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The Boy From Bangkok

My dad is with the U.S. government and was recently made chief of security for the U.S Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. My mother also works for the government and was reassigned with dad. We arrived a few days ago and are beginning to get settled in our new home. The houses are a bit different here but ours has all the modern convinces and the area we live in is beautiful. Suneu (sun-nu) Martin is our new mother’s helper. She is Thai but married an American before he was reported missing a year ago on some official assignment the government won’t talk about. They have a son my age that I will get to meet tomorrow. Suneu helped me set up my room today. She has a pleasant personality and we got off to a great start. As we unpacked, I was surprised everything arrived from the states intact. I was more concerned about my stereo and computer than anything else.

In the afternoon dad took mom and me to the Embassy to see their new offices. As we entered, the Ambassador was coming out. He greeted my dad saying you must be Todd Allen, I have heard a lot about you. Thank you sir, I would like to introduce my wife Lisa and son Chad. He shook our hand and wished us a good afternoon. Dad showed us what we civilians are allowed to see then we went to lunch at a Supatra River House across from the magnificent Grand Palace. The drive there was like going into no man’s land. They drive like maniacs and it’s a wonder the cars don’t run over all the bicycles. The food was fantastic and we were able to see a lot of the city as we drove. If there was something I wanted to see dad would always stop. Dad and I over the years have become more like close buds rather than just a father and son relationship. He has always understood my thought process even when I was small.

The next morning I was setting up in my bed trying to wake up as this small creature turned up at my door with a huge smile. Hi I’m Noi, I been waiting days to see you. Hello Noi, I’m Chad. He said yeah, I already know that, he walked into my room and plopped down on the side of my rather low bed. He looked like the picture I had seen of his dad. He had Caucasian features for the most part but his skin tone was a beautiful light golden brown that set him apart from your full blood Thai. His hair was brown but his eyes were green like his dad. His father obviously had the stronger genetics for him to look so much like him. If he is 12 then he took after his mother in being petite. He was about 4’5 to my 5’. All his features were small but he was cute. He was wearing shorts, tee shirt and Nike’s on his small feet. Well Chad are you going to stay in bed all day I have things I want to show you. No, but I’m still trying to get use to the time change. Okay Chad I will let you get dressed then mom has our breakfast ready. Okay I‘ll be there in 10. He took off like a flash of total energy. I got dressed putting on the same mix of clothes as he and went to the kitchen. Good morning Chad. Good morning Suneu. You sleep well. Yes, Suneu I slept very well.

Noi and I ate breakfast then we went to his house, which is just behind ours to get his soccer ball. He took me to meet some of his friends. They were all about our age. We got into a soccer ball game and I found out how fast and tough this little guy was. His footwork was amazing. Of course, our team won. It was well past noon when we returned to my house for lunch. Suneu prepared us sandwiches, which we quickly finished off. Suneu said we smelled like we needed showers so I told Noi to get some clothes and we could shower in my bathroom. With the very high humidity and intense heat, Noi said it seemed you’re always in need of a shower.

When he returned I was undressed except I had my tee shirt half off so my head was covered. As I pulled it over my head there he stood with his mouth wide open. He just stood there for a few moments then said Chad I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to walk in on you. Noi I have played sports at school for several years and been naked in front of many boys. It’s no problem but you got to see me first so now your have to join me. He giggled and said man are you built. I wish I was as big as you and I mean that in every since of the word. I know I’m little and I mean everywhere, so please don’t make jokes about my size. Hoi, I never make fun or jokes about how people look. I consider people ignorant who do. I will say two things, your body may be small but it looks better that most I have seen, and second I love those almost nothing Speedo undies you ware. They only cover what is absolutely necessary. Yeah mom doesn’t like them very much but I like how they feel. He undressed, his small size frame is what made him so beautiful. He was well proportioned, had good leg and arm muscles with the beginning of a six-pack. I guessed his weight at about 80 lbs. What he had between his legs was much more than I expected. He smiled and said thanks for trying to make me feel good about my size. Noi, I meant every word of it, you have a beautiful body. Thanks Chad that makes me feel good. Noi said I see you have been skinned. I looked at him perplexed. Chad, they skinned your dick. Oh, you mean I have been circumcised. Yeah I guess that’s what Americans call it. I turned on the water, as he was looking me over. Noi, if there is anything you want ask about just say so. You and I are going to be spending a lot of time together so lets be comfortable with each other. He smiled and said I think I have seen the important stuff. If I have any question, I will ask.

We got in the shower and I told him to turn around and I would was his back. As I washed him, he said man does that feel good. I went on down to his butt and then all the way under until I touched the backside of his balls. He sighed and said oh, that feels even better. When he turned around, he had a boner that was sticking straight up against his stomach. The thing had to be 4½ “long. He looked down at it, and then at me, he blushed then he giggled. I handed him the washcloth and said here is your chance to get even. He immediately took me up on my offer. He washed my back and down to my balls, then he took hold of them as I drew a deep breath as he massaged them ever so gently. By the time we finished playing we both got a good felt of each other’s privates. It was obvious both of us knew it was common for boys our age to play around with each other so it was all in good fun. We dried each other off and put on fresh clothes. I sat on the side of my bed and Noi joined me.

Chad I appreciate the way you have treated me. I was afraid I would be treated like a servant’s kid. I see how well you and your parents treat mom and I want you to know I appreciate it. Mom said she immediately felt like she would be treated as part of the family. Just now in the bathroom, I realized you were treating me like an equal. Many of the kids here won’t do that because I am half-caucasian. I was very anxious for you to arrive because I was in hopes I could have a close friend. I have friends but none I share my inner thoughts with. Being of mixed blood, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I slid off the bed onto the floor in front of him. Looking up into his eyes, I said, I am your friend. I don’t give a dam about your mixed blood. I like you for you. You are the only boy I ever met and knew at once I was going to like. You just have that exuberant, outgoing niceness about you. His eyes got a bit watery then he reached down and kissed me on the forehead. We both stood up and hugged each other. I had never hugged another boy but it felt good. Noi thanks me for being so direct and said he felt the same about me.

The summer went on as we swam at the embassy pool and used the tennis courts. We played soccer almost every day. As time passed, we became almost inseparable. He told me how much the loss of his dad had affected him and how difficult it had been on his mother. They receive a monthly check from the US government that made it possible for them to barely maintain their standard of living so his mom working gave them any extras. He told me about his desire to be an engineer but knew how impossible that would be in Thailand. He spoke of his love of poetry and how he enjoyed reading and writing poems.

One Saturday evening a few weeks later I stayed up late helping my day put a puzzle to gather. I was just settling in my bed when I heard the door to my room slowly open. I figured it was mom or dad checking on me but in a few moments, I felt my cover mover. As I rolled over to see who it was, I saw Noi’s big eyes full of tears. I pulled my cover back and pulled him in my bed as he hugged me for dear life. We just lay there for a while until I could feel the short sobs stop. Noi, what is wrong, what can I do for you. He said I’m sorry but I have bad dreams about my dad and I won’t upset my mom about them. I was so upset tonight I hoped you would put up with my silly fears. I was never able to say goodbye because his body was never found and some nights it just hurts so much. Noi, your fears are not silly and you can come to me any time. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my dad. I very much doubt I could have held up as well as you while protecting your mother from further hurt by keeping your fears from her. We both fell asleep while holding onto each other.

My parents always let me sleep in during the summer and seldom woke me before they left for work. I had always had someone to look after me while they worked so the routine was natural for us. It was Suneu that came to my door. I woke as she knocked so I got up and opened the door as she said oh he here, this only place think to look for him. I closed the door so Noi could sleep and told Suneu he had come during the night. She asked why. I told her I couldn’t betray his confidence in me by telling her but it was for her benefit he came. She never asked about his coming to my room again as his visit became more frequent, they were seldom about dreams they were about being together.

As the summer was coming to an ended, our birthdays arrived. They were so close mom and dad asked Suneu for her permission to have them together. She quickly agreed so we had a party that started our teen years we would never forget. We had it at the American embassy employees retreat. We invited our entire soccer team along with a couple of old friends of Noi. There was more cake and ice cream than even our team could eat. Someone spiked the drinks and it turned into a blast neither of us would soon forget.

We started school at the Thai-American school. It was a school for diplomats and embassy employees, which included some Thai kids. We became an unbeatable pair on the soccer field. We knew each other so well we could anticipate the others movements. This was becoming the best year of my life. Noi and I continued to play in the shower and got bolder until the water turned cold. We were young and building a world of our own. We had feeling for each other that were coming to light as we continued to define our relationship.

One Saturday evening as we finished a game on the compute and readied for bed Noi sat beside me and read this poem:

My world is before me so perfect. There’s nowhere else I want to be,

Except lying underneath the stars Hand and Hand, You and me.

Nothing could be more right, There’s nowhere else I want to be.

Let’s take a walk through live my love, Hand and hand you and me.

When he finished he looked up at my stunned face. He had just told me he loved me. Chad, it took me a long time to put together and even longer to find the courage to read it to you, but I needed to let you know how I feel. Poems are how I express my inner most feelings. If you don’t feel the same, I will understand. I have given it much thought and realized the bond you and I have built has become my world and hoped desperately it was yours also.

I sat silent and motionless, I had to let it sink in. Then I look up at Noi and said you had the courage to define what I was unable or unwilling to see. Yes Noi I care for you deeply. There is an old American saying. “There are none so blind as he who will not see”. I guess that fits me pretty well. We hugged each other, as we did so we snuggled and kissed into each other’s neck. We then climbed into bed to another part of our private world. We snuggled, hugged and slowly drifted off to the land of dreams so grand.

I woke early, got up, sat at my desk, and looked at this beautiful little creature. He was so small but he was so articulate, strong, bright and courage’s. How could I have been so blind not to understand want was going on between us? There was no escaping the fact I loved him. I eased back in bed but he woke as I did. We just lay there our faces inches apart. Noi asked where I had been. I told him thinking about us. He said oh and what did you decide. I love you Noi Miller. A big smile crossed his face as he moved slightly kissing my lips. Then said I think that’s a decision I can happily live with and giggled as I reached the short distance across his small frame to his crotch and began to rub him and slowly removed his Speedo underwear as he pulled up and opened his legs helping me, I threw the cove off us. He groaned slightly and smiled as I continued to play him. His penis became hard as a rock against his belly. I ask if he had ever masturbated and he softly said no. I told him I hadn’t either but I heard the guys back in the states talk about it. As we spoke, I took hold of his very hard penis and slowly began to stroke it. Soon I could feel some precum leak out and lubricate his uncircumcised foreskin. By now with his mouth close to my ear, I could hear his ever so quiet moans as he began to breathe harder. It took some time but I could tell he was slowly reaching climax. When he came, he shot one small shot on his stomach and then two dribbles that leaked onto my hand. His breathing slowed and he kissed me saying how awesome the feeling had been. I used his underwear to gently clean him.

As the months passed and we got further into the school year, Noi said he could tell his sleeping at my house almost every night was bothering his mother. I told him it was time to talk to my dad about us, and then he could talk to Suneu. One evening after dinner, I ask dad to go for a walk with me. He look a little surprised but quickly agreed. As we walked, I told him about the relationship Noi and I had built. I told him how we felt and the things we did for and with each other. I went on to tell him neither Noi nor I understood it all but we knew we loved each other. He told me our feelings were not uncommon for boys our age and things would no doubt evolve in other directions as we became older. I told him he knew me as well as anyone ever has but I felt deep within this was not a phase. I said it had developed slowly and was not likely to change. He stopped walking and looked at me. He said I see the same strong determination I have seen before in your speech and eyes. I will have to accept what you are telling me is going to last. All I ask is you not distance your self from your mother and me and let us help whenever you see problems arise. I hugged him and let him know how much I appreciated how he had always been able to read my feelings, and gave me room to express them. I asked that he talk with mom and Suneu so they could understand why Noi and I spent so much time together. He said he would take care of it but it would probably be a good idea to spend some time at Noi’s house. His mother probably feels like she was loosing him. I agreed that might be a good idea.

Dad talked to mom and Suneu. They both seemed to accept what we felt. Mom came and talked to me one evening and said she wanted to assure me she would always support me in what I thought was right for me. I told her how much her support meant, she kissed me as she left my room. Noi and I began to spend some weekends and nights at his house. He said he could tell it pleased his mother. On one of the nights we stayed at his home we took our shower and played as usual then went to Noi’s room down the hall with towels wrapped around us. He dropped his as soon as we entered his room and jumped on his bed. He motioned me to come to him so I dropped my towel and got in with him. He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me. He said he had been letting me play with him but he had done nothing for me. He told me he had done a lot of research on the internet and now felt he could give me the feeling I deserved. He pushed me as I slipped slowly on my back. Speaking very low as he usually did in bed he asked if I had masturbated yet. I told him if I had he would have know since we spent all our time together. I’m so sorry Chad I haven’t been fair with you. I let you comfort me but I have done nothing for you and I am ashamed. I have been afraid I would do something wrong and hurt or make you unhappy. Noi, it was you who made me see that we loved each other why would you think I would ever be unhappy with your efforts. Chad, you mean so much to me I was afraid. As tears came to his eyes, I took him in my arms hugging and rubbing his back. In a few moments, he pushed me back on the bed and to my delighted surprise took my penis in his mouth. I became hard instantly. He sucked and rolled his tongue over the sensitive head and with his hand massaged my balls. I had never felt anything like it. It wasn’t very long before I put a few dribbles in his mouth. Oh, man Noi that was one awesome feeling. I didn’t hurt you with my teeth did I? Noi, it was more than I thought it could ever be and your teeth didn’t hurt me. He smiled and kissed me. We had overcome his fears. We sucked each other for hours. When we woke the next morning we were both sore but that wasn’t about to stop us as we did each other one more time before we got up.

It was getting close to the end of school for the summer as Noi and I returned home one afternoon. We had just finished a snack when dad came home. He never came home this early so I new something was up. He told Suneu and Noi to come to the den and asked me to wait in the kitchen. Noi would have none of that he insisted I be with him. We sat down and dad explained to Suneu that her husband had been found in a helicopter wreckage in Laos and his body was being flown back to Bangkok for burial. Noi collapsed in my arms crying his hart out. His mother sat quietly and listened. After a while, Noi walked over and hugged his mother as she took his hand and he sat beside her speaking Thai, which I understood enough of to know they were words of comfort. He came back to me and collapsed in my arms again. I picked him up and carried him to my room where I laid him on my bed. He wouldn’t let go of my hand pulling me down beside him. He buried his face in my chest and cried. He fell asleep that way. I took off his shoes and socks and I spent the night feeling the pain of the boy I loved.

His father was buried with full honors. As the service ended Suneu was presented with the folded American flag that that had draped his casket. Dad took us all home after the service where food had been brought in by the many that had worked with Noi’s dad. Neither Noi nor I ate very much. Noi spent the night with his mother. Noi told me the next day he felt like a huge burden had been lifted from him. He now knew his father was at peace. He had found closure. He never had bad dreams again.

School ended and the hot humid summer had begun. We still played on our soccer team and would always come home drenched in sweat. During this time of year, you took at least two showers a day and many times three. We played so hard at soccer we got in the habit of laying on my bed nude and taking short naps before dinnertime. This is when we took our playing with each other seriously. Everything Noi would do to me was with thought and deliberate intent to make me feel everything. I did the same for him but I knew I would never attain the talent of making love he did.

We both had grown through the year, I was now 5’5, and 110 lbs. Noi was 4’9” and 92 lbs. We had both grown where we at our age we thought was most important. He now measured 5½” and I was 6” even. We were still happy with who we were. Height gave no one advantage over Noi. He was best at soccer the fastest in our age category in karate and could play basketball with the best of them, it was obvious he had built a strong confidence in himself over the year. As we enjoyed the great summer we were having our birthday’s rolled around once again. Mom and dad threw another big party at the embassy employee retreat. We were now 14 and were as happy as we could possibly be. We had fireworks and just like the year before the drinks were spiked and we both were feeling no pain as the party ended.

By the time we returned home much of the effects of the alcohol had worn off as we made our way to my bedroom. We took off all our clothes and crawled in bed. Noi in his usual bedtime whisper said he wanted to do something but I had to agree not to stop him or object once he started. He had me so curious I wasn’t about to object so he told me to roll over on my stomach. I felt him spread my butt checks and then something cold pressed against my butt hole. Then I could feel something cool going inside me. As I looked behind me, I could see Noi putting a cap on a tube. He laid it on the table and then slowly pushed his finger inside me. As I tensed up, he said I had to relax or he couldn’t go on. It took a moment but I finally relaxed as he worked my hole. I knew where we were we headed but I trusted him fully, he would never hurt me. After working me for a while, he straddled my legs and slowly began to push his penis in me. He moved very slowly and deliberately. It was so slow what little discomfort I felt didn’t bother me. Then all at once, I felt the head of his penis pass my sphincter and slip in. He worked slowly and methodically moving in and out with short slow thrust. He slowly rested himself on my back and continued his steady thrust as he kissed my neck and ear. He crossed my prostate several times causing shivers of pleasure to run through my body. The boy was a prow. He had worked all the things we did sex wise out in his head and he knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. The way he worked me made it last for a long time. He whispered in my ear he would withdraw just before he came. I told him no. It would diminish his pleasure as well as mine. I shot on the sheet just as he came in me as he whispered happy birthday my love.

The next day when we finished dinner dad reminded me high school would start in the states in a couple months. My mind went into shock. We had agreed before we left Texas I would return and attend high school and live with my grand parents. Dad could see the shock on my face. Son I know things have change for you since we arrived here. Your mother and I have talked with Suneu. I did some research on Noi’s dad and found his parents live only 30 miles from your grandparents. Suneu never knew Noi had family in the states. It seems his dad left home a couple days after he graduated from high school and his parents never heard from him again. He never mentioned a family to Suneu. She realizes as do we how inseparable you boys have become. She has agreed to let Noi go to the states with you and attend school. She also realizes how much an education from a college in the states could mean to Noi. He would never have that chance here. I spoke to your grandparents and they are now aware of your attachment to each other. They are fixing up the guesthouse by the pool so the two of you will have private quarters. During the summer, you both will come back here. You already know your grandparents have prepaid your college. They also have agreed to see that Noi gets the same education. Because Noi’s dad was an American, he also has citizen ship rights. The folks at the embassy are getting his papers in order, he will be issued and American passport. Dad, Mom I don’t know what to say. You have done so much for me, now this. I can’t let granddad pay for Noi’s education. It was his decision son, you would break his hart if you refused. Your grandparents will love whomever you love and I think you know that. With tears in my eyes, I hugged my parents and thanked them for the wonderful parents they have been. Dad said you need to go talk with Noi.

Noi was on his way to my house as we met in the middle of the yard. He said his mother told him I had something to tell him. I told him we needed to go to my room. We sat on the side of the bed and I told him the entire story. He looked at me in disbelief. I couldn’t possibly accept such a gift from your family. No Noi our family, you know you are considered part of this family and my grandparents feel the same. Dad said if we refused

it would hurt my grandparents greatly. They know about us and we will have our own area to live in. Your mother knows you have little chance for a good education here and she wants you to know your grandparents. Your need to have a long talk with her so she can tell you how she feels. He got up and quietly left. Late that evening I was in bed reading when he returned. He looked at me and said she insist I go, I have no words to describe how much this means to me. You arrived here a year ago and stole my hart now you are giving me a chance at life I never dreamed could happen. Mom wants me to go and I want to go so I guess it’s settled. Mom said there are times a parent shall loose a child in order for them to accept opportunities that come only once. She said when that day comes she will not be sad knowing I have reached far beyond what Bangkok could never offer.

He pulled off his clothes and got in bed. He insisted it was now my turn to have him. Hoi I have never said anything about your size but let’s be realistic, I’m bigger than your and my penis is thicker. Even your butt hole is smaller than mine. I will hurt you if I try to insert myself in you. Chad, this is not about my size, I already know what you are saying is true and I knew you would object but giving myself to you is what must happen for our relationship to be equal. You may not see it that way but it is necessary for me. Please do not deprive me of this request. He handed me the tube of lubricant and rolled over on his stomach. I put the opening of the tube tight against his hole and squeezed hard to make sure a large quantity went in. I slowly pushed one finger in which I could tell was uncomfortable to him. I worked him for a long time stretching as much as I could then I put two fingers in slowly as I saw his clinch his fist into the pillow. I worked two fingers until I felt him relax his fist and felt his body become less tense. I lubed myself, straddled his small frame, and put the head of my penis against his hole. I had to push harder that I wanted to get it started but the head finally slipped in. I slowly stroked moving in just a fraction at a time until I was finally inside him. I stopped and lay on his back supporting much of my weight with my forearms. I quietly ask him if he was okay. He said I am better than okay I have you in me. I hit his prostate twice and he came which in turn made me come. I slowly pulled out and lay beside him he moved his head to me and we kissed. He smiled and said see if you give me a little time and are as gentle as I knew you would be I will come to enjoy our coupling even more in the future. At that moment, I couldn’t have loved Noi more. I told him I would like for us to agree that anal sex would be for special occasions. It didn’t have to be a regular part of our routine. We had already developed many other ways to enjoy our bodies. He agreed as we kissed and held each other drifting off into our world of peace and dreams.

Time for us to leave came all too soon. I had done my best to prepare Noi for the American adventure. He read up on Texas and Austin where we would spend much of the next few years. Noi had read everything the embassy had on his dad so he could tell his American grandparents how he died and why. Dad told us not to pack many clothes because in Bangkok shorts were about the only thing we wore. He said Grandpa said grandmother was looking forward to taking us shopping for clothes.

The day of departure arrived, we all hugged and cried a little then we boarded the plane and were off on Noi’s great adventure. We arrived in Dallas dead tired but we had to make a transfer in order to get to Austin. As we walked off the plane, my grandparents were waiting. They both hugged me and I introduced Noi. They both gave him a hug, which seemed to please him. We arrived at my grandparent and Noi couldn’t get over how nice and big their home was. I told him everything in Texas was big or at least that was the image the wanted the world to see. We each had only one bag so we carried them out the back across the pool deck and into our Pool house. As I looked around, I couldn’t believe what my grandparents had done. The place had been completely redone. The fireplace had been redone in rock and the small kitchen was all new. The bathroom was all marble including the shower. The bedroom had a king size bed. As I walked into the den area, I saw a computer system all set up and a fantastic Sony stereo system had been installed. I told grandpa I didn’t know how to thank him. He said all the thanks he needed was seeing our reaction when we saw it. Grandma gave us something to eat. We said we worn out from the trip and were going to bed early. We showered each other and literally fell in bed and were fast to sleep in moments.

The next morning when I woke there was Noi looking over every corner of our apartment. He saw me set up and said I never knew people lived this well. Chad I will make a schedule for cleaning so we can keep it looking like it does now. I told him it wasn’t necessary that my grandparents had a housekeeper to take care of things. He would have none of that. He said if they were nice enough to give us such a grand place to live, then we must keep it clean ourselves. I knew better than to argue so I agreed. I told grandma about how Noi looked at life and the fact he insisted we clean our own area. She said that was fine but at least let their housekeeper do the laundry and change the bedding. Noi agreed that would be okay. We ate breakfast and went back to our area to brush or teeth. When I finished I found Noi making the bed and picking up our dirty clothes. He brushed his teeth and wiped down the bathroom. He is who he is and I wasn’t about to try and change him. The kid always had to have everything including himself spotless.

We went back to the main house and grandma asked if we were ready to go shopping. We said fine so we all took of for the mall. We went to the stores that had such names, as Polo, Nautica and other such well know high price names. We told her we didn’t need have such expensive clothes. She said at Austin Preparatory Institute for boys School boy you certainly did. I looked at granddad, he motioned Noi and I aside. He said he and grandmother felt we would be more comfortable in a school for boys. He told us our scores from Thailand were very high so we would have no problem with their three-year high school program. He said with our looks, we would be chase by girls and that could cause questions to be asked. We both knew exactly what he was talking about so we reluctantly said he was probably right. The place must cost a fortune to attend grandpa. He said I worked, saved and invested your grandmothers and my money into a large nest egg. We could never spend it all in our lifetime so it must be used for the next generation. Boys this is non negotiable. We were fitted for our blazers with the school insignia and slacks that were our required uniform. Grandma ordered three sets each for us. When we finished we had so much the manager of the store had it hauled to the car.

The next day we enrolled in school. The campus was beautiful. It was an old and well known intuition for the privileged. Our biggest obstacle would be fitting in. The first day of school arrived, our classes and teachers seem to be okay. We met several kids that day and seemed we were being accepted. When our final class ended, we went to the gym to tryout for the soccer team and Noi also wanted to try for the basketball team. The coach asked who that was new wanted to try out for the freshman team. Noi put up his hand as chuckles came from the stands. The coach chose several to try out but he didn’t choose Noi. As the boys that were selected went to the court, Noi went with them and walked up to the coach. Sir I am Noi Martin. I may be small but if you give me the chance, I can run circles around most of these guys. The coach chuckled and said son if you got the balls to come down here and ask to play against boys a foot taller than you then you will have your chance.

He was placed with some of the other boys who could be heard groaning about this shrimp they were stuck with. The coach said for tryouts they would have a six point limit. The team with six points first would be considered for the team. The opposing team got the ball first. As the ball was thrown into play, Noi came up behind the intended receiver and grabbed the ball. He ran through, around and between them all then threw the ball making the first basket. This continued until his team made the required six points without the other team getting one point. Noi gave his team 4 of the 6. The coach blew the whistle and the room went silent. Noi stepped out of his group and said now if you don’t want this shrimp on your team I’m sure there are others that will. The coach walked on the court chuckling and said my boy they don’t have a choice you have just won yourself a place on the Junior Varsity team. I didn’t try out for basketball, When we went to try out for soccer the kids gathered around Noi. We both made the team with ease and the day ended as we showered and our bus dropped us at home.

That night Noi was all over me. He was in hipper drive. First, he sucked me dry then before I knew it he was buried deep within me. Without the lube, it hurt like hell but thankfully, at the pace he was thrusting he soon came. He collapsed on me and cried. I rolled him off me and ask what was going on. He said he was so sorry for treating me like a street boy. Chad, why didn’t you stop me? Noi I love you and if you needed me so bad, I wasn’t going to stop you. All at once, a look of absolute fear came over Noi’s face. Oh, god Chad you’re bleeding. He ran to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth and some antiseptic ointment. He washed me off as I winced. He was again crying as he tended my wound. He cleaned and put the ointment on it which took away some of the sting. He was in a pure sate of panic and I knew I could never calm him. He just sat there and shook as he cried harder. I slipped on a pair of short and went to the main house. I slipped into my grandparent’s bathroom and took one of my grandmother’s sleeping pills. I went back to Noi and made him take it. It didn’t take long before he quieted and finally fell asleep. My butt hole still hurt like the devil so I retrieved some ice from our refrigerator and made an ice pack. After a while the hurting became much less. I was glad Texas schools always started on a Friday so we had the weekend to work things out. Some time later, I fell asleep.

I woke before Noi and got up. My butt still hurt but it was much better. I sent off an e-mail to mom and dad telling them how well everything was going. As I closed down the computer, I herd Noi stir. I went to the bedroom and sat beside him as he woke. I took his hand and said let us forget last night happened. He sat up, threw his arms around me and said I can never forgive myself for hurting you. I have been so afraid I wouldn’t fit in at school I made a complete fool of myself in front of all the students just to make the point I was as good as any of them. As if that weren’t enough, I had to stand there and rub it in that I felt I was better than they were. Then to top it all off I became so wound up and mad at my self I took it out on you. I will never forgive myself. I will sleep on the den couch now. I rubbed his hand and kissed his head and said Noi what you did at gym class is what gets respect in this part of the world. Texans respect people who have the guts to go after what they know they want or can do. You saw the reaction of the kids and coach, they loved very minute of it. Chad I have so much to learn about being an American. Yes, you do and you will, you are also staying in this bed with me. We are young and will make mistakes young people make but nothing is going to come between you and me.

We had a grand weekend swimming and putting each other back at ease. I kept chuckling to myself the way Noi was in his on way trying to make up for what he did to my butt. Saturday night he stretched me out on the bed fully naked and rubbed me from head to toe with lotion. He manipulated my balls and prick so well I came while he worked on me. He did both sides and by the time he finished I was so relaxed I fell asleep dreaming of the love that was mine.

Sunday we went to church with my grand parents then to lunch at the country club. It was the first time Noi had worn a suit. He looked absolutely stunning. On our way home grandpa said, I hope all the girls watching you two got their dresses dry before they got home. Noi being naive about Texas humor looked at me. Noi, he means they were drooling as you and I pass them. He just smiled as he giggled.

That night we needed a shower after swimming all afternoon so Noi carefully washed my privates taking care to inspect how the damage in my butt was doing. I told him it was feeling fine but he insisted. The poor kid felt so bad he just had to be sure. When we got in bed, he said he wanted me to in him. I told him I thought we agreed that was for special occasions. He said it was for him. I knew it was just another way to make up for what he had done to my butt. I thought if it was going to make him feel better, there was no harm. I lubed him good and told him to get on his knees and put his head on his pillow. He quickly did as I asked then I lined up easily behind him and slowly pushed deep within him. I worked slowly but steady as the feeling of his tight little hole engulfed me in pure pleasure. I had never felt anything so relaxingly intense go through my body. I was able to slow down several times to keep from climaxing but after a lengthy time, I came shooting more than I ever had. We collapsed on the bed with Noi having the most wicked smile. Chad I could tell how much you enjoyed this time. Do you want to reconsider how often we do this? I smiled and said I just may after what I just experienced. Chad you know I’m yours any time. I just want you happy. I know Noi that’s only one reason I love you.

School went on as winter came, poor Noi who had never been in cold weather and was always cold. We had a fire in the fireplace almost every night. He lay either next to or on me every night because he liked the warmth of my body. We often would lay in front of the fireplace with Noi on his back and his legs pulled up with me in him. He loved for me to move in and out of him while I kissed his mouth or nipples. Most of our sex evolved with me in him he seldom asked to have me. I reached the point I could slide in and out of him for very long periods of time while working his prostate causing him to climax several times before I would finally fill him with my seed. He became the master of sucking. He could drive me wild and was so well tuned to me he knew just when to back off to keep me from coming. He could make it last for 20 or 30 minutes as feelings unknown before drove me wild. His technique was awesome. We were a perfect tuned match.

When Noi to visit his grandparents, I usually would usually get caught up on my e-mails and homework. I would also spend extra time with my grandparents. On one occasions, I was invited to go with him. They were very nice but had a very strange fundamental Christian faith and it was easy to tell they had no use for same sex partners. One Sunday afternoon when Noi returned I could tell he was upset. I sat him down and said spill it. He looked at me sadly and said you can always see through me. Yeah I can Noi now what is wrong. He said his grandparents wanted him to come live with them while going to school. I said something about us sleeping in the same bed. They think were to close to each other because we slept in the same bed and felt that could lead to an unwholesome relationship. I was madder that hell but said nothing because I didn’t know how to handle a problem like this. I got his mind off the subject and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon putting together a school project.

Later that evening while Noi was sending e-mails I went to my grandpa and told him what Noi’s grand parents had told him. I thought granddad was going to blow a gasket.

He sat me down and calmly explained about some religions that were just out of step with reality. He said most were good people but were blind to the realities of the real world. He told me he would talk with Noi’s grandparents and let them know their concerns are unjustified. He said if they cannot or will not accept both of us then he would cut them off from seeing Noi. Grandpa said he had our legal guardianships as long as we were living with him and will not hesitate to use it. I don’t like doing things this way but they will not come between you two as long as I am living.

The next morning after Noi and I left for school my grandparents were served with papers. Noi’s grandparents were seeking legal guardianship. Granddad contacted his lawyers and the shit-hit-the-fan. His grandparents made such wild accusations about two boys sleeping together in a unholy environment the judge threw the case out. The judge also told them their religious bias had no place in a court of law. Grandpa’s attorneys requested a restraining order, which meant they could not see Noi at any time. The judge was so pissed off he granted the requested order. Noi understood what had taken place and told us how disappointing it was but he believed he now understood why his father left is home so young. He thanked grandpa for his help and hugged him, which I could easily tell thrilled grandpa.

The school year was coming to an end and grandma wanted to have an end of school party for us. We invited about 20 kids who had become good friends. The caterers set everything up then grandma went off to her bridge club. With only grandpa and us guys that showered together everyday, we all voted to swim nude. Everyone loved it and we all had a grand time. We ate and drank everything in sight. The kids made us promises we would do this every year until we graduated. The caterer’s came back to clean up as grandma returned. I overheard grandpa telling grandma how wonderful it was to see a bunch of early teen boys romping and playing in the nude. He said it made him feel 50 years younger (he was only 65). I smiled to myself thinking there just may be times when one is older your can recapture youth if it’s only for the moment. I was just happy he enjoyed our show.

That night Noi and I discussed what a great school experience we had. Our fears of stuck up rich kids who wouldn’t associate with us were baseless. The kids were genuine and nice, not rich brats. Yes, they came from old money and I felt that was one reason they were good kids. Their families had been wealthy for many generations so there were family images to be protected and to show off your wealth was considered extremely rude. We had learned the difference between new money and old money. Of course, we were neither but no one cared.

We showered and decided to check our progress over the past year. I was now 5’7” in height, 124 lbs and I still measured 6”, Noi was now 5’1”, 108 lbs and measured 6¼”. His prize was now ¼” longer than mine. Yeah and did he razz me about it. As we got in bed, he said I have the largest tool so I think I should get to use it. I grinned at him and rolled on my stomach. He lubed us both then told me to roll over on my back. He slid his long slim tool in me with ease as he smiled and lay on my stomach and kissed me with our tongues sliding around the others. He worked me slowly and deliberately, making the most of his beautiful tool. It took at least 20 minutes but with his body so finely tuned to mine he knew just when to make his move so we both came at the same time. I had never dreamed two people could be so in tune with each other, but we were. Our love was as solid as the day It came into being.

We packed the next morning and that afternoon after saying our goodbyes, we flew out of Austin destine for Bangkok. The trip was always long but for some reason Noi was frisky. Fortunately, we were seated away from prying eyes so I didn’t mind him stealing kisses and running his hand down my shorts and working my balls. When they dimmed the lights for those who wanted to sleep, he unzipped my shorts and sucked me unmercifully until I emptied my sperm in his mouth. When it came to sucking, he was the master and I was the slave. It felt so good and relaxed me so much I drifted of into that slumber land for young lovers.

When we landed mom, dad and Suneu were waiting at the gate. We were all so excited everyone was trying to talk at once. I had truly missed my parents. It was nice to have their arm around me once again. I hugged Suneu and she said, you big boy now. Yes, Suneu Noi and we have both grown. She smiled and hugged Noi. On our way home, I told Hoi he needed to go straight home with his mother and spend some time with her. We had years and she needed time with her boy that would all too soon be a man. Dad and mom took some time off work and we got reacquainted. We visited places I had never been and caught up on my time away at school. Dad and I went for walks and I discussed my life with him. I told him I wanted to get a mechanical engineering degree, as did Noi. He wasn’t surprised, he understood me like a book one has read many times and he always looked at things in the positive. I had always drawn my strength from my dad.

A couple weeks passed and my parents had to return to work. Their first morning to return I listened as I heard them leave I started to get up but I was too late, there was Noi standing at my door. I threw the cover back and he dove in. We spent most of the day fucking, sucking until our peckers and butts were sore and hunger got the best of us. Suneu never said a word as we came into the kitchen starving. She smiles and said, you two happy, yes. I told her yes we were very happy as she smiled once again. The summer seemed to go buy fast as we played on the soccer team and swam at the embassy.

Our 15th birthdays rolled around. The party was at embassy retreat as usual. There were more people than usual but I was still a big blast. One of my parent’s friends agreed to be chaperone so we could spend the night. As usual, the drinks were spiked but this time Noi and I got loaded. When we woke the next morning, we were in bad shape. I don’t know what was in our drinks but it far stronger than I had ever drunk. When we arrived home, Suneu fixed us something to eat along with one of her potions for hangovers. We slept the rest of the day.

The next morning dad didn’t get on my case, he just said I was smart enough to tell when drinks were spiked and when to quit. I told him I knew that and I was sorry to disappoint him. He said you have never been a disappointment. You always learned quickly from your mistakes so let’s not dwell on it. Noi and I spent the afternoon getting ready to return to Austin. The summer had passed so quickly I wasn’t ready to go but I knew I must.

As usual it was a long trip back so after eating and the light were dimmed I fell asleep. Noi gently woke me, took my hand and pulled into the isle. He led me bad to the restrooms and pulled me into the one with a changing table to diaper babies. He dropped his shorts as he handed me a small tube of lube and leaned against the table telling me to fuck him. I did as he asked and slid inside him. It was tighter that ever as I felt the sensations of his insides as I move in and out of him, I lasted longer than expected while standing up. We washed up as Noi told me he had always wanted to fuck in an airplane. I told him, the things I do for your fantasies and slapped him on his bare butt as he faked a cry.

We arrived back in Austin and school and our last year of high school got underway. When freshmen start, if they request they can have older kids be their mentors so getting use to a new school isn’t so hard. The Chancellor asked us if we would take on twin brothers who had just turned 13 this month. We met with them and they were obviously very smart and well mannered kids. They said they felt out of place going to a new school after being tutored the first eight years at home. They told us being twins the pretty much lived in their own world until now. Their names were Scott and Paul Nordstrom. We agreed to be their mentors and show them the ropes. You would have thought we gave them the crown jewels. They hugged us then a look of fear came across their faces. They stepped back and said sorry sirs. Noi and I looked at each other and almost in unison said boys, we need to talk. We walked over to a bench and sat them between us. I told them for starters they were not to call us sir. That may be the general protocol for lower classman but not for us. Next, if they feel like hugging we have no problem with that, in fact we would encourage it. I told them to feel free to ask us for any help they may need. They thanked us for being so nice to them. We talked for some time getting acquainted with these seemingly special kids.

They were big and well developed for their age, I would say 5’6” and 120 lbs. They told us they were being raise by their grandmother. Their parents and grandfather were killed in a plane crash when they were five. As the weeks passed, they became more relaxed and would join us and some of our friends for lunch. One Thursday they invited us over for the weekend. We decided it might be fun so we agreed to go. The next day we brought our overnight bags with us. When school was out, we met the boys in the courtyard. We started for the busses but they said they were being picked up. We walked to the front of the Main building and Scott opened the limo door for us. We drove into the beautiful woodlands of Austin then through an automatic gate that lead to a mansion. They introduced us to their grandmother who seemed truly pleased we had come. The boys lived in one huge room. Everything was set up in areas. Study, sitting, game and beds ect. The bathroom was large as was the shower. Scott asked if we had a problem sleeping together. Paul said we could have his bed. We both laughed and told them we slept together at home. We told them we had our own area that was once a guesthouse at my grandparents. I also told them we were not from wealthy families and hoped that wasn’t a problem. Scott said your friends that’s all that matters to us.

After dinner, we went to their area. We talked about ourselves for some time and then played some video games. I decided to take a shower so of course Noi came along. Scott said do you guys shower together? I told him yes. He said they did also. I said then why don’t we all take one together in that huge shower. The twins looked at each other then Scott said we have never seen other boys naked. I said Scott we all have the same equipment. Some larger some smaller but the same nun the less. Scott whispered to Paul and said okay. I said it would be easier for you the first time if we all undress at the same time. Then I want you guys to look at anything on us you want. The twins thought that was a great idea. Scott said it was only fair we do the same and look them over. We stripped down then pushed down our underwear. There was a quiet moment then Noi and I stepped out of our underwear then the twins did the same. Their hairless equipment looked identical but their dicks were at least 7 or 8”, it almost blew my mind. I had heard of kids their age having one as big as 10” but I never expected to see this. I immediately told them their rods were way above average for their ages. Dam these boys were big. Scott said I can’t believe we are bigger that you guys. Paul asked why Noi’s penis looked different from ours. I told them he hadn’t been circumcised. Scott said so that’s what they look like! Noi told him he could hold it and pull back the skin if he wanted. Scott in and excited voice said, do you mean it? Hoi told him I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Scott told Noi he had beautiful skin as he slowly took hold of Noi. He slid the skin back and said so that’s what they cut off us. Noi told him yes it was. Before long, Paul had to have his feel. The longer we stood there the more relaxed the twins became with our naked bodies. I told them Noi and I always washed each other. They thought that was a great idea. Scott asked if I would wash him. I looked at Noi and he said why not. I will do Paul. The twins were so excited they became semi erect. I told them don’t worry about being hard. We all do it when we get excited.

I turned on the water that had six jets of water coming out. We got in and I started on Scott. Noi asked Paul if he wanted a little surprise he would wash him as he did me. Paul said you bet. Scott said do me the same. We washed their hair then took a washcloth and did their backs down to their butts then under them to their balls. By this time they were so excited they were hard as a rock. We took a few liberties getting a fell of their slim very long boners, but the boys could have cared less, they enjoyed every minute of it. We finished up and they couldn’t thank us enough for playing with them. We dried off and I walked into the living area without clothes so the boys just followed. I heard the whispering behind me again so I said spill it guys what do you want to know. They looked surprised but Scott said we need to know about sex. We know very little. We were tutored at home until we started Austin Prep and grandmother won’t touch the subject.

I told them we would be glad to teach them what we knew. I sat them down in front of their computer and brought up a sight I knew would answer most questions they might have. We covered all the proper ways to masturbate and then I showed them the female anatomy, how it worked along with all the pleasure spots that they could try when they were a little older. Scott notice there was mention of anal sex that boys sometimes did as a means of sexual relief before they were old enough to approach girls for sex. The article mentioned something about aching testicles and Scott said he already had them ache bad some days. We talked about the subject a little and both boys agreed they thought the feeling would be the closest the could get to a girl. I told them that were probably true. I reminded them the feeling of anal sex would be more intense that a virginia because of the difference in size, however anal sex took more preparation and caution to prevent injury.

All was silent for a few moments then Scott said can I ask you guys a very personal question? I told him he could ask but I wouldn’t guarantee and answer. He hesitated for a bit then said have you and Noi had anal sex? I looked at Noi then said yes we have. Scott said he figured we had because we knew so much about it. I told them they should try masturbation first. They agreed so we all got on their huge bed and I began to instruct them how to masturbate and get the most out of it. I pulled so lube from my bag and told them to put a small amount on their penis and rub it, which would give a better feeling. By the time we finished the boys knew all the tricks we did. They did them selves then each other. They could already several good shots of cum. They both agreed it was much better to have someone do it for you. They just kept on thanking us for our help. While the boys cleaned up Noi said if we were going to teach them about anal sex it would be safer if we invited them over to our place. I agreed so as the boys returned we invited them to our place next weekend. Were they ever excited? Scott told us they never talked about private things to other people and wanted us to know what went on between the four of us would never be repeated to anyone. We told them we had learned enough to accept their word.

We went home Sunday after brunch. Noi and I both had e-mail that needed answering. I started on my homework while Noi sent his e-mails. We spent the afternoon and early evening getting caught up on our heavy homework load and sending e-mails. That night with me buried deep within Noi’s intensely tight hole, we kissed as our tongues played one with the other. I didn’t move in and out of him but stayed buried within until our passion caused the arousal within me to discharge my sperm in continuous spurts. The best had just become better.

The next week was busy with our exams coming up so it passed quickly. Friday afternoon Paul and Scott met us in the courtyard then we rode our buss to our place. The boys were once again excited. At dinner, they made quite an impression on my grandparents with their manners and wit. After desert and some conversation with my grandparents, we retired to our quarters. The Twins were impressed with our place. We built a fire and sat on cushions in front of the fire. I asked the twins if they were sure they still wanted to try anal sex. They both said yes without hesitation. I explained to them what was entailed in anal sex and the several positions it could be done in. I let them know it could start out painful if done wrong. I also explained the process and how to clean themselves out and keep clean. When I finished they said they understood but would like us to be with them as they went through the process. Noi told them that was the only way we would let them have sex. Noi said we are here to show the way without someone getting hurt.

After they cleaned themselves, I pulled out the dildo that increased in size as it is inserted and told them we were going to see how far it would slide in them without discomfort. I told them to both get on the bed and lay on the stomachs. They did ask I asked as I lubed them and the dildo then inserted in one then the other. Their butt muscles were very elastic because it slid in both of them up to the thickness of their dicks without even a whimper. We now knew they would not hurt each other. Scott told his brother to put his head on the pillow with his but up in the air on his knees. Paul did what Scott asked. He pushed lube into Paul then put some on his boner. I told him to start slow and ease in. He did as I said and he slowly buried his entire 8½” rod in his brother. Once they got started, they both were going nuts with moans and groans. It was obvious theses two were going to enjoy sex very much. It was awesome just to watch Scott pull out 6” or so of his dick and then ram it back into his brother. He must have lasted all of ten minutes before they both collapsed on the bed. For his first time that was increasable. It didn’t take but a few minutes for Paul to get Scott in the same position and I watched in amazement as he slowly slid the entire 8½” into his brother and started a fast pace slamming against his brothers butt with each stroke. He also lasted for some time.

The boys cleaned up and put on just a pair of boxers like Noi and I. They each told us how grateful they were for our friendship and our willingness to show what they would take at least another year to find out sexually. Scott told us for all our kindness and teaching them social skills around their piers that saved them the embarrassment they would have endured had we not been there for them, they wanted to offer themselves to us for the night. I looked at Noi, and then said guys you don’t owe us anything. We feel privileged to have been your mentors. Paul said this about appreciation and how much we care for you both. When the two of you graduate, we will be on our own but with social skills for school you have taught us. Paul said Noi has spent the most time teaching me and Chad you have spent the most with Scott. Would you guys please pair with us for this one night. We will never do this with anyone ever again but we feel this is our one special time in life. Scott and I have talked it over and wanted this to be our one time coupling for all of us. I once again looked at Noi. He to my great surprise said we started this venture of teaching these boys so I believe we should end it by granting their request but only if we reciprocate.

Noi and Paul took the bed, Scott and I took the comforter in front of the fireplace. I told Scott he could do me first. I lay on my side with my with my knees bent enough to give him access. He slid up behind me and slowly slid in his very long straight member inside me until he buried the entire 8½”. He was very gentle and his movements were like a well-tuned machine. He had learned fast and well. I had to admit to myself that the depth he reached made the feeling incredible. When I came my turn I had him place his head on his pillow and I entered him. He felt good and I enjoyed him but he wasn’t Noi. There was no substitute for the love of my life. This was just sex not the passion I had grown to love. This was the culmination of a wonderful adventure we experienced with these two great kids.

Saturday we swam an enjoyed the little time we had left to spend with the twins. They were an incredible pair and we would miss them after graduation next week. Grandma had our meals served at our place so this special time could be enjoyed as long as possible. At the end of the day, they were picked up as we hugged them before they drove off.

The next week was mad. Our finals then graduation. On Tuesday, we received engraved invitations to a graduation party in our honor at the twin’s house. The entire graduating class was invited. It was a sit down dinner of all 30 of the graduating class and their dates if desires. The graduation was an elaborate affair. Noi or I shall ever forget the grandeur of such and event. When it was finished, everyone was escorted to a line of limousines waiting to take the entire class to the twin’s house. This was going to be an affair of a lifetime. We were served stake and lobster. There was a band for those who brought dates. There were gift boxes for each graduate. As the evening went on the twins got Noi and I by ourselves and handed us each a beautifully rapped box. When we opened them, they were thin one piece bracelets made of 18ct gold with and intricate pattern. They were beautiful. As I looked at the back of it, I saw the name Noi. I told the boys the boxes were mixed as I had Noi’s. Scott smiled and said there was no mistake as he handed us a card.

These bracelets are our gift to you as a symbol of your dedication and love for each other. We have been privileged to be part of your lives and wish you both all the happiness the future can bring. Both of you shall always be as brothers to us. May the years never separate our friendships and may the gods keep you safe as we journey down the road of a friendship that shall never end.

Noi looked at me with teared eyes. I put my arm around him and said you two are the only people we ever let in our inter world so I should have know you were to smart not to see the feelings that run between us. Yes, you are correct we are an inseparable pair. Your friendship has and does mean a great deal to us. We will never forget this night and one other the four of us shared. A lifetime friendship is a precious thing and we are honored to be included. We will always be reachable and expect to hear from you as you progress to adults and beyond.

We all hugged each other as the evening that shall last in my memory forever came to a close. A limo took us home and we retreated to our quarters. Noi removed his tuxedo then proceeded to undress me. He pulled me in to bed with him as he wrapped his arms around me and cried tears of joy. He whispered how happy he was and how much he loved me. We made love one to the other for several hours until we drifted off to the land of dreams of the present and the future to come.

We never returned to Bangkok as we pushed on through our college years. Mom and dad returned to Texas as Noi and I finish our senior year. We took engineering jobs with the U.S. government and accepted permanent assignments in the south of France. After several years of pure bliss, we took in two orphaned children, brother and sister. They have added much joy to our lives. Every couple of years the twins meet us in Paris with their families. We have found our place in life and are content with who we are. We have children to raise in a life of happy contentment. There are few loves in this world that transcend all others. We should know for we have one of those loves.

The End