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The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 1
Book 1: Heir to the Throne
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

Book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot' will follow; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to foreign countries...


Chapter 15 ended with:

    Now and then, a couple of other kids accompanied us to the snowy hills.
Pietro let them have a short ride too, but only after asking ME first.
Ultimately, it was OUR snow scooter, and we had put it together in unison!
He even called me 'my little mechanic engineer', and I was proud of my title.

    Of course, I granted my friends their little rides, but they had to admit that I was the best!
Nobody was able to make those huge fountains of snow, or perform those steep curves, by using the brakes and the throttle together.
I seemed to have a natural feeling for it; and, now and then, showed it off a little bit...

    Too soon, the snow started to melt away, and the valleys became too muddy.
Pietro put our snow scooter in one of our spare caravans, to wait for the next winter.
He promised us to keep it in good condition, until the next blanket of snow would show up.
All of us prayed it would be very soon!


Chapter 16. My fifth birthday, and a beautiful small mountain bike.

    Finally, a very important day showed up: March the third, my fifth birthday!
I had been looking forward to it for many weeks; counting the days on my fingers, my toes, and those of my grinning parents.
I nearly couldn't wait until, finally, I would be at least a little bit more grown-up.
Maybe, this year, I would have my first growth spurt...

    Of course, I was eagerly waiting for my first official birthday present as well!
I knew that my people were very poor, and they certainly couldn't afford to buy me a small children's snow scooter.
That's why I decided not to ask them for one, and wait until I would be big enough to ride Pietro's.
Looking around, I could tell that everybody seemed to be grateful for my consideration.
They all loved me deeply; and really wanted to see me happy...

    I had asked them to buy me maybe a pair of warm gloves to wear outside, or a skateboard, or roller-skates, or a leather football...
What else could they be able to give me as a birthday present?
I knew I would be grateful for anything they would chose, because it would be given out of real love.
Yet, deeply hidden within myself, I was hoping for maybe a small miracle to happen...

    I woke up early in the morning, and started to think about what this special day might bring.
Of course, I couldn't sleep any more, so I jumped out of bed and crawled in between my snoring parents.
My Dad woke up, grumbled, threw his strong arms around me, and fell asleep again.
Now, I snuggled closer, feeling safe and loved, and dozed away...

    This time, my Mom woke up first, yawned, and slowly turned onto her back.
That woke me up, and I crawled onto her stomach and laid my head in between her breasts.
That felt nice and cozy, and I marveled in the lovable feeling.
Our ministrations woke my Dad, and he grinned when he saw me cuddling with my Mom.
He threw his arms around both of us, and tenderly kissed our heads.
Now, I was sandwiched in between the two people I loved most in the whole world.
I loved every part of it.

    We cuddled for a long time, until the sun started to shine through our curtains.
That made me far too impatient, and I left our bed to dress into my beautiful badger fur coat and nicely warm fox boots.
I went outside to scoop some fresh snow, and helped my Mom prepare a healthy breakfast in our kitchen.
Fortunately, she was no longer afraid of letting me use her sharp kitchen knife!
I mixed our food with a couple of appropriate herbs, while she looked approvingly at my skills as her little chief cookie.

    Together, we brought everything to our living room; where we sat down and devoured our nicely smelling meal.
Of course, the food tasted excellent again, and all of us took second helpings and licked our fingers.
    My Dad scraped the pan, carefully looking for the last crumbs, and smiled:

    "Boy, I didn't realize you were THAT good at cooking! You could open a restaurant..."

    "Okay. You are inviting the people, and I will prepare them a tasty meal! Of course, the earned money will be mine."

    "Again, you are way too witty for me. I will praise the day you don't have an immediate response..."

    "Then breed a duffer, as I've told you before."

    Dad grabbed me, and tickled me until I nearly wetted my fur coat and promised him to better my life.
The torturer!

    Finally, it was our time to go outside and meet our people...
All the people had gathered around our campfire, waiting to congratulate their growing little Prince.
I went to our special bench, sat down in between my parents, and proudly looked around.
Misha sat on a nearby bench next to Michail, and both of them had one of Michail's little sons on their laps.
One by one, everybody approached us and congratulated my parents and me.

    Pietro passed by, congratulated us, and enthusiastically ruffled my hair before disappearing again.
Biny offered me a little kiss, wishing me all the luck in the world during my fifth year.
This time, I started to blush, causing my Dad to tease me about my 'puppy love'.
I was mad at him for calling me a 'puppy', and punched him in the ribs with all my force.
    He winced a bit, tried to look angry, and whispered:

    "Just wait until we are home. I will GET you for that!"

    I grinned at him, and whispered back:

    "Oh yeah? You and whose army?"

    He shook his head in disbelief, and didn't dare say another word...
The chicken.

    Finally, everybody had congratulated us, and returned to their places.
All of them were seated on their wooden benches, and now I was going to have my first official birthday present...
What would it be, for the first time since I no longer needed my diapers and thus belonged to them?
I looked around curiously, but nobody was carrying any package...

    Where was my birthday present?
Didn't they buy one, or maybe they had forgotten to buy one?
I started to be a little bit impatient and fidgety...
Did they forget to buy me a birthday present?
Maybe, they didn't have enough money to buy me one, and I had to do without it?
I slumped down, and tried to accept the inevitable...
We just were too poor and needy...

    Suddenly, Pietro appeared from in between two caravans, smiling from ear to ear.
He approached our Royal bench, bowed, and beckoned me over...
I looked up, gasped, and couldn't believe my own eyes.
Was that for me?
Pietro was carrying a beautiful small mountain bike, painted in our black-and-golden colors!
A real mountain bike, being painted in our own Royal colors, and showing several extra gadgets!
Was this my birthday present?

    Pietro proudly handed me my beautiful birthday present:

    "This is a present from all of us, to our best Prince in the whole world. Congratulations, my little mechanic engineer!"

    I couldn't help it; this was too much for me.
My eyes were filling with tears, and I choked up and started to cry.
The sudden emotions were overwhelming me and trying to suffocate me.
Did my people really love me THAT much?
I went to Pietro and buried my face into his stomach, now sobbing loudly.

    Pietro cradled me for a long time, slowly and patiently, until my emotions were calming down.
Finally, I pulled myself together and looked around, suddenly feeling very ashamed...
What would my people think now of their still very immature little cry-baby-Prince?
They would certainly regret their beautiful present...

    I was very surprised to see that nobody was laughing at me or making fun of me.
On the contrary, several people were looking at me having tears in their own eyes!
They were wiping them furtively, with tissues and small tufts of grass...
My people DID love me!
I could still be proud of myself...

    I left Pietro, went to my beautiful birthday present, and tenderly touched it.
I had never imagined my people would give me such a valuable thing!
My small mountain bike was carefully painted in our own royal colors, and sparkling in the sunlight.
They had provided it with loads of extra gadgets, and it was small enough for me to fully enjoy the riding!
I was sure it had to be the best bike in the whole camp, and all my friends would be jealous...

    I mounted my beautiful bike, and proudly rode around the camp while everybody cheered.
I tried to switch the gears, but now I discovered I needed some help...
How came the gears didn't change, although I tried to switch them?
Misha saw me puzzling, smiled, and came over to rescue me.
He showed me how I had to change the gears, by back-pedaling while using the switch.
Now I knew why it didn't work when I tried!
I tried out all the gears a couple of times, until I could find them blindly.

    All the other bike-owners collected their own bikes, and we rode off with me up front.
We raced around our camp, and tried to outdo each other in using our brakes and slipping in the muddy snow.
Now and then, one of us fell off his or her bike, but that didn't temper our fun!
We just remounted our bikes, and went on...

    All of us had lots of fun, until we were too tired and our stomachs started to rumble.
In the meantime, the grown-ups had prepared a real feast meal...
They had really outdone themselves, even without the help of my herbs!
We sat down on our wooden benches, and munched on the many tasty delicacies.
Soon, all of us were stuffed to the brim, and burped loudly to thank them.

    That evening, I went to bed having an intense feeling of gratitude.
All my people were loving me dearly!
And, finally, now I was five years old...


Thank you for reading the next chapter of my story 'Born as a Prince 1'.
This is the first book of the series, called 'Heir to the Throne'. Many more books will follow...
Enjoy the reading, and help us make our world a better place!

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