- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer


The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 2
Book 2: Our Lucky Mascot
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

This is book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot'; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to several foreign countries...


Chapter 1 ended with:

I prepared us fresh orange juice, carefully adding a few herbs to refine its taste.
    Misha sipped his glass of juice; and his eyes started to beam:

    "I'm really impressed by your ability to make everything taste so much better. It's unbelievable!"

    "Thank you very much. I'm enjoying it myself as well! My mom is calling it a 'gift'."

    "Can't you teach me how to do it? I surely would like to have such a gift myself..."

    "I could give it a try... but first I want to know a lot more about the earth turning around at an angle, thus creating summer and winter. Why are you telling me those things?"

    "Well, I think it might be necessary to understand what I'm going to teach you next. Let's go outside again."

    "Okay, and I want to learn a lot more about those interesting things!


Chapter 2. Orientating, using a dowsing rod, training my trapper abilities.

    We rinsed our empty glasses in the sink, and returned outside to Misha's drawing.
Now, he let me see how a little ant, sitting on the boulder, could see the glowing cinder slowly moving from east to west:

    "That is how our sun is seemingly moving from east through south towards the west during the day."

    "Is our Supreme Being turning the earth around too? What if he wants to pull a joke, and reverses the turning?"

    "He has never done such a silly thing, as far as I know. Maybe he doesn't have enough humor, or he doesn't want to frighten us?"

    "It would be a lot of fun to see everybody growing younger instead of older, at least for a while..."

    "Now, stop joking around, and try to understand what I'm trying to teach you!"

    "Yes teacher. Sorry teacher."

    Fortunately, Misha wasn't too impatient with me for teasing him and being too witty again...
I decided to try to be a better pupil, and pay more attention to his lessons without interfering every time.

    Misha chuckled and went on, now letting me have a look at our shadows on the ground.
He told me to keep in mind how the earth was turning around during the day, making the sun disappear every night...
Suddenly, I thought I did understand why he was telling me all those things about the moving sun.
Our shadows were moving from west to east during the day, and thus they could tell us what time it is!
From now on, I would always know what time it is and where the south is, by merely looking at the sun and at the shadows.
That could be very helpful if I ever happened to get lost again!
    But what if...

    "How do you know where the south is when it's dark, or cloudy, or when you're in a dense forest and can't see the sun any more?"

    "That will be our next lesson. Fortunately, there are many other ways to orientate, to prevent us from getting lost."

    "In a dense forest, you might walk around until you're reaching a ravine or a clearing, to look from there at the sun and the shadows..."

    "You're a clever thinker. Yes, that's one of the possibilities, but there are other ways as well."

    Misha taught me to look for several different kinds of orientation points all the time.
I had to look for far away and nearby mountain tops, ravines, waterfalls, and all the different kinds of vegetation...
He told me to listen to the sound of the wind, rustling through the highest tree tops and always blowing from the same direction.
    Of course, now I had a myriad of other questions:

    "What can I do when it's too cloudy and the sun isn't shining at all? Or, when a thunderstorm is raging and the wind is seemingly coming from everywhere? Or, if I'm near a waterfall and its sound is drowning out all the other sounds?"

    "You are an excellent thinker! Fortunately, there are many more things that can help us to orientate...
    "For example, tree branches tend to grow towards the sunlight, so there's a difference between the northerly and the southerly branches.
    "The same thing counts for moss, which tends to grow more onto the north sides of trees and moist boulders.
    "Lots of flowers are always pointing towards the sun, even when it isn't visible at all.
    "And, last but not least, a lot of our people are able to feel all those different kinds of energies and orientate on them."

     Now, I was very interested, and I perked my ears!
I was always feeling many different kinds of energies around everything and everybody, but didn't know what I could do with them...
Was that how Misha always succeeded in finding his way, even across the densest of forests, without ever getting lost?
     I veered up, and asked him my burning question:

    "What about those 'different kinds of energies'? Are you talking about the same thing as the energy shift I'm feeling when Michail is planning to visit our caravan? Everybody was amazed I could do that, except for our Wise Woman who seemed to do the same thing and wasn't surprised at all..."

    "Well, I don't know for sure. Maybe, it's the same energy... but, once we are in our woods, I will tell you everything about how I am using those energies to show me the way!"

    That night, I started to dream about our Supreme Being, swaying our earth around and around, grinning and thinking about reversing the turning to have some more fun...
I woke up feeling clammy and dizzy, staggered to my parents, and wormed myself in between them to feel safe again.
Fortunately, that helped, and soon I was in a sound and dreamless sleep until the morning sun woke us up.


    The next day, Misha was already waiting for me on our wooden bench, eager to resume our lessons.
After another bit of bantering and teasing about our so-called beauty sleep, he told me to pay attention again...
    He asked me to have a look at our surrounding mountains, which were showing off a beautiful bluish glow in the bright morning sunlight:

    "Now, look at those glowing mountain tops over there, and try to see the differences between the nearby tops and the tops far away. While you are shifting your viewing position, the nearby tops are moving some more than the tops far away, and that can be helpful to let you know where you are. Here, I will try to picture it for you..."

    Misha started to draw a picture in the sand; showing how 'perspective' and 'point of view' are moving the nearby and further away tops differently...
A completely new world opened up to me, and I was fascinated and felt elated!
I didn't know anything about mathematics; but this had to be my first lesson in it, and I was very enthusiastic.
    Of course, I wanted to know a lot more about this useful phenomenon:

    "Does the same thing happen to the stars at night? Are there nearby and far away stars, to help you orientate in the darkness?"

    "Well, I think the stars are too far away to show us a point of view shifting, but they will certainly be able to tell you where the North Pole is. That's a valuable thing as well."

    Misha drew another picture in the sand, showing a part of the sky at night; and he told me how I could recognize the Polestar:

    "This is the North Star, which will always be in its same place all over the world. Point to that star, and you will know where the North is."

    That night, I woke up, crawled out of my bed, silently sneaked outside our caravan, and stared at all those blinking stars for a long time...
I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the enormous Milky Way, and felt very small and vulnerable.
At last, the sleep overpowered me, and I went inside and crawled in between my snoring parents again.
My Dad woke up and mumbled something about my being very cold, but I was already asleep and didn't hear the rest of what he told me.
I started to dream about our universe containing zillions of stars, all of them with little ants on them looking at their suns with attached ropes of gravitation.
Our Supreme Being turned them around and around, grinned at me, and told me to pay close attention to Misha's lessons.
I would surely need them many times during the remainder of my life...


    Three days later, finally my strained legs and sore feet had healed sufficiently.
Our Wise Woman smeared them for the last time, and let me drink another cup of sour tasting tea.
Next, she allowed me to walk around again; and I hugged her, kissed her, and abundantly thanked her for her valuable help.
My grounding was over, and I longed to be in our woods again!

    That afternoon, Misha and I went into our woods to resume our valuable lessons from there.
From the very first moment, Misha started to check my abilities to recognize all the orientation points he had told me about.
Did I know where the sun was, from where was the wind blowing, had I spotted that water stream, did I hear that small waterfall over there, and did I feel those energy changes?
   Together, we went into the dense forest, and Misha stopped and told me:

    "Do you feel our sun radiating through the dense foliage? You can’t see it now, but you can feel it, even when it's cloudy. Just feel its energy...
    "Also, listen to where the sound of this small waterfall is coming from. Keep its direction in mind while you're moving on..."

    We walked on, until we weren't able to hear the small waterfall any more, and Misha stopped again:

    "Now, listen to the wind, blowing through the treetops. Do you hear its sound rustling from here to there? Can you tell me where our camp is, as you should have noticed its direction the very moment we were entering our woods?"

    I nodded, pointed to where I knew our camp should be, and curiously looked up at the treetops over our heads.
Misha was right! I could clearly see the differences between the north sides and the south sides of the trees.
I walked around a couple of trees and looked at their moss patterns, which were thickening towards the North as Misha had told me.
I found several beautiful flowers; and all of them were looking into the same direction, towards the sun, even under the dense foliage where they couldn't see it.
I was more and more enthusiastic, and started to feel like a real explorer...

    From now on, I would nevermore get lost in our woods; because I would always know where our camp was!
Now, I wanted to know a lot more about those mysterious 'energies' Misha had been talking about...
    Misha let me pick up a small forked twig, and showed me how I could let it react to my muscle-tension:

    "Your unconscious mind is always knowing where 'home' is, just like all the animals are doing. That's why we are using doves to send our messages around...
    "The dove knows where its nest is, even from a far distance. You can train yourself to feel where your home is as well; but, in the meantime, you may use a dowsing rod to show you the way."

    "What is a 'dowsing rod'? Does a dove use one too, to be able to find its nest?"

    "I think a dove doesn't need one, just like our own sensitive people. A 'dowsing rod' is the forked twig you are holding in your hands...
    "First, try to strain it a bit more, to build up some muscle tension in your arms and hands. Now, let it point downwards, start thinking of our waterfall, and slowly turn around until your twig moves upwards and points straight into its direction."

    I strained my forked twig, thought of our waterfall, slowly turned around, and suddenly my twig was moving up!
I was very surprised; because I was sure I hadn't done anything to make it move...
    Misha smiled, and proudly patted my head:

    "See? Now, the energy of the waterfall is calling you and tensing up your muscles, and they are moving your forked twig upwards. Try to follow its tip, and see where it's bringing us."

    I followed the moving tip of my forked twig, all the time thinking of our waterfall.
To my surprise, I reached our well-known ravine within two minutes, and stared at the beautiful colors of the splashing water drops...
I was on cloud nine; and, of course, I wanted to experiment a lot more with my newly found ability!
I thought of my trap, set up at the end of the steep ravine, and turned around slowly...
Immediately, my forked twig jumped up, eagerly pointing to where I had to go.
I looked at Misha, and he seemed to know what I had done and nodded his consent.

    Feeling very proud of myself, I followed my dowsing rod straight into the dense forest.
Now and then, I had to round a nasty pothole or move around a thick thorn bush.
Then, I stopped for a moment, strained my forked twig, and turned around until it moved up again and showed me the way.
To my utmost delight, my dowsing rod brought me flawlessly across the dense forest straight to the end of our steep ravine!
I thought I had reached cloud ten, and started to dance around from sheer enthusiasm!

    Misha had been following me at a short distance, looking very surprised.
All the time, he had been wiggling his head and looking more and more stunned.
    Now, he put his arms around my waist and almost squashed me:

    "I'm very amazed! You are a real natural. Maybe, we should switch places, and from now on you are going to teach ME..."

    "Do you really think so? Am I that special? I'm just too amazed that it's really working..."

    "Yes, you ARE very special, since you're using a dowsing rod for the first time! It's unbelievable, for such a young kid...
    "Now you've brought us here, I think we should empty our snares and set them up again."

    "Yeah, that's a good idea, as we haven't been here for four days... Come on, let 's go!"

    I strained my forked twig, thought of Misha's trap, and let my dowsing rod point the way.
Of course, it led me flawlessly towards the small bush where he had set it up.
Misha grinned at my ministrations; crawled into the bush; and returned carrying a fat marmot.
He set up his snare along another trail, and we went on.

    Now, we went to my trap, being set up in some bush a little bit further away.
I went into the bush, crawled towards my trap, and stared at my snare open-mouthed, not believing my own eyes...
There was that stupid porcupine, being strangled in my snare!

    I forgot to be silent, loudly shouted my victory, and danced around Misha like crazy.
Now, I could roast my stupid porcupine over our campfire, as I had promised it in my thoughts!
Misha joined my enthusiasm, and we started to dance around, swaying his marmot and my porcupine.
After a while, we swung our caught animals onto our shoulders, and went home.
This time, Misha led the way, because I was way too enthusiastic to be able to properly think of our camp...

    That evening, we shared a delicious roasted porcupine and a fat marmot with our friends, both of us still grinning.
I burped loudly, to thank my porcupine for offering us its healthy meat.
I thought I heard its spirit answering me 'you are welcome', but wasn't absolutely sure...
However, being thankful felt great.



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