Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 12

Adam and Trevor talked for a while, sitting on the ground by the picnic table. But then Trevor went for another cigarette, and Adam came down to us in the water. I tried to see if he walked differently after being cornholed by Trevor. I always felt like I did.

“What was that like?” Corey wanted to know.

“Dude!” Tyler exclaimed. “That had to be like taking a baseball bat up your butt.”

“Trevor’s cool,” Adam said with a shrug. He looked at me. “I figured if Peter could take it, I could. Besides, he had KY. It wasn’t bad.” We were in waist-deep water, and as if to emphasize the KY part, Adam ran his hand up and down his butt crack.

“Here,” I said with a grin. “I’ll do that for you.” And I did, tenderly. Adam seemed to appreciate it. “Bet you don’t ever complain about my huge cock again,” I joked.

“Yours is little; you just never hit the hole right,” he answered with a jab back at my belly with his elbow.

The other guys laughed. We stood around talking a few more minutes, and when we glanced back at Trevor, he was asleep on top of the picnic table. “He came… what? Like four times?” Adam said. “I heard that once you start shooting cum… like the real stuff and not just clear stuff like Tyler and me, you get sleepy after coming.”

“That’s a downer,” I said. I had sexed in the night with Adam, in the morning with Sonny, and earlier with Trevor along with the rest of them. I felt pretty good. Pre-teens can be resilient when it comes to sex. But then, it was pleasant in the river. The afternoon was hot and clear. “I suppose I feel a little mellow, myself,” I said.

It was a lazy, mellow afternoon for all of us. We lazed in the river, talked, splashed. As boys do, we casually explored up and down the river bank, across the river, around the clearing, returning each time to the pool in front of the picnic table and Land Rover. My experience outside Salem, let alone in woods and countryside, was limited – make that almost nonexistent. I enjoyed that afternoon, quite a bit.

We put on our shorts before leaving the riverside, to satisfy Trevor. But we remained shirtless. Corey climbed into my lap for the return home. It was late afternoon by then; the sun beginning to angle down. A strong breeze had picked up.

Corey turned sideways in my lap like he had for the ride out, and I slipped an arm behind his shoulders. We kissed, briefly, but because Tyler frowned at me and his brother for kissing ‘in public’, we stopped. Besides we were almost back on the road and didn’t want to freak Trevor. Corey leaned into me, his bare skin against mine .He laid the side of his head on my shoulder, his forehead against the side of my neck. I laced my fingers together down on the side of his waist, holding him in my lap, and I rubbed my cheek on the top of his hair.

The mellow feelings of the day, my happiness at being one of them, of having four friends, real friends… all blurred into a warm haze of affection for the cousins; even for Trevor at the moment. But in that car, there was only one boy I was really free to love and who wanted to love me, and he was in my lap.

I wondered if Corey felt for me, some of the same feelings I had had for Jason. I wondered if I had some of the same feelings for Corey that Jason had had for me. Adam was hot, and we were friends. Sonny was my best friend, for life as far as I was concerned. Tyler was cool. But Corey was my boyfriend, and gay like me. In that moment, I felt all the contentment of that afternoon settle Corey. I turned my face so that my mouth was at his ear. “I love you, Corey,” I said just loud enough for only him to hear over the road noise.

He lifted his head, smiled sleepily. We kissed briefly once more. Then he laid his head back down. His bare skin felt soft and cool against mine; still cool from the river. His smaller body felt good in my lap. I sprung a boner, but I was also sleepy. We all were. Sonny leaned his head on my other shoulder and we went to sleep in the back seat.

Sonny’s dad grilled chicken for us that night, and they invited Trevor to stay. After supper, as he was leaving, Trevor laid an arm over my shoulder. “Maybe we can do this again before they all go back to Kentucky,” he suggested.

I nodded. I thought it could be fun.

The cousins and I returned to Gram’s house that night… and stripped off our clothes, of course. Sonny, Corey, and I took a shower together. We sprung boners, but mainly had fun soaping and scrubbing each other. When we came out from the bathroom, Tyler got Sonny into a game on the play station while Adam went to shower.

Taking Corey’s hand, I led him back to my mom’s room. We left the lamp on her night stand low, and climbed onto the bed. Corey lay back, and I got on top of him. We kissed and sprung boners. Corey spread his legs so I could settle between them and rub wood with him.

That night, I was as much or more into kissing as Corey. We did like our first night, feeling over each other’s face as we kissed, and over each other’s bodies. We smiled at each other between kisses and whispered, “I love you.”

At eleven, boy love can be like boy play, a fun, lighter version of what will come when we grow older. It was fun to have a boy friend. It was fun to be in love, act in love, kiss and hold Corey, and let myself feel affection and tenderness for him.

I got the KY and stuffed a small pillow under Corey’s bottom. We lubed up and I eased my boner up his butt. I lay down on him, and we kissed and held each other, and whispered while I moved my dick inside him and he rubbed his up on my belly.

“When the others go back, I want to stay,” he whispered, hugging my neck. “I know I’ll get homesick, but I want to stay here with you, like for the rest of the summer. I wish I could just stay here with you, for like a year.”

I thought about that… Corey living with me, and it was the first time I thought about guys living together like a boy might live with a girl. I remembered how alone I was from after Jason left all the way until Sonny moved across the street. I decided I would like to live with another boy… or man when I became a man; to always have a friend. “Wouldn’t that be cool,” I whispered.

We tightened our embrace of each other, and the bed rocked as I made firmer thrusts into Corey’s bottom. He hung on and rocked with me, rubbing his dick up against my belly. Our feelings came, almost at the same time, and they lasted a long time like they sometimes can when you’re ten and eleven. They didn’t exactly go away completely. We held each other, talking and whispering and moving until we felt them getting strong again, and we pumped faster.

Corey and I took a piss together, afterward, arms over each other’s shoulders as we stood at the toilet. Back in bed, we hugged and kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Sonny didn’t come to bed that night with us. We found him in bed with Tyler the next morning, and Adam sleeping on the daybed.

Later that morning, while the others were on the Playstation or reading, I played idly on my Yamaha keyboard. Corey came over beside me and stated a little naked dancing action, so I moved into a steady beat, not playing any particular song, but weaving melodies in. It was a knack I had. I fancied myself as a ‘some day’ jazz pianist.

Not too many people can dance as nasty as a naked, ten-year-old boy, and Corey really got into it. He swiveled his hips so that his flaccid, little cock flipped back and forth, while at the same time, he managed to wag his butt in a way that gave his eleven-year-old boyfriend the start of a boner.

I danced behind the keyboard. The other guys drifted over and joined us. Surprisingly, Adam for all his natural physical ability was probably the poorest dancer. Sonny wasn’t bad. Corey was good. I think I was, too.

They bumped butts and rubbed crotches on each other in beat with the music. Corey came behind the keyboard with me and grabbed me from behind around the waist, moving with me.

“Hey,” Tyler said when I took a rest. “We could form a group like the Backstreet Boys, you know?”

“And call it the Barebutt Boys?” Adam asked, giving Tyler a playful shove.

“We don’t have to dance naked,” Tyler said. “Except when it’s just us. C’mon, Peter, get out your CD player.”

We spent the rest of the morning, blocking out dance steps and clumsily choreographing five, Barebutt Boys. We did pretty good actually. And it was fun, naked.

That afternoon, we went to the pool. Afterward, we danced again. After supper, we returned from Sonny’s and gamed on the Playstation, watched videos, and paired off in to twos and threes to boy play. I sucked with Tyler, and then later cornholed Sonny while we were both standing up, dancing. Then Corey, Sonny, and I went to bed togethre. The next day, we Barebutt Boy danced and went to the pool in the afternoon.

Trevor called Tuesday night. “My friends saw you guys,” he told me. “They were cool with being mooned and all, and I told them I was being big brother and had nothing to do with you guys were being assholes, but they still gave me shit about driving a bunch of naked kids around town. I’m going to cool it for a while. But hey, maybe after those guys are gone, you and me can get together again before I head off to IU.”

That night was warm like the night Adam came to me, and in the middle of the night, I thought of him. I got up from behind Corey, and found Adam sleeping with Tyler on my bed. He was on his stomach with an arm over Tyler’s middle. Faint light from the window bathed his lean body. Eleven-year-olds usually look only like eleven-year-olds to adults, but to other eleven-year-olds, every other eleven-year-old can be remarkably different. Adam had a lean body and athleticism other boys his age envied and looked up to. He was awesome, actually, even when he slept; especially when he slept on his stomach. I stood for a moment, admiring him; hesitating to touch and wake him.

I glanced down at my belly and legs. I wondered if my muscles showed, even when I was sleeping, the way Adam’s did. My eyes fell to his butt. I certainly did like other boy’s butts, and Adam’s rounded, muscled bottom invited my touch.

I sat beside him on the bed and laid my hand on his bottom. It was firm. Adam turned his head and looked back over his shoulder at me. I returned his gaze and slipped my hand gently under his butt and between the backs of his legs, reaching with my fingers for his perineum. Adam’s eyes closed and he smiled slightly, parting his legs for me. I rubbed lightly at first, but harder when I felt his perineum grow thick, hard, and warm.

Adam lifted his butt, giving me better access. “Roll over,” I whispered, and he rolled onto his back, pulling his knees up, much like a puppy might roll to his back to have his tummy rubbed. I crawled up on the bed at his bottom and licked him. I licked him like a momma dog might lick a puppy between the legs. I licked all over his balls. I licked up and down his shaft and over his crown without taking it into my mouth. I licked under his balls, over the turgid root of his perineum. And then I licked lower.

It took some force of will. Tastes and sensations are different as a kid. They can be stronger, but as a kid, you can handle them better. Still, to lick another boy’s butthole, even Adam’s was decidedly not something I wanted to do. But he had done it to me, and I remembered what that did to me.

However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. He and Tyler had showered before bed, and Adam might even have been cornholed by Tyler because his taste and odor were as much of soap as they were musky and earthy. I probed and teased with my tongue while rubbing his perineum with my fingers. Adam moaned softly and his butt tightened. I didn’t think about Tyler waking and seeing my mouth at Adam’s butt; I was far too involved in what I was doing to Adam and its affect on him… and me.

It made me hot for him. I knelt up at his bottom, stroking the skin up and down my shaft which was achy hard. I wondered if I had made Adam as anxious to have my cock up his butt as he had made me anxious to have his when he licked my behind. Not pausing to find out, I pushed my cockhead down to his opening, and in.

Adam was tight the way you’d expect a lean-muscled boy to be. But he was also very smooth at his opening, smoother than sliding between firm lips. I leaned forward onto him, my hands on his shoulders, and sunk all the way in. I pressed deep and ground my cock around inside him. He took hold of the sides of my waist, and watched my face as I ground at his bottom.

I stretched, and he leaned up, and we kissed which felt incredibly good to do with my boner stretched up his butt. I pressed up off his shoulders again and began to thrust, building to a forceful pounding. He lifted his butt to meet me and grabbed my butt with both hands to pull me hard when I thrust.

Each collision of my lap at his hard bottom drove my cock deep, and Adam’s tugging at my bottom at the same time pulled me even deeper, stretching the skin back on my shaft so that I felt incredibly long inside him. I closed my eyes, hung my head, and pounded, concentrating on the feelings.

As good as they were, they weren’t like the other night. I wasn’t tall enough to fold over Adam and make a ball with him the way he could with me, where we could writhe together, sexing on each other… intensely. And Tyler was on the bed beside us; he was bound to wake soon if he hadn’t already.

I paused and stretched up to Adam’s ear. “As soon as I get my feelings, come, do this to me,” I whispered as softly as I could. Adam nodded. I pounded faster.

When I shuddered with the arrival of my dry orgasm, Adam pulled me tight and deep until my shuddering stopped. It seemed at the age of eleven to still call it ‘feelings’, but ‘orgasm’ was coming, and that involved shooting cum, which I apparently couldn’t do yet with regularity. Truth was, though, that some of those try pre-teen, dry orgasms were earth shaking. That first one that night with Adam was. I collapsed onto him, breathing as hard as if I’d raced fifty meters. My head was on his shoulder, and Adam stroked my back while I caught my breath. His cock was still hard under my belly and his sphincter spasmed around my cock. He was still worked up and I wanted to him to stay that way. Pushing up off his shoulders, I eased my cock out of him, and climbed off the bed.

I led him by the hand to the front room, just like he had done to me five nights before. And like five nights before, it had a dreamlike quality. In the center of the room, I threw my arms around his neck and he grabbed my butt, pulling our cocks hard together as we kissed.

He rimmed me. He rimmed me the way he did the first time, and like I had done to him a few minutes before. And then he spread my legs out and lay on me. I clung to him with my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, feeling him moving inside me, feeling his lean body flexing, muscles working, between my legs, belly on belly… working my body with his… feeling his soft cheek against mine, and hearing his breath in my ear, like a runner’s breathing, like the boy athlete he was, and like I was… keeping pace with him… keeping pace… It was… excellent.

Sonny and Corey came looking for me in the morning and found me on top of Adam, who was on his stomach. I was in what would always be one of my favorite positions when I was with a taller boy; with my legs outside Adam’s, and my hands under the front of his shoulders, sucking on the side of his neck as I pumped my hips.

I worried Sonny and Corey might be mad at me, but after watching a moment, Sonny got up on the bed and drooled into my but before climbing on, and Corey took a turn on Adam after we were done.

That night, Wednesday night, Adam and Tyler wanted us to go skinny dipping at the public pool. We waited until late, because of course, Tyler insisted we wear nothing but shoes all the way there and back. A twenty-minute walk took an hour and a half as we dodged from clumps of trees to clumps of trees, between houses, down alleys… dashing across darkened streets… giggling, even laughing, feeling the night air on our bodies, and the exhilaration of being ten, eleven, twelve-years old and out naked in the night. Corey and I ran hand in hand, following the other guys down an ally. Sonny patted my bare butt as we waiting for a car to pass on Mulberry. Adam kissed me in the dark behind a tree in the park. It was an odyssey, an adventure. But when we finally made it to the pool, breathless, it was awash in flood lights.

“What do we do now? Tyler asked. “We’ll be seen for sure if we try to sneak in there.”

“Who’s around to see?” Adam asked.

Everyone glanced around. There were houses across the street and up and down the street from the pool, but they were all dark. “We’ve come all this way,” Adam pointed out. “We oughta at least jump in.”

The fence around the pool area was about six fee tall, but at the back, close to the concessions and lockers, was the kiddy pool, and the gate there was only about five feet high and had no spikey fence points at the top. “We can sneak in over there,” Adam said, pointing. “Come on.”

We followed Adam from shadow to shadow until all five of us were squished together, trying to hide behind the trunk of a big oak tree at the rear of the pool. “You go first,” Tyler challenged Adam.

“No problem,” Adam answered. He looked for headlights on Market. He looked around at the houses we could see. Then he bolted for the gate. Using the toes of his trainers in the links of the fence, Adam quickly climbed up and over the gate. Then he kicked off his shoes and slipped into the water, hugging the bank so close we could only see his head. He waved for us to follow.

“He’s crazy. We ought to leave him there,” Tyler said with a smirk.

“I’ll do it,” Sonny said, taking off for the gate.

We all hurried after Sonny, hissing and fussing at each other as we waited, first for Sonny, then for Tyler to climb over. But then it was my turn and I hesitated, looking up at the top of the gate. I wasn’t used to climbing stuff like that.

“I’ll give you a boost,” Corey said just as Tyler did a cannon ball into the pool.

“Asshole!” Sonny and Adam hissed, jumping onto Tyler when he surfaced.

Corey bent his knee and gave me his thigh to step on. Then he came up with me, encouraging me, telling me where to each foot and hand. He made it over the top first and told me how to get over myself, dropping my leg over while hugging the top. “Don’t get your balls caught up there!” he whispered, laughing.

I lifted my hips to clear the gate frame and gingerly followed him down. At the bottom, relieved, I kicked my our shoes and followed Corey into the water with the other guys.

“OK,” Tyler said. “We did it. Let’s get outta here.”

“Not yet,” Adam said. “We haven’t swum yet. We gotta at least swim the length of the pool and back.” And he did it; he took off for the far end of the pool.

We all swam after him. Sonny caught my ankle and pulled his body past mine. I caught him, and we got all tangled up, gasping for breath and laughing.

We made it back last, breathing hard. “We should do a circle jerk or something,” Adam said.

“Are you crazy?” Corey asked. “It’s like, really bright out here.”

Adam grinned. “Where are your balls, dude? It’ll be something to tell everyone back home.” he said with a chuckle. He moved closer to Corey, reaching for him under the water. “I’ll get you hard.”

Corey backed a little, but stopped as Adam’s hand found his floating dick. Sonny was beside me, and he reached for mine. So I grabbed his and Tyler came up beside us. We started to form up a circle, but at that moment, we saw headlights out on the road.

“Oh shit!” Sonny exclaimed.

We all slipped to the street-side edge of the pool so that only our eyes and the tops of our heads would be visible from the road.

“What if it’s the cops?” Sonny asked.

“We run,” Adam said.

I glanced back at the gate and had an instant image of me hanging naked on the top of the gate while a dozen cops pointed guns up at me. Corey saw where I was looking and took my hand. “I’ll help,” he whispered.

We could see the car and everybody ducked.

The car went past.

“It wasn’t anybody,” Adam said.

“I think we should get out,” I said.

Sonny sighed and floated away from the wall, drifiting with his cock pointing up out of the water. Tyler grabbed it and gave it a stroke.

“We’ve barely gotten to swim at all,” Adam complained. “We haven’t gotten to sex in the water, and we didn’t at the river either and we barely started at that one guy’s place. You’ve never gotten to sex in the water, Peter. You’d like it.”

He came up beside me and stroked inside my leg. Then he took a breath and ducked under the water. I watched as he took my floating dick into his mouth. The cool pool water in his mouth made it feel really different.

Corey looked around nervously. “Adam’s crazy,” he said.

I happened to like what Adam was doing.

“Another car,” Sonny called out.

I pulled Adam up and we all hugged the bank again. The car passed.

“We need to get out,” Corey repeated.

Adam frowned. “Alright, but sometime, we gotta initiate Peter.”


We had turned the corner of an angling side street, just down from the pool when we saw headlights on Market and peeked back from around the corner of a wooden fence. About the time the car was close enough to recognize it as a police cruiser, it pulled to the curb in front of the pool. A cop got out and approached the pool with a flashlight. Corey who was beside me, squeezed my hand. I was distracted by what sounded like the sniffing and snorting of a horse on the other side of the fence. “See!” Tyler said, poking Adam’s side and pointing at the cop.

What had to be a huge dog exploded into rabid barking on the other side of the fence, and all hell broke loose. Everyone scattered up the street, though yards, into alleys. Corey and I tore through a vacant lot between two houses and, across the far street. Looking back, I saw headlights turn onto the street we had left. Corey and I still had each other by the hand and I dragged him into a green belt of trees , threading our way in the general direction of Gram’s house.

“I hope no one gets lost,” I worried out loud.

“They won’t get lost,” Corey said confidently. “Salem isn’t very big.” I looked at him and he grinned.

“Let’s stop a second,” I said, “Just in case one of the other guys comes along this way.”

Corey shrugged. “They’ll probably get back before we do.” He leaned back against a tree, tugging me along, squeezing my hand.

Corey was watching my face; his eyes barely a twin glimmer. I stepped up to him, feeling more aware of Corey, than the trees, the light breeze, the quiet of the night, the partial moon, the scent of pine… “Do you still love me?” he asked quietly.

I thought I knew why he asked; it was because of Adam. I leaned close, holding his hand in mine against my hip, laying my other hand on the side of his waist. “Yes, Corey” I said softly.

“But you like Adam,” Corey said.

My eyes dropped to the ground, and I nodded. “It’s not the same, though.”


I frowned, searching for words. “Adam’s just an awesome dude, you know?” I said. “Sexing with him is hot stuff. I like sexing with him because he’s bigger and he’s strong and he reminds me of when I used to sex with Jason.” I lifted my eyes to Corey’s. “But you’re my boyfriend. You’re gay like me, and you like kissing me as much as I like kissing you, and you stuck with me when we climbed the fence at the pool while ago, and when the others ran off down the street.”

I took his hand that I was holding and clutched it to my chest with sincerity. “I like you, Corey. I don’t just love you. You’re like, the perfect boyfriend for me.” I moved my face very close to his in the darkness under the trees. “I like it when we hold each other and kiss until our mouths wear out,” I whispered. “I like how I feel when you hold my hand or sit in my lap, or give me a look that’s just between you and me. I like that we’re both gay, and can do anything for each other… anything we want and know we’ll be cool with it. I like how I feel like we’re really special together… when I’m inside you or you’re inside me or we’re sucking each other, or hugging each other… it’s like it’s really perfect.”

My lips were very close to Corey’s now. “What about Sonny and Adam?” he whispered.

“Don’t you like Adam?” I asked. “Don’t you like Sonny?”

Corey nodded.

“Stay my boyfriend,” I whispered as my lips brushed his. “I promise I’ll love you.”

Slowly, Corey raised his slender arm and put his hand behind my neck. He pressed his cheek to mine. “What about after I go home?” Corey asked softly, pressing his body to mine. We both had boners.

I released his hand and slid my hands down to his bottom, pulling him close. “After you go home, Sonny will be my best friend,” I said. “We’ll sex together just like you’ll sex with Adam and your brother.” I rubbed my cheek on his. “But I will miss you, Corey, and you will still be my boyfriend. I haven’t had any other boyfriend since Jason. I don’t even know anybody in town to be boyfriends with. But if I did, he couldn’t be as perfect as you are.”

“I don’t want any other boyfriend,” he whispered. “I love you, Peter. I really do. I’m serious. My mom met my dad in elementary school and she says she loved him from the very first. It could happen that way for us. But even if we don’t stay boyfriends forever, I want us to be boyfriends for a long time.”

I thought of Jason, and thought that I loved Jason from the very first. At eleven, love is as much intention as it is affection… maybe it’s that way at any age… and my intention was to love Corey because he loved me. I kissed him, and we held each other tightly. “That’s cool with me.”

“I want to stay with you for the rest of the summer,” Corey whispered. “I’ve been thinking about it. I think I can talk my parents into it. Would you let me? Would Sonny be pissed?”

“Why would Sonny be pissed?” I asked, rubbin my cheek on his. I thought about Tommy, though. I wondered what his reaction would be.

“Because he was gonna have you to himself.”

“Sonny’s your best friend, too, Corey. He’ll be happy if you can stay.”

Corey brushed his lips on my cheek, then on my lips. We opened our mouths to each other. I pulled on Corey’s bottom. Our boners between our bellies were really hard. “Lets find a place to sex,” Corey whispered. “Let’s find someplace outside, just you and me.”

I nodded. “I know a place.”

It was a vacant house, not far from Grams’. I had done yard work there. The back yard had tall trees, and beneath them, spots of turf and bare patches of earth. Corey and I edged through the gate and found soft grass in a back corner.

I rolled on top of Corey and we kissed for a long, long time; tenderly, the way we liked. Sexing outside was like when Jason and I had started. Only now, I felt cool air on my balls and in my crack. Corey’s soft skin felt warm against mine, except between our bellies where it was hot.

We sucked each other, and then kissed again sharing the scent and taste from between our legs. I held Corey and we rested, not saying much. Neither one of us were talkers and it was good to simply hold each other. I thought how Corey’s body fit mine about like mine fit Adam’s. “I want to cornhole with you,” I whispered. “I want to do it face to face.”

I sat up and leaned my shoulders back against a tree. Core knelt astride my hips. We spit into our hands and rubbed in on my cock and into Corey’s bottom. Then he sat down into my lap, taking my boner up his butt. We had just sexed, but I was really hard again, and Corey was, too. I held his bottom while Corey rocked around in my lap. We played with his cock and felt over each other’s shoulders, chests, arms, necks, and faces. Especially at that age, having your body felt over, especially by another boy, was even better than feeling over the other boy’s body, and in Corey’s case, that was saying a lot.

We kissed. We talked softly about the things we liked and didn’t like, not just sex. And then we held each other tightly while Corey rocked hard, forward and back, rubbing his cock on my belly and working my cock in his butt. Then, after getting our feelings, Corey rested the side of his face against mine, and I stroked his back for a long time, while he stroked mine; long after I slipped out of Corey’s bottom.

Holding his slightly smaller body, snuggled against mine, I felt like I had better than a little brother. “Corey,” I whispered, “I would love you, even if you weren’t my boyfriend.”

Corey wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed the side of his face harder against mine. I wrapped my arms around his back. “I hope your parents let you stay the whole rest of the summer.”

Sonny was in bed alone when we got to Grams’. I looked. Adam and Tyler were asleep in my bed. When we climbed into my mom’s bed, Sonny looked up sleepily. “Shit,” he murmured, “we thought the cops had gotten you.” He sat up. “We almost went to my house to hide out in case they came here.”

He looked at Corey’s hand in mine. “You guys were sexing somewhere, weren’t you?”

I nodded.

“Fuck you, two,” he said, rolling over and pulling the covers up to his shoulder. “You both owe me.”

We all slept a lot on Thursday. The other guys were a little pissed at Corey and me for making them think the cops had captured us, but by the time we came back from supper at Sonny’s we were all cool.

Tyler sprouted wood while he and I were watching a summer rerun of Saved by the Bell. He said it was because one of the chicks was hot, but I thought he was watching the blond guy. “Why don’t we do a big circle suck?” he called out. “We haven’t done anything with all five of us.”

“Besides screwing Trevor?” I asked.

He grinned. “Yeah, but I meant all of us hooking up together.”

He couldn’t talk Sonny and Corey off the Playstation, at least, they said, until they finished the game, which didn’t sound like it would end anytime soon. So I started in on the keyboard. Adam and Tyler started Barebutt Boy dancing, and then Corey and Sonny came quickly enough.

Tyler got us all into a circle. Tyler, Sonny, and Corey started getting hard right away, but not Adam and me. So Tyler stood us side by side and knelt in front of us. He cupped my balls with his left hand and Adam’s with his right and began alternately sucking us. Adam helped things along by rubbing my butt which we both liked, and kissing me. We both were hard in no time. Looking down at my cock in Tyler’s mouth, I felt a little pride because even though mine wasn’t as long as Adam’s, it didn’t look all that much thinner. Tyler liked sucking and he did it well. My knees got weak.

But then Tyler stood up, facing me. “You suck me, Peter, OK?”

I nodded.

“I’ll suck Peter,” Adam said quickly.

Corey and Sonny didn’t seem to mind. We all sat down onto the floor, and with a little twisting, we wound up in something between a pentagon and a circle.

Corey and Sonny were in a playful mood. Corey made pig snorting noises and that got Sonny going, so I did it too until Tyler bopped the top of my head. “Careful, dude,” I warned with a grin. “You don’t wanna make me bite you.”

While I was saying that, Adam slicked his finger. I turned to see his mouth take my cock back in while at the same time, he push his finger into my bottom. He swirled my crown and hit my prostate with his finger at almost the same instant. I slicked my finger and stuck it up Tyler’s butt.

Adam probed with his finger and sucked… enthusiastically. Almost in reflex, I did the same to Tyler. “Slow down, dude,” Tyler said with a gasp. “You’re gonna make me cum right away.”

I pulled off. “Slow down, Adam.”

Then I heard Adam say, “Slow down Corey.”

Corey got Sonny’s mom, who happened to be his mom’s sister, to plead for him. “Maybe another week or two,” his mom finally said. “I’m not sure about the rest of the summer.”

Saturday, I climbed into the minivan with them, about to make my first trip into Kentucky for us to take Tyler and Adam home. Tyler was more ready to go home than Adam, though I think Adam was ready. They might have enjoyed staying to work on our Barebutt Boys dancing, but they had played enough Playstation to last for a while.

I would get to meet their parents. Laura and Sonny would see family. And Corey would get his clothes washed before coming back with us.

“Peter stays with me when we get home,” Adam said as we huddled together before leaving.

Corey started to protest, but Adam didn’t let him. “Come on Corey. You’ll be spending a lot more time with Peter. Let him stay with me tonight.”

Reluctantly, Corey nodded.

I took his hand and whispered in Corey’s ear, “A lot more time!”

Corey squeezed my hand.

The summer wasn’t nearly over.


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