Jack Edwards

Born Gay - Ethan

That Donny, Ethan and I had discovered something exciting – something we were going to do again -- went without question. It also went without question that we couldn’t tell anybody about what we were up to. No problem. And it wasn’t much of a problem to get chances to be alone to do it again.

Our school was only a few blocks from our homes, and we made it to Donny’s house after school every day two to three hours before his mom got home. We’d go back to their room, strip, and rub stiffies. With Donny and me being only eleven and Ethan being only nine, none of us could shoot cum yet, and so, we didn’t experience the let down and regrets that early teens sometimes have after shooting their wad. Preteens just don’t come down after a dry orgasm the same way; at least we didn’t. We were often ready to go again, immediately. Especially for Donny and me, it could take two, and once three, dry cums before our stiffies would go down.

At first, we sexed just like we did the first night. We didn’t know it was called frottage; we simply called it rubbing. Except, it was better in daylight, in a lot of ways. For one thing, we could see each other.

I imagine that a lot of kids experimenting with sex at such an early age are pretty awkward and jerky, and we started that way. But once we got past the newness of the whole thing and relaxed into it, we took to it naturally, like the little athletes preteens often are.

When we rubbed stiffies in ways that felt good to us, our little hips rocked and circled our butts in ways that were hot to watch when we were odd man out, or when we did it on the floor in front of the mirrored closet doors in their parent’s bedroom. We looked just like kids fucking pillows have always looked, and we turned each other on.

We experimented with different ways to position three boys’ bodies for rubbing. We came up with a surprising number of pleasurable variations – pleasurable to see as well as feel. When Donny lay on top of me in the opposite direction, so that our dicks rubbed one another’s chest in counter rhythm, the sight of his smooth, white butt circling, his muscles flexing, and his scrotum puddled on my sternum made everything better.

I discovered that I liked rubbing my cock in Ethan’s little butt crevice, especially when I could push up on my hands and match the circling of my hips with his, and watch my boner poke up from his buttcrack with each little circle.

My favorite position, though, remained belly to belly and face to face with Donny. Nothing was better than that.

Christmas came. My mom promised Mrs. Kline that she’d keep tabs on Donny, Ethan, and me. Christmas was on a Monday. Tuesday morning, when Donny and Ethan showed up at my house, we told my mom that we were going to go back over to Donny’s and Ethan’s to play with the stuff they’d gotten for Christmas. They had a key.

On the way, Ethan found a broom handle someone had tossed into the alley. He held it up from his crotch as if it was a ridiculously long erection. We laughed, of course, as boys do at that sort of thing, and since it was a really old broom handle, Donny was able to bust it in three, roughly equal pieces. We held them at our crotches and sword fought down the alley as if fighting with our dicks.

At their house, we stripped and did some nasty dancing – the kind of nasty dancing that preteen boys do uniquely well. The three of us formed a line with Ethan in the front, me behind him, and Donny behind me. Cocks rubbing butts, we danced through the empty house holding on to each other and laughing.

When we got to their room, Ethan pulled me to the floor and we rubbed dicks while Donny rubbed his dick in my buttcrack. After we had our dry orgasms, we stayed naked, and I played chess with Donny using his new chessboard. We played on the floor on our stomachs, and Ethan lay on my back, the point of his chin digging into the back of my shoulder.

He hugged on me and wiggled on my butt. I could tell that he was bored. When he got another stiffy, he crawled up my back and rubbed it between my shoulder blades. I basically ignored him and tried to concentrate on the game, but felt my own dick stir.

Ethan climbed around on my shoulders, and giggling, he tried sliding his stiffy across my mouth.

“Ee-yew!” I said, turning my head away.

That didn’t deter Ethan. He kept trying to poke around at my mouth until I growled and snapped my teeth at his cock.

Squealing, he fell away. A moment later, he was back, trying again. I growled and snapped again, and he dodged away laughing once more. The third time he tried it, I caught his stiffy in my mouth and held onto it, growling. Howling hysterically, he started to pull away, but I grabbed his hips and hung on, keeping his stiffy in my mouth.

Annoyed, Donny slid the chessboard out of the way before we could mess up the game. Ethan dragged me along as he squirmed backward.

We had heard the term, “cocksucker”, before, and “blow job” and “giving head”, but we only had a vague idea what that was all about. However, with Ethan trying to get away and me holding his hips and clamping on to his dick with my mouth, I got the idea pretty quickly. Having a stiffy in my mouth was another sexy thing to like. It was just real natural to start sucking on his soft-skinned little rod.

Ethan quit squirming, and I felt his hands on the back of my head. I started going, “Umm, umm,” as I sucked on his stiffy, mainly for fun, but then I kept saying, “Umm, umm,” because I felt like saying, “Umm, umm.” I enjoyed it.

At nine, Ethan didn’t have much of a smell or taste, other than a boy’s skin smell and a boy piss smell; which was a lot different than a girl piss smell – I knew that from having two little sisters. Donny, Ethan, and I were circumcised and pretty clean.

Ethan’s little hips started to pump. I was swallowing saliva while I sucked, and it happened that I swallowed when he pumped and I sorta swallowed his stiffy. My nose was suddenly in his belly and my lips pressed the skin around the base of his dick. So in the first few moments of my first dick sucking experience, I had learned to deep-throat; at least, that is, deep-throat a three and a half inch stiffy.

That’s when Donny surprised me. He tugged up at my hip, twisting my hips up onto the side. A moment later, I felt his mouth close over my boner.

An eleven-almost-twelve-year-old’s mouth is about like anyone else’s, I guess, but it didn’t feel like anything I’d ever felt before… wet, tongue, lips, even teeth.

I lifted my mouth from Ethan’s dick. “Suck it,” I encouraged, resting the side of my face in Ethan’s lap, “like you’re sucking a finger.”

Donny sucked, and I felt his tongue work forward and back under my dick. I moaned. I pumped my hips the way Ethan had done, and when I did, I felt my dick slide inside Donny’s mouth and over his tongue. I even felt his teeth a little, but not badly; it would take us a few tries to get the teeth thing worked out.

I returned to sucking Ethan. Donny got the hang of sucking my dick almost as fast as I had Ethan’s. He stopped long enough to tell Ethan to suck his dick, and the three of us adjusted to a triangular three-way suck. I missed Ethan holding my head, though. I missed the feelings of how it was just him and me when we started.

But I did like having my dick sucked, and it wasn’t long before I had a dry orgasm, and then Ethan did. He rolled away from me, pulling his dick from my mouth, and he rolled away from Donny’s dick. Donny had kept sucking on me, though, so I shifted over and sucked on his at the same time.

His bigger cock provided a different set of sensations and his bigger balls provided more of interest to look at and play with. I gagged once, but then managed to get his dick down my throat.

Donny pulled off my cock, and holding it at the base, looked down his body at me. “How are you doing that?” he asked. “How are you getting it all into your mouth?”

“I don’t know; I do like I’m gonna swallow it,” I told him.

He tried, gagged, and went back to sucking as much as he could get into his mouth without choking.

Donny came, but we kept sucking. It was one of those times that one dry orgasm didn’t make our erections go away. We slowed down and experimented. We felt over the smooth, soft skin of each other’s hips and thighs, and rubbed fingers in the creases of one another’s legs and behind one another’s balls. We weren’t passionate or anything. But we were, perhaps, intimate and fond. I had a “good ol’ Donny” feeling in my heart, and he acted like he had a “good ol’ Jay” feeling.

The next morning, Donny and I were back in my favorite position; belly to belly on the floor with me on top, rubbing stiffies. Sucking dicks had been fun, and we talked about doing it again, later. But I think guys tend to like what they first start out with, sexually, and we had started weeks earlier with rubbing, and we liked it a lot.

Donny and I had just grabbed onto each other and had started grinding dicks when I was distracted by something Ethan was doing. He had a jar of Vaseline, and he put some of it on his stiffy before moving up behind me.

“I’m gonna give Jay and enema with my stiffy,” Ethan announced.

I had no idea what an enema was. I thought he was just going to lay down on me, so I stopped rubbing stiffies with Donny to give Ethan a chance to climb on, when I felt him open my butt cheeks with his fingers.

“What’s an enema?” I asked Donny.

Before he could answer, my eyes bulged out and my mouth dropped in surprise because Ethan had stuck his slippery dick up my butt.

Donny burst out laughing.

I wasn’t laughing, though. I wasn’t even breathing. I was adjusting to having most of a three-and-a-half inch stiffy up my butt.

“Don’tcha know what an enema is?” Donny asked, then laughed again.

I shook my head.

“When you get constipated,” he said, pronouncing ‘constipated’ as if he didn’t expect me to know what it was – I didn’t. “That’s when you can’t go to the bathroom,” he said. “They give you an enema. They have this long plastic thing they put Vaseline on and stick it up your butt and then squirt water up inside you. It makes you shit. Ethan ate too much on Christmas and they gave him an enema Christmas night.”

I pushed up on my hands and twisted to look back over my shoulder. “You better not be planning to piss up my butt, Ethan!” I warned.

His eyes went wide. “I’m not gonna piss up your butt.” He drove in with his hips and wiggled his stiffy around inside my butt. “I just wanted to do this. Does it feel good?”

I considered it and nodded. “Yeah, I guess… yeah, it does feel good.”

Ethan leaned close to my ear. “It feels good to me, too,” he said, quietly. He wrapped his arms around my chest and pressed his forehead to the back of my shoulder, and started, driving his stiffy up inside me.

“Oh,” I said, my eyes drooping. “That feels good.”

Donny pulled me back down onto him, belly to belly and slid his hands over the back of my shoulders and neck; feeling me the way we had begun feeling over one another when we sexed.

I pressed the side of my face to his and hung onto his shoulders. Every time I thrust my hips to grind dicks with Donny, my butthole tightened pleasantly around Ethan’s stiffy, and, inside me, his stiffy rubbed places that felt really good.

“What Ethan’s doing,” I murmured at Donny’s ear, “it feels good.”



Ethan grabbed my shoulders and slid his body up and down my back. Each time he pulled himself up my back, it drove his stiffy up my butt, and then angled it down inside me. That felt really good.

I pushed up on my hands and started sliding my butt down when Ethan slid his body up, banging us together more firmly. Under me, Donny planted his feet, lifting his pelvis so that when I backed to meet Ethan, Donny’s and my dicks rubbed firmly and our balls pressed. We grew quiet in concentration and punctuated the silence with quiet grunts from thrusts and collisions.

Ethan experimented with grinding his stiffy around inside me. I experimented with wiggling my butt back against him. And everything I did, moving under Ethan, also moved me against Donny. Their pelvises squeezed me solidly, front and back.

Three simultaneous bangs from the two of them, banging me between them, triggered the most intense dry orgasm of my young sex life, and their continued banging made it a long one.

It left me breathless and shaky, up on my arms, so I collapsed onto Donny; groaning loudly as Ethan continued to skewer my backside and Donny rubbed up hard against me, wanting to bring himself off.

“Wait! Wait!” I gasped. I lifted my head to look Donny in the eye. “We gotta roll so you can see what it feels like,” I told him.

Donny’s brow furrowed as he thought about it, then he nodded. “Okay. Get off, Ethan,” he said.

Ethan pulled out reluctantly and backed up while Donny and I rolled, putting Donny on top. We had barely settled when Ethan climbed right back on and guided his stiffy up his older brother’s butt.

Donny’s head jerked up. “Ow! You shoulda put more Vaseline on!”

“Sorry,” Ethan said, giving me an “Oops!” look over Donny’s shoulder that made me giggle.

Donny’s brow knitted and he worked his hips around, adjusting to Ethan’s stiffy. Then he hugged onto me again.

“Okay,” he murmured, and he started rubbing his boner beside mine.

Ethan put his head down, and started humping again, and I could feel his thrusts through Donny.

“This is great,” Ethan mumbled. “I’ve had sex twice so far, already.”

“Having sex” was what we called having a dry orgasm; we didn’t know better. What he said made me think I might want to try what Ethan was doing for myself. And I wanted to try it on Ethan because I got turned on by his little butt.

I never got soft, and I rubbed up against Donny, both to make it feel good for him like it had for me, and because it felt good to do it. It didn’t take Donny long to ‘have sex’, groaning and squirming as loudly as I had.

“My turn to try what Ethan’s doing,” I said, even as Donny continued to groan and a shudder ran through his body. “I wanna give Ethan an enema,” I announced.

I had a schoolyard understanding of the terms “cornholing” and “anal sex,” and I figured that’s what Ethan was doing, but I called it “giving an enema” just like he had, because I wanted to do exactly what Ethan was doing.

I squirmed out from under Donny and retrieved the jar of Vaseline. Ethan continued grinding around in Donny’s butt, and my boner got even harder as I watched his white little bottom gyrate. I applied what proved to be an overly liberal amount of Vaseline to my dick. I rubbed the extra off on my stomach and moved up astride the backs of their legs on my knees.

Sitting back onto the backs of their thighs, I opened Ethan’s firm little butt cheeks with the heels of my hands. His little pucker was pink and soft-looking. I went up on my knees to put the end of my cock on it. And then I leaned forward and watched in fascination as the head of my cock slipped inside, as easy as that. I pushed in until my loins flattened his butt, and I felt the entire length of my boner inside him.

I remember being surprised by the ring of his sphincter as it slid down my cock and squeezed the base of it, and by the warmth inside him. I remember the sight and feel of his firm little butt flattened under my loins and the feeling when my skin stretched on my dick as I pressed all the way in.

I lay down onto him and hugged him and Donny under him, and then I did what every boy does naturally when he’s stuck his dick into someone or something. I fucked. I fucked Ethan, and it was awesome.

I pumped. I circled. I wiggled. I tried everything my hips could do, and I found pleasure in it all. I managed to wrap my arms between Ethan’s stomach and chest and Donny’s back. I hugged onto Ethan’s smaller body and felt a sudden, but genuine fondness for my little sex partner.

His skin was soft and warm. His butt was firm. I already liked his scent, and associated it with the things we did. His body fit mine perfectly and comfortably. I nuzzled the back of his neck. I sucked on his skin. Ethan pressed up on his arms under me. He wiggled and bucked his butt. He seemed to enjoy a stiffy up his butt as much as I did, and he was totally uninhibited in his enjoyment. His movements added to my pleasure and encouraged me to move however I wanted.

We were young and it was a unique experience that I’ll always treasure. I look back on that morning as the moment when Ethan and I began to feel differently about each other.

I wanted to go forever, but soon had a dry orgasm, and when it was over, I was pretty well done.

Donny wasn’t, though. He wanted to try “giving an enema”, too. He got out from under us and pulled me up onto my hands and knees.

“I’m gonna enema Jay,” he announced.

Though I’d lost my erection, I remembered how good Ethan’s motions felt to me, and once Donny’s dick was up my butt, I banged and ground back against Donny to make him feel good the way Ethan had done me. It felt good anyway, and Donny seemed to enjoy it. He came quickly enough.

In the space of two days, Ethan had expanded our sexual repertoire orally and anally, and it seemed, exponentially. Now, there were many things to try in countless positions. Most times, we tried them with boyish fun, imagination, and a sense of exploration. I don’t believe any of us struggled with guilt over what we did. Though our parents were church goers, they were pretty open-minded in how they raised us; not that they knew, of course. I simply mean that we never worried much about the right or wrongness of the things we tried out.

If any of the three of us felt guilty, it was brief and at odd times. When we were together, we simply had fun. And though our holidays that year were full of many activities, during those three weeks, we managed to sex most days, and every day was different.

School resumed. Ethan, Donny, and I walked to school together. Ethan hung around with us at lunch and whenever he could. We walked home together, and Ethan often rested his hand on my back or shoulder. Often, I put my arm over his shoulders. We were feeling more connected. Donny, not to be left out, often put his arm over my shoulders.

Sometimes it was difficult to shake off our other friends, and we didn’t get to sex every day. We still managed, and in subtle ways, day by day, Ethan and I focused slightly more on each other than on Donny.

It wasn’t that we left Donny out; not at all; especially when sexing. But Ethan and I grew conscious of each other in a way that the closest of best friends do. We gave each other knowing looks and winks during conversations with parents or other kids. And when we were sexing, we had fun ways of doing things to each other; little things to make sexing more fun, or tease, or feel even better.

Partly, Ethan and I bonded. I really liked the little guy. But also, simply put, Ethan and I were a little more uninhibited in sex than Donny, and we liked sexing together with nine and eleven-year-old abandon. We liked all the feelings we gave each other, and we just didn’t hold back… at all.

Three things happened that winter and spring which I particularly remember. The first was on a sleepover at Donny and Ethan’s house. We had been sleeping over every week or two. The night I’m remembering, Mrs. Kline had suggested making a pallet for me on the floor between Donny and Ethan’s beds.

“Donny just turned twelve,” she pointed out. “You boys are growing taller, and you’re getting too big to share a twin bed.”

“Make it big enough for all of us,” Ethan insisted. “We’ll camp out together on the floor.” Behind his mother’s back, Ethan gave me a knowing wink.

His mom humored us and made the pallet big enough for three. Later, after we told Coach and Mrs. Kline good night, we locked the door to the bedroom as we had begun doing. Then we wrestled and tickled, shushing each other, until Donny managed to get his dick up my butt. I was on my side. Ethan latched on to my dick with his mouth and spun his body around to shove his stiffy at my mouth. We sucked each other while Donny pounded my bottom.

We grew quiet except for murmured “Umm”s. I froze when I thought I heard someone walk past their doorway, which was unusual because their parents’ room was the first off the hallway. Donny and Ethan didn’t seem to notice, and I decided that I had imagined it, especially since what the two of them were doing felt so good I wanted to get back to concentrating on it.

Much later, after we had been sleeping a while, I heard the lock on their door click off and the door open -- the pallet we were sleeping on wasn’t that soft and I had been about to roll over. I didn’t, though. I kept my eyes closed, pretending to sleep.

Under the blanket, the three of us were naked and spooned behind one another on our sides. Donny was pressed behind me from the waist down. I had been hugging Ethan’s back to my belly in my sleep like he was a little stuffed animal. His butt was in my lap and we were completely nested.

I felt the blanket lift from us, all the way down to our feet. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help tensing, waiting for all hell to break loose. But nothing happened for endless seconds. The blanket was laid back down over us, and whoever it was stepped to the door. I opened my eyes a slit in time to see Coach Kline’s back as he closed the door behind him.

I clutched Ethan to me and buried my face in the pillow behind his head. I shook, and it took ages to fall back asleep. The next morning, I didn’t wake until Donny and Ethan were both already awake and gone from the room.

For a moment, I hoped that I had only dreamed about what happened, but I knew it hadn’t been a dream. I pulled on shorts and went out to the kitchen to find that Coach Kline had already left the house. Mrs. Kline acted completely normally. So did Donny and Ethan.

Nothing came of it, or so it seemed at that time. I said nothing about it to Donny or Ethan.

I couldn’t avoid seeing Coach Kline at church the next day, though I tried to avoid him. He came up behind me when I was standing with my family, waiting to go home. I felt his hand on my back.

“Hi, Jay,” he said in his normal, friendly manner. “Have you seen where Donny and Ethan have gotten off to?”

“No, sir,” I said in a squeaky voice.

He smiled and gave my shoulder a squeeze. “Are you going to watch the Maverick’s game this afternoon?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I guess.”

“Well, feel free to come over,” he said. “I’m sure the boys will be watching it.”

He started talking to my dad then, his hand still on my shoulder, and I stood in a state of confusion. He acted like nothing had happened.

I remained nervous around Coach Kline for weeks. We slept over at my house the next couple of times because I was afraid of trying their house again. When we finally did sleep over again at Donny’s and Ethan’s, I tried to stay awake, but if Coach Kline came back into the room again, I didn’t know it. As far as I knew, neither he or his wife ever came into Donny’s and Ethan’s room again at night.

We had a couple of close calls in the afternoons; coming home to their house to find Coach Kline or Mrs. Kline already there, or hearing them come home while we were sexing and scrambling to dress before they came inside. We also had a couple of close calls with friends nearly catching us joking or talking about things. And yet, we managed to continue on.

The second thing I particularly remember from that spring happened a couple of months after Donny turned twelve. He shot his first cum.

The first time, it was just a little salty taste in my mouth, because I was sucking him at the time. Two days later, when we sexed again, he shot all over my belly. I lay on my back and the three of us drew fingers through his cum, testing the feel, smell, and then taste.

Then Ethan straddled me and rubbed Donny’s cum around on my belly with his stiffy and balls. It was sort of a celebration.

The third memorable thing that spring was that Ethan and I snuck off to sex alone. It was a few weeks before the end of school; a month or two after Ethan turned ten. I remember that the day was really warm. A bunch of us guys had been hanging out in front of Mike Turner’s house. He had a skateboard ramp and Donny was really into it.

Ethan poked me in the ribs and motioned for me to follow him. Quietly, we slipped away, back past the side of the house.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he said.

We crossed over a block and a half to the Mortensen’s house. Ethan headed for the side gate, and I could guess what he was up to.

The Mortensens were out of town for Spring Break. We knew that because they were paying Ethan to feed their two labs.

As soon as we stepped through the gate, the dogs were all over us. Ethan tried shooing them off, but they didn’t go, so we petted them for awhile until they settled down. Then Ethan turned his back on the two of them and grinned at me. It was time.

The Mortensens had a tall wooden fence around their back yard, and on the side of the yard where we were, it was topped by an overhanging vine. The house next door had no windows on the side. The fence and gate screened us from behind, and a hedge and the Mortensens’ house screened us on the third side. Straight back was a storage shed and a bunch of trees which together blocked any view from houses in back.

Ethan turned his back to me and wiggled his butt. We had sexed together long enough that Ethan’s wiggling butt boned me up almost instantly. I stepped up and grabbed his hips, and we made like we were grind dancing.

The labs lay in the shade of hedge, watching disappointedly. They wanted to play. I thought, “tough shit; Ethan and I are going to boy play,” and I wriggled my eyebrows at them.

Ethan turned to face me, and still dancing, he unfastened his jeans, so I unfastened mine. We pushed our jeans and underwear down to our thighs. His boner pointed up from under his shirt and he wagged it at me, swiveling his hips, so I wagged mine back, chuckling. We stepped together, letting our pants drop to our ankles, and we grabbed one another by the butt, pulling our middles together.

We ground for a while, standing together and squeezing each other’s butt. I slipped a leg between Ethan’s legs for a tighter fit. Our hips seesawed forward and back. Ethan pushed up my shirt and then held his up to press his bare belly against mine, hugging onto me. And then, for a few moments, we simply held each other tightly, with the warm soft skin of our privates pressed to the tops of one another’s legs. And it was very comfortable.

I don’t know how I knew, but I knew that Ethan had been waiting just like I had been, for a chance for the two of us to sex alone. We held each other, not saying a word. I nuzzled Ethan’s slender neck, and he leaned the side of his head against my cheekbone.

He slid his hands around on my backs and sides, feeling over my skin almost possessively. I did the same to him.

Quietly, he turned in my arms and shoved his bare butt back into my naked lap. I took hold of his hips and pressed my erection up his buttcrack. Ethan wiggled his butt back against me and I rubbed my dick up and down his crevice.

We were close to the fence and Ethan waddled to it. I waddled right behind him. He leaned forward to rest his hands on the fence. I spit on my fingers and rubbed it into his butt.

We didn’t need Vaseline any more. We’d gotten used to each other’s dicks up our butts. I slapped spit on my dick and bent my knees to angle up into him. With one hand, I held him by the hips, and with the other, I positioned my crown on his pucker and then slowly straightened my legs. My dick slipped up into him. I took his hips in both hands and eased my dick all the way up inside him until my loins flattened his butt.

We had standing sex only once before, and not with shirts on. The shirts added something, actually. For one thing, Ethan’s little butt looked sexy, at least to me, flattened in my lap and all bare below his shirt. And when I ran my hands under his shirt; all up his back and over his stomach and chest, it was different in a boyish, sexy way. Our pants around our ankles added to the adventurous feel of the moment.

I hugged Ethan and ground my boner around inside him. He pressed back, savoring the sensations as much as me. Reaching down between his legs with both hands, I cupped his balls with the fingers of one hand and played with his dick with the fingers of my other.

For a while, we stayed that way, with me pressed inside him and him pushing back while I played between his legs. We didn’t have the passion that would come in our teen years, but we enjoyed our sexing, nonetheless; the contact, the brotherly intimacy, the naughty and pleasurable fondling, the joined togetherness.

I wrapped my arms around his chest and belly, hugging on to him, and started to pump; sliding his tightness up and down my shaft. He raised and lowered his bottom against me, working the angle to make it feel good for him. We could do whatever we wanted with each other, to make it feel good.

After a while, I straightened up and grabbed his hips to bang him. He bumped back. We worked against each other, banging or rubbing up and down, alternately; sliding in and out.

A ten-year-old, fucking himself on your dick can be awfully arousing. So can running your hands up and down his slender sides and over his smaller body and watching your dick appear and disappear back inside him. I grabbed on and pumped faster. We banged harder.

Soon, a dry orgasm rose high in me and passed pleasantly. I could have kept going, but I wanted to give Ethan a turn, and I wanted to feel his dick up my butt. I pulled out and dropped to all-fours on the ground.

Waddling with his jeans around his ankles, Ethan got behind me, tried positioning, but finally had to kick loose of the jeans before he could squat with a knee on either side of me and push his spit-slicked stiffy up my butt.

I swayed my back and wiggled my butt, working him around inside me. For awhile, Ethan simply held my hips and screwed all around inside, any way he could. But then he shoved up my shirt and folded his body over mine to hug on and bang my bottom and squeeze on my boner.

His hugging onto me felt good. So did his banging. So did his squeezing.

I sat back into his lap, which sat him back on my jeans, stretched between my ankles. We did the frog thing, with me sitting back with my bottom between his legs, working my butt while he held my shoulders and pumped. We seesawed again; my butt forward and back, and his pelvis up and down.

We were quiet; concentrating. The two labs watched, looking interested. A mockingbird landed in the vine above our heads and sang, then flew off. We could hear other kids in the neighborhood. It was dreamy. I ground my bottom in Ethan’s lap and he worked his stiffy inside me; and the afternoon seemed really perfect, somehow.

Ethan strained and did some whimpering. Then he patted my back.

“I’m done,” he said.

I sat back in his lap for a last, enjoyable moment before easing off his stiffy and back onto all-fours. Ethan got up and pulled his jeans back on. I pulled mine up and fastened them, and then sat down with my back to the fence to rub my butt on the ground and get things to close up and feel tight again. Ethan took a seat on the ground beside me and laid a hand companionably on my thigh. He smiled at me, and his eyes were sky blue in the reflected sunlight. I smiled back and laid a hand on his thigh.

“I liked that,” he said. “I wanna do it that way again.”

“I wanna suck dicks with you, next time,” I said. I liked holding his hips and sucking the fool out of his stiffy, and when he sucked mine, he was like a kid with an ice cream cone. I wanted to do a sixty-nine outside like we were; just Ethan and me.

He nodded. It was understood there would be a next time for him and me alone.

“But we can’t leave Donny out all the time,” I said.

“No,” Ethan agreed. Then he grinned. “But he’s not as good at sexing as we are.”

I grinned back. “We got talent.”

“Rock star talent,” he agreed.

“NFL great talent,” I added.

“Like Michael Jordans of sexing,” he said with a laugh.

And then I kissed him. Because he looked happy and cute and I’d thought about it before, and I’d never kissed anybody. I just leaned over and kissed him.

When I leaned back, his mouth had dropped and his eyes went big. Then with a giggle, he climbed astride my lap, took my face in both hands, and kissed my lips. His lips were firm. The smell of his breath was familiar and intimate in a best friend kind of way. He kissed me again. And then again and again until I reached up to take his face in my hands, like my face was in his, and I held his lips to mine.

For a long moment, we sat there, mouths pressed and breath washing over one another’s upper lips. Ethan shifted in my lap and our mouths moved against each other. We continued moving them; learning to work a kiss.

“I wanna try it with tongue,” I murmured; my lips brushing his as I spoke. When Ethan pressed his mouth to mine again, our mouths opened, and I stuck my tongue into his.

We were there at least half an hour, kissing with tongue, until our mouths were tired. Finally, Ethan sat back on my thighs and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand because our mouths had gotten wet and sloppy.

I wiped my mouth on my forearm. “Well,” I said, “do you think Donny’s gonna wanna try that?”

“Dunno,” Ethan said. “Bet he won’t like it.”

I shrugged and patted Ethan’s hips between my hands. “I sure do,” I said.

Ethan grinned and stuck his finger into my mouth. I sucked it and stuck a finger into his. He sucked. We grinned around one another’s fingers. Then he leaned forward and our fingers slipped from our mouths and our lips pressed again for another quick round of kissing.


I had a third part for this particular series in mind, and have actually started work on it, but response to the first part was so slim that I may try out another story or two. If I do write the third part, I’ll post it as Born Gay – Frank.


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