- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer


The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 1
Book 1: Heir to the Throne
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

Book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot' will follow; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to foreign countries...


Chapter 5 ended with:

    "Always do what you are doing in a way that allows you to be proud of yourself, and you will be an excellent King in the future."

    I understood everything my Dad told me, and nodded my approval while I let myself melt even more into his strong arms.
I decided to follow his advice, and always do only those things that would make me proud of myself!

    I could feel my Dad's love radiating towards me, and marveled in the nice feeling of being welcomed and loved, until it was my time to go to bed.
My Dad put my diaper on and playfully tickled my belly, making me squirm.
I kissed my Mom goodnight; and my Dad put me to bed, carefully draping the blankets around my body.
I closed my eyes; and was sound asleep within a few seconds, dreaming of being a big boy and catching my first animal...


Chapter 6. Finally I'm a Big Boy, and allowed to enter our woods.

    I woke up early in the morning, and immediately felt my diaper...
I was in heaven, shucked my diaper, danced around our caravan, and cheered loudly.
Finally I was a Big Boy!

    I rushed to my parents, and enthusiastically jumped onto my Dad's stomach:

    "DAD! Wake up! I have been dry during the whole night! From now on I don't need my diapers any more!"

    My Dad yawned, grinned sleepily, and lazily tickled my belly:

    "Are you sure? You're not wetting your bed again tomorrow?"

    "I am sure! Tonight I woke up two times, to have a normal leak. Now I'm a grown-up, finally!"

    My Mom woke up, ruffled my hair, and told me with a proud face:

    "From now on you are our own Big Boy, and you are allowed to accompany the other children into our woods."

    I felt on cloud nine, and smothered my parents with kisses, nearly crying from enthusiasm.
Finally, I would be able to join the other children into our woods, to catch my own animals!
    My Dad took me into his strong arms, and nearly crushed me:

    "Harry, my precious son, I am proud of you! I remember the first time I was allowed to accompany the others into the woods, so I know how it's feeling. Now it's your time to discover a bit more of our world. However, please, be careful, and always listen to the older and more experienced children."

    "I will be very careful, Dad, and I will always listen to them. I promise!"

    I dragged myself through the day, feeling nervous now my so long awaited adventure was approaching...
I strolled around our camp, and went into the bushes a couple of times to gather some more fresh herbs.
Longingly, I stared along the winding paths that were leading through the bushes into our woods.
Tomorrow, I was allowed to follow those paths and enter our woods for the first time in my life!
I couldn't wait for the next day to show up...

    I cleaned my herbs carefully, sliced them into small pieces with my sharp kitchen knife, and mixed them together while adding a few drops of oil.
Impatiently, I waited for the other kids to show up, carrying the animals they had caught...
Tomorrow, I would set up my first own trap; and the day after tomorrow, I hoped to carry my first animal to our campfire, caught all by myself!

    Finally, I heard lots of joyful laughter; and the kids showed up, carrying several marmots and other small animals.
Marmots were the most common animals in our woods, and our children were always catching plenty of them.
Now and then, they caught a porcupine or a hare, and on rare occasions, they were even able to catch a small pig that contained enough meat to feed everybody in our camp.

    The kids started to skin the animals and clean them up, and I told them with a proud face:

    "Listen... Tomorrow I am going to join you into the woods!"

    "Really? You're not pulling our leg? You are still such a little cookie..."

    "Really! From now on, I am a Big Boy, and my parents already allowed me."

    Misha grinned, took me onto his shoulders, and horsed me around our campfire:

    "That's marvelous! Tomorrow, our Chief Cook is accompanying us, to sample our animals in advance..."

    He put me onto my feet again; and I grinned, feeling proud of myself.
I started to carefully smear the first animal with my nicely smelling herbs mixture.
Tomorrow, I would prove to them that I could be more than a little chief cookie!

    A delicious aroma filled the air, and after a while the meat was ready to be dealt and munched.
Of course, I got my share, and soon we were all stuffed to the brim as usual, licking our fingers.
I went home, feeling proud of myself, as my Dad had told me to always be.
Tomorrow, I hoped to be even more proud...

    My Mom washed the smear from my face, and teasingly asked me to count my fingers...
Were there still ten of them, or had I cut one off?
I was MAD at her, and stamped angrily towards my Dad.
How did she DARE tease me with my cooking skills...

    That night, I slept without a diaper, for the first time in my life.
It was a nice feeling, as if somehow I was more alive and more aware of my body.
From now on, I would sleep just like all the other children and grown-ups, being clad only in my 'birthday suit'.
I marveled in the idea of finally being a Real Big Boy, closed my eyes, and drifted off into a sound sleep...


    I woke up early in the morning, and felt full of anticipation and energy.
Today was my Big Day! Our woods were waiting...
I jumped out of bed, and went to our living room to look out of the windows.
Would the other kids already be waiting for me?

    The circle was empty, and our campfire was shimmering faintly in the crack of dawn.
Where were they, the lazy slackers? Come on...
Feeling disappointed, I went to my parents' sleeping room and crawled in between them, to wait some more.
My Dad woke up, and threw his safe arms around me.
That felt good, and soon I drifted off into a slumber.

    At last, the sun started to shine through our curtains, and woke me up again.
Now, I was in a sudden hurry, and couldn't wait to go outside to join the other children, who were slowly gathering around our campfire...
    My Mom started to prepare breakfast, while I tried to push her to hurry:

    "Come on, Mom, they are WAITING for me!"

    "I'm sure they are not leaving without you, so don't be impatient. You have to eat something healthy first."

    I stared out of the windows while eating in a hurry, and saw more and more children joining our group.
I wolfed my healthy food down, but now I had to wait for my parents to finish...
I waited impatiently until they allowed me to leave our table, and bolted out of the door.
    The others saw me coming, nearly tripping over my own feet; and started to cheer:


    I blushed, and felt a bit timid, but also proud of myself.
Now I was even more determined to prove that I could be a valuable asset to our group!

    Safely surrounded by a couple of older kids, I joined our group into the bushes, trembling with anticipation...
A narrow path, winding through the bushes, ended up in a small clearing, and there we stopped.
For the first time in my life, I was able to enter the place where I longed to be for such a long time, our WOODS.
I looked around in awe, and suddenly I felt very small...

    Thousands of huge trees were majestically rising high into the sky, having their branches entwined.
Their outspread treetops were forming what looked like an enormous cathedral.
The spongy ground and fallen leaves beneath were damping all the sounds.
The soft and mossy carpet under my bare feet felt like walking on a moving cloud...
The sudden silence was overwhelming; and, being only four years old and the smallest runt in our group, I felt very tiny and vulnerable.

    I felt a strong need to weep, but decided to be a Big Boy and not a crybaby!
What would the others think of me?
I repressed my tears, straightened my back, and looked around at what my friends were doing...
To my surprise, all of them seemed to be totally at ease, and acted as if nothing special was happening.
Unnoticed, I wormed my small hand into Misha's...
    Misha smiled at me, and softly squeezed my hand:

    "It's a bit overwhelming the first time, isn't it? You will soon be used to it and have lots of fun. Now let’s have a look at our traps."

    I forced myself to produce a feeble smile...
Fortunately, Misha didn't think I was still a baby!

    We left the clearing, and walked down a winding path along a steep ravine.
Misha held my hand all the time, and that gave me a bit more confidence.
One by one, we crossed a small stream and entered another small clearing surrounded by huge trees.
Here we halted, while one of the boys, Joc, left our group and disappeared into a thick shrub...

    Suddenly we heard a beeping sound; and Joc returned, carrying a struggling marmot with a snare around its neck.
Triumphantly he showed it to us, and killed it by smashing its head against a boulder.
At first I was shocked; but then I realized this had to be a relatively painless death...
It was certainly a better dying than being eaten alive by some predator with huge teeth and sharp claws!
Joc put the marmot into a string bag; and we went on, on our way looking for footprints and animal tracks.

    From time to time, one of the kids stepped aside, to look after a trap and set up a new one.
Sometimes, no animal had been caught, but other times, the snare had done its work and another beast was added to the steadily growing pile.
    Suddenly, everybody started to laugh and point at the next animal:

    "Jaspi has caught a RAT! Jaspi is a rattler, Jaspi is a rattler..."

    Jaspi looked at us with a sour face, and threw the dead rat far away.
He set up a new trap; and we went on, still laughing.



Thank you for reading the next chapter of my story 'Born as a Prince 1'.
This is the first book of the series, called 'Heir to the Throne'. Many more books will follow...
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