Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 1

I was a quiet boy.

Some of my earliest memories were of my parents, arguing. My dad left us and moved to New York when I was three. He wrote from time to time after that. Still does. But I didn't see him again until I was in my twenties. We moved in with my mother's mom; into a two story, wood frame house in an older section of Salem, Indiana.

All the houses on our block were old houses, and most of the residents were old people, like my grandmother. A long gully ran behind the houses, and beyond that was a highway and farmland. The only children I knew of were a couple of older kids who lived next door. My mom worked, and I stayed with Grams all day. I was small for my age, and when I was around other children, I held back. So I learned to play on my own.

Grams backyard had been my grandfather's pride and joy. It was well landscaped with trees, bushes, hedges, and a small garden shed hidden behind a detached garage. In the spring, when it all came out green, I lived back there, behind the garage. The teenager who did the yard for Grams didn't trim thoroughly and the hedges became overgrown, forming a private play world for me.

The youngest of the children next door was a boy named Jason. He was several years older than me. When I was five, he was probably twelve or thirteen. That spring, I would hear him and his friends playing ball behind their house. There was a small space between our garage and the garden shed. If I stood there, in that space, I could see into their yard. They had a garage, right next to ours, so I couldn't see their house from there, or much of their yard; just the very back of it. But I could see if a kid was hanging back, playing outfield. I'd lean there, watching sometime. Occasionally one of them would see me. If it was Jason, he'd wave and call me by name.

I liked Jason. He had a good smile and shaggy brown hair. And he had nice eyes.

The fence between our yards was simple wire and post; the big squares kind of wire to grow vines on. It was bent in that small space between the garage and the garden shed, and twice, Jason told me to crawl through it and come play. The older boys were friendly and Jason even taught me how to hold the bat and swing. I remember holding the bat straight out with Jason helping me from behind. One of the boys would throw the ball at the bat, hit it, and Jason would tell me I'd hit a run.

I remember him getting mad at one of the older boys for calling me Casper. At the time, I had no idea what was going on. It was the only time anybody called me that, and I confess that it was years later before I realized why he did it. It came to me when I was looking at a picture of myself from about that time. My hair is pale blond, almost white back then, and though it was very fine, it was very thick. Mom kept it cut short in front and long in back. As a kid, I had large eyes; dark blue ones. Looking at that picture, I suddenly realized that the older kid had been calling me Casper the Ghost. It was only the one time, probably because I ran around in shorts and was hugely tan most of the time, and not very white at all. Grams always called me her golden boy.

Spring passed, and Jason and his buddies quit playing in the backyard. It grew warm out. However, there was a tall oak, right on the fence line, that overhung my little world, along with the area behind our garages, and I played comfortably there. Like I said, I wore only shorts, and if it got too hot, Grams would put out a sprinkler for me.

One day, I heard boys next door again. I first noticed when I heard them talking very quietly and laughing secretively, like they were up to something. I could tell they were close by. It sounded like they were behind their garage. I put down the X-wing fighter I was playing with and walked over to the garden shed and peaked around the corner.

It was Jason and another boy with long, jet-black hair. They were facing each other and had their hands up, palms out, pushing against each other's hands with their fingers interlaced like they were having a shoving contest, but they weren't shoving hard and they were grinning at each other. Then Jason pushed the other boy up against the back of his garage, and he pushed the other boy's hands up against the wall. They kissed.

I stood against the open garden shed wall, peeking with only one eye because, even at five, I knew they were doing something secret; something that might be naughty. They kept kissing, and Jason reached down between the other boy's legs and rubbed on the front of his shorts. The boy murmured, like he liked it, and he dropped his hand down between Jason's legs, and did the same thing to him.

They rubbed and kissed like that for a while, and then they reached inside each other's shorts and rubbed around in there for a while. I watched. My own little dick got stiff the way it sometimes did in bed, in the morning when I woke up. Mom called it a stiffy. She said boys got them sometimes. I wasn't sure why I got it just then, except that what they were doing looked secret and exciting. I rubbed the front of my pants against the corner of the shed because it felt good when I rubbed my stiffy on my bed in the morning. It felt good against the edge of the shed.

They pulled off their shirts and pushed down their shorts. Their stiffies sprung up, and they looked huge to me. I almost gasped out loud. I was afraid I had, and pulled back, holding my breath. It was real quiet.

I thought about what I had just seen... mainly stiffies and black hair. The black-haired boy had black hair above his dick, like I had seen between Mom's legs when I saw her naked. Only he had a lot less black hair and it was a lot shorter... just a spot of hair. Jason’s stiffy was fully as big as the other boy’s, but I didn’t glimpse any black hair above his. He was as naked there as I was.

And then I heard more sounds, rustling sounds. I peaked around the corner again. They were wrestling naked; at least I thought they were wrestling. Jason was lying on the other boy and their arms were around each other, pulling on each other. But then I saw they were kissing, and they were rubbing their stiffies together. They did that for a while, and then they did something that amazed me.

Jason got up and turned around on all fours over the other boy. I clearly saw the other boy take Jason's stiffy into his mouth. It looked like Jason was doing it to him, too. They sucked on each other, and I reached into my shorts and closed my hand over my own stiffy because it was sort of achy.

They both had white bottoms from where the sun didn't shine when they were in their shorts, like where the sun didn't shine because of my shorts. They sucked on each other's stiffies a while, making more and more noise and moving around together a lot, and then they stopped and sat up. They sat back against the garage, naked, and talking. They were looking around more, and I was afraid they'd see me so I pulled back and returned to the grass behind the shed. I wasn't sure what I'd just seen, but I was certain that they liked what they did.

I listened for them again, but it wasn't until several days later that I heard them coming closer, once again. They were laughing and talking quietly like before. I snuck back to the edge of the garden shed and peeked. They were already undressing. In seconds they were naked, and they had stiffies. They kissed and grabbed each other's dicks like they were trying to stretch them longer.

Then Jason got down onto all fours, facing mostly away from me. His butt was really white. I could see his balls hanging down between his legs. They were more flesh colored, and they looked awfully big for his size, hanging there. They certainly weren't like the little marbles I had tucked up between my legs. The other boy had a jar of something white like the cream my mom used for her face. He got a glob of it and spread it up and down his stiffy. He couldn't have been over twelve or thirteen, but to a five-year-old, he looked towering, and his stiffy, which was making wet, squishy noises as he rubbed it with cream, was truly awe inspiring.

Then he knelt down beside Jason's butt, and it looked like he rubbed white stuff in Jason's buttcrack. He set the jar down and scooted up behind Jason. For a moment, he was looking down in front of him, like he was doing something to Jason's bottom. Then his hips went forward up against Jason's bottom, and then back. Only his butt was white, like he wore a small swim suit, and I watched fascinated because the two globes of his butt changed shape when he pressed forward.

He held Jason's sides and his hips went forward and back for a while, those globes of muscle dimpling and then relaxing. His balls swung loose for a while, but then they started lifting up. Then he bent over Jason, hugging him around his tummy, and I could see their bottoms really well. The boy on top had his stiffy inside Jason's butt and it was going in and out of it. I was mesmerized.

They went a while, and the boy on top got real excited and moved his bottom really fast. He put his legs together, and I couldn't see as well, but I could tell he was still moving his dick inside Jason's bottom. Then he stopped and knelt up again. He sat slowly back onto his haunches, and Jason knelt up.

They turned around and now it was the other boy who got down on all fours and Jason who got behind him. Jason smeared white stuff on his own stiffy and then at the bottom of the other boy. Jason scooted up behind him, and though I couldn't see it, I was sure he was putting his stiffy inside the other boy just like the other boy had done to him. Jason grabbed the other boy's hipbones and started moving his own hips forward and back.

He started going faster and his face got all dreamy. He rubbed his hands over the other boy's back, like he liked the feel. And then he stopped. I looked up, and he was looking directly at my one eye. "Oh, shit," I heard him say.

I pulled back and froze.

I heard them whispering, a rustling, and then footsteps coming closer. Jason peeked around the corner of the shed and saw me standing there. He smiled and came the rest of the way around. He had his shorts back on.

"Hi, Petey," he said, kneeling in front of me. He smiled. "Did you see us wrestling?"

I nodded and pointed at his shorts. "You were wrestling naked," I said quietly.

Jason nodded. He still smiled, but his face was really red. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a gentle, friendly squeeze. That's how we wrestle in our secret club," he said. "It's a secret. You can't tell anybody what you saw."

I nodded.

Jason frowned, looking very searious. "Not anybody, Petey. Cross your heart and hope to die if you do."

I nodded, wide-eyed at how serious he was.

He smiled. "Good boy, Petey. I knew we could trust you. You wouldn't ever tattle on anybody."

"Can I watch some more?" I asked. That was uncharacteristically bold of me, but I didn't want him to tell me to go away, and I surely did want to watch some more.

Jason's mouth dropped, and he sat back on his haunches. He studied me a moment. Then he looked at my body. He knelt up, and ran his hands over my shoulders and my sides and tummy, sort of like the way he ran his hands over the other boy's back... as if he liked the feel. "If we let you, Petey, you can never, ever, ever tell anyone. Especailly not a grown-up like your mom."

I nodded. "I won't tell."

He studied me a moment longer, and then stood. Taking my hand, he led me back around the shed and through the wire fence to his side. The other boy was still behind Jason's garage, leaning back against the wall in his shorts.

"Petey wants to join our club," Jason said.

I glanced up at him in surprise. Joining was different than watching, wasn't it?

The other boy looked up at Jason in surprise. "Shit, Jason. You want to get our asses fried?"

'Ass' meant butt. I knew that. I also knew what 'frying' meant with eggs, but I had no idea what I would have to do to fry their asses. "I won't fry your asses," I promised quietly, desperate to join the naked club.

Jason and the other boy looked and each other, and broke out laughing. Jason knelt down beside me and hugged me. "You're a stitch, Petey," he said. He held my shoulders and sat back on his haunches, grinning. Then his eyes quit grinning and dropped up and down my body. "You want to wrestle naked with us."

I nodded.

He looked at the other boy, and then back at me. He pulled me closer, into a hug, and then I felt his hands inside the back of my shorts, squeezing my bottom. He pushed my shorts down. I had on Star Wars undies. He grinned at them, and then pulled them down as well. I stood there, barefoot with my shorts and briefs down at my ankles.

"Oh, wow," Jason said. "Look at this, Trevor. Petey's got himself a little worm." He took the base of my dick, right next to my puffy little mound, between his thumb and a finger, and he wiggled it around like a little worm. "Hey, Petey," he asked, glancing up at my eyes. "Does this ever get stiff?"

The other boy, Trevor, had come up beside me and I felt his big hand on my bottom as he leaned around to watch. He squeezed my butt.

"Lay down, Petey," Jason said. "Let's make it stiff."

The other boy grabbed me under the shoulders and they sat me down and then laid me back. Trevor kept hold of me, under my armpits, and pulled my head and shoulders into his lap. Jason pulled my shorts and briefs off my ankles and then pulled my legs apart. He scooted up on his knees between them and bent over my dick-worm, playing with it. Then he took it into his mouth.

I could feel him sucking on it, and I could feel him rolling it around on his tongue. It felt really good. It felt exciting. And Jason was sucking my dick like he had sucked the other boy's dick – I really was joining the club!

Soon, Jason sat back up on his huanches, grinning as he pointed my now erect stiffy skyward. "Look what the little guy has," he said. "It's as long as my finger."

I looked at my stiffy, all wet looking in the shade of the big oak tree. Jason held his index finger up beside it. My stiffy was almost as long as his finger, and almost as thick. "He's going to pack some serious meat when he get's older," Jason predicted.

Actually, my dick turned out to be about average or slightly longer. But on a guy as small as I turned out to be (5'8"), it's always looked big.

"Let me see if I can get it harder," Jason said. He bent over and sucked on it some more.

It was as hard as it would get, but I wasn't going to tell Jason that; what he was doing felt too good.

"He's got cute little buns, Jase," Trevor said. My head was still in his lap, and I looked up at him. He smiled and glancedat Jason. "If he's really 'joining the club' we ought to fuck him," Trevor said.

Jason sat back up on his haunches again, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked down at me, considering, then shook his head. "He's too little, Trev. We'd rip him open."

I know my eyes went wide. 'Rip him open,' sounded damned scary.. Jason grinned and patted my leg. "Just kidding, Petey. We'd never hurt you." His eyes dropped to my stiffy which now pointed up my belly. "I know what we can do. We can let Petey fuck us."

"Huh?" Trevor asked.

"Sure," Jason said. "It'd be like jacking off with your finger up your butt."

I wondered what jacking off was.

"Hey," Jason said, frowning at Trevor. "I didn't get to finish. It's still my turn to butt fuck. I'll do you, and I'll get Petey to put his cock up my butt while I do it."

"Is a cock a stiffy?" I asked. I felt pretty bold because I was a member of the club now.

Jason grinned. "Yep. Sure is. You want to put your cock up my butt the way you saw us doing to each other while ago?"

I nodded.

"Oh, hell yes!" Jason said, laughing. He got to his feet and quickly shucked his shorts. His stiffy was... stiff.

Trevor me sat me up and did the same as Jason. "This is crazy," he said, but his stiffy was stiff as well.

Jason grinned at him, and stepping up to the other boy, he grabbed Trevor's stiffy and pulled on it while whispering something in Trevor's ear. Trevor's head sorta fell back because he liked Jason pulling on his stiffy, and his eyes got droopy. He nodded.

I got up from the ground, too. They turned to face me, and their stiffies were pointing up. My much smaller version was doing the same, proudly. I faced them and grinned.

Jason laughed. "Come on," he said, giving Trevor a little shove forward. "I know how to do it. Get on your back like we did the other day."

Trevor laid down on the ground on his back. He pulled his knees up and out to the sides, holding them there with his hands. His tan legs looked really long to me. His bottom was pointing right at us and I could see the pink pucker of his butt hole.

Jason grabbed up the jar of cream and dropped to his knees at Trevor's bottom. He waved me up alongside and then smeared cream onto my stiffy with a thumb and finger. It felt really good, and I liked the little squishy sounds. Then he rubbed between my legs with his whole hand, and I steadied myself with a hand on his shoulder.

Jason grinned. "Feel good, Petey?"

"Uh-huh," I mumbled.

Jason stopped then, and spread cream on his own stiffy. It looked so big and slick... I wanted to touch it. The helment of his crown was a huge version of mine, and I really wanted to give it a squeeze, but he was busy spreading white cream in Trevor's butt crack. Then he knelt up, and reaching back, spread cream into his own butt crack.

"OK, watch now, Petey, " he said. "This is what you're going to do to me." He pointed his stiffy down and scooting up on his knees, he touched it to Trevor's pink opening. For a moment, he pressed it there, and his stiffy started to bend a little, but then Jason's big, pink crown disappeared, just like that, and Trevor's opening closed like a mouth around Jason's shaft. With my hand on Jason's shoulder, we both watched the shaft of Jason's stiffy disappear inside Trevor's bottom and Jason eased his hips forward. And then, Jason's belly pressed flat against Trevor's bottom, and I could barely see any of Jason's stiffy. Then Jason folded his body down onto Trevor's, and I couldn't see between them anymore.

Jason pulled his knees forward so that the two of them made a ball with Jason's butt pointing backward. "OK, Petey," he said back over his shoulder. "Your turn."

I got behind him, standing at his bottom. As low as his bottoom was to the ground, I was able to kneel and my stiffy was about the right height. I bent down to get a closer look. Even though I knew Jason's poop came out that hole, it looked all clean and pink except for some white specks from the cream. I touched it with my finger. It felt solidly closed, like there wasn't a hole at all. But I knew it would open. I had seen it done.

Scooting forward on my knees, I maneuvered the tip of my stiffy into Jason's open butt cheeks. I found his hole, partly by feel with my finger and my crown. I pushed and slid in easily, all the way. He was all warm and slippery inside, and I moved my hips a little, feeling around inside him.

"Oh, geez," Jason gasped with a little chuckle. "I feel it! It feels really cool."

I felt his opening squeeze my stiffy and then squeeze it again. He moved his hips around a little bit, adjusting. "OK, Petey," he said, "you keep that all the way inside me, and hang on. I'm going to take you on a horsey ride."

I grabbed on to his shoulders with both hands and leaned on him the best I could, and sure enough, his bottom started going up and down, lifting me. I hung on tightly, and when he shifted his legs back, I squeezed onto the outsides of his legs with the insides of mine. And it all felt good. His skin felt good to my skin. I could feel his muscles. His body felt strong. And each time his bottom rose and fell, it squeezed my stiffy.

"Oh, geez," Jason murmured. "It feels good."

I rode with him as his butt went up and down, laying the side of my face on his strong back and closing my eyes.

"Does it feel good to you, Petey?" he asked in a thick voice.

"Uh-huh," I said. "It feels real good."

"Feels damn good to me, too," I heard Trevor murmur.

And then, Jason really got going, up and down and around a little with his hips while I hung on. He and Trevor started making grunting noises, so I did too, in my high voice, because it felt natural to do that when Jason's bottom squeezed me. Jason stuck his legs straighter out behind him and it was even easier for me to hang on. I hugged around his chest, and squeezed his legs with mine, and rested the side of my face against his back. It bounced me a little, but he smelled good.

Before long, Jason started whimpering and I was afraid something was hurting him, but he didn't stop and I just kept hanging on. And then Jason went real fast and I almost bounced out of him, but I hung on tightly. And then Jason stopped and his bottom tightened around my stiffy really hard and my legs squirmed because I could feel it, and I whimpered a little myself, because I could feel it a lot.

And then Jason relaxed. "OK, Petey," he said, and his voice was all different, sorta not excited any more.

I got off. "That was fun," I said quietly while rubbing my stiffy where it had been squeezed so much.

"I want to try it," Trevor said.

"You already had a turn," Jason pointed out.

"But not with Petey's cock up my butt. Come on, Jase. I don't have to come again. Just let me feel what it's like."

With a sigh, Jason nodded and lay down onto his back. He pulled his knees up and out like Trevor had done. His stiffy had started to go away but it was still thick and pick, and pointed up his belly. His big balls rested above his bottom, and on impulse, I touched them with my fingers while Trevor was putting cream on his cock.

Jason smiled at me. "That feels good, Petey," he said. So I laid my hand on them lightly.

Then Trevor was ready and he pushed into Jason pretty quickly. I got behind him and pushed into him like I had with Jason.

"Oh shit," Trevor said. "I do feel it, even though you reamed me out. It's just big enough inside to make me twich around it."

"Wait till you get going," Jason said. "It'll start poking you inside, and feeling really good."

With that, Trevor started, and I hung on. Soon we were bouncing along, just like with Jason, and Trevor's butt hole kept giving little squeeze to my stiffy each time he pumped, just like Jason's had. Only now, I was feeling a little different. My stomach felt funny, like when I went down the roller coaster at the kiddy park, and the squeezing on my stiffy was sending pulses of the best feelings I ever had up from between my legs, and Trevor's legs felt good between my legs and his butt felt good under my tummy and the damp skin of his back felt good against my chest. And then everything tingled at once, and good feelings like a fountain were shooting up from between my legs, and I was squirming around, wiggling my stiffy inside Trevor's bottom because it felt so good, and I rubbed the insides of my legs on the outsides of his, and I was making little, 'uh, uh, uh," noises and everything was making tight clinches inside me.

"Oh, geez," I heard Trevor murmur, "this little kid's fucking me." His butt went way down as he ground into Jason, and his insides started squeezing my stiffy a lot, and hard. Each squeeze sent a shudder through my body. And then he stopped and both of us were breathing hard. "Oh, geez," he murmured again. "Can a little kid come? Cuz I think Petey just did... all that wiggling inside me... that was awesome." I felt another squeeze on my stiffy, and I wiggled again.

"Oh, shit!" Trevor gasped.

"Did you come, Petey?" I heard Jason ask.

My eyes were closed and the side of my face rested comfortably on the taut skin of Trevor's back. "Come where?" I mumbled, grinding my hips because my stiffy still felt really good inside Trevor.

I heard Jason laugh. "Hey, Petey, did you get some really good feelings inside?"

"Um-hm," I murmured.

Trevor reached back and patted my butt. "Time to get off, cowboy," he said, rising up onto all-fours.

I hung onto him, keeping my stiffy buried.

He laughed. "Jase, you're gonna have to get him off me. He's glued himself on."

Laughing, Jason scooted out from under Trevor and came around to lift me off. I clung to Trevor with my arms and legs and the two of them laughed as Jason tugged on me. I started giggling. "Aw," I lamented when Jason finally pulled me off.

Still laughing, Jason put me down on the ground on my back. I remember looking up at the sky and thinking how blue it was, and then Jason's grinning face was over mine and I felt his open hand rubbing my stiffy. "He's still hard," Jason told Trevor. "Does it feel good, Petey?" he asked.

I nodded, rubbing my stiffy up against his hand.

Jason shook his head, grinning. "Shit, Petey's ready to keep going. Better not, though." He sat up on his haunches. "Got get going, Petey." He grabbed up my undies and helped me on with them, chuckling because my stiffy wouldn't go away. He patted it through my undies and then helped me on with my shorts. Then I sat and watched them get dressed.

"Remember, Petey," Jason said. "You can't tell any body about this."

"I know," I told him.

"Good," Jason said. "Maybe we'll play again sometime."

I heard Trevor, as they walked away. He leaned close to Jason and said, "Are you crazy? We'd be in deep shit if anyone found out we screwed with your neighbor's little boy."

I felt my heart sink. I thought I was a member of the club.


My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com. I plan to add one or two more parts to this if readers like it. Thanks - Jack.