Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 2

I played and waited in my little world behind the garage, hoping Jason and Trevor would come back. It seemed forever, but I believe it was only the second morning later, when I heard Jason softly calling my name from the back yard next door. "Petey?"

I got up quickly and went around the garden shed to the gap between it and the back of the garage. Jason was behind his garage, wearing only shorts, no shirt, like me. He grinned at me and motioned for me to come over. I did, looking around for the other boy.

"It's just me today, Petey," Jason said, kneeling down in front of me. He laid his hands on my shoulders. "I thought that if you wanted, you and I could play.

I nodded, happily.

Jason's smile widened and he pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing the side of my face against his ear. His shaggy hair smelled good and his chest and belly skin felt warm and soft against mine. I felt his hands slide all over my back and the backs of my legs before both his hands slipped inside the back of my shorts. He squeezed my bottom. "You're a really cute boy, Petey. Did you know that?"

I shook my head against his.

"You are," he said. "You have such pretty hair and eyes, and you have a cute face." He said all this while squeezing my bottom. "You have an awesome little body, too." He pushed down my pants and underwear together, beginning in the back, and then he helped me step out of them while I clung to his neck.

I felt his fingers feel over my dick and little ballsack, and then gently cup them. "Petey, let me see your face," he said. I leaned back, and he put his other hand behind the back of my head. He smiled. "You have pretty lips, too, Petey. May I kiss your lips?" he asked.

I nodded vigorously, and then waited as his face neared. I watched until his closed eyes were so close that I closed my eyes, too, instead of going cross-eyed. I felt his lips touch mine, and I could smell his breath. It was the first time I smelled another boy's breath. I can remember the warmth and the feelings I had, more than the scent of Jason’s breath, though I liked it. I remember the feelings of sharing breath with another boy. As his lips pressed mine, his hand between my legs rubbed gently. My little dick quickly stiffened.

For the next few minutes, Jason taught me how to kiss -- at least as much as a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy knew about it, including kissing "with tongue" as he called it.

He stood up then, and pushed down his shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear and his stiffy sprang up right away, only inches from my face. I did what I had wanted to do the first day. I reached out and closed my hand around it. Jason murmured softly, and I looked up to see him biting his lip and his eyes were droopy. He closed his hand around mine and moved it up and down. I was amazed at how rigid the thick shaft felt because his skin was so soft and slid so easily up and down over it.

"This is how you jack off," Jason said in a husky voice. "You go up and down like this. I'll show you on your cock in a moment."

I nodded, barely listening. I was watching his balls rise up and fall down, as the skin went up and down his dick. I used my free hand to cup them, lift them, and feel their weight. I leaned in, bending for a closer look, almost touching the tip of his dick with my nose. The smell was tangy and rich, rich like a soup is rich, but very different. I tasted the crown with the tip of my tongue. Jason caught his breath.

“That felt good, Petey. Lick it some more.”

I carefully closed my hand around the shaft and licked over the smooth skin of his crown. I remember it was very smooth; another reason I know that Jason was prepubescent back then… that, and he had no pubic hair.

Jason moaned. “Oh, yeah, Petey, that’s good!”

Happily, I licked his crown as if it were an ice cream cone. There wasn’t much taste except when I licked over the slit, and then I tasted a little salty flavor that was a faintly like some of that richness I smelled. I licked there a lot, trying to get more out, and Jason started shifting from one foot to another as if he were about to start hopping. I knew he and Trevor liked sucking each other’s stiffies, so I closed my mouth over the end of his, and tried to suck like I had seen them do. Jason about jumped out of his skin. “Whoa, stop, Petey!” he said, clasping the sides of my head.

I took my mouth off his stiffy and looked up at him.

“Don’t put your teeth on it, Petey. Cover your teeth with your lips like this,” he said, stretching his lips over his teeth. I laughed because he looked like one of Grams friends did when she took her teeth out to make me laugh.

Jason laughed, too, and he hugged me to himself so that his stiffy pressed against my chest. I hugged him, too, around the waist. We squeezed, and Jason rubbed his stiffy on my breastbone.

Then I tried sucking again, and Jason showed me how to suck on the end of his stiffy while using my hands to move the skin up and down his shaft and tickle his balls. He sucked on me, too, until I was on my toes, hanging onto his head, and starting to get shaky all over.

He lay down on his back and had me lie down on him so we could rub stiffies together while I laid my head under his chin and we hugged each other. We liked that a lot and I remember us doing it a long time that first day, and many times later. He also rolled us over to put me on my back, and had me spread my legs open. Then he laid his stiffy down on mine, holding himself up on his hands, and I held him by the waist, and we rubbed and wiggled our stiffies together. I liked that because his balls lay down between my legs, over my little ballsack, slidiing around over it and feeling really good.

“I’ve got another idea, Petey,” Jason said. He retrieved his shorts, fishing out a small tube of hand lotion. I pulled my knees up and out like I’d seen him and Trevor do because I figured Jason was about to put his stiffy inside me.

He looked down at me for a moment, and his stiffy did a little jump. Then he smiled, tossing the shorts aside. “Straighten your legs out, Pete,” he said. So I did, and he sat down over my thighs with the tube of lotion in one hand.

Jason squeezed some of the lotion onto his fingers, smiled at me, and spread it on to my stiffy. “You have a really nice cock, Petey,” he told me. “It’s just the right size to feel real good inside.” He rose onto his knees and rubbed lotion behind himself, in his buttcrack. Then he scooted up my body with his knees on either side, so that his butt was over my middle, and he reached back to grab my stiffy. He held it straight up and sat down on it, slowly, moving it around to get it in the right spot. The whole time, his big stiffy was pointing up my body toward my face and wagging around.

Then I felt his insides slide down around my stiffy, all warm and lotiony. He sat down onto my lap and his balls rested in the V between his legs on my belly. With a grin at me, he grabbed his stiffy with his right hand and started to rock his hips. As he did, he ground down into my lap with his butt, and he had some bones down there because I could feel them. I didn’t want to say anything, because he liked what he was doing, and I liked him being happy. But it hurt. “Not too hard,” I had to say.

He paused. “Oh, sorry Petey, but shit, this feels good!” He smiled. “Want to help me with my cock?”

I nodded, and he picked up the lotion from beside us and handed it to me. “Put some of this on my cock and help me jack off.”

I did, spreading plenty of lotion on his crown and shaft with both hands. In fact, all four of our hands were between his legs, as Jason rocked around on my stiffy. He showed me what felt good on his dick and balls, and he reached behind himself to tickle my little ballsack to show me how good that could feel. He rubbed down onto my perineum. “Trev and I call that place our ‘scratch-and-sniff’,” he said. “You know, like the perfume samples your mom gets in the mail, and you scratch it and smell. Well we don’t scratch, but we rub there and it smells real good, and it feel’s real good, too, doesn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Once a guy starts getting his pubic hair and all, his scratch-and-sniff smells great. Smelling Trevor there always gets me horny. And my smell gets him horny. That’s why we call it ‘scratch-and-sniff’, cuz we rub each other there and sniff at each other.” He smiled. He went on to show me his other parts and name them… penis, cock, shaft, crown, balls, ballsack, scrotum, family jewels, nuts… pretty much everything he knew, and I would remember a lot of it because he would repeat the lesson in the days to come.

He quit talking so much then, and started concentrating on wiggling around on my stiffy. He started stroking his cock faster, and I tickled the insides of his legs the way he said felt good. About the time I really started getting tingly, he started squeezing my stiffy with his butt, and his dick started spitting on me. At least, that’s what I thought at the time. I knew it wasn’t piss, and it looked a lot like snot– Jason still made that clear ejaculate of a boy just entering puberty.

He stopped, catching his breath. “Oh wow, Petey! That was great. That’s the most I’ve ever cum.” He rubbed his fingers in the stuff his cock had spit out. “You know what this is?”

“Snot?” I ventured.

He laughed, really loud. “No,” he said, shaking his head. “It’s cum. It’s semen. It’s sperm. I spermed you… real good. It’s what comes out of a boy’s cock when he has it inside a girl to make a baby.”

Well that led to my first ‘birds and bees’ lesson while Jason sat on my lap with my stiffy up his butt. The conversation kept him hard, and I was rapidly discovering that my stiffys just kept on going and going. Fortunately, Jason’s birds-and-bees information was fairly accurate for a preteen… or teen – he showed me that he had his first two ‘pubes’.

It was quite a lesson, and by the time he was done, we decided we would ‘jack’ him off again while my stiffy was still up his butt. By the time we finished that second round, I was very sore at the middle, but I’d had really good, shaky feelings, all over my body.

We sat naked after that. Jason leaned back against his garage, and I sat across his lap with his arms around me. He taught me more kissing, and he cuddled me a lot. We both liked that. I remember, it was a warm morning, but there was a slight breeze which felt cool where our bodies had been wet. I remember the smell of lotion, and of Jason’s ‘sperm’.

Toward lunch time, Jason cleaned me up with his shorts and put mine back on me. “I’ll come back again, soon. OK Petey? You want to play again?” I nodded vigorously.

"Great," he said. "My sister's got a summer job, and my mom's about to start work, too. So in the mornings, nobody's gong to be home but me. Maybe your grandma will let you come over."

That night, Grams told me that Jason's mom called to ask her to keep an eye on Jason in the mornings since he'd be home alone. "Jason's mom told me," Grams said, "That when she said she was going to find someone to keep an eye on Jason, he suggested me, and said he would volunteer to keep an eye on you for me." She smiled at me. "Would you like that Petey? Having another boy to play with?"

"Uh-huh!" I said, enthusiastically.

“It will just be the mornings," Grams explained, "because Jason will be off, playing with his friends in the afternoon, and his mom said that would be OK."

I nodded, and Grams smiled. "I know Jason's a lot older than you, Petey, but that's probably good for you. Maybe he'll play catch with you and teach you things boys ought to know how to do."

That night, I was the most excited that I'd ever been in my short life.

The next morning I was up early, wanting to go to Jason's. Grams made me wait until Jason came for me, so I waited at the front window. It seemed like forever before he came, but within minutes of his mom leaving next door, Jason was on our front porch, in just shorts like me. "He's here, Grams!" I called out as I threw open the screen door and ran out to greet him. I wrapped my arms around Jason’s waist and hugged him hard.

He laughed and patted my back.

"Petey doesn't get to be around other boys much," Grams said, watching from the door. "It's really sweet of you to look after him for me, Jason, you have no idea how much I appreciate you spending time with him. I know that Petey's grateful. Honestly, I didn't think he'd go to sleep last night, and he was up almost before I was this morning."

Jason patted my back again. "Petey and I will have fun, won't we, Petey?"

I nodded and hugged his waist harder, my face against his bare belly. He smelled wonderful.

"Just bring him back when you're ready,” Grams said. “I'll call you on the phone if I need anything. Petey will tell you; I've got arthritis in both knees now, and I don’t do stairs up and down porches very well."

"We'll listen for the phone," Jason assured her, while peeling me off from around his waist and taking my hand. As soon as we were out of ear shot, Jason laughed. "Damn, Petey," he said, under his breath, "you were giving me a hard-on, hugging my middle like that."

"A stiffy?" I asked, eyeing the front of his pants.

"Yep. A big stiffy."

I looked up at him and grinned happily. He grinned back.

As soon as we were inside his door, Jason picked me up on his shoulder and spun me around. I squealed, and he yelled like an Indian, and carried me up the stairs to his room; both of us yelling and whooping. He tossed me onto his bed and started tickling me. I squealed, wriggling and he pinned me with his side across my middle while he tickled under my arms.

And then he had me by the wrists, and he was grinning down at me. Our laughter slowed, and he bent to kiss me.

When small boys kiss each other -- at least for me back then -- when Jason's tongue was in my mouth, we were more than just kissing, as exciting as that became. It was also like taking a piss together or walking with our arms over each other's shoulders. It was Jason and me being buddies, only really special buddies. Sharing breath with him was part of it; a big part. I'm not sure why, even now, but it just seemed like we couldn't be any closer friends than him breathing my breath and me his.

Jason let go of one of my wrists and reached down between my legs. "Oh, Petey," he murmured with a grin, brushing his lips over mine. "You've already got a stiffy."

I rubbed the front of my pants up against his hand, and he pressed the heel of his hand against my upturned stiffy. We kissed some more, and then grinning at me, he sat up and pulled off my shorts and undies. He dove onto my stiffy with his mouth, and I thrashed my legs and laughed, happily.

He sucked for a while, and then started to loosen his pants with one hand. "I'll do it!" I volunteered. Opening his shorts would be better than Christmas.

Jason pulled off my stiffy, and smiled at me. He got up onto the bed, properly, and lay back with his hands behind his head. "Go for it, Petey!"

I did. He lifted his hips to help, once I got the shorts undone, but he kept his hands behind his head as I pulled them down his long legs and off. Then I straddled his thighs to get a closer look at, and play with, his stiffy.

Lying there, big and pink and laying up his belly, I thought it the most exciting thing I'd ever seen. It was my new toy, and it was attached to my first and only friend. The skin of his stiffy was moist and soft. I traced my finger down the underside of his shaft. I lifted and played with his balls. I pointed his stiffy up from his belly and closed my hand around it, scooting the skin up and down.

Jason sighed, contentedly. I glanced up and his eyes were closed. So I played more, carefully examining his big-boy dick. I licked, and sucked and moved the skin up and down, watching fascinated. I scooted forward, laying my much smaller stiffy up on it and holding the two together. Then I lay down on Jason, laying the side of my face on his chest. He wrapped his arms over my back, and I started rubbing my stiffy with his. When Jason sighed again, I was happy because I was making Jason feel good. Me too. The warm, soft skin of our bellies, pressed together was the most comfortable feeling I’d ever had.

He ran his fingers up and down my back, tickling, and I shuddered. He grabbed my bottom and squeezed and held me tight against him as we wiggled together. We eventually rolled over so I was on my back, and Jason sat down with my stiffy up his butt like the day before, and we jacked him off until he squirted sperms up my belly and chest.

We stayed naked, and cuddled. We stayed naked, even when we played a couple of games and watched a video. And while we watched the video. I lay on my tummy, and Jason lay on top of me with his stiffy lying in my buttcrack. He moved it up and down between my little butt cheeks until he squirted more sperms between my back and his belly. Then he cuddled me some more and I felt like I was his new toy.

That became our pattern, the next few days. Me waiting anxiously at the window until Jason came in the morning. Then us cuddling naked until Jason squirted. Often he sucked me or wiggled with my stiffy up his butt until I got really good feelings. Then we’d play games or Jason would play catch with me, and as long as we stayed inside, we stayed naked. And when Jason got a stiffy again, we’d usually play with it. Sometimes I got stiffies all on my ow, and Jason would suck it or slide my skin up and down while we watched TV or a video.

We danced. Jason put on music, and we danced naked, flopping our dicks back and forth, and if they got stiff, we rubbed them on each other like we were dancing together. We generally stayed in his room upstairs or kept an eye and an ear out in case his mom or sister or dad came home unexpectedly.

We almost always cuddled at the end of the morning, before he had to take me home. He would sit with his back to the couch or the bed, and I would sit in his lap, facing him, belly to belly. Sometimes we still had stiffies and pressed them up between us. Jason liked kissing like that, and I did, too. He’d hug me and kiss all over my face.

One morning, the second week, he called me his 'little boyfriend' . “Boys have girlfriends,” he explained, “but sometimes boys have boyfriends. You’re my boyfriend, Petey.”

I was sitting in his lap, belly to belly the way we liked, and I looked up at him. “Like Trevor?” I asked.

He shook his head and pulled my lips to his. He kissed me softly and we shared our breath. “Jason’s not my boyfriend like you are, Petey,” he said quietly.

That made me feel wonderful. I knew he meant it. I suppose I was a friend to Jason, sort of like a puppy might be a friend. I adored him. Absolutely. And he seemed to delight in me. Of course, he sure as hell wouldn’t kiss a puppy, with tongue, and we did that a lot.

Afternoons were lonely for me without Jason, but they weren't bad. I usually had a happy glow that lasted long after the morning.

He asked me one morning, if I wanted to camp out with him in his tent so we could sleep together all night, and I said yes, of course. That afternoon, Grams got a call from Jason’s mom, and Grams had already packed me a little bag when Mom got home from work.

“He’s camping out overnight with the boy next door,” Grams told my mom. “Jason’s set up a tent in his back yard.”

I remember my mom frowning a little. “Isn’t he a lot older than Petey?” she asked.

Grams dismissed it with a flutter of her hand. “There aren’t other kids in the neighborhood, and that boy has only an older sister. With Jason watching Petey every morning, they’ve become friends. His mom says Petey’s like a little brother to him.”

I remember feeling warm all over inside when I heard that. Especially since that meant that Jason was like a big brother for me.

Mom sat down and pulled me to her chair with her hands on my shoulders. “Are you sure you want to, Petey?” she asked. “You might get scared or homesick.”

“They promised to take him inside or bring him home if he wanted,” Grams said.

“We’re gonna pretend we’re in the woods, looking for Ewoks.” I didn’t tell her that Jason and I were going to cuddle all night, and that’s what I was really looking forward to. Sleeping together, just like brothers. I wasn’t a dumb kid, and besides Jason’s warnings, I had, like most kids, an inborn instinct about things a boy should never tell grownups about.

Jason’s dad fixed us hot dogs, and we crept around his yard, playing like Star Wars rebel commanders. We sat in the tent, and Jason told me stories, including stories about a boy and girl in his school who fucked all the time. By the time his dad looked in on us one, last time, I was having trouble staying awake. But when his dad left, we got naked and Jason sucked up my stiffy. It wasn’t difficult to see inside the tent; his dad had left the backyard lights on.

Jason lay on his back and I climbed onto him. We started rubbing stiffies. “Petey,” he said, quietly, “I’ve been thinking. You know how you put your cock up my butt and how good that makes you feel? I was wondering if you’d let me try putting my cock up your butt.”

I nodded, instantly.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, and we can go real slow, and if it doesn’t fit, we won’t do it.”

“I want to do it,” I told him.

It seemed like in the next instant, I was on my side, and Jason was behind me, rubbing my bottom. He rubbed lotion in my buttcrack, and I liked the feeling. “We’ll try my finger first,” Jason said. “We’ll see if it fits.”

I nodded, and in a moment, I felt Jason’s finger touch my opening. I’ve heard since then, that sometimes it’s not hard for little kids to take a cock up their butt. I know it wasn’t bad for me. Jason’s finger felt funny, and if I hadn’t liked the idea, I might have cried. But I did like the idea, and it just felt… funny. Then he moved his body up behind mine and I felt him wiggling his blunt crown between my butt cheeks.

“Ouch!” I said out loud when his crown popped in. It sure felt bigger than it had looked. I wanted him to pull it back out, but I didn’t say that because I wanted Jason to be happy with me.

We lay there for a moment. Jason asked if I was OK. I nodded, because I was getting used to it being inside me, and I felt him slide it in some more. And it started to feel alright, like I was simply passing a big turd.

Jason went really slow, which looking back on it, was pretty amazing considering how young he was. But he was careful and took his time, and eventually I felt his lap against my bottom, and then the entire front of his body cuddled up against the back of mine.

He wrapped one arm around my belly and fondled between my legs with his other hand. And he started moving inside me. It felt sorta good.

He barely got going before he came, and I felt slippery inside. Jason pulled out, and I started getting sleepy again, but then Jason woke me, because he wanted to try putting his cock in me again. So we got on our sides, like before, and he put his cock inside me. And I fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning, we were still naked. Jason was holding me like a teddy bear, and I really liked that. I was normally a kid that hoped out of bed as soon as he woke up, but I lay there a little while, and let Jason hold me in his sleep. But then I heard people moving inside his house and woke Jason so we could get our shorts on.

We ate breakfast, and as soon as he parents and sister had gone, we hopped back out of our shorts and went back to bed in Jason’s room. He lay on his back, and I snuggled up to him. He fell asleep, but I was never big on naps as a kid. So with my head on his chest and my body pressed to his side, I drew on his skin with my finger tip. I drew down his shoulder and chest, and hoped I’d have such a perfect body when I was his age. I drew my finger down his tummy, and over his hipbone, then down off his hipbone and up onto his bald pubic mound. I ran my fingertip over his half-dozen little pubic hairs, and then onto his flaccid cock which lay out to one side. The skin was so soft. When I pressed, his cock was rubbery. I thought he was simply incredible. I fell asleep with my hand resting on his cock.

I woke later with a stiffy because Jason was sucking my cock. He smiled when I stirred. “Hey, Petey. I want to try putting my cock up your butt again, but this time, let’s try it different. I want you to stay on your back, OK?”

I knew what to do. After all, I’d seen Trevor and Jason do it that way, and I had put my cock inside Jason when he was on his back. So I pulled my knees up and out to the sides.

Jason smiled, and leaned over to kiss me first. “You’re awesome, Petey!” he said, which made me grin. Jason got some lotion and did his finger first again, and then he knelt at my bottom and slid his dick in. I remember it vividly; lifting my head up to watch, and then when his belly pressed all the way up between my legs so that there was no space between us, Jason folded his body onto mine, and we were face-to-face. He kissed me, and his tongue wiggled into my mouth. He was laying on me and the weight of his body on mine felt great. He closed his hands on my shoulders and held them, while I held his sides, and we kissed, and Jason wiggled his cock inside me and moved in and out. His belly pressed my stiffy and rubbed it as he moved.

It was a magical fit. “Umm, Petey,” he murmured, resting the side of his face against mine, “this is awesome.”

“Uh-huh,” was all I could say, but I sure meant it. I wrapped my spindly legs around his hips, hooking my heels behind his butt, and I moved, too, rubbing my stiffy up against Jason’s belly as he moved inside me; and his moving inside me felt really good, too. We kissed more, and when we weren’t kissing, his cheek was pressed to mine and I could hear his twelve-year-old breath in my ear. I loved it.

He still had me put my stiffy inside him that morning. And before the morning was over, I sat in his lap, face to face so we could cuddle and kiss a last few minutes before he had to take me home. Jason stroked my back, and I nuzzled into the side of his neck. “Hey, Petey,” Jason said, “I bet we could fuck like this. You could sit with my cock inside you and wiggle around.”

We tried it that way the next morning. I found that bouncing in his lap, rubbing my stiffy on his belly while going up and down on his, felt great for both of us. I could lean back and kiss him. I could always kiss Jason when I wanted. And I could watch his face while I bounced and made it feel good for him.

It didn’t take long after that to figure out that I could sit with his cock inside me, facing the other way, too; sitting back in his lap. We liked that, too, since Jason could hug me and play with my stiffy from behind.

If it sounds like we sexed a lot, we did. He was twelve, and could come a lot. I was five and stiffies could last a long time. It was summer, and we enjoyed it. And we enjoyed each other, doing it.

But we also did other things. Played. Wrestled. Jason often just picked me up and spun, holding me because I loved it. We often went outside, and I showed him my private world behind my house. Grams dropped us off at the public pool a few times. Jason played with other kids his age there, and I played with kids I found my age. I wasn’t so shy with Jason around, even if he was at the other end of the pool, and I found that kids often came up to me.

The last time we went to the pool, I heard my name called while I was playing in the shallow end, on the steps, with two brothers close to my age. I looked up to find Trevor in a swimsuit looking down at me. “Hey Petey, how ya’ been, dude?”

I smiled. “I’ve been fine.”

He glanced toward the far end of the pool where Jason was playing Marco Polo with a few other kids, then back to me. “Hey, Petey, could you help me? I lost a quarter in the bathroom, and it rolled where I can’t get it, but a little guy like you could reach it for me. I’ll let you keep it if you find it.”

I nodded, and Jason offered me a hand up from the water. He led me by the hand to the locker room. There were a couple of boys changing there and one or two in the shower. Trevor led me past them and into the bathroom and to the last stall where he closed the door after we were inside.

“Petey,” he whispered, leaning down by my ear. “I didn’t really lose a quarter. I just wanted to see if you wanted to play naked together.”

“You don’t really have a quarter?” I asked, looking up at him.

“I’ll give you a quarter, if you want,” he whispered, smiling. He started rubbing my butt. “Didn’t we have fun when we played before? Don’t you and Jason play all the time.”

I was surprised. Jason said not to tell anybody. “You do don’t you?” Trevor asked, still whispering.

I shook my head.

“Sure you do.” He slipped his hand into the back of my swimsuit. “I bet you even let Jason fuck you, don’t you?”

I shrugged, uncomfortably.

Trevor smiled and knelt down in front of me. He winked and lowered my swimsuit, and then lifted my water shrunk and wrinkled dick with his fingers. He fondled me for a moment, front and back, and then he bent down and took my dick into his mouth. He started sucking and rolling it around in his mouth while squeezing my bottom at the same time. I got a stiffy pretty quickly.

Trevor looked up at me, smiling, and then got up, pulling down his own swimsuit. His rigid dick wagged free. I was an expert on Jason’s dick by now. Trevor’s was bigger; a little longer, and definitely thicker. He stood there, stroking while I looked at it. After a moment, something clear and viscous dropped like a long string from the tip

“See that, Petey?” Trevor whispered. “That’s precum. My cock is drooling for you.” He sat down on the toilet still stroking and waved me up to him. He swept his hands appreciatively over my shoulders and down my body. “You’ve got a beautiful butt, dude. Has Jason told you that?”

I nodded.

Trevor grinned. “I bet so. Look… “ He bent to the side and retrieved his swimsuit, extracting a tube from one of the pockets. “I’ve got lotion. It makes good lube.” He squirted some onto his fingers and then reached behind me, rubbing it into my butt. I looked down at his dick. It was still dripping. I touched the clear stuff.

“Precum is lube, too,” Jason whispered. “It makes it go in easier. You’re going to let me put my cock in your beautiful little butt, aren’t you Petey? Just like you do for Jason. I’ll give you the quarter I promised. And fair is fair, Petey. You put your cock in me, remember?”

I nodded.

Trevor smiled and turned me around. “Get down on your hands and knees, Petey.”

I did. I wasn’t too sure I liked the idea, but Trevor was Jason’s friend, and I had played with him before. So I got down on my hands and knees.

Trevor got onto his knees behind me. “Beautiful,” he whispered, loud enough for me to hear. He knelt with his legs outside mine, and spread his knees wide enough to bring his cock down to the right level. I heard him slicking lotion onto his cock, and then I felt it’s big, wet crown push apart my buttcheeks. To Trevor’s credit, he went slowly… at first. If Jason hadn’t already loosened me up over the previous days, I probably would have been hollering loud enough to bring the entire pool population into the locker room. As it was, I gritted my teeth, and slowly adjusted to his large member.

He gave me some time, holding my hips and sliding slowly in and out. He seemed to be enjoying that. And then he wrapped his arms under my belly and chest and held me partway upright as he began to buck up into me.

It wasn’t at all like it was with Jason. No cuddling. No kissing. No being buddies having fun. Trevor plowed me good, for several minutes and when he came inside me, I really felt like I had to go. When he pulled out, I got up onto the toilet, and passed a huge fart. I also heard his cum dripping into the toilet from my body.

Trevor patted me on the head. “That was great, Petey,” he whispered, and he pulled back on his suit. “Sometime, I’ll have to come play with you and Jason.”

When I used toilet paper, his cum was white, but there was a pink in it. When Jason came to me in the pool later, I told him what happened and asked if cum is supposed to have pink in it.

Jason went pale, even out there in the sun. And he started calling Trevor all sorts of names under his breath. “Stay away from Trevor, Petey,” he said. “And I’ll tell him to stay away from you.”

That was the last time we went to the pool. Jason gave my butt a couple of days to heal before he put his cock into me again. I was glad when he did though. It was like everything was alright again. With Trevor, it was sort of uncomfortable, and not just physically, but with Jason, it was always good and fun. I told Jason about Trevor's cock drooling for me. "Mine will drool for you, too, Petey," he promised. "Just wait till I get a little older."

But then, one night in mid August, Jason wasn’t listening when his mom told him that she would come home from the office at noon the next day to take him shopping for school clothes. The next day, I was on my back, and Jason’s big stiffy was inside me, and he was laying on me, face to face, with us in a little ball, when his mom walked into his room at lunchtime.

I basically remember her first gasp and us freezing. Then everything went crazy and she was pulling Jason off me, and hitting him, and pushing him away, and ordering him to get dressed. I was crying when she put my shorts on me, and then she hugged me, and I let her because I was really sad and upset.

She asked me questions about what we were doing while trying to calm me, but I didn’t answer any of her questions, and in the end, she simply told me to tell no one anything about what happened, and she sent me home.

I didn’t see Jason for several days after that. It was late afternoon, and I was inside when he finally came to the front door. Grams called me, and I went out to see him. I hugged him, but Jason gently pushed me away, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

“Look, Petey,” he said, “I’ve got to get back. I just snuck over to tell you that my family is moving away.”

I stared at him, numbly.

He chewed his lip, and then he was crying, tears flowing down his cheeks, and he knelt to hug me hard. “I’m sorry, Petey. I’m really sorry for everything,” he sobbed. “And now my parents are moving away because they’re afraid someone will find out what you and I did, and call me a sex pervert and send me off to juvenile detention.”

“But why?” I asked, as tears came to my own eyes. I had no idea what was going on, I had no idea what sex pervert or juvenile detention meant, but I understood that Jason was moving away and leaving me.

“Because you’re a little kid, Petey, and it’s against the law to do stuff with little kids like I was doing with you.”

We hugged and cried together. Finally, Jason pushed away from me and left, running back to his house.

Later, after I started kindergarten, I remember overhearing Grams talking to Mom. “He still sits at that front sometimes, like he's waiting for Jason. It's a shame that boy had to move. Those two became so close. They were like brothers." Grams didn't know that I still, sometimes cried at night.


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