Jack Edwards

Born Gay - Benjamin

I'd known the Avery twins since I was in third grade and they were in first. They were twelve when I was switched to their scout troop, and I was fourteen. It was a new troop, and the scoutmaster needed a senior patrol leader. He picked me because I was an experienced scout; I was active in sports; and I was tall and strong for my age… younger guys looked up to me.

The twins were blond, with large blue eyes. Jason was quiet, intense, and competitive. Ben was impish. I hadn't seen them since the summer before, and at the first meeting of the new troop, it was like Ben and I noticed each other for the first time. Or rather, Ben noticed me, and with the impishness of a little brother type, he teased the shit out of me.

It was the kind of teasing one boy gives another when he really likes him, so I enjoyed it, actually. And he enjoyed it when I jumped him after the meeting and tickled him till he almost peed. I grabbed him by the balls and made him promise to back off.

I really didn't want him to, of course. That part was an act, partly because I wanted to grab his package. I already liked boys at fourteen, but was hopelessly virgin. Ball grabbing while farting around was the extent of my overt sexuality.

Ben howled like I was castrating him, and only agreed to leave me alone after I felt his dick begin to stiffen. I let him go, but he hung around like he intended to get me back, and sure enough, when I turned to walk away, he tried to give me a wedgie.

It was the beginning of a fine friendship.

He’d call me “Dan the Man” because my name is Daniel, and I called him “Ben the Kid”. Each week, he'd tease me, and each week I'd chase him down after the meeting and administer a variety of revenges, including noogies, pantsing, wedgies, tickling, ball grabbing, and one aborted attempt to sit on his face. Occasionally, he got his twin, Jason, to help him out, and I'd be at a serious disadvantage. I had my own balls grabbed a few times, and had a hell of a time not getting hard.

We were to spend two weeks at scout camp that summer, and I looked forward to it, partly because I liked Ben so much. I didn't call him a friend because he was two years younger, but he was a friend, the way two boys that age can really like each other.

We had two and four men tents. When Ben threatened to share a two-man tent with me so he could shave my head in my sleep, I told him it was a deal, and I'd stuff him in his sleeping bag and lock his zipper.

We went swimming after setting up camp. In the changing room, I saw the twins naked for the first time. They had typical twelve-year-old bodies with hips that curved gently, but would remain narrow as their shoulders widened in a year or two. They were thin and had that slight sway to their backs that some guys have. They had bubble butts and slender legs. Pubescent boys often begin their rapid growth, first in their genitals. The twins had excelled at it.

At fourteen, it's awfully difficult to tell whether another boy is gay. There's a lot of teasing and simple affection between boys that age anyway, and it's not like gay boys come on to each other; at least not when I was fourteen. Even if a guy gets erections when ball grabbing, like Ben sort of did, it wasn't an indicator of gayness that you could count on. And the consequences of making a mistake by assuming another guy was gay when he wasn't were too unpleasant to think of.

Confusing things between Ben and me was that, when boys form new best friendships at twelve and fourteen, it can be a little like falling in love. So, honestly, until we were changing to swim that afternoon, I thought that Ben just liked me a whole lot. But, even though guys check out each other's equipment all the time, there was interest in Ben's face as he pointedly checked out my equipment which almost gave me an erection.

He stayed on my back in the pool for the first half hour, and I let him stay there. He rode piggy back as I waded around the middle of the pool, and I liked it. But then we got into games and horse play with other guys.

We hung together till the evening. When we were in our tent and stripped to underwear, I got onto my stomach quickly to hide any stirrings of an erection. Ben did the same. We did a little shoulder shoving, then quieted for sleep. It took me a while to fall asleep.

The next day, we hung together, and the more time I spent with him, the more I noticed little things, like how the fine, golden hairs of his forearms and calves glistened in the sunlight against the darker gold of his tan; or how smooth and soft the skin on the side of his neck looked, or how long his fingers were.

That night, we kidded less. We were both tired and went to sleep quickly. But both of us were sleeping on top of our sleeping bags, and we had set up our sleeping bags, side by side. When it got a little chilly in the night, we must have moved closer because I woke spooned behind him, hugged on to him with an arm around his belly. His arm rested over my arm. I was hard; my erection pressed his butt.

The bare skin of his back and legs against my skin was both comfortably warm and exciting. My nose was in his hair and he smelled good. His butt was firm and fit my lap perfectly.

All in a few, quick seconds, I realized how we were lying, took in the sensations of skin on skin and cock on butt, pressed my cock in reflex, and had a rocking orgasm. I almost bit my tongue off, trying to stay still and quiet as I shoot into the side of my briefs.

I extracted my arm from under Ben's and rolled away, trying to calm down. I was flustered at what had happened, and felt a little guilty about it. But then Ben rolled up behind me, just the way I had been behind him. And when he wrapped an arm around my waist, I covered his arm with mine, the way he had me. I could barely breathe, because his erection pressed my butt.

He hugged me, and then kissed the back of my shoulder. His kissed my shoulder? Then he did it again, pressing his lips to my skin. I heard him take a deep breath through his nostrils.

He had to be awake, but as obvious as that was, I was afraid of being wrong. But I didn’t want to simply pretend to be asleep. I wanted to do something that would indicate my willingness if he were awake.

I don't know why. It seemed the thing to try. Very carefully, and with as little movement as I could, I lifted my hips slightly and pushed my underwear down off my hips and onto my thighs, exposing my butt and freeing my rapidly re-stiffening dick.

Ben continued to hug my belly while I did that, but then he pulled his hand from my belly and the front of his briefs left my butt. A moment later, he pressed my butt again, but this time with a bare cock. He had pushed his underwear down as well.

He hugged my belly and rubbed his erection in my buttcrack. He slid his hand down my belly, onto my cock. When he found I was wet down there from coming, he wiped it with his fingers onto my belly and onto my shaft. Then he took some of my cum, and rubbed it into my buttcrack. He took more of my come and his dick left my crack. A moment later, it returned, wet, and slid between my butt cheeks. He was going to cornhole me!

I almost trembled, but controlled myself. I felt the blunt wet head of his cock at my sphincter, and then pressure as he pushed. Suddenly his warm rod was sliding up inside me, feeling longer and thicker than I had expected, but not unpleasant; not unpleasant at all.

I moaned softly. Ben molded his body to the back of mine, hugging onto me and pushing himself into me as far as he could. He kissed the back of my shoulder again. And then I felt his cock out and back in. He pumped slowly and rubbed my stomach, then grabbed my now-erect cock.

"You've got a big dick," he whispered behind my ear.

"Yours doesn't feel little," I whispered back.

"It doesn't hurt does it?"

"No. It feels good."

"Really? You like it?"

"Yeah. I've never done this before."

"You can do me next. I like it, too. Roll onto your stomach."

I pulled my cock up at a good angle, and rolled onto my stomach. Ben rolled with me, staying inside.

"That doesn't feel as good," I observed.

"See if it feels better in a second, and stick your butt up a little."

I propped up on my elbows and pulled my knees up to the sides slightly, lifting my butt. I could feel Ben's balls slap between my legs, behind my balls, with each of his thrust. That was hot. Then he hugged onto my back and ground into me.

"Oh," I said, "that feels better."

Ben pumped more and the more he pumped, the better it felt. I felt his mouth on the back of my shoulders, his legs between the backs of mine.

"You're strong," he whispered. "You have a nice body."

"I like your body, too," I told him.



He pressed his mouth to my skin again, high up my spine, between the tops of my shoulder blades. We grew quiet as Ben pumped his hips and I discovered that I liked being cornholed by another naked boy. I found by lifting my hips a little higher for him to bang into, the angle made it feel even better for me.

It excited me to feel Ben's naked body working on my backside. It excited me to feel our bunched up underwear partway down onto our thighs. It excited me to feel his excitement building. And then he came inside me, and I felt the slickness, and that excited me, too. My dick was rock hard again, and pressed into the softness of my sleeping bag.

Ben pulled out and rubbed his dick clean in my butt crack. I swayed my back and held my butt up for him to do it. It felt good.

"You really did like that," Ben observed, rubbing the side of my butt with his hand.

I nodded. "Yeah."

"Jason doesn't always wanna let me, but I always let him." He gave my butt a friendly pat.

"Your turn," he said, sitting up to pull his underwear all the way off before sliding over to lie on his belly atop his sleeping bag.

I quickly shucked my own underwear and knelt astride the backs of his hairless, smooth legs. I spread his butt cheeks with both hands, looking for his anus in the dim light inside the tent.

"You gotta get it wet first," Ben said. "Spit on my butt hole and rub it in. Then spit in your hand and put it on the end of your cock."

I did what he told me, and leaning forward on one hand, I slid my legs back along the outsides of his and angled my cock downward to his opening. I pushed.

"Wait! Wait!" he said out loud.

I sat back on my haunches.

"You're cock's bigger than Jason's," he said. "Use my suntan lotion. It's over there." He pointed to his gear.

I leaned back, found the lotion, and squirted some onto my fingers, then applied my fingers to his hole.

"Oh, that's cold," he said with a shudder.

"Sorry," I told him, spreading some onto my dick. The lotion was cold, but my dick was hot.

I leaned forward again and Ben pooched up his butt for me. I pressed my cockhead at his opening and was surprised when it just popped in. I knelt, staring at it for a moment; at my cock with the end inside Ben's bottom. His butt cheeks squeezed and his tight ring squeezed the end of my shaft.

In the dim light inside the tent, I pushed my hips forward and watched my shaft disappear into his bottom, and felt his sphincter slide down my cock to its base. My lap pressed his bottom and flattened it, and I felt the length of my dick stretch inside him. For the first time, my cock was inside another boy, and it felt incredible.

It felt more incredible when I lay down onto him and felt the mound of his bottom fit perfectly under my loins. I wrapped my arms under his chest and hugged him, feeling the bare skin of his back with my belly and chest. I squeezed his legs between mine and buried my nose in the back of his hair. "This feels awesome," I murmured. I ground with my hips and it felt awesomer still. I banged his bottom and my balls slapped between the backs of his slender legs. He propped on his elbows, wrapping his forearms over mine, and I nuzzled behind his ear.

"You like this, too?" Ben asked in a quiet, thick voice.

"Yesss!" I murmured.

I fucked on Ben for a long time, testing angles, splaying my knees or squeezing his legs between mine, pushing up on my hands and rocking my hips or lying down on him and grinding. I tried long and slow, savoring the tight sensations of his sphincter as it traveled up and down my dick. I tried fast, pounding into his bottom and enjoying the sensations of fucking. In the end, I came simply hugging onto him and sucking on the side of his neck and grinding myself around inside him as deeply as I could go.

My first time was better than I had known how to imagine it being.

"Keep lying on me," Ben said as we lay there. "I like you lying on top of me."

"I like it, too."

His face was turned sideways and mine was turned the same way. The side of my cheek rested against the side of his.

"I can't believe you get to do this with Jason whenever you want," I murmured.

"It's better with you," he whispered.


"Yeah," he said. "I mean, it's fun with Jason and all. It's just different with you."

I pulled my arms from under his chest, propping up on my elbows to look down at him better. My dick was still mostly hard, and felt good inside him. "So, like, how long have you and Jason done stuff like this?"

"Since we were ten."

"No shit! I wish I'd been doing it since I was ten. I wish I knew I could do it with you when you were ten."

Ben smiled. "I've liked you that long."

"Really?" I asked.

He nodded.

My dick began to slip out of him. I pushed it back in. "I've always liked you, but until, like this last year, you were still a little kid."

"Well, my dick's gotten bigger," he joked.

"No shit," I said. "It felt like it. Is it hard right now?"


I pulled out of him; my dick was almost completely flaccid. "Roll over," I told him, leaning up to the side. "I wanna see what I had up my butt."

He laughed and rolled onto his back. His dick flopped up his belly, thick and looking large on his small frame, but obviously not fully hard. I closed my hand around it. It felt warm and thick, the way another boy's cock always does.

"It's a nice once," I said, and gave it a stroke. "Let me get it hard."

Ben propped the back of his head on a forearm and watched. Neither of us said anything as it stiffened out to its full length. It had a natural curve up his belly from between his legs.

"Jason and I suck each other's dicks," Ben said quietly. "Our cousins told us it would make our dicks longer, but I think they said that just to get us to suck cocks with them that first time."

"When you were ten?"


"How old are your cousins?"

"One's our age. One's yours."

"Can you and I suck cocks sometime?" I asked.

"Sure, but not when we've had 'em up each other's butts."


My hand was on his cock which had been up my butt, but that didn't matter. I could go wash in a little while if I wanted. I let go of his shaft and lifted his balls. They had an egg shape.

"I wish I could have been doing stuff with you all this time," I said sadly, stroking him because it felt good to me, too. I liked his dick. "This was my very first time."

Ben looked up at me and his eyes glistened in the faint light. "There's something I've never done," he said, “but I've been like, dreaming of doing it with you sometime."

"What's that?" I asked, feeling a stirring of my pulse. I didn't know what he had in mind, but he wanted to do it with me.


"Kissing?" I asked, mildly surprised, but only mildly. Of the things guys can do together at that age, kissing is probably the most gay in a strange way. I had kissed a couple of girls, with tongue. I had only thought about kissing a boy.

Laying my hand on Ben’s chest, I bent down, lowering my lips to his. His eyes watched my mouth descend and they closed just before our lips touched. His lips were firm, but soft. I rubbed my lips on his, and he reached up to hold my shoulder. I pressed my tongue between his lips, and his mouth opened. I had thought that maybe this was one thing I could teach him, but within moments, we had gone way beyond any experience I had had, mouth pecking with girls.

To anyone passing our tent, it would have sounded like someone was eating something sloppy. In a sense, I suppose, we were eating, licking around in each other’s mouths like kids licking out the last honey in a jar. I cocked a leg over his and moved my hand from his chest to his shoulder and probed more deeply with my tongue.

He was still erect, and I was getting there. I rubbed my dick against his hip and he fucked air with his. So I moved over him. Ben opened his legs and my hips settled between them. Our cocks were together. We held each other by the shoulders and probed everywhere with our tongues. We wrestled tongues. We licked lips and sucked on lips. We tried everything we knew of and made a few discoveries of our own.

You can kiss pretty good at twelve and fourteen, though it can be with more excitement and pleasure than real passion. But you can also recharge quickly, and our kissing grew more and more aroused.

“My butt’s still slick,” Ben said, pulling his knees up on either side of my ribs. “Put your dick back inside me.”

I lifted my hips and added spit. Ben reached down to help and guided me in. Staying belly to belly, I slid my dick inside him, and we hugged each other, rubbing the sides of our faces as we ground.

Ben rubbed his cock up against my belly and we found a rhythm together of him rubbing on me so that his butt also backed onto my thrusts. Our breath sounded like we were running.

We’d kiss for a while, then hug for a while, cheek to cheek, alternating, but growing increasingly excited. Ben came first, whimpering. I was afraid someone would hear because he was obviously feeling it. And then mine hit. It was my third, and it came up with the gut-wrenching power of dry heaves.

We lay there, breathing hard, holding each other in subtle ways that only two gay boys do.

“Stay on me,” Ben said. “I like you lying on me.”

I stayed on him, even after my dick slipped out, and we fell asleep with my hips between his legs.

It’s amazing we didn’t get busted by everyone, the way we looked at each other all the next day. Ben’s twin, Jason, figured it out. He pulled us aside on the trail to archery.

“You guys are dicking around, aren’t you?” he asked.

It was the first time I’d heard the phrase used that way, but I knew exactly what he meant. For a brief second, I wondered if that’s where the phrase came from.

Ben laid his hand on my back moving possessively to my side. “He’s mine, Jace. You know I’ve been wanting him.”

It was a novel sensation… being wanted and disputed over by two twelve year olds. But Ben was my main man.

“I’ll move in with you guys tonight,” Jason said.

“Not tonight, Jason.” Ben said. “We’re just getting started.”

“Yeah, well, I haven’t had sex since we’ve been here,” Jason counted.

“Damn, you guys,” I said. “I wished I was getting it at twelve the way you two obviously are.”

Jason eyed me with obvious interest and even rubbed his crotch which disturbed my dick. “Okay,” he said, turning to Ben. “I won’t move in yet, but I want you to suck me off or something to keep me from getting too horny.”

“Alright,” Ben quickly agreed. “I’ll do it. You don’t move in.”

“You don’t have to do whatever you’re going to do with Jason by yourself,” I told Ben. “We can both do it.”

Jason’s eyes lit up. “I know where we can go,” he said. “I know a spot.”

He led us down a service road away from the regular scout venues. The spot turned out to be behind an old caretaker’s house. The house was empty and falling down, but a patch of lawn remained, and the spot Jason chose was fairly well hidden between a shrub-lined fence and the side of the old garage.

I was hard as steel, not just because I was going to have sex with cute twelve-year-old twins, but partly because I didn’t need to pretend anything or hide anything or worry about what Jason and Ben would think.

We got naked except for our socks and shoes, and for the first time in daylight, I saw the twins’ erections. On their thin frames, they looked impressive. I suppose that, proportionately, their cocks looked about as long and thick on their twelve-year-old bodies and mine did on my fourteen-year-old body. That left a lot of room for actual size difference, and they seemed to like the way I looked, too.

Jason stepped forward and closed his hand around my cock. “This is way bigger than Justin’s,” he said.

“Who’s Justin?” I asked, taking hold of Jason’s cock. I had barely handled Ben’s the night before in the near-dark of the tent, and I closed my hand around Jason’s attentive to the feel. It felt good… and hard. I figured the skin on my own shaft felt as soft as Jason’s but his sure felt soft on him.

“Justin’s our cousin who’s your age,” Ben explained stepping up for me to take hold of his cock, too. I did, and I had a cock in each hand. That was so incredibly different from just the day before when I was afraid to even look at a guy for too long.

“He’s the cousin I told you about,” Ben clarified.

“I’ll suck Daniel,” Jason said decisively. “I’ll suck Daniel, and you suck me, Ben, and Daniel can suck you.”

The proposal met with instant approval, and in a moment we were on our sides in a small triangle. Up close, I thought Ben’s cock was a thing of beauty, literally. To a gay boy, another gay boy’s erection really can be a thing of wonder; especially cocks as nice as the twins had. Ben’s hips seemed perfect, his skin was soft and creamy white where he wore his suit. His tanned legs shone in the sunlight.

All of us were circumcised, but Ben and Jason had thick, loose skin, even when hard. I closed my hand around Ben’s shaft and gave it a jack. Jason grabbed my shaft, and a moment later I felt his wet mouth close over my crown. I gasped as completely new and powerful sensations shot up from the end of my cock and through my gut, instantly tightening my balls and everything down there.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, pulling my hips back. “What’d you do? You almost made me come right away!”

Jason grinned and stuck out his tongue. “I swirled your dickhead with my tongue.”

“Dude!” I said, “Don’t do that till you want me to shoot, ‘cause I sure will.”

He grinned and took my cock back into his mouth. As hot as that looked and felt, it did little to calm me back down. I turned my attention quickly to Ben’s dick, and closing my hand around the base, I prepared to take it into my mouth and start sucking.

More exquisite sensations shot up from my dick at the same moment the heady scent from between Ben’s legs filled my nostrils. The two things dazed me.

“Whoa!” I said, pulling off Ben’s cock to look down my belly. Jason’s head was bobbing on my cock and his wet mouth was making my dick all sloppy and great feeling. Ben was bobbing the same way on Jason’s cock, so I figured that’s what I was supposed to do.

I closed my mouth over Ben’s dick and immediately realized that the fun of cock sucking lay in much more than the faint taste. It lay in a love of a cock, and at fourteen, it was real easy to love the cock of a twelve-year-old.

I tried to do to Ben, what it looked and felt like they were doing. Ben had to tell me, though, how to keep my teeth from scraping.

Ben’s scent really was awesome, stronger than a kid’s; rich and stirring. I took deep breaths.

About the time I really started enjoying sucking on Ben’s cock and getting creative, playing with his balls, I was ambushed by my own orgasm. I froze with Ben’s cock in my mouth, trying to calm myself, but Jason enthusiastically sucked and bobbed and slobbered and I lost it. My balls felt like they pulled right up inside me for a power shot straight down Jason’s throat.

He sucked me dry, literally, and when he pulled off, he buried his nose in my balls, groaning softly. That reminded me to get back to work on Ben. I swirled my tongue on his crown to catch him back up and got a satisfying shudder from his body. I did it again, and then sucked and bobbed through my first taste of boy cum. Since he was only twelve, Ben’s was mostly clear, and it was also very mild tasting. I liked it, and I sucked until he squirmed and pulled his dick out of my mouth.

I rolled to my back and gazed up at the sky. The twins sat up and Ben leaned back against my side, using me as a back rest.

“Was that your first time having your cocked sucked?” Jason asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I said with a satisfied sigh.

“So then what have you guys been doing at night?”

I let Ben answer because it seemed odd to say we’d cornholed each other.

“We only did stuff last night,” Ben said. “We butt fucked.”

“No shit?”

“And we kissed a lot.”

“You kissed?”

“A lot. A fuckin’ hell of a lot,” Ben said, happily. And to demonstrate, he turned to bend over me and kissed me, immediately plunging in with his tongue.

I moaned and wrapped my arms over his shoulders.

“Shit,” Jason murmured. “Let me try.”

Ben ignored his brother, and we kept kissing.

“C’mon, Ben,” Jason repeated. “Let me see what it’s like.”

With a frown, Ben sat up. “I thought you didn’t like kissing.”

Jason gave his brother a “duh!” look. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t want to kiss him.”

Jason got up and came around to my other side. “I just want to see what it’s like,” he said, stretching his legs out beside mine and laying down beside me, propped on an elbow.

I glanced at Ben. Ben shrugged.

Jason leaned in and covered my mouth with his. He probed in with his tongue and I opened my mouth to him, wrapping my arm up behind his back. He worked the kiss and I felt his cock move up over my hip, straightening.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Ben said.

“I like it,” Jason said, lifting his head.

Ben scooted onto my side the way his brother was pressed to my other side.

“Yeah, well Daniel is my boyfriend,” Ben said.

Boyfriend?” Jason asked.

I was a little surprised myself, but honestly liked the idea. I had my arm behind Ben’s back, and I cupped his butt with my hand as he bent in to kiss me again. Thing was, Jason had a hardon pressed to my hip and that was making me hard again. Since I had an arm behind Jason, I cupped his butt, too, and he rubbed his cock against my hip. He also laid a hand over my own thickening cock and gave it a rub.

I had a naked twin on each side, Ben’s tongue in my mouth, and Jason’s hand rubbing my cock. Ben was growing hard against my other hip and my cock was nearly hard. I loved it.

Ben shifted up onto me like Jason and the two of them dry-humped me, rubbing their cocks just inside my hipbones and pressing my cock up my belly between their hips.

Jason wrapped an arm over his twin’s back and leaned in to kiss me again. But Ben didn’t back off, and our three tongues probed back and forth over lips and into mouths. I held their butts and rubbed my cock up against them while they humped me, and I would have been happy to do that till I came.

“Hey!” some kid called out close by. “There’s an old house over here.”

The three of us scrambled, grabbing up clothes and ducking naked out the back way. We didn’t see who it was, but ran into the trees and thick undergrowth.

“You gotta let me move in with you guys tonight,” Jason whispered as we pulled on our underwear and shorts. “We didn’t finish.”

Ben looked at me.

“Your call,” I said. “He’s your brother.”

Ben frowned.

So I pulled him to me. We were still shirtless, and I pulled his bare belly to mine. “And you,” I said, “are my boyfriend.”

Ben grinned.



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