Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 15

Corey made no pretense that he was staying at Sonny’s house. When we returned from Kentucky, he carried his things directly across the street to my house.

Sonny acted like he was going to spend the night with us as well. “Not tonight,” his mother said. “You haven’t been in your own bed for a couple of weeks. Let Peter and Corey enjoy being friends by themselves for one night, and let us pretend that we’re still a family in this house. You can sleep over at Peter’s tomorrow night.”

Sonny wasn’t happy, but it turned out to be a very ‘right’ thing for Corey and me. After I gave Grams an exuberantly detailed account of the weekend -- well, not all the details, of course -- she was absolutely delighted for me. For the first time, I think, she felt she could quit worrying about me having friends.

I hugged her neck and kissed her, and then Corey and I bounded up the stairs. I tackled him to the floor in my room, and laughing, we stripped off each others clothes. We rolled and kissed. He pulled up his legs, and we used spit, and I cornholed him right there on the floor, face-to-face the way we liked, with his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck, and me hanging onto his shoulders; us kissing and grinding together and slow sexing and being happy.

Love between two gay boys, when you’re only ten and eleven, is partly pretend and partly genuine; but underlying it is the unique bonding common to boys, made even stronger by our common difference from other boys, and, in Corey’s and my case, sweetened by the fun and intimacy of sexual play… boy play.

That night, Corey sat between my legs and leaned back against me as we watched TV. I held him and he stroked my legs. From time to time, he turned to get a kiss from me. It all felt so grown up, the way we had seen lovers together in movies and on TV, and yet, it was also us being friends.

We slept together, hard. In the morning, we sexed and fell back asleep until Sonny came bounding up the stairs, horny and wanting to catch up. The three of us back together as easily and naturally friends as any three boys have ever been. The three of us fit together.

I worried how Tommy would feel when he came for his month with me. Would he feel left out? But I shouldn’t have worried; not with Sonny in the mix. Tommy a few days later, and once it was clear that the ‘always naked upstairs’ rule still applied, and we all sprouted wood that first afternoon while standing and talking to each other, and looking… well, Sonny simply knelt down and started sucking on Tommy, and that was that.

Tommy never was one of the three of us, though, and it was the last summer he stayed an entire month with me. Tommy hooked up with his first girlfriend that fall, and at Christmas break, instead of me going up to see Tommy, Alan, Tyler, and Corey came up to see Sonny and me.

But I’m getting ahead. I need to back up to that summer one more time. Tommy was still with us when it was time to take Corey home, and so we took Tommy with us to Kentucky. It was a quick trip. We only stayed overnight, and Adam was disappointed because we all stayed at Corey and Tyler’s house. I wanted my last night with Corey. We did, however, manage to get in skinny dipping at the place they liked to go, and Adam sexed with me there. Tommy sexed with Tyler and the two seemed to hit it off, at least for our brief stay.

We returned to Salem, and I missed Corey immediately, even with Sonny and Tommy around. Corey and I talked a lot on the phone those first few evenings, and that helped. Soon, it was time to put Tommy on the bus home.

Laura drove us to the bus station. Sonny and I hugged Tommy, and I was happy because Tommy seemed to have enjoyed that summer as much as any he’d spent with me. In the back seat of the minivan, on the return from the bus station, Sonny reached across the seat and took my hand, even though his mom might have noticed in the rear view mirror. It was as if to say, “It’s just you and me now.”

“I’m sleeping over at Peter’s tonight,” Sonny announced at supper that evening, “so he won’t feel so alone with everybody gone now.”

His dad looked at me speculatively, and I had a moment’s discomfort, though I’d learned to relax around Michael most of the time. Sonny’s mom simply nodded. “That’ll be good, Sonny. You two can come back for breakfast in the morning when you want it.”

Sonny and I held hands as we climbed the stairs together. We walked hand-in-hand into my bedroom, and then simply stood there a moment, holding hands, looking at the bed. And then Sonny stepped in front of me and unfastened my shorts, dropping them to the floor. Then he undid his. He took one of our cocks into each hand, fondling them.

“I’m still bigger,” he said with a grin.

“Like hell you are,” I said, grinning back.

And then the grins were gone and we were in each other’s arms, kissing hard… passionately, actually; genuinely passionately. I know we were only eleven, but it was like we stood there, at the end of that summer, and knew it was him and me together from then on.

We kissed deeply. Our hands roamed each other’s bodies, caressing at first, then squeezing muscles and pulling bodies together. We weren’t only going to be best friends; we were going to be each other’s only boy play partner, only boy lover, for who knew how long? And we were cool with that; more than cool with it.

Sonny backed us to the bed and our lips parted only long enough for both of us to climb up onto the bed together. He rolled to his back and I lay down on him. Sonny opened his legs for me and we grabbed each others shoulders, kissing and grinding.

The bed bounced gently. Hormones mixed with our boy play and made us hungry for each other. We didn’t suck. We didn’t cornhole. We simply ground and kissed and held each other through feelings, more than once.

Later, we bathed, our laughter and play tempered by feelings of loss because everyone was gone, but also of permanency between him and me, and surprisingly keen affection. That night, we lay with entwined legs and faces inches apart on the same pillow. We smiled at each other, and stroked each other’s hair and sides.

“Petey,” Sonny said.


He put his forehead to mine. “Ain’t nobody been friends like we’re gonna be friends.”

From the end of that summer, Sonny and I slept together most nights, either in his bed or mine. At least back then, I think his parents looked at us as two ‘only child’ boys who had found a brother in each other. We hung out mainly at my place, naked, and we sexed a lot. It was always fun; Sonny made it that way.

On a cold night that November, Sonny caught my first, official cum in his mouth when we were sixty-nining, and he immediately scooted up the bed to share the last mouthful with me so I could taste it, too.

My first pubes came, late in the spring, along with Sonny’s first cum. We had been expecting it because he’d been making drops of precum, and we had been sixty-nining first, each time we sexed. So I was able to catch his first cum in my mouth, and I shared a mouthful with Sonny.

That spring, my swim coach, recognizing that I was never going to be tall, put me into a diving program. Sonny joined too, mainly so we could hang together. It was clear from the start, though, that diving was something that suited me, but not necessarily Sonny. He swam well though, so coach put him into swimming. I swam some with Sonny’s team at practice while he watched most of my diving practices, bringing along some book to read.

Corey came up to stay with us for the entire summer that year, and we got coach to let him into diving practice as well. Corey did pretty good, actually. Tyler and Adam came for three weeks at the beginning of summer, and then Sonny, Corey, and I went to Kentucky for three weeks at the end of the summer, after swimming and diving ended. I stayed two of the three weeks with Adam, but the last week with Corey. He cried when we were leaving, and that made me cry, which made Sonny cry.

When Sonny and I returned, we discovered that a new family had moved in down the street. They had two daughters and a son. The boy, Andrew, was the youngest of the three at nine. His sisters were eleven and thirteen, and they tried to make friends with us. We were friendly to them, but didn’t try to hang together, though Sonny and I joked to each other about making them members of the naked-upstairs club or the Barebutt Boy band.

I felt sorry for Andrew, though. I knew what it was like to live in Grams’ neighborhood without other guys the same age around for at least a mile, so we were more friendly with him. He was a cute kid, too, with straight, black hair and olive skin – Mediterranean Italian. His dark eyes had almost an Asian shape and I thought they made his face pretty. He was nicely proportioned the way slender boys are before puberty puts them through gangly, clumsy stages.

The inevitable happened that fall. Grams let Andrew in after school one day and told him to go on upstairs because that’s where Sonny and I were. The two of us were naked, gaming on the Playstation when Andrew came up alongside. We were so used to being naked upstairs, and so into the game, that it took a moment to realize that Andrew wasn’t watching the game, but staring into our laps instead.

Sonny paused the game, and Andrew’s eyes rose to meet ours. “Yeah, that’s right,” Sonny said with a characteristic grin. “We hang out naked when we’re up here. Next time, yell up first before coming up, OK?”

Andrew looked from Sonny to me and back to Sonny. “Can I be naked, too?” he asked.

Sonny and I looked at each other. I frowned. He shrugged.

“Look, Andrew,” I said. “This is private. Only Sonny and our cousins hang up here naked, and nobody else knows. So don’t go telling people about it.”

Andrew looked appalled. “I won’t tell anyone,” he protested. “No way! I won’t tell anyone, ever. Please! Let me be naked, too.” As if we could keep him from stripping if he wanted to.

Sonny was twelve, I was almost thirteen. We were in seventh grade and Andrew was still in elementary school. But I did like Andrew and felt sorry for him being the only kid his age in our part of town. I glanced at Sonny. He could read me pretty well by then, so he gave Andrew a hard look. “You can only come up here when we say you can, and you don’t tell anybody about us hanging naked.”

Andrew nodded, very seriously. Then he grinned and stripped off his clothes.

His light olive complexion was all over, and flawless. He was uncut like me, and he had the small package of a nine-year-old, but even then, it was easy to see that his worm of a dick might be impressive someday. I stopped staring at him, so I wouldn’t spring a boner.

We should have known that Andrew would be back the next day, and we should have known that he would forget to call upstairs first. And it’s not like Sonny and I sexed all the time, but we’d come home from school, horny, and Andrew found us on our sides, sixty-nining on my bed. We didn’t hear his footsteps until he was almost on us, and then it was way too late.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to try it, but we needed him to. Sonny and I didn’t have to talk it over; we both knew that Andrew had to suck a cock as well so it would be harder for him to tell other guys about us. So we talked Andrew into sitting on the floor with his back to the day bed. We split his legs wide apart, and then Sonny and I crawled up between them and took turns sucking up Andrew.

Andrew had a long stiffy. It pointed up his small belly, very straight, and was the kind that gets just a little thicker in the shaft before arriving at a smaller head. He’d never had his feelings before. Sonny was sucking on him when they hit, and Andrew started gasping and then went all stiff, clutching Sonny’s red hair.

“Don’t worry,” I told him, stroking the insides of his leg. “You’re just getting your feelings. It’s awesome, isn’t it?”

Andrew nodded dreamily.

We told him a few ‘facts of life’ and then sucked him up again and got into a three-way with him sucking me and me sucking Sonny, and Sonny sucking him. He got his feelings for the second time in his life.

It was two days later that I knelt behind Andrew who was down on all-fours, and aimed my lubed boner at his entrance. “You’re bigger than me, remember?” I told Sonny, using his own tease against him when we argued about who should go first. “Smaller cock should go first,” I told him.

Sonny frowned at me, but then he got down under Andrew and sucked him up hard for me as I got ready.

“It might feel weird, just at the beginning,” I told Andrew, as I looked down on his small, nine-year-old, olive-colored bottom. It looked impossibly small as I placed my crown at his dark little pucker and parted his butt cheeks. My dick looked huge between them. “But just relax, and I’ll go real slow.”

Andrew only nodded, distracted by Sonny’s sucking. I pushed, and my crown popped in. Andrew’s ring closed around it, tight, but not squeezing. Looking down at my shaft, the crown imbedded inside Andrew’s darker little bottom, I paused, and had the perverse wish that I had a digital camera. I held his small hips, and I eased in, watching with some amazement as my thick shaft slowly disappeared. Then I didn’t think much at all.

Andrew hung with us for a year and a half before his family moved away again. I’ve mentioned him because I wanted to explain that back then Sonny, Corey, and I weren’t lovers like in the adult sense. That is, we sexed with other guys and didn’t think much about it.

That started to change as we entered adolescence. Sonny had stuck with swimming and by fourteen, his body had assumed the classic wide-shoulder, narrow-hip, long-muscle swimmer’s build. I thought he was gorgeous. His pubes had come in red, and I loved them. What other, light body hair he had, he shaved for racing. I began to seriously crush on him, but didn’t think to say anything about it, partly because I didn’t realize just how much I was crushing at first.

But then Sonny started crushing on a girl on the swim team. The first time he brought her upstairs to our place – we were calling it our place by then – and sexed with her behind the closed door to my mom’s room, I cried.

I mentioned it to Sonny that night, and he got angry with me. “But we tell each other everything don’t we?” I said.

His look softened, and he hugged me. He held me for a while, stroking my back and sniffing my hair, and then he took me to bed and sexed with me. Afterward, he laid his head on my shoulder. “If you want, I won’t sex with Meagan anymore,” he said.

I shrugged. “It’s cool,” I told him. “It’s not like we’re gonna boy play forever, right?”

He lifted his head and looked into my eyes, and then he kissed me softly. “Who says?” he asked with a mild Sonny grin.

He was still sexing with Meagan when Corey told me over the phone that he’d been sexing with a boy in Lexington and really crushing on him.

Sonny stroked my hair that night as we lay in bed with my head on his shoulder. “You alright?” he asked.

I shrugged. “It’s gonna be a bitch if you stay serious with Meagan and Corey gets serious about the boy in Kentucky, and it turns out that the great love of my life was Jason when I was five years old.”

Sonny’s hand paused on my hair. “You were five,” he said. “Do think you really loved Jason?”

“I adored him with all my heart,” I said simply.

“But what about him? He was like, eleven or twelve. For him it had to be just sexing.”

“No,” I said, confidently. “It wasn’t.”

Sonny resumed stroking my hair. “I think I’ve always been jealous of Jason,” Sonny said.

I lifted my head to look at him.

“Whenever things are hard for you,” Sonny said, “like now with me crushing on Meagan and Corey crushing on that guy back in Kentucky, you think of Jason?”

I thought about that. “I guess I do that, huh?”

Sonny nodded.

I leaned up over Sonny and looked down into his eyes. “Crush on anybody you want to. I won’t mention Jason any more. If I get down, I’ll come to my best friend.”

He smiled, and stroked back my hair, and pulled me down for a kiss.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t end up doing a little crushing on other guys myself. I had opportunities. Diving had given my lean body incredible definition. Divers don’t get the broad shoulders of swimmers and gymnasts, but they use every muscle and their definition can be as good as a sprinter’s. That year, when I was fifteen, one of the swimmers, a tall fourteen-year-old named Davis – I do like tall guys – became very friendly.

One afternoon, after swim and diving practice, several of us went for burgers and Davis made a point of sitting beside me in the back seat. He rested his leg against the side of mine and laid an arm behind my shoulders, as if simply making room for all of us in the back seat. As we talked, his face was close to mine, and I saw an achy feeling pass, just briefly, over his features as if he wanted to kiss me. Later, when he complained about soreness in his right shoulder, I invited him back to our place for a shoulder rub.

Davis watched, bemused, as Sonny and I stripped off our clothes once we got upstairs. “We always hang, naked,” Sonny explained. “No one else but us and our friends come up here, so we’re sorta like nudists,” he told him with a characteristic, Sonny grin.

“But you gotta promise not to tell anyone,” I said. “It’s a private club.”

Davis nodded, swallowing hard. He made no move to undress, though.

“Come with me,” I said, taking him by the hand toward my mom’s room. “You can undress back here and I’ll give you your shoulder rub.” I closed the door behind us, fighting my cock’s urge to grow stiff as I turned to face Davis. He looked petrified.

“Go ahead and strip,” I said.

He swallowed hard. “I… can we talk first.”

My eyes dropped to his crotch. Davis’ erection was obvious. “You don’t want to strip because of this?” I asked, laying my hand over it. He froze. “Damn,” I whispered, “it’s even nicer than I thought it’d be.”

It was much, much later that we finally got to the shoulder rub.

Sonny told me that night, as we sat side by side in front of the TV, that he was disappointed at first when I led Davis to my mom’s room, because he wanted to see Davis naked away from the pool, and he expected both of us sex with him. When I closed the door behind us, Sonny suddenly realized that I intended sexing with Davis without him.

It was awkward. “But you don’t want me sexing with you and Meagan,” I pointed out.

“That’s different,” he said.

I shook my head. “No, it’s not.”

Sonny frowned. “Well, you’ve already gotten laid tonight. I’ll go sleep at my house.” He started to get up.

I caught his hand. “Don’t,” I said. “I won’t sex with Davis again if you don’t want me to.”

Sonny sat back down, but looked away. “That wouldn’t be very fair, would it?” he asked.

“No,” I said, quietly.

Sonny nodded, but he didn’t leave. Later, we brushed our teeth and took a last piss before bed at the same time, as we always did. When we climbed into bed, I lay down with my back to Sonny so that he could sex with me if he wanted. When he lay down with his back to me, I decided he was still mad.

I rolled and spooned him and rubbed his belly from behind. “Best friends are more important than boyfriends,” I whispered. “I won’t sex any more with Davis.”

Sonny said nothing. I kissed behind his ear and slid my hand down his belly. Sonny’s cock had begun to thicken, so I fondled him, and when he grew hard, I rolled him to his back and went down on him.

After he came, I slid up beside him and Sonny slid an arm behind me. I nuzzled in beside his face. “Best friends?” I whispered.

“The best,” he answered.

I closed my eyes and nuzzled in for sleep.

“Petey,” he whispered.


“You can sex with Davis.”

I shrugged.

“Just don’t fall in love with him, OK?”

I lifted my head. Sonny’s beautiful eyes were open, looking up at the ceiling. With a finger on the side of his jaw, I turned his face toward mine to see how serious he was. He looked serious. So I placed my lips on his, and I made love to him, really made love to him.

That didn’t change that Sonny and I were both guys, and best friends, not boy friends. Without much discussion, Sonny continued to sex with Meagan, and then another girl after Meagan, and then Davis after I had moved on to occasional dates with an older boy with whom I shared Chemistry class. I even dated a girl who reminded me of April, briefly.

I’m not the butchest guy, but I’m not effeminate… well, I can be on occasion when we’re clowning around. Nevertheless, by the time I was sixteen, and Sonny and I were beginning our junior year, plenty of people figured I was gay. It didn’t help that, though I was one of the older guys in our class, I looked a couple of years younger. I wasn’t a stud. Nevertheless, people didn’t think Sonny was gay, so they didn’t know about me for sure.

One evening in early October, I was walking home from a really late diving practice; so late in fact, the football players had finished their practice about the same time. I had just turned off Mulberry when a pickup pulled up alongside. I recognized it as belonging to Kenny Johnston. Kenny was a super jock, six feet, two, at least, and well built. He was a linebacker that fall, and he had more girl groupies than a rock group. He’d always been nice to me, and that evening, when he rolled down the passenger window and asked if I wanted a ride, I said sure.

“Late practice, huh?” he asked.

“Yep,” I nodded. “Thanks for picking me up. I really need to get home; I’ve got a ton of homework.”

“Yeah, me, too,” he said, turning off down an alley.

“I live that way,” I said, pointing back up the street.

“I know,” Kenny said with a smile. “I thought we could talk a while.”

Well, I liked Kenny, and he was the kind of Adonis I could easily get the hots for, so I relaxed a little. “OK, I guess I don’t have to get home right away.”

Kenny grinned, but it wasn’t a nice grin. He spread his legs apart and rubbed his crotch. “I hear you like to suck cock,” he said. “I’ve got a really nice one.”

I shifted uneasily. “I bet you do,” I said. I looked out the windows. It was almost dark, and no one was around, but still… “Look,” I said. “If you want to come in when you take me home, we could like… talk about things.”

Kenny unzipped his fly and fished out an admittedly great erection. “Let’s talk about this,” he said, stroking it. “You like it?”

I shrugged uncomfortably. “Yeah, it’s a great cock, Kenny. Look, I’ll just walk home from here,” I said, gathering up my books from where I’d put them on the floor.

Kenny caught me with a large hand on my upper arm. “C’mon, Peter. I know you’re a fag. You like sucking cock, and I want my cock sucked. It’s simple.”

I opened the door, but at the same moment, Kenny pulled hard on my arm, switched it to his other hand, and put his near hand behind my neck, trying to pull my face over into his lap.

I was a small guy, but I was flexible, wiry, and I wasn’t weak. I almost got away from him, but he still had my arm. The way he was built, I could have pummeled on his body all night and not fazed him. I bopped him in the nose, hard.

“Crap!” he said, grabbing for his nose with both hands. I backed out of the door, taking my books. “You little shit!” he yelled, nasally, as I slammed the door and ran for home.

The next day, Kenny told everyone at school that he had offered me a ride and I had tried to suck his cock and that when he shoved me away, the back of my hand hit him in the nose.

He may have thought he had to say something; his nose was larger than normal, and red, and he might have been afraid that I would tell others what happened. But he didn’t have to say anything. I wasn’t going to tell anyone but Sonny. Besides, anyone with half a brain should have been able to figure who fought off whom. But rumors don’t have to be true, or logical.

People, especially guys, began keeping their distance from me. It was almost comical in the showers after diving… me and Sonny at one end of the showers and everybody else from swimming and diving at the other.

People still hung out with Sonny when I wasn’t around, but when I was around, they tended to stay away. Sonny was outraged. “What a bunch of shallow assholes,” he said on Friday as we walked home.

“It’s OK,” I told him. “Sooner or later, they were going to find out about me. I’m almost glad I don’t have to hide things anymore. I’m sorry for you, though, Sonny. You should quit hanging out with me.”

It was the only time Sonny ever hit me. He spun me, slapped my cheek hard, and then clutched me to him, on the side of the street, in the dark of the evening. “Don’t be an asshole, Petey,” he murmured. “Don’t ever talk like that again.”

My run-in with Kenny had happened on a Tuesday. The following Tuesday, Sonny had an assignment in speech class. We were in the class together, but I had no idea what was coming. I just knew that when he got up to speak, it wasn’t what he had practiced.

“This last week,” he began, “there have been a lot of rumors spread about my best friend, Peter Nielson. These rumors started because Kenny Johnston lied about what happened last week. The truth is that Kenny came on to Peter.”

Our speech teacher held up his hand as if to stop Sonny, but Sonny waved him off.

“The truth is,” he said, “Peter’s got more guts than Kenny will ever have. And Peter doesn’t care if you all know that he’s gay.” Sonny looked right at me, and, uncharacteristically, there were tears in his eyes. “And I don’t care either. Peter and I have been lovers since sixth grade.”

That blew the doors off the high school rumor factory. Every eye in the school was on us for the rest of the day. We told Sonny’s parents that evening. They were going to find out sooner or later. They weren’t surprised, though.

Sonny sat on the floor of my front room that night, trying to concentrate on his homework. He’d been quiet all evening, and I knew his mind was probably on the friends he’d lost, and who knows what else. I knelt behind him, wrapped my arms over his shoulders and across his chest, and pressed the side of my face to his from behind. “You aren’t really gay, Sonny,” I whispered.

He patted my arms and leaned back into me. “Almost, Petey,” he said. “I’m more gay than bi, don’t you think?”

I hugged his neck. “You didn’t need to out yourself,” I said. “No way. Now you’re going to have a hell of a time getting a girlfriend.”

“Petey,” he said, laying his head back on my shoulder. “Best friends are more important than girlfriends. You know that.” His face turned toward mine. “I don’t care what they think at school. You’re more important to me than any of them.” He sighed and laid his head back on my shoulder, looking up at the ceiling. “I’ve been thinking a lot this week, Petey. I decided if the whole rest of the world was going one way, and you were gonna go the other, I was gonna go with you. And if that means it’s just you and me, I’m cool with it… even if it’s for the rest of our lives.” His voice grew very quiet. “You’re my best friend.”

Neither of us said anything else for a moment. I simply held him back against me, my cheek to the side of his. Then I hugged his neck more tightly. “Come to bed with me, Sonny,” I whispered. “I’m suddenly desperate to make love to you.”

I kissed the top of his head later that night, as he rested it on my shoulder. “If the rest of the world is going one way,” I told him, “and you’re going the other, I’m going with you -- It’ll be a hell of a lot more fun.”

On a Friday afternoon, in March of our senior year in high school, when I was eighteen and Sonny was still seventeen, he and I were in the back room upstairs when we heard footsteps on the stairs. I was at the PC, working on the plans for a spring flower garden at one of the city parks – a little job Harold had lined up for me. Sonny was on the couch, picking at his guitar.

“You expecting anyone?” I asked.

Sonny shook his head.

“Shorts?” I asked.

Sonny shrugged. Our friends were used to seeing us naked upstairs, even on a fairly cold afternoon like this.

Just after we were outted, it seemed like every outcast in school gravitated to us; boys and girls. Boys called or spoke to us secretly at school to say they, too, were gay or bi, or thought they might be. A couple of girls told us they were gay. At least three girls found Sonny and me far more interesting because we were gay, and Sonny and I bedded a couple of them together. After a while, though, some of these new friends drifted away because Sonny and I wouldn’t do drugs or some of the other things they were into. But a few straights, including straight couples, became friends, or friends again. My upstairs became the local, teen nudist colony. Whoever came over, usually got naked with us, to hang. We didn’t allow much sexing. I didn’t want Gram’s house raided because of underage orgies.

So on that afternoon when we heard footsteps on the stairs, Sonny shrugged, and neither of us made a move to put on shorts.

“Peter?” we heard an unfamiliar masculine voice call out.

That’s when Sonny and I scrambled for shorts. Sonny was first out the door, and I heard the voice ask uncertainly, “Peter?”

I stepped through the doorway to find two guys who appeared to be in their mid-twenties at the top of the stairs. The one in front, the taller one, was slender, had short, thick brown hair, and pleasant, even features. The other one was more solidly built, but also good looking with a strong jaw and a wide mouth. I did the way any gay guy does when he sees cute guys; I had that momentary pause while my eyes delighted in the view. The other guys did the same, looking over Sonny’s and my bare legs and torsos. I smiled.

The taller guy smiled and nodded, as if recognizing me. “Petey,” he said with what almost sounded like fondness.

I cocked my head. “Do I know you?”

His brow furrowed and his eyes dropped. "You may not remember me, and if you do, you’ll probably want me to leave, but,” his eyes met mine again. “My name is Jason. I used to live next door when you were little."

Sonny gasped, and Jason glanced at him in surprise. I leaned back against the doorway, feeling unsteady. Jason’s eyes dropped again. "I've come to apologize for the things I did to you when we were kids."

Sonny came up beside me and took my hand. “Come sit down, Petey,” he said softly, leading me by the hand back into the backroom. He sat me on the couch and took a seat beside me, away from the easy chair which he motioned Jason into. Jason sat down. The other guy took the chair from the desk and sat close to Jason.

“You do remember me then,” Jason said, more than asked.

“You have no idea,” Sonny said, answering for me.

I glanced up at Jason, and shook my head. There were so many things I wanted to say, what finally came out was what I felt the most. "I've missed you," I said.

Jason looked surprised, and then he smiled, like he was happy that I missed him. "You were what? Five when we moved away?"

I nodded.

"And you remember me enough to miss me?"

"Of course," I said. "I could never forget you."

He smiled sadly again. "That's what concerned me." He glanced down. "You were the cutest little guy." He glanced up with a small grin. "You still are damn cute." His eyes dropped again. "Anyway, all these years, I worried about you. And I… well, yeah; I missed you, too.”

He sighed, leaning forward, resting his forearms on his legs. “When we moved from here, we moved to Illinois because my parents thought I’d be safer in a different state. They wouldn’t let me call you, and I couldn’t write since you couldn’t read, at least at first. Then I worried that you would hate me, and I just sort of gave up hope that I’d ever see you again. But I never quit thinking about you, Petey, never.”

“Believe him,” the other guy said. “I’ve heard about you for years.”

Jason smiled. “Meet Zack,” Jason said. He smiled at his friend. “Zack and I have been special together for a long time. He’s the one who talked me into coming down here to try to look you up.”

“We’re moving to Cincinatti,” Zack explained. “We were driving over to look for an apartment, and I insisted we stop here for Jason to look you up.”

Jason leaned forward. “This may sound silly to you, Petey, but that summer, between us, you and me, was one of the best times of my life. You were my little brother, and what happened between us was natural and… loving. I did love you, Petey, at least as much as a boy that age can love.” He swallowed and looked me in the eye. “I never wanted to hurt you, but I didn’t think about how what we did would affect you. I want to ask your forgiveness for taking advantage of you."

I reached over and took Jason’s hands. "You didn't take advantage of me," I said. "I enjoyed everything we did. You were my older brother that summer, and I loved you as much as a five-year-old can."

Jason smiled, looked down at our hands and squeezed mine. Then he looked up at me again. “Are you gay, Petey?”

“Yes,” I said. “Just like you.”

He nodded. "In your case, it’s probably my fault. I didn't give you much choice."

"I've tried girls," I told him. "I've had choices."

He nodded, and then glanced at Sonny. "So, are you boyfriends?"

“Better than that,” I said, taking my hands from Jason’s, and patting the inside of Sonny’s thigh. “This is Brandon. He’s my best friend.”

Jason smiled and leaned back in his chair. “So do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, glancing at Sonny, “we have Corey.” I turned back to Jason. “Corey’s Sonny’s cousin, and he was my first boyfriend, well, other than you. That was when he was like, ten and I was eleven.”

I told Jason and Zack everything. I told them about Tommy, who I rarely saw anymore. I told him about the cousins, and that Corey still came up in the summers or for holidays, and how we went down to Kentucky to see him. Sonny and I showed them pictures of the three of us at our Proms -- ours and Corey’s -- when Corey came up or we went down, and the three of us went to Prom together and stayed at a hotel afterward.

“What’s this?” Zack asked, picking up a picture of three girls and Sonny. Then his eyes went wide. “Is that you?” he asked me, pointing to the blond girl.

I nodded. “That’s the time Rebecca, one of our friends, dressed Corey and me up as girls and the four of us drove to Bloomington to flirt with college guys.”

“I bet they were all over you,” Jason said, studying the photo.

“We got invited to four parties,” Sonny said. “Peter and Corey got mad at me because I wouldn’t let us go to any of them. Can you imagine those two, dressed like that, in a frat house full of drunken guys wanting to feel them up?”

I leaned back and hooked Sonny’s neck in the crook of my arm. “Corey and I made him pay,” I told them. “When we got back, we made Sonny party with us like he was a whole fraternity.” I grinned at him. “He ravished us.”

Jason smiled. Zack laughed and grinned at Sonny. “Poor baby. I bet that was a hard thing to do.”

“Something was hard,” Sonny murmured, and we laughed.

As we moved from room to room, giving our two guests ‘the tour’, Jason stayed close to me. We smiled at each other, studying each other to see how we changed, how we might still be the same; happy to be together after all the time that had passed. He rested his hand on my back and stood close beside me as I played my Yamaha keyboard. I kept reminding myself it wasn’t a dream. There was no doubt, though, it was Jason. I recognized many little things about him, things from when he was a boy.

Sonny and I showed them pictures of our meets and the medals and trophies we had won. “That explains why you two look as hot as you do,” Zack said with a grin. “When I first saw you guys, I knew you were athletes.”

“Where are you two going to college?” Jason asked as we stood talking, once again in the back room. “Are you going to continue diving and swimming?”

“IU,” I told him. “Sonny and I are going together. We’re sharing a dorm room. And yeah, we’ve got some athletic scholarship help.”

“Corey may go to IU, too,” Sonny added. “If Corey’s parents can handle the out of state tuition, that is, but Corey’s a brain. He’ll probably get a great scholarship, wherever he goes.”

“If he’s that smart,” Zack asked with a grin, “why would he go to IU?”

“Because of Sonny and me,” I said. “The three of us want to stick together after college; maybe in business, or maybe something outdoors like the park service.”

I felt Jason, watching me. He was right beside me, and when I turned I found him beaming at me. I smiled back. “Petey,” he said, and I heard the same affection he had in his voice so many times when he was eleven. I leaned into him, and he wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him, and he felt… wonderful. With my head on his chest, I could smell him, and though he was a man now, and wearing cologne, there was something faintly like the eleven-year-old Jason I knew. But he was also a man. His chest was hard; he was strong.

“Where are you guys staying tonight?” I heard Sonny ask Zack.

“We’ll find a hotel somewhere.”

“Stay here,” Sonny said. “My parents order pizza on Friday nights. I’ll have them order extra.”

I glanced at Sonny, slightly surprised. After all, he’d told me once that he had been jealous of Jason. Sonny smiled at me… an I-love-you smile.

We ate pizza and drank beer; we always had a little of that around. I stayed close to Sonny, leaning against him, touching him, because I didn’t want him to be jealous of Jason. But then when we cleaned up from pizza, Sonny pulled me aside. “It’s OK, Petey,” he said. “I like him. You and Jason spend the night in your mom’s room. I might even keep ol’ Zack company. Just make sure to use condoms, Petey.”

I nodded. We had some. Sonny and I rarely sexed with others anymore… at least not in our high school. We didn’t need condoms with each other, but we’d been using them with others since… well since we started high school.

“You sure about this, Sonny? I…”

“I’m sure, Petey,” he said, kissing me.

I took Jason by the hand and led him to my Mom’s room and closed the door. I almost trembled, as he took me into his arms, and I slipped my arms around his neck. He rocked me. "Petey," he whispered, and I heard the affection again.

My head on his chest, I began unbuttoning his shirt, and my hands did tremble. I wanted to see his body, the body I remembered so well. I left his shirt closed until I had unbuttoned it to the waist, and then I pulled it open. “Oh, Jason,” I whispered. He was splendid, not because he was ripped or anything, but because he looked so much like an older version of his eleven-year-old self. No chest hair, slender, but not muscular.

I pushed the shirt off his shoulders… angular shoulders, more angular than when he was eleven, but nice shoulders for a slender guy. I felt over his chest, shoulders and arms, and glanced up at him, and smiled.

Jason smiled and pulled me back into his arms. We kissed, bare chest to bare chest. Our mouths opened to each other, and we pressed our hardnesses together. I reached between our bellies and unfastened his belt and pants. The pants fell; Jason was wearing boxers. I pressed my hand to the front of them. He had a nice erection and a large damp spot.

I grinned and leaned my forehead to the nape of his neck. “You kept your promise,” I said. “When I told you once, that Trevor’s dick drooled for me, you promised that one day, your dick would drool for me, too.”

“I remember that,” he said, stroking my back. “I’d forgotten, but I remember it now.” He chuckled. “I kept that particular promise a long time ago, Petey, at night, when I remembered you.”

Laying the side of my face against his chest, I gazed down his belly and pushed down the front of his waist band, and found that he had a treasure trail of short hairs down from his navel. “Awesome,” I said. “I’ve never gotten to play with a treasure trail.”

I pulled out the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down over his erection and dropping them to the floor. Taking his cock in my hand, I grinned up at him. “Jason, you’ve grown up!” I said, chuckling. He kissed my forehead.

I dropped to my knees and pulled of Jason’s shoes, socks, pants, and boxers, the whole time, his erect cock close to the side of my head, glistening at the end. His scent was strong, stirring. His legs were lean and he had hairy calves, but the hair thinned out to smoothness as it climbed up his thighs. Precum was about to drip from the end of his cock when I pulled away his boxers and pants, so I took him into my mouth. But instead of doing like I would with Sonny, swirling, licking, bobbing, and sucking, I did like I did a lot when I was five, I sucked, like sucking a thumb. Jason sighed and ran his fingers into my hair.

I would have been happy there a long time, but Jason grabbed me under the arms and pulled me up into his arms. I smiled up at him. “You grew up perfect, Jason,” I whispered.

“And you grew up beautiful, Petey,” he whispered. He laid me back onto the bed and glanced at the front of my shorts. He grinned. “You’re drooling for me, Petey?”

I nodded, scooting back on the bed. Jason followed, unfastening my shorts and then pulling them off. My cock flopped up against my belly and Jason stood back to look as he tossed my shorts aside. The delight in his eyes was unmistakable.

He lay down on me and I opened my legs and arms to him, wrapping my arms around his neck as he came nose to nose with me and our cocks flattened between our bellies. We grinned at each other. Jason ground his pelvis against mine. “You remember how, Petey?”

“I’ve been practicin’ Jason,” I said, grinning back.

And then Jason’s smile faded, to be replaced by a hungry look, a hunger I understood. As he lowered his mouth to mine, I whimpered and clutched at his back.

I looked at the clock beside the bed; it was almost three in the morning. I pulled my cock out from inside Jason’s bottom before my cock could grow soft and possibly lose the condom. I pulled it off and tossed it to side, then stretched back out over Jason who was lying on his stomach. I nuzzled into the back of his hair, settling my lap on his fleshy bottom, squeezing the outside of his legs with the insides of mine, laying my hands on the backs of his shoulders.

“Petey,” Jason said, softly. “You on my back like this; it’s so much like when we were kids. Tonight, there were times, it felt so much like that summer.”

“Yeah,” I said, thinking about falling asleep on Jason. “That way for me, too.”

“Petey,” he began, shifting under me. He hooked an arm back under me and rolled me off onto my back, and pulled up over me, chest to chest. He gazed down into my eyes. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“No,” I said quietly, smiling sadly, stroking back his hair. I knew what he was thinking, but I wasn’t thinking it, too. “I adored you when I was little, Jason.” I laid my hand on his cheek. “Tonight felt like it did, because I still adore you. You have no idea how much I missed you all these years, and how I never stopped loving you. But we’re not little kids anymore, and I belong to Sonny now.”

His brow furrowed slightly. “I thought Sonny was just your best friend.”

I smiled. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.”

“Oh,” Jason said, and then he smiled knowingly. “That’s probably a very good choice. Probably the best choice.”


“Will I ever get to see you again?” he asked.

“I want to, sometime,” I said. “You’re the only big brother I have.”

Jason grinned. He cradled my face in his hands. “You’re my only little brother, Petey. Brothers visit each other, don’t they, from time to time”

“From time to time,” I agreed, happily.

Sonny led me inside after we watched them drive off the next afternoon. “Nap with me,” I said, following him upstairs. “I really need a nap.”

“Yeah, that was some night, huh?” he asked as we reached the top of the stairs. “Was it as good as you hoped?” Sonny asked without looking at me.

“Better,” I said. “Way better.” We reached the middle of my room and I hugged Sonny from behind, unfastening his shorts to drop them.

“What do you think?” he asked without turning around.


“You and Jason?”

I kissed the back of his neck. “I think I’d like to see him again someday, maybe every once in a while.

“Think you’ll ever want to be with him.”

“Nope,” I said, hugging his belly and resting my forehead on the back of his neck. “He doesn’t have red pubes.”

“Oh,” Sonny said. “That’s a serious shortcoming.”

“Very,” I said. “And his buttskin isn’t nearly soft enough.”

I have soft butt skin,” Sonny said.

“The absolute softest. And you have red pubes.”

“Jason is tall, though,” he said.

“You’re almost as tall as him, and you’re prettier.”

“Yeah, right.”

“You are,” I said, kissing that spot at the top of his spine and base of his neck. “You’re beautiful to me. Every time you give me that Sonny grin, you melt me all over the floor.”

He patted my hands around his belly. “So what did you tell him?”

“That I’m spending the rest of my life with my best friend.”

“Did we decide that?”

“I did,” I said.

“Just checking,” Sonny said.

“Check whenever you want,” I told him. “That’s not changing. If the whole world goes one way, and you go the other, I’m with you.”

“Best of friends?” he asked.

“The best.”

Sonny turned, head down, forehead against mine as he unfastened my shorts and dropped them to the floor. “Come to bed, Petey. Let’s get some rest,” he said.


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