- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer


The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 1
Book 1: Heir to the Throne
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

Book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot' will follow; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to foreign countries...


Chapter 7 ended with:

    "Harry, my son, you are one out of a million! Yes, a girl can have a stiffy too, only it's a very small one, called a 'clitoris'."

    I decided to have a closer look at a girl the next time, to compare her very small 'clitoris' to my not so very big pecker.
I was also very relieved to know that I couldn't turn into a girl someday, by involuntary losing my own little penis...

I started to yawn, hopped off my Dad's lap, politely thanked him for his answers, and let my Mom put me to bed.
Of course, I slept without a diaper again, feeling much better in my birthday suit!
I belonged to the grown-ups now...


Chapter 8. I'm one of us, a real trapper, and I've caught a real pig.

    That night, I slept better than ever, being dead tired after my first visit to our woods and swimming in our lake.
However, the next morning my poor muscles felt stiff all over, and I started to grunt...
Maybe they weren't used to the strolling through our woods, the climbing along the ravine, and the swimming?
My Dad laughed at my complaints, and teasingly called it 'baby stiffness'.
I was mad at him for calling me a 'baby', and started to punch him.
Since yesterday, I was a Big Boy, and I had even folded my own snare and set up my own trap in our woods!
My own snare and my own trap...

    Suddenly, I was in a tremendous hurry, and couldn't wait to join the others to have a look at my trap.
Supposed I hadn't caught my first animal, and my snare was still empty?
Supposed I had caught a RAT?
Oh no... Please, let it be a small marmot, or maybe nothing, but NOT a rat...
I wolfed my healthy breakfast in a hurry, and rushed outside.
Come on, where was everybody?
Lazy slackers... Let's go!

    Slowly, our yawning group gathered around our campfire, until finally everybody was present.
The others started to crowd around me, just like yesterday, but today I did feel different...
I didn't feel the smallest and most vulnerable little runt any more.
Since today, I was one of US, and I could proudly walk on my own without their help!

    Misha tried to take my hand again, but I refused politely.
Maybe I would need his hand when we entered the steep ravine, but not now!
He looked a bit dejected, and I could see him pout... but I turned around and followed the others.
None of the other kids needed a helping hand, so why should I?

    Again, we crossed the stream one by one, and Joc went into the same shrub as yesterday to look at his trap.
It was empty this time and, looking a bit disappointed, he set up his trap along another animal trail.
We walked a bit further, and Biny returned from her trap triumphantly carrying a fat marmot.
We walked on and on, while more and more marmots and other small animals joined our steadily growing pile.
Jonno had caught a big frog, causing lots of laughter.
He let it escape into the bushes, and set up another trap.

    Finally, all our kids had emptied their snares and set up their new traps.
Now, we were on our way to MY trap...
Of course, I was very nervous, and hesitantly followed the others.
What would be in my snare?
Would it be empty?
Where were those rats...

      A screeching sound caught our ears, and suddenly everybody started to cheer:

    "A pig! A PIG! We've caught a pig! We've caught a real pig!"

    They stormed towards the sound, and gathered around MY trap, looking in awe at some big animal...
I followed them at a bit slower pace, and looked at my trap in wonder...
My snare was holding a fat and screaming PIG!
The beast looked at us with its watery eyes, and in vain tried to free itself from my snare.

    Misha threw his arms around my shoulders, and nearly crushed me:

    "Little man, you DID it! You've caught an enormous PIG the first time you set up a trap. It's unbelievable..."

    He took a sturdy branch from the ground, and handed it to me:

    "Now try to hit the pig directly behind its ears with all your force."

    I nodded hesitantly, and took the heavy branch into both trembling hands.
What should I do now? I didn’t want to cause the animal any unnecessary pain...
I had never done such a thing before, so maybe I should practice first, before trying to hit my pig behind its ears?
I looked around for a thing to practice on, and found an old stump.
That could be a good dummy, having the correct format and height!

    I hit the stump a couple of times with my branch, and every time I was a bit more accurate.
The others looked at my ministrations curiously, while the pig looked at them.
After some more hits, I was sure I could hit the pig exactly where I wanted.
Now, I went back to my pig, and waited...

    I waited patiently, until the pig turned itself into the right position.
Now, I took a deep breath, and swung the branch with all my force.
The branch broke into two halves with a loud cracking sound...
The pig slumped down onto the ground, and was silent.

    For a moment, the children looked very surprised...
Then, they started to cheer, dance around, ruffle my hair, and slap my shoulders.
I had killed my first pig using only one blow, just like an old trapper!

    A couple of more experienced boys fabricated a sledge from a couple of branches.
They tied the heavy pig onto it, and attached a couple of pulling ropes.
In triumph, we dragged the sledge carrying my pig to our camp...

    Never before, had I felt so proud of myself.
It nearly suffocated me.
I had caught a real PIG.
I WAS a valuable asset to our group!
Now, I was finally officially allowed to help preparing the animals, as I had definitely caught my first one!

    A couple of grown-ups saw us coming, and called the others:

    "Look at that. They've caught a real PIG in their snares. Wow, and it's a heavy one too! Who has caught it?"

    "Our little Prince did it, and he killed it using only ONE blow, like an old trapper!"

    "Really? That's unbelievable! Using only one blow? The little devil..."

    They helped us carrying the pig towards our campfire, to prepare it for the roasting.

    More and more people showed up, and looked at my pig in awe.
They slapped my shoulders, ruffled my hair, and congratulated me with my fat pig.
They all praised my excellent trapper skills, making me blush over and over.
Had I really done such a special thing?
I, still being the smallest runt in our kids group?

    Michail showed up, and taught me how to skin and prepare my pig without making too much of a mess.
For a long time, I was busy opening up the animal and cleaning out all the internal organs.
Of course, I was helped by a still growing bunch of grown-ups and lots of proudly looking kids!

    Jaspi seemed to know a lot about anatomy from a book he once bought in a town.
That day, I learned many things about how the body of a pig is functioning and how all those organs are called.
Jaspi also told us that our own body is working nearly the same way...
Yuck! All that blood and all those organs and enormous lengths of intestines were in MY body too?

    At last, we had cleaned my pig out, and I had put lots of carefully selected and nicely smelling herbs in and on it.
A couple of strong men attached it to a pole, and hung it over our campfire to roast.
We children went inside our caravans, to wash ourselves and tell our parents about our adventures.
I told my Mom and Dad everything about my big adventure of catching a real pig and killing it using only one blow, like an old trapper.
    My Dad grinned, and proudly ruffled my hair:

    "Harry, Harry; you certainly know how to make an impression! Be grateful that the pig chose YOU today, and thank its spirit in your mind."

    Huh? I had to think that over for a moment...
Should I thank my pig for choosing me? Did that pig offer itself to me?
After a while, I saw that my Dad was right...
That pig had chosen ME to have it in my snare; and not one of the other kids.
I thanked the pig in my mind, and to my surprise I could feel its spirit say 'you are welcome' in return.
Or did I make that up myself?
I wasn't sure, but being thankful certainly felt great!

    I washed myself in a hurry, and returned to our campfire to look after MY pig.
One of the men turned the pole around and around, while another man was brushing more oil and herbs onto my pig.
The other kids had started to roast their own animals on stakes, carefully smearing them with my herbs and a few drops of oil.
I went to the brushing man and took over, and from now on I was brushing my own pig to let it brown nicely.

    The smaller animals were ready first, and the kids sliced them into chunks and offered everybody a tasty piece.
A couple of hungry grown-ups had gathered around our campfire, and were helping us eating the pieces.
All the time, they were talking with affection and deference about such a small runt, killing an enormous pig using only one blow...
They made me blush over and over, but also feel proud of myself.

    Eventually, my pig was ready, and now we were serving a real feast meal to our community.
A few grown-ups divided the pig into chunks, and divided the chunks into huge slices.
We all got a huge slice of my roasted pig, and devoured it with a mouth-watering frenzy, nearly swallowing our own fingers.
My pig tasted more than delicious, and all the people licked their fingers and complimented me with its excellent taste.
Of course, Michail joined us, looking at Misha and me with loving eyes.
He divided a chunk of my pig into smaller parts, and let his sons chew on their own small slices of pig with beaming eyes and streams of fat dribbling from their chins.
He wiped their faces carefully clean with a few tufts of grass; and proudly grinned at us.

    At last, all of us were stuffed to the brim, and burped loudly to thank the pig for offering its meat.
A couple of mothers took their little kids to their caravans, to wash them and put them to bed.
This time, my Mom and Dad didn't take me to our caravan, as they always did before.
I didn't need a diaper any more, so from now on I belonged to the grown-ups!
From now on, I was allowed to join them around the campfire until I was too tired and decided to go to bed myself...

    I looked around with a proud face, while all the 'diapers' were tucked in.
Now I was a REAL Big Boy.
I was dead-tired from all the adventures of the day, but didn't want to leave our group until the sleep would force me.
I BELONGED to our group now!



Thank you for reading the next chapter of my story 'Born as a Prince 1'.
This is the first book of the series, called 'Heir to the Throne'. Many more books will follow...
Enjoy the reading, and help us make our world to be a better place!

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