Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 14

Sonny rode in the far back seat with Corey and me, though his mom offered him shotgun. Tyler took shotgun instead, which left the middle seat to Adam. We all had on our loose shorts and no underwear again, so Sonny, Corey, and I played around a little up each other's shorts legs as we started out on the trip. But mostly we read, talked, played a couple of games, and did the usual stuff guys do on a long car ride. I enjoyed it; the only traveling I'd really ever done was on bus rides up to see Tommy.

I sat beside one window, Corey sat in the middle, and Sonny sat on the other side. Corey put his pillow on my shoulder and fell asleep against me, Adam listened to his CD player, and Sonny read. I rested a hand on Corey's bare leg and gazed out the window, enjoying my first experience of Kentucky and the novelty of being in a different state for the first time in my life.

I thought about the huge difference the last couple of weeks had made in my life; how they had changed me. I looked down at my hand on Corey’s leg and took a smell of his hair. I had a boyfriend.

I looked across at Sonny, intent on his book. I had a best friend. I glanced up at Adam and Tyler, more friends. For the first time, I was like every other boy… with friends… with adventures. Before, I only had Jason, or rather, memories of him. And Tommy, of course, but he was as distant a friend as he was a cousin. Trevor certainly didn't count in my mind as either a friend or a boyfriend.

But now Sonny lived just across the street. Corey was going to stay with me just as long as he could this summer. Adam, who was the kind of boy others looked up to, treated me like an equal… no, more intimate than that. He was my midnight lover, and we made real sex together. We had a special relationship. And Tyler? He had treated me as though I had belonged with them, all along.

I thought about how really grateful I was for all of them… to all of them. Tears formed in my eyes. I had never before in my life, cried because I was happy. But now, my heart felt so full; so very full. It almost hurt. I turned my face out the window to hide my tears. And then, for some reason, I glanced to the front and saw Laura's eyes on me in the rear view mirror. She was frowning.

Looking quickly away, I wiped my eyes, but it was too late. She was slowing the car and I wanted to crawl down in the seat. She pulled off onto a side road, and everyone sat up, looking around. I tried to blink away the tears, but now they came from embarrassment. What would the guys think?

"I need to get out and stretch my legs a moment,” Laura said. “Why don't you boys get out, too?" Laura suggested.

I let the others go first, drying my eyes as quickly and unobtrusively as I could. Laura was beside the door as I stepped out and she quickly drew me behind the minivan. "Are you OK, Peter?" she asked with concern. "Are you missing home?"

I shook my head.

"What's wrong?" she asked, growing more concerned. She put an arm behind my shoulders and leaned down, her ear near my mouth. “What’s wrong, Peter?”

“Really, nothing,” I said.

She waited for more of an answer.

“Seriously. I’m OK. I was just… I’m just happy,” I said.

She leaned back and eyed me speculatively.

“Really,” I said, trying to laugh it off. “I was just thinking…” and then, as I thought it again, the words caught in my throat. I tried smiling to say it. “I was thinking about how I have friends,” I said, blinking because my eyes were wet again. “I was happy,” I said, my voice almost fading away, “because I have friends.”

“Oh, honey,” Laura said, pulling me into her arms.

"What's up?" I heard Tyler ask.

"Peter's crying," Corey told him.

“He’s happy because we’re his friends,” I heard Sonny say quietly. I had no idea they were behind me. How pathetic I must seem.

But then, even while Laura held me, the guys were patting me on the back, and I felt better.

Laura shooed the other guys back into the van and helped me dry my eyes, smiling kindly at me. "I'll tell you, Peter," she said. "I don't think you'll ever be without friends again. Sonny will make sure of that."

I smiled gratefully. She led me back to the side door and closed the sliding door after I crawled in. Sonny and Corey made me sit between them. Sonny put his arm over my shoulders and Corey laid his hand on my leg and gave it a squeeze. Sonny leaned close to my ear. "All the kids in Salem," he said, "they're stupid for not making friends with you before, and now, you belong to us!" Then Sonny kissed me on the cheek, not even caring if his mom saw in the rear view mirror.

Sometimes it's not bad to shed a few tears in front of other people. When I was in high school, Laura told me, "That morning, the first time we took you down to Kentucky with us and you cried because you had friends; well I decided that morning, you were going to be my second son." And it's true; by the time she told me that, I thought of Laura, more as a mom than my own mother.

After what Adam had said about her, and about sexing with her, I hadn't expected Tyler's and Corey's older sister to be so hot. In his determination to get me to sleep at his house that night, Adam didn't remember what he had said about seeing if she would sex with me, too. In her case, I was actually interested. It's probably just as well nothing came of it; it would have been awkward sexing with Corey's and Tyler's sister and not saying anything about it.

Adam had two little sisters, and a baby brother. Well, they called him their ‘baby’ brother but Jeffy was almost six. April was nine and Tammy was seven. All three of them had reddish-brown hair like Adam's. The girls were slender and cute, but they acted like girls; a little silly, especially around me. They seemed to crush on me right away. Jeffy was built like a little tank; not fat, but a solid little six-year-old. They were all at Corey and Tyler's house with Adam's mom when we got there – all three moms were sisters. After supper, Adam’s family took me home with them.

His mom had an Impala, and Adam grabbed shotgun, so I found myself in the back seat with Jeffy in my lap and April beside me. Their mom made Jeffy and I double buckle, and that planted Jeffy’s hard, little bottom firmly on top of my package, and his hair right under my nose. April, sat closer than she needed to. Both of us were in shorts and her bare leg brushed mine; not that I got turned on by girls, but still, in the circumstances, it was only natural to spring a boner. At least it pointed out to the side, away from April. I was afraid, though, that Jeffy was going to break it the way he kept moving around in my lap. And then he put his hands down on both sides of his bottom to lift himself around, and his hand landed right on my boner.

He paused for a moment, his hand closing on my boner through my shorts. Then he looked back over his shoulder at me with a slight frown, still holding my boner. I did what seemed natural. I shrugged apologetically. He grinned then, and turned forward once more. But he left his hand on my boner, feeling up and down it, checking it out. When we got to their house, I had to quickly covered with my pillow and bag. Jeffy gave me a sly smile which I chose to ignore.

"You're rich!" I told Adam, glancing around. The house was a large, two story. It sat on property, out from town a mile or two. There was a large lawn, and in the rear was what I thought looked like a small stable.

"Not rich enough to hire someone else to do the yard," Adam said gloomily, looking at the tall grass.

"Your father would have mowed it while you were gone," Adam's mom told him, "but he's been very busy at work. You like the riding lawnmower anyway."

"I liked it when it was new," Adam said.

"If I'm here long enough," I told him, "I'll help you mow."

Adam grinned. "You'd like our lawnmower. It's like a little tractor."

"Do you have horses?" I asked as we walked up the steps.

"Not here," Adam said. "We've got a couple but they're at stable up the road."

"You ever ride them?" I asked hopefully.

"We keep them at a stable up the rode," his mom explained, "because Adam didn’t care about the horses and he wasn't taking care of them. But if you boys have time before you leave, Peter, he can take you riding."

Adam leaned toward me. “They make a ton of shit.”

Adam's dad was home, sitting in their den, watching a baseball game on a big screen TV. I shook his hand.

"Do you follow baseball?" his dad asked, motioning me into a seat on the couch beside him.

"No sir."

"I should give it up," he said, then nodded toward the screen. "Or Atlanta should."

Adam stepped over to a counter and returned with two small glasses. "Can we have some beer, dad?" Adam asked. He glanced at me. "Dad always pours a glass for me when he's drinking beer."

Adam's dad had a long-neck Sam Adams in his hand. "Sometimes," his dad corrected. "I wouldn't give Peter any without checking with his dad first."

Adam glanced at me. "Peter hasn't seen his dad since he was a little kid. He lives with his grandma."

Adam's dad glanced at me, speculatively, then nodded. "Alright then. A little." He poured a small amount of beer into each glass.

Adam’s sisters and little brother had followed us in, but they didn't ask for any. I figured it was something only Adam got to do, and it felt very cool that his dad was letting me have some, too.

"C'mon, dad," Adam said, impatiently, looking at the small amounts his dad had poured into the glasses.

With a humored expression, his father poured more. Even so, the glasses were small and neither was over half full. "I've told Adam," his dad said, "that drinking isn't something you sneak off to do. The whole purpose of drinking a beer is to enjoy the beer, not to get snockered. This," he said, lifting his glass, "is an ale; a good one."

Adam handed me a glass and I sniffed it. If it had been a cheep beer, I probably wouldn't have liked it; I discovered later that I don't like beer much. But the aroma of the ale surprised me with its complexity. I took a sip and could tell there was much more to it than a drink like a pop. "You like it?" Adam asked.

I nodded. "Thank you," I said to Adam's dad.

He smiled. "It's good isn't it?"

I nodded and took another sip. It wasn't the kind of thing to drink very fast.

"We're gonna go sit in the hot tub," Adam told his dad.

His sister and brother made a dash for the back hall.

"Dad!" Adam complained. "They think they're going to get in, too. Tell them they can't."

"Let them in with you for a little while," his father said, preoccupied with the game. “You can make them scoot later.”

"They've missed you, Adam," his mom said, coming into the room. “Let them spend some time with you.”

"Yeah, right, they haven’t missed me. They just have to get in on everything," Adam complained. It surprised me, how much he sounded like just another kid around his parents. When it was just us guys, he seemed so much older. I was a little embarrassed for him. "Peter didn’t bring a swim suit," Adam said, thinking quickly. "They can't get in with us cuz we've gotta soak naked."

"Loan Peter one of yours," his mom said.

"They'd be too big for him," Adam protested.

"Nonsense, honey. They've got drawstrings, just tie them up."

"Whoa, dude!" I murmured as we entered his room. It wasn't that it was big. After all, I had a whole floor of the house to myself. Adam's room was awesome, though. His double bed had a thick cover. He had his own TV, a big one, and sound system, nice furniture, shelves, a big closet. But Adam didn't hear me.

"They do this every time I bring a friend over," Adam complained. "They won't leave me alone."

He had closed the door behind us, and we were alone, so I gave his butt a pat. "That's OK," I said. "We'll be alone later."

Adam smiled then. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me, and he wasn't a complaining kid anymore; he was my midnight lover. We grew hard against each other. "Wanna do a quick suck before we get in the hot tub?" he asked, pulling my shirt off over my head. In answer, I pulled his off.

"It's about time," Jeffy complained when we came out onto their back porch. “I’m wrinkling.” He held up wrinkling fingertips to prove it.

It was an enclosed porch, and ran across the back of the house. The hot tub was down at the end, away from the windows. It wasn't until I was much older that I figured out why adults always put hot tubs in private corners. That evening was my first experience with one.

Adam's swimsuit fit like a girl's skirt. It was baggy to begin with, and on me, it was really loose. "My parents don't keep it very hot most of the time," Adam explained as we crawled in. "That's so my little sisters and brothers don't overheat."

"You, too," Jeffy said as they made room for us. My swimsuit filled up with air like a parachute, and they all laughed as I struggled to get the bubbles out and sit down.

It was a fairly large hot tube, and yet, no sooner had I sat down than Jeffy planted his butt back into my lap.

"See," Adam said, "they think any friend of mine belongs to them, too."

I glanced at the girls. They were watching me from across the tub and grinned. Jeffy moved around on my lap deliberately, and it seemed obvious to me that he wanted me to spring a boner again. It surprised me some, that a little kid could get me hard. But then, maybe because I started so young myself, it was just sort of natural… he did. A little boy wiggling in my lap can still get me hard, but I don't go after them… little boys that is. Of course, in this case, Jeffy was the one provoking things.

He floated a little, and I managed to get my cock pointed up my belly more, but it was a boner, and as soon as he felt it with his butt, Jeffy reached behind himself and closed his hand over it. With all the bubbles, and Jeffy in the way, I wasn't concerned much about the others seeing that I was hard and Jeffy had a hand on it. I didn't want Adam to be pissed, though and I grabbed Jeffy by the hips to slow him down. The hot tub suddenly seemed plenty warm to me.

Adam leaned his head back on the rim of the tub and his eyes closed. His sisters were whispering together, and Jeffy squeezed my boner with his hand. Even though I had a dry come earlier with Adam in his room, I felt my cock grow really hard.

"Get off him, Jeffy," Adam said, and I almost jumped. Adam’s head was up and our eyes met. "I’m sweating. Let's go get a Coke," Adam suggested.

Jeffy had gotten off my lap, somewhat reluctantly, but that still left me hard as a rock. Even Adam's baggy suit wouldn't hide that if I stood up. Jeffy went over beside his sisters and started whispering to them Oh, shit! I thought. He wouldn't tell them about my boner... would he?

I shook my head at Adam. "I'm not real thirsty," I said, lying through my teeth. "I’ll just soak."

Adam nodded and laid his head back. My loose swim suit was filling with air again, and all the water swirling around made it hard to even think about losing my erection. Of course, at that age, trying to loose an erection usually meant it was going to get even harder.

"I'm gonna go anyway," Adam said, sitting up. "I'm gonna get a coke. I'll be right back."

He got up from the tub, and I watched with interest as the water ran off his body. When you've sexed with a boy, the way I had with Adam, you can become real fond of his body.

Adam wasn't all the way across the porch before April had moved across and planted her feet on either side of my hips, facing me. Then she grabbed my shoulders and sat down into my lap, her face close to mine. "We think you're cute," she said, grinning. But then her grin faded as she realized that the softness between her legs was pressing the underside of the hardness between mine.

I didn't know if Jeffy had told her I had a boner, and she wanted to tease me, or if she just happened on it, but she had landed on me perfectly with her puffy little pubic mound. I wanted to slide under the water and disappear, or back away from her but I couldn’t. I was sitting in one of the little, molded seats and it was forward-sloping, keeping my butt forward.

For a moment, April just sat there with her hands on my shoulders, her eyes on mine. She looked surprised, whatever her intention had been. She bit her lip. And then, slightly, she rubbed herself on me. She held me by the shoulders and rubbed; her eyes slightly panicky looking, as if she couldn't help herself. It was a natural reaction to reach for her hips. So I did, and rubbed with her.

It must have been only seconds, and then she was gone, back to the other side of the hot tub, not looking at me. A moment later, Adam returned with a Coke.

The girls got out after that, without April meeting my eyes again. I felt miserable. What if she told her mom? I could see me losing Adam, Corey, Sonny, and Tyler as friends, all in one night. And I felt bad for April She was cute. Not having younger sisters, I wouldn't have minded being friends with her.

"They're gone!" Jeffy cried in triumph. He pulled his suit off. "Now we can ‘git naked’."

"Time for you to go inside, Jeffy," Adam said. "Leave Peter and me alone."

"Not yet," Jeffy pouted. "You guys git naked first."

Adam glanced at me. "He just likes to feel bubbles on his stiffy."

"So do you," Jeffy said. "And so does Peter. He has a stiffy, too."

This was just going from bad to worse. If I wasn't already flush from the heat, I have flushed from embarrassment. Adam wasn't fazed though. "Guys get boners in hot tubs."

"So?" Jeffy said, standing up boldly now that we were the only ones around. "I wanna see Peter's."

Jeffy was going to be endowed like his older brother. That was obvious. My stiffy certainly didn't look like that at six. His curved up, thick and long as a man’s thumb.

Next to me, Adam pulled off his swim suit and slung it up on the side. So I did the same, and it did feel good to get out of it. The bubbles felt great. I could almost forget worrying about what the girls might be telling their mom inside.

"Stand up," Jeffy said. "Let me see it."

I glanced at Adam.

"He's seen mine," Adam said with a shrug.

So I stood and Jeffy stepped closer, looking at as if examining a boner for the first time. He grabbed it.

"Hey," Adam said. "Leave him alone. You don't grab another guy's cock."

I sat back down, thinking Adam was one hell of a hypocrite, but I wasn't about to say a word.

Jeffy frowned at him, and then sat down beside me.

"Jeffy," Adam warned.

Jeffy crossed his arms and sat back beside me. On him, the water was up to his neck.

Adam gave me a helpless look. I knew that grabbing another guys cock was exactly what both Adam and I had in mind to do. "Time to go inside, Jeffy," Adam said. "Or do I need to go get Dad?"

It took a while, but Adam finally got his little brother to go into the house. Then Adam slid next to me, and our hands dropped into each other's laps as we laid our heads back and relaxed.

“Finally,” Adam said with a sigh.

The girls were still up when we went inside, and I was afraid to look at them. But then, I caught April looking at me, and she smiled. I felt better.

The next thirty-six hours would be among the happiest of my life.

I know now that not many guys had a summer like the summer of my eleventh year, but then, not many had the solitude of my first ten years, either. I don’t say this for sympathy, but I never took a vacation with my mom. She couldn’t afford them when I was little, nor did she seem inclined to take them if she could. Later, when she did take vacations, it was after she had moved, and her vacations were with her boyfriend who was not interested in having me along. Grams never thought to send me to any kind of camp, and I wasn’t in the scouts. The closest thing I had to anything like a vacation or summer camp were my trips to see Tommy.

But that first trip to Kentucky was like vacation and camp… with my best friends and with their families who treated me as one of their own. And it began that night as Adam and I dropped our shorts in the center of his bedroom. He took my hand, and kissed me; a long, gentle kiss. Then he led me by the hand to his bed.

Their home was air conditioned, and the bed was warm once we were under the covers, especially pressed to Adam’s warm body. The sheets were amazingly soft and plush. Adam held me and seemed happy to have me in his own bed.

We made playful sex, tender sex, for us, that is, with periods of kissing and turns taken on top. We fell asleep with me spooned behind Adam and feeling as comfortable as I had ever felt in my life.

In the morning, I rode Adam’s lawnmower, which was fun; we didn’t really try to mow the entire yard, but just the front. Then Adam and I went to the stable where their horses were kept, and since I didn’t know how to ride, I sat in front of him, and we rode a gentle mare, bareback. Adam had his arms around me, holding the reins. We were shirtless, in shorts, and I leaned back against his bare chest and belly, and held his forearms for stability. His legs nestled the back of mine and the side of his face was beside mine as we rode. Once we got going, I felt his erection against my butt. When we were on trails away from the road, he held the reins in one hand, and my belly with his other, and he kissed the sides and back of my neck. He even reached into my shorts and pulled my boner upward.

I felt like we were two, young braves riding our horse through the Kentucky wilderness, and I had no idea that horseback riding could be so sexy.

We swam with the cousins in the afternoon at the country club pool, and the guys introduced me to everyone as their cousin from Indiana. “It saves having to explain things,” Tyler said. “Besides, you’re one of us now; cousins for life.”

Corey’s and Tyler’s dad grilled chicken for everyone that evening, and his mom made the best homemade ice cream I’d ever tasted. It evidently, was something they often did on weekends.

In the late summer twilight, I found myself being led by the hand by April, away from the others, who were talking or otherwise busy. She took me around the side of the house and behind a hedge, where she turned to face me.

April smiled, hesitantly. “I want you to kiss me,” she said quietly. “I want you to kiss me like you kiss Adam.”

The bottom dropped out of my stomach. When had she seen me kiss Adam? “I don’t kiss Adam,” I protested, weakly.

She frowned. “His room used to have carpet in it, but it made him sneeze so my mom had them take it out. Now, we can see under his door… really easy.

I felt the blood drain from my face.

She stepped closer. “I was the only one who peeked last night,” she said softly. “And I won’t tell.” Her eyes rose to mine. “I’ve never kissed a boy… not really kissed.” She put a hand on my shoulder. “Please?”

Still reeling from the revelation that she had seen Adam and me kissing – and hopefully nothing more – it took me a moment to respond; so she did. April put both her hands on my shoulders and rose on her toes to give me a kiss. She didn’t have to rise far; she was tall for nine, and I was, of course, short for eleven.

Her lips were soft and her faint scent, different from a boy’s. Her kiss was light, but I liked April. I wrapped my arms behind her and kissed her more properly. She slipped her hands up to the back of my neck, and our bodies pressed. I probed at her lips with my tongue, and she opened her mouth.

It all happened without much thought. I suppose it should have bothered me that she was Adam’s sister. Instead, I just thought of her as someone completely different. She was the first girl I really liked. Sometimes you like someone without really knowing why. I think she and I started that way.

I don’t know why I said it; maybe because of her boldness the night before in the hot tub, maybe because of sexing so much with the guys. “It’s better without shirts on,” I said. I was shirtless already, but she had a girl’s t-shirt which she instantly pulled off, and she was back into my arms.

Without her shirt, and as flat-chested as she was at nine, the experience wasn’t much different than kissing a boy, and yet it was different. My reactions, though, after sexing with the boys, were natural. My hands roamed her slender back and then found her shorts-covered bottom. I was growing hard, but she had felt me hard before. I pulled her to me by her butt and probed deeply in her mouth with my tongue.

After a moment, she pushed me back by the shoulders. “Is your thingy hard again?” she asked in a whisper.

I nodded.

She looked down between our bodies. “Can I see it?” she asked very quietly.

I hesitated only a moment, and then unfastened my shorts and pushed them down. My erection sprang up between us.

“Can I touch it?” she asked after staring a moment.

“Yeah,” I whispered.

She touched it tentatively at first, with one finger. She traced down the shaft and over the crown. “The skin is so soft,” she whispered.

“It’s hard underneath the skin,” I told her. “Close your hand around it.”

She did. “Oh,” she said softly.

“The skin is loose, you can slide it up and down,” I said.

She did, and the feel of her small hand was so different from the confident stroking one boy gives another.

“April,” I whispered. “I’ve never seen a girl naked.”

She looked up at me, her hand still on my cock. It was grrowing dark to really see very well, but I did want to see what a girl looked like; other than pictures in a book.

April let go of my boner and undid her shorts. She pushed them and her panties down. I knelt to get a better look. She planted her feet apart and thrust her pelvis forward for me,. “Can I touch it?” I asked, glancing up at her.

She nodded.

I did like she did, tracing with a fingertip first.

“You can put your whole hand on it,” she said.

I did, pressing my fingers up against the soft, puffy lips. “Your skin is very soft, too,” I whispered.

“It gets hard here,” she said, pulling the tops of her labia apart. “It’s called a clitoris,” she said with nine-year-old authority. “It gets hard jus tlike a boy’s thingy gets hard.”

I peered intently into the top of her crevice and saw the small, flesh-colored knob. “Is it hard now?” I asked.


I touched it, and her knees gave slightly. I wondered if it was sensitive, like a boy’s crown. I was tempted to lick it, but didn’t. I did sniff, though. The scent was different.

“Where’s the hole,” I asked.

“Down here,” she said, rotating her pelvis higher and pulling her little labia apart a the bottom. I could see the damp, pink lining of her slightly parted vagina. I touched it. The skin felt very smooth and soft. I wondered what it would feel like around a boner. I wondered if she did.

“Have you seen other boy’s boners?” I asked, standing up again.

“No,” she said with a frown as if I insulted her. But then she grinned. “Just horses hard-ons.” Then her eyes dropped to my lips and she leaned forward. We kissed, this time with our shorts down at our ankles. I felt her hand on my boner again. She rubbed my crown against her soft labia, and for the first time in my life, I experienced the overwhelming urge to put my cock into a girl’s vagina. It hasn’t happened very often; just enough to know what a straight boy feels in a situation like that.

“Can I rub on it?” she asked in a whisper. “I saw my parents once. My dad was lying on his back and my mom was rubbing her cunny on his thingy.”

It occurred to me later, that when she saw them, her father’s cock was probably up her mother’s cunny, but I didn’t think of it at the time. I simply nodded. It was dirt only behind the hedge, and I sat down on it, and then lay back with my shorts still around my ankles. April stepped out of hers and planted her feet on either side of my hips before squatting to lower the soft mound of her… cunny onto the underside of my upturned shaft, not unlike the evening before in the hot tub.

She rocked her hips forward and back, testing. Then put her knees down, resting her weight on the press of her labia on my upturned cock. She leaned forward, putting her hands on my shoulders, and she began pumping the way only a nine-year-old girl rubbing her cunny on a boy can do.

We both got our feelings. And then she slowed down. “You know it goes inside, don’t you?” I asked quietly.

Her eyes met mine and she nodded. For a moment, I thought she would do it, put me inside her. But then Jeffy went running past the hedge, chasing one of the pet cats Corey’s family had. April quickly got up, brushing dirt off her knees and shins. I got up, too, and brushed off my backside. She helped me. We dressed without a word, and then, suddenly, April threw her arms around my neck a final time. “Some day,” she whispered. “I’ll let you put it in me.” Then taking my hand, she led me out from the hedge and back around to the others.

She let my hand go then, and no one seemed to notice that we had been apart together.

On a similar summer night, two years later, when she was eleven and I was thirteen, April kept her promise. She was the only girl I ever really wanted to make love to. Who knows what direction our lives would have taken if it wasn’t only on visits to Kentucky that I saw her? Adam would have liked it, I think. He knew I liked April, and had visions of me and April getting married someday, and him and me getting it on whenever we wanted, of course. But April soon got other boyfriends.

That night, after April rubbed on me in the bushes, Adam and I had the hot tub to ourselves, and I straddled his lap much like April had straddled mine the night before. But I took Adam’s cock up my butt, and I hugged him tightly, grinding my bottom down into his lap. I kissed him fiercely because I wanted real sex, and I wanted Adam, and it felt so right, so natural to sex with a boy.

I glanced at the space under his door that night, when he shut it. “Do you think someone could see under that?” I asked, pointing.

Adam looked at the space, and frowned. “Yeah, maybe.” He pushed our clothing up to block the bottom.

In a few moments, he had me on my back in his bed. His knees were planted on either side of my bottom so that the tops of his legs held up the backs of mine. His body was folded over mine, and we were holding each other tightly while he slid his cock around inside me and I rubbed mine on his belly.

“I wish you lived with me, Peter,” he whispered, rubbing his cheek against mine. “I wish you could sleep with me every night, and we could sex whenever we wanted.”

I nodded. It would be wonderful to live with Adam, in his fine house, with horses, and April, and have sips of beer, and sex whenever we wanted.

“You gotta come back,” he whispered. “Maybe next summer, you can come for a long time.”

A year is a long time when you’re eleven. I wondered if Adam would feel the same way by then. Then I thought of Sonny. I would have Sonny that whole time, and it seemed to me that Sonny and I might be a lot tighter by the next summer. I hoped so.


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