Jack Edwards

The Philippines has a very different culture and very different attitudes toward sex. While those attitudes have westernized a lot lately, the events in this account occurred over ten years ago.

Besides the culture being different, Filipinos are uniformly late bloomers physically (usually due to poor nutrition), and earlier experimenters (it’s common for boys of even a young age to play sexually with one another).

Filipino boys, unless they come from a rich family, are impossibly skinny compared to American boys. They are not emaciated but rarely have more than 2-3% body fat.

One final item to know about for the story; there are few middle schools in the Philippines. Most kids test for entrance to high school, which begins with seventh grade, right out of elementary.



When my friend Roland and I were six and in Grade One, we used to spy on Kenken and his girlfriend. Kenken was Roland’s fourteen-year-old brother. His girlfriend was twelve and had no pubes. We’d watch through the window as the two of them fucked on Kenken’s bed in the afternoons, when no one else was around. Kenken knew we spied on him. More than once, he stood stroking his boner for us to watch. He had a big dick, and was proud of it.

Roland and I showed each other our own, little boy boners. We stroked them or rubbed the fronts of our pants as we watched Kenken and his girlfriend.

It’s always hot in the Philippines. On a particularly hot day, when Roland and I were seven and in Grade Two, Roland's other brother Felix and his friend, Miguel, took Roland and me through the groves of mango and banana trees behind our houses to a large, volcanic rock. Felix and Miguel were ten at the time, and Felix told us that they wanted to ‘initiate’ us into ‘big-boy things’. I liked Felix and he liked me. He was tall for ten, and he was probably my best friend after Roland.

The boys in Roland’s family had dark brown skin. I was only a shade or two lighter, but I had something unusual for a Filipino with dark skin. I had pale gray eyes. Felix liked them, but when I was little, old women claimed I had the ‘evil eye’ and my mom kept me away from strangers.

Felix and Miguel pulled off their shirts. "Take your clothes off," Felix told us. Without hesitating, Roland and I did what he said. When they pushed down their shorts and underwear, Felix and Miguel had stiffies. Their pubic mounds were as bald as ours; it would be years before any of us had pubes. But Felix's stiffy was longer and thicker than Roland's and mine. Our dicks were still finger-like. Miguel's was thick like Felix's, but no longer than mine. Of course, the two of them had been circumcised. Filipino boys generally get circumcised at the end of Grade Four.

Felix and Miguel stood Roland and me in front of the large bolder.

"Lean back against the rock, Dandan," Felix told me. Miguel had Roland do the same.

Felix, stroking his stiffy, stepped up to me and lifted my flaccid dick on the end of his erection. With his hand, he fondled my dick with his, and mine grew hard. Miguel did the same to Roland. We watched their dicks and ours.

Felix rubbed my stiffy and balls with his palm and leaned close, grinning at me. "You like that, Dandan?" he asked.

I nodded, and grinning, I rubbed my palm against his stiffy and balls.

Felix’s smile widened.

"I’m going to do something you'll like even more," he promised.

He dropped to his knees in front of me, and then surprised me by taking my stiffy into his mouth. He took it all the way into his mouth so that his upper lip pressed my bare pubic mound and his lower lip pressed my little ballsack. Inside his mouth, he did things with his tongue on the underside of my stiffy, and my knees almost buckled.

Beside me, Miguel was doing the same thing to Roland, and Roland grabbed Miguel's head as it began to bob. So I grabbed Felix’s head and ran my fingers into his thick hair.

Felix was looking up at me with my stiffy all the way inside his mouth. He was watching my face, and, when I went up on my toes, because he tickled under my balls, I could tell he was smiling around my dick.

Felix and Miguel sucked us until they'd given each of us our first dry orgasms. I was still shaking when Felix pulled off me and patted the side of my butt.

"Okay, turn around," Felix told me, without getting to his feet. "Bend over and lean against the rock."

Roland and I each turned to face the rock and we bent over, placing our hands on it and sticking our butts out behind us. We had no reason not to; it had been fun so far.

Felix grabbed me by the hips and pulled my butt back even more. Using the heels of his hands, he spread apart my buttocks, and then he really surprised me by pressing his mouth to my butt crack. I still had a stiffy, and when he licked me, it was as if a charge shot up from between my legs and my stiffy jumped.

Miguel didn't do the same to Roland, though. Miguel simply spit onto his fingers and rubbed them in Roland's butt crack. But Felix licked me avidly; not just in my crack and on my pucker, but down onto my perineum as well. I moaned and pressed my butt back farther.

Felix licked at my pucker and pressed his tongue around it until I was good and wet. I watched Miguel get behind Roland and push his stiffy up Roland's butt just before Felix got to his feet behind me and did the same to my butt. I felt his stiffy go all the way up inside me and his lap pressed against my bottom.

Felix hugged me from behind. It felt good; his warm skin and bigger body behind mine. He rubbed the side of his face behind my ear, and moved his stiffy inside me. I watched Miguel do the same to Roland. Miguel wasn't a whole lot taller than Roland, but Felix was taller than me. I thought I liked it that Felix was tall. He hugged me, and I ground my little bottom back against him because it felt good.

They went until they had dry orgasms like we had done. And then, like boys that age often do, they stayed hard. I still had my stiffy because of how good it felt having Felix’s dick inside my butt. Roland’s dick had gone soft for the moment.

“We’ll teach you how to fuck each other,” Felix said. “Roland, lie down on your back.”

Roland picked a soft spot and lay down on the ground. Felix, stroking his stiffy, nudged Roland’s legs apart with his foot.

“Spread your legs, Roland,” he said. “Dandan, you kneel between them, and stroke your stiffy like I’m doin’ to keep it hard.”

Roland opened his thin legs wide and I knelt between them. Felix knelt on one side of Roland and Miguel knelt on the other. They each took one of Roland’s skinny legs and pulled them all the way out to the sides and up. Roland’s little dick and balls were all exposed. They were a little darker than the rest of him. Miguel laid his hand on them, feeling Roland’s privates.

Felix and Miguel pushed Roland’s knees farther up his sides, and his bottom lifted up. I could see his butt hole.

“I don’t wanna suck Roland’s butt,” I protested.

“You don’t have to,” Felix told me. “Just spit on his butt hole.”

So I did. I bent over and spit on Roland’s pucker until it was good and wet. Felix spit on his fingers and rubbed them on Roland’s pucker. He pushed one finger in.

“Put some spit on your dick, too,” Felix told me.

I did that. Then, without having to be told to do so, I knelt up to Roland’s bottom, put the end of my stiffy against his pucker, and pushed my crown inside. I scooted up until my stiffy was all the way in and the hard bones of his bottom were against my belly. Roland was hot inside.

“Now move your dick in and out,” Felix said.

I pumped my hips. It was like Roland’s little bottom sucked on my stiffy every time I drew partway out.

“You like that?” Felix asked, laying his hand on my butt and pushing with my thrusts.

I nodded.

“You got a long, little stiffy, Dandan,” Miguel said. “See if you can keep it inside Roland and lie down on him at the same time.”

I managed to keep my stiffy inside Roland as I lay down onto him, belly to belly, my legs straight out behind me. I suppose I did have a long stiffy for a seven-year-old. My dick’s always been on the long side. But we were little guys, too. Roland’s bottom was little. It wasn’t difficult to keep my stiffy inside him as I lay down onto him, belly to belly and moved around.

“Wrap your legs around Dandan, Roland,” Miguel said. He and Felix wrapped Roland’s skinny legs around my hips. Roland and I held on to each other’s shoulders, and I started moving my hips forward and back again.

“You guys like this?” Felix asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

Roland nodded. “I’m getting a stiffy again,” he said.

Felix gave my butt a squeeze. “It feels good when a bigger boy’s on top. I’ll show you, Dandan; when you’re done.”

I didn’t know when ‘done’ was going to be. I was certainly in no mood to stop. Miguel got his finger wet and stuck it up my butt. It felt good, and I squeezed it with my butt each time I shoved my dick into Roland.

The sides of Roland’s and my faces pressed and we held on to each other, and I felt like we were being really good friends at that moment.

After a few minutes, the two older boys grew impatient and pulled me off Roland. Miguel took my place on top of Roland. Felix rolled me onto my back, pushed my knees up and apart, and put his dick up my butt like mine had been up Roland’s. Then he lay down onto me and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me as he pushed his dick up my butt and started pumping.

He looked down at me, his face all serious-like. I smiled because he looked so serious.

Felix grinned. “You like this?”

I nodded.

He got a different kind of serious look then, and his eyes dropped to my lips. He kissed me. I had my first kiss, at seven, from a ten-year-old boy, beneath a mango tree on a hot day. And it was sweet, actually, even though I thought I could smell my bottom on his mouth.

“It’s okay if you want to suck my butt again sometime,” I whispered, when he rested the side of his face against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged it. “I liked that, too,” I told him.

And then I quit talking because his belly was rubbing my dick and my insides were starting to feel real good again.

After that, Roland and I sexed with each other a lot, but for a while, I sexed with Felix even more, and with another one of Felix’s friends, Christian.

In Grade Three, Roland and I took my six-year-old cousin Jojo out to the woods, and taught him the way we'd been taught. He loved it, and we both fucked him twice that afternoon. We also showed two of our friends from school, Jekjek and Tomas.

Circumcision is something Filipino boys look forward to as a rite of passage. They generally get circumcised with their friends at their end of the Grade Four year. Particularly because we looked up to Roland’s brothers, Roland and I looked forward to our circumcision as much as any boy. We all went together, Roland and me, along with Jekjek, Tomas, and Paolo; our friends from school.

Our families couldn’t afford a real doctor to do it, so they paid a barber who also did circumcisions. He liked doing them at the river because as soon as the cut was made, he’d throw the boy into the water and make him swim to take his mind off the pain.

He had us strip naked and line up at the edge of the riverbank. Jekjek, who always joked around, shoved the rest of us toward the barber in front of him.

“I’ll go first,” Paolo said, sounding brave, but his brow furrowed. He was the biggest and bravest of us, even at the age of ten.

The rest of us crowded as much as they’d let us. The barber fondled Paolo’s cock and gave him an erection.

“It’s the only way to be sure we don’t take too much,” he explained. He had an assistant who laid out several pairs of very sharp looking scissors on a towel beside the barber.

The barber pulled Paolo’s foreskin as far as he could past the crown, then very carefully positioned the first pair of scissors. Paolo looked away. I wish I had. At least it was fast; the scissors were very sharp.

Paolo cried out, and all of us brown boys turned much whiter, there, under the sun on the riverbank. It was good that we had gone with our friends, because we were too embarrassed to run away, though at that moment, it was exactly what we all wanted to do. Instead, we tried to get behind each other, and Jekjek tucked his dick between his legs.

“Oh, look!” he said, looking as pale as the rest of us. “No need; it’s all gone.”

Before anyone could laugh, the barber pointed at him. “You’re next.”

It took the barber a lot longer to give any of the rest of us erections.

By the end of Grade Five, though Roland and I’d had sex of all sorts with a number of other boys, he and I still hadn't had sex with girls. None of us in our Grade Five group of friends had.

Roland and I had six friends we hung around with. We’d been in small classes together since Grade One. There were the three other boys I mentioned before, Paolo, Jekjek, and Tomas, and there were three girls. At the end of Grade Five, most of us were eleven. Roland, Mariana, and Claudia were still ten. None of the girls had had sex boys yet either.

So, one day, after lunch, while Roland, myself, Paolo, Claudia, and Ali were waiting till the last minute to go back to class, Ali, that is, Alicia, came up with the idea. She was the tallest of the girls, and sort of a leader.

“I know!” she exclaimed. “We should all lose our virginity together!"

The other four of us looked at each other, and one by one, broke into a grin.

“When? Where?” Roland asked.

Ali shrugged. “It’s gotta be all of us; you, me, Dandan,” she said, pointing at each of us in turn, “Paolo, Claudia,” and then she listed the others who’d already gone back to class, “and Mariana and Tomas and Jekjek. Oh, and ZenZen.”

ZenZen was a new boy. His real name was Datu, but we all called him Zenzen because his little sister did. Zenzen hadn’t really become a part of our group yet, but I knew why Ali wanted him to be there, too. He was a tall, slender boy with a creamy, pale complexion and large, dark eyes. I had thought before about seeing if he was interested in sex with Roland and me.

The next day, we ate our lunch together, outside. All five of us boys and all three girls were there, along with Zenzen, who would be the sixth boy. Ali brought him.

“Zenzen wants to lose his virginity with us,” Ali said.

We all glanced at Zenzen. He looked at me, and dropped his eyes.

“Here’s my idea,” Ali said. She gathered us all closer, and glanced around to make sure no one else was close enough to hear. “We get one of those one-hour hotel rooms.”

Ali was referring to one of those Filipino hotels where you pay by the hour. Though the quality wasn’t great, they weren’t as sleezy as it sounds. People used them when they simply needed a few hours sleep, or, of course, for other purposes. There aren’t any, quite like them, in the US.

“Would they let us rent a room?” I asked, skeptically.

Ali waved her hand dismissively. “They don’t care,” she said. “We’ll tell them that we’re studying for our high school entrance exams and we need a quiet place to do it.”

Roland grinned at me and raised his eyes. I glanced at Zenzen. He’d been watching me and his eyes dropped again. I realized Claudia was looking at me, too. I looked at her, and smiled. She grinned. I’d always liked Claudia. She was half a head shorter than me, and slender. She was cute, and she laughed easily.

“Where do we get the money?” Paolo, the tallest and strongest of us boys, asked. “How much does it cost?”

“Not much,” Ali said, authoritatively.

“I know,” Claudia said, with a sidelong glance and smile at me before turning to Ali. “We can bring food from home for our lunches, and save our lunch money to pay for the hotel room.”

Ali did a quick calculation in her head, and then nodded. “We could have enough in… one week… for one hour.”

“Let’s do two weeks,” Jekjek suggested with a grin. He was always grinning and trying to be funny. He was as tall as Paolo, but thinner. “There are a lot of us, and one hour might not be enough.”

As we headed inside, after lunch, I caught up with Zenzen. He smiled at me. But then Claudia came up alongside me and tugged me away by the hand. When we were apart by ourselves, her face grew flushed and she spoke very softly.

“I want you to be my first,” she said, her eyes down. “When we do it, I want you to be the one, who… you know… breaks my cherry.”

My dick grew instantly hard. “Okay,” was the best I could come up with. She looked up at me. I tried to smile, though my stomach had gone all hollow inside.

“You want to?” she asked.

I nodded.

She grinned, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and took my hand as we went inside.

Ali dubbed our band the ‘conspiracy’, and for the next two weeks we whispered and teased quietly between ourselves, and our anticipation built. Zenzen and I hung around each other more at school, discovering a mutual interest. Claudia seemed to be always smiling at me. Ali told Roland that she wanted him to be her ‘first’.

Roland and I ‘practiced’ on each other in the evenings. We snuck away to suck and fuck each other, partly to relieve the growing tension. We were too young for our hormones to be actually flowing yet, but our approaching “cherry harvest” as Jekjek called it, was constantly on our minds and in our imaginations.

We had over two week’s lunch money saved when our first opportunity came with the occasion of a teacher workday/school holiday. The school let us out at noon.

We lived on the north side of Iloilo City. It was smaller, ten years ago, but had grown greatly since then. In the center of the city are schools and businesses. Our school was on the north side of the center of town. The hotel was out on one of the main roads. So the nine of us, six boys and three girls, caught jeepneys out to the hotel.

We were in our school uniforms; white, short-sleeve shirts and blouses, dark pants, and dark, knee-length skirts for the girls. We took schoolbooks with us, and, while the rest of us stood nervously, Ali told the desk clerk that we needed a quiet place to study together for a couple of hours for our high school entrance exams. The clerk, an old man, barely paid attention as he handed over the key.

“You can have the room until five,” he said.

Roland poked me in the ribs and grinned.

We glanced around as Ali unlocked the door, worried that some parent or relative might see us. As soon as she opened the door, the nine of us hurried in, pulses racing.

The air was cool; the room had air conditioning. It was large by Filipino standards. It had a double bed, a desk with a straight-back chair, a mirror over the desk, an armchair, a cheap TV, and a bathroom. We set our books on the floor and gathered around the bed, staring at it. Claudia came up beside me on my right, and took my hand. Zenzen came up beside me on my left.

Across the bed from us, Ali came up beside Roland and tossed what I thought at first was a tube of toothpaste onto the middle of the bed.

“What’s that?” I asked as Ali took Roland’s hand.

“That’s personal lubricant,” Ali said. She cocked an eyebrow and pointed at me. “You boys have to put it on your penises, and us girls put it around our vaginas. My older sister says it’s important for first times; to make everything slide together okay.”

Everyone stood, looking at the tube of lubricant, waiting for someone else to make the first move.

Finally, Ali shrugged, took a deep breath, and unbuttoned her blouse. Under that, she had a light, white t-shirt which she pulled off. Ali didn’t have even the beginning of breasts. The rest of us began undressing.

Us guys stripped naked before Mariana even started. We all had stiffies. I glanced at Zenzen’s. His was long like mine; he was looking at mine. Jekjek climbed up onto the bed on his back and pointed his dick at the ceiling.

“Come get me, girls!” he cried out, happily.

Instead of girls, Tomas gave a war cry and leapt onto Jekjek. Immediately, all the guys jumped onto the bed, laughing, wrestling, and grabbing and rubbing stiffies. Zenzen rubbed his stiffy on my butt until Paolo rolled me to my back and, laughing, got on top of me to rub stiffies. That surprised me because I never thought Paolo played that way. But we were a little cold from the air conditioning, and I think us boys were all a little anxious and venting it. The girls looked on, unamused. Mariana hadn’t even begun to undress. One by one, us boys in our pile, stopped to look at her.

“I’ll just watch,” Mariana said quietly, sounding scared.

Ali frowned at her; so did Claudia.

“You can’t just watch, Mariana,” Claudia said.

Mariana backed from the bed toward the desk. “I’m not ready.”

By then, Claudia and Ali were naked, too. Frowning, Ali put her hands on her hips. “You can’t stay dressed, Mariana. Take your clothes off like the rest of us!”

Mariana’s eyes went wide. She was a pretty, feminine girl, with very long, black hair. I felt sorry for her and wished I was going first with her; I’d be gentle. But then Paolo climbed off the bed and stepped over beside her. He rubbed Mariana’s back and kissed her cheek.

Her head dropped; her eyes going to Paolo’s boner which pointed straight out in front of him. He stepped closer, kissing her cheek again, and his boner poked the side of her skirt. Paolo gently unbuttoned her blouse. Mariana’s head hung down; her eyes were closed. Paolo took the blouse off her, and then pulled off her t-shirt. She let him, but covered her flat chest with her arms after he did.

Paolo dropped to his knees in front of her, and took off her shoes. He fumbled a moment with the fastener of her skirt, before he was able to drop it from her slender hips. It dropped to the floor, and Mariana stood in only panties.

Roland climbed from the bed to stand beside Ali, so I got up to stand beside Claudia. ZenZen followed me and stood beside me as I stood beside Claudia. Tomas got up to stand beside Ali and Roland. Jekjek lay, watching Paolo and Mariana.

Zenzen’s eyes rose to mine, and he smiled. I turned to Claudia. Her eyes were on my dick as well. But then all of our eyes returned to Mariana, because Paolo, still on his knees, had pulled down her panties.

He kissed her pussy. Mariana latched onto his head with both hands, and closed her eyes as he kissed it again, and then buried his face between her legs.

A shudder ran through ten-year-old Mariana’s body, and in the quiet of her room, we could hear Paolo licking.

Beside me, Claudia, our other ten-year-old girl backed up to me, her naked body against my side, watching Paolo’s head moving between Mariana’s legs. She glanced down long enough to close her hand over my dick, then held it, watching Mariana and Paolo.

I glanced around at the others. Jekjek, on the bed, who was as tall as Paolo, but skinnier, had a cock almost as long as Zenzen’s or mine. It was thicker, with a smaller head. He was sliding the skin on his shaft, forward and back, watching Mariana and Paolo.

Roland stood beside Ali, who was slightly taller than him. She had a more pronounced pubic mound than the other girls. As I watched, Roland closed his hand over it. Tomas watched from the other side of Ali. He was the darkest brown of all of us, and the shortest, but he was a well-built little-guy with a muscled butt and a thin cock.

My eyes dropped down Claudia’s body. She had small, dark nipples, rounded little hips, and a flat belly. I wanted to feel her.

I slid my hand down her belly and she leaned back against me, opening her legs. I turned her toward me and cupped her bald little pussy. I felt her soft, warm labia with my fingers. I probed her slit, feeling for her hole. Zenzen came up beside us and slid his hand down Claudia’s back, to her bottom. The three of us closed into a group, and Zenzen’s other hand slid down to my bottom. I fingered Claudia with one hand, and took Zenzen’s long, slender cock into my other hand. Under the loose, soft skin, his stiffy was like an upward-curving steel rod. I felt like I had part A and part B in my two hands, and it was tempting to want to pull them together, but I was supposed to be first with Claudia.

The bed jiggled, and I glanced up to see Jekjek step over to where Mariana stood beside the desk. Paolo was still on his knees with his face in her crotch. Her hands were on his head, and I could see that she had large, dark nipples. Her eyes were closed, and as I watched, Jekjek stepped up behind her. He smoothed her long, silky hair down the middle of her back. Then he ran his hand over her bare shoulders. He ran his hand over her back and down to her bottom, exploring ten-year-old Mariana with the curiosity of an eleven-year-old boy.

Jekjek reached around in front of her with both hands, feeling for non-existent breasts, looking over her shoulder. He closed his fingers over her nipples; feeling. Then, holding her nipples from behind, he looked down between their bodies and watched as he pressed his erection against her butt. Mariana shuddered and leaned back against him. Jekjek hugged her, and rubbed his stiffy on her butt. Mariana widened her stance for Paolo’s tongue, and she moaned.

Paolo got to his feet. He saw Zenzen, Claudia, and me on one side of the bed, and Ali, Tomas, and Roland on the other side of the bed. Glancing around quickly, his eyes settled on the straight-backed chair. Taking Mariana by the hand, Paolo backed to the chair and sat down on it. He drew Mariana to him, getting her to straddle the chair and his lap. He fingered her, locating her entrance.

“Wait!” Ali said, grabbing the tube of lubricant off the bed. She quickly crossed to the chair and lubed Paolo’s dick. Then Ali lubed Mariana’s pussy, and the way she rubbed it for several seconds while Mariana leaned on her, stretched over Paolo’s lap, I wondered if the two girls had played together the way us boys had.

Around the room, we watched as Ali stepped back, and Paolo took Mariana by the hips. He tugged her down over his lap. Mariana’s eyes were open now. She steadied herself with her hands on Paolo’s shoulders while he held her hip with one hand, and his dick with the other. He guided her down onto it.

Mariana paused when the end of Paolo’s dick disappeared inside her. She closed her eyes, biting her lip. Paolo took her by both hips, and tugged her downward. In one motion, she sat in his lap, driving his cock up inside her.

Mariana’s body tensed, arching back. She squeezed Paolo’s shoulders, eyes clenched tightly. Jekjek, standing behind her, rubbed her shoulders. Paolo ran his hands up and down her sides. Slowly, Mariana relaxed, and then she moved, and it was Paolo who tensed. His head lolled back, eyes closed.

That’s when Ali climbed onto the other side of the bed. Sitting up, she grabbed the tube of lubricant and opened her legs. I watched as she sucked in her belly, shoving her pussy forward to rub some of the lube on it; looking like a little girl playing nasty with her pussy. She handed the tube to Roland, and then she lay back, opening her legs wide.

Roland spread lube onto his stiffy and climbed up between Ali’s legs. He leaned over her, moving to line up his stiffy with her pussy. The two of them guided his dick inside her entrance. Like Paolo and Mariana, Roland paused when only part way inside Ali. But then he pulled his hips back, and then drove them forward.

“Ah!” Ali murmured, arching back under him, and I thought, that’s two cherries; one to go.

I looked at Ali’s body, just before Roland lay down onto her. Though still eleven, Ali was the oldest among us. And yet, she was as flat-breasted as the other two girls. Her nipples were larger than Mariana’s, and they were tight and pointed.

Roland lay down on her. For a ten-year-old, he knew exactly what to do. He didn’t move awkwardly like a kid just learning. Instead, he held onto her, and his hips pumped fluidly. Tomas came up beside the bed, aiming his stiffy at Ali’s face. She took it into her hand, examining it.

I backed Claudia to our side of the bed, and laid her up onto it. I opened her legs, and both Zenzen and I leaned in to examine her bald labia and the slip of pink membrane visible at the entrance to her vagina. Claudia had a big clit for a ten-year-old. It rose from inside the top of her crevice enough for me to see it. With my fingertips, I pulled apart her labia to get a better look.

“It’s my clitty,” she said in a soft voice.

“Your clitty?” I repeated, looking at Zenzen. He didn’t appear to know what it was either.

Roland and Ali were bouncing the bed with their fucking, and Claudia’s clit and labia moved around under my fingers. She seemed to like it. Her hips pumped, and she lifted her head. I could see her tummy muscles as she leaned up to watch my fingers. Zenzen leaned in close to me, our sides pressing, and he felt inside Claudia’s slit with a fingertip, down at the bottom, where her lips were slightly open. We could see that her pussy looked damp. Zenzen eased his finger in, feeling around. Claudia closed her eyes, turning her head away.

Zenzen and I got closer, our faces side by side, at Claudia’s pussy. When he pulled his finger from inside her, I felt inside with mine... It was so soft and damp and warm and snug around my finger. I bent closer and licked up her slit. Claudia moaned and moved her hips. Zenzen leaned in, and took a lick.

We pushed her legs open and I grabbed the tube of lube from the middle of the bed. I opened it and put some on my fingers. As I spread the cool gel onto Claudia’s almost hot labia, Zenzen took the tube from me. He put some on his fingers, and reached under my belly to spread it on my cock.

I rose up on my knees, and put some on his. We stroked each other a moment, and Claudia rubbed her pussy, watching us. She opened her legs wider.

I leaned down over Claudia, the way Roland had leaned down over Ali. I maneuvered to position my stiffy at her hole. When I missed, Zenzen leaned under me and guided me in.

Claudia’s hymen was evidently thin. There was a slight bump, and I slid in. Three, I thought.

I heard Mariana whimper and looked back over my shoulder. She was bouncing hard in Paolo’s lap. So much for being shy, I thought.

Turning my attention back to Claudia, I lay down on her, and she wrapped her arms over my shoulders. I wrapped my arms under her and the sides of our faces pressed. I moved my dick inside her experimentally. It felt good; it felt very good. I pressed all the way in, and felt the soft dampness of her labia press the bare skin around the base of my dick. I started to thrust.

Claudia made quiet little grunts with each of my impacts. I lifted my head. Beside us, Roland was pumping fast into Ali, who had Tomas’ dick in her hand, but wasn’t paying attention to it; she was just hanging on..

I looked down at Claudia. Her eyes were wide open and strained, almost as if she was in pain. I kissed her, and soon she started kissing back. Beside us, Zenzen laid his hand on my butt. He rubbed over it and slid his fingers down between the backs of my legs, rubbing my perineum. It was my turn to moan, as my forehead dropped onto the pillow beside Claudia’s head.

Ten-year-old girls don’t know much about fucking, but they do know what feels good and Claudia quickly began moving to make it feel better. She hugged my shoulders more tightly. Her pelvis banged to meet mine; faster and harder.

“It feels so good, Dandan!” she muttered ecstatically.

We built into a good rhythm. But I wasn’t able to last all that long. Boys that age barely last three minutes anyway, and Zenzen was rubbing under my balls and on my butt. Claudia hadn’t come yet when I had a shuddering climax, but she was worked up and moving well. In fact, she kept moving as I got off and Zenzen moved over her.

For a moment, I sat beside them, returning Zenzen’s favor by rubbing over his small rounded butt. It was dark, like the rest of him, but velvety smooth. As I ran my hand over the cool skin of his flexing bottom, I looked around.

Mariana was up off the chair now and bent over the desk. Jekjek stood behind her, hands behind his head, banging Mariana’s bottom with his pelvis. He was grinning at himself in the mirror that hung over the desk, looking every bit the preteen boy, clowning around.

Tomas was between Ali’s legs now; his muscled little butt was flying. Roland came around the bed to me. As he reached me, Jekjek’s face in the mirror grew serious. He grabbed Mariana by her hips, and pumped faster, watching lower in the mirror.

Paolo was still on the chair, rubbing his privates. He was still hard, or hard again; boys at that age come fast, but since they don’t shoot, they can stay hard and come over and over. He saw me looking and grinned lopsidedly.

Roland grinned at me and gave my butt a slap. “Did you like it?” he asked.

I grinned. “Yeah!”

Paolo got up from the desk chair and went around to the other side of the bed, from where Roland had just come. It had only been a couple of minutes, but Tomas had stopped already and looked like he was about to get off Ali. Ali didn’t look done, though, and her eyes met Paolo’s. When Tomas got off, she opened her arms and legs to Paolo and I watched as he lay down between them and pushed in. After a second or two of adjusting, Ali’s pelvis started thrusting up. Paolo found her rhythm and joined her; the two eleven-year-olds wrapped themselves up in arms and legs.

“I’m getting in line for Mariana,” I murmured to Roland, wanting to get over to her before Tomas could.

Roland, stroking himself hard again, glanced down at Zenzen’s smooth little butt. It had stopped moving between Claudia’s legs. He nodded, his mind already on Claudia.

I gave Zenzen’s butt an encouraging pat because I wanted to, and moved quickly over to where Jekjek was doubled over Mariana. As I got there, he gave her butt a little pat and pulled out. I stepped in behind Mariana.

Her head was down; her slender body still doubled over the desk. Her pussy lips were bright pink. I aimed the end of my cock between them and watched it disappear inside her. She was hot inside, and very snug.

I eased my hips forward and back, and saw myself move in the mirror over the desk. It drew my attention, and I watched a moment as I fucked Mariana from behind. I could see my belly muscles working. Like Roland, I pumped from the hips, fluidly. Watching myself in the mirror, I was pleased. I was good at this!

And yet, it didn’t seem right just to fuck Mariana so impersonally. I pulled her long, black hair back from where it had fallen on either side of her head and I drew it back down her spine. I ran my hands over her slender sides, and bent over her.

“It’s me, Mariana,” I whispered. “Dandan.” I kissed behind her neck. Then I reached under her chest, closing my hands over her flat breasts, and I pulled her more upright. Our eyes met in the mirror. Hers were heavy lidded, but then she smiled.

I wrapped my arms around her chest, bending forward to conform my body to hers. “You like it?” I asked.

She nodded, working her butt back into my lap, taking me up into her farther. I ground against her; pumping from my hips, and I nuzzled her hair.

“You like it?” she asked softly.

“Yeah,” I murmured.

“Can we lay down?” she asked. “I want to try it that way.”

I glanced back at the bed. It would be a tight fit, but we could squeeze between Paolo on Ali and Roland on Claudia.

I pulled out from inside Mariana. With no one able to spunk yet, our connection had grown dry, so I grabbed up the tube as Mariana climbed onto the bed between Claudia and Ali and rolled to her back. The other two made room for her as best as they could.

When Mariana opened her legs to me, I spread the cool gel onto her hot labia. Mariana murmured and moved her hips.

“Does that feel good?” I asked, working lube on my finger into her vagina.

She nodded, eyes closed. But then her eyes opened and watched as I spread lube onto my dick. I set the tube aside and lay down onto her, guiding my stiffy into her pussy.

Mariana smelled nice as I nuzzled into the side of her hair. She had worn some light, floral fragrance. For us?

“You smell good,” I whispered as her fingers lightly traced over my shoulders and her pelvis rose to meet mine.

“So do you,” she said, which surprised me because I hadn’t worn any smell.

I could feel Mariana’s labia much better than I had felt Claudia’s. Every time our pelvises met, I felt them against the bare skin around the base of my cock, and on my balls. Her labia were warm and soft. Mariana moved with me better than Claudia had done, and her hands roamed over my back.

“We should have brought a camera,” I heard Jekjek say.

He, Zenzen, and Tomas stood around the bed watching and stroking themselves, waiting their next turn. I looked up, and my eyes met Zenzen’s. He was watching me and Mariana.

“I give Roland a B,” Jekjek said. “I give Paolo an A, and I give Dandan an A.”

“I give Dandan an A plus!” Zenzen said with a grin.

I smiled back before nuzzling back into the side of Mariana’s hair.

“Dandan,” she whispered. “Will you kiss me?”

I lifted my head, and paused in my thrusting to lower my mouth to Mariana’s.

“The girls all get A plusses,” Tomas said, enthusiastically.

Mariana’s hands drifted down my back to my bottom. We worked the kiss, learning how, and Mariana squeezed my butt with her hands. I ground in with my hips.

The bed began bouncing harder as Paolo pumped more forcefully beside us. It made it harder to kiss, so I put my cheek against Mariana’s. We ground against each other, more than thrust. It felt good, grinding in. Her small pussy caressed my straining stiffy.

Roland began thrusting hard as well. It felt like Mariana and I were between two storms. We were the quiet between two storms, holding each other, moving our pelvises together to keep my dick deep inside Mariana’s pussy.

“I want to try the chair,” Ali murmured. She and Paolo got up from the bed, and Zenzen immediately lay down beside Mariana and me.

He smiled, his face very close to ours, and laid his hand on Mariana’s hand on my butt. He leaned in and kissed Mariana, and then I kissed Mariana so that all three of our mouths were together, and my dick felt even harder inside her.

Zenzen pressed his side to us and I felt his stiffy press against my hip. And then he kissed me directly.

“Mariana, Dandan, and Zenzen have a three-way going,” Tomas observed out loud.

“Zenzen” Jekjek encouraged, “stick your dick in Dandan’s butt.”

But we ignored him. The three of us kissed and Zenzen rubbed his dick against our sides. I liked it. I looped an arm behind Zenzen’s back and held him to us.

The bed bounced and Jekjek climbed on top of the backs of my legs, wedging his knee between the side of my leg and the front of Zenzen’s. Laughing, he leaned forward over us, rubbing his dick on my butt.

“I’ll make it four-way,” Jekjek announced.

Mariana grunted.

“Get off, Jekjek,” I said. “You’re squashing Mariana.”

“I’m squashing you,” he said. “You’re squashing Mariana.” But he lifted his weight up onto his knees and hands.

Normally, I wouldn’t have minded Jekjek joking or even putting his dick up my butt. After all, Roland and I did it all the time. But Jekjek was messing up Mariana, Zenzen and me. Fortunately, Roland slowed, and when he got off Claudia, Jekjek moved onto her before Tomas could.

Zenzen and I kissed Mariana on opposite cheeks. As we came up to her lips, our lips met with hers. Zenzen stuck his tongue between my lips and then between Mariana’s. Soon Mariana and I were tonguing, too.

I came again, and moved from between Mariana’s legs. I stayed beside her and Zenzen, though, as he mounted her. We stayed together, kissing and tonguing as Zenzen and Mariana began moving their hips. I rubbed my stiffy against their sides and stayed hard. Zenzen wrapped his arm behind the small of my back like I had done him.

“No,” I heard Ali say.

I looked up. She had gotten off Paolo’s lap, and Tomas stood beside her, stiffy in hand. Ali was looking at me, though.

“I haven’t fucked with Dandan yet,” she said.

I wasn’t exactly in the mood to leave Zenzen and Mariana, but Ali wasn’t asking. When she knelt on the end of the bed, I rolled onto my back between Claudia and Mariana; Mariana moved over for me.

Ali came up on her hands and knees, advancing up my body like a cat. When she got over my middle, she pointed my cock up between her legs, and sat down onto it, unceremoniously. Immediately, she began rocking on my lap.

I grabbed her thighs, gasping and sitting partway up as she ground down on my dick. Her pubic bone pressed mine, hard. Ali leaned down over me, grabbed my shoulders and ground her pussy down in my lap. Eleven-year-old girls know even better than ten-year-old girls how to move to please themselves, and Ali did it. She wasn’t as hot inside or as snug on my dick as Mariana, but Ali knew what she wanted, and the way she moved on my lap was mind boggling.

Roland had done the same sort of thing in my lap before. The fit was different, of course. The whole thing was different; I liked both, Roland’s butt and Ali’s pussy, but for different reasons.

I rolled my head to look at Mariana and Zenzen, only to find both of them watching me. I smiled and reached over to pat Zenzen’s back. He took my hand and squeezed it. Mariana saw, and closed her hand over ours.

Ali picked that moment to grind down harder. My gut tightened, and gasping, I sat partway up. I pulled my knees up, and Ali kept grinding. A dry orgasm hit me hard, and my body trembled.

“Look what Ali’s doing to Dandan,” Jekjek murmured, coming up to the foot of the bed. “Do me next, Ali.”

Ali was too far gone; too close to an orgasm of her own to stop because I had come. Her eyes were closed tight in concentration, and she bit her lip.

Fortunately, my glans back then didn’t get quite as sensitive, immediately after coming, like when I was older and ejaculating. Otherwise, I think I would have gone crazy. As it was, I grabbed the backs of her shoulders, hanging on, half sitting up. I remember my knees being up and my legs kicking.

Ali kept grinding right through her orgasm, and then collapsed onto me, breathing fast. I could finally relax and did so with a long groan.

“C’mon, Ali,” Jekjek said, “you have to do that with me.”

Ali nuzzled my neck. I realized the bed was quiet. Claudia and Roland were on the other side of Ali’s head, and I couldn’t see them, but I figured that Roland was still on her because I could see Paolo, Tomas, and Jekjek standing around the bed.

I turned my head to look at Zenzen and Mariana. He was still lying on her, belly to belly. They glanced at me, and Zenzen grinned. Then they looked at each other and kissed.

“You can’t all stop now,” Jekjek protested. “We’ve got lots more time.” He jumped onto the bed, wedging his body between Ali and me, and Roland and Claudia. He faced Ali and me. I felt his erection against my leg as he pressed himself to our sides and started feeling up Ali between the backs of her legs.

Paolo climbed on, wedging his body between Ali and me, and Mariana and Zenzen. He, too, faced Ali and me, and I felt his erection against my leg as he began feeling up Ali between the backs of her legs.

Tomas looked frustrated that there was no room for him, until Jekjek found my dick and little ball sack, beneath Ali’s labia.

“It feels like Ali’s got balls,” he said with a laugh as his fingers felt over my dick and balls.

Tomas, at the foot of the bed, spread our legs and crawled up between them. The three of them, Tomas, Jekjek, and Paolo, felt Ali and me up between our legs. Ali moaned and nuzzled my neck. My dick quickly grew hard again, which is not difficult to do at all when you’re a prepubescent kid on a bed with other, naked kids.

My dick normally lays up my belly when it’s hard, and it rose up under Ali’s pussy.

“Dandan’s dick is getting in the way,” Paolo protested.

“We could put it back inside,” Tomas suggested.

“No way!” Jekjek said. “It’s my turn.”

I felt like I was about to be trapped under all four of them, counting Ali.

“I’ll get out of the way,” I said, struggling to get out from under everyone.

For a moment, we did a general reshuffling. I left Jekjek, Tomas, Paolo, and Ali to sort things out, and I saw Tomas move over with Roland and Claudia. I moved over with Zenzen and Mariana, and that’s how we all remained for the next half hour, in our threes.

Zenzen and I spread an extra blanket on the floor and took Mariana down onto it. I did her again, and then Zenzen did. I sat beside them, running my hand over Zenzen’s bottom.

Holding himself up on an elbow, he reached into my lap and fondled my dick. Mariana reached out to run her hand over my side. With the resilience of a preteen, my dick grew hard one more time.

“Climb on,” Zenzen said.

Getting up, I spotted the tube of lube at the far edge of the bed. I retrieved it and knelt beside Zenzen’s slowly pumping bottom to lube my dick, and then his butt crack. I straddled the backs of his legs and Zenzen paused for me to aim in and slip my cock up his butt. I held myself up on my hands and knees, lowering my hips to meet Zenzen’s thrusts.

His fleshy bottom under my lap felt good, and even though his insides didn’t caress my dick like the girls’ pussies, I liked pumping into him, and moving with him. It’s a totally different feeling; plugging into another boy instead of a girl. But I also liked it because it was us with Mariana. I liked her.

Zenzen’s hips and mine synchronized so that we drove together, and I applied the power to push each thrust home. I closed my eyes and held myself up over them, rocking my hips with Zenzen’s.

I washed my dick later, and before the afternoon was done, I had one more turn with each of the other girls, but ended up, at the end, with Mariana and Zenzen again. We snuggled and tickled and talked for a while. The others did the same.

Ali tried to clean up spots of blood from the chair as we slowly dressed. There wasn’t much we could do about spots of blood on the sheets.

“My pussy feels sore,” Claudia, in only a t-shirt, complained, rubbing gently between her legs.

“Mine, too,” Ali agreed, wiping the chair seat with a washrag.

Mariana, who was dressing between me and Zenzen, looked up at me and smiled. “It was fun!” she said.

“So… ” Jekjek said, as he pulled on his t-shirt, “I guess Dandan and Zenzen are boyfriends now.” He grinned. “They kissed each other more than they kissed Mariana, and, earlier, I saw Dandan fucking Zenzen.”

I glanced at Roland, afraid he might be jealous, because Zenzen and I had become friends. But Roland’s attention was on Claudia. The two of them had hit it off.

“Are you jealous of Dandan and Zenzen, Jekjek?” Ali asked, teasingly.

Jekjek frowned and blushed, but Ali stepped up to him and kissed him, giving him a hug. “You and Paolo had fun together, too,” she pointed out, and Jekjek grinned.

“I had fun with you,” she said. “You and Paolo were the best!”

Jekjek grinned even wider. Then he glanced my way and stuck his tongue out at me, but he looked happy.

Zenzen came over the very next afternoon, and we went into the woods together. At the age we were, there wasn’t a better kisser than Zenzen, and we liked each other.

That next week, Mariana confided that she had saved money which her grandfather had given her for her birthday. She, Zenzen and I rented another hour room a few days later; just for us three.

Zenzen, Mariana, and I sexed together for over two years. I still sexed with Roland some, and Felix. Felix and I did something I didn’t tell the others about for a long time. Iloilo is on the coast, and tourists come there. A few of them like to watch brown boys fuck each other, and occasionally, all through high school, Felix and I fucked for them.

The first time was for a German guy. I’m not sure how Felix found out about him because he wasn’t one of the ‘beach boys’, but he was always the one to set us up. We very rarely let the tourists fuck us, and only if we liked them and they used a condom. We usually let them feel us up, and we gave them hand jobs and blow jobs, after they watched Felix and me have sex.

One of them took pictures and video, three different times. I suppose Felix and I may show up on the internet someday, if we haven’t already.

I suspected that Felix did a bit more with them on his own, but I never did.

When the nine of us in our group all hit puberty, and for about a year, we switched boy and girlfriends. Jekjek and I hung together for a while and sexed a lot. But eventually, Zenzen and I got together again.

Felix, Zenzen, and I are all gay. We even share an apartment together. Jekjek is bi, and still single. He came over for a snuggle with me a few nights ago. Paolo married Mariana, and I’m godfather to their first son. I’m also godfather to Roland’s first son. He married a girl he met in high school.

We’re all still close, all nine of us; ten years after we lost our virginity together one afternoon at the end of Grade Five.


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