- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer

-The amazing adventures of a little Gypsy boy-

Born as a Prince 2
Book 2: Our Lucky Mascot
- by Harry AnderS -


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Book 2 chapter 8 ended with:

Would I ever be able to 'trust' one of the officers that had kidnapped my father, and thrown me into a police car in the middle of the night?
Was that man crazy?
And, 'nothing will happen to you'?
The slapping in my face, throwing me to the wolves, and all those other humiliations I had to endure?
Were all those things 'nothing' to him?
I certainly am NOT going to trust him!
I looked into his eyes, trying to stare him down, using as much disdain as I could muster...

    The officer looked away hastily, while the smile left his face to make place for a sour grimace.
Suddenly, I started to feel a lot better, and I almost started to chuckle.
I WON, for the second time!
AGAIN, I had stared a police officer down!
I straightened my back, and decided again to be PROUD of myself.
They were much stronger than I was...
They certainly were a lot bigger than I was...
They could do me a lot of harm if they wished so...
but they couldn't WIN.

    I jumped off the bench and went straight to the door, leading the way.
I was very determined to be fearless and let myself be 'felt up', 'abused', and 'interrogated', without crying or even uttering a sound!
I would show them I was a Gypsy boy, and proud to be one!

    The stunned officer followed my footsteps, like a faithful puppy dog...


Book 2 ch 9. Interrogated; and the officers were protecting me... from what?

    We entered the same corridor, and I went towards where I remembered my people were.
However, all those closed doors were looking exactly the same.
Which door was leading into the waiting room? I was not sure...
Was I really going back to my own people? I certainly hoped so!
I slowed down and looked back at the officer, because I didn't know where to go...

    The police officer smiled at me and took the lead, and I followed him at a small distance.
All the time, I tried to keep my silly 'trousers' onto my hips, by holding them with both hands.
My own folks would surely laugh at me for wearing them, but I didn't care any more.
I only wanted to be reunited with them and sit in my Dad's lap, feeling his safe arms around me...

    The officer stopped, opened one of the doors, and beckoned me to go inside.
Yes! This had to be the door to the waiting room where my people were, patiently waiting for me.
My heart jumped up in my chest, and I almost started to cheer from relief.
Finally, I would be safe again!
I hasted inside, to jump onto my Dad's lap...

    In shock, I stared at a small wooden table, surrounded by three empty chairs.
A fourth chair held another police officer, who seemed to be waiting for us...
I almost started to cry from the sudden disappointment, but forcefully repressed my tears.
I was NOT a crybaby, but a proud Gypsy boy!
Maybe, they could have my body, but they NEVER would have my inner self!
I only had to be strong enough...

    The second officer rose from his chair, smiled at me, and offered me a hand...
This time, I refused to cooperate with the enemies, and proudly declined.
I looked straight into his eyes, trying to let him feel my disdain.
I didn't fall into this too obvious trick, because I knew what he was up to...

    The officer looked surprised, sat down again, and pointed to an empty chair.
I sat down onto another chair, telling myself to be strong, all the time staring into his eyes.
That seemed to make him nervous; and, inwardly, I laughed in triumph.
Again, I was the stronger one here, and they could never win!
Come on, let's get it over with and start the 'interrogation', whatever that might be...

    The officer looked back at me with unsure eyes, now and then averting them.
Clearly, he was very surprised by my determination and my piercing stare...
He looked at his companion, who looked back at him and shrugged his shoulders...
Obviously, they didn't know how they should handle me...
I felt my triumph building up and becoming stronger and stronger!
They would NEVER win.

    Still fidgeting and looking unsure, the officer started the 'interrogation', by asking me:

    "Why were you naked when we found you? Do your parents force you to walk around like that? Do they ever touch you improper?"

    WHAT? That was the most stupid question I had ever heard! That officer had to be demented or so...
Suddenly, I realized what the meaning of that strange and creepy sounding word 'interrogation' was!
I started to laugh, got a couple of hiccups, and almost cheered from the sudden relief.
That word 'interrogation' clearly was another stupid gadjo word for 'questioning'...
I also was very happy to know that our own men weren't harmed at all by 'interrogating' them!
They were able enough to fend for themselves, and I was sure they hadn't given away any important information.
My Dad and my folks were safe, and I sighed with relief and started to laugh again!

    The officer seemed to be a bit angry with me, and tried to go on with his interrogation:

    "Now stop laughing at me, and you have to answer all my questions! Maybe, when I am satisfied with your answers, I will let you go home..."

    I stopped my laughing, and stared him down in disbelief.
Didn't he know how stupid his own questions were sounding?
However, he HAD the power to let me go home, or keep me here for a long time...
I decided to switch into what my people now and then teasingly called my 'brainiac mode'.
    I rose from my chair and started to answer his stupid questions, still staring him down:

    "Sir, I was not laughing at you, but I laughed at your silly questions. It certainly looks like your parents or teachers never taught you how to think properly...
    "To answer your first and second question, did you ever hear of any normal child that wants to sleep in any clothes, except for small babies that have to wear a diaper to keep them dry?
    "All our kids are only wearing some clothes outside our caravans if it's too cold in the winter, or when we are forced to visit a gadjo town to beg for money and food because we are too hungry...
    "It is your own stupid gadjo people that are forcing us to wear something to cover ourselves from their prying eyes, like that stupid trouser thing I am forced to wear now...
    "About your third question, all my people are always touching me and the other kids everywhere, and all of us LOVE to be touched! I only think none of us wants to be 'felt up' or 'abused'...
    "Now, you promised me to let me go home IF you are satisfied with my answer... That means, whatever answer I'm giving you, you can always tell me you are NOT satisfied with it, and keep me here...
    "To me, your 'maybe' sounds like you are planning to keep me here for a long time. Or, am I wrong?"

    I sat down again, and panted a little bit from the stress and all that thinking.
At the same time, I was curious about how he was going to answer MY question...
Suddenly, the officer who hadn't interrogated me yet, started to bellow with laughter.
    He turned towards me, and looked at me with a lot more respect in his eyes:

    "Boy, you certainly are a clever one! Your parents really taught you how to think, and I am respecting them for that...
    "The funny thing is: you are absolutely right. Only, OUR kids are used to wear at least some bit of clothing all the time, even when they are sleeping. That's how we have been taught by our parents...
    "That's also how our law is, unless you are a naturist and in your own surroundings. However, outside them, you have to obey our laws; and we, the police officers, are there to look after that!
    "Yes, we will allow you and your people to go home after you have honestly answered all our questions. We are NOT planning to keep you here for a long time; so, this time, you were wrong...
    "Now, I am asking you the next question, and, please, answer it honestly. Were you and your people only BEGGING in that town, or were you taking things from other people as well?"

    He looked at me expectantly...
However, this was again such a stupid gadjo question... one more of those, and I'm starting to yawn!
     I decided to answer him one more time:

    "Sir, excuse me; but, to me, the 'begging' means: TAKING the given things from the hands of the givers...
    "How else would I be able to get them? Should I open my mouth, so that they could put their gifts in it?
    "I am also only taking the things they are offering me, and politely thanking them for their generosity. What else did you expect? We are honest Gypsies, and proud of ourselves..."

    Both officers started to laugh again, looking at me with even more respect in their eyes.
Obviously, my 'brainiac mode' was making quite an impression...
    The other officer tried to formulate another question, frowning from the effort:

    "Did you ever see that one of you was taking away any things that weren't his or her own property?"

    Now, I had enough of it! They had to be really super stupid, to ask me such an impossible question!
Nothing in the world would ever be 'our own property', as we wouldn't be able to take anything with us towards our next lives!
We were only using our things temporary, and had to leave them to others the moment we passed away...
    I looked at both officers, with bored eyes and pretending to yawn:

    "Sirs, please, stop this stupid interrogation now, and start with the 'feeling up' and the 'abusing' you had planned...
    "I am tired, and I want to go home."

    I looked at my small feet, which were partially covered with those way too big trousers.
Now, the moment of truth was there, and I was suddenly afraid of what would be coming...
I had a faint idea about what 'feeling up' would be, but what was 'abusing'?
Would it be very painful? The word sounded rather creepy...
I closed my eyes in defeat, and waited for the inevitable things to happen...

    The room was dead silent.
Nothing was happening.
In the distance, I heard a door shut with a dull bang.
Two men kept talking to each other, and I heard them talking until the sound went softer and softer and at last disappeared...
When would the officers start their abusing and feeling up?
I would try to let them pay me for it; like that gadjo man had paid Misha for me...
Fortunately, that nasty man didn't get his chance to feel me up.
My friend Misha had protected me... but, now, Misha wasn’t here, and I was all on my own.
I hoped they would pay me a lot of money for it!
I would hand all of it to Michail, to help us survive the upcoming winter.
Again, I would be their Lucky Mascot...

    I sighed, and slowly started to tremble all over with fear.
When would they finally start their abusing?
I was tired of waiting for such a long time...
My heart was pounding in my chest, and I felt sweaty all over.
Come on, let's get it over with!

    Nothing happened, and both officers were dead silent...
What were they waiting for?
Were they waiting for me?
What were they expecting ME to do?
It was THEIR fun, and certainly not mine!
Slowly, I lifted my head, and looked up at them...

    Both officers were still staring at me, with their mouths agape...
Did I really see tears, blinking in the eyes of one of them?
That had to be my own imagination, of course.
Why would they have any compassion with me, being their victim?
THEY were the gadjo's, used to abusing little boys with blue eyes.
At least, that was what Misha had told me...

    Finally, one of the officers coughed and cleared his throat a couple of times.
He took a handkerchief out of his pocket, and wiped his eyes.
He HAD been crying...
   Now, he turned towards me, and asked with a quivery voice:

    "Boy, please, look at me... Why do you think we would EVER try to abuse you?"

    "Isn't that what all you gadjo's are doing to little boys with blue eyes? But it will cost you two hundred and fifty, and that's only for the feeling up..."

    Again, the room went dead silent, and I went back to looking at my feet.
What were they waiting for?
I wanted to go home...

    The officer shuffled his feet, and again cleared his throat:

    "Good heavens... What, for heaven's sake, did they make believe you...
    "Please, boy, listen to me carefully. NONE of us would EVER abuse you or 'feel you up'. Do you hear me? We would NEVER do such an abominable thing!
    "We, police officers, are here to PROTECT you, and to HELP you grow up in a safe world full of joy and happiness...
    "Unfortunately, there are some bad men in the world who might try to abuse you... but we are here to PROTECT you against them, by putting them in jail for a long time..."

    Suddenly, I jumped up, while now I could feel my eyes starting to shoot burning daggers at them:

    "I don't believe a word of what you are telling me! You say you are here to PROTECT me?
    "Then, why were your officers slapping my face and yelling at me, when I tried to find out what I was doing in your car?
    "Why did they threaten to throw me to the wolves? I know they are out there, and I was so frightened I started to puke, three times in total...
    "Why do I have to wear this ridiculous and humiliating trouser thing, that's slipping down all the time? Don't you understand what I am feeling now?
    "Why did you take me away from my parents in the middle of the night, being cold and sleepy, and not knowing what was happening?
    "Why did you leave me alone in that nasty restroom for such a long time? Didn't you know that little boys like me are ABUSED in restrooms? I was frightened to death...
    "Is THAT what you are calling 'protecting the children in a safe world full of joy and happiness'? Just look at me..."

    I started to cry from my built-up anger and frustration, and slumped back onto a chair.
I felt dead tired from all the emotions, and couldn't stop my wailing and sobbing.
Both officers offered me wagon loads of tissues, showing worried faces.
In vain, they tried to calm me down, while I continued to hiccup and tremble.
Finally, one of them offered me two plastic cups of water, and that helped.
I gulped down most of it, splashed my face with the rest, and slowly pulled myself together...

    One of the officers carefully put his arm around my shoulders:

    "I am sorry, because it has never been our intention to cause you any harm! We will immediately start an investigation concerning what you've told us; and it will never again happen..."

    This time, I DID believe him.
I looked at him, and slowly started to smile.
He looked VERY relieved, and almost kissed my head...
Together, we left the interrogation room.

    Both officers guided me along the corridor, and into another room...
I looked around, wondering what would be in here, and almost started to cry again!
There were my own people, all of them patiently waiting for me!
They started to cheer when they saw me, and I rushed to my Dad's lap and jumped into it.
Again, I started to sob, now from feeling his safe arms around me.
My Dad was still alive, and they hadn't done anything nasty to him...

    All the time, I was laughing and crying at the same time.
Again, I decided I was NOT a crybaby!
Of course, a couple of men started to make fun of my silly 'trousers', but I didn't care at all...
We were reunited, and that was all that counted!

    A couple of officers disappeared into an adjacent room.
From there, we could hear a heated discussion, going on for a long time.
I picked up things like 'what did you do to that little boy', 'let them go', 'bring them home', 'are you crazy', 'let them fend for themselves', and 'we are not a taxi firm'.
Finally, they seemed to have decided on something, after discussing their points of view with heated voices...

    One of the police officers appeared in the doorway, and announced with a smug face:

    "This time, we will let you go; but be very careful, because the next time we will put you in jail for a long time!"

    He opened the front door, and beckoned us to leave the building.
We did, in a hurry.

    We started to walk towards a suburb, being far from home, without any means of transportation or money to pay for it.
We were fourteen grown-ups; and one five-and-a-half-year-old little boy, who was desperately trying to keep up his way too big and stupid trousers with both hands...
We walked into the rising sunlight, towards the highway which finally would led us back to our beloved mountains.
After a while, I was too tired to walk on, and started to cry from the pain in my strained legs and sore feet.
From now on, I shifted from shoulder to shoulder, sleeping most of the time.
    At last, a nice truck driver with an empty truck stopped at our desperate signals, and took us to our crossing.
Of course, we thanked him abundantly for his kindness, before we walked on.

    Again, we walked and walked, until we finally reached the two-story hotel in the clearing.
All of us were dead tired, and barely able to tell our stories.
The nice hotel owners took care of our blisters and cramped muscles, while another man drove to our camp.
Soon, he returned, accompanied by a couple of our own cars to pick us up...

    I honestly can't tell you what happened next...
I fell asleep in a car and woke up in my own bed, halfway through the next day...



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