- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer


The wonderful adventures of a little Gypsy boy

Born as a Prince 2
Book 2: Our Lucky Mascot
- by Harry AnderS -

A children's series of stories



In book 1 'Heir to the Throne'; a little Gypsy boy narrates the story of his first five years in a secluded place in the Rumanian mountains, surrounded by huge woods and dense forests.
He is the Heir to the Throne, and soon he will be our Chief Cook(ie) and a Real Trapper...

This is book 2 'Our Lucky Mascot'; where he discovers the gadjo world outside, is imprisoned during a police raid, has his own little snow scooter, and finally travels to several foreign countries...


Book 2 chapter 7 ended with:

    Near the end of the day, many other grown-ups showed up, carrying lots of nice gadjo clothes and other useful things.
They had been visiting another town, far away, to get everything they could lay their hands on, to be able to feed their starving kids...
All the gathered things were carefully stowed away into our special places along several ravines.
Then, we sat down again around our campfire, and the men told us about a day without any difficulties or troubles.
We told them about our kid's adventures, and now all of us were in a joyful mood.

    Michail emptied a couple of paper bags onto a plate; and all of us started to munch on the gadjo delicacies until we were filled to the brim.
He stowed the remainder of the food and the money away, to serve us during the forthcoming days.
Maybe, 250000 LEI wouldn't be that much in other countries; but, living in Rumania, we were more than able to buy lots of valuable things with it!

    Our violin players got their instruments, and started to play beautiful melodies full of joy and happiness.
Soon, everybody was singing, dancing, and having lots of fun.
We danced all night, until we were too tired to be able to lift our feet from the ground...
Finally, we went to our caravans, to have some sleep and dream of joy and happiness.
We were planning to sleep through at least a part of the next morning...


Book 2 ch 8. Another police raid, humiliated, and again I won over an officer.

    I woke up in total darkness, with the sounds of several cars that entered our camp at high speed.
At first, I didn't know what was happening, and I bolted upright in my bed.
Car doors were slamming, and strange voices were yelling and shouting all over our place...
What the heck was happening outside?
My Dad showed up, looking nervous and worried.
    He pulled me out of my bed, kissed my head, and whispered:

    "Be swift, my precious son. Immediately flee to our hidden caravan as fast as you can, and hide until one of us shows up!"

    He opened a small hatch in the floor of our caravan, and pushed me through in a hurry.
I landed in the small space between our caravan and the ground, and heard him close the hatch over my head.
He shifted something onto it, but the sound was nearly drowned out in all that angry yelling.
I was still drowsy from sleepiness, and slowly crawled from under our caravan.
Where had I landed?
I tried to orientate myself in the darkness outside our circle...

    I knew my Dad had told me to flee to our hidden caravan immediately the very moment he told me so...
But, what was all that strange yelling and shouting around our campfire?
Slowly, I woke up a bit more, shivering in the sudden coldness, and I shook my head a few times to dispel the cobwebs.
Now, my curiosity took the upper hand, and I decided to have a look at what was happening.
I wanted to know who were shouting and yelling, before I went to our hidden caravan!
That couldn't cause much of a problem, or could it?

    I crawled back under our caravan, hid behind one of its cartwheels, and looked from there at the spectacle.
Everywhere around our place, police officers carrying flashlights were running around and shouting their orders.
A couple of police cars with burning headlights tried to light the environment, causing spooky shadows.
The officers were yelling and shouting at everybody, opening our caravans, and telling our people to come out.
They were driving several of our men to their waiting cars, where they pushed them harshly into the back seats.
Why did they do that, and where were our men going?

    One of the officers stamped to our caravan, opened its door, and started to yell at my parents.
Now, he entered our caravan without even wiping his feet or asking for permission, the brutal!
Our own people would never do such a rude and impolite thing!
Within a few seconds, he returned, roughly pushing my Dad towards one of their waiting cars.
I heard my Mom starting to cry, while my Dad in vain tried to reassure her from outside...

    Suddenly, I started to be very angry, angrier than I had ever been before!
Those nasty police officers had to keep their stinking hands off my Dad!
Who did they think they were, with their almighty behavior?
My Dad was our King, and they should pay him their utmost respect!
I crawled from under our caravan, as fast as my small legs would let me.

    I felt myself boiling with anger, and forgot everything my Dad had told me.
I was NOT going to hide in that old caravan, because my Dad needed me!
I jumped onto my feet, and stormed blindly towards the nasty officer.
    I bumped into him, and started to pummel him with my small fists as furiously as I could:

    "You, keep your stinking hands off my FATHER!"

    Another uniformed officer started to laugh, and came over to rescue his surprised companion.
He grabbed my swaying arms and lifted me high into the air, shouting:

    "Look at what I've caught today! Here is a little half-breed Gypsy, as naked as the day he was born!"

    He bellowed with laughter and slung me onto his shoulders, while I tried to fight him with all my force.
He dragged me towards the waiting cars, and unceremoniously threw me into one of them.
I yelped from the sudden shock, and landed at the feet of a couple of our men.
For a moment, I didn't know what happened, and where all those legs were coming from...
I licked my painful lip, rubbed my jostled knee, and tried to repress my upcoming tears.

    Suddenly, the car doors slammed shut, the engines came to life, and we drove off.
Where were we going? Where were they taking me and all those legs?
A couple of hands tenderly helped me to my feet, and now I recognized all the faces.
I felt quite a lot safer, now I saw I was with several of my own people!
    Still licking my painful lip, I crawled onto one of the safe laps, and asked:

    "Where are those nasty officers taking us, and why are they so rude?"

    Before one of our men was able to answer, one of the officers turned around...
The next moment, I was slammed down, forcefully slapped in my face.
    The officer turned back, while he snarled:

    "You sit DOWN, and I'm warning you not to say another word!"

    At first, I didn't even grasp what happened, while my left ear started to whistle and hiss...
This was the first time anybody slapped my face!
My left cheek started to feel hot, and it burned where a swelling was forming.
I felt dizzy, and had a strange idea of our Supreme Being pulling a trick and reversing the earth...
Slowly, I started to comprehend what had happened...
Of course, I started to cry from the pain, the frustration, and the sudden humiliation...

    Again, the officer turned around, now looking even more angry:

    "Stop crying, or we will kick you out of the car and leave you to the wolves!"

    What was happening to me? I didn't want to be eaten alive by hungry wolves!
I knew they were out there, although they never approached our camp...
Why had that angry officer slapped my face, for the first time in my life?
What had I done to deserve this harsh treatment?
I started to feel very unsure, and suddenly I panicked...
Was this the gadjo 'abuse' Misha had told me about?
Were those gadjo officers going to 'feel me up' or 'abuse' me?
Misha told me that all those gadjo lunatics wanted to do that to little boys...
A sudden wave of sickness overwhelmed me, and I started to puke.

    A moment later, my people rose to their feet as one man, attacked the officer that had slapped my face, and nearly murdered him.
They only calmed down after the other officer drew his gun and threatened to shoot everybody...
They sat down again, reluctantly, still being furious and ready to murder both officers if necessary.
The officer that had slapped me, coughed and groaned for a long time, now and then feeling his painful throat...
One of our men tried to clean my face, using his handkerchief and a bit of spit.
A moment later, I puked again, panicking more and more and crying loudly...

    Both officers were looking very pale during the remainder of our trip.
They kept silent all the time, and didn't dare to say another word...
Finally, we entered a gadjo police station and left our car, shivering in the nightly cold.
I got goose bumps all over my naked body, and my teeth started to chatter while I stopped my sobbing.
Part of me was wondering how I would look now as a little Prince, having sour smelling puke smeared all over my face and body...

    All the officers gathered us, and harshly drove our men inside their police building and into a small waiting room.
One of them got an order I didn't understand, and he nodded and went to me.
He took my arm, and tried to take me away from my own people...
Of course, I started to fight him with all my power, trying to kick and pummel him where I could.
I didn't want to be separated from my own folks, and cried and shouted for help.
The other officers drew their guns, and threatened our men to shoot them down in case they tried to do anything!
I looked at my men, and saw several of them showing clenched fists and having tears in their eyes.
I understood my people couldn't help me now, so I stopped my crying to make it a bit easier for them...

    The officer dragged me outside the waiting room, without saying a word.
I stopped my fighting, accepting he was too strong and I was only a small boy...
I would only wear myself out, and maybe I needed my strength for the moment I would be able to flee...
The officer seemed to be pleased I was no longer resisting, and loosened his grip a bit.
He walked me along a corridor in silence, until he stopped and got his keys.
He unlocked the door to a huge restroom, and took me inside.
The first things I saw, were several stall doors in a row, all of them opened invitingly...

    Oh NO, not AGAIN such a stinking restroom...
Now, I was absolutely sure they were going to feel me up and maybe even abuse me, whatever that might be.
I started to panic again, and almost puked for the third time...
A second later, I forced myself to stay calm and bear everything in stride, as a real Royal Prince and Lucky Mascot.
I would show them I was PROUD of myself, whatever they were going to do!
And, of course, they had to PAY me for the feeling up!
At least two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Lei... a person!

    The officer went to a small washbasin and tried to clean my face, using a couple of tissues and some cold water.
He seemed to be happy I had calmed down, and even smiled at me...
I remembered the smiles the weird gadjo man had given me, and decided not to fall into his tricks!
I knew what he wanted to do next...
However, I let him wash and dry my face and body.

    A tall gadjo man entered the restroom, looking at me as if he pitied me...
He tried to smile at me as well, but I didn't respond and just stared at him.
He handed me a pair of trousers that were way too big for my small body, and told me to don them.
I took them and tried to clamber into them, feeling clumsy and undoubtedly looking ridiculous...
Why did I have to wear such a stupid thing? Was that a part of the abusing?
The man sat down and tried to wrap the legs up; so that, at least, I would be able to walk on my own feet.
He also tried to fasten the stupid thing, by using a piece of rope around my too small waist...

    I felt utterly ashamed and ridiculous.
Why did I to have to wear this weird looking gadjo thing?
Was this a part of their feeling up and the abusing?
What would they do next? Would it be very painful?
Suddenly, I started to puke again, for the third time, but this time nearly nothing came out except for a little bit of saliva.
I felt really sick now and started to tremble all over, still sobbing.

    The officer and the gadjo man went away, locking the door from the outside.
Obviously, they were afraid I would try to flee...
Well, of course, they were right!
I didn't want to be here.
I didn't want to be abused.
I wanted to be home...

    Slowly, my panic diminished, and my sickness faded away.
I felt dead tired from all the emotions, and my stomach started to rumble aloud.
I went to the small water tap and gulped a lot of water, using my hands as I used to do under our waterfall.
After that, I felt a little bit better, and sighed with the relief.
I slumped down onto a small wooden bench, and waited...

    What were those police officers going to do now?
Were they going to abuse me after they returned?
Was that why I had to wear that idiot trouser thing that was slipping down every time I moved around?
Should I take it off?
I was afraid they would be even angrier with me, and slap my face again...
That is why I decided to do nothing; and wait until, eventually, somebody would show up...

    After a long time, another police officer entered the restroom, trying to smile at me:

    "Sorry for letting you wait for such a long time. We had to interrogate the others first. Are you coming with me now?"

    The police officer SOUNDED nice... but what was 'interrogate'?
Was that very painful?
Had that to do with the abusing?
Was it now my turn to be 'interrogated'?
The word sounded rather creepy.
I shivered, and started to panic again...

    The officer saw the panic, building up in my eyes, and tried to reassure me:

    "Don't be afraid. We only want to ask you a couple of questions. Please, trust me, and nothing will happen to you."

    Please, 'TRUST' him?
Would I ever be able to 'trust' one of the officers that had kidnapped my father, and thrown me into a police car in the middle of the night?
Was that man crazy?
And, 'nothing will happen to you'?
The slapping in my face, throwing me to the wolves, and all those other humiliations I had to endure?
Were all those things 'nothing' to him?
I certainly am NOT going to trust him!
I looked into his eyes, trying to stare him down, using as much disdain as I could muster...

    The officer looked away hastily, while the smile left his face to make place for a sour grimace.
Suddenly, I started to feel a lot better, and I almost started to chuckle.
I WON, for the second time!
AGAIN, I had stared a police officer down!
I straightened my back, and decided again to be PROUD of myself.
They were much stronger than I was...
They certainly were a lot bigger than I was...
They could do me a lot of harm if they wished so...
but they couldn't WIN.

    I jumped off the bench and went straight to the door, leading the way.
I was very determined to be fearless and let myself be 'felt up', 'abused', and 'interrogated', without crying or even uttering a sound!
I would show them I was a Gypsy boy, and proud to be one!

    The stunned officer followed my footsteps, like a faithful puppy dog...



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