Jack Edwards

Born Gay - Addison

It's easy to believe that some guys are born gay. I believe that Addison was. We grew up next door to one another. Addy was a year and a half younger than me. When I was about six and he was four and a half, he began to follow me like a puppy.

I had only an older sister. Addy was an only child. Ours was an upper middle class neighborhood, and there weren't many kids our age. There was Brandon, who was my age, and his little brother Jeremy, who was a few months younger than Addy. They lived a few houses away.

When I was in second grade and Addy was in first, another family with three boys moved in three blocks away. The oldest, David, was in second grade like me. His younger brother Trevor was a little younger than Addy. Jody was even younger. Along with a couple of other boys in the neighborhood, we became our own little group. And since Brandon and David both had little brothers about Addy’s age, Addy sorta became my little brother.

Addy was different from other boys, the way some gay boys are different. He wasn't effeminate exactly, and he didn't speak with a lisp or anything like that. But he was quiet and gentle and seemed a little more fragile than the rest of us all-boy boys. He was also a small guy whose parents kept his dark blond hair cut long.

That didn't keep me from liking him. Once I had it in my head that he was my little brother, it really didn’t matter if Addy didn’t measure up to the caliber of the other guy’s real little brothers. Addy was mine, and he liked me as much or more than the other guys’ little brothers liked them. If anything, he was devoted to me, and his vulnerability awakened something protective in me; perhaps something even a little heroic in my young boy’s mind.

There were also things about Addy that I admired. I was a tall boy, who felt awkward at times. It sounds silly now, but I envied Addy being shorter. He was smart, too. Very smart. Later, in high school, we discovered that his IQ was up around 160. Mine was well above average, but it’s amazing what his extra twenty points did for him over me. I appreciated his quick mind from when we were little kids; if for no other reason than he always got my jokes, and his were even better.

Through elementary school, Addy and I slept over together, and pretended that we really were brothers. We took baths together and played in the tub. At night, in our beds, he snuggled onto me, and I often woke, spoon behind him, holding him to me like a teddy bear, or I’d wake with him snuggled behind me.

I stuck up for him in those early grades. Bullies found it easy to pick on Addy, but not on me.

My dad took Addy fishing with us several times. The summer between third grade and fourth, Addy and his parents took me on vacation with them to the West Coast. Then between fifth and sixth grade, they took me with them to the mountains.

I remember Addy as always smiling when we were together; smiling with big brown eyes. He was one of those boys with large, pretty eyes. When I’d see him across the school yard with his few other friends, he never seemed to smile as much as when he was with me. That always seemed a little sad to me, but also made me happy that I made Addy happy to be around me.

That doesn’t mean that we always got along. The two things I remember that used to get to me were Addy’s timidity and his stubborness. Usually, I could eventually coax him into trying things; but not swimming. No one could. I don’t know; maybe he almost drowned in the tub when he was little. For whatever reason, Addy was afraid of the water. By the time the rest of us were swimming like fishes, Addy continued to play in the shallow end of the pool and nobody could coax him from there.

When I got to seventh grade, and junior high, I went out for the football team. In the evenings, when I’d come home from practice, I’d find Addy waiting on the porch, wanting to tell me the things he had done that day and hear about the things I had done. The first night or two that he was there, I was tired and simply wanted to eat. But Mom invited Addy in for supper, and it became an everyday thing for him to eat supper with us. His parents would make him eat at home every third or fourth day, and I started going to his house to eat with him when he did, because even when my parents or my older sister were too busy talking about their own days to be interested in mine, I could count on Addy’s interest. I’d tell him about the passes I caught, or the encouragement the coaches yelled at me at practice.

Things had begun to change, though. I had started thinking about girls. I was twelve that year, and it was like I woke up one morning, and bam! I had a dick and balls. It seemed like only a few days later that my dick actually started squirting, and damn it felt good!

I started thinking about girls all the time. I got my first pubes. I started hanging around girls. By eighth grade my greatest ambition was to get a girl naked and stick my dick in her; especially Kimberly Davis.

I wasn't very romantic at thirteen.

Addy started middle school that year, and he met an entirely new crop of bullies. Eighth graders didn’t hang out with seventh graders… unless they were girls, of course, so I wasn’t aware of what was happening.

But then, Addy came home in October with a black eye. Jason Rodgers had given it to him. Jason was as tall as me and twice as heavy.

The next day at school, I told Jason that I'd beat the shit out of him if he didn't stop picking on Addy. He called me a queer fag like Add-i-son. I gave him a bloody lip and two black eyes before the teachers pulled me off him.

That shook me up. No kid wanted to be called names like that. I became acutely conscious of the way Addy looked at me when we were together. After I saved him from Jason, Addy’s looks became downright adoring. It occurred to me that, just as I had begun thinking all the time about girls when I was in seventh grade like him, Addy might be thinking all the time about me.

On the one hand, I didn't blame him for admiring me a little; I certainly didn’t lack self confidence. I was tall and blond and into sports, and Addy was short and thin. And, too, I stood up for him; I always stood up for him. He really was the little brother I never had. On the other hand, though, I didn't want people to think I was like, gay.

I will always regret that I began to keep more distance between me and Addy; not just at school, but even at home. When I came home, late, after football or basketball or track, I’d tell Addy that I had homework to do, and I really did.

The summer between eighth and ninth grades, my dad paid for me to go to a general sports camp. Then I spent a couple of weeks at my grandparents, and I didn’t see as much of Addy.

My freshman year in high school, I saw even less of Addy, and when I did see him, he seemed even more, well… gay. I wondered if I had only begun to notice how gay because I was seeing him less.

That spring, my parents put in a swimming pool, and even before the water was really warm enough for swimming, I used it. I even had a party with my high school friends. I didn’t invite Addy to the party, nor the other times that spring that my friends came over.

Summer came. My friends went off on vacations, camps, visits to grandparents, and such. I didn’t go sports camp because my parents paid for the pool outright, and cash was tight for awhile.

“You don’t need camp,” my dad told me. “You’ve got a camp in that backyard. Use the swimming pool.”

So I did. I swam, and I worked on my tan. Mom and Dad both worked. My older sister took on daytime babysitting for two toddlers down the street for the summer. So I had the house to myself, and I tanned naked. The back yard was well-landscaped, and none of the neighboring houses was close enough or angled well enough for a view into the area around the pool.

However, the privacy of my summer didn’t last long. Addy’s uncle and aunt were scheduled for a weeklong cruise, but sold the cruise at the last minute to Addy’s parents. They asked Mom and Dad if Addy could stay with us while they were gone.

“We can’t leave him alone,” his mom said.

“Certainly not,” my mom agreed.

The first night, Addy slept with me for the first time since I was in sixth grade. When Addy saw that I was going to sleep in only my boxers, he discarded his pajamas and wore only his briefs. He was thirteen, and I was surprised to notice that he had changed from skinny kid to a lean and actually nice looking guy. I started to joke that if he’d wear only his briefs all the time, no one looking at him would think he was gay. But I didn’t say it.

I hugged my side of the double bed when we crawled into it, not wanting Addy to snuggle on the way he did when we were kids. I hoped that none of my friends would find out later that Addy slept with me in my bed.

I woke slowly in the morning with that well-rested feeling after sleeping hard, straight through the night. Addy was on his side, and I had spooned onto his back at some point. I was holding him the way I used to when we were little, and his arms hugged the arm I had across his chest. All the same feelings I had for him, when we slept together as kids, came back. He was my little brother, and I was incredibly comfortable, holding him, even though, this time, we were in our underwear instead of pajamas, and I had a hardon pressed to his butt,

I didn’t roll away, even as I became increasingly aware of his bare back against my chest and belly, and the backs of his bare legs against the tops of my thighs. The pleasure I felt having my cock pressed to his butt wasn’t simply physical; it all seemed so natural. His scent was familiar, though less of a boy’s smell than when we were kids. His body was longer. But then, so was mine, and his smaller body till fit me perfectly.

“Addy,” I whispered. “Are you awake?”

He hugged my arm more tightly to his chest and nodded; the back of his hair brushing my nose.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered.

Barely moving, he still managed to melt back against me.

“But I’m not gay, Addy. Okay?”

He nodded again, a faint stiffness returning to his body in my arms.

“You’re still my brother, though,” I said. I kissed the side of his neck. “I gotta get up. I’ve got morning wood.”

He nodded again and let go of my arm.

“Are you going to jack off?” he asked.

I paused. “Nah. It’ll go down when I piss,” I told him. It surprised me how easily he asked that, and how easy it was to answer.

We ate breakfast, and I decided that since none of my friends were around, I didn’t need to worry about what they would think of me hanging with Addy, or being happy to be around him. We played video games. We ate lunch, and after lunch, we lay around reading for an hour or so because we both liked to read. That entire morning, my feelings had been like those I had when we were little kids. I remembered how Addy always smiled around me more than when he was with his other friends, and I realized how much happier I still was, around him.

And yet, Addy, was even more quiet than usual, and he even seemed a little sad. I figured he wished I was gay.

“I wanna swim,” I told Addy when I tired of reading. “And you’re coming with me.”

He smiled, surprisingly, and followed me back to my room.

“Are you wearing that?” Abby asked, mildly surprised when I pulled out my swim suit.

“It’s better than the other one I have,” I told him.

He started to say something, then shrugged and pulled off his shirt. When he pulled off his shorts and underwear, I got a good look at Addy naked for the first time in a couple of years. He had changed… significantly.

Ever notice how many small, slight, gay guys have big dicks? It’s like nature compensates them for other things by hanging them well. Addy was one of those, and he was a shower, rather than a grower. His dick hung down thickly, past low hanging balls. And yet, he barely had pubes.

“Well done, Adds!” I teased. “So you are thirteen after all!”

He blushed, looking down at himself. Then he glanced at me as I pulled on my swimsuit. “You’ve changed too, Tomas,” he said.

I shrugged. “It grows bigger than it looks,” I said. “It’s like, seven inches when it’s hard.”

Addy pulled on his suit and as we headed out toward the pool, I threw my arm over his shoulders. “So, Adds,” I said, “tell me. How long does yours get?”

“Seven inches,” he said and grinned at me, and for a moment, his face was close to mine, with those big brown eyes of his, and my stomach tightened, just a little.

I swallowed, and decided to change the mood. “It’s time you learn to swim, Addy,” I said, as we came up to the pool. “The water barely comes over my head, even down at that end.” I pointed to the deep end. “Most of the pool is pretty shallow.”

Addy started to pull away from under my arm.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I told him. “No whimping out on me!” I grabbed him, intending to throw him in, but he latched onto my neck and we both went in, just past mid-pool, where the water was up to my chest. It took me a moment to get to my feet because Addy had both arms tightly around my neck. He didn’t let go when I stood, but clung to me tightly.

“No, Tommy, no!” he almost shreaked.

The front of his panicked body pressed mine, and it was sorta natural to close my arms around him.

“Geez, Adds,” I murmured, stroking his back. “I won’t let you go.”

I backed to the wall, and just held him, calming him. I even kissed the side of his neck.

“I’m sorry, Adds,” I told him. “I wasn’t trying to scare you.”

He nodded, but his arms didn’t loosen. Holding him to me stirred all those old protective feelings. “I wouldn’t ever let anything happen to you. You know that,” I told him. I gently walked us around the chest deep water. His body hung straight down the front of mine, and I felt my cock begin to stir. That’s when I had an idea to tease Addy, and at the same time, get his body off my dick.

I backed him toward the side of the pool where one of the filter outlets nozzled water back into the pool. I lifted his butt and pushed his butt over the nozzle.

“Whoa!” Abby called out, pushing us back off the wall.

I laughed. “It’s a filter nozzle,” I told him.

Keeping an arm behind my neck he twisted back to look. When he did, I felt a hard lump against my belly. He had an erection, which is probably why I next said what I did.

“You should feel it on your hardon,” I told him. “It feels great. Turn around.”

He tried to hang on and turn at the same time.

“Let go,” I told him. “I’ve got you.” I held him by the sides of his waist, taking him back toward the side of the pool. I positioned his crotch over the nozzle head and Addy hung onto the pool coping.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he murmured.

“You should feel it when you’re skinny dipping.” Since he was holding himself up on the side of the pool, I let go of him and came up beside him. “I skinny dip a lot,” I told him.

“I know,” he said, head down, watching water flow over the erection in the front of his swimsuit. “I’ve watched.” He turned to me with a nervous grin.

“You have?” I asked surprised, and then embarrassed because he’d probably seen me get off by holding my cock over filter nozzles or jacking off when I sunbathed with lotion. “How could you see?” I asked, glancing over toward his house.

“Not that way,” he said. “Back there.” He nodded back toward the back of our two yards where a fence and a hedge separated our properties.


“Lawn chair,” he said. “I stand on it and peek over.”

“Why didn’t you just come on over?” I asked.

He shrugged and moved off the nozzle to the other side. “We haven’t been as good of friends lately.”

I came closer to him and laid an arm over the backs of his shoulders. “I’m sorry, dude. Really. We’re back like normal now, though, okay? I wanna be just as good a friends as we were.”

He smiled sadly. “Sure.”

I bit my lip. I didn’t want him sad. And, too, being close to him like this, in the pool where I had done sexual things, stirred something in me. “Hey, do you wanna skinny dip?” I asked.


We moved to the shallow end of the pool, and by the time we pulled off our swim suits and tossed them on the bank, we both had boners arching up from between our legs.

I don’t think it’s just females that get excited seeing a big, hard cock. I mean, why else do guys in porn always have big cocks when it’s mostly guys who look at porn? Addy’s dick, looking so big on his smaller body, looked really hot.

“Oh, shit, Adds,” I said. “That’s thick!”

He glanced down at it. Then at mine. “Yeah. I guess.”

Grinning encouragingly, I bobbed down into the water. “I always get a hardon when I skinny dip,” I told him. “The water feels so good.”

Addy bobbed, too.

I started to move toward deeper water, but Addy hung back. That’s when I said it, and when I said it, I knew exactly what I was saying. I wanted to do it. I wanted to feel it.

“You can hang onto me again, Addy,” I quietly said, coming to him. “If you’re afraid of the water, that is.” I moved invitingly close.

I stood in the waist-deep water and Addy stood to face me. Tentatively, watching my face, he laid his hands on my shoulders.

“It’s okay,” I said quietly. I gently pulled his belly to mine, trapping our upward pointing cocks between us. He wrapped his arms around my neck, and rested his head on my shoulder. I leaned back, moving us to deeper water. When I was chest deep again, and his body hung straight down the front of mine, I reached under his butt with both hands and pulled our middles together, trapping our cocks up between us.

Addy relaxed his arms around my neck enough to lower his hips to the level of mine. With my hands on his butt, I held our cocks firmly pressed between us.

I barely moved through the water. We said nothing. Addy kept his forehead pressed to the side of my face. And then, I felt him kiss the nape of my neck.

I backed to the wall in almost shoulder-deep water and widened my stance so that Abby’s legs dangled down between my own. The skin over his small bottom felt surprisingly firm in my hands. His skin was smooth and soft. His cock was thick and hard against my belly and mine against his. For a while, I simply held him, savoring the novel experience of a naked body against mine. That it was Addy seemed utterly natural. I moved his body around against mine by his butt and rubbed our cocks between us.

Addy’s arms rested lightly on my shoulders. He nuzzled the side of my neck.

“Umm,” I murmured.

“Tommy,” he said quietly. “Will you kiss me?” He rubbed his forehead against my cheekbone. “When I imagined this,” he softly said, “I always imagined that you’d kissed me.”

“It won’t mean that I’m gay,” I said.

He nodded.

“I mean, they even told us in class that guys our age experiment with stuff like this,” I said, defensively.

He nodded.

My hands were full of his butt, and I had no intention of moving them to hold him differently for kissing. I simply bent my head and nuzzled into the side of his face. I kissed his cheek. He turned his face toward me and up, and I pressed my lips to his. His lips were firmer than those of the few girls I had kissed.

We pressed our mouths, and he murmured. He shifted against me, taking the sides of my head in both hands. He opened his mouth, and I opened mine.

I pulled his butt harder between my legs, pulling us tighter. Addy held onto the sides of my face and ran his fingers up into my hair.

He kissed more fervently than any girl ever had. He kissed me like he had been waiting to kiss me for a long, long time.

It felt good. It felt good enough that I thought I might come that way. I wasn’t sure I wanted to yet. For one thing, it felt really good. And though he had hold of nothing other than my face and shoulders, Addy was managing to rub his cock beside mine.

“You’ve got a nice butt,” I told him, when Addy paused for a breath.

He rubbed his forehead on my cheek. “You’ve got a nice entire body,” he said. “And you sure know how to kiss.”

“As good as you imagined?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“What else have you imagined?” I asked.

“I imagined this,” he said. “That we’d be like this. That I’d come be naked in the pool with you, and that you’d kiss me.” He leaned back from our middles, hands on my shoulders. Sunlight glinted in the water in his hair and over the fine blond hairs at his temples. His large brown eyes gazed into mine uncertainly. “I imagined that we set towels down in the grass over there and did a sixty-nine.”

“Sucking each other’s cocks?”

He nodded.

I thought about Addy’s mouth sucking my dick. I thought about sucking his dick, his thick boner, and the thought excited me. “I’m cool with that,” I said.

I didn’t let go of him, though. It felt too good, having our cocks pressed between us. I held onto his butt and headed for the shallow end. When I did, Addy wrapped his legs around my waist. My cock slipped from between us and jutted out under his balls and butt. His, though, remained between our bellies.

With him being so much smaller, I had no trouble carrying him on my front that way. I stopped beside the lounge chair we had dropped our towels onto and bent over for him to pick them up. Then I carried him to the small patch of grass he had indicated.

Addy unwrapped his legs from around my waist, setting his feet down. For a moment, my dick was caught between his legs, but then he stepped back to spread the large pool towels onto the grass. He spread them side by side, and then lay back onto them, looking up at me with his legs parted. His thick dick was dark pink against the white skin of his belly and the rest of his body.

My stomach clinched as I looked down on him; a visceral reaction to seeing Addy looking up at me with his legs apart and his thick cock pointing up his belly. I dropped to my knees between his legs and dove onto his body with mine. I honestly remember growling with desire as I pressed my cock alongside his, wrapped my arms under him, and covered his mouth with mine.

We ground pelvises as we kissed, and dry humped one another. Addy’s hands probed my back, pressing every firm muscle he found. He clutched my butt and squeezed, and it felt good because I knew he liked my butt. I pressed my cheek beside his so I could breathe. Our hips took on a life of their own, pumping reflexively.

I pushed up on my hands to watch down between our bellies where our two cockheads poked from between our bellies like pink snakes of flesh from a single hole.

Addy clutched my butt hard and lifted his hips. “Ugh!” he whimpered. Then “Ugh!” again.

Clear, viscous cum shot from the end of his cock up onto his belly. While his was still shooting, mine started; my whiter cum splashing up alongside his.

I held myself up over him until our pulsing subsided and his grip on my butt relaxed. I collapsed onto him, cum making our bellies slick.

I rolled off beside him, covering my eyes from the sun with my forearm, and sighed; feeling sated, feeling the wet of our cum on my belly, feeling the length and leanness of my naked body in the afternoon air.

Addy rolled up onto me, belly to belly, and kissed me. I felt a vague unease, now that the deed was done, with being so gay with him. But then Abby slid his slick belly around on mine and grinned. He knelt up on knees between my legs and doubled over to lick my stomach.

“How’s it taste?” I asked

With an amused twinkle in his eye, he licked up a tongue full and stretched up to kiss again, and I tasted our combined cums. I’d tasted mine before. Mixed with his, the taste was milder.

Addy knelt up again, and again doubled over, this time to press his lips to the underside of my cock. He licked it. He licked around it, cleaning it and my belly. My dick had begun to go soft, but it quickly stiffened. He lifted my cock and closed his mouth over the end of it.

My breath caught. Addy bobbed on my dick, and there was something intimate about him doing it, about him taking care of me.

My hips began to buck; I couldn’t help it.

“Addy,” I murmured. “Let’s sixty-nine like you wanted.”

Abby pulled his mouth off my dick but only long enough to spin around and kneel astride my face. His cock hung down over my mouth. I closed my mouth over it and grasped the smooth-skinned sides of his narrow hips. His cock tasted of cum, and it’s thickness in my mouth gave me unexpected pleasure.

I rolled us to our sides and then twisted Addy’s hips butt down so I could clean his cock and his stomach around like he had done mine. That pulled my cock from his mouth, but Addy murmured contentedly and stroked my side with his hand as I cleaned him.

Few girls have the tautness of belly that even a delicate boy like Addy has. The skin of his stomach was smooth and soft. His skin tasted warm and of cum. When I took his cock into my mouth a second time, he rolled back up on his side to take mine.

We didn’t simply suck. We explored with our tongues and fingers and eyes. I licked his balls and down behind them, between his legs. His scent was faint there, because of our swim, but there was enough to excite me. He nuzzled behind my balls. We opened our legs to each other’s exploration and licked in the seams and sucked on balls. We had come once, and it was warm in the sun, and pleasant. When we took our cocks into one another’s mouths and began to suck, tongue, and bob seriously, it was with a feeling of happy connectedness on my part. I felt like I could do anything with Addy, and it would be fine; it would be right.

We discovered what worked and what pleased. We copied one another’s discoveries, and it was actually fun. I’d never of sex being fun when I thought about girls. But with Addy, it was fun, and when he hummed on my cock, I laughed. He laughed, too, when I hummed him in turn.

He came first, and I swallowed his come without even thinking otherwise. He was thirteen, and his taste was mild, and I liked it well enough. Addy didn’t stop sucking me, and a moment later, I came.

We rolled apart, onto our backs. He rested a hand on my belly; I rested one on his. I covered my eyes again from the sun, and began to think with a cooler head about what had just happened. It scared me. It scared me because it happened so easily, and I liked it so much.

I sat up, looking away from Addy. “Maybe we better not do this again,” I said, and then got to my feet. “I’m not gay. I don’t want to be gay.”

I walked to the pool and swam out to the deeper water, cleaning my belly. Addy came to the shallow end, and cleaned himself. I swam, trying to shake the memory of what had happened, trying to think of other things. I had a problem because Addy was my friend. I didn’t want to hurt him. I cared about him a lot. I cared about him more than ever. That complicated things.

Eventually, I dried off and grabbed up my suit to go inside. By then, Addy was inside on the couch, wearing shorts only, reading. I put on shorts and returned to a chair near him, with a book of my own.

It was difficult to concentrate on the book. My eyes kept drifting over, covertly, to Addy’s body and the way his skin on his hairless legs looked silky in the light from the window, and how his torso shaped a slender V. Once you’ve had sex with someone, you see them differently.

With the resilience of a fourteen year old, as the minutes passed, my physical feelings for Addy stirred again. He knew I was looking. He had to. But he kept his own eyes on his book. Finally, I set my book down and crawled to lay behind him on the couch. Setting his book down on the floor, he rolled over to face me.

“I do want to do it again,” I said. “I think I’m going to want to do it a lot.”

He laid his palm on my cheek. His eyes searched my features. When you’re a smart kid like Addy, a lot goes on in your heart, even at thirteen. “Are you going to feel sorry about it again?”

“Maybe,” I said, honestly. “But what you feel for me… maybe I feel that way about you, too.” I met his gaze, steadily. “I may not have been imagining us having sex like you have, but now, when I imagine sex, it’s going to be with you. I know it’s going to be with you.”

I kissed him. We wrapped one another up in our arms and entwined our legs. We stroked one another. We straightened our dicks out inside our shorts and pressed them to one another.

“You know what else I imagined,” Addy whispered, pressing his cheek to mine.


“I imagined what it would be like if you fucked me.”

“You’ve got a great butt,” I whispered. “And… we’ve got a couple more hours before anyone comes home.”

“And you’ve got Vaseline in your bathroom,” he said. “I checked.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “You’ll need it to make your dick slick.”


I got up, and ran, literally, to the bathroom, grabbed the Vaseline, and returned to the living room. Addy was already naked and on his back on the couch.

“I want to try it like this,” he said, pulling his knees up to his chest, and lifting his butthole for me.

I shucked out of my shorts and underwear. My dick was a steel rod. I spread Vaseline on it. The stuff was goopy. I ran for a towel, my dick, bobbing and wagging. When I returned, wiping my hands on the towel, Addy had his knees apart and out to the sides, and he was fingering his hole with Vaseline. I gave him the towel, and he wiped his hands.

I pulled his butt to the edge of the middle cushion, and I knelt on the cushion at the end, slipping the towel under his bottom. I had pulled him to the edge, wanting to keep Vaseline off the cushion, but it also had the effect of elevating his butt in relation to me, and that turned out to be a good thing.

He held his knees up and apart. I placed my cockhead at his pucker; both glistened oily with the Vaseline. I pushed forward, and, as I watched my dick vanish inside his butt and felt the tightness of his sphincter slip over my cockhead slide down my shaft, I had the strangest sensations of kinkiness, mixed with pleasure, mixed with a male feeling that hardened my cock even more.

My shaft disappeared except for a tiny spot of skin that still showed in his crack. His bottom bones dug in on either side of my pubic mound. Addy’s balls hung loosely above my dick, and above his balls, his thick erection pointed up his belly.

I covered his balls with my hand, and felt the delicately soft, warm skin. With the heel of my hand, I rubbed his scrotum, down where the base of his shaft ran between his balls. I closed my hand around his shaft with my thumb on the underside, and stroked it. I pumped my hips in time with my stroking.

Addy held out his arms to me, and I folded my body over onto his. We kissed, and he rubbed the underside of his cock up against my belly. We hugged each other, and as I fucked, he rubbed. The couch rocked.

There isn’t a more intimate coupling for two boys than belly to belly like that, holding each other. All my boyhood affection for Addy bubbled up in my heart, even as pleasure churned in my balls and tightened my gut.

“I love you, Adds,” I whispered beside his ear. “I may have forgotten that for a while, but I remember now.”

He whimpered and hugged my back tightly. He turned his face to mine and we kissed, hard and deeply.

Addy felt good under me, especially the way he moved with me. We went a long time; after all, we had come twice, earlier. When I finally came, it was to discover that Addy had already come between our bellies.

“Umm,” I murmured, staying inside him and nuzzling his cheek. “That was excellent!”

Addy nodded the side of his face against mine and hugged me contentedly. We lay there, relaxing, until my dick slipped from inside him.

“I guess we better get dressed,” I said. “My sister will be coming home in a little while.”

I got up. Addy did as well. We toweled one another off, and then, while we were still naked, Addy wrapped his arms up around my neck.

“You know what else I imagined?” he asked.

“That you fuck me?” I asked.

He grinned.

That night, in the shower, we discovered that two guys can fuck, standing up. Addy took me from behind, using only shower water for lube. Fortunately, at fourteen, I could take his thick cock that way, and it really didn’t hurt. Its thickness was uncomfortable, briefly, but then it felt amazingly good. Inside and out, actually. There’s something exciting about having a wiry little guy fucking the shit out of your backside. I came without even touching myself.

In bed that night, I spooned behind him, and when I grew hard, we simply put it between his legs. We talked until we both dozed off… for a while.


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