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The story contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adolescent and young adult males. My stories are loosely based upon my own life experiences growing up in America. Although this story is a work of fiction many of the facts contained herein are drawn from my life and the lives of those I care about and love; therefore, specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect the innocent.

If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the X-rated adult subject matter do not read any further.

Boy Meets Sex: The new neighbor

By: Robert The Red

Ralph Rangel was a typical red-blooded teenager who came from a conventional nuclear family living in the Southeastern part of the United States. Although Ralph appeared to be an unassuming teen he was a rather adventuresome and curious adolescent; a young man who was involved in normal day-to-day activities of youthful development and play. Recently, however, Ralph had become preoccupied with fantasies about engaging in sexual adventures with other teenage boys. Oh sure, Ralph had masturbated and even jerked off with his homies a few times, but that was as far as anything had ever developed sexually. Now, he wanted to move on to more advanced sexual adventures.

Ralph had heard so much neat stuff about oral and anal sex and all combinations thereof between both men and women, he now found himself wanting to try these things out. Ralph was consumed with fantasies about eating pussy, performing oral sex, and even doing a sixty-nine oral sex with another boy. But he had no idea about how to go about finding a partner who would be open to that type of sexual experimentations for fear of being labeled a fag. He found himself lusting over his male friends about his sexual desires, but had not done anything to date. Ralph just knew that more advance sex with another partner had to be the greatest from all the stories he had heard. So, the first time Ralph experimented with this type of sex, and especially male on male sex would truly be a first for him sexually.

Summer vacation was about half over and Ralph was doing what he did best on hot humid Georgia summer afternoons: daydreaming and loafing. The innocent looking young lad was lounging around the family's backyard pool trying to stay cool and develop his tan; however, for Ralph, a beautiful bronze body was an elusive thing, that more times than not turned into sunburn. On this particular Friday afternoon the lanky reddish blond haired teenager was outstretched on a chaise lounge soaking up rays and daydreaming, sexual fantasies dancing in his head, when he heard real voices and a commotion coming from out front. Ralph knew that the house next door had been vacant for a few months, so he decided to go investigate. He quickly pulled on his T-shirt and sneakers, and headed towards the front yard.

As Ralph opened the gate and looked out towards the street he saw a big yellow Ryder truck backed up and parked in the driveway of the vacant house next door. Two adults were busily unloading furniture from the back of the truck. Suddenly, an awesome looking young teen walked down the rear ramp of the truck carrying a large cardboard box. Ralph felt his manhood tingle and begin to stir to life as he gazed upon the boy's beautiful bronze body. The young Adonis looking lad who carried the big dish pack disappeared into the vacant house. The boy was truly a dreamboat and a surreal figment of Ralph's sexual fantasies.

The hunky looking boy was blessed with the physique of a swimmer, yet the leanness of a cross-country runner. The shirtless teenager appeared to be about the same age as Ralph, but maybe just a couple of inches shorter, around five feet eight or nine inches tall. Ralph continued to watch the activity next door, especially the well-tanned teen with the dark hair. The young hunk's hair was cut in kind of a spiky style with blond tips. Ralph watched the lad carry yet another packing carton from the truck and disappear into the vacant house. Ralph figured it was time to get better acquainted with his new neighbors, especially the younger one.

Ralph moved towards the Ryder truck introducing himself, "Hi, I'm Ralph Rangel," he said extending his hand to the older man. "I live next door. I was wonderin if ya need any help."

The older of the two men shook Ralph's hand and said, "I'm Henderson Cross and this is my oldest son Roger. We bought the house last week and we're moving in this weekend." He pointed towards the younger boy coming out of the house saying, "The young man approaching us is my youngest boy, Chris."

The young boy with the spiked hair and a diamond stud in each ear lobe walked up to Ralph saying, "Sup Dawg? I be Chris Cross." As Chris introduced himself to Ralph he made a theatrical crisscrossing motion across the upper half of his beautiful bare bronze body with his free hand, while extending the other hand for a contemporary teenage handshake. Out of the corner of his eye Ralph noticed a look of disapproval from the boy's father over the introduction ceremony. Now, Ralph hoped that his awakened manhood would not be too noticeable to anyone.

Mr. Henderson said to Ralph, "If it's okay with your parents we could sure use another strong back and pair of arms to speed up the unloading of the truck and carrying stuff inside."

Ralph replied that his folks and younger siblings were vacationing at the lake for the week, so there would be no problems helping out. Mr. Henderson looked at Roger and then nodded an approval to Ralph saying, "Why don't you boys finish hauling the boxes into the house and Roger and I will get the remaining furniture unloaded."

"Cool," the boys said in unison.

Ralph and Chris moved in tandem quickly carrying packing cartons inside and stacking them in the appropriate rooms in accordance with the writing on the outside of each box. In no time the truck was unloaded and the contents of the truck were neatly arranged in the house. Mr. Henderson brought in an ice chest and offered cold drinks to all as Roger trucked the last piece of furniture into the house.

The men popped the tops on their drinks and enjoyed the cool malt refreshment while they discussed their plans; meanwhile, Chris and Ralph chugged down two Sprites while chatting idly. Ralph had been admiring Chris' body and bare chest and was lusting to see more of it. Ralph really wanted to see what the tanned teen looked like in the buff. So, Ralph decided to strike up a little more meaningful conversation with his new neighbor.

"So, Dude, how old?"

"Fourteen," Chris replied to Ralph.

"You in high school yet?"

"Yeah, guess I start at the local high school in another month or so. What about you, Dawg?"

"Me, I'm fifteen, and I'll start my sophomore year at the same time you do at Hallow Hills High School; unless, you're going to attend Catholic school or the private academy across town."

Mr. Henderson interrupted, overhearing the conversation, and said, "He'll be going to the public school in the district."

"Cool," Ralph said.

"I hate to interrupt you two, but we have to get going. We've got a long ride back to Atlanta for another load," Mr. Henderson said.

Ralph knew he had to strike quickly if he was to succeed in getting Chris to hang around Hallow Hills with him for the rest of the day, and with any luck get a look at the new neighbor boy in the nude. Ralph's mind was in passing gear thinking about how best to accomplish that task, "Can Chris stay here with me while you and Roger go back to Atlanta for the next load Mr. Henderson?" Ralph pleaded looking at Mr. Henderson with puppy dog eyes.

"I guess that'll be okay, but I'll need to get your phone number in the event we don't get back tonight. Chris forgot to bring his cell phone with him," Mr. Henderson said to Ralph.

"No problem sir," Ralph wrote his cell number and the Rangel's home phone number in Mr. Henderson's notebook.

Mr. Henderson produced a fresh fifty dollar bill from his wallet and said, "You boys were a big help to Roger and me today, so order a pizza, rent a movie or whatever young people do, but enjoy yourselves for the rest of the day," handing Chris the bill.

Everyone left the house; Mr. Henderson locked the front door, and gave Chris a key. He then bid his son farewell telling him he would call if they were not going to get back until the next day. So, as Chris's dad and brother made their way towards the Ryder truck, Chris and Ralph headed towards Ralph's backyard.

As they entered Ralph's backyard Chris exclaimed, "Yo, you got a phat pool, Dawg! It's so cool, I just know you gonna let me go swimmin, Dawg?" Chris asked gleefully.

"Don't be actin up Dude; you can swim anytime you want."

"Dawg, I didn't bring no Speedos with," Chris replied in a sorrowful tone.

"So," Ralph said.

Chris looked at Ralph quizzically and asked, "You got extra trunks, Dawg?"

"Nope, just hit the water in the raw, Dude. That's if you're not too uptight about skinny dippin in front of me."

Ralph had no sooner uttered those words than Chris had stripped down bare-ass naked and gracefully dove into the deep end of the pool. Ralph's dog followed in good form and the two immediately began swimming back and forth. Chris proved to be an impressive swimmer using different swimming strokes on each lap. Chris and the Rottweiler swam from one end to the other, and completed about a dozen laps in no time flat. All Ralph had been able to see was a blur of arms, head, and feet churning up white water in the wake; every once in a while Ralph caught a glance of a couple of very nice tight buns bouncing just above the foamy water line. Ralph was definitely impressed with Chris' swimming style and what he could see of his body.

Finally, Chris stopped swimming near the corner of the pool; in the four-foot shallow end directly across from Ralph, propped himself up on his elbows at the edge of the pool, and said to Ralph, "This pool is off the hook, Dawg." Then he asked Ralph, "you gonna swim or stare, Dawg?"

"Oh yeah," Ralph said as he began to strip off his sneakers and street clothes. "I was just admiring you and your hella swimming style, Dude."

"Bet that wasn't all you be scopin, Dawg."

Ralph knew he had been caught sneaking a peek, thus he began to blush and mumble incoherently.

"Look, I know my bod and ass be da bom, so it's okay you be scopin it out, Dawg," Chris said egotistically.

Ralph jumped naked into the pool and began splashing Chris. The two boys and the dog continued play around and swim for another hour. Suddenly, Chris pulled himself out of the pool announcing that he had to take a piss. Standing there at the top of the ladder on the pool deck stark naked with his backside exposed to Ralph, Chris ask for directions to the nearest bathroom. Ralph replied pointing to the pool house and told Chris that there was a john in there. As Chris disappeared into the pool house Ralph's eyes were riveted to Chris' cute rump. Seeing Chris' nude backside for the first time in clear view and natural state clearly excited Ralph.

While Chris was gone Ralph continued thinking about Chris' perfect body and tight buns, while developing an underwater erection. From the looks of things when Chris reappeared a few minutes later it seemed to Ralph as though Chris might have pulled on his pecker a couple of more times than necessary while shaking his schlong off. Ralph immediately took notice that Chris had an impressive looking penis; moreover, his manhood was definitely bigger than Ralph's, at least in its flaccid state, and Chris was uncircumcised, too.

Chris stood there poolside in all of his full frontal glory almost as if he was intentionally showing off his goodies to Ralph, and what a very nice display of goods Chris was exhibiting saying, "Dawg, your folks have a nice place here, and this backyard and pool are off the hook."

"Yeah, my folks had the place all custom built about ten years ago after my mom and dad set up their practice here in Hallow Hills."

"Cool," Chris replied.

"So, where did you learn to swim like that?" Ralph asked.

"I been swimmin since I was a kid. My mom and older sister were great swimmers, too. So, I guess I inherited my swimming talents from them," Chris said.

As Chris talked to Ralph from poolside Ralph noticed for the first time not only the very nice looking tallywacker hanging between Chris' legs, but two small tattoos below Chris' waistline as well. The tattoos were just above and to each side of Chris' dark pubic bush. There was the small Teddy Bear tattooed on the left side and a colorful butterfly on the right. Ralph thought that the tattoos complimented Chris' crotch area, and were kind of cute and sexy, too. Although Ralph was unsure of the meaning of the tattoos he knew he liked Chris' the snake Chris was displaying and thought how much he would like to play with it and make it spit some of its serpent juices.

"Yo, you look like you be sportin some hard wood from where I stand," Chris said with a smile and flirtatious giggle.

"Yeah, it happens to me now and then, Dude," Ralph said kind of apologetically.

"Yeah, me too," Chris replied.

Chris' fuck-stick, in its flaccid state, appeared to be about four maybe five inches in length and about the thickness of a "D" flashlight battery; it was presently hanging at least five inches in its semi-excited state. Ralph also noticed that Chris had a nice looking wrinkled nut sac that was partially hidden behind the shaft of his schlong. Chris' pubic bush with its dark treasure trail led up to an innie belly button on an unblemished and smooth body; all in all a very good-looking fourteen year old lad.

Ralph finally moved to get out of the pool after his erection had subsided. He moved slowly getting out of the pool, feeling a little self-conscious about the size of his now shrunken stumpy, and moved towards Chris saying, "You want to shower the chlorine off before we get dressed, Dude?"

"Yeah, I'm gettin hungry too, Dawg."

The two boys disappeared into the pool house where they rinsed the chlorine off their bodies. As the two boys showered Ralph couldn't help but notice how much paler his skin looked compared to that of Chris. The two boys finished showering and then dried off and got dressed. Chris wanted to know if Ralph had an extra shirt that he could borrow, as his wife beater was dirty and full of perspiration odor. Ralph assured him that he had an extra shirt as the two boys disappeared into the main house and upstairs to Ralph's room. Both boys put on deodorant and fresh T-shirts before they headed back down stairs.

"Dude, you want to order in and chill here, or go kick it down to the pizza parlor?" Ralph asked Chris.

"Let's walk and talk, Dawg. I need to be seein what "Hicksville" is all about" Chris replied in a flippant tone.

"That's Hallow Hills, Dude," Ralph said with an admonishing tone.

"Whatever," Chris replied, knowing not to push the "Hicksville" thing any further.

"This is a neat little town Chris, it just has to grow on ya," Ralph said.

Thus far the two boys appeared to be hitting it off well. Ralph was captivated by Chris' outgoing personality and sense of independence; furthermore, he was becoming deeply attracted to Chris' body. Ralph had been wrestling with some deep-seated inner emotions for the past two years. Ralph had been experiencing feelings of sexual attraction to boys and was yearning to have some meaningful sex with another boy. Now, he was wondering if Chris' would be that boy. Chris was very attractive, charming, and sexually alluring, but was he a player or a straight edge Dude?

So, as much as Ralph wanted to test his new young friend's sexuality he thought a more subdued approach might be in order. Ralph knew in his heart that he would have to play it cool while he tried to develop any type of a one-on-one sexual relationship with the naïve young teen. The last thing Ralph needed was to be outed by the new kid from Atlanta. The only real negative aspect about Chris thus far was his language. Ralph thought that Chris was a little over the top with the inner city Hip-Hop lingo. Ralph also knew that Chris would have to curb that a bit if his new friend was allowed to hang around his house. Ralph's parents were very conservative religious people that did not tolerate too much in the way of hip-hop and new wave youth culture, in dress or language.

Ralph wanted to know more about this new kid from Atlanta, so he decided to do some phishing. "So, Chris, you got a girl back home in Hollow Hills?"

"Not really. What about you?" Chris asked.

"There's one girl that I go to the school dances, church youth, movies, and kick it with at the pizza parlor, but that's about it. We're not serious if ya know what I mean. She freaks if I kiss her more than three times in a row, try to cop a feel, or if I try to feed her some tongue." Ralph said.

Chris laughed and said to Ralph as they walked, "I hear ya Dawg."

Ralph said, "Then there is the money thing. Girls want you to spend all your money buyin them stuff and not even let ya cop a feel of some tit once in a while."

"I know what ya mean, you know Dawg, I've been out with a couple of bitches in the last year, but what do a fourteen year old do? I don't have no driver's license and no hooptie. So, how's a guy gonna score any pussy without wheels, Dawg?" Chris said to Ralph looking over at him with a little dejected look in his eyes.

"I see what ya mean," Ralph replied reticently.

"You know, nowadays da bitches don't be given up no pussy like the old days. You know, havin free sexual intercourse and all that shit. They just want a guy to spend all his money on them, and then, maybe, they be givin a guy a quick hand job, and if ya be lucky, some skull. Hell, I don't want no bitches slobberin on my knob and I can wank my weenie my damn self. And `sides don't have to spend no coins on da bitch when I jerk off," Chris said.

"So, what's wrong with gettin a blowjob, Dude?" Ralph asked innocently.

"Nothin," Chris said, "just not into BJs, Dawg. `Sides, how'd you like to kiss someone that just had a dick in their lips?"

"I guess," Ralph answered.

The boys continued walking and talking, and in no time they arrived at the pizza place where they ordered a medium Pepperoni and a couple of Sprites. While they were eating their pizza Ralph's cell phone went off; it was Chris' dad reporting that there had been a bad accident on Interstate 75 south heading back to Atlanta and the two older men would not be back into Hallow Hills until around noon the next day. Chris sounding a little cynical assured Ralph that meant that the men had probably stopped off at a local roadhouse along the way to score some pussy for the night.

After the phone call a bunch of local kids including Ralph's girl friend began showing up at the pizza parlor. Ralph introduced Chris to his posse. They all exchanged high fives; Chris preformed his flamboyant crisscross introduction with each person, and they engaged in the contemporary handshakes. The group seemed to accept Chris right away, why wouldn't they, Chris was blessed with good looks and a very outgoing personality. Two young teenybopper girls attached themselves to each side of Chris. As the group settled down they ordered more pizzas and drinks while they all hung out, played songs on the jukebox, and chatted with each other. Finally, as darkness closed in outside the group began to breakup and everyone started drifting home.

While walking home Ralph decided to start up the conversation again with Chris where they had left off just before entering the pizza parlor earlier.

"So, Chris, what is it about gettin a BJ from someone that turns you off?"

Chris stopped and turned to Ralph and saying, "Stop and think about sumthin. That dick be in yo drawers all day long, be nasty sweaty and smellin, would you like that nasty ass thing in yo mouth?"

"Don't know. I guess ya could wash it off before putting it yo mouth."

Chris replied, "Yo, Dawg, ain't no one gonna put a dick in my mouth and I ain't putting mine in some one's mouth. And I ain't eatin no pussy either. You know Dawg that be fo what you piss out of. That's just nasty to put yo mouth on it."

"I guess," Ralph said

Finally, about a block from Ralph's house, Chris turned to Ralph and asked, "Yo, Dawg why you don't quit beatin round the bushes and come out and be asking me if I wanna fuck tonight?"

"Dude, I don't know what you're talkin about. Guys don't be fucking other guys."

"Yeah, what rock you been hidin under for the last fifteen years, Dawg?" Chris retorted.

"Dude, are you gay or bisexual?" Ralph quizzed Chris.

"No, not really, Dawg. So, in your world do guys have to be fags to mess around together? You know, for me it's all about bustin a nut, and that's what sex is all about ain't it. `Sides, what be a better way of gettin a nut than to help each other get off?"

"You know, I don't, I mean I've never done anything more than spank my monkey and jerk off with my buds," Ralph said as they walked up the driveway to Ralph's house.

Now, Ralph sure thought that had really misread Chris. The new teenage neighbor would not suck a dick or let anyone suck his because he considered it nasty, but he was down for sticking his penis up another dude's poop chute. Ralph thought that was nasty. Chris appeared to not be the naïve kid that Ralph originally took him for, but appeared to be a real experienced "Rump Ranger" who sounded like he was ready to get busy and head down the old Hershey highway with Ralph.

Once inside Ralph's house the boys grabbed a couple of cold drinks out of the fridge and headed upstairs to Ralph's room. Once in the bedroom Ralph asked Chris where he wanted to crash for the night. Chris assured Ralph that he had no problems with the two of them sharing Ralph's bed for the night, if Ralph didn't have any objections. Ralph told Chris that there were no objections from him. Chris wanted to know if the two of them were going to mess around getting down for some serious sex or just jack off together.

Ralph took a swig of his soft drink and thought to himself that everything was happening way too fast and way too easy. Chris was the one emerging as the sexual leader of the duo, so Ralph let Chris continue to lead the way. Mostly, Ralph was really eager to see how big a cock was attached to his new fourteen-year-old friend. The two boys quickly shed their street clothes all expect their skivvies and climbed onto Ralph's big bed. Chris was wearing designer black Joe Boxers, whereas Ralph wore generic white boxers. Ralph immediately became inquisitive wanting to know more about Chris' life and his sexual escapades in Atlanta.

Ralph told Chris that he had heard all the sexual stories from his friends and had seen a few porn magazines, but he wanted to hear more about guy sex first hand from what appeared to be a more experienced source. So, the two boys lay back on Ralph's big bed to talk further about their lives and sex. The two boys lying on the bed began rubbing and touching each other's feet and legs with their feet while they talked. Both boys were noticeably fully erect by this time. Chris proceeded to explain everything in detail to Ralph. Chris told Ralph that some guys were not into anal sex at all, but were full into skull fucking. Others were just into wanking and body rubbing, and some guys were into it all. Chris let Ralph know that in his hood there were about a half dozen of his homies between twelve and fifteen that had a club: The Cornhole Club. Chris went onto explain to Ralph what cornholing was all about.

The act of cornholing, according to Chris, was pretty much the same as butt fucking, but cornholing was what it was called in the Midwest and South. Then Chris tried to clarify the act of butt fucking and cornholing for Ralph. He let Ralph know that the guys in his club considered cornholing full anal penetration; whereas, butt-banging could mean just putting another guy's cock in between the other guy's ass crack, legs, or could be full penetration. Chris told Ralph that putting a guy's dick in another guy's ass crack was called the weenie in the bun, and lotion or Vaseline was called mustard or ketchup. And if I guy had a really hairy ass that was called sauerkraut, and most guys didn't care for sauerkraut. Chris went onto explain that the top boy would hump the bottom guy until the top guy spermed, and then they would change off. Ralph asked Chris again what was wrong with two guys giving each other a blowjob or to sixty-nine each other to satisfy sexual relief.

Chris explained to Ralph that there were a couple of major problems he had with oral sex. Chris said that first there was the smell associated with that type of sex, and second some guys would not pull off the other guy's penis, cumming in the other guy's mouth. Chris said that he had heard from others that cum didn't have a good taste to it, so he never pursued giving or receiving head.

"So, you've never done a sixty-nine with another guy?" Ralph asked Chris.

"Nope, never given or received, Dawg. Just somethin I'm not into" Chris replied to Ralph.

"How `bout you, ever done any of that type of stuff?" Chris asked Ralph.

"No, all I've done is jackin and mutual jackin off with my buds, and I didn't start that until last year, the summer I was fourteen." Ralph said.

"Damn Dawg, I been playin with mine since I can remember cause it feels good. I got into jackin when I was in the fifth grade and busted my first nut the summer I was eleven. I did my first cornhole the next summer," Chris told Ralph.

"Wow! That was really young, Dude. I didn't cum the first time until I was like thirteen," Ralph stated.

"Yeah, I guess I was one of them early out of the gate guys, Dawg," Chris said with a little laugh.

Ralph was now feeling a little inadequate. Not only did the younger kid have a bigger cock than he did; now he found out that he had been stroking it since he was born, and produced cum at eleven. Ralph was experiencing a little in the way of sexual depression, but he was bound and determined to get back up from these devastating emotional blows.

"Yo, so how big is that bologna pony, Dude?" Ralph asked Chris.

"Last time we all measured up I had the biggest boner in my club, at least longest of our group," Chris said smiling.

"Why don't we measure them now and see how our cocks compare?" Ralph requested.

The two boys got off the bed and pulled down their skivvies dropping them to the floor. They were standing in front of each other totally naked admiring each other's fully erect fuck-sticks. Chris' cock stood fully erect pointing up at about sixty degrees much like a rocket poised in its gantry ready for launch; whereas, Ralph's rod stood more straight out at about thirty degrees, looking more like a ramrod ready to run down the barrel of a cannon. Ralph thought that both of them now had cocks about equal in length. Whereas cold water caused embarrassing shrinkage for Ralph, erections now seemed to be the great equalizer.

Chris was the first to reach out and take Ralph's red headed rocket in his hand letting his fingers examine it, saying, "Yo Dawg, you got a really neat lookin dick, nice lookin head, too," as he kept running his fingers around the head and crimson corona of Ralph's cock head.

"Yeah, my friends that I jack with tell me I have the best lookin cock head of everyone," Ralph said with a smile.

Ralph was elated; finally he had something that was better and bigger than Chris. The both boys held each other's cocks in their hands exploring them like two blind men reading Braille. They examined each other's balls and cocks for a few minutes more before either one spoke. Finally, Chris asked, "So, got a ruler, Dawg?"

"Yeah," Ralph replied stepping over to his desk he picked up one of those twelve-inch plastic school rulers and returned to where Chris was standing.

"I'll measure you first bein you're the guest in the house," Ralph said with a little laugh.

Ralph laid the ruler on the topside of Chris's cock pushing it back against the pubic bone saying, "Wow! Dude you measure almost six and a quarter inches long."

Chris took the ruler from Ralph and laid it on top of Ralph's erect tool and said, "Yo, very respectable. A little over five and a half inches long, Dawg. But you appear to be a little thicker than me and of course your cock head is bigger than mine."

Ralph asked Chris, "So, can you fully expose the head of your dick, Dude?"

"Naw, the foreskin be too tight and wont pull back, so what you see is all you gonna see, Dawg," Chris said a little dejectedly. "I wish I didn't have the foreskin and was clean cut like you, Dawg."

Chris explained to Ralph that his family didn't have their offspring circumcised at birth like most people. He told Ralph that the doctor had told him and his father that if the foreskin didn't fully retract in another year that he would have to be circumcised. Chris told Ralph that is what happened to his older brother Roger. So, he was kind of looking forward to getting his foreskin cut next year. Ralph winched at the thought of having a doctor take a knife to his cock, so he changed the subject.

"So, how thick is yours?" Ralph asked his new best friend.

"I measure four and a half inches around, that's almost an inch and a half across, so I would say that you are at least five inches or more in circumference and at least an inch and three quarters across," Chris said.

Chris explained to Ralph different ways to measure and some of the tools guys in his club used to measure. Chris showed Ralph how to use an empty toilet tissue roll as a measuring tool. Ralph found a couple of old tubes and the boys cut them up and put measure marks on them. Then they used them to again measure their lengths and circumferences. The final results were that Chris was longer than Ralph by just less than three quarters of an inch, and a half-inch thinner. For some inexplicable reason the size of male genitals seemed to rule young boys lives; it was how they ranked and rated each other. Ralph had become keenly aware that Chris was not the naïve teen he had thought earlier, and seemed to be much more knowledgeable on the subject of all aspects of sex than Ralph.

"How the Hell you know so much about all of this sex stuff and you're younger than me, Dude?" Ralph asked Chris.

"Dawg, let me tell you about my life," Chris said to Ralph as they settled back down on the bed and got comfortable.

The two boys made themselves comfortable on the bed while Chris proceeded to fill Ralph in about his family and his life. Chris told Ralph that his mother and sister had been killed in a motor vehicle accident in Atlanta when Chris was ten. So, from that time on his dad and older brother had raised him. Chris' dad owned a large construction company that was headquartered in Atlanta, and Roger, Chris' older brother had followed in the family business last year after graduating from high school. Therefore, Chris had hung out after school, during the school breaks, and summer vacations with his dad and brother, and thereby been exposed to some rather crude men of the trades since his mother had been killed.

Chris told Ralph that his brother and his brother's friend had introduced Chris to mutual masturbation when he was eleven. Before that summer was over Chris had shot, or as he said, dribbled his first load of jizz. The next summer Chris had unexpectedly walked in on his brother and his high school boyfriend cornholing each other. So, when Chris was twelve and for a while thereafter it was the three of them. Then when Roger was in his senior year in high school he developed an interest in girls and there was no more sex between them.

Chris told Ralph about the men who worked in the construction trades and what crass individuals they were. They were very colorful and risqué people on and off the job sites when it came to pussy stories and all the other sexual stuff. So, Chris had received most of his early sexual education from his brother, his brother's boyfriend, and some of the other men that worked for his dad while at their sides working in that environment. Chris had received his sex education at a very early age and in a very lurid setting, to say the least.

Chris went on, going into graphic details with his stories about sex and what he had observed on the job sites from older men. He told Ralph about a few of the workers and how big their cocks were and the different sexual acts he had witnessed. One of the big after work activities while the men drank their beers was the pissing and cum shooting contests. The workers would gather and bet on who could piss or cum the greatest distance. Ralph was mesmerized by all of the stories. Of course, Chris told Ralph that all of the stories were strictly on the QT and were never to be repeated to anyone; furthermore, any sexual stuff that the two boys did was to be held in the strictest of secrecy.

Chris told Ralph about the Hispanic Dude who worked for his dad who had the biggest cock in the whole company, which had to be a ten-inch by nine-inch cock. Chris described it as being about the size of a small baseball bat, and how the guy had hurt one of the other guys trying to fuck him up the ass. Chris said that there was blood all over the guy's shorts and how he was screaming his guts out. That was almost the end for Chris, but he found out that being pounded in the poop chute was all that bad.

Chris said that there was one of the younger guys that really enjoyed getting fucked by some of the other guys, and the men had let Chris observe a couple of the fuckfest sessions. Many times these sex sessions would take place while the guys were hanging out drinking beer after work, or sometimes they took place back at the motel rooms while they were out of town on jobs. Wherever they took place it was for one reason only, to get their nuts off. Chris had even managed to slip off with the nineteen year old for a couple of cornholing sessions by themselves.

The essence of what Chris was trying to get across to Ralph was that there was sex and then there was sex. Chris wanted Ralph to understand that when guys had sex there was nothing as far as love involved; it was all about sexual gratification. There was no kissing or other stuff like that, just raw sex. Ralph thought to himself that he was so completely naïve when it came to sex that he felt like a complete jerk sitting on the bed having all of that stuff explained to him by a boy younger than him. Ralph knew that he wanted to have sex with Chris at sometime, but didn't want to appear to over eager. Then Chris spoke up.

"Yo Dawg, we better be getting busy if we gonna bust a beastly nut before da sun come up," Chris said.

"Fo sho Dude," Ralph answered.

"Ya know it's so late why don't we just jack each other off tonight," Chris suggested.

"Sounds cool to me dude."

"So, what you got for lube, Dawg?"

"What about some baby oil, that's what I use," Ralph said.


Ralph slid off the bed and headed towards the dresser where he kept his stash of baby oil. The two boys settled back and poured some oil all over their crotches and rubbed it onto their cocks and balls. They began stroking each and fondling each other's balls. Both boys had raging erections and could feel orgasms building inside their bodies. Chris began exploring Ralph's bunghole with his finger and Ralph moaned with pleasure. Ever so slowly Chris began to penetrate Ralph's ass hole with his middle finger. Ralph's eyes and head were rolling back as he moaned. Chris was gently finger-fucking Ralph while he slowly stroked Ralph's rock hard cock, paying particular attention to the cock head. Every once in a while Chris would hit Ralph's prostate and Ralph would feel a jolt of electricity in his body and jump.

Ralph was jumping and moaning on the big bed as Chris methodically worked Ralph inside and out.

"Oh My God that feels so fuckin good don't stop," Ralph said.

"You just lay back and enjoy this and remember what I am doing so you can do me." Chris said.

"I think I'm gonna cum, Dude. I'm cumming. I'm cum..." Ralph said as he shot a huge rope of whitish jizz over his head; it hit the wall above the headboard. Then there was another rope that landed in his hair, and another on his chest. Three good strong shots of cum and then the remainder began to dribble out over the back of Chris' hand. Chris continued finger fucking and stroking Ralph until Ralph pushed Chris' hand away saying, "That's all I can take, Dude."

Chris smiled at Ralph saying, "Kinda sensitive after you cum, huh?"


"You need a few minutes or ya want to do me now?" Chris asked.

"I'm ready to do you, Dude."

Chris lay back on the bed and Ralph poured some more baby oil on Chris' crotch and cock. Ralph began to stroke Chris' schlong as Chris talked Ralph through the whole process and within fifteen minutes Chris was moaning and shooting powerful ropes of sperm in all directions all over the room. The two boys collapsed into each other's arms and lay beside each other holding each other until they fell asleep; both fully spent and sexually satisfied. Ralph bedroom now smelled of raw sex.

What will become of Ralph and Chris? Will Ralph find the answers to his sexual identity? Was Ralph as adventuresome and curious about male on male sex as he originally thought when he met Chris or is he just experiencing normal teenage fantasies? Would Ralph and Chris make a good couple and become sexually active, or just remain friends and jack off buds. Will Chris ever accept oral sex as a part of sexual satisfaction? Does the story of these two teens end here with a one time sleep over and sexual satisfaction, or will it blossom? These are questions I wrestle with as a writer. If you want to provide some feedback e-mail the writer at:

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