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The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 1
Book 1: Heir to the Throne
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

Book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot' will follow; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to foreign countries...


Chapter 6 ended with:

Joc put the marmot into a string bag; and we went on, on our way looking for footprints and animal tracks.

    From time to time, one of the kids stepped aside, to look after a trap and set up a new one.
Sometimes, no animal had been caught, but other times, the snare had done its work and another beast was added to the steadily growing pile.
    Suddenly, everybody started to laugh and point at the next animal:

    "Jaspi has caught a RAT! Jaspi is a rattler, Jaspi is a rattler..."

    Jaspi looked at us with a sour face, and threw the dead rat far away.
He set up a new trap; and we went on, still laughing.


Chapter 7. Why are those girls that different from us boys?

    From time to time, one of the boys had to take a leak.
Of course, he tried to spurt as high as he could, soon accompanied by a couple of other boys.
I joined them now and then, but my too small body didn't let me spurt that high.
When one of the girls had to take a leak, they just squatted down and let their pee flow freely onto the ground...

    I had looked at them a couple of times, wondering why they didn't join us...
Suddenly, I saw something I had never noticed before: they didn't have any peckers, as we boys so proudly used to pee through!
They had only sort of a cleft between their legs...
I was severely shocked, and couldn't understand why they were that different from us.
Had they been ill, or did they lose their peckers one day?
Could I be at risk to turn into a girl myself, if I wasn't careful enough with mine?
I didn't want to lose my little pecker, because I was way too used to it!
I decided to ask my Dad or Michail about the risk of turning into a girl, as soon as we were home...

    One by one, all the kids looked after their own traps, collecting their caught animals.
They set up their new traps along nearly invisible animal trails, trying to cover them with some litter to hide them.
All the time, I looked intently how they were doing it, trying to understand what they were doing and why.
Now and then, I even thought they were making a mistake, and I could have done better...
    Finally, after all the traps were emptied and set up along other trails, Misha asked me:

    "Do you want to set up a trap yourself now?"

    Oh yes! YES! Of course, I wanted to set up a trap myself!
I smiled from ear to ear, and Misha pointed to a small hill covered with a thick bush.
Suddenly, I felt very nervous and started to tremble...
What if I made a stupid mistake, or no animal was interested in my trap and tomorrow my snare turned out to be empty?

    Misha handed me a piece of wire to make my snare...
With trembling hands I folded the wire into a snare, as I had seen the other kids do...
Misha nodded approvingly; and I went to the hill, looking for an animal trail.
I attached the snare firmly to a nearby branch, carefully set it up along a faintly visible trail, and covered it with some litter to make it invisible to the animals.
When I tried to imagine I was a small animal myself, I wasn't able to see my own trap!
    I went back to our group, where Misha smiled proudly and ruffled my hair:

    "You did it like an old trapper! I think you're a natural, to set up a trap like this for the first time in your life."

    I looked at him, and felt all warm and mushy inside.
Misha said I did it like an old trapper... now THAT was a compliment!

    Now, all our traps were set, and we had gathered enough animals to have a good meal out of them, as usual.
In unison, we decided to go for a swim in our lake before going home.
We turned around, and frolicked back to our first ravine, pushing and chasing each other.
This time, we followed the winding path a bit further, until we arrived at a beautiful waterfall, displaying wonderful colors in the bright sunlight...

    I was totally in awe, stopped, and gasped. Never before had I seen such beauty!
I got tears in my eyes, while unnoticed my hand wormed into Misha's bigger one...
Misha didn't say a word, but softly squeezed my smaller hand a few times.
I looked at him, and he seemed to have tears in his own eyes too!
Fortunately, I wasn't the only crybaby here...

    We had to descend a steep ridge, and the older kids considerately helped the youngsters to climb downwards safely.
We waited until everybody had reached the bottom of the waterfall, and tumbled over each other to reach the splashing water.
I jumped carelessly under the forceful water stream, and immediately choked up!
What was happening? I couldn't breathe any more!
I fled away from the icy cold stream and tried to yell, but my breath was still stalled and I started to panic...

    A couple of kids saw me panicking, and patiently helped me overcome my fear:

    "Don't be afraid, but give your body some time to get used to the cold by jumping up and down! Let's try it again..."

    I took two hands; and, guided and reassured, trusted myself to step under the cold-water stream again...
I jumped up and down, and fortunately my friends appeared to be right!
A few seconds later, my skin started to warm up, and my breath returned.

    "See? We've told you. Just jump up and down until you are used to the cold..."

    Now, the splashing of the cold water on my naked body felt very nice!
Soon, I was dancing and jumping around under the splashing water amongst the others.

    Frolicking around and chasing each other, we followed the whirling water downstream.
We reached a beautiful lake, surrounded by steep ridges and flowering bushes.
Everybody plunged into the inviting water immediately!
Everybody, except for me...
I looked into the slightly bluish water, and shuddered at seeing that bottomless depth...
What if I sank down to the bottom, and couldn't return to the surface?
I didn't know how to swim...

    I detected a small ridge below the water surface, and hesitantly stepped onto it.
Carefully, I tried to lie down in the water and let myself float...
It worked! My body sank a bit when I breathed out, and floated up again when I breathed in.
Fortunately, only my body was sinking, and my head stayed out of the water all the time.
Drifting on the water surface was a nice feeling, and I did it for a long time.
I felt relieved, and decided that swimming could be FUN!

    I tried to step back onto the ridge, couldn't find it any more, and panicked...
Suddenly, I was all alone in the water, couldn't find any solid ground, forgot to fill my lungs, and started to sink...
I splashed around with all my force, swallowing water and desperately trying to float up again...

    Two strong hands gripped my arms, and brought me back to the surface.
I heaved a couple of deep sighs and refilled my longs with air, feeling very relieved and grateful.
    My rescuer, being my fourteen-year-old friend Misha, waited until I had coughed the water out of my longs, and told me:

    "I've kept an eye on you all the time. Now let yourself float again, and try to copy what I am showing you..."

    He left me and started to swim around me, slowly, showing me how I should move my arms and my legs.
Soon, I got the idea; and, within a few minutes, Misha let go of me and I splashed around all on my own.
Yes! Now I was swimming in our lake, all by myself!
I was delighted, and tried to dive and resurface without swallowing any more water.

    Misha stayed next to me, and waited until I was able to dive under the surface without panicking.
Suddenly, he grinned devilishly, and DUNKED me by pushing me under water forcefully.
I resurfaced immediately, spluttering and coughing, and ready to murder him!
How did he DARE do this to me, being my former friend and now my foe...
Misha laughed at my fury, and dunked me again.

    Now I was REALLY mad at him!
I chased him around the lake, splashing around with all my force, until I slowly discovered how to swim properly.
My arms and legs started to move on their own, and I went faster and faster...
Finally, I got Misha, and forcefully dunked him in return.
That should teach him a lesson!

    To my surprise, Misha wasn't mad at all, but even complimented me:

    "That's what I wanted you to do! Now you are a REAL swimmer. Look at the others, and you can see that dunking each other always is FUN."

    I looked at the others, and Misha seemed to be right!
Lots of others were dunking each other and pushing each other under water, obviously having lots of fun.
I thanked my friend Micha for his help and insight. Together, we swam towards the others, jumped in, and took part in their game.
They accepted me immediately, and for the remainder of the day I had lots of fun too!
From that time on, I was a real water rat, and wanted to go for a swim whenever and wherever I had a chance...

    At the end of the day, we were dead tired and sauntered home, proudly carrying our caught animals.
We gathered around our campfire as usual, and sat down until our muscles were less tired.
The others started to skin their caught animals and prepare them, while I went into our bushes.
I collected a couple of herbs, cut them into pieces, and carefully mixed them with a few drops of oil to make them sticky.

    All the kids smeared their animals with my herbs mixture, of course painstakingly controlled by me.
They roasted their animals over the glowing campfire, and soon a nice aroma was filling the air.
Even the grown-ups sniffed approvingly, and smiled at their little Chief Cookie.
Again, all the animals tasted delicious, and soon we were stuffed to the brim and burping loudly.
Dead tired, but feeling wonderful, we went to our caravans to wash the smear from our faces.

    I crawled onto my Dad's lap, and asked him my burning question:

    "Dad, how come girls are different from us boys? I've looked at them today, and saw they don't have any peckers at all... They are taking a leak through sort of a cleft between their legs. Did they lose their peckers one day, and do I have to be careful not to lose mine?"

    My Dad and my Mom both started to laugh, and my Dad ruffled my hair:

    "Boy, you are growing fast! What a question... Do you know where you were living in before you were born?"

    "Yes, of course I know! I've been living in Mom's womb for nine months, and sometimes I'm even able to remember the cozy room and the reassuring 'bump, bump, bump' of her heartbeat... Unfortunately I can't remember anything else..."

    "When you were born, you sort of left her inside out pecker..."

    Huh? That was strange. I had to think that over for a while!
I hopped off his lap, and stared outside at our glowing campfire...
I sort of left my Mom's inside out pecker... that means my Mom's pecker had to be on the inside of her body?
Yes, of course, that could make sense!
That explains why girls are having such a cleft, and that's why they have to squat down to take a leak...
Do girls have our sacks and balls too, supposed they are having any?
Maybe they do have those things on the inside too?
Let's ask my Dad...

    The next hour, my parents patiently answered all my questions.
They told me how the organs are basically the same, but the man's penis is the woman's vagina.
The man's balls are the woman's ovaries.
The man's prostate is the woman's womb...

    "What's a 'prostate'? That's what Jonno's father was complaining about when he couldn't pee any more..."

    My Dad patiently explained it to me, but now I had a zillion other questions that popped up into my mind:

    "When you and I are cuddling and feeling good, now and then we are getting a stiffy. Does a girl get a stiffy too, and how?"

    "Harry, my son, you are one out of a million! Yes, a girl can have a stiffy too, only it's a very small one, called a 'clitoris'."

    I decided to have a closer look at a girl the next time, to compare her very small 'clitoris' to my not so very big pecker.
I was also very relieved to know that I couldn't turn into a girl someday, by involuntary losing my own little penis...

I started to yawn, hopped off my Dad's lap, politely thanked him for his answers, and let my Mom put me to bed.
Of course, I slept without a diaper again, feeling much better in my birthday suit!
I belonged to the grown-ups now...



Thank you for reading the next chapter of my story 'Born as a Prince 1'.
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