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The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 1
'Heir to the Throne'
- by Harry AnderS -

Dutch psychotherapist

A children's series of stories



Chapter 1. That first day of the rest of my life as a little Prince.

    I floated around, safely immersed in nicely warmed water, tenderly embraced by my nice and cozy womb.
For nine months, I had been living in here, growing and growing, and patiently waiting until finally I would be born again as a little baby.
All the time, a reassuring rhythmical 'bump, bump, bump' accompanied me and, now and then, I heard softly murmuring sounds around my shelter.
In this place, I felt perfectly safe, loved, and welcomed.

    Vaguely, I remembered being here because something was going to happen soon, but my brain was already taking over and carefully wiping all the memories of my soul.
Within a few days, my mind would be totally blank, and ready to discover again how to behave as a little human being.
The last thing I was aware of, was that in this life I was extremely intelligent and had to fulfill a very important task on earth...

    The pressure around me started to increase, and I heard yelling from the people that helped the woman I was living in.
I didn't understand their words, but was aware of their energy and therefore knew what they were saying:

    "Finally the labor has set in. Quickly go and ask our Wise Woman to help."

    Again, the pressure increased and tried to expel me from my cozy womb.
Instinctively, I tried to help, by turning around until my head pressed against a narrow tube that slowly widened.
The pressure decreased and sucked me back into my cozy room, but not for long. Again the pressure increased, pushing me even deeper into the tube.
Every time, I felt that narrow tube widen up a bit more, until at last my head popped through.
    A pair of too cold hands folded around my head and tried to pull it out, but I didn't want that and they were hurting my neck...

    'Why are you pulling at my head? Leave me alone, you are hurting me! I don't need your help.'

    I started to fight the hands, but now my shoulders popped through and I flopped out of my cozy room into a bright light that dazzled my eyes.
Suddenly, everything around me felt too chilly, and I started to shiver...

    'Why don't you leave me alone? Get your hands off me! I don't want to be here. I want to go back into that nicely warmed and cozy room where I came from. Come on; push me back into my safe place!'

    The hands didn't push me back, but I had a strange feeling in, what I later discovered, was called my 'chest'.
My chest felt upset, started to heave, and suddenly a high-pitched sound escaped my mouth...
I couldn't believe it was ME who had done that!
I tried it again, and again my mouth produced that same sound, now even louder...
Wow, I was able to make sounds, all on my own!
Did you hear that?
I tried it again and again...

    Somebody cleaned me up, wrapped me into a nicely warmed diaper, and laid me down into the arms of the woman I had been living inside for nine months.
The woman started to cry, and I had a strong feeling of being welcomed and loved.
I stopped making my sound, and tried to feel around in wonder...
The woman wrapped her arms around me and tenderly cradled me, while now I closed my eyes and marveled in the lovable feeling.

    A soft thing touched my lips and, instinctively, I started to suck on it.
After a few seconds, the most delicious nourishment I could ever imagine entered my mouth.
Yummy! I could get used to that...
I started to suck with all my force, and forgot everything else.

    A loud voice shouted to the people who were waiting outside:


    Suddenly, many cheering sounds filled my ears, and made me cry again.
At the same time, they also filled me with pride, because I felt the energy of their joyful words and thus sensed what they meant.
People were cheering and congratulating one another, because of ME...

    A couple of violins started to play beautiful melodies of joy and happiness, while more and more people joined the steadily growing crowd outside our caravan.
Now and then one of them entered my room, to have a look at me and congratulate my proud parents having such a healthy son.
After a while I stopped my crying and fell asleep, lazily sucking on that yummy soft thing that again was in my mouth.


    I woke up in darkness, and missed the reassuring cozy womb I had been in for nine months.
I also missed the calming sound of 'bump, bump, bump' that used to surround me.
I felt helpless and lonely, didn't know what had happened, and started to cry...
Within a few seconds, I heard a couple of sounds and saw some light.

    A face appeared in front of me; and I stopped my crying, trying to focus on that vague and misty thing that moved nearby making reassuring sounds...
Two hands tenderly touched me, and carefully lifted me out of the pillows where I was lying.
Instinctively, I knew this had to be 'Mom', and now I felt safe again.
    Mom took me into her arms, and tenderly cradled me:

    "Hi, my little boy, are you hungry again? Just a moment, because I have to clean you up first..."

    She removed my diaper, washed my bottom, and put on another clean and nicely warmed one.
That felt good!
Now she took me onto her lap; and YES! There was that yummy soft thing again!
I sucked on it with all my force, and soon I was filled to the brim with that delicious nourishment.
Of course I had to burp and spilled half of it, but who cares...
After a while, I fell asleep in her arms, and didn't notice her putting me to bed.

    I woke up when I saw light again, and stared into a much darker face.
I tried to focus my eyes, and to my delight I succeeded in getting the picture a bit sharper...
I didn't know the words for the things I saw, but soon I learned that the dark brush I saw below the 'nose' was called a 'mustache'.
The eyes of my Mom were of a bright blue color, but the eyes I saw now were dark brown, nearly black.

    The face smiled at me, and two enormous hands lifted me from between my pillows and sat me onto his lap.
This time, I felt a totally different energy, and instinctively I knew this had to be the 'male' energy, full of power and strength.
I was sure this person had to be 'Dad', and I let myself melt into his strong arms and felt safe.
    We looked at each other for a long time, until finally my Dad told me with a proud face:

    "Boy, look at your eyes! You are looking straight into my soul. What a power! Do you know you look like your mother?"

    I sensed the powerful love he radiated towards me, felt happy to be in his arms, and smiled.
Suddenly, my Dad got tears in his eyes and nearly crushed me:

    "My boy has already smiled at me! What a wonderful child..."

    My Dad started to sob, and of course I tried to comfort him.
That was very frustrating, because my arms and hands refused to do what I intended them to do...
They were just flapping around, and I couldn't find the muscles to control them.
 I felt disappointed, stopped my efforts, and started to sob along with my Dad.

    A huge man entered our caravan, congratulating my parents and curiously looking at me:

    "Look at those blue eyes! What a power and intelligence. He is already looking at everything that is happening around!"

    My Dad lifted me from my pillows, removed my diaper, cleaned me up, and tenderly took me into his arms:

    "Yes, he is a very special child, and he has already smiled at me! Come on, boy; let's go outside, where the others can have their first look at you!"

    Together, we left our caravan and stepped outside in the bright sunlight.
I had some difficulty in focusing my eyes, but was aware of many people, gathering around a big campfire.
The people cheered when they saw me; and my Dad lifted me high into the air, letting all the people see their newborn Prince.
    Everybody went silent, and my Dad proudly announced:

    "The name of our new Heir to the Throne will be 'Harold Janovski Romani'."

    Everybody cheered again, and all the fathers threw their own kids high into the air, to greet our Supreme Being.
They caught their kids carefully into their strong arms when they landed.
The kids enjoyed the fun immensely, shrieking and asking for more!
Suddenly I felt an intense sensation of flying, high into the air, above all the others, and I was delighted.
I wanted to fly some more!

    The moment I landed, my Dad caught me adeptly in his strong arms.
He lifted me onto his shoulders, holding my body with one hand and supporting my head with the other.
Smiling proudly, he walked me around the circle, to bring me into ritual contact with my own people.
All the people bowed and one by one touched my small feet, thus promising their eternal loyalty to their newborn Prince.

    I tried to thank them politely, but the only things that left my mouth were small air bubbles and a lot of saliva...
My Dad saw me drooling, and started to laugh at my idle tries to talk.
He handed me to my Mom, and asked her to take me back to our caravan and clean me up.
Of course, I started to cry, because I wanted to join the fun outside for a much longer time!
I was also a bit angry, because I was too small to be able to make myself clear; and I felt frustrated, because my too immature body refused to do what I told it to do...

    My Mom took me in her arms, and carried me back to our black-and-golden caravan.
She cleaned my face, applied a fresh diaper, and put me in between my pillows.
Within half a minute I was sound asleep, dreaming of a beautiful future and being able to speak.



Thank you for reading the first chapter of my story 'Born as a Prince 1'.
This is the first book of the series, called 'Heir to the Throne'. Many more books will follow...

Enjoy the reading, and help us to make our world to be a better place!

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