Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 10

I had no idea how late it was; I just knew it was really late. Corey had been kissing me for a long time, and that was after us sexing with Sonny, which was after we were chased by the cops, which was after skinny dipping, which was late to begin with.

Sonny was asleep, backed up against my left side; his soft-skinned bottom against my hip. He had pulled my arm in front of him, hugging it as he dozed off, resting his head on a pillow on my shoulder. I rubbed his belly with my hand from time to time.

Corey lay on my right side. His dick was stiffening up again, against my hip. His hand swept back and forth over my chest. His mouth covered mine and he was trying to curl his tongue around mine. I had an arm behind Corey, too. My hand was on his butt; feeling the firm little mounds. Although the skin on Corey’s butt wasn’t as incredibly soft as Sonny’s, it was soft… and warm. I really loved the feel of other boys’ butts.

Corey pressed his cock against my hip and probed more deeply with his tongue. He really did like kissing, and he was kissing me as though, for the first time in his life, he felt completely free to enjoy kissing another boy. I could imagine how he felt, though I had been pretty uninhibited kissing Jason, way back then. Of course, that was different, being five at the time and all, and other than some kissing that summer I first taught Tommy how, he and I didn’t do a whole lot. Corey was a new experience.

His lips were firm. With my tongue, I could feel the little bumps in his tongue. He probed my mouth hungrily, but with the slight clumsiness of a ten-year-old. We made saliva together; unintentionally, but lots of it, and we shared it back and forth and swallowed. Our kissing was breathy, as in hot puffs of air on each other's face. A ten-year-old can really get into kissing, and Corey kissed with his whole body; his fingers combing through my hair, his legs rubbing mine, his cock on my hip... and yet, it was his tongue in my mouth that most stirred my own cock to hardness again.

I stroked his back, and rubbed legs with him, and with my other hand, I stroked Sonny’s tummy. I was eleven years old, and it just couldn’t get better than this... even though I was dead tired.

The way Sonny hugged my arm to go to sleep was cool. We really were best friends. It'd had only been a few days since I met him, but sometimes boys can be instant best friends as fast as any lovers at first sight. I felt that way about Sonny.

Corey moved up on top of me, squashing our stiffies between our bellies. He cradled my face in his hands and lifted his head. In the faint light, I could see him look at my lips and take a deep breath as if he was about to dive into water. “Shit, you like kissing!” I whispered.

His eyes glanced up at mine, and he smiled. He scooted up my belly a little and pressed his forehead to mine. "I could do this all night," he whispered, “with you.”

I cupped his butt in my open hand and gave it a squeeze. "I like kissing, too, you know," I whispered back. "But I'm really sleepy, and you're wearing out my mouth.” I smiled, so he’d know I was happy.

Even with the room so dark and his forehead pressed to mine, I could tell that his mouth pulled up in a grin. We shared a breath, and then another. Even late at night, after drinking Coke and sucking other boy’s cocks, a ten-year-old’s breath isn’t bad; at least Corey’s wasn’t.

He shifted on me, and bunched up his pillow beside my head. Then he settled down on top of me, belly to belly, with his head on the pillow and his face close to the side of my neck. His hand caressed the other side of my face. He kissed my neck. "Peter?"

"Yeah, Corey?" I answered.

“You’re an awesome boyfriend.”

I patted the small mound of his butt and felt the touch of our bellies as I took a breath. I parted my legs to let his legs settle between mine, and I felt the weight of Corey’s body shift more firmly onto our cocks. “So are you, Corey,” I whispered, and I meant it. “You’re an awesome boyfriend, too.”

“You guys gonna sleep all day?” Sonny asked, patting my bottom, and leaving his hand there. “It’s almost eleven.”

I hugged Corey’s butt tighter to my lap and nuzzled behind his neck. But then I smelled banana. I looked back over my shoulder and squinted from one eye. Sonny was eating a banana.

“Where’d you get that?” I asked.

Sonny grinned as he chewed, and pointed the end of the banana into my mouth. I took a bite, and he rubbed my butt while we both chewed.

He swallowed first. “Your Grams called for you ages ago,” he said, “but you and Corey were sleepin’ so hard, I put on my shorts and went down. Grams said – she told me we should all call her Grams – she said that my mom called cuz she was gonna run errands all morning. We’re supposed to feed ourselves, so Grams asked me if I wanted some fruit. She said some guy named Harold brought her a bunch of fruit for us.”

I rolled onto my back, letting Corey go. “Harold’s an old guy, but he’s cool,” I told Sonny.

“Want more banana?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Not your dick, if that’s what you mean.”

“Nah,” Sonny said, grinning. “Banana.” He pointed the banana at my mouth and then gave it a shove, smashing it over my lips and cheeks.

I tried to sit up, and with a yip, Sonny went running from the room… with the remains of the banana.

I looked down at Corey. He had twisted back at the waist and was looking at me with a smirk on his face. So I grabbed his face in both hands and plunged my face onto his.

He squealed and kicked, but I held his face tightly, smearing my face all over his… and giggling. But then I felt his tongue on my cheek, sweeping banana off it, so I started licking his face, too. In moments, I was lying on top of him, face to face, each of us holding the other by the jaw and licking.

“Oh, shit!” Sonny said, and I realized he was standing next to the bed again. “Are you guys licking each other’s faces?”

“Um-hum,” I murmured.

In seconds, Sonny was back with a freshly peeled banana, pressing our sides with his naked body and shoving the banana between our faces, and squashing it in with his own face.

We went through one more banana after that, and had dicks hard as rock, but Corey and I needed to piss. I climbed into the back of the tub to show Corey how to use the length of the tub to piss with a hard-on, thinking that when he took his turn, I’d cold shower him. But Sonny did it to me first, while I was showing Corey, so… I howled, called him an asshole – and felt incredibly pleased with myself for calling another boy an asshole, out loud that is – and turned my piss stream on Sonny.

It ended, of course with the three of us rinsing off together, and me having to wipe piss of the wall and floor from where I shot Sonny. I didn’t mind wiping it up. I had a boyfriend and a best friend; I had Corey and Sonny.

And I had friends. I had Adam and Tyler.

Sonny’s mom stopped by around one and Grams called us down from upstairs. Laura had brought Burger King for everyone, and we ate in Grams’ dining room; a rare occurrence. But first, Laura sent us out to the car. “I brought more sodas and ice,” she said. “You boys need to bring it in and put it in the ice chest before it melts. Bring in the microwave popcorn, too.” Then Laura turned to Grams, and covered her mouth, embarrassed in case she had made a slip. “You do have a microwave, don’t you?” she asked, apologetically.

Grams smiled. “Of course, dear. Peter would have starved to death by now if we didn’t.” Grams chuckled.

“She’s not joking,” I said in mock seriousness.

“Oh, you stinker!” Grams exclaimed. “Go out and get those groceries!”

As I was heading out, I heard Laura apologize to Grams. “I just didn’t know about the microwave… I mean, like you only have one phone, right?”

Back when they first wired our house for phones, my grandfather only wired the ground floor for three phones; one in his and Grams’ bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the entrance hall. Whenever I had asked for a phone of my own, Grams told me I’d have to run wire for it… in the walls. Needless to say, I hadn’t done it. She had put a wireless phone in the entrance hall, but it had to stay plugged in down there to charge, and it didn't hold much of one.

After lunch, Laura went out shopping again. The five of us felt lazy and lay around upstairs. Adam beat Tyler on the Playstation, and Corey took Tyler’s place. I was lying on the daybed reading, and so Sonny challenged Tyler to a dorky Power Rangers game my mom had given me.

We were all naked, of course. Sonny and Tyler were both on their stomachs on the floor with the game board between them. Tyler’s feet were somewhat toward me and my eyes kept wandering over to the backs of his thighs, the shadows between them, and to Tyler’s bottom. Like Corey, Tyler had a firm, rounded bottom; but a two-year-older version. He was twelve, and he had pubes, but that’s all the body hair he had. His legs and bottom were as smooth as Corey’s, and his butt as white. I rolled onto my belly to hide the start of and erection, and moved my head closer to the edge of the bed, and the view of Tyler.

He rocked on his hips a little each time he moved pieces on the board. His legs moved apart, and I could see his scrotum resting in a two-ball puddle on the rug between them. He lifted his heels, alternately swinging them up and back toward his butt while he played.

“Hey, Tyler,” I heard Sonny say. “Peter’s looking at your butt like he’s gonna swoop off the couch and bang you.”

Tyler laughed, glanced back over his shoulder at me, and then wiggled his bottom. His butt cheeks flexed and dimpled as he moved them. I decided they were definitely more meaty than Corey’s.

Since he wiggled it at me, I figured he might be open to some boy play, and by then, I was comfortable enough with those guys to slide off the daybed and onto the floor beside Tyler. I let him keep playing but facing away from him, I my side, the side of my ribcage across the small of Tyler’s back so that his butt was right there in front of me.

“Told you,” Sonny said to Tyler behind me. “You’re already losing so don’t blame Peter if he breaks your concentration cuz you haven't got any.”

“Shithead!” Tyler said. “You want him to distract me, cuz you’re the one who’s losing.”

“Don’t let me bother you,” I said, putting a hand on each of Tyler’s firmly rounded globes. If I hadn’t already known I was gay, I would have known it then, squeezing Tyler’s butt; because I was thinking there just wasn’t anything more fun to play with, and more awesome to look at, than another boy’s well-formed butt... literally, awesome.

Tyler’s muscles were firm, but his butt skin was as soft and warm as Corey’s. I squeezed one globe, then the other. I rubbed them in opposing circles. I pulled them apart and sniffed. I leaned forward over them because it looked like Tyler’s perineum had thickened and I wanted a better look.

It was obvious; the thick, tubular root of Tyler’s cock had swollen his perineum, stretching the tender skin taut. I rubbed it with my finger tips, and then smelled them. Tyler was twelve, and he had the richest scent of all four cousins. I took a deep breath through my nose, and my cock got hard as steel. Tyler parted his legs wider, and I rubbed his perineum again, leaning closer to smell him.

“That’s like his 'boy play' button,” Adam observed from the Playstation. “You rub a guy there with your fingers and it always gets him going.”

I wondered how Adam knew that so well. “His skin's getting hot,” I reported. “And moist.” I took another sniff. “Tyler smells really good between his legs. Jason and me used to call it a guy’s 'scratch and sniff' cuz it smells good when you rub it.”

“Not always,” Adam commented, turning his attention back to the game. "Sometimes Tyler can stink really bad down there."

“Buttlick!” Tyler murmured.

Corey glanced over at me from beside Adam. “You haven’t cornholed Tyler yet,” he pointed out

“Fuck off, Corey!” Tyler said to his brother. But he didn’t move or tell me to fuck off.

I don’t know what it is about guys; even the most romantic among us get the urge to put our cocks into almost every new opening opportunity that comes our way. Even at eleven, part of my urge to do Tyler was that I hadn’t done him yet.

Sitting up off his back, I knelt up between Tyler’s legs. I spread his legs farther apart and then bent way down to lick his thick ‘boy play button’. Tyler lifted his butt toward me and moaned slightly.

I licked. He tasted good. I licked again.

I felt like a cat, licking at catnip or something. The more I licked, the better he tasted, and the more he murmured and moved his butt. I could taste a faint saltiness and guessed I was making him sweat a little between his legs. I licked from the back of his balls up to the bottom of his crack, over and over with long strokes of my tongue. Tyler buried his face in his arms and whimpered.

“Damn that looks hot,” Adam said. He was watching us from the Playstation again. “Mount him, Peter. Spit into his butt and plug him.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. Spreading Tyler’s white butt cheeks apart with both hands, I drooled into his butt crack. It was easy; I had worked up a lot of drool licking him. I moved up to straddle the backs of his long thighs, and pointed my cock down. When I pushed my crown down into his crack, it spread his crevice like soft butter. I wiggled my crown into the saliva I had drooled there and felt his pucker with it. Then I pushed.

We’d all been doing each other enough that his opening gave fairly easily. Even so, I pushed in slowly. When my crown and the end of my shaft were well inside, I leaned forward onto my hands and stretched my legs out along the outside of Tylers, and then I pushed my pelvis down onto his bottom very slowly..

Tyler’s head was down, his forehead on his arms. He was up slightly on his elbows and his shoulder blades stood out. A twelve-year-old still has the skinny, boney back of a boy, not a youth. As I eased in, I thought how different he was from Trevor, even though both had pubes. As my lap pressed flat onto the mounds of Tyler's bottom, it struck me that he didn’t look all that much different from behind than his ten-year-old brother, even to the mop of hair.

I lay down onto Tyler, sliding my forearms under the fronts of his shoulders which were slightly off the floor, and I grabbed onto the sides of his neck from underneath. I nuzzled into the back of his hair and ground my boner down inside him. He felt really good under me. His insides warmly sheathed my cock and his sphincter gripped the base of my shaft like a tight ring. He moved under me, with me, and that felt good, too... because he was liking it.

Sonny moved the game board out of the way and then scooted forward on his knees toward our faces. His cock was absolutely rigid and pointed right at us. Tyler’s head was still down, but Sonny lifted it with a hand under Tyler’s forehead. Then holding Tyler’s head up, Sonny eased forward farther and brushed his crown on Tyler’s lips. Tyler opened his mouth and Sonny pushed his cock in.

I watched for a moment, concentrating more on the wonderful feelings around my cock, and on the feel of Tyler’s bottom under my lap as I ground. But Sonny’s belly, nude pubic mound, and dangling balls were really close. I pulled one arm from under Tyler’s shoulder and cupped Sonny’s balls with my hand.

Sonny clasped the back of my head with one hand and the back of Tyler’s with his other, while the two of us fondled him, and Tyler sucked on him, and I wiggled my cock inside Tyler.

Sonny backed his hips, pulling his cock from Tyler’s mouth and then shoved it forward between our two faces, so Tyler and I both licked and sucked on it while I fondled Sonny’s balls and ticked under his perineum with my fingertips.

Tyler was right there, at Sonny’s cock, with me. At twelve, you don’t have to be a gay boy to enjoy playing with an eleven-year-old’s erection and loose-hanging balls. All that new, and so easily engorged, equipment is exciting for any guy. Besides, Tyler liked having his cock sucked and boys who do, sometimes like sucking cocks, too. Tyler did.

But then Sonny pushed his crown against my lips and I opened my mouth for him, letting him shove it in. With his hands behind our heads, Sonny held Tyler and my heads together and he seemed to like having both of us sucking and fondling him at one time, but Tyler’s cock only had the rug.

“Suck me, too, Sonny,” Tyler said. “Peter and I can roll to the side. Then you can suck me while I suck you."

I had to wait until Sonny pulled his cock out of my mouth, but then I grabbed Tyler under the hipbone and held him to me as we rolled onto our sides. Sonny reversed position with Tyler and the two swallowed each other’s cocks like they really wanted to. I propped on my elbow behind Tyler and watched them. I held Tyler by the hip and slowly slid my cock in and out through his tight ring while I watched them.

Glancing up, I saw that Corey was sitting in Adam’s lap, his back to Adam’s chest. Corey was sliding his butt forward and back. His eyes were tightly shut, his chin forward, and his mouth slightly open. Adam had a hand in front of Corey, and he was jacking Corey’s stiffy with spit and a hand. I figured Adam's cock was inside Corey.

The muscles in Corey’s slender legs and butt were working, and I thought he looked terrific like that. I had a moment’s burst of pride in my boyfriend. Adam looked hot, too. But then, so did Sonny and Tyler. I held Tyler’s hip, enjoying the feel as I slid his tightness up and down my cock. I watched them all, and it was exciting to watch. My breath grew shallow, almost like, not-enough-oxygen shallow.

I wrapped my top leg up over Tyler’s hip, hooking the inside of my thigh over his hipbone, and I ground harder. Then I felt Sonny’s fingers on my balls, and after a moment, decided to return the favor.

I’ve heard of plenty of other guys who messed around at the ages we were, but not many who got into it as thoroughly and easily as we did. But then, I had started at five with Jason, and had been messing with Tommy for a couple of years, and the four cousins had been going at it for a couple of years, too. We knew what to do. We all liked it, and we knew we all liked it. That made it easy… and fun, the way it can be fun for boys to sex. But we were also getting our hormones, and it wasn’t just fun; it was bare-assed exciting.

Sonny’s mom and dad were in their large, front room when we walked in for supper. Sonny’s dad was carrying their TV and set it down on the floor just outside the doorway into the entrance hall.

“What are you doing?” Sonny asked.

“You’ll see,” his dad said with a wink.

“Peter,” Sonny’s mom said, grabbing up a shopping bag. “I told your grandmother I would buy this for her.” She handed me the bag and I looked inside.

“It’s a set of three wireless phones and a base station,” she said. “The phones and their chargers can be anywhere, so you can have one or two upstairs for yourself. And, the phones have an intercom feature so that your grandmother can call you without having to go the bottom of the stairs and call up for you.” She smiled as she saw my eyes go wide.

I hate to admit it, but finally having my own phone was almost as exciting as having my first boyfriend, even though I really had no one to call but Sonny. I barely managed to mumble a thank you.

“How come dad put the TV in the entrance hall?” Sonny asked his mom.

“Because I’ve decided we’re going to do without TV,” his dad said. “A new home means we can make a fresh start without that one-eyed, time wasting monster.”

Sonny looked at his mom with an expression of utter despair.

She laughed. “Oh, Sonny," she said, mussing his hair, "Your father bought me one of those big screen TVs. This front room is so big that we need a bigger TV.”

“That’s an excuse,” his dad said with another wink. “She wanted a big screen TV a long time before we moved here… and a DVD player.”

“Look,” Laura said, grabbing up another bag. “I bought some movies. We’ll order pizza and watch one or two movies tonight.”

“Where’s the new TV?” Sonny asked.

“They’re delivering it,” his dad answered. He looked at his watch. “They were supposed to be here half an hour ago.”

“Oh, cool,” Adam said. He and Tyler were going through the bag with movies. “She got The Last Crusade,” he said, excitedly. “And both Die Hard movies.”

“Oh, wow!” Sonny exclaimed, joining them at the bag.

“Those are for your dad. I got a couple of movies for me, too,” his mom told them.

Sound of Music?” Sonny asked with a twisted grin.

“I loved that as a child,” his mom said. “You don’t have to watch it. I’ll watch it by myself.”

“I’ll watch it with you,” her husband said, wrapping an arm behind her waist.

Laura grinned at him and kissed his cheek. Then she looked at me. “Does your grandmother like pizza?” Laura asked. “We’ll order some for her, as well.”

I shrugged. “I think she does, but we’ve hardly ever had it.”

“I’ll call her and see what kind she wants,” Laura said. “Why don’t you take the phones over to your house?"

"Aunt Laura," Corey asked, "what are you going to do with the old TV?"

Laura glanced at her husband, and he nodded. Then she turned to Sonny. "We thought Sonny might like it for his room."

Sonny's eyes went big, and then he grinned.

"How 'bout," Corey quickly asked, "while we're here... how 'bout we put the old TV up in Peter's front room so some of us can watch videos while other guys use the Playstation? That way some of us won't get bored waiting to play."

Who's gotten bored? I thought, and almost laughed out loud.

Laura laid a hand on her son's shoulder. "Well that would be up to Sonny. If he wants to let you boys borrow it this week, that’s his choice."

Sonny frowned a moment, then nodded. "Just while you guys are here."

Sonny, Adam, and Tyler all carried the TV across the street and up the stairs. Corey and I showed Grams the new phones, and she had us set up the base in her room so that she could use the intercom from there. Then she let me have two phones for upstairs, and Corey and I raced up to put one in the front room and one in my bedroom.

While the other guys set up the TV with my VCR, I beeped Grams on the intercom.

"This is wonderful!" Grams exclaimed. "I bet I forget, though, and yell up the stairs," she added, chuckling. "Oh, by the way, your swim coach called. He wants you to call him back."

I cringed, inwardly. I liked my swim coach, and I liked swimming, but there was no way I wanted to miss out on time with Sonny and his cousins, and he was probably going to tell me to come back to swim practice.

"And that other boy called you," Grams voice said over the intercom. "Your big-brother friend. He wants you to call him, too."

A couple of the guys looked at me and I felt my face grow warm. "I'll call 'em both back later, Grams," I said. "We gotta get back for pizza."

"You have a big brother?" Corey asked when I released the intercom. The others were watching at me.

"No," I told him. "Not a big brother, big brother, but a big brother like when they have an older guy hang out with you."

"The guy at the pool?" Sonny asked.

I nodded, and I know my face was really red by then. It was embarrassing, and I didn't know entirely why; just that they all guessed that I had sexed with Trevor, and I didn't know what they would think about that."

The pizza came, and I ran two pieces back across the street to Grams. Then we settled down in the front room at Sonny's house. His parents had favorite chairs, recliners, and they took them. Adam and Tyler took the couch. The rest of us sat cross-legged on the floor around their coffee table to eat our pizza and drink pop. Sonny's dad started The Last Crusade, and we were all exclaiming, "Awesome!" as soon as the big screen lit up with the FBI warning.

Sonny's dad cranked up the sound for the opening credits and we covered our ears till he turned it down, which for a moment, I didn't think he would do... not until Sonny's mom gave him a really dirty look.

Tyler was the only one with a shirt on, and with the pop, I was a little cold. I wasn't used to air conditioning and Sonny's dad had also cranked that up as well. He liked it cold in their house.

"Are you cold, Peter?" Laura asked over the sound of the movie.

I nodded.

"When you finish eating, grab some of those pillows and blankets," she said, pointing to a stack of floor pillows and throw blankets on the side of the room by their large windows.

I nodded, gratefully, and hurriedly finished a bite and a gulp.

Adam grabbed up a blanket which he then shared with Tyler from opposite ends of the couch,. They immediately started a foot fight underneath it – it looked like each one was trying to toe into the crotch of the other. Sonny, Corey, and I made a stack of pillows to lean back on, and then shared a couple of blankets over the top of us. Sonny was in the middle, but then Corey poked him in the ribs, and we got into an instant, three-way tickle.

Sonny's dad yelled for everyone to settle down because the movie was about to start. By then, I was laying on my stomach across the laps of both Sonny and Corey, so I stayed there, grabbing a couple of pillows for my head on. I wasn't seeing the movie right-side-up very well, but I liked lying across their laps and the tickling their fingers did under the covers when Corey pulled the blankets back up over us.

As we settled in to watch the movie, I rolled up onto my side across their laps and propped my head on the pillows. My hips were in Sonny's lap and he let his legs part for my hipbone to settle between. A few moments later, I felt Sonny's fingertips between the backs of my legs. They slowly worked their way into the loose legs of my shorts.

It was scary, him doing that with his parents sitting right behind us, even if we did have a blanket over us. Nevertheless, I slipped my top leg a little forward to give him more room.

None of us had underwear on. So lying on my side across Corey's legs, I casually dropped my hand between his legs. I figured I could hide what I was doing even better than Sonny could, it was scary in a fun sort of way, to be doing stuff under the covers right in front of every one. I began a slow crawl with my fingers up into the left leg of Corey’s shorts. Sonny's fingertips reached the back of my balls slight before mine reached the side of Corey's.

But then we got into the movie, and only idly played with each other. It wasn’t sexy, really, but more like scratching each other’s balls. I got hard some, but mainly, it just felt good. After a while, I got warm enough to crawl out and eat more pizza. The other guys did, too.

When the movie ended, Sonny’s dad spread out some sleeping rolls on the floor for Sonny, Corey, and me, but as padding. We stayed on top of them and under the blankets. Sonny's mom made popcorn for us to watch Die Hard next.

Partway into the movie, though, she got tired. "I'm going to bed," she announced. "You boys can sleep on the floor, or in Sonny's room. Lock up if you go back to Peter's. Michael," she said, looking at her husband, "please turn it down." Then she gave him a look that even an eleven-year-old would recognize as an invitation. I was a little embarrassed for Sonny, but I thought it was cool his parents liked sexing. That was obvious when his dad got up right away, even though the bad guys had just taken over the office party. Michael showed Sonny how to turn everything off, and then followed Laura back to their bedroom.

I was between Sonny and Corey on the floor, and no sooner had Sonny's parents gone back to their room than Corey's hand was in the front of my shorts. We lay there, propped up, watching the movie, and I slid my hands into the fronts of both of their shorts. Sonny was more of a handful, of course, but there was the same soft, warm, slightly moist skin of scrotums and stiffening cocks. Sonny's hand joined Corey's and the three of us lay there, fondling each other, while Bruce Willis annihilated bad guys, one by one.

Corey slid under the blanket. He slipped down along my side where he undid my shorts and pulled them down my thighs. Sonny slid his hand back up my stomach and out of Corey’s way. My dick was already pretty stiff. It got instantly stiffer in anticipation, making a little, raised ridge under the blanket.

I wasn't disappointed. I felt Corey skin me back, and then his wet mouth closed over the end of my shaft. I forgot the movie, and my eyes drooped as his tongue worked over my crown and down the underside of my shaft.

If Sonny's mom or dad came back in, it would be obvious what Corey was up to, even with the blanket over him. His head moving around over my lap was unmistakable. This is stupid, I thought, but I wasn't about to tell Corey to stop. Besides, Sonny's parents were probably busy doing something similar, and the slight risk made what Corey was doing even more exciting. I even moaned; the sound from the TV covered it.

But then Sonny did something really crazy. He knelt up beside me, pulled the front of his shorts down, and shoved his boner right at my face. It was like... I looked and all I saw was his big crown and wet slit right at my eye.

"Shit!" I heard Adam murmur over the sound of the TV.

Sonny pushed his cock downward and the slit really was wet because it left a damp trail at the side of my nose and on my upper lip. I opened my mouth for him. He laid his cockhead on my tongue, and I closed my mouth around it. My hands had been on the back of Corey's head, but now I slipped one out and tugged down the back of Sonny's shorts, as well, so I could feel his bottom. I thought all the guys were cool. Nobody kissed like Corey, Adam's body was the finest, and Sonny might be all boney elbows and knees, but when it came to butts – and even then, I loved them – Sonny's was magnificent.

Each globe was a ball of muscle. The skin was as soft as any skin I have ever felt, even on a baby. And warm. I sucked on him and squeezed his butt, which made both of us happy.

His fingers combed the sides of my hair, but I could tell he kept stealing glances toward his parent's room. From behind us, I could hear slurping and sucking sounds, so I figured Tyler and Adam were going at it, too. I had a momentary image of Sonny's mom and dad walking in and exploding louder than anything in the movie.

I don't think any of us had a clue as to what was happening on the TV. Corey was fondling my balls while he sucked on me. His butt was aimed back my way, so I rubbed between the backs of his legs, up onto his perineum through the fabric of his shorts. He stopped long enough to drop his shorts to his knees so I could play with him, and I did. But I concentrated on Sonny, and sucking the slight salty taste out of the end of his cock. I figured it was maybe a little precum and I decided I was going to be really disappointed if it turned out that Sonny was able to squirt before I could, because I was like three quarters of a year older than him.

But then, I thought it would be really cool if Sonny did start shooting, after his cousins had gone back home, and I was the first boy to swallow his cum… and what if Sonny was the first boy to swallow mine? That struck me a being really cool, and like that would really make us best friends. It was like he’d moved across the street just in time for that to happen between us.

Sonny was right that best friends are important, maybe more important than boyfriends. It came home to me that I was sucking the cock of my best friend, and I felt a sudden fondness for Sonny’s cock. That struck me as funny, but I didn’t laugh. I really did like his cock; I had since I first saw it and we argued over whose was longer. Adam’s cock was fun because it was big, but as I thought about it, it seemed to me that it was good for your best friend’s cock to be about the size of yours.

My eyes were on this bald pubic mound and the very thin fold of skin at the base of his thick erection. Between it and his boney hipbones little valleys of smooth skin dove into crevices inside his legs. I lifted my eyes to his upward sloping belly, a boy’s belly for sure. Taking my hand from under Corey’s bottom, I felt admiringly over Sonny’s tummy. It was firm, but his skin was soft; almost as soft as his bottom.

I looked higher to find him watching my mouth on his cock. His own mouth hung open, and he looked like he was drunk or something. Our eyes met, and on a whim, my mouth stuffed full of his cock, I winked at him. Sonny grinned. He laughed, bending almost double to move his face closer to min in delight. In that moment, he looked pretty fond of me, too.

Great friends, I thought, squenching my eyes at him before closing them again. We’re gonna be great friends. I swirled his crown with my tongue. Sonny gasped and clasped my head more tightly.

I gave Sonny his feelings... twice; one buddy for another. Then he slid back under the covers beside me and laid his hand on my hip in a friendly manner. Corey gave me my feelings, and then he came back up beside me from under the covers. He pulled down the front of his shorts and I stroked him lazily. The movie was almost over, and I thought I’d suck him off after the movie finished.

Adam farted behind us. "Oh, shit!" Tyler mumured. "Don't lift the blanket!"

Sonny's dad walked out into the room in his briefs, and we all jumped. My hand on Corey's boner, froze. I had a silly thought; my shorts were still halfway down my thighs and I wondered if Sonny’s dad could tell even though the blankets still covered us.

"Since it's over," his dad said with a yawn, "why don't I turn it off?"

For a weird, panicked second, I thought he meant since our sexing was over, but then I realized he meant the movie. Sonny, Corey, and I were under the blankets. I hoped that Adam and Tyler were, too, and since Michael didn't look in their direction with anything like horror, I decided we were OK.

Sonny's dad turned everything off, came over and kissed Sonny on top of the head, and headed back toward his bedroom. I envied Sonny because of having his dad. I noticed that, though his briefs were older and loose, Sonny's dad packed them well. He wasn't muscular or anything, but he wasn't fat. I wondered what he looked like completely naked, and then felt bad, like I shouldn't be thinking about my friend's dad that way.

Michael had barely left the room again when Corey whispered in my ear, "keep your shorts down and roll on your side. I wanna cornhole you."

"Mom's got lotion in the kitchen," Sonny whispered from my other side. "I'll go get it to make our dicks slick."

I wondered just who Sonny planned on putting his dick into.

Sonny came back in, and knelt beside me with the lotion. Tyler slid of the couch and knelt beside us. “Dude, let me have some, too,” Tyler whispered.

I rolled up on my side facing Sonny, my back to Corey, and I looked back at Adam who was carelessly lying back on the couch and stroking his cock. Our eyes met and he shook his head as if to say, “Aren’t we crazy.”

Tyler held both his hands out and Sonny squirted lotion onto the fingers of each hand. Corey reached over my side, palm up, and got lotion. I held out my palm, thinking I’d get some for my bottom, and Sonny grinned at me as he squirted some onto my fingers. As I rubbed it into my butt, Sonny squirted some into his own hand, set the lotion down. Then he lifted the blankets to expose my lap. I was only a little hard, but it was enough for Sonny to start slicking, and I started getting really hard, really fast when I realized Sonny was going to offer me his butt.

Corey’s stiffy felt like a rubber stick all slick with lotion as he wiggled it around into my crack. His hand was lotiony, too, as he grabbed my hip to hold me still. And then he was sliding inside my butt really smoothly and I thought I must be getting as loose as when Tommy stayed with me. It felt good. Corey’s stiffy felt so much bigger inside me than it looked outside. Holding my hip, Corey cozied up to my backside and moved his stiffy around inside me.

By then, Sonny had my dick hard again. He got on his side, back to me, and scooted his bottom backward toward my boner. He reached behind his butt and grabbed my dick. I held still as Sonny backed onto my cock. He wiggled my crown into his opening, and then backed all the way up to me, and I wrapped my arm around his chest to hug him to me.

I really liked the feeling, being spooned up behind Sonny; my best friend basically in my lap. He leaned his head back and I nuzzled his soft hair. I reached into his lap and found that he was hard. I closed my lotioned hand around his cock and Sonny moaned. He leaned back into me, easing his top leg up over mine to open himself more to me. I slid my other arm under the back of his shoulders and he glanced back at me… and grinned. I thought once more, how really pretty his eyes were this close… so large, long lashes, perfect eyebrows.

I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to tell him how cool his skin felt against mine. Instead, I stroked him, and when Sonny laid his head back, I kissed his shoulder.

I didn’t have to do much. Sonny got worked up pretty quickly and soon was pumping into my hand, which also moved him around on my boner. Behind me, Corey was rabbit humping me and it was feeling really wild.

Sonny cupped his balls with one hand and reached behind to grab my butt with the other, and he held us together as he circled his butt against me. I knew how good it could feel with a boner up your butt, when it was just right. I knew how Sonny felt, and that got me going, too, that he was so worked up over my cock being inside him. I hugged his shoulders into my chest and held on.

Corey’s the only one who hadn’t had feelings yet, and he got them pretty quickly, but he stayed inside me and he stayed hard, and the three of us went so long that Adam and Tyler were sound asleep when I slowed down and stopped, and then Sonny. We lay there, with me still inside him and his top leg hooked over mine and my arm behind his shoulders. I still had my hand around his softening cock and left it there. Corey was still busy behind me, but Sonny and I just lay quietly.

“Hey,” Corey said, waking me up. “You guys gotta get your shorts back on.”

I lifted my head. We were all in pretty much the same positions as before, but my cock had slipped out of Sonny, and Corey was out from inside me… my bottom felt loose as hell, though, and all lotiony in my butthole.

Barely stirring, Sonny and I pulled our shorts back on and I hugged him back to me once more, spooning him as Corey covered the three of us with blankets before scooting up behind me.

“Hey, Sonny,” I whispered sleepily. “You got the smoothest butt. It’s my favorite butt ever.” And then I thought that sounded so stupid, so… gay… maybe I should pretend that I said it in my sleep. But then I realized that Sonny was asleep.

I heard footsteps and cracked an eye. The sun was up, but barely. The footsteps were Michael, Sonny’s dad, walking through on his way to the kitchen. Corey was asleep on his stomach. I was nuzzled behind Corey with my leg cocked over his butt. Sonny was spooned flat behind me from the hips down. This can’t look good, I thought, but didn’t stir. I closed my eyes and dozed back off.

I woke again, thirsty. I crawled out from between Sonny and Corey, and headed for the kitchen.

“Good morning!”

I almost jumped out of my skin. It was Michael; sipping coffee and reading a newspaper.

“Good morning,” I mumbled. In only days, Sonny and his cousins had done wonders for my shyness, but not completely. Michael intimidated me. It didn’t help that I’d been cornholing his son. I started to turn to leave.

“What would you like, Peter?” he asked. “Do you want some breakfast?”

I shrugged.

“How about some orange juice? Sit down, I’ll pour you a glass, and then I’ll fix us all some breakfast. You like ham and scrambled eggs?”

I nodded and sat down at the table.

Michael poured me a glass of orange juice and sat back down with his paper and coffee. “I’ll start breakfast in just a second,” he promised. “Let me finish the sports section. You into sports?”

I swallowed. “Swimming,” I said quietly.

“That’s right. You’re on the swim team.”

I nodded.

He smiled, turned back to his paper, and then glanced casually my way. “I saw you sleeping with Sonny and Corey,” he said, returning his eyes to the paper. “You know, those boys all grew up together, out in the country. Boys in the country sometimes are just a whole lot comfortable with each other.” His eyes rose to mine. “Don’t let them talk you into any horsing around any way you don’t feel right about.”

My cheeks felt so hot, they had to be scarlet. I dropped my eyes, and Michael turned back to his newspaper.


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