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The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 1
'Heir to the Throne'
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories




Chapter 2 ended with:

Slowly, I pushed myself up, using both my arms and my legs...
Suddenly, I discovered how I could crawl towards him!
Wow, that was what I had been trying to do for a long time.
I started to move my arms and legs back and forth, and slowly moved towards my Big Friend, proudly smiling from ear to ear...

    My parents were stunned, and looked at me in awe:

    "Look, our little Harold is already crawling! Now it's time to bring him to our Wise Woman, to be read."


Chapter 3. Our Wise Woman, my past lives, and moving around.

    The next day, my parents dressed me into a small black-and-golden garment.
That felt very strange, as I wasn't used to wearing any clothes other than my diaper!
I tried to protest, but this time they didn't even listen to me...
I HAD to wear our Royal colors today.

    My Dad and Mom took me outside to the circle that was already forming around our campfire, and we sat down on our Royal wooden bench.
Vaguely, I remembered the first day of my life, when my Dad had taken me to that same circle.
This was the second time in my life I was outside, and I looked around curiously at all those interesting things...

    Today, my Dad didn't throw me high into the air, but he sat me onto his lap and put his strong arms protectively around me.
I loved that feeling, which reminded me of the warm and cozy womb I had been living in for nine months.
I felt safe and protected, and looked around again at all the people that were showing up and sitting down onto the wooden benches around our campfire.

    All the children climbed onto the laps of a grown-up to be held and cuddled.
They were naked and sun burnt with a golden tan, while all the grown-ups were wearing beautifully colored garments.
My parents were both wearing the same distinguished black-and-golden garment they had dressed me into.
When I was older, I learned that those were our own Royal colors, and only my parents and I were allowed to wear them.

    I saw my Big Friend, Michail, sitting two seats away from me, and started to fidget.
Of course, I was trying out everything I could think of to catch his attention, but in vain.
He was way too caught up with his girlfriend, who sat next to him and leaned into his arm, whispering little words and smiling proudly.
Maybe, I was a little bit jealous, but at that time I didn't even know the word...

    Two violin players took their instruments, and started to play a tender melody of sadness and longing.
The beautiful sound tore at my heartstrings, and I felt like crying; but I tried to repress the sobbing, as I didn't want the beautiful sound to stop.
My Dad tenderly caressed my stomach, and slowly my sobbing faded away.
I felt loved and cared for, looked up at him, and smiled...
Now I saw that my Dad had tears in his eyes too, and I loved him even more.
I was sure we were kindred souls!

    The violin players let their music fade away slowly, and sat down in silence.
My grandmother rose from her seat, and looked around the circle, until her eyes rested on me.
She smiled at me, and I smiled back at her and tried to stretch my arms out.
    Many people around the circle were astonished, and whispered to each other:

    "He's already responding to his grandmother! Wow, what a special child he is. Look at those bright eyes!"

    My grandmother lifted her hands, and everybody was silent:

    "Today, we are welcoming our new Heir to the Throne, Harold Janovski Romani, into our Gypsy community. From now on, he will be under the protection of all of us. We will always be there for him, guide him, help him, and offer him our own lives if necessary, until he will be able to protect us as our King.
    "Once we are sure he has been one of us before, he will have the status of Royal Prince and will be raised accordingly. His Father, Janov, our beloved King, is one of us; and his Mother, Maria, coming from a Northern country, has already proven to be one of us when she was read and showed us her past lives.
    "Now, our beloved King will ask our Wise Woman to look into the soul of our newborn Prince and share her findings."

    My grandmother sat down, and my Dad lifted me off his lap and sat me onto the lap of our Wise Woman.
The Wise Woman looked at me with her piercing eyes, making me feel uneasy; and I started to cry...
I didn't want to be left with her!
I wanted to sit on my Dad's lap and feel safe in his protective arms!
Where was my Dad?

    The Wise Woman put one hand against my forehead, held another hand against the back of my head, and started to hum.
Within a few seconds, I felt totally at ease and safe...
I recognized the powerful energy engulfing me, and was sure I had been using this same energy myself many times before, to help other people remember their own past lives.
I stopped my crying, closed my eyes, and let myself drift into another reality.

    My consciousness left my brain, and it traveled backwards along my timeline, until I left my present life and entered my past life.
I was freed from the impediments of my brain, and started to remember everything...

    In my past life, my Mom died in childbirth; and, from that time on, my Dad and I were inseparable and doing everything together.
We were trappers, living in a vast forest, and trading our pelts in nearby villages for food and equipment.
One day, I was playing outside our cottage, when an enormous grizzly bear saw me and tried to have me as a little snack.
It attacked me and killed me...
My Dad jumped in, and tried to rescue me having only a small knife in his hands, but the bear killed him too and tore both of us to pieces.
My Dad and I both went to heaven, soon accompanied by our best friend, who was killed by that same bear when he tried to avenge us.
Together, we waited impatiently to return to the earth, to fulfill our next task that would be a very important one.
I was sure I would meet both of them soon, probably within a few years from now!

    The Wise Woman changed her humming, and I traveled further backwards along my timeline, until I entered another past life.
This time, I arrived in the same Gypsy place where I was living now, surrounded by huge mountains and dense forests.
I had a soul mate of my own age, and we were absolutely inseparable.
In him, I recognized my trapper Dad from my other past life, and as a grown-up, my soul mate became our King.
I also recognized our best trapper friend, and saw a couple of others I would soon meet again in my new life.
All of them would help and guide me, to overcome a very difficult time in my early youth...

    The humming faded away, everything became a blur, and I returned into my body, feeling confused and trembling all over.
My Dad took me over from the Wise Woman, slowly cradled me, and tenderly caressed my stomach until I felt better and started to smile.
The memories of my past lives faded away, until I couldn't remember anything of what had happened.
I started to look around again with curious eyes, and fidgeted when I saw Michail smiling at me.

    The Wise Woman needed a few minutes to recover, and then she rose to her feet:

    "Our new Heir to the Throne is one of us! He showed me his past lives, and in one of them he has been the soul mate of our King.
    "He also showed me a part of his future, where he will have a very difficult time. However, he will come through, and he will be surrounded by many people from his past lives, who are all deeply loving him and willing to help him. I am sure he is predestined to fulfill magnificent deeds once he is an adult and our new King.
    "Our Ancestors are guiding and protecting him, and they will show him the way. My little Royal Prince, be welcome into our community!"

    The Wise Woman sat down, and our violin players took their instruments and started to play a joyful melody full of hope and glory.
All the people rose to their feet and went to my parents, to congratulate them about their healthy little Royal Prince.
I drifted off into slumber, being dead tired from all those strange sensations...


    From now on, I was able to crawl around in our caravan, and nothing was safe from me.
I was very curious, and crawled around everywhere to have a look at everything I could reach or touch.
My parents had to put everything away that could be opened, put into my mouth, or demolished.
They couldn't leave me alone for a moment...
Fortunately, they loved me deeply, and never complained about their maybe a little bit too nosy little son.

    Now and then, Michail took care of me while my parents had to be somewhere else.
I loved those times, when I could be together with my Big Friend!
Sometimes, his girlfriend accompanied him, but I felt she didn't really like me...
Maybe, she was a bit jealous of all the attention Michail and I were paying each other?
She never paid me much attention herself; and left everything to Michail, even changing my diaper.
I certainly didn't protest, and always crawled towards Michail when I needed or wanted something.
Michail didn't protest either.



Thank you for reading the next chapter of my story 'Born as a Prince 1'.
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