed his long-fingered hand partway around my bicep. I tensed it for him. He smiled. His eyes dropped to my chest, and his face flushed in the sunlight as he placed his hand on my right pec, pressing. I tensed it.

“Your muscles really are hard,” he said, with a small smile.

Turning to him, with Brian clinging to my back, I pressed Will’s belly with the flat of one hand, and his lower back with the flat of my other hand. He was marvelously thin.

“You’re pretty good, too,” I told him. “I can feel your muscles.”

His eyes met mine. He was very close. For a moment, it was as if all the rest of the world just faded away, and it was just Will and me, gazing into each other’s eyes in the bright sunlight; getting lost in each other’s eyes.

I had the urge to kiss him. It was like something out of the movies. I’d never had the urge to kiss someone before, but there it was, and I think he had the urge, too. I could see it in his eyes.

I know we were young at thirteen and fourteen, but when people talk about chemistry… it can happen that young, sometimes, and not just between a boy and a girl.

We went deeper into the water, up to our shoulders. Will took my hand under the water as we bobbed over a swell. Brian clung more tightly to me. I squeezed Will’s hand. He squeezed back.

We stood close, facing out over the water. Brian talked and talked. I caught some of it, but under the water, Will and I were sliding fingers over each other’s palm.

“You have really long hair,” Brian said, smoothing the wet strands back off my neck. “Does it ever bother you?”

“No,” I told him.

“I like it,” Will said, squeezing my hand.

I looked at his almost white hair, glistening in the sunlight. “Yours is beautiful,” I told him.

“I’m gonna stand on your shoulders,” Brian announced, planting his feet where the base of my back met my butt, before climbing higher.

I had to take my hand from Will’s to use both with Brian as he got up onto my shoulders. I held the backs of his calves as he straightened up. His weight kept me on the bottom as a wave washed almost over my head.

“This is great!” Brian yelled. “I can see boats out there.”

I felt Will’s hand on my back.

“I’ll steady you,” he said.

He put his other hand on my belly, and my dick grew harder. I felt it spring from inside my Speedos, extending up past the low-riding waist band. Just as I hoped Will wouldn’t brush it, a wave lifted Will, and when he came back down, his hand fell onto the exposed end of my dick. He closed his hand around it.

“I’m going to dive, okay, Robert?”

“Yeah,” I managed to call out, glancing at Will.

Will held onto my cock as Brian dove from my shoulders, pushing me back.

“It got loose,” I told Will, as we rode a swell together.

“Mine’s trying to,” he said with another small smile.

I groped the front of his board shorts, and felt his erection. It felt long. As Brian swam back, I shoved my hand into the front of Will’s shorts and felt the soft skin, the hard shaft. It was the first time I felt another boy’s erection, and I had to pull my hand out way too soon, because Brian was climbing onto my back again.

This time, when Brian dove off, Will came close beside me.

“I didn’t know you were gay,” he said.

“I didn’t know you were.”

His eyes met mine. “Cool.”

Brian came back, and climbed up me again. He dove, and Will came close again.

“Does your dad know?” I asked.

Will shrugged. “I don’t know. Does your mom know?”

“No way!”

Brian came back, and this time rested on my back.

“I’m gonna ride a wave,” he said, before pushing off and moving back toward the shallow breakers.

“Does Brian know?” I asked.

Again, Will shrugged. “Maybe. He and I have done some stuff together… you know.”

I didn’t know. My jaw must have dropped because Will quickly added. “Just little stuff.”

“I’ve never done anything,” I said.


I nodded.

Will took my hand again under the water. “But you do like me, right?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

He smiled. “Duck under the water with me,” he said before taking a breath and ducking under.

I ducked with him.

Taking me by the shoulders, Will pulled me close underwater and kissed me before we came up for air. He took my hand again.

“Have you done stuff with other guys?” I asked, hoping he hadn’t; hoping he didn’t have like, a boyfriend.

He nodded. “Yeah, with two friends.”

I looked away, but Will squeezed my hand. “When we’re living together,” he said, “I’ll show you things.”

After he said that, I wanted them to move in that afternoon. I asked my mom if Will could sleepover. Mom and Jordan grinned at each other, pleased we hit it off so well.

“I may have a better idea,” Jordan said. “It’s the weekend. Why don’t we make the move to your place tomorrow.”

Will and I exchanged grins. I think he almost took my hand, right in front of Mom and Jordan.

“Let’s do this,” Mom said. “On the way home, we’ll get that old double bed of your grandma’s that she said we can have. Tonight, we’ll get your room ready. Then, tomorrow, we’ll have all day to move them in.”

“And we’ll pack up tonight,” Jordan said.

I was disappointed that we’d have to wait another night. Riding home between Will and Brian, our bare legs and shoulders brushing, it was impossible to not be excited.

There was a perilous moment when it became obvious that Mom intended Grandma’s old double bed for Will and Brian. She thought I wanted to keep my old twin bed.

“There isn’t enough room for two beds,” I told Mom and Jordan. “They probably have a lot of stuff, right. Why don’t we just share Grandma’s bed?”

“All three of you in one bed?” Mom asked doubtfully.

“We won’t mind, will we?” I said, asking Will and Brian.

“Shit no!” Brian said. “That’d be awesome!”

Mom frowned at him for saying ‘shit’, but he didn’t notice. Jordan let them swear.

“We won’t mind at all,” Will said.

Mom eyed us skeptically.

“Let them, Cindy,” Jordan said. “Only untill we can get a bigger place.”

Will and I grinned at each other.

The next twenty-four hours were the longest in my life. I woke up thinking it couldn’t be real; that Jordan would call and say the boys had changed their minds. But then Will called early to say they were about to come over, and he and I talked till Mom told me to get off the phone and back to work.

We spent much of the day going back and forth between the trailer they rented and our apartment; me and Will grinning stupidly at each other.

We worked all day. The boys had their own dresser, and with all their stuff, the room really was too crowded for a second bed. After supper, we worked it all in, and I didn’t mind giving up my privacy and my own room at all. I kept eyeing the new, double bed, and imagined Will and me on it. It wasn’t simply that I was going to lose my virginity that night… I hoped; it was also that I was going to have sex with Will.

“Those are clean sheets,” Mom said, leaning in before she and Jordan headed for bed. “You boys need to bathe.”

I glanced at Will.

“Will and Brian can go first,” Mom told me. “When they’re done, you can go.”

“Aw!” Brian said. “Robert can shower with us.”

Mom shrugged. “Whatever. Just be quiet. Robert and I have to get up for work in the morning.”

Each bedroom in our apartment had its own bath. It was no longer my bath, but ‘our’ bath, and I was happy about it! We closed the bedroom door, and I locked it. The three of us started to undress.

“Robert’s got a boner!” Brian teased with a grin when I got down to my underwear.

“So do I,” Will said. The front of his boxers were tented. He was watching me, waiting for me to take down my briefs.

I sucked in my belly and rolled the briefs down, off my hips. Brian was wrong. I wasn’t fully hard yet, but I was getting there. My dick drooped out in front of me, rising.

“Wow, it’s a fat one,” Brian said, coming over to me, naked. His own, much smaller dick swung like it was getting ready to grow. Without even asking, Brian closed his hand around my dick. “Oh!” he said. “It’s really warm.”

The feel of Brian’s hand brought me to full hardness, my foreskin pulling back from my crown.

“That’s so neat,” Brian said, skinning me back. “He’s not circumcised, Will.”

I looked up from Brian’s ten-year-old hand around my cock to see Will shove down his boxers. His erection slapped up against his belly when the elastic waistband moved past it. His dick was as long as mine, but thinner, and it had an upward arch. His balls, though loose eggs, were a little smaller than mine as well.

The skin of my genitals was darker then the rest of me. The skin of Will’s was redder. Brian’s dick pointed up his belly now, too. It was pink, and his ballsack was still small.

Brian stroked my dick. “Do you shoot much sperm?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I guess. I’ve never seen another guy shoot.”

“Let me jack you off,” Brian said, grinning up at me. He glanced at Will. “I’ll jack both of you off.”

We went into the bathroom, and stood facing the side of the tub with Brian between us, a hand on each of our cocks. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for my first “sex” with another boy, but it was sort of fun in a way.

But then Will looked at me, and I knew he was thinking the real sex would come later. Brian’s own erection pointed up from between his legs like a long, pink twig. I reached down to take it between my thumb and fingers, and he began pumping his hips, while he jacked us.

Brian jacked us at the same time, then alternately, then at the same time. I put my other hand around his on my cock, to help. Will did the same on his cock. We watched each other. I watched him sway and his eyes droop as he got into it. His long leg muscles tensed, and then he shot, splashing cum onto the bathroom tile across the tub.

The sight of that did it for me, too, and my cum arched out, falling lower on the wall than his and into the tub, but there was more of it.

“Awesome,” Brian said, slowing his jacking. He let go of Will’s softening dick to grab my forearm as I jacked him, and he continued to hold onto my dick as he pumped his hips harder. Will rubbed Brian’s bottom and soon, Brian hugged my forearm hard and shuddered.

We showered, laughing and splashing each other. Our dicks all hung flaccid, and it was possible to see that, even flaccid, the brothers had nice endowments of their own.

We dried off, brushed teeth, pissed, got a last drink of water, and headed for bed.

“You sleep in pajamas?” Brian asked.

“My underwear,” I said.

“Us, too, but boxers are more comfortable than briefs.”

“Why don’t you sleep naked,” Will suggested with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, yeah!” Brian agreed. “Let’s all sleep naked.”

I laughed.

“I’ll sleep in the middle,” Brian volunteered.

“No, let Robert,” Will said. “It’s his bed.”

“That’s why I thought he’d want an edge,” Brian said. Then he nodded, understanding. “You want to sleep against him, too.”

I crawled onto the center of the bed on hands and knees, feeling the air on my balls and dangling cock before sliding under the covers and onto my back.

Brian crawled in beside me on my left. Will turned out the light and crawled in on my right. Will laid his hand on my chest. Brian started feeling me up with both hands.

“You got great muscles, Robert,” he said, snuggling up on my side. “This is going to be so great! We’re gonna like being brothers; right, Robert?”

I wrapped an arm behind his back and gave him a hug. “Yeah, dude. We are.”

Will snuggled up on my right, pinning my arm to my side. I felt his dick and balls against the back of my hand, so I turned it to cup them.

Will smiled, cocking his leg over mine and laying a hand on my shoulder. “Good night, Robert,” he said softly, his face close to mine. Then softly, in the nearly dark room, he kissed me.

We kissed softly, and as quietly as we could. Will’s cock grew warm and thicker in my hand. He pressed his tongue between my lips, and our mouths opened to each other. Will’s hand inched down my belly until it closed around my growing erection.

Brian was so quiet against my side that I thought he’d fallen asleep. When Will and I paused for a breath, I glanced at Brian from the corner of my eye. He was watching us.

“Robert,” he said softly. “You’re going to like me, too, aren’t you?”

I hugged him to my side, and kissed his forehead. In some ways, it was going to be easier to love him. “You don’t know how much I always wanted a little brother,” I told him. “I’m glad I’m getting one, and it’s gonna be you.”

He smiled, satisfied, and rolled away onto his other side. He backed his bare butt to the side of my hip. “You two can go ahead, then,” he said. “But I want to play too, sometime.”

I turned back to Will and our mouths met again. He moved up on top of me, trapping our upturned erections between our bellies. The weight of his naked body on mine felt incredible.

“We’re going to be brothers, too,” he said softly.

I nodded, running my hand down his slender back and over the soft skin of his rounded bottom.

“I want to,” I told him sincerely. “I really want to. I just can’t believe you want to be brothers with me.”

He gazed down into my eyes in the dim light and felt over my chest and shoulders with his hands. “I dreamed about how you would look,” he whispered. “My dad said you were strong, and I dreamed you would look like you do.” He kissed my lips. “I dreamed you would be gay.” He smiled, gazing at my lips. “I dreamed you would love me.” His eyes grew earnest and rose to mine. “Lay on top of me, Robert.”

We rolled, and I was on top; the bed covers up to my shoulders. My hair fell down the sides of my face, brushing his cheeks. Will squeezed my hips between his legs and hooked his heels behind my thighs. Our erections lay trapped, snug between our loins and my balls rested on his. Will’s hands traced up and down the long muscles on either side of my spine. He smiled as I touched his nose with mine. I felt the soft skin of his belly with mine as he took a deep breath. I kissed his lips lightly, and ground with my hips.

“You’re beautiful,” I told him.

He smiled and stroked the hair back on either side of my face. “Do you really think so?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. You are.”

His smile widened, and he and wiggled his hips under me. I felt his erection move against my belly. He smoothed my hair back above my ears.

I kissed him again, and probed into his mouth with my tongue. Will moved under me, like a cat, stretching, luxuriously. My body responded to his; I felt strong over him. We moved together. He wrapped his arms around my neck; the sides of our faces pressed together. I wrapped my arms under him, and we held each other while we ground solidly against each other. The bed creaked softly, rhythmically.

“Do you like this?” Will asked quietly, stroking my hair.

“A lot!” I said, nuzzling his soft hair and circling my hips. I felt my balls slide over his. “I like you a lot.”

“I like you a lot,” he whispered beside my ear. “You can put your dick inside me if you want.”

I wasn’t sure how he meant that. “I like what we’re doing,” I said. “It feels good holding you like this.”

“We can still hold each other,” he said. “Let me get something from my stuff.”

Reluctantly, I let him up, and then watched his slender, nude body as he disappeared into the bathroom and returned a moment later, his erection wagging before him, with a small pill container in his hand; a container like from a pharmacy. Standing beside the bed, his erection jutting up from between his legs, he opened the container and dipped in a finger.

“It’s Vaseline,” he said. “I put some in this thing.”

As I watched, he took some on his finger, widened his stance, bent his knees, and reached down between his legs to work it into his butt. I was ready to mount him, right then. Next he pulled the bedcovers off me, took more Vaseline on a couple of fingers, and smoothed it over my crown and the end of my shaft. I grabbed his smooth forearm and moaned.

Will smiled and gave my cock a squeeze. He climbed up beside me on the bed and rolled to his back where he had been laying before. He stuffed his pillow under the back of his butt and pulled his knees up, and then spread them way out to the sides. His balls lay between his legs like two eggs in a nest. His erection lay up his belly, poking his navel as Will lifted his hips.

I got the idea. I knelt up at his bottom. His crevice was open to me, and I could see his pucker. Scooting up to his bottom, I aimed my dick downward and placed my crown at his opening. I pushed in.

“Go slow!” Will said with a gasp, arching back. “You’re big.”

“And you’re tight,” I said. “You’re squeezing me.”

Will nodded, chewing his lip. “Let me relax.”

We went very slowly. I watched my shaft, looking so thick in his small bottom, disappear up under his perineum until his perineum was flush with my pubes and his sphincter squeezed the base of my shaft.

I pulled out slowly, and pushed in, and I discovered how very good it felt to push all the way in.

“You can lie down on me,” Will said, opening his arms.

I bent at the hips, lowering my torso onto his. Then I stretched my legs out behind me and went flat on him. I could feel the rod of his erection under my belly. Once more, Will hooked his ankles behind my thighs and wrapped his arms around my neck. And once more, I wrapped my arms under him.

This time, when I pumped my hips, I felt his tightness slide up and down my shaft. When I pressed in, my pubic bone pressed his perineum. He was warm inside, and slippery from the Vaseline. He rubbed his erection on my belly. I covered his mouth with mine and probed with my tongue. My longer torso fit him well.

It was much like before, with Will hugging my neck, and me hugging him, the sides of our faces pressed together, sometimes kissing, as our hips pumped. Only this time, my dick was inside his warmth, and his tightness moved up and down my shaft. When I drove hard and far enough, I felt my shaft stretch long inside him. He rubbed his erection up against my belly, bumping back against my thrusts. We hit a rhythm, and the bed creaked in a fast, steady cadence, ‘creak-n-creak-n-creak-n-creak-n-creak’.

Perhaps because we had both come earlier, in the bathroom, we went on and on, our young bodies moving together. We nuzzled each other. We circled hips. We pumped. We kissed and I pressed myself far up into him.

“Do you like this?” Will asked.


From the corner of my eye, I glanced at Brian’s slender form. He lay on his side, facing away from us, apparently sleeping.

“Is Brian going to be jealous of us?” I asked in a whisper.

“No,” Will answered. “He likes you. We can suck his cock every once in a while. He loves that.”

“Do you like it?” I asked. “Having your cock sucked?”

“Sure,” Will said. “I’ll show you why sometime.” He tightened his arms around my neck. “But I really, really like this… Bro.” He was quiet a moment. The creaking of the bed continued steadily. “Is it okay to call you Bro?” Will asked softly.

I hugged him hard, driving my dick all the way up in him, and I held him tightly. “Yes… Bro,” I said.

“It feels good when you hug me hard,” Will murmured.

So I held him tightly, and ground in with my dick.

His fingers clutched at my hair, and he arched under me. I resumed my pumping, thrusting solidly.

“This is so good!” he murmured.

I sucked the inside of his neck. “You are awesome!” I murmured.

“Stop!” he said, and I froze.

After a moment, he relaxed slightly. “I almost came. Don’t bang me so hard until you’re ready to come, ‘cause it will make me come, too.”

“I’m getting close, too,” I told him.

We continued on, silently except for the bed’s ‘creak-n-creak-n-creak-n-creak’, faster and faster. And then I pounded hard and Will rubbed his cock up against my belly furiously. We arched back from each other. At the same time as my cock began pulsing with cum, I felt come squirt up my belly from the end of Will’s cock, and it was as if I was shooting up through him.

I collapsed onto him, holding him, staying inside him until I grew soft and slid out. We kissed. We talked. We rubbed noses and laughed.

I was in love, and in love with being in love. I had that heady, swirling-world type of euphoria that first love brings, and an incredible feeling of intimacy with Will. I had made love to Will. I had come inside him. I’d given him pleasure and drove an orgasm through him.

We rolled to our sides and I spooned my body to the back of Will’s. I hugged him from behind and nuzzled under the back of his hair. I slid a hand down his belly and fondled the softness of his cock and balls. His cock grew heavy, and then erect. My own cock grew hard.

I reentered him. I held him with an arm around the chest, and a hand around his cock as he pumped his hips forward and back. His shaft moved in my hand, and his butt bumped back against my lap. I pumped my hips to meet him.

Will arched back against me. Reaching back over his side to grasp the small of my back and pull at me while bumping back against me.

“You really like my dick up your butt,” I observed in a murmur.

“Yes,” he breathed.

That excited me even more, and I met his butt bumps solidly. The bed creaked again, rhythmically.

The way his lithe body moved against me awakened something deep in my gut; something instinctual in a fourteen-year-old boy. I felt sexual; I felt like a stallion. I wrapped both arms around Will’s belly and drove with my hips. I rolled to my back, taking him with me, pulling up my legs, planting my feet, thrusting up into him. His body undulated to meet my thrusts.

I rolled us back onto our sides. His top leg looped back over my hip, opening him up. I leaned up on an elbow, reaching between his legs, stroking his balls while he jacked himself, and I watched my hips driving to meet his bumps, his leg draped back over me, his slender body writing against my strength. I could see the muscles working in his legs and butt and sides. I ran my hand over them. I saw the little tremors our impact sent through his buttocks.

He looked back over his shoulder, looking up at me, looking dazed with pleasure, and he looked older than thirteen. His eyes met mine, and I kissed him. I bent from my waist, bending over his side, and I kissed him and grabbed his cock in my hand, replacing his hand.

He pumped his hips and I banged him hard, and I watched his face. It excited me, to see my thrusts give him pleasure. He ground his bottom into my lap.

We went a long time. I lay back down behind him and sucked on the nape of his neck as my orgasm gathered itself like a slow-building storm.

“I’m going to come,” I murmured, stroking him harder. Will’s hips bucked faster.

I held him tightly in my arm when I came, stroking him fast until I felt his release. Then I relaxed, snuggling to him, spooning him. I fell asleep before my dick slipped out.

Though the room was full of light, morning came way too early. Will lay on his back, and I was on my side facing him. I had hugged his body up to mine like I was hugging a teddy bear. I woke to Brian’s stiffy rubbing my butt while his hands ran appraisingly over my flank and back muscles.

I glanced back at him.

“Can I cornhole you like you did Will last night?”

I certainly wasn’t in the mood to suck Brian’s dick at the moment, which is what Will said he liked – I was way too comfortable. So I nodded.

“There’s Vaseline in that medicine thing on the night stand,” I told him.

I dozed off until I felt Brian’s fingers spread Vaseline into my butt hole. I really woke up when I felt his long stiffy slide up my butt. Brian grabbed the backs of my shoulders, and started pumping, and I found out why Will liked my dick up his butt.

Jordan’s shift was early, so he got home earlier than mom. He called us into the kitchen while he drank a beer.

“How’d everything go today?” he asked.

“Fine,” we told him.

“You guys do everything we left on the list for you to do?”

“Yeah,” we told him.

“Good,” he said, grabbing up his can of beer. “I’m going to go take a nap. You guys kept us up all night.”

I felt my face grow hot. I glanced at Will and saw his face go red.

Jodan looked at the two of us. “Your bed creaks,” he said. “And you guys were going at it all night.”

Will’s face went scarlet. Even Brian blushed.

“Your mom freaked,” Jordan said, looking at me. “But I calmed her down. I told her guys your age experiment together. I told her I did at your age” A brief smile flittered across his face. “Just don’t keep us up all night, alright?”

I swallowed hard. We nodded.

Jordan left the kitchen Will and I exchanged glances. A smile spread across his face, but I kept thinking about my mom freaking.

I avoided her when she came home that evening. I avoided meeting her eyes. But she never said anything to me about our bed creaking; not that day or for a long, long time.

That night, ten-year-old Brian lay on his stomach and I lay on top of him, keeping part of my weight up on my elbows as I very, very slowly put my dick into him for the first time. Then Will climbed on top of me, and I enjoyed being in the middle of our first three-way. We kept as quiet as we could, but I tickled Brian because it felt good when he wiggled, laughing, under me with my cock inside him, and the bed did creak.

It creaked again later, as I lay belly to belly on Will, and moved my dick inside him for three-quarters of an hour as we talked and kissed and nuzzled one another. We caressed. We made love, and then we slept in each other’s arms.

I quit thinking about Jordan as being lazy. I thought of him as ‘laid back’. He still did pretty much whatever my mom wanted. For that matter, we all did. But Jordan evidently stood up for us that first night with Mom, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

For a while, we tried to be quiet in bed, but eventually, we quit caring. Our games often included Brian – they almost had to with three of us on only one bed for over a year – and most nights Brian slept on or against me. But Will and I “fitted” together in many, many ways, and we always slept in each other’s arms or spooned or lying on one another. I can’t say how my teen years compare with other guys. I just know it was a terrific time for me and Will.

It wasn’t always easy. People in school figured Will for being gay, and wondered about me. But we hung together, and no one messed with us.

Though we each had boyfriends toward the end of high school and after, I never fell out of love with Will. Lately, we’ve talked about moving back in together. Frankly, at thirty-two, he kisses a hell of a lot better than he did at thirteen. I’m not sure, though, that we’ll ever make love better than we did than that first summer.

Brian is married, with a kid. He’s bi, and he still lives nearby.


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