Jack Edwards

Born Gay - Donny

Donny and I became friends the day my family moved to Dallas. Donny and I were eleven. His little brother, Ethan, was nine.

I was about to start sixth grade in a new school, a new city, and even a new state, and I was not happy. My dad felt guilty about having to move us, and he did his best to make it easier for my mom, my two younger sisters, and me. He had checked out churches ahead of time, and that’s where he met the Klines.

Mr. Kline coached high school football. Mrs. Kline was a pediatric nurse. And yet, they, along with Donny and Ethan, showed up the afternoon we moved in with pizzas and sodas in hand. Donny was tall and boney, with short blond hair and a perpetual grin. It was impossible to not like him, right off. Ethan was a shorter, but only because he was younger. He had a long neck and slender shoulders, and a little butt like a bump on a twig. He had the same short blond hair as Donny, but on a rounder head. He laughed at his brother’s jokes and hung around like he was glad we let him. I liked Ethan, too.

We only lived a few blocks from each other. It was August, and there was no school, so we hung out daily. Donny had other friends, but he seemed to like me as much as I liked him. Ethan was sometimes with his buddies, but he usually preferred to be with us. Our first sleepover was only a few days after my family moved there. Soon, Donny and I were sleeping over often; either me sleeping in Donny’s twin bed with him, or he in mine. We were both thin guys and only eleven; we didn’t think much about sharing a bed.

That first bedtime, I watched with my mouth hanging open, as Donny and Ethan both stripped naked. Donny lay back on his bed to pull on his PJ bottoms, both legs at one time; no underwear. When he did, his dick and balls flopped around, and I noticed that his had started growing just like mine had, except that his looked bigger, especially his balls. It was difficult to not stare, even at Ethan, who still had a worm-like wiener as opposed to a dick.

“You don’t wear underwear?” I asked in surprise.

Donny stood up and leaned close to me with a characteristic grin and giggle. “My dad sleeps naked,” he told me.

I slept in pajamas with underwear, and was a bit shy to try it their way. But then at Thanksgiving, I ate something that gave me ferocious diarrhea, and after I soiled both my sets of pajamas, Mom told me to just sleep in my underwear.

“You’re getting too old for pajamas anyway,” she said.

I was too sick to worry about it, and wound up liking not having to deal with getting twisted in PJs. The next sleepover was at Donny’s, where I told him proudly that I didn’t wear PJs anymore.

Donny looked down at his, and then grinned. “If I didn’t wear PJs, I’d be naked.”

“Hey!” Ethan said, his eyes going wide. “Let’s sleep naked like Dad!”

Donny’s eyes lit up, and chuckling, he pulled off his pajamas. Ethan quickly did the same. Somewhat more reluctantly, I pulled off my underwear.

For a moment, we looked at each other’s naked bodies, and Ethan’s dick started to rise. It didn’t seem to faze him, though, as his dick quickly rose to a full stiffy. Mine rose along with his, and I covered it with my hands.

“I’m not used to sleeping naked,” I told them.

“Us neither,” Donny said, laughing. He rubbed both sides of his big balls with his hands and his dick rose, too. Mine dick looked longer; his looked thicker.

“Quick!” Ethan said, kicking their PJs and my underwear under his bed. “Mom’s coming. Get under the covers!”

I piled with Donny into his bed, bare butt to bare butt, and we pulled up the covers. Ethan climbed into his bed and pulled his covers up just as their mom knocked on the door and opened it.

“Time for bed, boys,” she said, laying her hand on the light switch. “Did you brush your teeth and use the bathroom?”

“Mom,” Donny complained. “We’re eleven. You don’t have to ask that every time.”

She shrugged. “Jay, does your mom still ask you?”

“No, ma’am,” I told her. “She just says, ‘Go to bed!’”

Mrs. Kline laughed, flipping off the light. “That’s really all I’m saying,” she said. “Go to sleep. See you tomorrow.”

As soon as the door closed, Donny laughed wiggling his bare butt against mine.

“Shsssh!” I told him.

He wiggled his bare butt against mine again, and I was surprised because it felt good. Donny had a fleshy butt and smooth, soft skin that felt good against mine. Rubbing bare butts with Donny was kinda cool.

“You still have a boner?” he asked.


He rolled to face me. “Let’s compare!”

I rolled to face him and we threw back the covers. Light came through their window from the streetlight outside, and we could see our dicks, pointing up from between our legs. Donny eased his hips forward and pulled both our dicks down, side by side, pointing in opposite directions to compare.

Ethan came over from his bed and pulled the covers all the way down to our feet, and then knelt between our legs for a closer look.

“Jay’s is longer,” he said.

“But Donny’s is fatter,” I pointed out.

Donny’s hands were big the way paws on a puppy are big. He closed his thumb and fingers around both our cocks and stroked them side-by-side; toward me, then back toward him.

“Mine’s not hard all the way,” he said.

“Looks like it,” Ethan countered.

“Just wait,” Donny said, stroking our cocks.

I’m not sure that his got any harder or longer, but mine sure felt like it did. I’d never had another boy’s hand on my dick.

“I’ll get a ruler,” Ethan volunteered. Jumping off the bed, he ran to a desk that was part of their bedroom furniture and returned with a ruler and a flashlight. Before climbing onto the bed, he pushed his own pajama bottoms down off his hips, and when he climbed up onto the bed again, his pajama bottoms were down around his ankles. A respectable stiffy pointed up his belly.

“Roll on your backs so I can measure,” Ethan told us.

Donny and I rolled to our backs. Ethan started with Donny, but had trouble juggling the ruler and the flashlight. He gave the flashlight to me, so I sat up and held it on Donny’s erection. Pulling his brother’s boner straight up from Donny’s body, Ethan placed the ruler next to it.

Donny propped up on one elbow and tried pushing the ruler down into the skin beside his dick.

“Quit trying to cheat,” Ethan told him. He bent for a close look. “Four inches.”

“More than four,” Donny countered, trying to force the ruler farther into the skin at the base of his dick.

“Alright,” Ethan said. “Four and maybe a quarter.”

“Wait,” Donny said. He stroked his cock with a thumb and two fingers, trying to get it harder. When he did, it jiggled his balls.

Ethan, noticing, lifted them on his fingers, and Donny’s two, already-egg-shaped balls, rolled to either side. Not to be left out, I switched the flashlight to my left hand, and reached in with my right to get my own feel of the surprising softness of Donny’s scrotum.

“Here, let me,” Ethan said, replacing Donny’s fingers around his dick with his own fingers. He stroked Donny’s dick and looked at me with a funny grin. “Feels weird,” he said.

So I tried it. I replaced Ethan’s hand with my own and stroked Donny’s dick. It was hot and steely hard under skin that seemed marvelously soft. It felt funny to have another boy’s dick in my hand; but good, too, and it felt perversely good to stroke it.

“That feels good,” Donny murmured, agreeing with my thoughts.

“Let’s measure now,” Ethan suggested. So I pointed Donny’s dick up again and held it for Ethan to measure. Again, Donny pushed the ruler down into his skin.

“Still four and a quarter,” Ethan pronounced.

“It’s really longer,” Donny protested, “because it’s curved.”

“Not that much,” Ethan replied. He turned to me. “Your turn.”

I handed Donny the flashlight and quickly dropped to my back, stroking my dick like Donny had done.

Ethan climbed astride my thighs, and Donny sat up to point the flashlight at my middle. I kept stroking, and wondered if my balls jiggled when I stroked like Donny’s had done. In answer to my wondering, I felt their fingers on my balls. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

“Your balls are smaller than Donny’s,” Ethan told me.

“He’s almost twelve,” I pointed out. “Mine are gonna grow.”

The two of them lifted my dick, and I grimaced when Ethan jabbed the end of the ruler into the skin at the base of my dick.

“You’re pushing it into him,” Donny objected.

“Exact same as you,” Ethan told him, leaning closer to my dick. “Five inches.”

“It’s not five inches,” Donny impatiently said. “It’s like, four and a half.”

“Four and three quarters.”


Ethan laid the ruler aside and closed his hand around my dick. “It’s almost as thick as yours, too.”

He stroked my cock.

“Oh,” I murmured, lifting my head to watch. “That does feel good.”

But Ethan stopped, and sitting back on my thighs, he held the ruler to his own dick.

“Mine curves, too,” he said, “so it’s at least three and a half.”

“But skinny,” Donny said.

“Not that much skinnier than Jays,” he said, and setting the ruler aside, he scooted his hips forward to press the base of his stiffy at the base of my boner. “See.”

His ballsack rested on mine. As he pressed, his stiffy slid off to the side of my dick and the sensations from our mashed crotches were good. Ethan must have thought so, too, because he rocked his hips, rubbing our dicks between us. It was the most natural thing in the world to clasp the sides of his thighs and rub back up against him.

“What are you doing?” Donny asked, grabbing his dick as he watched us.

“We’re rubbing stiffies,” Ethan told him. “Just like you rub your stiffy on your pillow.”

“Yeah, well I’ve seen you rub yours on your pillow, too.”

Ethan leaned forward for a better angle, onto his hands, planting them on either side of me. He rubbed our stiffies harder. With both of us pumping our hips, our erections poked out from between us and back in like two friendly worms.

“How does it feel?” Donny asked.

“Good,” Ethan told him.

“Yeah, good,” I agreed.

Ethan lay completely down on me, pressing his belly to mine and grabbing my shoulders. I wrapped my arms over his back and he straightened out his legs along the outsides of mine. The sides of our faces brushed lightly as our pelvises pumped against one another.

Even if you’re only eleven, the first time another naked boy lies down on you, even if he is only nine, it is something you never forget. All that skin on skin, everywhere at once, was exciting; and Ethan’s skin was smooth and warm. His breath smelled of toothpaste and boy. The weight of his body on mine was intimate in a way that only two boys can be intimate.

Ethan and I held onto one another and rubbed our stiffies between us. Ethan pressed his cheek against mine and rubbed that, too.

“I wanna try it,” Donny said, nudging Ethan.

Ethan ignored him.

“C’mon,” Donny insisted. “He’s my friend.”

“He’s my friend, too,” Ethan told him.

I wasn’t thinking a whole lot at that moment; I was simply enjoying. But I did wonder briefly, what Donny’s thicker cock would feel like, rubbing with me.

“Now!” Donny said, shoving Ethan’s ribs.

“It’s not fair,” Ethan complained, getting up off me.

For a moment, I felt naked without Ethan on top of me, and cheated, but then Donny threw a knee over my legs, preparing to take Ethan’s place, and I glanced down at his thick dick pointing at me.

The flashlight was still on, lying on the bed beside us, and in its light, Donny’s skin looked just as warm and smooth as his brother’s had. His dick wagged under his belly as he stretched up over me. The sight of it excited me. The balls that settled onto mine, as he lowered himself onto me, had weight and warmth.

Like his brother before him, Donny grabbed my shoulders and relaxed onto me, stretching his legs out along the outsides of mine. His dick did feel thicker between our bellies. His belly was tighter, and his body was more solid than Ethan’s. I felt firm muscles in his back. He humped more firmly than Ethan had, and I could feel Donny’s muscles work as I slid my hands down his back and onto his butt.

When Ethan and I were humping, it was like two boys rubbing. Donny was stronger and more nearly-teenage male. His thrusts sent shocks of pleasure up from between my legs. I pressed the side of my face to his and held his butt, feeling it flex. I rubbed my cheek against his, and his scent which was a lot like Ethan’s, but different, filled my nostrils. A strong thrust of his forced a quiet grunt from me; and then another.

I felt fingers on my balls, and though I couldn’t see, I knew that Ethan was feeling us up between Donny’s legs. Feelings stirred down there that I had never felt before.

“Roll over,” Ethan said. “Put Jay on top so I can rub on him, too.”

“Does it feel good on the bottom?” Donny asked in a thick voice at my ear.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

Holding onto each other, we struggled through a roll that put me on top. My legs stayed between Donny’s and when I was on top, he opened his legs wide for my hips to settle between. Our balls flattened together, and, with the underside of my dick, I felt the hard platform of the tendons between his legs. He grabbed my butt the way I had grabbed his and pulled my pelvis hard between his legs. I wrapped my arms under his shoulders and thrust.

“It feels different on top,” I murmured as I drove freely with my hips and experienced the natural pleasure a guy has thrusting. I remembered, though, how good Donny’s thrusts felt between my legs, and I tried to do the same. I ground our balls and the undersides of our cocks firmly together.

Ethan wasn’t about to be left out, though. He straddled the backs of my thighs, and I stopped long enough for him to lie down onto my back. He laid his stiffy in the crevice between my butt cheeks and grabbed the backs of my shoulders. He rubbed his stiffy in my buttcrack, and it rubbed over my butthole. That felt good, and I lifted my hips so the underside of his stiffy would rub on my butthole more firmly.

Ethan rubbed firmly, alright, and it felt good to both of us – I could tell it felt good for him because of the way he pulled on my shoulders and pressed his forehead at the top of my spine with soft grunts.

When I started pumping my own hips again, rubbing against Donny, my butt cheeks squeezed Ethan’s stiffy between them; another pleasant sensation. I groaned in Donny’s ear.

Ethan hung onto my back, rapidly rubbing his cock in my butt crack while I rubbed boners with Donny. My body became a storm of overwhelming sensations, particularly down in my genitals. I didn’t know it, but the churning sensations in my young balls were building to my first, dry orgasm.

Donny still had a grip on my bottom. He had opened his legs as wide as they’d go and angled his pelvis up for me to rub on, tugging at my butt as he rubbed up against me, building speed and force.

I didn’t know about orgasms, much less that Donny or I could have one. But when he began groaning and arching back and pulling hard at my bottom, I knew exactly what sensations were building inside him because they were building inside me, too.

Our breath sounded ragged in each other’s ears, and our groans were like little whales groaning back and forth their pleasure to one another. In a world of his own, Ethan, whimpering loudly behind my ear, squeezed my legs between his and rubbed the underside of his dick furiously over my sensitive anus.

I stifled a cry into a high hum.

My head was swimming, and my eleven-year-old hips were rabbit-thrusting with a will of their own. That seemed to set Donny off and he lifted his pelvis up for me to rub on, balls to balls. That lifted my butt under Ethan and he ground the underside of his cock against my anus. I had sensations I didn’t know I was capable of, and like dry orgasms can do at that age, mine carried me on a crest for endless seconds before it passed under me and I collapsed with shuddering aftershocks onto Donny.

Ethan kept going and his rubbing of my butthole continued to feel pleasant. Donny and I simply held each other, out bellies heaving with our breath. He reached to the side and turned off the flashlight. The sudden darkness heightened the sensations from the press of our naked bodies.

Ethan finally slowed, rubbing the side of his face against the top of my back.

“I think,” Donny said, catching his breath, “I think we just had sex.”

“Oh, wow,” I murmured.

The thing is, at eleven, one dry orgasm doesn’t always make a hard-on go away. Donny and I both stayed hard, and we resumed an easy rubbing of our hard-ons between us. Ethan, draped on my back, became limp and warm like a blanket.

“It feels really good,” Donny whispered, stating the obvious.


“Wanna see if we can have sex again?” he asked. I knew what he meant. He was asking if I wanted to try again for the feelings. We’d learn later to call them climaxes or orgasms. For now, it was “having sex”.

“Yeah,” I told him.

We rubbed harder. I got up on my elbows, lifting Ethan on my back, to put more weight at our middles. Donny felt along my sides with his fingers and down along the sides of my butt, still flattened by Ethan’s weight. He was enjoying how I felt to him. I liked that.

Ethan’s willie had grown soft and I felt it when I squeezed my butt cheeks. Actually, it felt good, even soft.

Donny and I rubbed for a long time, but didn’t “have sex” again that night; that is, we didn’t have another dry orgasm.

At some point, I feel asleep on Donny, just like Ethan had on me.


Born Gay – Ethan will complete part 2



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