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-The amazing adventures of a little Gypsy boy-

Born as a Prince 2
Book 2: Our Lucky Mascot
- by Harry AnderS -


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Book 2 chapter 9 ended with:

    We started to walk towards a suburb, being far from home, without any means of transportation or money to pay for it.
We were fourteen grown-ups; and one five-and-a-half-year-old little boy, who was desperately trying to keep up his way too big and stupid trousers with both hands...
We walked into the rising sunlight, towards the highway which finally would led us back to our beloved mountains.
After a while, I was too tired to walk on, and started to cry from the pain in my strained legs and sore feet.
From now on, I shifted from shoulder to shoulder, sleeping most of the time.
    At last, a nice truck driver with an empty truck stopped at our desperate signals, and took us to our crossing.
Of course, we thanked him abundantly for his kindness, before we walked on.

    Again, we walked and walked, until we finally reached the two-story hotel in the clearing.
All of us were dead tired, and barely able to tell our stories.
The nice hotel owners took care of our blisters and cramped muscles, while another man drove to our camp.
Soon, he returned, accompanied by a couple of our own cars to pick us up...

    I honestly can't tell you what happened next...
I fell asleep in a car and woke up in my own bed, halfway through the next day...


Book 2 ch 10. As stiff as a dead tree, a lot of explanations, and a nightmare.

    I woke up, having an empty stomach and feeling as stiff as a dead tree.
This was not the baby-stiffness my Dad once teased me about, but this time I was really stiff all over!
Everything felt sore, my feet were swollen, and all my muscles were aching.
I hobbled out of bed and wavered to the toilet, to empty my bowels and my bladder.
Next, I took a nice and hot shower, and now I started to feel a little bit better!
My Mom helped me, by carefully smearing some soothing oil on my sore limbs.

    Finally, I went outside, to fill my empty stomach with a couple of nice gadjo goodies.
A couple of grown-ups started to cheer when they saw me limping towards our campfire.
    One of them grinned, and teasingly asked me:

    "Hi, little jailbird, where are your beautiful trousers? Don't you miss them?"

    "You are crazy! From now on, I will NEVERMORE wear any gadjo trousers for the remainder of my life!"

    He started to chuckle, reached behind a bench, and handed me the so loathed police trousers:

    "Here they are... I thought, maybe our little delinquent would want to keep them as a souvenir?"

    With a sour face, I took them and threw them into our campfire.
I sat down on a bench, looking at the sudden blazes where the trousers hit the glowing cinders.
Slowly, the yellow flames crumpled away the memories of those cruel police officers, with or without tears in their eyes...
I felt more grown-up this morning, as if my adventures of the past days could have aged me a couple of years.
How strange...

    Michail approached my bench, and tenderly ruffled my hair.
He smiled, and handed me an enormous bowl of soup and a couple of buttered rolls.
I devoured the nice meal, filling my empty stomach to the brim.
In silence, I enjoyed the feeling of slowly fading hunger.

    Michi and Movi, Michail's small sons, looked at the last buttered roll with hungry eyes.
I winked at them, and now they started to smile.
They looked at each other, and seemed to decide on something without using any words.
They went to a small wooden log, and dragged it towards me, working together.
Next, they stepped onto it, again helping each other, and clambered onto my bench.
Then, the clever twins tried to crawl onto my lap, to be fed...

    Well, this time, I tolerated them, grinning at their smug faces...
Suddenly, I felt like sort of a big brother to them, and thought I could get used to the idea.
Maybe, they even would be fun to play with, some time...
I fed them small pieces of my roll, and laughed at the funny sight of two open-mouthed little birdies, eagerly waiting for the next piece!

    Our men were still talking about yesterday; and, at last, I got some idea about what had happened...
My Dad had done what he used to do, every time we hadn't enough food to feed our starving kids.
He had sent the hungry kids to a nearby town, to try to get some food to fill their hungry stomachs, and to beg for some money.
He had also sent a couple of grown-ups to another town, far away, to lay their hands upon anything that could be sold or used.
Our men didn't like doing this, but they didn't have any choice other than letting their children die from hunger!
They were always very careful not to take things from the poor, but only from wealthy people who wouldn't really miss them...

    This time, a suspicious gadjo saw them, and followed them during their expedition.
When they went back to their cars, he took his own car, still trying to follow them.
He tailed them from a distance, until he was sure where we had set up our secluded camp.
Next, he went to a nearby police station, to inform the officers about his suspicions...

    The police officers had already received a couple of other complaints about stealing Gypsies.
They decided to invade our camp, and arrest a couple of our men to interrogate them.
However, they hadn't planned to arrest any little children, and didn't know what to do with me...
They didn't have the faintest idea I was a little Prince and they had captured our beloved King as well...
Fortunately, the police officers didn't find our hidden places, and they couldn't prove anything.
After their interrogations and a couple of intimidations, they had to let us go.

    For now, we had gathered enough goods, food, and money, to last well into the year to come. Again, the men started to tell me this had been due to me, being their 'Lucky Mascot'...
My 'begging', and being a 'prey' with my innocent face and blue puppy dog eyes, had helped my people a tremendous lot!
I had been their little 'moneymaker', and they were very proud of me.
Again, I felt myself swell with pride, even when I still didn't have the faintest idea what exactly I had done to help them...

    Michail took his own soup and buttered rolls, and sat down on the bench next to me.
Immediately, his little sons wrestled off my lap and clambered onto their Dad's knees!
I was surprised to detect I suddenly missed them, or at least a little bit...
Michail folded his strong arms around his cuddly boys, and tenderly kissed their heads.
    Now, he turned towards me, and asked:

    "I am curious about what happened to YOU... Did any police officer try to harm you, and what about those trousers?"

    I grinned, and leaned into my Big Friend for a bit of support.
Then, I started to tell my story, trying to describe all the nasty details.
Now and then, I could feel Michail shudder, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth.
Maybe, it was a good thing he hadn't been there while that officer slapped my face...
The others were listening open-mouthed, now and then looking angry, sad, or surprised.
They sighed when I told them about puking for the third time.
They looked proud when I told them about winning every staring contest over the officers.
They started to laugh when I told them about switching into 'brainiac mode' and outdoing both of them.

    Finally, I told them about my childish interpretation of 'feeling up' and 'abusing'...
At first, they laughed at my funny ideas; but then, they became more serious.
They started to explain a couple of things about weird people, feeling strangely attracted to small children.
They let me see the differences between 'being lovingly cuddled and getting a stiffy from the nice feelings', and 'being abused by a selfish predator without any consideration'.
They told me about the vast importance of being respectful, feeling real love, and agreeing in true 'mutual consent'...

    Now, I started to understand quite a lot more about what 'abusing a child' was in reality!
I told them I was very grateful they wanted to explain all those grown-up things to their little Prince.
To my surprise, they told me they didn't see me any more as being little...
In their eyes, I had proven to belong to the small grown-ups!
Maybe, my body was still a bit small, but my mind certainly was not!
    Now, I started to blush; but I also had another question:

    "How will I be able to recognize such a 'child abuser'?  Do I have to be afraid of any stranger who is trying to talk to me, or who stares at me?"

    "That is a very good question! The answer is: Don't EVER be AFRAID of any stranger! Being afraid will only confuse your true feelings, and it will do no good at all...
    "Always trust your own intuition; that is the feeling you're having in your heart when you are NOT thinking. Your feeling about somebody is usually correct, unless you start to think about it...
    "Another thing is: When it FEELS good in your heart, it IS good, whatever it is. However, when it does NOT feel good, immediately go to another grown-up for protection!
    "Always listen to what your own heart is telling you, and you will be protected, without the need to have any fear."

    That was exactly what I always tried to do!
I nodded, feeling very relieved I did not have to be fearful...
I only had to trust my own heart, without any thinking that could blur my true feelings.
That way, I would always be protected from nasty 'predators'!

    After a while, I followed Michail to his caravan, to help him prepare his small boys for their afternoon nap.
Together, we removed their soiled diapers and cleaned their bottoms.
Then, we attached fresh diapers, and laid both of them down onto his huge bed.
Ten seconds later, a grinning Michail looked down at three smiling little boys, all three of them joyfully entangled into each other.
I started to like my little brothers more and more, and closed my eyes for a moment...
A minute later, all three of us were soundly asleep.

    Waking up amidst two small yawning and fidgeting boys was more fun than I expected!
Immediately, they started to crawl all over me, while I tried to tickle them.
Both of them shrieked with laughter, and clumsily tried to tickle me back...
Now, Michail entered his caravan, and I helped him remove another two stinking diapers.
All of us went outside, to play for a while around our campfire.
Soon, we were joined by a couple of other small kids, kicking an old football around.
I played with them, until my Mom asked me to gather some fresh herbs to spice our dinner...

    That evening, I decided to go to bed early.
I was still feeling stiff and sleepy, and thought a good night's rest would help to heal me.
My Dad smeared my still swollen feet with the soothing oil, and laid me down in my bed.
My Mom showed up, kissed my forehead, and wished me a sound and refreshing night.
I felt safe and loved, closed my eyes, and was gone...

    In the middle of the night, I woke up, thrashing around and screaming at the tops of my lungs.
Thousands of weird police officers were waiting in a long row to feel me up and abuse me.
One by one, they chased me around a stinking restroom, trying to grab my little pecker and play with it...
I fought them with all my force, by kicking and pummeling them until they would give up and leave me alone...

    One of them tried to take me into his arms, but I screamed even more.
I kicked his body, punched his face, and desperately tried to escape.
    He didn't let go of me, but told me in a soothing voice:

    "Harry, calm down, because you're having a nightmare. Everything is safe, and nobody is going to harm you..."

    I didn't fall into his dirty tricks, and kicked and screamed even more.
I was the stronger one here, and again I would WIN!
I fought the arms for a long time, until I was dead tired and had to give up...
Slowly, I opened my eyes, and stared at the worried face of my Dad!
I started to cry, nestled in his strong arms, and fell asleep from exhaustion.

    The next morning, my Dad had a black eye and a couple of bruises all over his body.
He told me I had been screaming so loudly that the whole camp had been awake.
All of them had hurried to our caravan, to help me and rescue me from my supposed abusers...
    I couldn't remember anything about the screaming, but grinned:

    "I suppose, they thought YOU were abusing me?"

    "You think that's funny? Now, I will let you FEEL what abusing my own son is like..."

    He started to tickle me mercilessly and everywhere, until I panted and begged for mercy.
This time, he even didn't give me a chance to tickle me back, the torturer!
However, I loved him with all my heart, nestled into his strong arms, and felt safe and loved.
He was the best Dad in the world, and I was absolutely sure he would never harm me on purpose!
Soon, my Mom showed up and shared our cuddle, and now I felt double safe and loved.
It felt good to be a growing up Gypsy boy!

    Suddenly, I felt Michail's powerful energy around, planning to visit us.
He seemed to have something on his mind, or he had some question...
    I knew he was on his way to our caravan, and announced:

    "There's Michail, and I think he wants to ask you something..."

    My parents were already used to my strange capabilities, and just waited...
Ten seconds later, Michail entered our caravan, after carefully wiping his feet.
He looked at us, grinned, and tripled our cuddle, throwing his enormous arms around all of us.
That felt even more wonderful!
Now, I was in the middle of the three people I loved most in the world.
I could get used to that!
    Michail looked at me, and grinned teasingly:

    "I think your Dad had a heavy fight last night. Just look at this black eye and those bruises... Any idea where it comes from?"

    I grunted, and tried to punch his arms.
However, his muscles were way too developed, and felt like steel to my small fists.
    Now, I decided to switch into brainiac mode:

    "I am sure you know where it comes from, and you are just a mean old man, to tease such a small boy like me about it! Isn't that a sort of child abuse?"

    "Well... I am NOT going to answer that, because I know you will immediately outwit me! You are way too clever for a mean old man like me...
    "However, I am here to tell your father we are out of some badly needed goods, and I want to visit a couple of stores to buy them, using the money YOU gathered."

    Did I hear that correct?
Michail was going to a gadjo town, to visit a couple of those interesting 'stores' my friends had told me about?
I wanted to accompany him!
    I jumped up, and looked at my Dad using my best puppy dog eyes:

    "Dad, I want to join Michail to that gadjo town. Please, Dad, may I? It is MY money he is buying the goods with..."

    My Dad chuckled, and looked at my Mom for approval.
My Mom looked at me, and smiled at the sight of my very eager face...
    She nodded, and tenderly ruffled my hair:

    "Are you sure? You know you will have to wear your beautiful gadjo trousers again?"

    I threw my arms around her neck, and enthusiastically tried to suffocate her.
Fortunately, I had already burnt those loathed gadjo trousers in our campfire...



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