- Harry AnderS -
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-The amazing adventures of a little Gypsy boy-

Born as a Prince 2
Book 2: Our Lucky Mascot
- by Harry AnderS -


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Book 2 chapter 11 ended with:

    Misha had told me about huge 'staircases' with many steps, and I had made sort of a picture of them in my mind...
Never could I have imagined the real staircases we were seeing now, having MOVING steps...
People stepped onto them, and the moving stairs carried the people to the next floor, fast and effortlessly.
They had to be VERY clever gadjo's, to construct such a useful thing!

    I kept staring at the moving stairs for a long time, wondering if they ever stopped...
Did all the gadjo houses in this big town carry those moving staircases?
Again, Michail waited for me to overcome my bewilderment...
    My curiosity won, and I leaned into Michail to whisper my question:

    "Are all the other gadjo houses in this town carrying those moving staircases as well?"

    "No, the smaller houses are having normal staircases. This moving staircase is called an 'escalator', and it's used solely in huge buildings, to help all those visiting people going up and down...
    "Come on, let's go to the second floor, to buy a couple of things."


Book 2 ch 12. Racing an escalator, a security officer, orientating on the sun.

    We walked towards the ascending 'escalator', and suddenly I felt a little bit nervous...
What if that endlessly moving stair thing started to behave funny?
Or, what if the steps would stop suddenly, causing all the people on it to tumble down?
Could I really trust those gadjo things, or should I be careful?

    Suddenly, I saw a little gadjo boy, racing up and down the escalator steps.
The boy had a huge smile of pure bliss on his small freckled face...
Well, whatever such a stupid gadjo boy could do, I surely could do even better!
I left Michail's hand, and ran after his tiny freckled legs that already were halfway up the escalator...
We met, when I reached the top and he turned around and looked at me.
We grinned at each other, and started to race downstairs...

    The escalator turned out to be FUN!
Both of us raced upstairs at a tremendous speed, nicely accelerated by the moving steps.
Then, we tried to race downstairs, nearly remaining in the same place unless we were running very fast...
Now and then, we bumped into some people and got a few snarls, but who cares?
We were only little boys, and little boys were supposed to have fun!

    It WAS a lot of fun, until a security officer showed up at the top of the escalator.
He told us to resume our play outside, as this wasn't supposed to be a children's playground...
That calmed us down, and we promised him to behave ourselves from now on.
However, we HAD to go downstairs for the last time, because our wardens were waiting...

    The security officer shrugged his shoulders, and beckoned us to do what we had to do.
Both of us raced downstairs for the last time, this time trying not to bump into anyone else.
I went back to a grinning Michail, leaned into him, and took his hand.
The little gadjo boy went to his grinning mother, and took her hand.
We waved at each other, and they disappeared into the crowd.

    Michail went to a huge pile of plastic baskets, and took one to carry our errands.
Together, we stepped on the escalator to the second floor, walking upstairs to be a bit faster.
This time, we behaved ourselves, because the security officer was still looking at me...
However, both of us were chuckling all the time, feeling really naughty.
I was sure Michail would have raced me if that officer hadn't been there!
Now, he had to pretend he was a responsible grown-up...
The officer turned around, and sauntered towards another part of the store.

    Michail took a piece of paper out of his pocket, and started to check the things we had to buy:
A couple of note-pads, pencils, tissues, diapers, bars of soap, razors, and many other utensils we needed.
Working together, we started to roam the many aisles, now and then rechecking our piece of paper.
One by one, we gathered the things we needed, and put them into the slowly filling basket.
At first, I was carrying it; but, after it went too heavy, Michail took over.

    Suddenly, our basket was almost full.
Michail looked at it, at our piece of paper, and at me...
He started to ruffle my hair, but I ducked away from his hands...
He chuckled, while he told me to fetch a second basket from downstairs.
I felt proud to be able to help, but wondered how my spikes would be looking now.
I tried to feel them, using both hands, and thought they were still in shape...
    Michail started to laugh, and teased me:

    "Who are you going to impress with your punk hair? Did you happen to see a pretty little girl?"

    I offered him a dead look, and turned around to go get a second basket.
Of course, I had to look for the descending escalator, because I didn't dare race downstairs the other one!
What if the security officer was still there, and nailed me?
Would he kick me out of the store?
I decided not to take the risk...

    The descending escalator had to be at the other side of our floor, so I went looking for it.
Fortunately, the aisles were not very crowded, and I knew roughly where I had to go.
Unfortunately, I wasn't tall enough to be able to overlook the floor...
I started to walk towards where I thought the descending escalator would be.
All the aisles were set up in sort of a maze, and I had to round a couple of corners...
Suddenly, I was lost, and didn't know where to go.
Where was I now? Should I go to the left, or to the right?
I went to the right, and looked...

    The next aisle turned out to be empty, and I was able to look through it.
To my relief, I saw the escalator showing up at its end!
Now, I heaved a sigh of relief, and hasted through the aisle.
I jumped onto the escalator and raced downstairs, still looking out for the security officer.
Would he still be around, trying to catch naughty little boys like me?
I knew I should stand still until I had reached the ground floor...
Fortunately, I didn't see him, nor he me.

    I reached the ground floor, and started to walk again.
Now, I only had to find that huge pile of plastic baskets...
Where were they? I tried to remember where I had seen them...
I thought they had to be next to the ascending escalator, but wasn't sure...
And, where was that ascending escalator?
First of all, I had to find the other side of this huge floor...

    I started to walk along the aisles, but all of them were looking exactly the same!
I tried to look around by stretching myself, but I was only a tiny runt and not tall enough...
The only things I saw were lots of gadjo people, all of them crowding around me...
They were bumping into each other and me all the time, and most of them didn't even see me!
Where did I have to go, to find that pile of baskets and the escalator?

    Well, I was a Real Trapper, and trained in finding my way blindly around the densest of forest...
So, I only had to use my psychic abilities to be able to find that pile!
That couldn't be much of a problem, or could it?
I stepped out of the way of the slowly moving crowd, stopped, and closed my eyes.
Now, I only had to picture the huge pile of plastic baskets, and concentrate on them...

    Alas, this time, it didn't work out the way I hoped.
All those different energies around me were severely disturbing my inner vision.
Everything became a misty blur, and I was unable to feel around.
A minute later, I started to feel dizzy and got a headache.
My so praised trapper abilities didn't help me here...

    Where were those plastic baskets, or where was the ascending escalator?
Would I ever be able to find it, amidst this turmoil of all different kinds of energies?
The atmosphere here was blocking out almost everything, and giving me a headache!
I thought about turning around and go back to Michail for help...
But, where was the descending escalator I had left?
I wasn't sure whether I ever would be able to find it back in this maze...

    I decided to go on, trying to walk in a straight beeline if possible...
However, every time I rounded a corner, I didn't know where I had to go next...
All those people around me were also disturbing my sense of orientation...
Every time I tried to feel around, I became more dizzy and my headache got worse...
Slowly, I started to panic.

    What if I wouldn't be able to find Michail back in this big store?
I was sure he would blame himself, in case something happened to me...
Would Michail already miss me? Would he be looking for me by now?
I knew he thought the world of my special gifts, and he was sure I would be able to fend for myself...
Of course, he couldn't know my abilities didn't work in this too crowded building!
So, probably, he would wait for a long time, for me to show up after meeting my pretty little girl...

    Besides, how would he ever be able to find me, amongst all those other people?
That would be almost impossible, as long as the store was filled with this crowd...
We would have to wait until darkness set in and the building would be empty...
However, I didn't WANT to wait!
I wanted to return to Michail, proudly carrying my basket!

    I walked on and on; rounding corner after corner, and bumping into more and more people.
Now, I thought I recognized this aisle...
Hadn't I been here before, in this same aisle, a minute ago?
Was I walking around in circles, losing every sense of orientation?
I didn't want to be here any more!
I wanted to go home!

    I saw a small bench with an empty space, and slumped down in between two dull looking gadjo's.
Feeling tired and dizzy, I closed my eyes, to shut out the surroundings for a moment...
Slowly, I dozed away a little bit, while my strength started to return.
Even my headache started to fade away...
Suddenly, I thought I sensed one of my Ancestors around, giving me his power.
    I even heard a warm and caring voice, somewhere in my head, telling me:

    "Think about what Misha taught you!"

    Huh? Was this for real?
Had one of my Ancestors really been talking to me?
Was I really becoming a Wise Boy?
Or, had I been fantasizing that voice in my mind?
I wasn't sure...
    However, I DID remember Misha's words, teaching me:

    "You should always know where the sun is, even in the densest of forest where you can't see it..."

    Could that be of any help here, being in the middle of a huge brick building?
I decided to try it out, and concentrated on the sun over my head...
Now, I almost started to cheer, and jumped up.
Yes! I could clearly sense where the sun was, being the most powerful source of energy in our universe...
Its power was penetrating everywhere, even at the bottom of a four-story building full of people!
Now, I also knew where the North was, as I roughly knew the time.
Misha had been a good teacher, and I was thankful for his valuable lessons!

    I discovered that Misha's lessons in our woods had been training me very well.
My unconscious mind had been orientating automatically, although I hadn't realized what I did...
I only had to go outside the store in my mind, to remember clearly where the sun had been and from where the wind was blowing!
Now, I pictured a map in my mind, showing our truck, the parking lot, the square, and the store with its automatic sliding doors.
Knowing where the sun had been shining, I knew where I had to go to find those doors!

    I started to walk towards the sliding doors, orientating on the sun over my head.
This time, I knew exactly which aisles I had to take to go towards the entrance!
Twenty seconds later, I saw the escalator, next to a huge pile of plastic baskets.
I almost started to cry with the sudden relief...

    I trotted towards the pile of baskets and took one, almost cheering.
Next, I raced up the escalator, bumping into a couple of annoyed people.
However, I couldn't care less...
I had conquered my fears, and WON, thanks to my Ancestors and Misha's lessons!
From now on, I would nevermore be afraid to ever get lost.
My Ancestors had promised to protect me, and they DID!

    Michail had been waiting for me, next to the escalator, showing a worried face.
His eyes lit up when he saw me, and a broad smile crossed his face.
He opened his arms, and I jumped straight into them, letting my basket fall down.
    He tried to squash me, as usual, and teasingly asked:

    "Was the little girl THAT pretty? Where have you been all the time?"

    Enthusiastically, I started to tell him about getting lost, and our Ancestors helping me.
I also told him I thought it had been a good thing, because now I had lost all my fears...
Michail looked at me for a long time, shaking his head.
    At last, he put me back onto my feet, sighing:

    "I KNEW you would be very special. I saw it in your eyes, the first time those blue orbs looked straight into my soul..."

    I didn't know what to answer him, and just laughed...
Together, we went back to the aisles, again checking off our piece of paper.
Soon, we had filled both baskets to the brim, and went downstairs to pay for our purchases.

    We put the contents onto a slowly moving 'caterpillar' band.
At the end of the band, a girl held them against a screen, and a computer calculated the prices...
Again, there was such a clever gadjo thing!
Michail paid by counting a couple of flaps off his huge pile of banknotes.
He put the rest back into his pockets, together with the receipt.

    Next, we took two plastic bags from a huge stock, and put our purchases into them.
We went through the magical sliding doors, both of us carrying a heavy plastic bag.
We carried them across the square, and towards the parking lot.
This time, I was clearly aware of the fact that I automatically checked the sun and the wind, without thinking about doing so!
I WAS a Real Trapper, always and everywhere!

    Michail unlocked the doors; and I clambered into our truck without any help.
He handed the plastic bags to me, and I put them onto the backseat, next to my badger fur coat.
    He walked around, got in, and told me with a broad smile:

    "You were a great help, thank you very much! Now, shall we look out for something to eat?"

    Of course, I didn’t say no!
Did you ever hear of any healthy growing boy saying 'no' to food?



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