Jack Edwards



Our high school was so small that for the two weeks of football workouts each August, before school started, all of the boys playing football worked out together; freshmen through seniors. It made sense, too, since every year, one or two freshmen or sophomores would make varsity.

My freshman year, I didn’t have a chance in hell of making varsity, but I was, nevertheless, excited to be working out with the ‘big boys’. On top of that, Xavier volunteered to give me rides to the practices.

Xavier’s family is Hispanic, and he had big, beautiful brown eyes, high cheekbones, and wine-colored lips. He was sixteen, and going to be a junior, and he was the closest thing I had to a big brother.

We lived out from town, and Xavier’s family lived only a quarter mile away. I was an only child, but Xavier had several older brothers and sisters, and I attached myself to their family. They were Mexican heritage, and I loved the food and the way they all hung out together. Even though I was two years younger than him, Xavier had let me follow him and his older brothers around since I was ten.

Xavier was always friendly to me, and not just because my dad, who was a prick, hired him and his brothers to help out at our place during the summers. Xavier had always gone out of his way to include me in things, and he seemed to genuinely enjoy wrestling and teasing with me. Once my balls started growing, he started grabbing my balls when we wrestled, just like his older brothers did to him.

I tried grabbing his back once, and was surprised at the full feeling of the front of his pants. It stirred me in a way I hadn’t been stirred before. My eyes started dropping to the front of Xavier’s trousers whenever I was around him. He always pooched out there.

Not long after that, I did a sleepover with a buddy from in town. We both slept in our briefs, and once my buddy was asleep on his back, I very, very carefully laid my hand between his legs to see what he felt like there. The fullness of his cotton pouch and its warmth and softness under my hand, excited me all over again.

I began cupping the front of my briefs when I dressed, comparing how I felt to the feel of my buddy or Xavier. When no one was around, I’d reach into the front of my pants to cup the front of my briefs while they were full and warm. It excited me; especially when I had a semi hard-on.

I got Xavier into crotch grabbing matches with me, but I stopped doing that, earlier that August of my freshman year, when I got hard, and Xavier grabbed my erection while we were wrestling. I got away from him, and hoped he didn’t notice. Afterward, he acted as normal as ever, and when he volunteered to give me rides to our practices, I figured we were still cool.

I got to shower with him after the first practice. I’d seen him naked before, skinny dipping, but he looked so much better than I remembered. I could see all his muscles including the little ones where the base of his back met the top of his butt. I could see the muscles in his butt, too, as he moved around. His skin looked soft, all over, but especially where it was white, over his buttocks. He was seriously hung, too. His dick hung down past his balls, all loose and long like a horse’s dick.

The second day of practices, as a couple dozen of us lay in the shade of the gym, waiting for the coaches to show up, conversation turned to Jessica Thomas.

“She’s not coming back,” one of the guys said, authoritatively. “Her family moved this summer.”

“Because of what happened?” another guy asked.


“Why? Were they like, embarrassed?”

“Or did they just want to keep guys from climbing in her window?”

I lay near Xavier and looked at him inquiringly.

He leaned toward me. “Damian Rogers was sneaking into Jessica’s window at night last spring and her parents caught them fucking.”

“Oh,” I murmured; my imagination filling with the sudden, incredibly hot thought of crawling into a girl’s window at night.

I realized Xavier was watching me.

“That’s hot,” I told him.

He nodded, watching me, then smiled and leaned so close that only I could hear him. “So, are you going to start sleeping with your window open?”

I laughed. “I already do,” I told him, thinking his joke was funny because a girl wouldn’t crawl in through a boy’s window. And then another thought struck me, and I glanced at Xavier. He looked away. My face grew hot because of what I was thinking. And then it grew hotter because I realized I was turning red. I have a pale complexion, and it always frustrated me that I blushed easily.

We talked about other things partway home, but then Xavier got quiet. I did, too; I was remembering us talking about open windows.

“So,” he finally said, in an off-handed fashion, “you sleep with your window open.”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding, suddenly feeling my face blush. How did he know that was what I was thinking?

He didn’t look at me. “You aren’t afraid someone’s going to climb in your window?”

“Who’d climb in my window?” I asked with a nervous laugh.

His jaw worked a moment as he watched the road ahead. “Maybe someone who wanted to ravish your tender body,” he said. Then he laughed and grabbed at my crotch.

I covered it, yelped, and tried to turn away. He pulled his hand back, and I grabbed at his crotch. He caught my wrist, but not before I felt a hard lump in the front of his pants.

“I’m driving,” he said, with a nervous laugh of his own. “You can’t do that.”

Reluctantly, I settled back into my seat and looked out my window. “Maybe I’ll just open my window even wider,” I said. “I might want to be ravished… if that means what I think it means.”

“It means someone might force you to have sex with them,” he said with a quick glance in my direction.

“Ha! They wouldn’t have to force me very much!” I said, trying to act really nonchalant, but I felt my face grow hot.

“Geez, you horny little bastard,” he said with a laugh. “Why don’t you just take the window screen off as well.”

“I will!” I told him.

He glanced at me, and I cocked an eye. I felt brazen; giddy. He might only be teasing, but it was exciting to tease that way.

We fell silent again. I had a sudden vision of Xavier, the way he looked in the showers after practice, crawling naked into my window. I imagined us wrestling in my bed, and me feeling his strength and muscles.

We pulled up to my house. “Well,” I said, forcing a chuckle. “I guess I’ll go to bed early tonight… get plenty of rest for practice. I’ll probably be in bed by ten. Who knows… maybe someone will sneak in and ravish me.”

I sat with my hand on the door handle and glanced at Xavier from the corner of my eye. He didn’t look at me. He didn’t say anything.

“Well, thanks for the ride,” I said, getting out.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see ya later,” Xavier called out as I closed the door. He drove away, slowly.

I did evening chores with a hard-on. I couldn’t get the image of Xavier sneaking naked in through my window, out of my mind. I barely ate supper. After supper, I went outside long enough to quietly remove the screen from my window.

It seemed stupid. I was sure Xavier had been joking and that I’d probably taken the joke too far, and that’s why he didn’t say anything before I got out of the car. There clearly was no way he was going to show up at my window. And yet, I couldn’t take my mind off the possibility. I had a hard-on that simply wouldn’t go away.

Well before ten, I had brushed my teeth, and even put on some aftershave I’d been given for my birthday. I crawled into bed in my underwear; the way I usually slept. I cupped the front of my briefs to see how they would feel if Xavier were to ever touch me there. I rubbed my erection. I thought about jacking off; sooner or later, I needed to come!

Ten came very, very slowly. At three minutes after ten, I told myself that Xavier could still come, but that it might be much later. I could go crazy waiting; especially if he never showed up. Should I jack off? I certainly wasn’t going to be able to sleep without coming; not now.

I got up, and opened the window even more. It was a warm night, after all. There was a bright, full moon. I didn’t see Xavier anywhere outside.

And yet, I’d barely returned to my bed when there was a movement at the window… a slender, shaggy-headed silhouette against the moonlight. He was shirtless; moonlight glinted off his bare shoulders. I saw him look over to where I had laid the window screen on its side against the wall.

I pulled the cotton bed sheet up to my neck.

Xavier peered around the room, trying to see in. He seemed uncharacteristically uncertain, hesitant. I realized that my bed was mostly in shadow. I leaned into the moonlight and motioned him in.

Silently, Xavier lifted himself up through the window and then stood quietly, barefoot. All he had on were loose shorts, but there was something in his hand. It looked like a bottle of lotion or shampoo.

He came silently to the side of my bed. A soft breeze followed him from the window. He set down the bottle beside the bed, and stood for a moment, looking down at me. I had pulled back into the shadows, on my back, and his eyes were adjusting.

Xavier was bathed in moonlight from the window, waist down. He stripped off his shorts and his dick hung heavy and quickly distending.

He lifted the sheet and crawled in beside me. His face came up alongside mine; his eyes glistening in the reflected moonlight. His eyes met mine for a moment, and then he smiled; a gentle, friendly smile. He mussed my hair, fondly, then laid his hand on my belly.

I hadn’t smiled because I was too excited. Xavier’s smile faded. He bit his lip, and suddenly looked torn, as if he might leave. So I took his hand from my chest and moved it down to the front of my briefs. I wanted him to feel the fullness of my briefs. I wanted to excite him.

His hand cupped my pouch and I lifted my pelvis to him. Xavier smiled again; an assured smile. He slipped his hand inside my briefs, closing it over my erection, and his big, dark eyes bore into mine. I covered his hand inside my briefs with my own two hands on the front of my briefs, and I pressed his hand to me, lifting my hips against it.

Xavier’s nostrils flared and his warm breath washed over my face. Impulsively, he pressed his mouth to mine and his lips sealed my lips. I felt his erection press my side, and I groped for it with my left hand.

I found it, thick and hot and long. I closed my hand around it and put my right hand behind Xavier’s head, returning his kiss. I bucked under his hand around my cock.

“Jase,” Xavier murmured. “You’re really excited.” He pressed his cheek to mine. “You’re acting so hot!

“Ravish me!” I whispered.

Xavier groaned softly. He closed his hand over my balls and covered my mouth with his. His fingertips pressed my perineum. My hips bucked.

He paused, breathing hard, rubbing his cheek on mine. “You’re making me so fucking hot, Jase,” Xavier murmured.

I rubbed the side of my face against his. “Please,” I murmured, “do something about it!”

He knelt up, throwing back the sheet. He grabbed my underwear and yanked them down my legs and off, tossing them away.

Grabbing my knees, Xavier spread my legs out widely to the sides and paused for a moment, looking down between them. My eyes dropped to his cock. Though it felt thick, it wasn’t much thicker looking than my own, but it was long; awesomely long.

Xavier fell forward onto me and his long erection flattened beside mine, between our bellies. His balls settled on mine. Xavier slid his hands under the backs of my shoulders and covered my mouth with his again.

His body pressed mine; his loins pressed between my legs. He ground with his hips, and my stomach rose to my throat. I pressed my hands to his back. His skin was smooth and soft, but I could feel his muscles. I felt down his spine and onto his butt. Its movement excited me. The grinding of his pelvis against mine, more than excited me. His taut belly pressing the underside of my cock and his weight on me, were indescribable; I felt the whole length of his naked body on mine. The pleasure was way beyond anything I had imagined, as was the intimacy with Xavier; it was like the two of us wrapped up together as one. I felt my scrotum tightening.

We pressed cheeks. I was breathing hard; almost gasping. I lifted my pelvis under him, and that was all it took to bring on a racking orgasm. I arched back and clutched the sheets. Xavier sucked on the side of my neck and kept grinding his hips.

Finally, I let my breath out in a long sigh. Xavier kissed my cheeks and my nose and my lips. His kisses were light and his lips were soft. He kissed my eyelids, gentlest of all.

Then he kissed the side of my neck and my throat. He kissed the hollows above my collar bones. He kissed down onto my chest. When his mouth closed over my left nipple, my body when rigid under him.

He sucked and licked on my nipple until I began squirming under him, and then he switched to my right one. His belly lay on my upturned cock. My cock was still thick, and it began to harden again.

Xavier kissed down my belly. When he got to my cum, he licked it, and licked all the way down to the line of my pubes. He licked in the creases of my legs. He pushed my legs up and out and licked over my balls and under them. He took my dick into his mouth.

I was vaguely aware that I was about to get a blow job, but in that moment, I thought it was the most stupid name for it there could be. What Xavier began doing to my dick with his mouth and tongue required some more euphoric name; something extraordinary.

I grew rock hard, but when I started bucking my hips, Xavier let go of my dick and reached over the side of the bed. He rose up with the container he’d brought through my window. I watched as he squeezed some onto his fingers. He pushed my legs up again, and I felt something cool on his fingers as he rubbed them into my crack. He greased his dick with the lotion, and set the container down again, on the floor, beside the bed.

Xavier lifted my legs to his shoulders and I felt the blunt end of his dick at my opening. He pushed in, and I tensed.

“Relax,” he whispered. “Pretend you’re pushing out a turd. We’ll go slow.”

Slow meant forever; forever before he got his length into me, and forever before it quit hurting and began to feel comfortable as he slid in and out slowly. He pushed all the way in.

“Oh, geez!” I gasped.

He held himself there, all the way in. He worked the backs of his thighs under my butt. He spread my legs out to the side again and pulled my bottom all the way into his lap. Using his hands, he circled my bottom there, on his erection, watching my face. I watched him; I watched the muscles in his arms, shoulders, and neck working.

“Tell me when it starts to feel good,” he whispered.

“It starts to feel good?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

I set my mind on it. I wanted it to feel good for Xavier’s sake. I closed my eyes, trying to relax; trying to enjoy it.

Xavier laid the palm of his hand on my upturned cock. It had grown flaccid. He rubbed circles on it with his palm and tickled my balls with his fingers. As my dick stiffened, he stroked it. Then he folded his body over mine, kissing me.

“Jason,” he whispered, his lips brushing mine. “I’ve wanted to do this with you forever.”

He placed his hands on my shoulders, pushing up his torso, and he pumped his hips, watching my face.

I held onto his biceps, and began to circle my hips to meet his slow thrusts. It actually did begin to feel good, partly because his pubic bone rubbed my perineum and his belly rubbed the root of my cock.

I felt down his flanks. I felt his hips flexing at his waist. I felt his thighs under the back of mine. He moved his hands to my nipples and tweaked them. I moved with him, circling my bottom in his lap.

Xavier took my left leg across his body, twisting me onto my right side. He stayed over me, his belly pressing my side as he lay down on my side to kiss me, stroking my dick. Then he raised up, grabbed my hip, and pumped in earnest.

In the quiet of the night, his thrusts made rhythmic squishing noises in my butt hole, and I learned that sounds can be seriously erotic.

He folded himself over me, squirming, grabbing my shoulders, his belly brushing the side of my hip with each firm thrust.

“Xavier,” I whispered. “It’s feeling good.”

He whimpered, and pushed hard into my bottom. He drove with his knees as if trying to walk on them to push me up the bed on them. I felt his dick throbbing. He whimpered faintly.

He stayed tense a long time before he collapsed onto me. I worked my butt back against him, trying to keep him deep in me. He reached into my lap and closed his hand around my erection. He stroked it and nuzzled the side of my face.

He rested on me, stroking me, breathing on my neck. And then he rose up and pulled from inside me. Too soon! I wanted to keep him inside.

He rolled my left leg back across his body so that I was on my back again, my legs open to him. Then Xavier reached for the lotion beside the bed. He spread some onto my cock, and I thought he was going to jack me off with it. But then he spread some into his butt, and he moved up to straddle my waist.

Xavier aimed my dick up into his butt, and he sat slowly down onto it, but much faster than he had entered me. I felt his slick warmth sheath my dick and his tightness settle around the base of my shaft. His butt settled firmly into my lap, and he started rocking.

I grasped his thighs, bucking up under him. I pulled up my legs under his butt, and Xavier fell forward onto his hands on my shoulders. He ground back against me and I ground up. The bed rocked silently, and we made squishing noises like before.

Xavier bent and covered my mouth with his. He probed inside my mouth with his tongue. I felt his dick on my belly, still thick from before. I pressed it down onto my stomach, with the flat of my hand, so that it rubbed my belly as he pumped. I liked the feel of it there.

I got him hard again, and we went a long, long time.

“I’m not sure I’m going to come again soon,” I said.

“I think I can,” Xavier said, laying his forehead on mine.

So I kept going, but after a few moments, he slowed and rose off me. “We can give it a rest,” he said.

Xavier rose up off my cock and stretched his body out onto mine, once again trapping our erections between our bellies. His legs settled between mine, and his eyes gazed down into mine. I liked the way he kissed, and pulled his mouth hungrily down to mine.

Our tongues wrestled. I felt his back and his bottom as it ground. We rolled to our sides with his hips still between my legs, and we felt each other up as we continued kissing. We groped erections and stroked. We rolled and I was on top. I moved my legs inside Xavier’s. He grabbed my bottom hard, tugging as we ground.

His cheek was soft against mine. His breathing was like a runner’s beside my ear. I sucked the side of his neck.

“I’m going to come this way,” I whispered.

“Me, too.”

I hugged him hard and he pulled hard on my butt. We pressed the sides of our faces and whimpered softly as we came at almost the same time.

Our breathing slowed. I slid to his side, snuggling onto him, resting my head on his shoulder, smelling his warm skin and our sex. Seeing another boy naked is nothing like lying against him naked. I nuzzled into the side of his neck, and Xavier wrapped his arm behind my back. We slept.

He was gone when I woke in the morning. The screen was back on the window.

I stretched, feeling incredible. I was only sorry I didn’t know when he left.

When he picked me up that afternoon, Xavier was grinning. I jumped into the passenger seat.

“We cool?” he asked.

“You’re coming back tonight, right?” I asked.

Xavier shrugged. “I can’t do it every night, can I?”

“Why not?”

Xavier laughed. “Maybe. Or maybe we can find some other opportunities.”

Neither of us did all that well at football that year. We always seemed to be tired.


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