Jack Edwards

Okay, since I had this one mostly done anyway, I finished it.

My intention with the Born Gay series was to have a complete story within each part. However, this one grew on me, and this part completes a three-part story which began with the Donny segment.

Even in three sections, I’m going shorter than the story deserves. In this last section, there is a foreshortening a few years in a several-paragraph narrative, which I normally try to avoid. I had to take the story to its proper end, though. Perhaps, someday I’ll develop this into a novelette...

Born Gay - Ethan

Donny was waiting for us at his and Ethan’s house. He was frowning and asked where we’d been.

“Jay and I fed the dogs at the Mortensen’s,” Ethan told him.

Donny’s frown deepened. “Bet you didn’t just feed the dogs.”

“Sure we did,” Ethan told him.

Donny looked at me for confirmation. My eyes, though, were on Donny’s lips; I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. Donny was waiting for an answer, though. So I shrugged.

“We messed around a little,” I confessed, and immediately changed the subject. “Did you hop the ramp?”

At that, Donny broke out into his characteristic grin.

“Dude, I did!”

He launched into an epic narrative of his jump attempts and final successes. For the moment, I’d made him forget about Ethan and me sneaking away, but I figured that he’d be pissed when we did it again – and I knew we would.

In fact, Ethan and I snuck away the next day.

We snuck away in the morning and headed again to the Mortensen’s since they were to be on vacation all week. Ethan hopped onto my back on the way, hugging my shoulders while I carried him piggy-back.

“I wanna get naked this time,” he said. “I wanna kiss, naked.”

As soon as I closed the gate behind us, he was off my back and stripping off his clothes. I followed, and clothes flew in all directions. Then Ethan was against me, belly to belly, boners up between us, his arms around my neck and his grinning face turned up to mine. I wrapped my arms around him and grinned back. He laughed, and I kissed him.

We kissed and rubbed boners. I was taller and Ethan tried crawling up my front. When he wrapped his legs around my waist, I sat down in a patch of clover close to the fence. Ethan clung to my front, and when we settled, we settled on our butts, crotch to crotch, with his legs up over mine.

We played with our dicks and fondled one another’s scrotums, and when I held our boners together, Ethan pumped his hips so our dicks would rub. But he wanted to kiss again and when he pulled on my shoulders and knelt up face to face with me, his boner pressed my stomach. We kissed, and I grabbed him by the butt, pulling his crotch against my stomach.

My boner poked up under him, and it seemed an obvious thing to put spit on my dick and have Ethan sit on it. So I did. Our lips barely parted.

At first, we slobbered in each other’s mouths, and he rubbed his dick around on my stomach which moved my dick around inside him at the same time. With both hands on his butt, I kept him tight against me.

We moved too much to keep kissing, so Ethan hugged my neck and pressed his cheek to mine. He rose and on my cock as he rubbed his boner on my belly. We were really into it when the gate opened.

We jerked around to see Donny standing at the gate. He stepped inside and closed the gate behind him. With a frown, he walked over to us, opening his jeans and pulling down his zipper. He walked right up beside us and pushed his jeans and underwear down. His cock popped up, semi-erect, and he shoved it at our faces.

Knowing that Donny was pissed because we had snuck off without him, Ethan and I grabbed him by the hips and got his boner between our mouths. Even as we took care of Donny, Ethan moved around on my boner, and rubbed his stiffy on my belly.

The two of us mouthed and sucked on Donny’s boner, and I had it down my throat when Donny pulled away and kicked out of his shoes.

“Roll on your sides,” he said, shucking out of his pants and underwear. “I want Jay’s ass.”

He still sounded pissed, and for some reason, the thought of him angrily skewering my butt was a little bit of a turn-on.

Ethan and I tried to roll to the side, but that wasn’t working, partly because of the fence, and instead, we wound up with Ethan on his back, legs up and out, and me on top of him with my hips between his slender thighs. My cock still up his butt. The grass tickled my balls and I figured it would make Ethan’s back itchy, but I liked how tight we were, belly to belly. Ethan got right back into belly-rubbing his stiffy on me.

I wanted a better angle. Going completely flat on him, I reached down with both hands to grab his butt and hold it up to grind into. That put my own butt up in the air, which is what Donny wanted. He was on it in a flash. He shoved his boner up me, roughly, and fell forward onto his hands over my back.

Holding himself up on his hands that way, he started banging. Meanwhile, Ethan hugged me and rubbed his cock up against my belly, and I held Ethan by the butt and ground into him. I decided that we had found a new, seriously good, three-way position. I particularly liked it when it got sweaty and slippery between my butt and Donny’s lap, and we made wet ‘whop’ sounds.

Ethan and I came at almost the same moment, but then, we each had a dick up our butt. Donny didn’t come until a minute or two later. During that time, Ethan and I simply held on to one another and rubbed the sides of our faces. I wanted to kiss him again, but I didn’t know how Donny would react. My mouth was beside Ethan’s ear, so I kissed his ear instead. I tongued it for fun.

Ethan giggled and squirmed and tried to turn his head away, but I kept my mouth on his ear and kept tonguing. Ethan quit giggling and began moaning and squirming under me.

But then Donny finished, spending himself on my butt in more ways than one. He pushed up higher with his hands on my shoulders but kept his dick in my butt.

“No more sneaking off without me,” he said.

“We won’t,” Ethan and I promised at the same time.

He and I, all hugged up belly-to-belly like that, were enjoying one another just fine anyway.

We hosed off Ethan’s back and butt because of grass itch, and wound up having a water fight. The Mortensens had two faucets; one at each back corner of the house. There was a hose on each. We met in the middle, wrestling hoses back and forth from one another and soaking each other good. A neighbor or two might have seen us if they were looking, but we didn’t care.

By the time we had worn ourselves out and dried off in the sun, Donny was happy with me again. He even put his arm over my shoulder as we walked back toward our clothes. I turned to look at him, and our noses almost touched.

“Donny,” I told him, “Ethan and I tried something different.”

His brow furrowed, but he didn’t pull away his arm. “What?” he asked.

“This,” I said, stopping.

I faced him, and I pressed my mouth to his. After only a moment of surprise, he kissed back. I pressed my tongue between his lips, and Donny opened his mouth. I ran my tongue inside.

At twelve and eleven, you don’t kiss another naked boy without getting a hardon. We did, and had our hands all over each other in seconds. Donny liked it, and we did a lot of kissing. Before we were done, I had Donny on his back, legs up, and I fucked him, much like I had Ethan. Donny and I didn’t fit as good. I still made him come, though, and Ethan banged my butt and made me come while I did it.

Ethan and I were good to our word. We didn’t sneak off again; at least the way we had the first couple of times. There were other opportunities to be alone, like when Donny had to go to the doctor or somewhere else with his dad or mom. Actually, I had a couple of times alone with Donny, too. I liked that, too. I guess, looking back on those times alone with Donny, I’d have to call them mellow, because they were. Donny truly was my best friend in ways Ethan and I weren’t, though, if I had thought of calling it love, I loved Ethan more.

Fall came, and junior high football. My mom didn’t want me to play, and I didn’t argue. I’d rather meet Ethan after school every day for sexing, or other play, rather than go to football workouts. Donny, of course, had to play football because of his dad being a coach. I worried about Coach Kline being mad at me for not playing, but when I told him my mom wouldn’t let me, he said nothing more. In fact, he remained as friendly as ever.

It was inevitable that Donny would start becoming better friends with other guys on the football team, just as it was inevitable that Ethan and I would become closer because we sexed alone more. He’d hurry home after elementary school, and I’d hurry to his house after my junior high classes were done, and most days, we sexed. I had turned twelve and was in the mood a lot. My first cum came that fall, into Ethan’s bottom.

I did play basketball. There was no getting out of it, and I enjoyed it. Donny and I became closer again. Sexing became rarer, however. Our practices ran so late that his mom was often home by the time we were.

There was a john at the school which was always empty by the time practice was over and we had showered up. Donny and I sexed there sometimes. Ethan and I only got to sex on weekends and then over the holidays and Spring Break.

But Ethan and I stayed close in our own way, and when summer came, we found that we had gotten even better at sexing. Ethan had turned eleven and I was about to turn thirteen.

One evening that summer, when I was going to be sleeping over at their house and Mrs. Kline was working an emergency late shift, Coach got into a wrestling match with the three of us on the floor. He had no trouble handling all three of us because he was a lean, strong man. He tickled the shit out of me, and I remember looking up into his smiling, happy face, and feeling his strong body over mine, and thinking how lucky Donny and Ethan were to have a dad like him.

Like many teens, I had begun having problems with my dad. My dad worked a lot, and was rarely home. When he was home, he had little interest in me, or any of us for that matter. He was pretty reclusive; and definitely out of shape.

Anyway, that night, Donny and Ethan had already headed for the bedroom, and I was still in the living room with Coach Kline, and I remember a sudden feeling of gratefulness. I’m not sure how I had realized it, but I knew by then that he must have known that his sons and I messed around. I mean, he had caught us sleeping naked together the summer before. He knew and never tried to send me away.

So when that feeling of gratefulness came over me, I paused before heading back to the bedroom, and I turned to Coach Kline.

“I… ” I started, but wasn’t sure what to say. I stumbled on. “I mean… thank you… you know… for letting me be friends with Donny and Ethan.”

He laughed. “Why wouldn’t I let you be friends?”

I shrugged and I felt my face grow scarlet.

Coach smiled gently and leaned forward.

“I’ll tell you something, Jay,” he said quietly. “I had a special friend when I was your age, just like you, Donny, and Ethan are special friends.” He smiled and raised his eyebrows encouragingly. “So I understand, okay?”

I nodded, feeling my face grow even hotter.

His smile became a slight frown. “Maybe you shouldn’t tell Donny and Ethan about that, alright?” he said.

I nodded again, and then, embarrassed, hurried for the bedroom.

After that, that I noticed coach looked at me the way I sometimes looked at other boys and the way I always looked at Ethan. Coach might have done it before, but I only started noticing it.

He was like, almost forty; and when I started getting used to it, I sort of got a kick out of it. I think he knew that, and it amused him. For a while, it became a ‘he knows that I know that he knows’ kind of thing. It was very subtle, though; just a faint smile, occasionally, when no one else was looking.

Otherwise, that next year, things between Donny, Ethan, and me went much like they had the year before. I spent a lot of time in the fall with Ethan, and we sexed with adolescent boy hunger. In the winter and spring, when I was in sports with Donny, he and I banged each other more. Then in the summer, we all sexed… a lot, as well as did other things.

I turned fourteen that summer before high school. Donny had already turned fourteen in the winter and Ethan had turned twelve. Donny had grown interested in Sheila Davis, but when he sexed with Ethan and me, he still got way into it. For my part, my fourteen-year-old heart belonged increasingly to Ethan.

I know guys supposedly get tired of sexing with the same person all the time, but I didn’t; not at that age. And I don’t think Ethan did either. We continued to experiment, but we also had favorite patterns, and, when it was just him and me without Donny, we always seemed to start the same way: Ethan would pull up our shirts and we’d hug belly to belly, and kiss. We’d feel up each other’s chest and back and tweak nipples. We’d reach into pants next, and grab dicks.

Once we were naked, either standing or on our sides, we would kiss and each of us would fondle a nipple or grasp an arm with one hand and use the other hand to cup each other’s crotch. With the heel of that, cupping hand, we would rub the underside of the other’s cock, and with our fingertips, we would rub up behind on another’s balls, on the perineum. We were both sensitive there, and liked it. From that point, we would head wherever the mood took us.

I knew everything he liked, and he knew everything I liked. Doing what the other liked made it more intimate, I guess. It certainly made it good.

And then, the end of my world came.

Dad waited until a Saturday morning at the beginning of August to tell me and my sisters that his job was moving us again; this time to Denver. We were to be there by the beginning of the school year. It was the worst possible Saturday to tell me that; Donny and Ethan were with their mom at their grandparents’ house in Austin for the weekend.

Coach Kline had stayed home to work on playbooks and schedules for the football season. Somehow, I figured he would understand the pain I was feeling, and I needed to tell somebody. So, numbly, I walked over to their house.

“Jay?” Coach said in surprise when he answered the door. “Didn’t you know that Donny and Ethan are at their grandparents?”

I nodded, and my eyes filled with tears.

“What is it, son?” he asked, drawing me in and closing the door behind me.

“We’re moving to Denver!” I blurted out, and tears ran down my cheeks.

“What? Your family? For your dad’s job?”

I nodded.

“Oh,” he said, pulling me into a hug. “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

He wrapped his arms around me, and I took comfort against his strong body. I clung to him, the father of my best friends and the father I wished I had. I clung to him and pressed myself to his body. He wore only shorts and a muscle shirt. I was just in shorts and a t-shirt. I could feel the warmth of his body through our clothes.

He stroked my hair and rubbed my back. I held on, pressing myself into him, and I grew hard. It seemed so natural at the time; I let myself grow hard. He kissed the top of my head, and his hands worked lower on my back. I felt his erection grow against my belly. I rubbed my belly against it.

He grabbed me up under the butt, picking me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and buried my face in his neck. He rocked me in his arms.

My face was still wet and made the side of his neck wet. I hugged his neck hard, and then I felt his lips on the side of my neck.

He carried me back to his bedroom, and laid me down onto his bed on my back. He pushed my shirt up to my armpits and kissed my belly. I felt the light stubble of his beard. He pulled my shirt off over my head without looking at me, and then pressed his lips to my nipples.

Coach kissed and sucked on my nipples and ran his large hands over my body, worshipfully, the way I later found out that older men sometimes do with young boys’ bodies. His hands caressed me, his lips and mouth made love to my chest and belly. He pulled off my shorts and underwear and buried his face between my legs. He licked and tongued and sucked, even taking my balls into his mouth. He expertly sucked my dick, holding off every time I grew close to coming, until finally; he sucked me to a shuddering climax.

I think he would have left it there. He sat up and stroked the sides of my legs and stomach.

“Feel better?” he asked with a smile.

I nodded, dreamily. But I wasn’t done. It didn’t seem right to let it end like that. I sat up and laid a hand on the side of his face, wondering if he would let me kiss him. He smiled gently, and so I did kiss his lips, lightly, and then again.

His mouth opened to mine and we kissed deeply. I knelt up beside him and felt over his hard shoulders with my hands. Keeping my mouth on his, I tugged up his shirt. We pulled it off, and I spent a moment admiring his torso the way young boys sometimes admire a strong, lean man.

I pushed him onto his back and he moved up fully onto the bed. Then I used my mouth and hands on his chest and belly the way he had used his on mine. I marveled at how hard his muscles were and how taut his belly.

He helped me pull his shorts off, and his dick flopped up thick and long on his belly. It was my turn to worship. His dick and balls were beautiful, and I buried my face in them.

I sucked on him some, but that wasn’t what I really wanted. I got his dick good and wet and then tugged on his shoulders, pulling him over on top of me as I rolled to my back.

Coach Kline seemed to know what I wanted. He covered me with his body and kissed me, rubbing his cock between my open legs and alongside my cock. Pausing to reach into a nightstand, he retrieved a tube of KY. He pushed my legs up and lubed my bottom, then his dick. I kept my knees up and out as he set the tube aside and positioned his dick at my bottom.

He pushed in slowly, which I appreciated, because his dick was thicker than Donny’s and Ethan’s. Once he was in, he lay down on me and took me into his arms. He made manly love to me slowly and gently. I reveled in his strength and hard body, but I also wanted to show him that I was good at sex. I hooked my heels behind his legs and rubbed my cock up against his hard belly. I undulated and squirmed under him, and moved his thick erection around inside me.

“Oh, damn!” he murmured, sucking my neck and pumping faster. “Oh, damn, Jay!”

He stayed inside me after he came. He lifted his head dreamily and smiled down at me. He stroked my hair. I remember smiling back and stroking the side of his face, and feeling surprisingly comfortable, all naked with my best friends’ father.

“You can’t ever tell anyone about this,” he said. “You especially can’t tell Donny or Ethan.”

“No, Coach,” I agreed. “I wouldn’t do that.”

He smiled. “You can call me Frank if you want.”

I frowned and shook my head. That didn’t seem right.

His brow knit. “I guess it wouldn’t be good if you accidently called me Frank in public.” His eyes dropped to my lips and he kissed me. He pulled me tightly into his arms and pressed the side of his face to mine. His slight beard felt so different from Ethan and Donny’s smooth faces.

“This won’t happen again,” he told me.

I hugged his neck. “But can I stay here with you today?” I asked.

I felt his dick throb back to life inside my bottom. “Yeah,” he whispered beside my ear.

We sexed again. When we were done, he rolled off to his back and pulled me onto his side. I laid my head on his shoulder and felt through his light chest hair as he stroked my back.

“I haven’t done anything like this since college,” he said, thoughtfully.

I almost said, “We do this sort of thing all the time,” but I didn’t.

“I’ve wondered before,” he said, “if I had been born now, like you boys, if I would have even tried to marry. It would have been too easy to be gay.” He chuckled. “Not good for Donny and Ethan, though. I’m glad for them that I married. I’m glad to have sons.”

His large hand cupped my butt and felt over it. “I see guys naked every day in gym,” he said, “and I never seriously thought about doing anything with any of them. But then I kept seeing your cute little butt around here every day, and I kept imagining what you boys were up to together.” He squeezed my butt. “I never thought this would happen, though.”

He kissed the top of my head. “I’m sorry that your family is moving, Jay, but I would be afraid if you weren’t. I would be afraid that this would happen again.” He drew his finger up my buttcrack. “You’re a beautiful boy.”

“I already love Ethan,” I told him sadly. “And Donny’s my best friend.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said, soothingly. “I’m sorry I brought it up.” He patted my bottom. “Would you like some lunch?”

Coach sent me home after supper. By then I was ready, though I still missed Ethan and Donny. They came home the next afternoon, and I went over right away. I slept over at their house every night for a week and a half. Our parents let us because at the end of that week and a half, my sisters and I were to leave with our mom for Denver.

The last night, Donny, Ethan, and I talked more than normal and sexed less than normal. Donny held my hand as we talked. Ethan lay on my side. I didn’t get teary eyed until the morning, when they walked me home and said good bye.

Donny and Ethan came to Denver between Christmas and New Years, and we took them skiing. I visited them for two weeks the next summer. But then things went the way they so often do when you move as a kid. I gradually lost touch with them.

When I thought of them, I figured they probably had girlfriends and sex with girls, and I figured that they were probably going straight. For my part, I knew I was gay.

In high school, I met other gay guys. There were plenty of them in Denver, and I had a lot of sex. I suppose I grew jaded by it. A lot of sex without love will do that to you, no matter how young you are. That’s true especially if you let guys have sex with you so you can get something from them. Sex with one older guy in particular, got me into modeling. At first, it was only a couple of jobs, and then Target used me in a spread they did in Denver. Suddenly, I had a lot of jobs.

The summer after I graduated from high school, I moved to New York City with the intention of making my fame and fortune through modeling. But before my modeling career had an opportunity to take off, I was picked up by a helluva sugar daddy – he was a top executive in a sports network, and very, very wealthy. He dazzled me.

It was great for a while. My ‘older friend’ treated me more like a companion and younger friend than a mistress or kept boy. I was his ‘nephew’ to everyone. A week after I met him, he took me with him on a trip to Germany. A couple of weeks later, it was Spain.

My modeling fell off, which wasn’t entirely bad. I got away from other models who could only talk about themselves, their portfolios, and their shoots. Over the next two years, I saw a lot of the country, including Hawaii and Alaska (my ‘uncle’ was quite a sportsman). We made trips to Europe, Canada, and Mexico. I met celebrities.

Frankly, a lot of celebrities are as self-absorbed as fashion models, and more bastardly. But there are rich people who are nice, and I met a few. My ‘uncle’ was one. He even took me with him for a month to the Sydney Olympics when he had to go there for his work.

In Sydney, I discovered that there were a surprising number of gay, world-class athletes. It was meeting them – guys my age who were already famous – that convinced me I should get a life of my own. Even before we left to come back to the States, I made up my mind to go to college. I enrolled at NYU that fall and got my degree in broadcast journalism in three, intense years.

Sports journalism wasn’t my thing, so my older friend got me a reporting job with a TV station in Houston. I had just turned twenty-four.

It was a great start; filing on-camera reports almost daily in a major market. I leapt way ahead of my fellow graduates, but it meant leaving my current boyfriend, a sweet French boy named Rafael. By then, though, we were about at the end of our run anyway. I hadn’t been ‘in love’ with anyone in a long time, if ever. I was ready for a fresh start; a new life.

My first few weeks in Houston, I was so busy trying to impress my new bosses that I barely had time to meet other gay guys. I hadn’t even found an apartment; I was staying in the empty home of two friends whose main residence was in New York City.

Then, one night my mom told me in a phone call about her visit the previous week to my grandmother in Austin.

“I stopped in Dallas on the way back,” she told me, “and you’ll never guess who I ran into.”


“Jennifer Kline; Donny and Ethan’s mom.”

“Oh really?”

“And guess what.”


“Ethan lives in Houston. You should look him up. Jennifer gave me his phone number.”

“Houston? Really? What’s he doing here?”

“He’s teaching and working on a PHD in history. Get a pen and paper.”

My notebook and pen were handy. I grabbed them up. “What about Donny?” I asked.

“Oh, Jay, he’s got the cutest little boy! He’s married and he’s a junior high coach. He’s going to be like his dad.”

I smiled at that one.

I wasn’t sure about trying to get in touch with Ethan. What if he was straight? What if he regretted what we had done? What if he blamed me? What if he was an asshole? Or, what if he was gay, but ugly as a butt? What would that do to my memories?

Those memories were the best thing I owned. All through high school, and then modeling, being a ‘nephew, and in college, the time I had with Ethan and Donny, and Frank, too, took on a huge significance for me. The memory of those three idyllic years became a refuge for me, whenever life became hard or shallow. I wanted nothing to spoil them.

However, the decision was made for me the next evening. A phone call came to the station after the six o’clock news.



“This is Ethan Kline,” a young, masculine voice told me. “You remember me?”

“Of course,” I answered in a daze.

He laughed; a good laugh.

“Dude, I never watch the local news,” he said. “I had no idea that you were in town. But my mom called last night to tell me, and I watched your program tonight, and there you were. Dude!”

“Yeah, my mom called me, too. I was going to look you up,” I told him, which might have been true, eventually.

“When do you get off work?” Ethan asked.

“In an hour or so.”

“Have you eaten?”


“Come to my place for supper. I’ll fix you something, and we can talk more comfortably than at a restaurant. Besides, I don’t live that far from you.”

“In Houston? You’re that close already?”

“Yeah, really.”

“I hate to put you out,” I said, though I was warming to the idea of getting together. With a voice like that, Ethan couldn’t be that bad.

“Just get your ass over here. We’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

The apartments were the kind rented by students; inexpensive, but not shabby. His was on the second floor of building three. I adjusted my tie and coat, and with a last deep breath, I rang the doorbell.

Ethan opened the door wearing slacks and a dress shirt, and he was perfect. He was as tall as me, but thinner. It struck me that he looked a little like Wesley Crusher off the old Star Trek NG reruns... slender, long neck; but better than Wesley Crusher, much better. He was Ethan. I recognized him immediately. As soon as he smiled, I knew it was him.

I'd hung with some awfully hot guys, but none of them had a smile like Ethan’s. I felt my own smile spread from ear to ear as I stepped inside and he took my sports jacket. I wanted to hug him I wanted to hug him hard and welcome my boyhood back.

But I restrained myself, while Ethan laid my jacked on the back of a chair and looked me up and down. He shook his head. "I believe it," he said. "Mom said you’re a model. I believe it." He smiled his smile and came closer.

I felt my cock stiffen. Ten years we had been apart; but as he drew near to me, it was like yesterday. Eye to eye, Ethan laid a hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"Damn, it's good to see you," he said. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed the side of his face to mine.

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged. He was as comfortable as home. I felt happy; happy and excited all at the same time. I took a deep breath of him. He had on cologne, but I still recognized his scent.

He chuckled beside my ear and pressed himself to me. He was hard like me.

"You feel happy to see me," he murmured into my neck.

"You have no idea," I said.

We held each other tightly and rocked gently in one another's arms.

"I used to tell Donny," he said, "that if you hadn't moved away, you and I would have fallen in love and lived happily ever after."


"Yes,” he murmured. “I meant it."

I nuzzled his neck. "I used to tell people that the most awesome lover I ever had was when I was a kid and he was another kid named Ethan."

We tightened our embrace.

"Tell me you don't have a partner or boyfriend," he said, rubbing his cheekbone against my ear.

"No one. Do you?"

"Not now," he said. "Not since the moment I saw you on TV."

"Well, then," I said, pressing my mouth to the side of his neck.

"Yeah, well then," he said, and he kissed my neck and my cheek and pulled my head back to smile at me. His eyes dropped to my lips, and he covered my mouth with his. And then, wonderfully, just like when we were kids, he pulled my shirt from my pants and pulled up his own shirt, and we hugged belly to belly.

“No one else here?” I asked, my pulse racing.

“No, just us.” He squeezed my butt through my trousers. “God, I’m glad you’re gay!”

We felt over one another’s chest and back. I reached between us and opened Ethan’s pants and he opened mine. We reached in and grabbed cocks.

“You’ve gotten big,” he murmured.

“So have you.”

He stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt. I pulled off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. We tossed our shirts, kicked off our shoes, shucked our pants and underwear, and stood facing one another with upward jutting erections.

“Damn,” I said, grinning, shaking my head slowly. “You have a treasure trail. I love a treasure trail!” He had a little hair on his legs and a light dusting on his chest. I liked that, too. His cock was thick and as long as mine.

“You’ve got shaved pubes,” he said, grinning. “I like that!” His looked turned achy. “Damn, you’re beautiful!”

We stepped together, grabbing each other by a bicep and reaching down to cup each other’s crotch.

“You remember,” Ethan said, pressing his fingertips firmly up between my legs.

“Every detail,” I told him, doing the same.

He threw his arms around my neck, pressing his mouth hungrily to mine. I wrapped my arms behind the small of his back and pulled his belly to mine.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he murmured. “All this time, I’ve been waiting for you, and I didn’t know it.”

There was a sudden ache in my gut that was so intense that my eyes watered. “I was afraid you changed,” I told him as he sucked the nape of my neck. “I was afraid it would be different.”

We backed to the couch and Ethan pulled me down on top of him. He opened his thighs to my hips and our cocks pressed. We rubbed and kissed, just like we had at the beginning. We moved as naturally as we had then, but with the added sexuality of young men. When we came between our smooth-skinned, taut bellies, we came copiously.

We held each other, and remained hard. I rubbed the side of my face against his.

“We have a lot of catching up to do,” he murmured.

I nodded. “It’s strange. I feel like I’ve come home.”

“You have come home,” he said. “Finally! And we’re going to fall in love, just like we were always supposed to do.”

“Ethan,” I whispered. “We already have.”


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