Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 12

“It’s a Land Rover,” Tyler exclaimed as we piled out of Sonny’s house.

“My dad’s,” Trevor said. “It’s a Discovery.” He captured Adam with a hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Hey dude, ride shotgun for me.” Seeing the two of them, not in the pool, but on dry land, close together like that, it struck me how much bigger than us Trevor was. I mean, sure, Trevor was eighteen and we were eleven – except for Corey who was ten and Tyler who was twelve – but how much older than us Trevor was didn’t strike me until that moment. Adam didn’t even come up to Trevor’s shoulder. How much smaller did I look next to Trevor?

Adam nodded in answer. He seemed to like Trevor well enough. And actually, Adam riding in front was cool with me. Otherwise, if we both were in the back, I’d want to sit next to him, and that might be awkward with Corey or Sonny.

“One of you guys in back will have to sit in a lap,” Trevor said, opening the passenger door for Adam.

“I’ll sit in Peter’s lap,” Corey instantly called out. “We get this side door!”

“I get the other,” Tyler yelled, running around to the other side of the Discovery.

“That’s cool with me,” Sonny said, patting the middle of my back. He gave me a Sonny smile, and those big, beautiful eyes of his were so close, I had the sudden urge to kiss him. I caught myself, of course, and realized that all our sexing made it easy to get urges like that. I’d need to watch myself in public.

We climbed in, and Corey climbed into my lap. I hugged him back by the belly, but Corey turned sideways in my lap, leaned back against the door and smiled at me. He stretched his legs across Sonny’s and Tyler’s legs.

“Hey!” Tyler called out, and shoved his brother’s feet off his lap.

We were all in baggy shorts, Ts or muscle shirts, and trainers. None of us were wearing underwear. It felt cool not to.

I saw Trevor reach across from the driver’s seat into Adam’s lap and pat the inside of Adam’s thigh. “Don’t forget to buckle up, sport,” Trevor said with a grin, leaving his hand there for a moment longer before reaching for the ignition.

Corey kicked off his trainers, and after we were moving and Tyler was watching out the window, Corey putting his feet back into Tyler’s lap. This time, Tyler let them stay. Sonny rested his hands on Corey’s thighs, pushing up the legs of Corey’s shorts so he could feel Corey’s skin and not the fabric.

We rode with the windows down. Corey’s hair blew in my face until he moved the side of his face closer to mine and I slid my arm behind his shoulders. He grinned then, and leaned happily back into my arm. When I smiled at him, he gave my lips a peck.

I dropped my hands down at the side of his waist, interlacing my fingers, to hold him in my lap. We looked out, and around and his hair lightly brushed my face in the wind. It wasn’t at all unpleasant.

Trevor had been talking to Adam the whole time, asking him about the cousins and their home back in Kentucky. He glanced back at me and at Corey in my lap, and he smiled. Trevor had to suspect that we all boy played. I was sure that’s why he invited us all to go skinny dipping. So I decided to make it easy for him.

With a hand under Corey’s chin, I turned his face to mine and kissed him. He smiled, and we kissed again. In seconds, we were tongue deep in each other’s mouths. Corey ran his hand up my shirt, and I had my fingers up the leg of his shorts. It wasn’t long before I heard Trevor.

“Holy shit, Petey!” he called back. “People know us around here. Cut that out. Slide down in the seat or something!”

I probably didn’t care as much as Trevor, but I wasn’t ready to be outted to all of Salem yet either. However, we were about to leave town, heading south, and Trevor had gotten so freaked, I had this perverse idea of freaking him even more. I whispered into Corey’s ear, and then Sonny’s, and the three of us took off our shirts. Trevor glanced back, saw our bare torsos, smiled, and returned his eyes to the road. Then we slipped Corey’s shorts down to his ankles, and Sonny and I fondled him to get him hard while Corey and I started kissing again.

It took a second for Trevor to look back and notice. “What the fuck?” he exclaimed. I peeked at him from the corner of my eye. Trevor stared for a second, then half-laughed, his mouth hanging open. He looked at the road, looked all around -- as if anyone could actually see in -- then looked back at us. Corey had sprung a stiffy by then, and Trevor’s eyes dropped to Corey’s lap.

When he turned back to the road for a moment, we whispered again. Then Corey lifted up so Sonny and I could push our shorts down to our ankles as well. Tyler saw what we were doing, and did the same. By now Trevor was watching the back seat as much as he was watching the road. His mouth was agape in a lopsided smile as Sonny, Corey, and I played with each other’s dicks and all worked up boners.

“You better watch the road,” I told Trevor with a wicked grin.

Adam looked back between the seats, saw what we were doing, laughed, and then pulled off his own shirt and pushed down his shorts.

Trevor glanced into Adam’s lap and back at us. We were on a two lane road, and it wasn’t like there was a lot of traffic, but Trevor looked around nervously. He glanced back into Adam’s lap, started to glance away, but then his eyes rocket back into Adam’s lap. “Whoa, kid! How old are you, again?”

“Eleven,” Adam said, grinning.

I couldn’t tell for sure, but from his shoulders, I guessed Adam had his hands in his lap, and if he’d sprung a boner, too, I could guess why Trevor asked what he did.

“Shit, Adam,” Trevor said, “you’re going to have one helluva cock when you get older.” He reached over to Adam’s lap, trying to watch the road and drive at the same time. Adam’s head dropped back on the seat, and I assumed Trevor had hold of Adam’s cock. That made me hornier, too, and I started kissing Corey and Sonny, both… for real.

“Oh shit!” Trevor said, sitting back up. His eyes were on a pickup approaching from the opposite direction. “Stay down, guys. I know that pickup.” He looked around at us, panicky. “Oh, sheeee-it!”

Adam pulled up his shorts. The rest of us covered our laps. But then… Tyler got up and stuck his butt out the window to moon the oncoming truck. “Oh, yeah!” Sonny said, and scrambled to stick his butt out the window next to Tyler’s. Corey and I did the best we could to get ours over the back seat and aimed out the back window. Just in time, Adam got up on the front seat and did the same.

“Oh, crap!” Trevor groaned, scooting down in the seat so that his eyes barely cleared the window.

“Eeeee-oooow,” the truck’s horn sounded as it passed.

We all cheered, laughing, and hooting. “Who else can we moon?” Tyler called out, looking around.

“Noooo,” Trevor moaned.

“Hey, there’s somebody out in that yard!” Adam said, pointing ahead on the right. It was a lady about the age of Sonny’s mom.

“No! Don’t!” Trevor cried out, still down in his seat. But it was too late, we all scrambled around to moon out the right side of the car.

“Slow down! Slow down!” Tyler said.

Trevor sped up.

We mooned everyone we could, and Trevor stayed impossibly low in the driver’s seat. We were calling out, “Car!” or “Man” or “Lady” or whatever we saw coming up to moon. And then Corey yelled, “Cows!” pointing ahead to the right where some cows were grazing. Laughing, he and Sonny got their butts, side by side up to the window in back and Adam got his up to the window in front. I milked Sonny’s and Corey’s dicks and made mooing sounds at the cows as we went past.

We didn’t see anybody to moon for a moment, so we hung our shorts out the windows and let them flutter in the breeze. But then Tyler let Corey’s shorts go, fluttering off to the side of the road.

“You asshole!” Corey cried out.

“Stop!” I yelled. “We gotta go back for Corey’s shorts.”

“Not after all the mooning you guys have been doing. I ain’t stoppin’.” Trevor yelled back over the sound of the road and all the names Corey was calling his brother.

“You gotta stop,” I said. “You can’t take Corey home naked.”

Trevor glanced up at the rearview mirror, and he sure as hell didn’t look happy, but he slowed and swung the car around.

We all cheered.

He pulled off the road where we thought we had lost Corey’s shorts. For a moment, we all looked for them out the windows. “I can’t see them.” Corey said, leaning over me to see out.

Tyler reached over and goosed him.

“Fuck off, Tyler!” Corey said, opening the door. There wasn’t anyone around, so when Corey got out tolook, I got out naked, too. When I did, Tyler and Adam did.

“Get your butts back in here!” Trevor called out from the car. He called out other things, too, but we were all laughing too hard to hear everything as we scrambled around, looking. I glanced back and Trevor was finally so far down in his seat tht the car looked empty.

“Found ‘em!” Adam called out. He ran a few feet, picked Corey’s shorts up, and we headed the few feet back to the Land Rover.

“Car!” Tyler cried out.

Coming from our right, a car had just turned on to our stretch of the road. We tumbled back in, and all of us crouched down on the floor until the car had passed. It seemed to go awfully slowly as it went by.

Trevor just groaned.

We snickered and laughed. Corey punched Tyler who started to punch back but Sonny and I got between them.

Then Trevor swung the Land Rover around again, and continued on down the road.

“We’re getting close guys,” Trevor said. “You really gotta quit mooning people cuz the place we want is just up the road, and I’m not gonna stop if you guys don’t quit. I’m serious.”

Reluctantly, we all pulled back on our shorts and settled back into our seats with Corey in my lap. He kicked at Tyler’s leg with his heel, and Tyler punched at Corey’s shin, but Corey jerked back and Tyler punched Sonny’s leg instead.

“Hey!” Sonny complained, shoving Tyler against the door.

“Just cool it!” Trevor yelled from the front.

He glared back at us. “Geez, guys,” he complained. “I can’t believe you fuckups did that to me. You know how many Land Rovers there are around here? One! Somebody had to recognize this as my dad’s.”

“Who was in the pickup?” Sonny asked.

“Two of my friends,” Trevor said, angrily. “I’m gonna catch so much shit for this.”

“All we did was moon people.” Tyler protested.

“Haven’t you ever mooned anybody?” Adam asked.

Trevor glanced at him. Reluctantly, a smile spread across Trevor’s face and he shook his head balefully. “Yeah, I have, but not since I was about your age.”

“How come you don’t now?” Adam asked with a glint in his eye. “You got an ugly butt?”

Trevor laughed at that, and reaching across, noogied the side of Adam’s head. “You’ll see, kid,” he promised.

Trevor turned off the highway and followed a dirt road before turning onto a smaller dirt road, and finally turning onto a trail which was little more than two ruts back through some trees. The trees got taller. The undergrowth consisted mainly of feathery ferns upon which sunlight fell through the overhead canopy of leaves in dapples of greenish gold.

We bounced along a few yards before coming into a heavily shaded clearing at the edge of the river. Across the river was the blank wall of a high bluff. The clearing itself was only a few yards by a few yards under several elms and maples. At the back edge, in among the ferns, was an old, concrete picnic table with two benches, one of which lay broken on its side. Trevor parked beside the table.

Our excited laughter echoed back to us from the trees as we clambered out of the Land Rover, naked again. “Wait!” Trevor cried at us just loud enough to be heard. “Check to see if anyone else is here before you go runnin’ around without your shorts.”

We all raised our heads and looked around. Adam and Tyler glanced at each other and said, “Nah!” at the same time, and took off for the river. The rest of us followed on their heels. I could hear Trevor mumbling angrily behind us.

We splashed into the water yelling and laughing. Now our echoes were off the river and far bluff as well as from the trees behind us. It gave us a sense of being in a large, enclosed space. To a degree, we were. Upstream, the river quickly curved back under the bluff and both vanished behind tall trees on our side of the river. Downriver, the water spread wider between tree-covered banks before disappearing south after about half a mile. There was absolutely nobody in sight.

The river gathered in a natural pool at this spot, but the water wasn’t more than chest deep, even for us. We splashed each other and bounced up and down, and felt our cocks and balls floating in the water. Corey chased Sonny up into the shallows and I could see that both had boners again. Then I noticed that Trevor was sitting on the front end of the picnic table, smoking a cigarette. He was naked, but he didn’t look happy.

It wasn’t like he was a pervert or creep of some kind. He’d been nice to bring us out here and I suddenly felt a little guilty for how we had treated him. So I climbed up out of the water and crossed the clearing to him. I came right up to the edge of the table, between his legs, and rested my hands on the tops of his thighs. It wasn’t like we hadn’t sexed before, and if he wanted to do something, well, I owed him.

My cock had started to stiffen a little. Trevor’s eyes dropped to it, then met my eyes. He squinted and blew smoke out to the side. I rubbed the tops of his thighs, just at his hips. “I’m sorry if we got you mad, Trevor. It’s really nice out here. It’s awesome that you brought us.”

He flicked the cigarette off into the ferns and scooted forward slightly, resting his forearms on my shoulders. “That’s OK, Petey,” he said. “I was a real asshole at your age. You aren’t as bad as I was.”

“You weren’t an asshole,” I told him. “You were about my age when I met you.”

Trevor’s look gentled. He smiled and brushed my wet hair back with both hands before resting his forearms on my shoulders again. “Yeah, I remember, Petey. You were a helluva cute kid.” He glanced over my shoulder at the guys beyond. “And now you’ve got your own little boyfriend, huh? Corey? Is he like a boyfriend?”

I nodded. “Yeah, he is.” My eyes dropped to Trevor’s dick. It had started to rise as well, so I moved my rubbing of his thighs from the tops to the insides, and closer to his balls. He closed his hands behind my neck and pulled my face forward, bending to kiss me. As his tongue probed into my mouth, I closed my hand around his cock and squeezed on it.

“Awesome,” Sonny’s voice said to my right. “Trevor’s gettin’ a boner.”

The cousins were all beside me, on both sides, and they were watching Trevor’s thickening cock. “I wanna closer look,” Corey said, crowding up on my right.

Trevor grinned. “I bet you guys haven’t seen a man-size boner before. Here, I’ll lie back so you can all have a look.” He scooted back on the table top and leaned back on his elbows. “You might have to play with it a bit to bring it up all the way hard.”

It was coming up hard all on its own, but we recognized the invitation, and as we crowded around on both sides of the table, five hands all reached for Trevor’s privates almost like we were all reaching into a bowl of fruit. Make that five pairs of hands, because we were each quickly into Trevor with both hands.

It was more of an anatomy lesson for the other four guys because I’d already played with Trevor’s body, but I joined in because Trevor did have the kind of body younger boys truly admired. Our explorations quickly spread out along his legs and belly.

He had hard muscles. That’s not to say that he didn’t have pleasing proportions. He did. He wasn’t over-muscled at all, just strong. We felt over quadriceps, abdominals, pectorals, biceps, triceps, trapeziums, deltoids. For all that muscle, Trevor still had soft, skin; well lotioned and oiled from afternoons at the pool.

Sonny was closest to Trevor’s head on my side of the table, and he felt over Trevor’s muscular shoulders and neck, then back onto his pecs and nipples. Bending real close to get a good look, Sonny felt over each hard nipple with his fingertips. We all had boners by then. Trevor reached out and up between Sonny’s legs, cupping Sonny’s balls and boner.

Sonny froze and looked down between his legs, his mouth dropping slightly open. Trevor grinned at him. “You got a nice set of equipment there Sonny.”

The rest of us were thinking the same of Trevor. His balls looked huge compared to an eleven-year-old’s. His cock curved up his belly like an over-stuffed sausage. Adam closed his hand around it, lifting, and then both hands, feeling its weight and hardness. He pumped it, and Trevor’s eyes drooped. Tyler lifted Trevor’s loose ballsack on his fingertips and the two large eggs inside slipped off to either side of his fingers. The skin was moist and dimpled with a few hairs. I combed Trevor’s pubes with my fingers because I knew he liked it. Trevor’s head lay back and he moaned.

Sonny’s hips started pumping in Trevor’s hand, and Trevor’s head rolled toward him. He looked down at Sonny’s boner, studying it a moment. Then he looked at Sonny. “Climb on up,” Trevor said in a thick voice. “I’ll suck that for you.”

In a flash, Sonny scrambled up onto the table to kneel beside Trevor’s face. Trevor lifted his head, took hold of Sonny’s shaft, and began licking the end. Corey was on the other side, and he leaned in to get a closer look while stroking his own cock. I could almost tell what he was thinking. An older guy like Trevor, sucking a kid’s stiffy… Corey probably pictured Trevor’s big head between his own legs, and I figured I guessed right when Corey scrambled up onto the table next to Trevor’s face opposite from Sonny.

So Trevor had the stiffies of two kids dangling over his face. He reached for Corey’s with his free hand and started working on them alternately. He looked like he was enjoying it. I knew he was for sure when a pulse of precum oozed from the end of his cock and drooled thickly onto his belly.

“Oh shit!” Adam murmured. “That’s a lot of precum.”

“He’ll make more,” I told Adam and Tyler. I scooped up the precum with my fingertips and spread it over Adam’s crown. Adam sagged a little in the knees, his eyes rolling up.

“What’s it like?” Tyler asked from the other side of the table. He felt the wet spot on Trevor’s belly with his fingertips, and then another pulse of precum oozed out, and Tyler gathered it on his fingertips and applied it to his own crown. “Oh, shit,” he murmured.

“Sometimes he makes enough precum,” I told them, not embarrassed at the moment by how I knew what I was talking about, “to fuck with it instead of lube. I’ve used it to cornhole him.”

The three of us standing on either side of Trevor, looking at his taut belly, big cock and balls, and muscled legs all had the same thought at once. “Let’s scoot his bottom to the end of the table,” Adam suggested.

The three of us got under his legs and tried to drag him toward the end of the table.

“Agh! Wait!” Trevor said, looking between Corey and Sonny, down his belly at us. “You’re scraping my butt.”

“Scoot down to this end of the table,” I told him.

Trevor looked at me narrowly out of one eye. “Somebody has to take care of me,” he warned. “I get my rocks off, too.” He scooted down though, down to the end of the table, managing to hang on to Sonny’s and Corey’s cocks at that same time.

In seconds, the shifting was done. Corey and Sonny were hip to hip at Trevor’s face again. I had Trevor’s left leg on my shoulder and Tyler had Trevor’s right leg on his. Between us, Adam was on his toes, trying to poke his cock into Trevor’s bottom.

“Get that rock,” I suggested, pointing to a broad, flat rock that looked the right height. We pushed Trevor’s knees up and he held them there as the three of us quickly wrestled the rock to the table. It was the right height. As Sonny stood on it, we scooped precum off Trevor’s belly and added our spit, and then Tyler and I held up Trevor’s legs as Adam pushed the crown of his cock in.

He stopped there, with just the end of his cock inside. Adam’s cock was so big, Trevor’s opening looked tight around it. As we watched, Trevor’s opening tightened in a squeeze. “Hot,” Tyler murmured.

“Oh, shit,” Adam whispered. He grabbed Trevor at the hips, and pulled his butt even farther to the edge. Then holding on, Adam shoved all the way in.

At the other end of the table, they shifted around, and Corey straddled Trevor’s shoulders. He bent over on all-fours, angling his stiffy down into Trevor’s mouth. He pushed all the way in, and we saw his ten-year-old balls settle on Trevor’s chin. The thick root of his cock, in his perineum, was the only part of his cock that wasn’t inside Trevor’s mouth. Then Corey began pumping, faster than Adam, who had started an easy rhythm at Trevor’s bottom. Corey’s little butt went up and down. Beside him, Sonny rubbed Corey’s butt while Trevor’s hand took care of Sonny.

At our end, all three of us had our eyes on Adam’s cock disappearing and reappearing at Trevor’s bottom, and on Trevor’s thick cock and its occasional ooze of precum. I rubbed Adam’s butt as we watched.

Adam let go of Trevor’s hips and grabbed Trevor’s cock with both hands. He hung on to Trevor’s cock as he pumped, almost like a saddle horn. He squeezed and stroked it. Trevor’s hips started to jerk around.

A few birds sang in the trees. The river gurgled quietly. The slap of Adam’s belly against Trevor’s bottom, was louder, as was the slurping at the other end of the table.

“Look,” Tyler said, “Trevor’s balls have pulled up so far, they’ve almost disappeared.”

He was right. Trevor’s cock was about as turgid as it could get. “He’s about to shoot,” I said.

Adam pounded harder, jerking his hands up and down Trevor’s cock. I stroked the inside of Trevor’s thigh with my fingers, and when Tyler saw, he did the same.

Trevor began to groan loudly. He rocked his bottom against Adam’s thrusts. Then, suddenly, his whole body tightened up. His cock visibly thickened for the briefest instant, and cum shot out, all the way up to Corey’s butt.

Tyler and I let out triumphant howls at the same time, and they echoed back from the trees. Sonny looked back over his shoulder. Trevor shot again, and again. Adam’s eyes were tightly shut, his jaw clenched, and then he shoved his hips forward hard and I felt his butt flexing under my hand as he pumped out his cum into Trevor.

Trevor finished shooting, and Adam finished shooting his cum inside Trevor. Adam slowed, both hands on Trevor’s cock. At the other end of the table, Trevor took a breath and resumed sucking Corey while fondling Sonny.

“My turn,” Tyler said quietly.

Adam pulled back and exchanged places with Tyler, taking Trevor’s right leg onto his own shoulder. His cock was still thick… and wet.

Tyler stepped on top of the rock and applied spit to his cock. I gave him some spit of my own. Then Tyler stepped forward and quickly shoved in.

Before Tyler was done, Corey and Sonny traded places at Trevor’s mouth. When Tyler finished, he and I traded places on the rock, and I began my turn at Trevor’s butt. I still worried that I might come and not give it to Sonny, but then, if I did shoot cum inside Trevor after both Adam and Tyler had, who would know? I grabbed hold of Trevor’s cock and began pumping into his slick insides. I thought it was hot that both of them had put their cum in there first. Trevor had a tight opening for a big guy, but looser inside. He still felt really good. Adam and Tyler felt up my butt.

Adam told me once, later, that he loved watching me fuck; something about fluid movement and pelvis action. I told him that it must have come from the swimming. “Maybe it’s my butterfly stroke showing up.” I told him.

Adam just laughed. “You don’t swim like that.”

It was strange that afternoon, the five of us ganging up on Trevor. Back then, the feeling was like… here’s this awesome eighteen-year-old guy with a body that made him a god to eleven-year-olds, and he’s our sexual playground. We knew he was liking it, and we sure liked it. Looking back on it now, I’m sure Trevor was more than happy to have five, pre-teen boys sexing with him at one time. Trevor came the second time while I was cornholing him and jerking him off the way Adam had done.

I kept going, and soon had my feelings; it didn’t feel like I had made any cum. Then Adam took another turn and so I switched Trevor’s left leg to Adam and came around to lick Trevor’s cock clean and suck him up fully hard again. Tyler handed off Trevor’s other leg to Adam’s other shoulder and he joined me. By then, Trevor had a pretty good smell between his legs, and Tyler and I both did a lot of inhaling.

Adam was still pounding when we sucked Trevor to his third come. Corey and Sonny climbed off his face then, and we all watched around the table, feeling over Trevor’s body, as Adam got off the second time. Trevor just laid there, eyes closed and moaning softly.

Adam pulled out when he finished. Trevor pulled his legs up and laid his forearm over his eyes. “Well,” he said with a sigh, “that was sure as hell different.” Hi head did a slow shake back and forth under his forearm. “Gang-banged by a bunch of kids.

We left him resting there while the five of us went back into the water. I was sprouting wood once again from watching Adam, and as I stood thigh-deep in the water, Adam came up beside me and grabbed it. “Later,” he promised.

I missed Sonny and left the others playing in the water to go look for him. I had seen Sonny, only a couple of minutes before, walking down the river bank. There was a footpath there, worn by people or animals. It was pretty smooth. I followed it along the bank, among the ferns. Narrow beams of raw sunlight fell on the undergrowth here and there in bright spots of gold . I found Sonny, back among the trees, sitting with his butt backed up over a low log, bent over, resting his forearms on his thighs. “I had to take a crap,” he said, smiling.

“Weird!” I said. “I’ve never taken a crap outside.”

“It’s a pain,” he said. “You gotta find good leaves to wipe with. They gotta be big enough and not itchy.”

I walked over to him, looked behind him, and laughed. “Looks sorta like a dog turd, except it’s wetter and all curled up.” I looked up at him and waved my hand in front of my nose. “Smells worse, too.”

“As if yours doesn’t stink,” Sonny said with a grin.

“I wanna try it,” I said. The log was long enough; I sat a foot farther down and hung my butt over the log.

Sonny grinned. “You forgot to get leaves. I got these.” He held up some maple leaves. They looked waxy. “I got them over there,” he said, pointing.

I nodded. “Red maple,” I told him, and got up to gather a couple of leaves before rejoining him.

“You know a lot about trees, don’t you?” he asked.

I shrugged. I was concentrating on telling my body to make poop.

“I like forests and stuff,” Sonny said. “You like camping?”

I shrugged again. “Haven’t ever been. Well, except for one night in a back yard with Jason when I was five.”

“Never? You’re kidding!”


“You and me; we’ll go camping,” he said. “After the other guys go back, we’ll go camping.”

“After the other guys go back, my cousin will be coming,” I reminded him. “Tommy comes for a month.”

“The three of us will go, then,” Sonny said. He looked at my butt. “You gonna be able to crap?”

I strained for a moment, then shrugged. “Dunno.”

“Your legs will get sore if you sit too long,” Sonny said. He backed his butt farther over the log and let loose a piss stream between his legs. It shot straight down and almost onto his poop.

“That looks… weird,” I said with a grin. I did need to piss, so I stood up and came over and stood in front of him. I pointed my piss stream down to where his was just finishing.

Sonny watched, interested, then looked up at me, squinting slightly at a spot of sunlight. He grinned. “Don’t guess I get to see your first outdoor crap.”

I shrugged. “You might if we go camping.”

He nodded. “You’ll like it.”

Sonny used his leaves while I finished, and then I offered him a hand up off the log, carefully avoiding where we had pissed. We stood there for a moment, just holding hands.

“Peter,” he said, quietly.

I nodded. “Yeah?”

He swung our hands, gently, just a little. “I really like you, you know?”

I nodded again. “I really like you.”

He glanced at me and looked away. “When the others are gone… if you want me to… I… I can be gay if you want me to.”

My brow furrowed. “You mean boy playing?”

He shrugged slightly, shrugging my hand with his, his eyes down. “I figured we’d keep boy playing. I just meant, if you need somebody else to be gay with you, or like, if after Corey goes back, if you need a boyfriend.”

“What I want,” I told him, “is for you to be my best friend. Like you said. Best friends are more important than boy friends.” Saying things like that to your best friend can be really important at eleven. It seemed important. It felt important. It was also true.

Sonny glanced at me and grinned. Then he laughed lightly. “I’m not pretty enough to be your boyfriend anyway,” he said. “You need somebody like Corey cuz you’re really cute, Peter.”

I squeezed his hand. “I think you’re cute.”

He glanced at me suspiciously.

I stepped closer, looking into his eyes, our bellies almost touching. “Your hair is the greatest I’ve ever seen, Sonny,” I said. “It’s so thick and soft and the color is amazing. And you have the awesomest eyes of any boy I’ve ever seen. If I wanted a boyfriend, you’d be more than cute enough.” My eyes dropped to his mouth. “But you got something that makes you an awesomer, best friend,” I told him.

“What?” he asked with a slight smile.

“That,” I said. “Nobody’s got a grin like yours. You make me feel great every time you smile at me.” Even when things are true, it's not always easy to recognize that they are true, or to be able to say them out loud. But it was easy with Sonny. It might have been easy, even if we hadn't sexed together. But we had sexed together, and I felt like I could tell hime whatever I was thinking.

Sonny’s grin went really wide.

I took my right hand, the hand Sonny wasn’t holding, and I closed it around his left arm. I stepped up to him, and our bellies did touch then, and I kissed him on the lips. After a moment, he opened his mouth slightly, so I opened mine. His tongue came to the front of his mouth and I touched it with my tongue, softly, giving the tip of his tongue a little slide with mine. He did that to me with his, our mouths and tongues wet, soft. Sonny kissed the way you’d expect an eleven-year-old boy to kiss, all lips and thick tongue and heavy breathing. We closed our mouths again, and pressed our lips more firmly for several, long seconds.

Then we hugged, the sides of our faces pressed together.



“I never met anyone else I wanted to be my best friend, not ever; not even your cousins, not even my cousin, not even Jason, cuz it was different with him.”

I felt him nod the side of his face against mine. “My cousins are my best friends, especially Corey. But I never had another guy, who wasn’t a cousin, be a real best friend.”

I nodded. I understood.

“I wanna always be best friends,” I whispered quietly.

“Me, too,” he whispered. Then he squeezed me real hard and I squeezed him back real hard.

“We can boy play together,” Sonny said, “and we can tell each other anything, and we’ll always tell each other everything.”

“And we’ll be friends no matter what,” I agreed.

We squeezed hard. And then it got a little awkwardly for a moment as we tried to think what to say next. “I think I need to go wash my butt in the river,” Sonny said.


I followed Sonny into the water. Up river about seventy-five yards, we could see the other guys. Tyler and Corey were in the water, floating and talking. We could hear the sound of their voices over the water, but not what they were saying.

We walked out waist deep and Sonny squatted a little, rubbing his hand in his butt crack under the water.

“Dude,” I told him, “your hand’s gonna smell like shit now. You can’t get the smell of shit off your hand without soap.”

“My shit doesn’t stink,” he answered with a grin.

“Yeah, right. I was back over there with you,” I said, pointing back up the bank. “Remember?”

He put his hand up to his nose and sniffed. “Doesn’t smell at all.”

I frowned at him.

“Here,” he said with a nasty grin, extending his hand toward my face. “You smell.”

“Agh!” I cried, falling backward.

Sonny came at me and we wrestled, him trying to shove his hand in my face and me trying to hold it off with both my hands. We fell into the water. We rolled. I broke away, we splashed.

We worked our way a few yards toward the other guys, splashing one another, until Sonny called, “Truce!”

Then he threw his arm over my shoulder and I put mine around the back of his waist and we walked in the shallows toward the other guys. “Best friends,” Sonny said, giving my shoulders a squeeze.

“The best!” I agreed.

Sonny and I have always kept the promise we made that day, by the way. We can tell each other anything, and we have told each other everything… though it did take me a while to tell him everything about what Adam and I had done.

When we reached the other guys, Adam and Trevor were out of the water and up in the clearing. Adam was on all fours with Trevor on wide-spread knees behind him, holding Adam’s hips and pumping him doggie style. Trevor’s head was back and his eyes closed. Adam’s head was hanging down. It wasn’t a surprise; Trevor had been hot for Adam, and Adam was a nice guy and would let him. What was a surprise was that Trevor had come three times already and was still up for going again. I decided he must really like Adam.

Adam looked so much smaller than Trevor with them like that, and younger. An eighteen-year-old can make an eleven-year-old look like a little kid. But Adam seemed cool with it and was butting back against Trevor’s cock fairly comfortably.

“Isn’t it going to take Trevor a while to come again?” Sonny asked.

I nodded. “Hope he doesn’t wear Adam’s bottom.”

Sonny grinned. “You’ve always got me.”


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