Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 11

About three years ago, Michael, Sonny’s dad, told me that he regretted not ever stepping in that summer I met Sonny and his cousins, because he guessed some of what we were doing. At the time, it seemed pretty harmless to him, but later, when we were in high school and Michael found out I was gay, he was certain that it was Sonny and his cousins who made me that way. I had to tell him about Jason and Tommy, without names, of course, and it took quite a bit of persuading to convince Michael that I was gay before I ever met Sonny.

That first summer, of course, I didn’t know Michael thought it was all harmless. I did wonder if he had guessed what we were up to, and that made it even more difficult to be around him. I liked him; I liked him a lot. I wished I had a dad like him. That’s part of what made it so hard, especially as I sat there that morning, drinking my orange juice while he drank his coffee and read the paper. I gulped my juice down and left the table as quickly as I could.

Michael was home because it was Saturday. After he fixed us breakfast, the five of us helped with various chores as Sonny’s family continued to settle in to their new home. His parents let us walk to the pool that afternoon, but before leaving, I returned my swim coach’s phone call.

“I’d hate for you to drop out of swimming, Peter,” he told me. “How much longer did you say they’ll be here?”

“Another week.”

He was quiet a moment. “OK, come to practice after they’ve left, and we’ll see how much you’ve lost of your edge.”

I didn’t return Trevor’s call, but I didn’t have to. When he called the house again, Grams told him we were at the pool, and he showed up there. Uninvited, he hung out with us again, but the other guys didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Corey and Adam both seemed to enjoy wrestling with him in the water, and later, he bought a couple of sodas for us to share and we sat around one of the snack bar tables talking.

“You guys must be bored stiff,” Trevor said. “There’s nothing to do in this little shithole of a town.”

We exchanged glances, and Trevor cocked an eyebrow. I realized, then, that he said what he did, fishing to find out more about what we’d been up to.

“It’s not too boring,” Tyler said. “Not when you’re running from dogs and the police.”

Trevor’s jaw dropped and his eyes lit up. “What?”

“Well, shit,” he said, after the guys told him about our skinning dipping night, “if you guys wanna skinny dip, let me take you to a place I know, down on the Blue River. There’s this one spot where I’ve taken girls a couple of times. There’s like, nobody around, and you can skinny dip in broad daylight if you want to.

We all glanced at each other.

Trevor was sitting next to Adam. He laid an arm over Adam’s shoulders and gave him a friendly squeeze. “How about tomorrow?” Trevor asked. “I don’t have to work or anything. I could pick you guys up after lunch and we could go down for the afternoon.”

Even I liked that idea, but Sonny looked doubtful. “I don’t know. I’d have to ask my folks, and they’ll probably say ‘no’ because they don’t know you.”

“No problem,” Trevor said. “When you guys are done swimming, I’ll drive you home and meet your folks.”

I’ll say this for Trevor, he can come across as a pretty nice guy when he wants to. He was all friendly with Sonny’s parents and told them how he was my ‘big brother’ and eighteen years old already. He almost panicked, though, when Michael said he thought the river was a great idea and that he would come along with us.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Sonny’s mom said. “You promised you’d put that new toilet in our bathroom this weekend and you haven’t done it yet.”

“Well, then, if I get the toilet in, in time, I’ll come with you guys,” Michael said.

Trevor smiled and said, “Great!” but I could tell that the smile was really fake.

That evening, Sonny’s mom fixed a roast and had me take some to Grams. Then we watched Die Hard 2, but when Laura said she wanted to watch Sound of Music, we all decided to go back to my house.

“It’s just as well,” Laura said. “I’ll probably get all mushy and cry a lot on Michael’s shoulder.”

Michael winked at us. “I’m counting on it.”

I blushed a little for Sonny, cause it was obvious his dad meant something romantic, but Sonny didn’t look fazed at all.

We played a couple of video games and watched Return of the Jedi on Sonny’s TV and my VCR. Everybody was sorta tired, and we’d swum that afternoon, so we didn’t need to bathe. All of us, about the same time, headed for bed; Sonny, Corey, and me to my mom’s bed and Adam and Tyler to mine. Corey kissed with me for a while, but then we fell asleep.

It was a warm night, and we didn’t try to fall asleep on each other. My mom’s room had a ceiling fan, and I lay uncovered under it, on my stomach, enjoying the feel of the soft breeze that it made over my skin.

In the middle of the night, I woke up with the mother of all boners. Somebody had their hand down between the backs of my legs and their fingers were rubbing on my perineum – my ‘boy play button’. I could feel his chest and against the back of my left side, and one of his legs was over the backs of my thighs. I knew it was Adam, even before I turned my face toward him.

He moved his face very close when I did, our nose almost touching. He watched my eyes for a moment, running his palm over my bottom. Then, still watching, he slipped his hand, palm up, under my waist. I lifted my hips for him, and his hand found my erection. Adam squeezed it, and bent in to kiss me on the neck, just under my ear. I moaned, softly, at the squeeze and kiss.

Adam sat up and took my hand, leading me up off the bed. Keeping my hand in his, he led me from the room. Opposite, moonlight flooded in through the window of my room. The light reflected into the upstairs landing and on Adam’s tan skin and the white skin of his bottom. The house was quiet except for the sound of electric fans.

Adam moved softly on his feet, pulling me along, his slender body passing ghostlike through the shadows ahead of me. The front room was darker though light made it in from the street. He stopped in the middle of the room, and turned to face me, my hand still in his. With dreamlike slowness, he slipped his other hand behind my waist. I let him pull me to him, belly first. Our erections slid up between us. The our bellies touched and then flattened as I slid my fingers up into the back of his hair and brought my lips close to his. At eleven, every sense can be acute… in the night… listening to his breath, feeling it on my lips, breathing his scent through my nose. Time slowed as if something was going to happen.

In that moment, I didn’t feel eleven or like Adam was either. ‘Lovers in the night’… the phrase came to me from a song, somewhere in my young memory… lovers in the night. I touched his lips with mine… softly… memories of love scenes in movies, instinct, the ‘rightness’ of simply pausing a moment with my lips so gently on his. And then we melted together… his arms slipping behind me, mine around his neck, warm bodies pressing, insides of thighs, sliding against each other.

Our mouths opened at the same time. His tongue entered mine, not hungrily, boyishly like Corey’s, but slowly, touching, tasting, caressing… slow slide of tongue on tongue. Our breath quickened. His filled my nostrils. His hands slowly swept my back, feeling me, feeling my skin. His right hand slid slowly, very slowly down the small of my back. His fingertips touched the base of my spine, and then long fingers slid down my crack, and over my bottom to cup it and squeeze. His other hand tickled down the skin of my back to the other side of my bottom, and he squeezed both sides, pulling my crack apart and our cocks harder to our bellies.

Some boys are natural at sports. They throw and catch and run as naturally as if born to it. Adam was like that. He was also natural at this. And perhaps, too, was I.

We paused for a breath and rubbed faces, his breath hot on my neck. When he backed me to the daybed, I moved with him, easily, responding. He laid me back onto it, then laid on top of me. I opened my legs for him, and ran my fingers into the sides of his hair as his mouth came down to mine. We moved our pelvises against each other, our erections feeling huge between us, the skin hot. Adam kissed me as deeply and as tenderly as if I were a girl.

He pressed his cheek to mine. “I’m going to try something I heard about,” he whispered. “Don’t freak, OK?”

I nodded.

Adam backed down between my legs and pushed my knees up toward my chest. Holding them up, he bent down and licked under my scrotum. I groaned. And when he kept going, I gurgled, like a baby; it just came out. As great as it felt, it did occur to me to wonder why I would freak over what he was doing because we had done all this before. But then Adam’s tongue flicked into my crack and my body jerked. I gasped.

He pushed my knees closer to my chest, lifting my butt, and he licked the full length of my buttcrack, and then he did it again and again. He zeroed in on my opening, licking all over and around it. “Oh, damn!” I murmured.

He lifted his head.

“Don’t stop!” I gasped.

He bowed back down and I could feel his jaw and cheeks wedging into my butt. He pressed his tongue against my opening, and I thought he’d push it in if he wasn’t careful. He pushed harder, and I didn’t mean to, it was a reflex from so much cornholing, but my sphincter relaxed, and his tongue slipped in. I gasped and froze

His hot tongue darted in and out of my bottom. I shuddered, literally shuddered, and shuddered again. Adam worked his tongue around and around and around inside the rim of my opening. I kept shuddering.

And then Adam rose on his knees and pushed my knees out to the side. His nostrils flared and his cock pointed up, rigid as steel. I pulled my knees way up and apart for him; I was as ready as he was… readier. I wanted to feel his cock up my butt.

I watched his lean body in the dim light. His eyes were down at my bottom. He lifted my butt with one hand, and aimed his cock downward with the other. I felt him at my opening and held still. He pushed in, and it was like having the most desperate itch of my life suddenly scratched by the feel of his long, very long, slide in.

Then he fell onto me, wrapping his arms under the backs of my shoulders. His mouth was at my ear, and then his tongue was in my ear, along with his breath, and it was loud and my whole body shook again. I arched under him. I pawed at his back. My sphincter spasmed around his thick cock, and in the dark, my mind tried to cope with more sensations than it could handle. I whimpered… loudly.

Adam quickly covered my mouth with his. His hands cradled the back of my shoulders. I could taste me, or what he had tasted of me… of ear and bottom. Boy flavors, and an underlying earthy boy taste I recognized as mine. We tightened into a ball, really tightened, as Adam pressed all he could of his cock and tongue into me, and I wrapped my legs and arms around him. We writhed together. We made sex. SEX.

Eleven years old, but it sure as hell wasn’t simply boy play.

I grabbed his hair, clutching it, hanging on to it as if I’d die if he pulled his mouth from mine. He grunted and banged my bottom with his hard loins, and each impact sent another shudder through me.

He pounded hard, and suddenly, I felt something come up my cock like drops of urine getting away from me, and I almost cried out because it felt huge coming up inside my shaft. Not cum; I wasn’t coming… precum? It was like Adam pounded out precum before my body really knew how to make it. And then I could feel it between our bellies… not just a little drop in my slit like Tyler got, but enough to feel between us. Looking back on it, I’m sure it was a perfect angle, his thick cock on my perineum just right, short circuiting all my insides, prompting responses my body didn’t even know it had.

Our lips broke their seal and his forehead pressed hard to mine as he slowed to grind deeper and hard. He whimpered. I whimpered. I was having my feelings and had no idea when they started or when they’d end… not while Adam kept grinding deep and hard. And then he pushed really hard, pulling at my shoulders. His body went rigid and his whimpering rose in pitch, desperate.

His pushing must have hit my prostate full on. I gasped. I arched back. The instant I arched, everything between my cock and my butthole locked up hard, even around Adam’s cock. I couldn’t breathe. It was like my diaphragm froze and wasn’t going to move again, not while Adam was up my butt like that and everything else in me locked up so hard.

And then another pulse of precum… or whatever, squeezed up through my cock and out. I gasped, and I sounded like somebody dying as I dragged in a throaty breath.

My head was spinning. Did I have my first come? For a second, I was actually disappointed because my first cum was supposed to be with Sonny; I wanted that.

Adam moved on me, and I clutched at his back as I felt another pulse squeeze up and out, almost painfully. ‘Ah! Ah! Ah!” I gasped.

Adam pressed the side of his face to mine, and held me tightly. And slowly, my insides began to relax. I sighed. Adam relaxed his arms around me. We settled with him still inside me. My legs fell out to the sides. “Did you come?” he whispered in my ear.

“I don’t know,” I whispered, barely able to speak

I felt his hand between our bellies, it felt slippery.

“It could be cum,” he whispered. “Or precum. It’s really slick.”

I nodded and shifted, squeezing his lean waist between my thighs, liking the feel of him there.

He nuzzled in beneath my ear. “That is so cool, if I made you come.”

I took a shuddering, calming breath.

“What we did… that was wild,” he whispered, nuzzling me, keeping his cock all the way inside me.

I nodded again.

“Don’t tell anyone what I did, you know, with your butt.”

I shook my head.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

I nodded, but I wasn’t OK. I had just crossed a line with Adam, and there would never be any going back. What we had done together, what I had experienced… it wasn’t boy play. I might boy play again, but this is what I wanted.

I was still wired, and he was still inside me. I held Adam’s head against my cheek and probed into his ear with my tongue.

He moaned, and his hips pumped.

Afterward, he nuzzled me, and kissed my face and neck, slowly, tenderly… very tenderly, the way one boy can be tender with another. I stroked his back and kept him on top of me as we fell asleep. I think we stayed belly to belly for the rest of the night.

When morning came, we were still face to face, on our sides. Our legs were through each other’s. Our arms were loosely around one another, and my face was tucked under the side of Adam’s. It was sweet. It was comfortable. And I was incredibly hard.

As I lay there, what I felt for Adam – what I felt between us – I wouldn’t have been able to put into words. Something very personal, very intimate had happened … happened because he was Adam and I was Peter and it couldn’t ever happen that way with anyone else. I guess for a guy whose first love and sex were at five, having one of the most intense sexual experiences of his life at the age of eleven should be no surprise. I wonder though, if it could have only happened that way because I was eleven, and because I had been alone for so much my life up till then.

It affected Adam, too. It affected the two of us for life, as far as our relationship was concerned. When you have an experience like that with someone, it’s always easy afterward, to reignite. Even after Adam started dating girls and sexing with them almost exclusively, whenever he and I got together, we had wild sex… even wilder as we got older… like the weekend after he got his driver’s license, and he drove all the way up to Salem, and ran all the way up the stairs. I was at my keyboard, wearing shorts because Sonny might bring his date over later, and I would only need to throw a shirt on. Adam was a full head taller than me by then and had thirty more pounds of muscle. He actually tore my shorts off me – tore them off while I was laughing, but only laughing until he grabbed me up by the ass and pinned my body to the wall with his body, his mouth flattened mine, and I felt his hardness between my legs… Adam was splendid at sixteen… that weekend was splendid… But then, that’s another story, I suppose.

That morning I woke in Adam’s arms, back when both of us were eleven, I had something really important to do, something I wanted badly to do.

I pulled back from Adam and he opened his eyes. I bit my lip and laid my hand on his cheek. “I really wanted my first cum to be with Sonny,” I whispered, my brow furrowed, earnestly, hoping Adam would understand the importance, though I wasn’t sure myself why it seemed so important it be Sonny.

“I don’t know if I really came, or if I’ll come again yet,” I said, “but I’ve got a hard-on, and I want to go get Sonny to suck me. If I come, it will almost be like first cum.”

Adam nodded, but then pulled me to himself and we kissed, and I almost melted back into him. It was hard to think.

But then I patted Adam’s cheek very gently, and slid off the day bed. I took my hard-on in hand, and went quietly to my mom’s bedroom. Corey lay sleeping, spooned behind Sonny, draped over him from behind. I crawled up onto the bed facing Sonny and very carefully, took his dick in my hand. It was thick, as though it had been hard the way boys have erections that come and go in the night.

I fondled him gently and he grew hard. I reversed bodies with him and took him into my mouth. After only a couple of moments, I felt his mouth close over my erection.

Sonny put his arm over my shoulder as we headed for the bathroom, and whispered in my ear. “I thought I tasted a drop of cum when you got your feelings this morning. I think you’re going to start coming soon.”

I nodded.

“I hope it’s after everyone’s gone,” Sonny said. “I already figured, like maybe this coming year, that you and me would get each other’s first cum.”

“Me too,” I said, sincerely.

Sonny grinned happily, and I felt guilty. But neither Adam nor I ever told him about the night before until much, much later. I decided later that it must not have actually been my first come with Adam; I didn’t come again for a few more months – not till after I turned twelve – I don’t think my body was ready for it. And I’ve never heard of anyone else having a come, and then not coming again for so long. But then, I’m not sure many eleven year olds had quite the experience I did that night with Adam.

We didn’t talk about it much, even back then. There was just a whole lot unsaid between Adam and me after that. But there was an understanding. As I stood watching Corey and Sonny on the Playstation later that morning, Adam came up beside me, and I felt his finger draw lightly up through my butt crack, just once. I leaned back against him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and I just rested there for a moment or two, while the other guys weren’t watching.

Trevor arrived that afternoon, just as we were finishing lunch. Sonny’s dad hadn’t put in the new toilet, and I was grateful he wouldn’t be going with us, not because I looked forward to skinny dipping so much as I really felt awkward around him after what he had said.

“Are you sure you want to take responsibility for five boys?” Sonny’s mom asked.

“Sure,” Trevor answered, grinning as he laid an arm over Adam’s shoulders on one side and Sonny’s on the other. “If they don’t behave, I’ll gang up on them.”

If he had really thought it through, Trevor would have realized who was more likely to ‘gang up’ on whom


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