- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer


The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 2
Book 2: Our Lucky Mascot
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

This is book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot'; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to several foreign countries...


Book 2 chapter 6 ended with:

    I accepted her money and handed it to Misha, while I continued to send her my love:

    "Thank you politely, madam, and I knew you would have a good heart!"

    "It's in your eyes... they remind me of my own kid when he was younger... you are a good boy!"

    She started to cry, turned around, and got a box of tissues.
 She didn't turn back until we had completely disappeared into the crowd...
    Again, Misha threw his arms around me and almost squashed me:

    "Look at what that woman gave to you! That's quite a lot of money. How did you do that?"

    "I don't know. I looked at her, and could feel her grief and anger. That's when I started to sob..."

    "Please, keep doing that again and again! Your tears are opening a goldmine!"

    Misha put our money away carefully; and we went to a small wooden bench and sat down to have a short break.
He opened the paper bag, and offered me a tasty looking roll that was filled to the brim with sort of a yellowish pudding.
He took one himself as well, and now both of us were munching on the nice tasting gadjo delicacies.
Finally, my stomach stopped rumbling, giving me a good feeling.
The only thing I had for breakfast this morning, had been one apple...


Book 2 ch 7. A stranger, a prey, a 'moneymaker', and I am our lucky mascot.

    A stranger slowly approached our bench, and carefully sat down next to us.
I had seen him at the market, staring at us while we were begging and got that pile of bank notes.
What did he want from us? Would he try to steal our food or money?
I looked at him, and immediately got sort of a strange feeling in my guts.
My feelings told me I couldn't trust him at all, but he was not after our money...

    The man caught Misha's and my eyes, looking at him with some distrust, and tried to smile:

    "Boys, do you want to earn even more money? Please, follow me..."

    He rose from the bench and beckoned us to follow him, but I didn't trust him at all!
His eyes were staring at me all the time, as if they were seeing sort of a prey...
    Misha rose from our bench as well, stepped in front of me, and appraisingly looked at the man:

    "How much?"


    "Are you crazy? He's a virgin, and this is his first time. He's very soft all over, and an absolute joy to play with."

    I didn't have the faintest idea what they were talking about, and looked at Misha questioningly.
Misha saw me looking, nodded his head, and winked at me, nearly imperceptibly.
He knew what he was going to do, and I had to trust him!
Okay, I supposed this had to do with our begging as well, and I decided to try to help Misha the best I could.
I looked back at the man, and smiled at him.

    The man immediately smiled back, now staring at me as if he wanted to eat me alive...
Was this another part of the begging, and was now that man giving us twenty flaps of money, maybe even more?
I decided to help Misha a bit more, smiled again, and tried to show the man my best puppy dog eyes.
This time, the man almost suffocated and started to cough uncontrollably.
    He licked his lips, trembled all over, and asked with a flushed face:


    "Two hundred; and that's only for feeling him up and nothing more. You will have the time of your life..."

    "Okay, one hundred!"

    "You are insulting him! Now, it's raised to two hundred and fifty; and, next time, it will cost you at least three hundred..."

    The man licked his lips again, still trembling all over, and took a thick wallet out of his pocket.
He counted a huge pile of banknotes, and handed them to Misha.
    Misha recounted them carefully, two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Lei, and put them away in his pockets:

    "Okay, and don't forget there are several others around. They will be here to rescue us within ten seconds after I've whistled."

    The man nodded his consent, and impatiently beckoned us to follow him.
I took Misha's hand and tried to look a bit more confidently, but I didn't feel at ease at all...
What was that 'feeling up' the man and Misha were bargaining about? Had that to do with me?
And what did that now very hungry looking man PAY Misha for?
Was this a part of our 'begging' as well? It had to be...

    I knew I could trust Misha, because he was my best friend and would never let me down.
I was absolutely sure he would not allow that weird man to harm me... but where were we going?
Weren't we supposed to beg on the central market, instead of in this small, stinking, and ugly looking street?
Here was nobody else around, except for the three of us...

    On our way, Misha snatched an old broomstick from a pile of litter, grinning confidently.
Now, I felt a bit more confident about our situation...
At least, now we were able to defend us against that weird man, if necessary!
I forced myself to believe that Misha exactly knew what he was doing.
However, my guts were telling me quite different things...

    We followed the hungry looking man to a small restroom at the end of the blind street.
First, the man looked around cagily; as if he wanted to be sure we were alone...
Next, he opened the restroom door, went in, looked around to see if it was empty, and beckoned us to join him.
He went to a dirty looking and stinking stall, opened it, and beckoned me to go in.
Why did he want me to go into that nasty stinking place?
I sniffed the air cautiously, and almost threw up because of the stale smell that wavered towards us...

    Suddenly, I started to feel very unsure, and wanted to flee this crazy town...
Did that weird gadjo man really want me to go into that stinking stall?
Why did he think I should do such a crazy thing? I certainly didn't have to pee...
What did that stupid man want me to do over there?
I was NOT going to pass that stall door, not even for two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Lei!

    The man stared at me, still trying to smile, but looking more and more impatient...
Again, he pointed to the stinking stall and beckoned me to enter it, this time a bit more forceful.
He stepped towards me and tried to grab my arm, but I recoiled and ducked away towards Misha...
    Now, he started to be angry, and told me, with a shaky voice and still trying to smile:

    "Come on, sweetie; we are having a deal, and I've already paid for you..."

Who was that man calling a 'sweetie' here?
And, what 'deal' had he been paying Misha for?
I didn't want to be here any more!
Couldn't we go home and forget about it?
I looked at Misha for help...

    At the same moment, I felt totally at ease, and all my worries left me.
Misha was looking at us confidently; holding his broomstick and being ready to intervene if necessary.
He seemed to know exactly what he was doing, although I didn't have the faintest idea what that might be.
He smiled at me, winked, and now I knew I was doing exactly the thing he wanted me to do.
I was NOT to enter that stinking stall, whatever that man would tell me.
I could count on Misha; and, of course, Misha could count on me just as well!
I winked back at him, and returned to the man...

    The man looked at me nervously, while his face started to redden even more.
I smiled at him and pointed to the stall, nodding my head and indicating he should go first...
The confused man thought for a moment, and then agreed to enter the stinking stall first...
    He stepped into it, and started to turn around:

    "Now, come in, honey, and let me have my way..."

    He didn't finish his sentence, because Misha had already jumped towards the stall door.
He slammed the door shut with a dull bang, and triumphantly grinned at me.
He took the broomstick, and adeptly slid it across the door handle so that now the door was locked effectively.
He put his arm around my shoulders, and together we strolled towards the exit.
In the stall, the weird man started to curse; trying in vain to open the blocked door...
He kicked the door forcefully, and groaned because he injured his feet.
Now, he started to beg for mercy...

    Misha and I walked out of the restroom, smiling at each other, and with our arms around each other's waists.
We shut the restroom door carefully, leaving the now desperately begging and crying gadjo man behind.
I secretly hoped it would be a long time until somebody found him and removed the broomstick...
    Misha hugged me, and enthusiastically petted my back:

    "Wasn't that easy, sweetie? Again, your blue puppy dog eyes were performing their magic!"

    "Don't call me a 'sweetie'! That's weird... But... I don't understand what happened. Why did that man pay you such a lot of money; and what is that 'feeling up' you were talking about?"

    "Well... this gadjo world seems to be full of nasty grown-ups who are always trying to abuse sweet little boys like you...
    "They are even willing to pay huge sums of money for their pleasures, as you were able to see for yourself...
    "And, 'feeling up' means he wanted to feel your little pecker, and I think he even wanted to play with it."

    "Huh? That's totally crazy! Why would any grown-up ever want to do such a stupid thing?"

    "I don't know... Maybe, all those weird gadjo's are sort of lunatics? However... now and then, they are offering us an excellent chance to get a lot of money out of those strange habits..."

    "I think those gadjo's are REALLY crazy, to pay you such a lot of money just for 'feeling up' a little boy like me...
    "When we are home again, and one of our grown-ups is accidentally touching me there, I will let him pay for it!"

    Both of us started to laugh at the same time, and joyfully high-fived each other.
Together, we went back to Michail's truck and caravan, because we didn't dare return to the central market.
We couldn't take any risk of meeting that angry child abuser for a second time!

    On our way back, we munched on another couple of nicely tasting goodies from the paper bag.
Now and then, we playfully kicked small pebbles towards each other.
Fortunately, the gadjo kids who had been pestering us before seemed to have vanished.
We went through the suburb without any problems, and I looked back at that crazy town for the last time.
I was sure I would remember those weird adventures for the remainder of my life!

    Soon, we were back at the clearing, and entered our attached caravan.
Michail, Pietro, and Jonno's father were drinking coffee and lazily waiting for our kids to show up...
    They greeted us, and curiously looked at the paper bag I was carrying:

    "You are back here rather soon! Did you have any luck today?"

    Misha grinned, and proudly emptied his pockets onto the table...
A moment later, our small table was covered under loads of whirling money flaps!
For a moment, the caravan was dead silent...
    Then, Michail put his arms around me protectively, suspiciously glaring at Misha:

    "That is quite a lot of money! I hope you didn't..."

    "Of course, I didn't let them! Do you think I'm crazy?"

    All of us sat down around the money-covered table, and Misha and I started to tell.
We proudly told them about the weird things that had been happening to us.
I told them vividly how that child abuser first started to yell, then kicked the door, and finally cried for mercy...

    From now on, Misha and I were the heroes of the day.
The grown-ups looked at us with proud eyes, and complimented us with our insight and mercantile spirits.
Misha beamed, and snatched another couple of tasty snacks from the paper bag to deal round.

    At last, Michail took me onto his lap, and proudly kissed my head:

    "I KNEW you would be a valuable asset to our group! Having all that money, now we are able to buy us all the foods and clothes we need!
    "Thank you for all your help and everything else you did! I think you are our Lucky Mascot..."

    I started to color a deep red, and didn't really understand why Michail was thanking ME...
I didn't think I had done anything special...
However, being a 'lucky mascot' certainly felt good!

    Walking two by two, our other kids showed up and gleefully entered our caravan.
A couple of them carried paper bags filled with nice gadjo foods, while others had gathered some money.
Together, we had gathered enough food and money to be able to fill our hungry stomachs for quite some time!

    Michail and the other grown-ups waited patiently, until finally everybody was back.
Again, my Big Friend divided us among the truck and the caravan.
We drove off, cheering loudly and feeling happy to be on our way back to our secluded camp in the mountains.
Of course, I resumed my private place on Pietro's lap, again sitting glued to the front screen.

    We stopped at our hotel in the clearing, to enjoy another short break and a leak.
Of course, the nice hotel owners loved to hear about all our adventures!
They reacted a bit worried about my, in their eyes too dangerous, adventure; and warned Misha to be even more careful the next time!
Misha agreed, and promised to never again provoke such a dangerous venture with such a small boy...
All the kids got another tasty apple to munch on, and another plastic cup of yellow lemonade to sip.

    After some time, we went on towards home, this time singing loudly.
Again, I sat on Pietro's lap, leaned into him, and stared at the passing surroundings.

    Being back in our camp, Misha and I immediately were the day's heroes again.
We were carried around on lots of shoulders, and had to tell our special story over and over.
Everybody wanted to ruffle our hair and slap our shoulders.

    My Dad beamed when he heard of our adventures, and proudly threw his strong arms around me:

    "Boy, now I am glad I've let you join the others today. You certainly are our Lucky Mascot!"

    I marveled in the nice feeling, but still didn't quite understand what I had done to earn all those praises...

    Near the end of the day, many other grown-ups showed up, carrying lots of nice gadjo clothes and other useful things.
They had been visiting another town, far away, to get everything they could lay their hands on, to be able to feed their starving kids...
All the gathered things were carefully stowed away into our special places along several ravines.
Then, we sat down again around our campfire, and the men told us about a day without any difficulties or troubles.
We told them about our kid's adventures, and now all of us were in a joyful mood.

    Michail emptied a couple of paper bags onto a plate; and all of us started to munch on the gadjo delicacies until we were filled to the brim.
He stowed the remainder of the food and the money away, to serve us during the forthcoming days.
Maybe, 250000 LEI wouldn't be that much in other countries; but, living in Rumania, we were more than able to buy lots of valuable things with it!

    Our violin players got their instruments, and started to play beautiful melodies full of joy and happiness.
Soon, everybody was singing, dancing, and having lots of fun.
We danced all night, until we were too tired to be able to lift our feet from the ground...
Finally, we went to our caravans, to have some sleep and dream of joy and happiness.
We were planning to sleep through at least a part of the next morning...



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